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Soccer Essays (Examples)

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Sports and Glocalization
Words: 667 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86549907
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Sport and Glocalization
Two globally popular sports that have become glocalized are soccer (football) in the U.S. and basketball in the East (China). The glocalization of soccer in the U.S. shows the way in which a globally celebrated sport has been Americanized in terms of how it is appreciated. Soccer has never had the appeal in the U.S. that it has had in Europe or Latin America. American sport has primarily been dominated by baseball, football, and basketball. Soccer, however, is now on the rise as the fashion trend of following an FC (football club) has blossomed in the U.S. and produced an aesthetic glocalization (Jijon, 2017). The International Champions Cup, for example, has been given an American rendition, with “American promoters and communities taking the world’s most popular sport and infusing it with traditional American sporting values. Club chants have been replaced by pop music that plays over the…

Kamp's Claim
Words: 1555 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37904611
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Kamp's Claim

Soccer: A creepy perversion of a fun game

Sports should be sensational. Sports should resemble their old form, their past history, that of the gladiators. In its current form, in America, it has been contorted to a gentle activity. It is not a true rivalry, a competition to the death of honorable opponents. Kamp, a popular sports writer, called soccer, "a creepy perversion of a fun game." (p. 663, paragraph 4). I agree; in America, soccer has become the best example of a sport that is no longer a sport. It is not visceral. There are no exciting rivalries between American cities, played out by sports competitors who represent their cities. It is barely entertaining. It must change.

The context of this quote from Kamp is an excerpt of his sports column in GQ, a monthly men's lifestyle magazine. He says that in Europe, the soccer culture is…


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Kamp, David. It's Not Just a Game. In []

Hooliganism When Good Blokes Go
Words: 2649 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75429996
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Hooliganism, like other forms of violent and aggressive behavior, can be traced to frustrated male needs for assertion, and the staunch identification with a sports team gives at once a sense of belonging and a clearly demarcated territory to "protect" (Farrington 1994). In this way, hooliganism fulfills a need that males who feel culturally disenfranchised experience in a sharp way (Farrington 1994).

Other scholars take a more historical view of hooliganism, tracing its origins and development in the twentieth century as a means of constructing a series of cause-and-effect sequences that led to the height of hooliganism and associated violence in the 1980s, and is possibly leading to a second rise today (Dunning 2000). Also included in this particular piece of research were interviews and other recorded statements made by hooliganism participants, and these demonstrated from a different perspective many findings similar to those of Farrington (1994): many men were…


Dunning, E. (2000). Towards a Sociological Understanding of Football Hooliganism as a World Phenomenon. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 8(2): 141-62.

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Shunsuke Nakamura Is One of
Words: 877 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42290928
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Though he received a hand and knee injury in the 2006 and 2007 seasons, Nakamura was still able to compete in many of the post-season games that Celtic played during those years. Nakamura was also nominated for the Ballon d'or award in 2007, or the "golden ball" award (Hurley, 2010). This is a very prestigious award within the league and game of soccer, and Nakamura has always appreciated this nomination as it shows that even through his injury-prone seasons abroad and at eggina, he has been able to secure a more than modest amount of appreciation and recognition.

After the 2008 season, Nakamura moved to Espanyol. He had always indicated he wanted to play in Spain, but finally got the chance in the 2009-2010 season. At Espanyol, Nakamura was subject to a two-year contract, pending medical certifications in the pre-season (Hurley, 2010). After a series of injuries and less than…


Hurley, Michael. (2010). World Cup 2010: An Unauthorized Guide. China: CTPS.

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Their Lives. New York: Harper Collins.

Application of Feedback in Motor Learning
Words: 2367 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42123682
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When io de Janeiro recently won its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, they had one world famous representative on their Olympic committee that may have actually been more famous than our President Barak Obama. This individual may not be a household name in America, but he is most famous for scoring 2 goals in the 1958 World Cup championships when he was only 17 years old. This made him the youngest player to ever play in these renowned championships and over the course of his distinguished career; the majority of the football world would certainly consider him to be the best soccer player ever. Brazil actually has declared this individual as a national treasure in order to thwart other teams and countries from stealing him away and out of their country. His name is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, but you may know him simply as --…


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Mia Hamm
Words: 1611 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64560298
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fictionalized view of soccer great Mia Hamm that has been drawn from factual evidence. The writer uses first person narratives and creates a fictional setting from which to display the wonders of the soccer champion's abilities. The writer uses factual evidence to provide the fictional account. There were ten sources used to complete this paper.

Mia Hamm

I have never been a soccer fan. Well let me change that, I was never a soccer fan because I never knew anything about the game. When I was small I played for one season and I remember everybody running around in the sun chasing a ball until the whistle blew. It did not seem like something I could get into and I signed up for basketball the following year. Because I have never been a soccer fan I was quite surprised when a friend invited me to go to the world cup…


Mia Hamm

U.S. player pool

Children Within the Context of
Words: 2456 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 72236950
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The next most important component of developing a successful coaching method includes addressing overcoming children's natural and plaguing negative reactions and behaviors towards developed exercises and coaching methods. Each individual should be thoroughly introduced to each type of standardized negative reaction which that individual may face in a real life application of the skills learned in this designed course. The first and worst negative behavior would be that of a child monopolizing the practice and/or game and one-upping fellow team mates in order to suit his or her own selfish needs to be better than the rest of the team. This should be the ultimate negative behavior each future coach should focus on based on the negative impact it has on the rest of the team. When an individual child exhibits this type of negative behavior, the coach should immediately address it in front of the other players as to…


Silberman, Mel. (1998). Active Training: A Hanbook of Techniques, Designs, Case Examples, and Tips. 2nd ed. Pfeiffer Publishing.

Goal The Dream Begins Summary of Plot
Words: 1301 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 22706272
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Goal! The Dream Begins

Summary of Plot

The movie begins by showing a young Hispanic man working in Los Angeles both with his father as a landscaper and in a restaurant. The young man has played soccer on the streets of Los Angeles and in the parks since he was a child, but he has never taken the incredible skill he has acquired farther than local city leagues. His father is of the belief that people of their background and station in life should not dream of becoming something that they are not. The father thinks that Santiago, the young man, should work as the father has all of his life. Santiago is able, with the help of his grandmother, to travel to Newcastle, England to try out for their soccer team.

Through a lot of difficulty (another player becomes jealous and smashes his inhaler, he is stuck on the…


Jeffries, M., Barrelle, M., Huffam, M., & Stepper, D. (Producers), Cannon, D. (Diector). (2005). Goal! The dream begins [Motion Picture]. United States: Touchstone Pictures.

Santillan, J. (1998). The patriarchal system: The exclusion of women in medical case studies. Retrieved from

SPORT2SPORT Agnecy Analysis Sport 2
Words: 5224 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83294370
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This aspect is greatly leveraged upon by Sport2Sport as different target populations share their experiences on company's Facebook page. There is also an aspect of quick customer response having the potential of going viral over the internet. This makes companies such as Sport2Sport to focus on customer satisfaction and prompt response. Although it may seem untraditional not to focus on traditional advertising and marketing mediums, the paradigm shift in approach to marketing and advertisement has led this agency to effectively spend their marketing budget on online campaigns and maintenance of web-presence.

IV- Organizational structure

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported that Sport2Sport is a limited liability company (LLC) with its current rating at A-. The highest possible rating that an agency can get with BBB is A+ (BBB Business eview, 2013). The length of time that the firm is in business is the only potentially negative factor reported by the…


Annual Report. (2013). Sport2Sport Limited Liability Company Annual Report. DEPARTMNET of the SECRETARY of STATE, North Carolina NC. Retrieved from: [ ]

BBB Business Review. (2013). Better Business Bureau: Business Review Sport2Sport LLC. Retrieved from: [ ]

CNN Money. (2012). Best Places to Live. Retrieved from: ( n.d). Sport2Sport. Retrieved from: [ ]

Applying to the Masters Program in Special
Words: 570 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 30672942
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applying to the Masters Program in Special Education because I see it as the next logical step for my career development. I have recently completed by Bachelor's Degree in Teaching for Health/Physical Education. I also completed my student teaching requirements this past year. This experience has led me to the conclusion that I can contribute best to the field of education and the betterment of my community by pursuing further education in the field of Special Education.

While in college, I had the privilege of being an active member of the women's soccer team, including winning MVP honors in my senior year. My love of physical activity has carried through to my professional career. During my student/substitute teaching year, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach three sports -- soccer, basketball and lacrosse. I also teach soccer at the YMCA. Teaching physical education and coaching are natural…

Best Sports Coaching Style
Words: 2837 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 65576702
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Autonomy-Suppotive Coaching

Autonomy-Suppoting Coaching

Not unlike the wold of business, many eseaches and pundits have evaluated and looked at the wold of spots as a way to analyze whethe and how cetain coaching styles ae beneficial o non-beneficial in tems of the pefomance and outcomes of the team in question. Of couse, the question is a multi-faceted one and analyzing such a question in a contolled envionment can be difficult. Samples sizes and "apples to apples" compaisons can be difficult. Even so, thee ae many takeaways and points of analysis that can and should be undetaken so as to gauge the efficacy of a team if it is subjected to the suppotive-autonomy coaching ac as opposed to othe methods.

Autonomy-Suppotive Coaching

The subject of this epot is an analysis of whethe autonomy-suppotive coaching is o is not beneficial and effective in boosting pefomance of the athletes subjected to the method.…

references for male and female coaches. Women in Sport and Activity Journal,

21(2), 6

Hodge, K., & Lonsdale, C. (2011). Pro-social and antisocial behavior in sport: The role of coaching style, autonomous vs. controlled motivation, and moral disengagement. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 33(4), 527

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Publishers, 50(1-2), 119-127

Dedicate Myself to an Interest
Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90537785
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I intend to pursue a career in medicine, a career that I regard as a calling as well as an aspiration. My sports activities have disciplined me, toughened me, and honed my competitive instincts in a way that I believe is necessary for pre-medical studies, and later, perhaps, for medical school. I intend to enter the health care field, either a practitioner, or perhaps from a business angle, as I have grown convinced, after seeing my own family's struggle with the bureaucratic aspects of the American medical system, that there is a need for an infusion of compassion and reform into the system from all areas, on the part of administrators as well as doctors.

At present, to give me a strong academic founding for my rigorous college studies in science and business, I am currently enrolled in three AP classes: Calculus AB AP, Psychology AP, and Spanish V AP.…

Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry the
Words: 1665 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50429404
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Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry

The brand caters a promise of reliability, in effect that one stand behind their product. Branding is not an action we can realize overnight. A successful brand is built over time from the hundreds of little things we do right. . The brand is, at its core, an declaration of a standard performance. It guarantees that the product or service carrying that brand will live up to its reputation. The merit of a brand rises or falls with the integrity of the people behind it. The principles of the principals build or rupture a brand.

When running shoes first came on the market, it was a marvelous development over the old sneakers and high-tops. But soon the market became crowded with shoes bearing a wide variety of features, at a wide range of price points. The main players in the sports shoe industry are…

Internet and Social Networks Affect
Words: 2137 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17301776
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The most successful of these hybrid strategies is David Beckham and his approach to making sure his personality pervades the messages over and above the positioning points in any IMC campaign. The undercurrents of social networking require a very high level of interactivity, transparency that leads to trust. In the case of athletes and celebrities who battle gossip media, the best defense is a good offense. Taking the initiates as Derek Jeter has done to stop rumors of conflict with Alex odriguez, Carmelo Anthony discussing his DUI in blogs, and the hybrid strategy of Beckham all show how critical it is for celebrities to keep these broader Web 2.0 dynamics in mind when communicating with their fans. Table 1 in the Appendix provides an overview of Web 2.0 applications.


Josh Bernoff, Charlene Li. 2008. Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management eview 49, no. 3 (April…


Josh Bernoff, Charlene Li. 2008. Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review 49, no. 3 (April 1): 36-42.  (Accessed April 3, 2008).

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Personal Statement Up Until Now I Have
Words: 605 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61615366
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Personal Statement

Up until now I have not thought of what the future has in store for me however, I dream that I become somebody, not an ordinary seventeen-year-old American, that I am today, but someone who has achieved something in life, through dedication and hard work. Superior education is the chance through which I can reach my objectives.

My parents are regular middle class folks who have vision of making their children more successful in life then they ever were. And because of our Vietnamese ancestry, the drive to attain the American Dream has intensified for us. Moreover, I will be the first one to attend college, it becomes doubly important. I lived in Jersey City the first ten years of my life. Then we moved to Secaucus, were we live presently. My brother and I have literally grown up here. Spending my formative years of Junior high and…

For School of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Foot Doctor
Words: 469 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56505337
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School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

Admission Essay: Gelareh Noenifard

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a learning portfolio for you to consider my application to enroll for the Podiatry B.Sc. degree. I trust that the information provided will convince you of my passion for the medical profession. I believe that knowledge is power and it is my desire to explore every learning opportunity to broaden my education toward attaining this qualification. It is my goal to offer my services free of charge - while I am studying - to podiatry practices to gain work experience. I have attended a podiatry taster day and found it to be a rewarding and challenging career. My interest was sparked when I received medical attention for an injured ankle. I regularly visit the podiatric office to gather information about the profession, learn by observing the treatment procedures, and ask questions about podiatric…

Employment Recommendation Letter to Whom
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 59999395
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I was able to see the patience and love that Jane has extended to my children. She very patiently taught my youngest child all his shapes and colors during his eighteenth month.

Jane's effort in teaching my children was manifested in ways more than one. My middle child showed drastic improvements in her reading level. She even jumped two reading levels in just one year! My eldest daughter, on the other hand, was able to excel in soccer and in school as well. I must say that my children have become the well-adjust persons that they are now through Jane's help.

One of the best things that Jane did for my family, especially for my children was helping them during one of the toughest times of their lives. In 2006, my children lost their mother. Jane's presence got them through this grieving process. She was not just their nanny, nor…

Social Psychology in the Case
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53006769
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Additionally, Sociocultural theory assumes that individuals develop self-concepts through interaction with others, and we are influenced by culture and social processes, such as social norms. Social norms dictate that girls are more sensitive and boys are less emotional, thus further explaining the gender differences in the above case study.

The two predictions of how these interactions affect a child's development are: 1) if the child is treated with more love, intimacy, and talked to about feelings, the child will grow up being more sensitive to others and more open to discuss their feelings with others. If the child is taught not to respond to their feelings, or let their emotions guide them, the child will grow up to be less sensitive, more aggressive and less likely to discuss their feelings. Depending on treatment, a child may grow up to have negative qualities, such as violence or repressed anger.

These interactions…

Service Catherine Mcauley the Meaning
Words: 1025 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15737881
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Playing as part of a team reinforces social skills that will last students a lifetime, like listening to the coach (yes, that's me, I admit I'm biased!), treating their fellow players with respect, and also having patience with some of the mistakes of their team members. I point out that if you have patience with someone else's mistakes, the other members of the team will have patience if you later make an error on the field -- and no one is perfect, even the coach! I am proud of my team's record, and even though we may not have won every game, I know that every game the team plays as a unit is a victory for the team's collective character. So long as the team tries hard, I feel as if the team has won. I hope the moral lessons I teach, as well as the need to live…

The American Heritage Dictionary defines service as "an act or a variety of work done for others," but service also, however unintentionally, benefits the giver as well as the recipient. "To be of service" is defined by the same dictionary as "to be ready to help or be useful." I hope that I have indeed been useful in all of my community service, and I continue to offer my help and aid to anyone who will need it now, and in the future. Although someday I will leave the place and school I now call home, I will use the lessons I have learned to continue to serve others, wherever I may find myself in the future.

The gifts generated by service have no beginning and no end. Service is ultimately an investment in others and yourself. The gifts I began my life with were great, but because I have extended myself to serve others and to serve my community, my original gifts have multiplied tenfold. Every genuine gift you give to others comes back to you, in unexpected but always wonderful ways.

A service," the American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004, 18 Apr. 2007.

Accept My Application for Admission
Words: 347 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46907504
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For 2006 and 2007, I have been accepted into the Explorer Program at Mt. Carmel East Hospital. During this time, I also participated on my high school soccer team. I feel I have experience and enthusiasm to offer the medical program and a degree from your institution would be my stepping-stone into the career I have always seen for myself.

I hope to complete my education as soon as possible and obtain a position in a pediatric facility where I can help other children that suffered as I did when I was young. The nursing staff helped me through that difficult time, and I hope to do the same for other children. I also hope to become involved in some type of pediatric cancer research. I feel I can best accomplish these goals with a degree from your institution, as its reputation for medical education is well-known and respected throughout…

Bernard Osher Allied Health Scholarship
Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30326434
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I participated in local programs to feed the homeless through the Ethiopian Christian Fellowship. I volunteered for the Alameda food bank as well as for local hospitals and animal shelters.

My volunteer work brought me out of my shell, and enabled to feel that I could make a difference in the lives of others. By healing others, I healed myself. Through maturity I have come recognize and respect my limits and honor my capabilities. In my ten years living in the United States I have experienced more inside myself than many even better traveled will experience in a lifetime. I have gone from a happy and busy childhood, to being a lonely and miserable man, isolated and old before his time, to once again becoming accepted and beloved person who is a vital part of his community.

Scholarship Statement: Bernard Osher Allied Health Scholarship

The language of health and medicine…

Jungsik Yoo at Times I Marvel How
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 62397771
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Jungsik Yoo

At times, marvel how far have come. Ever since was a young boy, under the influence of my father, a molecular biologist, dreamed of researching genetically inherited diseases. Today, live that reality in my current field of work and research as a graduate student in neuroscience.

Thus, long before most children, because of my early exposure to the field of biology, was intimately aware that one's genetic inheritance could determine an individual's future physical and emotional health. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that soon decided was genetically coded to become a medical researcher. will receive my Ph D. n the summer of 2006 in neuroscience. But my current studies in the field of genetics have also soberly reminded me of how far both my own learning and the field of genetics need to be stretched, before the objectives of genetic research into inherited diseases can be realized.…

I have concluded that the hands-on clinical experience only provided by a medical school education is necessary for me to fulfill the essential experiential element that is crucial to my future desired knowledge base and scope of research. Only medical school will provide me with critical experience that will give my research the desired added practical and human value.

At the end of my education, I hope to become a research doctor who combines clinical research in his study of genetic diseases. I seek to provide the science of genetics with a human face for it is, ultimately, the study of the human body, mind, and 'wiring' in the form of the human genetic code. I been the recipient of a 'Sensory Neuroscience Training Grant '(SNTG) fellowship funded by National institute of health (NIH) since the fall of 2004. Thus I am well aware of the critical role genetics plays in public health of the nation as well as of the field of medical science, because of this generous grant, and I will strive to add to this knowledge in all of my future research.

Also, as a T.A. over the past two years, I have gleaned further knowledge of the curiosity of students for 'in the field' research. I have been grateful to have this human element present even in my PhD education. I am also proud to say I have not merely have received excellent reviews from my students, but joined them in many intramural soccer games, one of my favorite pursuits of my college years. I was not given the genetic gift, sadly, of becoming a great sports star, but I do believe that it is encoded in my own personal biology to bring a vital element of clinical humanity to the important work being done in the field of genetic research.

Man Speech Well I Don't
Words: 379 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 160764
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Oh well, them's the breaks! I wonder if maybe I should start stalking the rehab centers, maybe I can meet a cool chick there too!

As many of you know, Shawn and Chrissie have finally managed to develop a healthy addiction -- to each other. When I first met Chrissie I could see that she and Shawn were made for each other. They have a similar philosophy of life. I think they've both traveled down some of the same roads and have a lot that they can relate about throughout the rest of their lives. They're so nice to each other sometimes that it makes me want to puke. I don't know if all of you know how Shawn proposed, but I'm warning you, if you thought Shawn was macho, your image of him will be completely shattered. Shawn is a romantic sap at heart, and I know that Chrissie…

Penalty Kick the Game Was Ours If
Words: 856 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58198464
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penalty kick, the game was ours. If we missed, the game went into overtime and we risked losing what we worked so hard toward. Overcoming immense obstacles, we rallied from a 5-2 deficit in the second period. Our best kicker was out due to a hip injury; two of our star players fell ill some a severe flu; and the captain must have underwent the psychological trauma of weeding through our roster to find replacements. My seats were top-notch, as I believed that paying the extra $20 was worth sitting an entire section closer to the field. My best friend next to me, popcorn in hand, I let a few yelps fly in support of my team. Loyal since childhood in spite of a deplorable record over the past decade, I consider myself a die-hard soccer fan. Over the past few years I have been unable to attend many tournaments…

Window Survey
Words: 1863 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Introduction Chapter Paper #: 72316063
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Like many of the small towns throughout the United States, Mooresville offers a variety of residents. The groups that were observed during the window survey includes a lot of young and middle-aged families with a mixture of grandparents who seem to be the primary caregivers for their grandchildren (at least they seemed that way). A lot of the individuals seemed to be overweight, and even obese, in their physical stature. esearch shows that many of the citizens are employed and the types of jobs that are prevalent in the town are management and professional jobs at 19.5%, service occupations at 11.9% and sales and office workers at 13.9%. Other male prevalent jobs are construction, extraction and maintenance at 27.6%. Female job occupations include management and professional at 28.5% with an additional 40.5% in sales and office work as well as 17.6% in service occupations.

The physical environment of the…

References Continued

1. Religions in morgan county indiana mooresville. (2011). Retrieved from

1. 2010 census population for zip code 46158. (2010). Retrieved from - 2010-

1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources (2013). Healthy People 2020.

Retrieved from

Nlf Europa by the End
Words: 2614 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69007428
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Soccer balls can be made of rubber or leather; to develop soccer skills a regular ball is not required. For a European nation to develop into a football playing or football loving nation, the country has to develop the sport at the grassroots. It seems to be too much effort for countries that already have an established interest in several different sports.

The sports that come close to football are rugby, which is played in Europe and many other parts of the world and Australian ules football, otherwise known as footie. Both sports require far less infrastructure than football. Only a specific kind of ball is required. Both rugby and footie does not use specialized protective equipment. Most other countries also play basketball, the European nations play hockey and a few nations even play baseball. But none of these sports require the specialized infrastructure of football.

Quality of Players


References> "American Football History." 2009. April 10, 2009.

Globalization in Franklin Foer and
Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29731972
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This can be translated as a reaction to the issue of globalization.

Finally, soccer represents a series of common values. The ad campaigns promoted by major sports endorsements have transformed the game from a lawn practice to a global affair. Indeed, companies such a Nike and Adidas, the symbols of American street culture are no longer prevented from offering sponsorship deals to the Chinese teams, especially given the fact that such companies are strong supporters of the Chinese and Indian economies, with factories and subsidiaries all over the world.

On the other hand, Appiah discusses the idea of globalization from a philosophical point-of-view. Thus he argues that there is a strong relationship between individuality as seen in the works of ancient philosophers and in those of Mill and the social structure that we are today (Appiah, 2007). More precisely, he does not consider a clash between individuality and our social…


Appiah, Kwame Anthony. The ethics of identity. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007.

Foer, Franklin. How Football Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. London, Arrow Books, 2006.

Kwame Anthony Appiah and Franklin Foer
Words: 1161 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 30842329
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Jonathan Zaun

In their insightful examinations of the indirect effects caused by the phenomenon of globalization, essayists Franklin Foer and Kwame Anthony Appiah adeptly address the alternative consequences of the increasing interconnection which has come to define this modern age. By analyzing the concept of globalization in far greater depth than their peers, forgoing outdated discussions about economic growth and greater global awareness for a more introspective debate on cultural identity, both authors have succeeded in casting a new light on the previously accepted notion of globalization as an engine of worldwide progress. Foer chooses to analyze America's cultural attitudes towards the sport of soccer, a traditionally European pursuit newly introduced to American society in the infancy of globalization, in an attempt to discern why this game has exacerbated divisions between the nation's upper and lower classes. In his essay, Appiah illustrates the proclivity expressed by all groups of…


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TUI Bsba Integrative Project Scott Cole to
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BSBA Integrative project

Scott Cole

To followup with the student graduates of the Cincinati United's participant group and make sure that they continue on in the program and are able to continue their education via the program scholarships.

Action 1: Actively contact the applicants and see which programs they have chosen for their college educations. Provide counseling for the students to make sure they achieve the goals that they stated in their applications in their college educations. If they have not attained their goals, the organization should provide counseling support until the objective is met.

Objective 1 will be achieved when the top ten scoring players who accept soccer scholarships get accepted at regional colleges and universities to be students, as described by (ScoringSystem, Inc. 2002-2011). Measure what the financial impact of the scholarship program has been on player retention in the program and how this continues to…


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Motor Processes in Sport
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Motor Processes in Sport

Tom is an 18-year-old goalkeeper who recently moved up in class from youth to adult football. He was an early maturer and has a history of being more advanced in soccer than his peers but now a weakness is exposed. He never learned to kick with his left foot and this has been a problem at this level. The current paper discusses the proposed reasons for his difficulty and outlines a plan of intervention.

Understanding the Effects of Early Maturation as They Apply to Tom

The traditional view holds that early maturation in boys has more positive consequences for psychosocial adaptation than late maturation. The early literature by researchers like Mussen and Jones (1957) described early-maturing boys during late adolescence (17 -- 18 years) as having higher self-esteem and self-confidence, a more positive self-image, and as being more socially mature, which may have led to more…


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Cooling Strategies Price M J Boyd C And
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Cooling Strategies

Price, M.J., Boyd, C. And Goosey-Tolfrey, V.L. 2009. The physiological effects of pre-event and midevent cooling during intermittent running in the heat in elite female soccer players Appl. Physiol. Nutr. Metab. 34: 942 -- 949 doi:10.1139/H09-078.

The objective of this study was to examine the effects of cooling strategies, which involved placing ice vests on elite female soccer players during simulated match play. This ice vests were placed on the soccer players at the beginning (PRE) and midpoint (MID) of exercise. Heat content and skin and rectal temperatures of the soccer players were determined at these time points and compared to no cooling (no ice vest). These temperatures were taken while the players were in a controlled heat environment, simulating hot weather. The main findings were that both cooling protocols before and during exercise were beneficial when compared with no cooling. In addition, cooling both before and during…

Reminiscing on my teens
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The traditional adage is that it takes an entire village to raise a child. In my case, this expression has a certain degree of validity. As I reminisce about my adolescence, there are a number of different experiences I have had which are directly related to my environment or surrounding ecosystem at the time. The best way to categorize this environment is in accordance to Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory, which includes a number of different stratifications for a child’s milieu.

Contextualizing my teenage years through this psychological lens, as well as others such as social learning theory andPiaget’s childhood cognitive development theory, I am able to clearly explain certain facets of my behavior and personality traits.
The crux of Bronfenbreener’s ecological systems theory is that there are a number of subtle layers to the overall ecology which influences people as they mature and age. The first of these is the…

Labor Dispute Resolution
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Labor elations

A collective bargaining dispute was recently settled between Major League Soccer (MLS) and its players, on the eve of the 2015 season. The league had just finished averting a dispute with its officials, who formed a union in 2012, when the dispute with the players arose (Parker, 2014). The MLS Player's Union (MLSPU) and MLS had just seen their prior five-year deal expire, and the union was seeking more flexibility for its members. The structure of Major League Soccer is that the league owns all of the contracts for the players. The teams are franchises, and negotiate deals with the players, but ultimately the league has final say over player movements. This restricts the rights of the players with respect to free agency. Soccer players in Europe, where several leagues act as competitors with MLS for playing talent, players enjoy full free agency when their contract ends. In…


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E-Commerce the Game Known as
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Media outreach is significant to create awareness, which the founder and his staff has done by managing a Facebook account, blog, and twitter page. In particular, the site's blog creates a more in-depth description about products and on-going games. The posts are complemented with stunning visual pictures, videos, details about teams and their players. However, media broadcasting goes further by being connected to YouTube, Foursquare, and Flickr. The workings and maintenance of a business online can be improved by acknowledging the experience of consumers. As a result, Rei permits product reviews, testimonials and an email to contact the company. Patrons and companies live in an age of advocacy, where a positive experience can create more business for a company like Rei's, while an opposite account may result in abysmal failure. Thus, the connections made on Digg and Stumbleupon can foster the former or latter relationships.

The commodities relating to soccer…

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Global Media Impact of the
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One hundred thousand people packed into the Museumplein near the city's famous museums in Amsterdam, according to Jolly, et al., writing in The New York Times. In China, fans who decided to become vendors were profiting by the sale of vuvuzelas (those annoying horns that are blown throughout all the World Cup games) for $3 U.S. money. "They're all made in Zhejiang," the vendor said, working the rainy streets at Sanlitun, "the rowdiest place in the city." In ogota Columbia, vendors profited from the sale of "pink cotton candy" to the crowds watching the games at the Palace of Justice in olivar Square (Jolly, p. 3).

In Nigeria the results of the World Cup -- with the help of social media on the Internet -- helped change a politician's policy. In this African country, politicians are not known to be responsive to citizens. After the Nigerian soccer team's "dismal performance"…


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Translation Nation by Hector Tobar
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While one must admire Tobar's commitment to understanding the totality of the immigrant experience, Tobar's infiltration of this underground economy was certainly not as ground-breaking as when white journalist John Howard Griffin darkened his skin to pass as a black man and understand black culture in the late 1950s and wrote Black Like Me to describe that experience. Griffin literally could have been lynched while disguised as a black man, or killed as a white sympathizer. Tobar did not face those same consequences. In fact, his probably worst consequence would have been to be caught in an INS raid, and he would have been able to provide appropriate documentation to end that problem. Because he was not in actual jeopardy, one must question whether Tobar could really understand the feelings of immigrants who worked in fear of deportation, thus accepting substantially substandard working conditions, every day, and had to do…


Tobar, H. (2005). Translation nation: Defining a new American identity in the Spanish-speaking United States. New York: Penguin.

Nike Strategic Analysis Nike's Strategic
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For any strategic planning activity to be effective there must be the ability to quickly define process-level changes to increase competitive advantage. Mintzberg's critique of the strategic planning process is illustrated in the shortcomings of the Ashoff Matrix in this regard.

Lack of strategic prioritization of projects within the context of the Ansoff Matrix - the Ansoff Matrix does not provide for strategic criteria to be applied to specific projects. The portfolio management approach to strategic planning specifically has been developed to respond to the shortcomings of the Ansoff Matrix and other analytical constructs like it. Portfolio management is in fact the basis for Boston Consulting Groups' Growth/Share Matrix, or as it is commonly referred to, the BCG Matrix.

Lack of quantification of cash generation and modeling of future financial performance - the shortcomings of the Ansoff Matrix as a strategic tool relative to the needs of strategists, specifically at…


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Uefa Regulations of Competitive Balance
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The impact of the UEFA implementation of the Fair Play Financial egulations could have a ripple effect that hurts soccer teams around the globe.

The Zimbalist article entitled, "Sport as Business" (2003) also brings up a good point about the socialization of sports leagues. Before the UEFA regulations take effect, the league operates in a relatively capitalist manner. Certainly many of the monetary imbalances that exist are not readily apparent when officials audit the books of the different teams, but as a business model, the new UEFA regulations may very well hurt the revenues of the entire league, not just certain teams specifically (Zimbalist, 2003). This would occur as club owners looking to turn a profit would be severely limited by financial restrictions put in place that force owners to stay debt-free. Owners will have less opportunity to attract talented players, especially owners of teams whose revenue is rather small.…


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