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Social Media Marketing Essays (Examples)

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Social Media in the Contemporary
Words: 2288 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12624632
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WikiNerdia allows the users to ask questions and all the nerd community members answer the questions. People normally trust the reviews and answers of the customers more than the brand. Giantnerd gets the benefit of their fan engagement and ultimately the brand trust increases. Customers can be your sale force and work for any company if the company can get the benefit by engaging the audience. A brand must think of multiple opportunities for the customers so that they can spread the word about the company. eal-time engagement opportunities and exclusive social communities are the tools which can turn existing customers to word-of-mouth advocates (Goldman, 2013).

Social Media will have a huge impact on business over the next decade, especially on the recruiting matters. Social media technology presents exciting opportunities for the recruitment industry. A research has highlighted that Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are the most used social media websites…


Goldman, J. (2013). Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media. New York: AMACOM.

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Social Media Advertising Advantages of
Words: 1117 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 77435956
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Keeping a diverse yet well-focused identity across social media platforms yet tactically choosing those platforms that are of true resource advantage to enterprises is again a complex and continuous process, but one that is vital to modern businesses.

espite the recognized importance of social media marketing and the known difficulties of establishing how to effectively engage in these efforts, many businesses do not even attempt to gauge the effects of their social media marketing efforts (Michaelidou et al., 2011). According to Michaelidou et al. (2011), most SMEs utilizing social media marketing techniques are hoping to increase their numbers of new customers, which is a concrete goal that can be more accurately assessed and even individually tracked (individually both by instance of marketing and by individual consumers) via much social media and can therefore be more accurately measured and assessed than many other social media marketing efforts and goals (Michaelidou et…

Despite the recognized importance of social media marketing and the known difficulties of establishing how to effectively engage in these efforts, many businesses do not even attempt to gauge the effects of their social media marketing efforts (Michaelidou et al., 2011). According to Michaelidou et al. (2011), most SMEs utilizing social media marketing techniques are hoping to increase their numbers of new customers, which is a concrete goal that can be more accurately assessed and even individually tracked (individually both by instance of marketing and by individual consumers) via much social media and can therefore be more accurately measured and assessed than many other social media marketing efforts and goals (Michaelidou et al., 2011). Despite this, many of these companies fail to actually incorporate any metrics measuring, and this has led to an increased reliance on potentially ineffective and inefficient marketing techniques that present a drain on resources and a lack of identification of other more effective social media marketing strategies (Michaelidou et al., 2011). Tactics for such measurement are available and the measuerment itself can be carried out by a number of third-party vendors specializing in such tracking, making it all the more urgent for SMEs to begin a more accurate and effective use of social media marketing if they are to remain/become more competitive (Michaelidou et al., 2011).

The intersection between social media and viral marketing is also of key importance in understanding marketing in the modern era for enterprises of any size; the ability to reach many millions of consumers with a single marketing or advertising instance does not only exist for primetime television and the Super Bowl, any more, but predicting how to take a marketing campaign truly "viral" is all but impossible (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011). Viral marketing has existed as a concept since the mid-1990s, but only in the past decade and the rise of "Web 2.0" has viral marketing reached its true potential through user sharing on social media sites, where the ability for a marketing message to spread in a truly viral manner -- each new viewer passing the message on to many others resulting in an exponential growth in the number of viewers over a very short period of time -- is a reality for most of the developed world (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011). This creates many "outside-the-box" marketing opportunities for creative businesses, and yet is also further cause for wariness in resource allocation and can be ineffective if improperly managed and for a variety of other reasons that remain unclear and under-examined in research and practice (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2011)

SMEs have begun to utilize social media marketing more and more extensively, but not necessarily with more substantial effects. The literature shows a significant gap in the knowledge and practice of effective social media marketing techniques amongst all enterprises and researchers. The additional resource gap that SMEs must contend with puts them at a more significant disadvantage and makes the need for cost effective social media marketing all the more pressing.

Social Media in the Business Environment in
Words: 2879 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63828509
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Social Media in the Business Environment

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous and dramatic increase in the use of social networking sites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is particularly because of the low-cost, user-oriented, and highly collaborative means of communication that continues to evolve through its own impetus. Consequently, social networking sites or social media are based on certain principles that the corporate or business environment can learn from. There is an assumption that the widespread adoption of social media in people's personal lives can be moved to the professional environment where they can be used to develop unprecedented knowledge bases in which people, industries, and the society can be empowered. However, many businesses still consider social media and social networking sites tools as frivolous to an extent that they have prohibited their use in the working environment. Actually, these companies still…


Coleman, A (2012), How Social Media can Benefit Small Businesses, The Guardian, viewed 6

November 2012,

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November 2012,

Marketing and Social Media Networks
Words: 1152 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97984201
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Social Media and Technology

Today, a growing number of the world's population subscribe to various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and others. Moreover, just as the overwhelming majority of enterprises jumped on the Internet bandwagon during the late 1990s and early 2000s, companies of all sizes and types are taking advantage of these social media networks as well to promote their businesses and interact directly with their customers. This study proposal provides a series of researchable questions and a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature regarding these trends. A description of participant selection procedures for the proposed study is followed by an identification of data collection methods, potential ethical problems and limitations of the research proposal. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning the proposed study and its guiding research questions are presented in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

esearch questions…


Bicak, P. (2013, June). Lovink, Geert. Networks without a cause: A critique of social media.

Communication Research Trends, 32(2), 32-39.

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Elias, S. (2012, Summer). Implications of online social network sites on the personal and professional learning of educational leaders. Fort Collins, CO: Colorado State University.

Social Media Survey Breakdown Social
Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 94685709
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This is thus a correlational research measure, which aims to show a correlation between increases in marketing potential with increased use of social networking platforms for SMEs of various industries. The research will use the coding methods of grounded theory in order to extrapolate meaning from open ended survey responses. External validity will be assured through the number of SMEs included in the survey to ensure that results represent a shared consensus.

The type of research you are doing (casual or correlational) -- address measures about external validity

Social networking has such potential for SME business strategies. With this in mind, it is the general hypothesis of the research that social networking would prove to benefit SME marketing strategies enormously. This cost effective measure will allow SMEs to strengthen their marketing techniques to such an extent that they will be able to compete with larger enterprise businesses.

There are a…

Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 6921 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 21104912
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, et al., 2011). Individuals most often use social media to create and strengthen relationships and increase communication within those relationships, rather than explicitly wanting to shop for products. Those individuals are using social media sites to: a) "construct a profile within a bounded system"; b) maintain "lists of other users with whom they share connections"; and c) view and "browse" those lists of connections with others they have interacted with online (Taylor et al., et al., 2011, 259). Many users of social media do not intend to use viral platforms to think about buying products, but end up doing so subliminally. ather, most are using such platforms to create and maintain relationships; "typical social networking sites allow a user to build and maintain a network of friends for social or professional interaction" (Marks 2009 p 5). Jim Tobin's concept of "Cocktail Party" is the analogy for social media that…


ABS Research (2009). 4901.0 - Children's Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities, Australia. Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Clarke, I. (2001). "Emerging value propositions for m-commerce." Journal of Business Strategies 18(2): 133-148.

Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 6661 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 95314298
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Safeguarding the privacy of the respondents is vital. Setting a certain criteria to guarantee the security and privacy of the respondents will be useful like informing the respondents that their names will be kept confidential, their location and company will be mentioned only if they give their consent, participation is completely voluntary, and it cannot be imposed. In any way, no such information will be publicized that can help to identify or recognize the respondent unless the respondent himself ask for publicizing his personal info.

Interview Questions

1. How would you describe the current balance of social media vs. traditional advertising and marketing?

2. Are the types of consumers targeted with online vs. traditional advertising different and if so in what way?

3. Have you considered using social media for advertised your business and if so what do you see as some of the benefits?

4. Do you think social…


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Social Media Plan a Company Organization There
Words: 1180 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45355016
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social media plan a company organization. There restrictions company choose. The organization a small company (a local company a modest web presence ) a larger company, plan replicate company, choose a company room improving social media strategy.

Social media plan for Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the favorite stores of the American population, having established a powerful name within the communities. The company also operates outside the United States, through stores located in Mexico, Canada and China. The format of Home Depot is that of large size stores, where customers can buy virtually any home related products, including gardening tools, furniture or remodeling materials.

The success of the organization is due to a multitude of elements, such as the positive relationship established with the customer, the strong financial results obtained by the firm, the powerful managerial model, the strength of the brand or a powerful internal culture (Davila,…


Davila, A., Epstein, M.J., Manzoni, J.F. (2010). Performance management and management control: innovative concepts and practices / Emerald Publishing Group.

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Social Media Travel and Tourism
Words: 4339 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4515526
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This focus on the positive benefits of consumer word of mouth behaviour is a natural tendency. I certainly like to think that positive comments have a greater impact on my decisions than negative comments. In fact, the respondents to the survey reported that the two factors that had the biggest impact on their airline choices were comparison-shopping on the Internet (38%) and personal recommendations from an acquaintance on Facebook or Twitter (42%). but, although personal recommendations have a clear impact on choices, the question is whether positive comments have a greater impact than negative comments. This distinction has not yet been made with regard to word of mouth marketing effects. The U.S. national election in 2004 was viewed by many as the most negative in recent memory (Johnson, 2011). Why would hard-nosed politicians with limited budgets invest so much in negative advertising if positive comments had greater impact on behaviour?…


Arnold, S.E., 2010. Twitter can lower marketing costs -- how to put the cost effective service to good use, Smart Business San Diego.

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Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 79306528
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Creating, sustaining and growing trust is predicated on creating a very high level of authenticity and transparency with prospects and customers alike. The greatest potential of social media in advertising and marketing is in creating a foundation of trust by engaging in open communication with prospects and customers. The reliance on advertising as a one-way communications mechanism is quickly coming to a close; prospects and customers alike today expect and require a more interactive, responsive experience when evaluating companies and products of interest. And this transcends across Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplaces as well. The role of marketing must be that of relationship builder with the customer, not just the department that mechanically generates more and more advertising without first hearing what customers want as well. Social media is the catalyst that can fuel these types of highly communicative, collaborative and open relationships over time. Each of these social…

Social Media and Marketing
Words: 1962 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: White Paper Paper #: 30657031
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Business and Social Media -- A case of Cameron's Coffee

Social Media

Definition and Use of Social Media

Social media and how businesses use it

Big Data

Definition and Use of Big Data

Big data and Businesses uses

Cloud Computing

Definition and Use of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and businesses use

Social Media

Definition and Use of Social Media

The collection of internet based online communication channels that are dedicated for community based input, content sharing, interaction and collaboration is broadly defined as social media. There are a number of different types of social media that include websites and applications that are used by forums, microblogging, social bookmarking and social networking.

Social media is generally used to communicate with the members of a particular community who are members of a particular type of social media. Such communication can also take place through Blogs like WordPress and Blogger or through websites…


Dumbill, E., Cowles, D., Lorica, B., Howard, J., & Lorica, B. (2012). What is big data?. O'Reilly Media. Retrieved 12 February 2016, from 

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PCMAG,. (2016). What Is Cloud Computing?. Retrieved 12 February 2016, from

Social Media Solutions Implementation Plan Walmart Inc
Words: 3337 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33473775
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Walmart Inc.: Social Media Solutions Implementation Plan

Social Media Solutions Implementation Plan: Walmart Inc.

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, faces a number of productivity issues that if not resolved could affect the company's ability to compete in future. Two of these have to do with worker relations and failure to adjust the company's business model to reflect customers' needs. This text presents a plan detailing how social media technologies could be used to resolve these issues.

Social Media Solutions Implementation Plan

In week 3, I identified two productivity issues facing Walmart Inc., and proposed a number of social media solutions to help address the same. This week, I am focused on developing an implementation plan for the proposed solutions. I will outline the specific strategies that the organization needs to use in implementing the proposed solutions, as well as the cost, timeline, and training needs of such implementation. I will…


Blanchard, O. (2011). Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in your Organization. Boston, MA: Que Publishers.

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How Not to Use Social Media
Words: 2380 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92465017
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Social Media

The author or this report is to identify three best practices relative to a social media strategy that can and should be implemented by ed Bull GmbH. The overall strategic approach, the implementation of the strategy and the expected results of that strategy will be covered for all three examples provided. The strategies and implementation thereof will come from expert and scholarly sources from the academic and/or business world. While social media has made it much easier to reach customers in an efficiently and effective fashion, the harnessing of the tool that is social media is not foolproof or easy, by any means.

Analysis & Examples

One example of social media marketing that has (and is) being undertaken is the use of "suggestion" posts on Facebook. For example, if someone likes bands like Poison and Cinderella, then the Facebook page for Motley Crue would probably be a suggestion.…


Barker, M.S. (2013). Social media marketing: a strategic approach. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Brody, J. (2011, January 31). Scientists See Dangers in Energy Drinks. The New York

Times. Retrieved March 5, 2014, from 

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Legal Aspects of Marketing Via Social Media
Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59890760
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Social Media in Marketing

The four components of a legally astute social media-marketing manager

In this paper, I will look at Facebook as the leading social networking site. The four components of a legally astute manager include the knowledge, judgment, proactive and the attitudinal component (Bagley, 2006). A legally perceptive manager must acknowledge the importance of law to company success and accept responsibility for being in charge of legal factors of the business. In addition, they recognize the need to fulfill the societal expectations and meet the ethical considerations. From the proactive perspective, this manager brings counsel in the cycle of decision-making. Because they are proactive, they do not wait for last minute rush to finalize deals. A social media manager must be well educated about these four characteristics. Nowadays, more firms are using the social media platform for purposes of marketing. Further, a company might fall behind if it…


Bagley, C.E. (2006). Winning legally: The value of legal astuteness. Boston, Mass.

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What Impact Social Media Has Had on Music Marketing
Words: 2064 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92059475
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Marketing Music on Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have grown exponentially over the past few years. One of the entertainment genres that has benefited mightily from social media is music, rap, rock, hip-hop, country, and even classical music. This paper explores and analyzes how musicians and groups have exploited social media in their marketing strategies.

Key Reasons Music Marketing Thrives on Social Media

Social Media has carved out an enormous presence in the contemporary entertainment and information scene in the United States. In fact according to a 2010 book -- Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day -- a Harris Interactive study shows that "…48% of all American adults had either a Facebook or a MySpace account" (Treadaway, et al., 2010, p. 15). Also, as an indication of how extraordinarily fast Facebook has grown, in just eight months the giant social media company went…


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Social Media Facebook Facebook A Vehicle
Words: 4720 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 3817057
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As recent events in the Middle East have clearly demonstrated, Facebook is more on the side of the politically disadvantaged and the poor as they have increasingly embraced Facebook and other social media while the governments in the region tried to ban them. Many governments such as that of China do not allow Facebook primarily because they want to avert scenarios they have seen in the Middle East.

Facebook revolutions

It was in the wake of 2008 when Oscar Morales, a young man in Columbia, decided that he had had enough of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), a Marxist group which routinely kidnaps people, keeping them as hostages for months or years, while many of the hostages die in captivity. Angry and depressed by the actions of FARC, one night he turned to Facebook which he had been using to connect with his friends and high school classmates. He…

Works Cited

Alexanian, Janet A.. "Eyewitness Accounts and Political Claims: Transnational Responses to the 2009 Postelection Protests in Iran." Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 31.2 (2011): 425-442. Project MUSE. Web. 3 Oct. 2011. .

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Social Media Essay
Words: 4044 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Social media is a big boom when it comes to business, entertainment, and media. It has crossed over from something the youth use to something everyone uses. Many people do not understand how much of an impact social media has on people from their employability to how the public views them. This example essay will show social media’s influence and how it has come to be what it is today.
Social Media: Then and Now Social Media and it’s Impact on Business Social Media as a Social Movement Social Media and it’s influence on our Lives Social Media: Changing the Way People Communicate

Social Media Platforms The Impact of Twitter and Facebook on Business The Rise of YouTube Difference Between Social Media Platforms How Social Media is used to Communicate Social Media Effects on Society

I.  Introduction

a.  Social media has transformed the ways people communicate and…

Viral Marketing Social Media
Words: 2410 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34670784
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Popularity of Social Media Marketing Among Businesses

Viral Marketing (social media)

Social Media Marketing

Social media are a shift in the way people read, share and discover information and related contents. This is taking place through the internet in the form of social networks (example Myspace, Facebook), blogs, music and video portals (example YouTube), micro blogging (example Pluk, Twitter) and news aggregators. The possibility brought through Web 2.0 is an evolutionary convergence allowing two way communication platform that harnesses collective intelligence. Social media marketing caries potential similar to a double-edged-sword (Trusov, Bucklin, & Pauwels, 2009).

easons for Exceedingly Popularity of Social Media Marketing Among Businesses

Outwardly, communication activities by businesses of all sizes have changed owing to growth of social media globally (Martin, 2009). Unlike the traditional channels of communication, social media provides a platform for existing and potential consumers to share opinions virtually. This transfers power to build or…


Dailey, P.R. (2009). Social Media: Finding Its Way into Your Business Strategy and Culture. Burlington, MA;: Linkage.

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What Impact Social Media Has Had on Music Marketing
Words: 1271 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42043868
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Social Media on Music Marketing

The objective of this research is to examine and analyze how music artists have social media for marketing purposes. Examples will be used to illustrate the major points made in this report.

The music world has entered into a new era in marketing. Social media such as Facebook, MySpace, and others bring together individuals who are like-minded. Dave Allen reports in the work entitled: "Social Media, logs and Music: Some Philosophical Thoughts" the marketing world of music is electrified with "phrases such as "Social Media, Social Advertising, Facebook Ads, Mass Media Networking Advertising." (Allen, 2008, p.1) Allen, a panelist attending the LISA Service Seminar in Portland and the Hawaii MusicTech Conference in Honolulu. Reported is: "L.I.S.A., which is an acronym for Lessons In Social Advertising, was aimed at marketers and advertisers who [for some reason] don't understand social networks or haven't yet worked out how…


Allen, Dave Social Media, Blogs and Music: Some Philosophical Thoughts. Music Think Tank. Retrieved from:

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Business Use of Social Media Social Media
Words: 1123 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 94318992
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Business Use of Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to the countless Internet-based sites and tools that facilitate and promote social interaction and networking through digitized means (Bulik, 2008). Social media marketing includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and should always be included in an organization's business plan in some capacity. Each platform leverages the power of the Internet to facilitate social interaction and allow people to keep up-to-date with hundreds of others instantaneously (Fredericks, 2012). Social media as a marketing genre has the power to bridge distances and communication obstacles in a highly personalized and direct way.

It is estimated that 75% of the global consumers who use the web regularly visit social media websites (Libert, 2011). Visitors are reported as spending anywhere from 3 to 6.5 hours a day on sites such as Facebook. Subscriptions for social media sites are growing by leaps and…


Bulik, B. (2008). Wait…Isn't This the Same as Social Networks?. Advertising Age, 79(11), 47.

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Role of Social Media in Business Marketing
Words: 1890 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35452092
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social media strategies for business through the works of published commentators on the phenomenon (Mendelson, Haydon) and through two case studies, one a New York publishing house (Saint Martin's Press) and the other a South Carolina-based jewelry design firm (eece Blaire). The paper argues that social media strategy for business is dependent to some extent on building a social media presence independent of the business (or at least independent of an instant monetizing strategy) as a way of building the face of the brand, and also with an awareness that the different social media platforms reach different audiences, so therefore a unified strategy will not ultimately work.

Social media is, in terms of the business world, an extremely new phenomenon. Of the big six social media platforms that exist in 2014 -- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn -- only one (LinkedIn) actually existed as a public Internet platform…


Blaire, K. (2014, April 9). Email interview with W. Todd.

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how to introduce business to'social media
Words: 629 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56693117
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1) A great idea to introduce a company to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube?
It is hard to imagine a business surviving without some social media presence. Introducing a business to social media is important for several reasons. The first and most obvious is that social media is a marketing tool, and a flexible one. Various forms of social media, or social media platforms, allow the company to deliver a cohesive, consistent message using multimedia. For example, Pinterest and Instagram rely primarily on visuals like video and photos. Companies can use Pinterest and Instagram to promote their products visually on these platforms. The company can use visual platforms to ensure their imagery and logos are consistent with their brand image and identity. Twitter and Facebook use visual and video data, too, but also offer opportunities for verbal discourse. Companies can use these sites to reach…

Tim Randall Social Media Including
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 52473150
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The provision of statistical data throughout the literature review underscores the author's understanding that social media is not an amorphous concept, but rather it must be categorically analyzed for its unique applications. Befitting a thesis on investment returns of social media the literature review provides a through basis of content examination.

Theoretical Foundation

rainger's use of literature extends beyond the broad questions of social media and encompasses specific academic scholarship pursuant to understanding the medium's usage and utility. The author expertly identifies "five distinct research themes" (rainger, J. 2010) which connect back to the broad mission of the thesis. Analyzing areas of: consumer capacity, corporate capacity, word of mouth marketing, corporate resource allocation, and investment return analytics; the author provides substantive academic research on these matters. Indicative of a strong dissertation the author relies on both quantitative and qualitative research to define their objectives. A quintessential example of this authorship…

Grainger's use of literature extends beyond the broad questions of social media and encompasses specific academic scholarship pursuant to understanding the medium's usage and utility. The author expertly identifies "five distinct research themes" (Grainger, J. 2010) which connect back to the broad mission of the thesis. Analyzing areas of: consumer capacity, corporate capacity, word of mouth marketing, corporate resource allocation, and investment return analytics; the author provides substantive academic research on these matters. Indicative of a strong dissertation the author relies on both quantitative and qualitative research to define their objectives. A quintessential example of this authorship is the elucidation of social media usage by Corporate America. In this section specific quantitative measures are provided in the form of statistical content on barriers to corporate usage. Yet the striking use of qualitative analysis is the defining point of the theoretical foundation; none more so then the concomitant section on blogging as a social media tool. The description of the working families Wal-Mart blog allows the author to connect practical applications to the larger questions of social media advancement.

Relevance of Literature to Research Question

Social media as a dissertation topic is particularly tricky because of its inherent nature as a dynamic change element. Succinctly, the constant evolution of social media is its defining characteristic, and attempting to explain its role is the academic equivalent of nailing Jell-O to the wall. Yet,

Cuphon Social Media Plan Cuphon Social Media
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Social media plan: Cuphon

Social media is a critical aspect of building any new brand's reputation. itness the number of goods and services that have developed a following purely through online goodwill, spanning from Groupon to Facebook. Using social media to build the brand of a mobile phone marketing application known as 'Cuphon' is especially essential given the demographic that is its main target -- young consumers who are style-conscious and want the latest or 'next new thing' at a bargain. The Cuphon model of commerce depends upon impulsive purchases by individuals who are constantly using their mobile phones to connect to businesses and services that excite them.

Cuphon, to build awareness of its service, is currently partnering with popular-youth-oriented marketers such as McDonald's and American Outfitters. It emphasizes the ability for users to get instant specials by texting algreen's, McDonald's, American Outfitter, and other popular youth brands through…

Works Cited

Arrington, Michael. "Groupon gets a hefty 30 million from Accel for local offers and service."

December, 2, 2009. [April 23, 2011] 

Campbell, Anita. "Insider tips on using social media bookmarking." Cube. April 23, 2011

[April 23, 2011]

Manchester United Social Media Strategy
Words: 1437 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 56281761
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Manchester United -- Social Media Strategy

Consumers around the globe use social media increasingly. The platform has made it possible for consumers to share information about products, services, and companies that generate these products. Football has also gained from the social media mania. Clubs and fans can share ideas and bond with fans on the same platform; in a two-way relationship. Harris (who?) points out that licensing, broadcasting, publication and distribution constitute a handsome cash flow across the globe. According to the article, the average sports fan uses between 1 and 2-5 hours each week catching up with their favorite teams on the social media platform. The statistics suggest that soccer clubs around the globe should then exploit the social media opportunities for popularizing their teams and the sport in general. It is also an excellent opportunity for such clubs to bond with their fans (Joanne Kuzma, Viv Bell, &…


Barber, P. (2014). Manchester United and Twitter -- a social media story. The False Nine - Analytical and Satirical Digest.

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Joanne Kuzma, Viv Bell, & Ciaran Logue. (2014). A Study of the Use of Social Media Marketing in the Football Industry. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, 728-738.

Consumers and Social Media
Words: 10594 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 97810214
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social media of hotel industy influence consume puchasing behavio 24/09/2015

Pominent examples of social media

Business Use of Social Media

Social media and consume puchasing

Role of Social media in Advetising and Maketing

Social Media Maketing

Evidence of impotance of Social Media Maketing

Impact of Social Media Maketing on Consume Puchasing Behavio

The Heding Effect

Theoy of Social Impact

Social Media Influence Factos on Consumes

Social Media in the Hotel Industy

Social media and Thailand Hotels

Appoaches to Methodology

Outline of eseach Method

Sample selection and Size

Questionnaie Design

Obstacles in Reseach

: Data Analysis

: Ethical Consideations in Reseach

: Limitations of the study

Results and Analysis

: Results fom Suvey of Hotel subscibes

: Results fom Suvey of Hotel Maketing Officials

Infeence fom the Analysis

Social Media Factos Affecting Custome Puchasing Behavio 39

5.2: Recommendations fo Manages fo Use of Social Media 40

Refeences 43

Chapte 1: Intoduction…

references and social tagging information. International Journal of Web Science, 2(1/2), p.80.

Balakrishnan, B., Dahnil, M. and Yi, W. (2014). The Impact of Social Media Marketing Medium toward Purchase Intention and Brand Loyalty among Generation Y. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 148, pp.177-185.

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Chaney, P. (2009). The digital handshake. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley & Sons.

HP Social Media
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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is an electronic devices company that focuses on computers, printing, servers, storage and IT management solutions. Personal systems are around 29% of the total business, printing is 21%, the enterprise group 25% and enterprise services are 20%, with the remaining 5% coming from software and financial services. William Hewlett and David Packard founded a partnership in 1939 and the modern HP was incorporated in 1947. The company has transitioned between many businesses since that point in time. It was rumored a few years ago that HP was going to exit the personal computer business, but those rumors proved false (Loftus, 2011).

Evaluation of Global Presence and Accommodation

Social media are used for both marketing and public relations by HP. The company is active across multiple social media platforms, and generally uses them to address customer concerns, and to promote the company's various products and initiatives. The company uses…


2013 Hewlett Packard Annual Report. Retrieved April 21, 2014 from (2014). HP Media Aggregation Service. Hewlett-Packard. Retrieved April 21, 2014 from 

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Social Media in Healthcare Organizations Social Media
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Social Media in Healthcare Organizations

Social Media Social media increasingly integral part healthcare organization's website online strategy. Write a -- page (excluding title reference pages)

Using social media in healthcare organizations

Social media are a new way of co-creating and collaboration on content with others. It provides practical resources for healthcare organizations, in raising awareness of health related issues to the public, and facilitating change in behavior which will help people to live safer and healthier lives Sae Won & Choi, 2007.

With social media, they can disseminate information in real-time and link groups of people around common issues. Any website or platform that allows users to publish and share information with each other is referred to as social media. The information shared can be videos, photos, or messages. Technologies for social media are in different forms namely wikis, internet forums, social blogs, podcasts, magazines, weblogs, social bookmarking, videos, and…


Azu, M.C., Lilley, E.J., & Kolli, A.H. (2012). Social Media, Surgeons, and the Internet: An Era or an Error? [Article]. American Surgeon, 78(5), 555-558.

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Sae Won, K., & Choi, C.J. (2007). Habits, Self-Control and Social Conventions: The Role of Global Media and Corporations. Journal of Business Ethics, 76(2), 147-154.

Social Media by Business Using the Best
Words: 1521 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53801089
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social media by business, using the Best Buy case as an example. The benefits of social media in the business context are explained, as are the downsides. There are also recommendations with respect to the use of social media by a law firm, and in this case it is recommended that the law firm should not engage in social media. Compared with a retailer -- especially one with a connection to technology -- there is less upside for a law firm and more downside risk. Understanding the benefits of social media as well as the business context is essential to developing an effective social media plan.

Best Buy has successfully embraced social media, something that fits with its brand image, but also something that has helped to enhance its business. This report will outline the principles of successful social media usage, the value that social media has to business, and…


Dunn, B.J., (2010, Dec). Best Buy's CEO on Learning to Love Social

Media, Harvard Business Review, 88(12), 43-48. Retrieved from EBSCO.

Reed, T. (2008, May 1-7). Blogging: 21st Century Marketing: Small

Businesses sell the 7Cs by using blogging as a marketing tool. The Tennessee Tribune, 19(6), 9. Retrieved from ProQuest.

Social Media and How it Goes on
Words: 2736 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19237487
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Social Media and how it goes on to affects people. The advantages and the risks of social media are discussed. Furthermore, it goes on to talk about appropriate and inappropriate content. Use of social media in the professional world is also discussed.

Social Media is basically the modes of interaction among persons in which they produce, exchange, and share information in varied virtual communities and network. (Ahlqvist et al., 2008) This information can include written information, pictures, videos and audio notes as well. Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) describe this form of technology as varies internet origin applications that were created on technological and ideological foundations that merely allow the exchange of content that the user himself created. Initially, social media was only prevalent on laptops or pcs but now this technology has move on to mobile phones. This therefore enables users to upload and share information instantaneously. The advent of…


Ahlqvist, T. et al. (2008). Social media road maps exploring the futures triggered by social media. VTT Tiedotteita - Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus, 2454 pp.13.

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Fama, E.F. (1970). Efficient capital markets: A review of theory and empirical work. Journal of Finance, 25(2), 383 -- 417.

Social Business and the Retailer
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Social Media etailing Applications: Opportunities and Threats

How Has Social Media Developed and What are the Benefits and Downsides of Using Social Media for etailers Today?

This study examines social business in general, how it developed and the benefits of using social media in particular. Second, this study provides a discussion concerning the potential positive as well as the effects of social business in the retail sector which is followed by a description of optimal business strategies for social media applications, the pros/cons of using these tools in the industry, and some representative case studies concerning companies that succeeded and some that recently failed in their use of social media. Finally, the study provides a summary of the research and important findings is followed by a series of recommendations concerning how retailers should use social media technologies in their own businesses in the concluding chapter.

Social Media Business Applications



About Honda. (2013). Honda. Available: . Last accessed 1 November 2013.

About Virgin. (2013). Virgin America. Available:

Baumann, M. (2010, June). @Twitter Discloses Business Model #Promotedtweets RT.

Information Today, 27 (6) 1-5.

Social Media Vis-A-Vis Advertising and
Words: 490 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31324768
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Also, it is relevant to survey other agencies and brands that market on the specific site that is being targeted by the agency that is being surveyed).

Recruitment: How do you plan to recruit participants? Will all recruited firms be listed? (Answer: A verifiable list of agencies -- ad and marketing firms, plus in-house agencies for corporations, radio and television and newspaper companies -- needs to be compiled, with correct names of appropriate contact people, addresses, phone numbers for follow-up. Then a concentrated recruitment effort needs to be launched with an attractive, compelling, interesting and professionally-done solicitation needs to be mailed snail-mail and through the Internet. Those participants that follow the instructions and compete the survey will be included in the final study results.

Location: (Answer: The data will be collected digitally in the database established for this project; when hard copies are completed, they will filed carefully and dated.…

Marketing Plan Name Location Nature the Business
Words: 975 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31928662
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Marketing Plan

Name, Location, Nature

The business will be a food truck specializing in chicken and waffles. It will be called Big Mabel's Chicken & Waffles, the namesake being a fictional grandmother who, according to the marketing myth, developed the recipes. The food truck will have a number of different locations, which is normal in the business. The city will license out specific spaces and times for the truck, generally when those areas have high traffic. The business model is especially suited for areas where traffic is high only during a few hours of the day, so lunch time near construction sites, by the stadium on game night, or in a bar district on weekend evenings. The kitchen is tiny, so the choice of food will be limited to chicken and waffles, which is a classic American dish.

Customer Analysis

There are a number of potential customers. These will differ…


Christ, Paul (2011). Principles of Marketing. Available December 3, 2012, at 

Marketing Power Dictionary (2011). American Marketing Association.. Available December 3, 2012 at

Marketing Made Simple. (n.d.). Available December 3, 2012 at.

Social Media Is a Hype These Days
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 74141689
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social media is a hype these days which has enabled businesses to actually change the way they operate. Social media networks especially Facebook, Linked in, Twitter and now Google Plus have enabled businesses to reach out to those people with whom they want to build long-term customer relationships. A lot of research has been carried out to devise the impact that social media has on businesses. This has enabled business schools to develop a new form of customer oriented relationship building, a further addition to the B2P (Business to Person) communications.

In this regard, traditional business environment has changed drastically with the impact of social media. A newer economic and business environment now exists over the business world and has deeply affected traditional marketing tactics, public relation, selling and communication activities. This has not only lead to companies having lesser control over their reputation but has also given the dictation…


Benkler, Yochai (2006). The Wealth of Networks. New Haven: Yale University Press.

ISBN 0300110561. OCLC 61881089.

Gentle, Anne (2009). Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation.

Fort Collins, Colo: XML Press. ISBN 9780982219119. OCLC 464581118

Social Media on the Advertising
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86897194
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The objective of course in transferability is not to generalize, but to determine if indeed, the same results will hold true for other groups that share the same characteristics from which the results of the study came from (e.g., cultural sub-groups within the American Indian culture) (Babbie, 2003:211). Lastly, Trustworthiness is the establishment of the researcher's credibility and trust between him/her and the study's informants / interviewees / discussants. Trust leads to rapport, which will make the informant at ease, disclose more, and impart useful insights about the topic/phenomenon under study.

Thus, when applied to the issue of utilizing social media to increase the competitiveness of small businesses, these concepts are especially valuable. Trust and integrity are important for small businesses because they rely on their small group of loyal and satisfied clients/customers to spread the "good word" about their products and services. Especially in using the social media as…


Babbie, E. (2003). The Practice of Social Research. NY: Wadsworth Publishing.

Marketing Plan for a Home-Based Desktop Publishing Business
Words: 1574 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 17920196
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Marketing Strategy for KitKat Desktop Publishing

Creating an independent desktop publishing business from one's home is indeed an exhilarating prospect. Entrepreneurship offers one a career of truly boundless possibilities and the intoxicating freedom of being one's own boss. However, such a path is not without challenges; there are the regulatory and compliance issues, financial issues, start-up capital needed to be gathered, evaluation of technology systems, and marketing (Schulaka, 2009). When it comes to the last challenge, marketing, this truly is an aspect which can make or break a business, particularly a nascent business and one which is small and developing. "Marketing and entrepreneurship are traditionally regarded as two separate academic disciplines" (Hills et al., 2008). However, such a perspective is inherently flawed. Strategic marketing in necessary for a small business to exist, survive and thrive, particularly for a small, home-based business. The best marketing strategy for such a specific type…


Esales. (n.d.). 7 Key Benefits to Blog Marketing for Your Business. Retrieved from (2012, August 3). The 6 Basic Components Of A Strong SEO Strategy For Online Retailers. Retrieved from 

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Kumar, A. (2011, December 19). Five Effective SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Business Blog. Retrieved from

Social Media Engagement
Words: 1325 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54163054
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super bowl commercials that came out this year and how they targeted different genders. It discusses the role of social media like twitter and websites in speaking out against these ads and criticizing them. The paper lays emphasis on how many companies target certain genders or stereotypes and eventually go on to incur a lot of damage due to the inappropriate advertisements.

The Go daddy commercial was yet another sexist addition to the super bowl line of commercials. Even though the add did manage to get the domain name a lot of business the next day, over all the company incurred a loss of more than seven million dollars for making the commercial (Grinberg, 2013) Surely enough, everyone is used to seeing the sexist commercials every now and then. Sexism and objectifying women has long been used as a media tactic. Apart from objectifying women, gender stereotyping and allotting certain…


Grinberg, Emanuella. "Sexist Super Bowl Ads? #Notbuyingit, Some Say." 2013. Web. 20 Feb 2013. .

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Marketing Defining Marketing the Traditional
Words: 1241 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 50751388
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In fulfilling these initiatives the delivering of exceptional value and knowledge to prospects and customers to attain the role of trusted advisor and earn lifetime customer loyalty is the ultimate measure of effective marketing." There is a strong emphasis on setting and exceeding the expectations of customers and also striving to deliver exceptional value both in terms of insights and intelligence as well. Above all this definition focuses on how to create trust and attain the role of trusted advisor with customers, regardless of the market orientation being B2B or B2C. The intent of this definition is to make sure all components or areas of a marketing strategy are working in conjunction with each other, synchronized to deliver exceptional results over time. In that way the focus of the marketing strategies is on internal process clarity and outward, to meeting and exceeding customers' expectations so trust can be created and…


Bill Baker. (2009). Your Customer is Talking - to Everyone: Social media is the new channel for customer connection. Information Management, 19(4), 20.

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Social Media Consumer Engagement
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Business Communication Class


Analysis of the ALDO Shoes' Social Media Strategy

However, as Douglas Bensadoun, VP marketing and creative director has been quoted as saying, "fashion retailing is relentless, it's a beast that needs to constantly be fed" (Surridge, 2012). esearch has identified many of the current best practices and innovative strategies that are being used in the industry and compiled the top three social media focal points that are suggest over the coming year. These mediums include:






Fashion on Social Media

#1 -- Facebook

#2 -- eddit

#3 -- Pinterest



Figure 1 - Aldo's Official Social Media Channels (Aldo, N.d.)

Figure 2 - Social Media Traffic Statistics for Top Fashion Brands (Boland, 2015)

Figure 3 - Boland (2015) esearch Findings

Figure 4 - Burberry Social Media Ad (Sharma, 2015)…


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Social Media and Hiring Practices
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94685369
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HR and Social Media

HR and the Use of Social Media

The technology we use everyday is developing rapidly. One of the greatest trends in technology today is the use of social media. Social media is prevalent in our daily lives and hundreds of thousands of users log on each day. Today, even businesses have begun to tap into the use of social media in regards to tailoring cost effect marketing campaigns to reach their consumer base. However, one area that has not seen a whole lot of research in how social media can be used is in Human Resources. HR is an important part of how businesses function, yet it has been slow to adopt social media as a cost effective way to achieve HR strategies. Thus, there are gaps in regards to how HR might be able to adopt social media practices as a way to improve hiring…

Social Media Impact on Business Leadership
Words: 894 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 22655124
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awareness of the benefits of Social Media for leaders and their organizations. It revealed leaders' tendency to use Social Media to improve product awareness and promote strategic alliances with internal and external customers, foster new opportunities, and create an efficient branding strategy with a more effective approach to optimizing brand equity over time. The use of Social Media may be viewed as a form of product leadership, enabling leaders to adjust and fine-tune organizational direction to better suit the needs of customers and to more visibly offer products and services that maximize a company's profit and strengthen relationships.

Leaders are able to connect to business partners and customers to gather perspectives, understand others in the same organizational domains, leverage information gathered through social networking sites for analytical decision support, and utilize results to competitively reshape businesses. The findings of this study indicated that leaders who have used Social Media brought…

Using Social Media in Business
Words: 665 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 88225838
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Social Media Strategy Memo

Internal Memo on the Value of Social Media

VP, Marketing

Using Social Media to Listen and Connect With Customers

The many social media sites that are proliferating today are opening up new opportunities for our company to attract, sell and serve our existing customers and find new ones. The following memo provides a brief overview of the social media options available to our company to connect with customers, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of social media, and a recommendation of how we can use these new forms of communication to build strong relationships with customers and prospects.

Comparing The Advantages and Disadvantages Of How Social Media That Can Help Connect With Customers

Of the many social media sites and applications available today, there are three that are best used for connecting with customers. These include LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn is a social networking site…

The Impact of Social Media on Today S Business Environment
Words: 4680 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12540760
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Social Media and the Modern Business Environment

The modern society has witnessed a phenomenon of ongoing and rapid growth in enhanced communication and interaction between people, especially through the Internet. Actually, the Internet has become the means for collaboration and resulted in the emergence of the social media concept and networking. The Internet has been characterized by the emergence of numerous social media networks that are increasingly used as the means of communication and collaboration between people in the modern society. As a result of the impact of social media in today's society, the new paradigm is influencing the modern business environment. Given its impact on modern communications, social media has largely businesses as companies are increasingly using social media accounts for business. However, these social media accounts have generated privacy and security concerns, which results in the need to secure them.

The Growth of Social Media

In today's society,…


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An Introduction to Social Media
Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57768620
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Social Media

In the words of Solis (2011, p. 20), "social media is many things to many people." Social media, in my own opinion, has got to do with all internet-based platforms that make it easy for people from all over the world to not only interact but also share with friends, family, and associates. There are various forms of social media. For instance, while there are Websites dedicated to social networking and forums, others focus on blogging and social bookmarking (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). Some of the best known social media examples include, but they are not limited to, Pinterest, eddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The relevance of social media cannot be overstated in today's interconnected world. Unlike was the case a few decades ago, social media allows people to not only connect, but also share ideas in an easy, convenient, and straightforward manner. It is, however, important to…


Humphreys, A. (2015). Social Media: Enduring Principles. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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Critical Assessment and Consequences Social Media
Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47209547
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Social Media: Critical Assessment and Consequences

Organizations seeking to be competitive in this digital age ought to conduct regular social media audits so as to identify their weaknesses on the social media front, while at the same time assessing their future social media needs. For purposes of tis discussion, social media will be inclusive of all "internet-based resources that facilitate user participation and user-generated content" (Flynn, 2012). In seeking to assess my organization's current social media presence, I would first perform an internal audit of the company's online presence. This is an exercise that would call for the identification of all the social media profiles the company has. Here, I would be seeking to answer this question -- where exactly is the organization online? It would be wise to start with the big four spots, which include, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I would also want to consider YouTube, Pinterest,…


Flynn, Nancy. (2012). The Social Media Handbook: Rules, Policies, and Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Organization's Social Media Presence, Posts, and Potential. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons

Humphreys, A. (2015). Social Media: Enduring Principles. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

ABM Industries Social Media
Words: 1319 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78229704
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Social Media: ABM Industries

The relevance of a social media strategy cannot be overstated. This is more so the case given that in addition to ensuring that the company does not have its interests harmed or threatened due to wrongful use of social media, a social media policy advances the interests of a business entity via such activities as marketing and customer acquisition. A social media strategy permits the organization to make optimal use of social media platforms. It is, therefore, unfortunate that ABM Industries does not have in place a social media strategy.

Being one of America's largest facility management firms, ABM offers "state-of-the-art, dependable building maintenance services ." (ABM, 2016). The company was established in 1990 as a one man show. Morris osenberg, the founder, saw the need to professionalize window washing which was at the time being done by anyone with a rug, soap, and access to…


ABM. (2016). Our Company. Retrieved from 

Humphreys, A. (2015). Social Media: Enduring Principles. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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Solis, Brian. (2011). Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons

A Case Study of Walmart Inc Social Networking and Social Media
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Social Networking and Social Media: A Case Study of Walmart Inc.

A Case Study of Walmart Inc.: Social Networking and Social Media

Walmart is an American-based multinational discount retailer operating in over 27 countries. It is the world's largest company by revenues, and the largest private employer in the Fortune 500 list of companies. Walmart has shown steady growth and improvement since 1965, when it was founded as Sam Walton as a general store. This text explores Walmart's organizational culture, structure, and digital media strategy with the aim of determining their role in the company's continued success.

A Case Study of Walmart Inc.

Walmart is the world's largest discount retailer, operating over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, including the U.S. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart grew from a family-owned general store in 1965 into the world's largest company by revenues. In 2015, the company ranked 20th in the Forbes list…


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Evaluating the Rise of Social Media
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Social media involves online content that people use via highly accessible technologies. Basically, social media marks a change in the way people read, discover and share information, news and content. Therefore, social media fuses technology and sociology leading to a change in monologues into dialogues and also marks information democratization, making everyone an author instead of being a mere content reader. Social media has become very popular since it enables people interaction through the internet to create relations useful for different reasons including political, personal and business. Businesses consider social media to be an amalgamation of consumer-generated media. The social media takes different forms like, blogs, Internet forums, wikis, pictures, podcasts and video. Therefore, it is obvious that the Internet is a fundamental social medium (Customer Centric Business Strategies, n.d.). This may not change since people endeavor to engage with each other online; hence, social media is going to be…


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Social Business and Retailer
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Using contemporary illustrative examples from academic literature and reputable business publications, discuss the concept of "Social Business" and the resultant opportunity and challenges that are currently being faced by the retail industry globally.

Concept of Social Business

Concept of Social Business with etailers

Social Media and etailing

Best Practices in Administering Social Media

There is a growing body of research that confirms that companies of all sizes and types can realize a wide array of benefits from the use of social media networks. While the types and applications of social media experience constant change, social media content such as blogs and microblogs have become some of the more popular social media tools that have emerged in recent years. Although there a number of benefits and advantages that can be achieved through the use of social media resources, there is a concomitant danger that inappropriate or misguided content can backfire…


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Marketing Strategy I Finished Parta All Subject
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MAKETING STATEGY, I finished PartA, All subject requirment Marketing strategy assessment guidelines I upload. Please find source . include website, journal artical, news paper . 1100 words.

Marketing strategy

The Seorabol restaurant is a local restaurant with Korean features, serving a wide array of foods to various customer categories. ecently, the restaurant has been confronted with risks of decreased competitive position, as revealed in Part A, and the current project aims to propose two strategies on how the restaurant could address its limitations.

Expansion into the social media

Strategy introduction

An important problem at the Searabol (SB) restaurant is represented by the absence of well developed marketing campaigns. The restaurant is popular among its current customers, but its ability to attract new clients is restricted. In order to address this shortage, the proposed strategy is that of launching the restaurant into the social media. The opportunity of social media would…


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Marketing Communication Plan for Internal Use
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An important aspect of the marketing management plan relates to communication. Key internal stakeholders must be kept informed of the objectives of the marketing plan, progress, as well as any relevant updates as the implementation of the plan proceeds (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). Effective engagement of internal stakeholders is crucial if the desired outcomes are to be achieved. When internal stakeholders are well informed of the marketing objectives, they are likely to be more committed to the initiative, hence increasing the success of the initiative. At HtW, internal stakeholders mainly include the board, the management, and members of staff. The board acts as the overall decision making organ of the organization. It formulates polices and the strategic direction of the organization and supervises the management. Communicating the marketing objectives and progress to the board would, therefore, be vital. The board requires such information for purposes of decision making on aspects…

Marketing and Advertising Companies to Remain Current
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marketing and advertising companies to remain current in new social media technologies in order to optimally reach out to the general population in an effective manner. Some businesses are reluctant to change, exhibiting the belief if something works, don't fix it. However, these businesses could be missing out on reaching vast segments of the population, and may lose contact with others as people increasingly shift to new media to receive information. Balance must be obtained among all types of marketing in order to ensure that the most optimal numbers and demographics of people are being reached. How are businesses embracing these necessary changes in the ever-changing world of new social media marketing? This study will explore changes in marketing companies with regard to social media using a phenomenological approach

esearch Question

This study will explore what kinds of changes to social media use are marketing and advertising companies making in…


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Marketing Strategy Sendoutcards
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Alternatives for Growth

SendOutCards has a number of different options for growth. The company utilizes what it terms a "network marketing" model, wherein its distributors are responsible for selling the cards, and bringing in new potential distributors as well, for which they receive a payment. This is the company's growth model and therefore an integral part of its strategy. For each individual distributor, however, there are different alternatives for growth. The first of these is via social media and the second is via more traditional marketing efforts.

There are several advantages to social media marketing. These include increased brand recognition, repeated exposure, leveraging word-of-mouth, creating influence and driving traffic (Chandler, 2013). The direct benefits of social media are that it allows you to reach the people within your circle, but they expand outwards. An example of how this works is to send out cards to people that you know,…


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Marketing Strategy Banner Health
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Healthcare Marketing

Marketing is essential for all health care companies, including Banner Health. This company is a non-profit provider based in Arizona with operations around the Southwest. In a competitive marketplace, all health care companies need to find ways to attract both payers and patients to their business. Payers are important because there are some payment models are based on whether a provider is in a given network or not. Being able to attract individual patients can also be quite useful, especially customers who are cash payers. An example of how important marketing is can be seen with the facility that Banner recently built in Boulder, CO. That community was already well-served with another provider (Armbrister, 20120. What this meant was that while Banner could expect some business based on the growth of the community, it should also have had a strategy to both win patients away from the existing…


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