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Social Psychology Essays (Examples)

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Burgers 2009 Replication of the Milgram Experiment
Words: 1458 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17086104
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Stanley Milgram’s groundbreaking psychological experiments on obedience remain famous not just because of what they revealed about human behavior, but also because of how they drew attention to the need for more robust ethical codes in psychological research. Burger (2009) replicates Milgram’s most famous obedience studies in “Replicating Milgram,” tweaking the methodology to ensure ethical treatment of research participants. Therefore, the Burger (2009) experiment uses slightly different experimental approaches. Experimental approaches “have long been a mainstay of the natural science disciplines,” and the “value and applicability of these approaches is relatively new to research examining the psychological, political, and economic dimensions of human life online,” (Oxford Internet Institute, 2017, p. 1). No non-experimental approaches were used in the original Milgram or the Burger (2009) studies.
The Milgram experiments were so groundbreaking as to lead to new theory development in behavioral and social psychology. Milgram worked with the hypothesis that obedience…


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Psychology- Social How Is the Research Described
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 18911549
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Psychology- Social

How is the research described in your chosen article an example of social psychology?

Social psychology is often seen as the study of how people's feelings, outlooks, and behaviors are influenced by the definite, likely, or indirect presence of others. In this study the authors believe that people think that they communicate with people who are close to them better than they do with strangers. This is an example of social psychology because they are looking at how the behavior of communication is influenced by friends or strangers.

What was the study's main hypothesis? Explain (i.e., tell me more than yes/no) whether or not it was supported.

The researchers hypothesis was that people take part in active observation of strangers' different viewpoints because they know they have to, but that they let down their guard and rely more on their own viewpoint when they communicate with a friend.…


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