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Software Processes of Sometime Deteriorate Into Non-Productive

Words: 317 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64658923

software processes of sometime deteriorate into non-Productive arguments. hy does this occur?

If only human being's egos could be as carefully streamlined of nonproductive processes as the software applications they design, the workplace would be a far more productive space. The reasons for non-productive arguments are often rooted in the same sources as other workplace and even family conflicts. Clashes of personal ego create arguments that have little to do with actual project demands or practical and constructive responses to work-related problems. However, there are other sources of non-productive conflicts that are particularly endemic to the software industry and are not always particular to any individual workplace's clash of personalities.

Sometimes management issues poorly written requirements regarding the software that are "unclear, incomplete, too general, or not testable" therefore there will inevitably be problems and arguments when the creators of the software are facing a vague set of specifications with…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Davis, Rob. (2004) "Five Common Problems that occur during software development." Software Testing Engineer. Retrieved 13 Jan 2004 at
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Software Processes

Words: 344 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30803738

poor requirements for development software vs. The problems that occur from poor requirements management

A good manager will present his or her staff with clearly defined requirements, realistic schedules, ask for a product whose specifications can be subject to adequate testing, present his or her staff with reasonable but firm specifications, and have good communication skills. A poor manager will do just the opposite -- not only will he or she have poor interpersonal skills, but quite often a bad manager will present vague specifications for the developing software that workers cannot easily test, and simply demand too much, too quickly, on too tight a budget or a schedule of the staff. (Davis, 2004)

Poor management can of course contribute to some of the different kinds of failures in requirements for development software. For example, a rushed schedule can result, on the part of the software developers, with key user…… [Read More]

Works cited

Chin, Paul. (May 6, 2003) "Cold Case: Project Failure." CIO Online. Retrieved 13 Jan 2005 at 

Davis, Rob. (2004) "Five Common Problems that occur during software development." Software Testing Engineer. Retrieved 13 Jan 2004 at
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Software Processing Methodology Understanding the Problem Klyne

Words: 7750 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 86615453

Software Processing Methodology

Understanding the Problem

Klyne Smith, DSE Candidate

Dr. Frank Coyle



esearch and Contribution Methods

Software Processing Methodologies

Waterfall Methodology





Iterative Methodology





Model Methodology





Where do we go from here (Spring 2010)?

Define measurement data points for Test Case analysis

Section IV

Creation and Validation of the predictive model

Section V

Summary Analysis

Practical Usage

Praxis Conclusion


Articles / Web Information

Software Processing Methodology:

Understanding the Problem

Section I:


In this work, I examine three different Software Processing Methodologies. I start with the iterative model, followed by the spiral model, and conclude with the V-model. Each of these methodologies are discussed in length to gain a clear understanding of their similarities and differences. This paper focuses on gaining a key understanding of the methodologies and when it is best to utilize each.…… [Read More]



Alexander, Ian and Beus-Dukic, Ljerka (2009). Discovering Requirements - How to Specify Products and Services

Bass, Len and Clements, Paul, and Kazman, Rick (2003) - Software Architecture in Practice (2nd Edition)

Boehm, B.,(1976) Software Engineering, IEEE Trans. Computer, C-25,12,1226-1241
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Software Can Kill A Lesson How the

Words: 906 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19143851

Software can kill. A lesson how the database has to be managed in congruence with the workplace in order to save, rather than destroy, lives.

Summary of the case

Due to unclear and uncoordinated assembly and construction of the software system, 28 patients at the National Center Institute of Panama received excessive does of gamma ray radiation of cancer treatment in November 2000. 21 of those patients, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) died due to radiation poisoning and three Panamanian medical physicists who used the software to figure out the needed dose of radiation of the patients were charged with second-degree murder.

The fault of these physicians were that they introduced changes in the software for radiation procedures on the patients without thoroughly ascertaining that the software was accurately following modification instructions according to intended and prescribed details.

Chemotherapy is a calculated and precise business. Treatment of…… [Read More]


Yusuf, Y., Gunasekaran, A., & Abthorpe, M. (2004). Enterprise Information Systems Project Implementation: A Case Study of ERP in Rolls-Royce, International Journal of Production Economics, 87(3), pp. 21-39.
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Software Defense Establishing Software Security

Words: 996 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: White Paper Paper #: 9511466

Allowing for such access necessarily creates a point of weakness, and this must be carefully guarded against through many levels of protection (Stuttard & Pinto 2007). Many of the same steps that are employed in access differentiation as described above can also be employed here -- multiple levels of access that is password protected, strict compartmentalization of data and of processes, and other features such as the recognition and removal of malicious input can all protect the opening that is created by administrative access to application information and code (Stuttard & Pinto 2007). Password-protected access to a web application's source code is one common example of this type of core defense capability, which grows more complex as both the complexity of the system and needs for security increase.

Direct Attacks and Unauthorized Use: A More Detailed View

Direct attacks on applications, especially web-based applications, are becoming increasingly common as programming…… [Read More]


Dalal, S.; Poore, J. & Cohen, M. (2003). Innovations in software engineering for defense systems. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.

Sttutard, D. & Pinto, M. (2007). The web application hacker's handbook. New York: Wiley.
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International Trade Managing Offshoring Software Projects From

Words: 553 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34153199

International Trade

Managing Offshoring Software Projects From U.S.-based Locations

In the article and research cited in An Empirical Investigation of Client Managers esponsibilities on Managing Offshore Outsourcing of Software-Testing Projects (Jain, Poston, Simon, 2011) the dynamics of outsourcing alliances with American companies and Indian service providers' shows signs of becoming more efficient through the use of collaboration technologies and more effective quality management techniques. The cultural, ethical and financial implications of Indian outsourcers becoming more efficient in working with American companies are having a risk reduction effect in the short-term and an acceleration of innovation in the long-term (Zhao, Watanabe, 2010). From a social perspective, Indian outsourcers are finding strategies for attaining a higher level of customer satisfaction level not attainable in previous iterations of their business models (Bairi, Manohar, 2011).


The cumulative effect of ethical, cultural and financial factors on the operations of Indian outsourcers throughout the United…… [Read More]


Bairi, J., & Manohar, B.M. (2011). Critical success factors in gaining user customer satisfaction in outsourced IT services. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 24(6), 475-493.

Hofstede, G. (1983). The cultural relativity of organizational practices and theories. Journal of International Business Studies, 14(2), 75-75.

Jain, R.P., Poston, R.S., & Simon, J.C. (2011). An empirical investigation of client managers' responsibilities in managing offshore outsourcing of software-testing projects. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 58(4), 743.

Zhao, W., & Watanabe, C. (2010). Risk management in software outsourcing -- a portfolio analysis of India's case based on software export market constitution. Journal of Services Research, 10(1), 143-155.
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Improving the CRM Suite of Software Applications

Words: 3357 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28984458

Improving the CM Suite of Software Applications at SAP

SAP AG (NYSE:SAP) is the worldwide leader in Enterprise esource Planning (EP) and one of the top companies globally in Customer elationship management (CM) software as well. While their dominance in EP is solid, with Gartner, a leading industry research firm reporting that SAP has 25% global market share today, it's global CM market share trails who is the worldwide leader with 14% market share worldwide (SAP Investor elations, 2013). SAP is second globally with 12.9% market share. There are many factors contributing to SAP trailing, the most significant being the slow response to the shift to cloud computing platforms in general, and migrating their CM applications onto a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. Salesforce is the global leader in CM due to their rapid development of CM applications on the SaaS platform, greater responsiveness to their growing customer base,…… [Read More]


Bednarz, A. (2006). SAP unveils hosted CRM plans. Network World, 23(5), 45-45.

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Fonseca, B. (2007). SAP unveils web 2.0 look for its CRM tool. Computerworld, 41(50), 12-12.
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Testing Hypothesis in Chapter Four

Words: 37819 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69922441

Management Strategy to Utilize Meta-Analysis Technique for Nuclear Energy and Waste Disposal and Create Social Sustainability

This research proposal explores the link between public perceptions of nuclear power, how those perceptions are formed, and what influence those opinions have on energy policy. These issues are important in light of two realities. First, nuclear energy is declining in its share of global energy. Second, nuclear energy offers what might well be the best solution to climate change. Given the threat posed by climate change, it makes sense that nuclear power would be increasing in share, not decreasing. This esearch proposal seeks to look at some of the issues facing nuclear power, and how it can overcome these issues to increase share going forward.

Table of Contents

Abstract ii

Dedication iii

Acknowledgements iv

Table of Contents v

List of Tables viii

List of Figures vii

Chapter One: Introduction 1

Topic Overview 7…… [Read More]


Abokeng, A.K. (2005). Understanding Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 90, 845-848.

Alic, J. (2012). Six things to do with nuclear waste: None of them ideal. Oil Retrieved June 17, 2015 from 

Alley, W. & Alley, R. (2013). Too hot to touch: The problem of high-level nuclear waste. Review by Konikow, L. (2013). Hydrogeology Journal.

Bangert-Drowns, Robert L. & Rudner, Lawrence M. (1991).Meta-analysis in educational research.Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 2(8). Retrieved September 4, 2008 from
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Selection of Software Packages for Data Analysis

Words: 1064 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99931471

Software Tools for Qualitative Research

Data Analysis Software Packages

Exploring Options for Research Software Tools

As a quick reference tool, I created a table to compare primary features of three data analysis software packages: NVivo 10, Atlas.ti 7; and HyperRESEARCH (which also includes HyperTRANSCRIBE as a separate complementary option). This information is shown in Table 1, which is provided at the end of this work.

After reviewing the software packages for data analysis, I believe that using a software package would be very helpful, supporting my research and enabling me to conduct data analysis more efficiently and effectively. My mixed methods approach in this study means that I will be managing and collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. Since all three of the data analysis software I have reviewed have the capability to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data, I will discuss each software package as it relates to my…… [Read More]

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Cloud Computing Software as a Utility in

Words: 1598 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67147930

Cloud Computing

Software as a utility in some cases pointed to be "on-interest software," is actually a software conveyance feature by which the software and cohorted information is partly accommodated by the cloud. The SaaS is normally entered by people utilizing a meager consumer through a net program.

The SaaS has ended up to be one of the regular conveyance feature of numerous organizational requisitions, incorporating bookkeeping, cooperation, client association administration, administration qualified data frameworks, undertaking asset arranging, invoicing, human asset administration, matter administration and utility work table administration.

One of the greatest pitching indicates for the aforementioned communities is the ability to reduce the IT back prices by out-contracting fittings and programming support in order to uphold to the supplier of SaaS. SaaS bargains in 2010 gotten to the ten billion dollar mark and furthermore are imagined to expand to over twelve billion dollars in the year 2011, which…… [Read More]


(2011) Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Taxonomy.

(2012) How SaaS Is Changing the Face of Enterprise IT Support

(2011) Software As A Service: Strategic Backgrounder Washington, D.C.: Software & Information Industry Association.

Anderson, T. (2011) Let the Cloud Developer Wars begin The Register.
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Programming Management Testing Code Basically Systems and

Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67797292

Programming Management



asically, systems and applications are being developed to facilitate the traditional manual process. It is essential, therefore, that they must conform in the designed functionalities and specifications to effectively serve their purpose. Code testing is a critical element to this procedure to ensure that systems function well and that they meet user-requirements.


Manual code testing involves evaluation and assessment of program codes through manual process, whether the functionalities match those listed in the detailed design. In this test process, a series of codes are designed, developed, and embedded within the actual software or system codes to test the program's vulnerability. Normally, iterations are done to extensively test and validate code units. Following are some components of a manual code test process that can be expected in this section of a procedural manual.

A test-code design input design execution design

Manual code test process can also…… [Read More]


Test Hardness Generator FAQ.

TCP Sistemas e Ingenieria. 20 Oct 2003.

Embedded Software Module Testing.

2002. Vector Software. 20 Oct 2003.
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Scheduling Software for a University's

Words: 11316 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 8038768

CELCAT, though, is just one of dozens of vendos competing in the class scheduling softwae industy as well as many open souces options that ae fee of chage, and the thousands of colleges and univesities that have undetaken the selection pocess have done so lagely without the benefit of a set of best pactices that can be used fo this pupose. As a esult, it is easonable to suggest that many of these educational institutions failed to ealize the full spectum of benefits that can accue to the effective use of class scheduling softwae applications based on an inappopiate selection o intenal factos that constained its implementation and use. Theefoe, it just makes good business sense to identify how these educational institutions can appoach the selection pocess and what factos need to be taken into account in identifying the most appopiate softwae choice.

Oveview of Study

This study used a…… [Read More]

references Window...

Reporting and Printing

1. Week - shows the timetable of the whole week (days x lessons) for the selected object type. For example, if Teacher is selected, all teachers' timetables are shown on one screen. The X axis will contain the teachers' names and the Y axis the days and the lessons.

2. Day - shows the timetable of one day for the selected object type. For example, if Group is selected, all groups' timetables are shown on one screen for the selected day. The X axis will contain the groups' names and the Y axis the lessons of the day (see graphic below).

3. Personal - shows a personal weekly timetable of the selected object. For example, if Room is selected, shows the timetable of the selected room for the whole week. The X axis contains the day names, and the Y axis the lessons.
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Open Source Software

Words: 1916 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55968968

The term "open source software" has been used to refer to computer software whose source code is available for public use, either exactly the way it is, or after certain alterations are made to it. Such software normally requires no license fee. OSS applications are available for various purposes like web design, communications, office automation, content management, and operating systems (Necas & Klapetek, 2012). One major difference between proprietary software and OSS is license. Just like copyright material, one will nearly always find that software is licensed. Software licenses reveal what use the software is intended for. OSSs are unique as they are always distributed under certified licenses for meeting open source criteria (Gaff & Ploussios, 2012), including the rights of unrestricted software redistribution, source code access, source code modification, and distribution of the software's modified version.

Review of literature

OSS originates from the following 3 operating systems' creation --…… [Read More]

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Linux and Open Source Software Pros and

Words: 600 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95683189

Linux and Open Source Software

Pros and Cons of Linux

"Open source secure operating systems are now available, which are compatible with existing software, and hence are attractive for organizations…" (Guttman, 2005). SE Linux offers well thought out security services. It is good for systems that host Web-facing services that must be exposed to potential attacks…" (rooks, 2004). SE Linux strengthens the operating system security through tighter privileges and allows for choice among OS vendors. It provides for mandatory access controls and types that determine which resources may be assessed and by whom.

Changing a system's behavior from granting broad permissions to require specific clearance is a complicated process. It requires expertise to configure and use properly and is vendor lacking in support. Writing policies is time consuming and is possible to write conflicting policies. From a user's desktop, this could be confusing during a set up or migration phase.…… [Read More]


Brooks, J. (2004). In operating systems we trust. Eweek, 21(36), 43-46.

Fantana, J. (2006). Change in Microsoft Vista Security System Promises Windows migration headaches. Network World, 23 (18), 9.

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Sturdevant, C. (2002). FIXES FOR CRACKS IN WINDOWS. Eweek, 19 1), 45.
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Business Plan Relating to the Sale of a New Financial Divorce Software

Words: 6850 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 96636947

Business Plan for a Financial Divorce Software

Business Plan Divorce Software

Business Plan relating to the Sales of a new Financial Divorce Software.

Business Plan relating to the Sales of a new Financial Divorce Software









Business Identification

Keys to Success

Company Summary

Industry History

Legal Form of Ownership

Location and Facilities

Management Structure

Products and Service

Market Analysis

Target Market

Industry Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Market Strategy

Ps of Marketing

Price List

Selling Strategy

Sales Forecast

Implementation Strategy

Overall Strategy


Control Plan

Financial Statements and Projections

evenue and Cost Estimate

Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement

Forecasted Balance Sheet

Financial Assumptions

Breakeven Point

Financial Position

Capital/Investment Needs



Executive Summary

Financial planning is involved in every aspect of life. Individuals and businesses have to formulate their daily, monthly, and yearly budgets in order to achieve a balance between their incomes and expenditures.…… [Read More]


Association of Divorce Financial Planners, (2012). Divorce Financial Planning. Retrieved on July 7th, 2012, from

Blythe, J. & Megicks, P. (2010). Marketing Planning: Strategy, Environment and Context, 3rd Edition. U.K: Prentice Hall

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Francis, P. (2010). Creating the Marketing Executive of the Future Using Key Deming Principles, Journal of Executive Education, 9 (1): 127-138
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Beta What Is Beta Software

Words: 619 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91697210

The advantage is being a 'first user' of a potentially new and advantageous system, and also of to provide critical feedback to the developers about how to improve the system. Users "should decide whether the benefit of new features in a beta program outweighs the risk of program instability before choosing to use a piece of beta software" ("hat is beta software?" 2007, University Information Technology Services). By using a beta design, a company has a chance to develop a relationship with a designer, "because one of the integral components of the beta phase is a sufficient level of interaction with the applications' potential client base, reputable applications developers go out of their way to collaborate with users -- a relationship that could prove mutually advantageous" ("Get the best benefits from using beta software," 2003, Tech Republic). If the company uses the final product: "A beta product is a tremendous…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Get the best benefits from using beta software." (23 Feb 2003). Tech Republic. Retrieved 31 Oct 2007 at 

What is beta software?" (2007). University Information Technology Services. Retrieved 31 Oct 2007 at
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Marketers Should Test Advertising or Not Ad-Pre-Testing

Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14574470

marketers should test advertising or not. Ad-pre-testing is a necessary, even vital part of the successful marketing campaign, because it allows marketing professionals to analyze and alter campaigns according to the public's reaction to the advertising, allowing marketers to avoid costly ad campaigns that do not get the results they thought they would.

Ad pre-testing provides a significant function for marketers, allowing them to assess and analyze the reaction to advertising before they commit to a large, costly campaign. The effectiveness of this procedure is illustrated by special software developed by advertising experts to help analyze and assess data from ad pre-testing. For example, OTX, a consumer research and consulting firm, has developed specific software called AdCEP (TM), which "achieves a balanced view of ad effectiveness by measuring multiple key criteria that line up with campaign objectives" (Harbeck 2009). This illustrates just how significant ad pre-testing is for successful advertising,…… [Read More]


Fuyan, Shen, 2002. Banner advertisement pricing, measurement, and pretesting practices: perspectives from interactive agencies. Journal of Advertising. pp. 1-12.

Harbeck, T., 2009. OTX is telling richer, deeper stories by integrating qualitative and quantitative techniques into ad pretesting. [Online] Available at: Products [Accessed 18 July 2009].

Tyagi, C.L. And Kumar, Arun, 2007.Advertising management. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers.
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Open Source Software Open-Source Software

Words: 1930 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5296845

It is therefore a reiterative process for the benefit of the public. This is then also the basis of the claim that software evolution is faster via OSS because of its multiple participants in the processes of writing, testing, or debugging. According to Raymond [42], the participation of more people will result in the identification and elimination of more bugs, which in turn will likely result in faster software improvement. Along with this, a further claim is that the resulting rapid evolution of software via the OSS model also results in better software. The cited reason for this is that the traditional closed model is seen by "only a very few programmers" [38], while most users are obliged to use the software "blindly." When taking the above into account, OSS development can be said to be a process of perpetual maintenance. It is a series of maintenance efforts by multiple…… [Read More]

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Era of High-Stakes Testing in

Words: 4178 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45810046

Only 32.6% of lack households own a computer, compared to 65.6% among Asian-Americans, 55.7% among Whites, and 33.7% among Hispanics. Similarly, only 23.5% of lack households have Internet access compared to 56.8% among Asian-Americans, 46.1% among Whites, and 23.6% among Hispanics" (p. 31). This so-called "digital divide" gap, though, between the "information haves" and the "information have-nots" continues to shrink and more and more young people are using these technologies in and out of the classroom (Subramony, 2007). As a result, high school teachers today must not only understand how these technologies work, they must be able to help guide their students in their effective use for educational pursuits. In this regard, Labbo notes that, "The push forward of new digital literacies involves the critical need for educators to better understand how to help students learn how to use new computer technology tools and digital genres" (p. 200).

Consequently, to…… [Read More]


Albirini, A. (2006). Cultural perceptions: the missing element in the implementation of ICT in developing countries. International Journal of Education and Development using

Information and Communication Technology, 2(1), 49-50.

Author is a Syrian educator who provides a comprehensive literature review concerning the cultural issues that must be taken into account when implementing and administering an ICT initiative at the high school level. Author emphasizes the role of the high school teacher as being instrumental in successful ICT initiatives. Author also provides the results of a quantitative and qualitative survey of high school English as a foreign language teachers to identify constraints they have experienced in their ICT initiatives and recommends way to overcome these obstacles. The cross-cultural issues identified in this study will contribute to the goals of the proposed study by ensuring ICT initiatives are culturally appropriate for teachers in different high school settings.

Ng, W. (2008). Self-directed learning with Web-based sites: How well do students' perceptions and thinking match with their teachers? Teaching Science, 54(2), 24-25.
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Cmm Applications of Software Modeling

Words: 867 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25607271

" (Kotch, 2004) A project management Level 1 would have no clear leader of the project, no clear project objectives, and no clear timetable, or one that "consists mostly of ordering more pizza after midnight," chaotically working overtime without a clear schedule to the detriment of the project and worker morale and sanity. (Kotch, 2004) The level would be characterized by a lack of quality controls and clear managerial standards and objectives, with little supervision and employee 'check ins' in the form of meetings.

Level 2: Defined but inappropriately so Project management at this level would set goals, and have a set schedule, but the goal objectives often create chaos because they were inflexible or unobtainable in the entirety. There may be a clear leader, but there is no clear chain of command beneath the leader. Critically, there is an absence of standard operating procedures for management and ways of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bemberger, J. (June 1997) Essence of the Capability Maturity Model. IEEE Computer, p. 112-114.

CMM official Website. (2005) Official website of CMM. Retrieved 15 Jan 2005 at 

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People CMM. (2005) University of Massachusetts website: Process Frameworks. Retrieved 15 Jan 2005 at
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Auditing Intrusion Prevention Detection and Penetration Testing

Words: 3042 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29987577

Auditing, Monitoring, Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Penetration Testing

The network vulnerability is a major security weakness that allows an attacker reducing computer information assurance. Vulnerability intersects three elements: a system flaw, the attacker is having access to the flaw, and ability to exploit the flaw. Thus, a security risk is classified as a vulnerability that is tied to a great significant loss. The vulnerability can erode data confidential, system integrity and availability of data.

The objective of this study is to carry out analysis of two research articles that discusses the network vulnerabilities in the IT environment. (Jackson, et al.2008, Sommer, et al. 2003). Both articles believe that attackers exploit the network vulnerabilities to inflict damages in the information systems. Moreover, the two articles agree that the traditional securities such as network IDS (intrusion detection system) (Sommer, et al. 2003) and DNS pinning (Jackson, et al.2008) are no more effective…… [Read More]


Debar, H. & Morin, B.(2002). Evaluation of the Diagnostic Capabilities of Commercial Intrusion Detection Systems. RAID'02 Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Recent advances in intrusion detection:177-198.

Jackson, C., Barth, A., Bortz, A., Shao, W., and Boneh, D. (2008). Protecting browsers from DNS rebinding Attacks. ACM Trans. ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB). 3(1).

Karlof, C. Shankar, U. Tygar, J.D. et al. (2007). Dynamic pharming attacks and the locked same-origin policies for web browsers. Proceedings of the 14th ACM conference on Computer and communications security: 58-71.

Lam, V.T, Antonatos, S. Akritidis, P. et al. (2007). Puppetnets: Misusing web browsers as a distributed attack infrastructure. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security 12(2).
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Programming Software Development Is a

Words: 891 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7867405

The Extreme Programming process divides software development into about 12 iterations of one to three weeks each. Iteration plans are useful in measuring progress, and keeping planning simple (Wells).

The next step in the Extreme Programming process is acceptance tests. These are created from user stories used in iteration planning, and are automated. Quality assurance is a part of this process.

After the required series of iteration and acceptance tests, the next step in Extreme Programming is small releases. This experimental stage is designed to get feedback in time to impact the development of the project (Beck and Andres, 2004).

Extreme Programming can also be incorporated into existing projects, although the process differs somewhat from that in a new project. Wells notes, "Usually projects come looking for a new methodology like XP only after the project is in trouble." In this case, the process of Extreme Programming can begin with…… [Read More]


Auer, Ken and Miller, Roy. 2001. Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win. Addison- Wesley Professional.

Beck, Kent and Andres, Cynthia. 2004. Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (2nd Edition). Addison-Wesley Professional.

Wells, Don. Extreme Programming: A gentle introduction. Accessed March 15, 2005.
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Speech Quality Testing

Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6696744

Technology Speech Science

Speech Quality Tests: An Analysis and eview of the Literature

The speech measurement technology to be evaluated in this research is a speech quality test. According to the research, a speech quality test is "a routine procedure for examining one or more empirically restrictive quality features of perceived speech with the aim of making a quantitative statement on those features" (). Essentially, people are constantly using undirected speech in ordinary conversations in order to exchange information through spoken sentences. Yet, when speech becomes directed by some third party or director, the speaker's speech may end up being modified by these directions. Here, the research suggests that "by using specific directives, the experimenter can, in directed communications, adjust the influence of each quality feature" (). A speech quality test can ascertain how biased perception may end up being in the case of directed speech. There are four primary…… [Read More]


Springer Science Media. (2011). Speech Quality Measurement Methods. Web.,d.cGU 

Stan, A., Yamagishi, J., King, S., & Aylett, M. (2011). The Romanian speech synthesis (RSS) corpus: Building a high quality HMM-based speech synthesis system using a high sampling rate. Speech Communication, 53(3), 442-450.

Valentini-Botinhao, C., Yamagishi, J., & King, S. (2011, May). Evaluation of objective measures for intelligibility prediction of HMM-based synthetic speech in noise. In Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2011 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 5112-5115). IEEE.
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Vw and the Emissions Testing Scandal

Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26186613

Car companies have made many promises over the years. From reduced emissions, to steady driving, to conserving fuel, car companies try to please the public with sometimes-ludicrous claims. Volkswagen is one of those companies, promising their customers cars the produce less emissions. They did deliver said promise. However, that was only in test mode. In fact, their cars produced more than expected outside of test mode.

Volkswagen has not been all too transparent with their emission tests. In fact, the company has actually cheated by giving the appearance that their cars create less pollution than they really do. The EPA discovered the true figures in recent years and revealed it to the public. "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency discovered that 482,000 VW diesel cars on American roads were emitting up to 40 times more toxic fumes than permitted - and VW has since admitted the cheat affects 11m cars worldwide"…… [Read More]


Topham, G., Clarke, S., Levett, C., Scruton, P., & Fidler, M. (2015). The Volkswagen emissions scandal explained. the Guardian. Retrieved 25 October 2015, from
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Applying Deming's Pdca Cycle to

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Making each segment of the PDCA cycle configurable as part of a Software Testing as a Service, virtual teams would also have much greater autonomy in meeting reporting requirements and individual programmers could set specific quality management goals for their code. The benchmarking aspects of the PDCA cycle applied to individual code segments, and measured using Six Sigma-based methodologies would reduce design and verification cycles by nearly half or more (Ivanovic, Majstorovic, 2006).


Integrating the PDCA cycle into a Software Testing as a Service platform would significantly increase the accountability, auditability and speed of recovery from low QA software levels at the organizational, project and individual level. esults can further be accelerated by the integration of the PDCA cycles into the Software Testing as a Service platforms that while nascent today, show significant potential to streamline software QA (Yang, Onita, Zhang, Dhaliwal, 2010). Each phase of the PDCA cycle…… [Read More]


Milan D. Ivanovic, & Vidosav D. Majstorovic. (2006). Model developed for the assessment of quality management level in manufacturing system. The TQM Magazine, 18(4), 410-423.

Jones, E., Parast, M., & Adams, S.. (2010). A Framework for effective Six Sigma implementation. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 21(4), 415.

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William D. Pittman, & Gregory R. Russell. (1998). The deming cycle extended to software development. Production and Inventory Management Journal, 39(3), 32-37.
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Revolution That Started When Information

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As the business changes, developers can more easily map business process changes to applications and then implement the appropriate it changes.

SOA facilitates business connections. With business processes packaged as modular, accessible business services, enterprises can connect them where and when they are needed to optimize processes across customers, partners, suppliers, and their own internal applications

SOA enhances business control. Because services model business processes, the flow of data and transactions through service-oriented applications is valuable business data. SOA infrastructure actively manages service flows and can provide flexible and dynamic access to this data, which enterprises can use to analyze and optimize business results and process costs.

As flexible, service-based applications make business change easier and faster, business people will take advantage of their new found agility to drive competitive advantage through a faster cycle of introducing new capabilities and optimizing core processes. To guide this faster optimization cycle and…… [Read More]

ESB and EAI buyers do more SOA -- as do testing-tool buyers. Buyers of software tools and infrastructure for enterprise software buses (ESBs), enterprise application integration (EAI), and software testing have notably higher end of 2006 adoption of SOA at 72%, 73%, and 73%, respectively, as compared with 53% of all survey respondents from LWC Research and AMR Research surveys. Higher adoption among ESB and EAI buyers makes perfect sense -- many use such products within their SOA platform -- but researchers often hears of SOA adopters wrestling with testing issues, too. As with other factors above, effective use of testing tools requires a greater level of organizational discipline. Among other types of software infrastructure, the next highest end of 2006 SOA adoption correlations, ranging from 63% to 66%, are with buyers of portal servers, content management, business process management, and application design and development tools.

Recommendations for best Practices

From extensive research on enterprises doing SOA, it has been concluded that there are many, many different ways that firms evolve their way into SOA. In most cases, initial SOA implementations are small-scale and low cost -- and achieve only a small part of the full range of flexibility that the full market hype of SOA promises. But that small part is enough, as the above data shows, to prompt nearly 70% of SOA users to expand their SOA deployments. It is this type of market experience -- and its dramatic difference over the days of OO and CBD -- that makes SOA safe, prudent, and a high priority for enterprise adoption. If organizations are not already using SOA they need to move forthrightly toward adoption, start small, and evolve their SOA strategies from there.
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Project Management Planning and Risk

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RAMBOTICS Corporation

"New Generation Robot Project"

Projected Baseline Costs

EV Analysis

EV Calculations

EV Cost Parameters

Monthly Data of EV/PV/AC

RAMBOTICS Corporation is working on an exciting new project that is referred to as the "New Generation Robot Project." The project charter has scheduled the project kickoff to be on the 1st of January, 2016. However, this analysis represents an overview of the project's status report after the project has been managed for roughly eight months after fast-forwarding to August 2016.

The project has activities that fall within one of nine different categories (illustrated below). The project works its way through the robot's electronics, components, and software before attempting to design the robots body and finalizing an overall design.


Job Description


Staff (#)

A Electrical Design



Assemble Boards



Test Boards



Software Design







Software Testing


2…… [Read More]

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System Design Oahu Base Area Network

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System Design: Oahu Base Area Network

The aim of this paper is to examine and discuss the Navy's decision to build the largest local area network (LAN) connecting the U.S. Pacific Fleet using information-gathering techniques and design methods. The system has the capacity to connect sailors and marines within the 102-million square miles of the Pacific Fleet's command coverage. Moreover it will provide the indispensable access for supplying and training the U.S. Navy. The Oahu Base Area Network (OBAN) will be the largest LAN in the world when all the phases are complete. It was started way back in 1998. It is the supporting network for the six naval commands in the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii area. Phase one has been completed. Other phases have begun in San Diego, the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Far East, following the original business model (Kaylor, 2000). The uniqueness of this system is in…… [Read More]

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Project Management Can Project Quality

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(Davis, 2004) It is also crucial that project management have specifications that can be tested to meet definable standards of quality or the project will be a likely source of conflict. Ultimately, achieving a specific goal of quality, within a specific time limit and according to a certain standard is the point of the process of project development, not simply to meet a time goal, nor to meet a budget, nor to execute a design perfectly. (LASER, 2004) The ideal of quality is that all such goals must be commensurate.

All elements must come together at the same time to meet a specific organizational goal during the project lifecycle. It is easy to be blind to one element when one is fixated on design or budge. The aim of a theory of quality that encompasses design, cost, and specific goals on a timetable is to merge these ideas into one,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Davis, Rob. (2004) "Five Common Problems that occur during software development." Software Testing Engineer. Retrieved 13 Jan 2004 at

LASER. (2004) "Process Programming and workflow." U-Mass Amherst Website. Retrieved 13 Jan 2005 at
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Managing and Motivating Technical Professionals

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Giving them the opportunity to participate in the product launch decisions from a marketing standpoint also highlighted an embarrassing point for marketing, and that was engineering often understood the competition and its true functionality better than anyone in marketing. The reason is that the engineers had taken great pride in working on their product features they were responsible for to make them the best in the industry, and it was clear some had taken great pains to make a statement in their work. Creating shared ownership of product outcomes strengthens morale of technical professionals and infuses an entire development team with more accountability (Voss, 1993) and willingness to internalize a strong commitment to the success of the product (Kochanski, Ledford, 2001).

The risk of recommending this strategy would be that the more dominant engineers would overrule marketing and turn the entire marketing strategy into more of a features discussion than…… [Read More]


David Baccarini, Geoff Salm, & Peter ED Love. (2004). Management of risks in information technology projects. Industrial Management + Data Systems, 104(3/4), 286-295.

Jain, S.. (2008). DECISION SCIENCES: A Story of Excellence at Hewlett-Packard. OR-MS Today, 35(2), 20

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Li, Y., & Zhu, K.. (2009). Information acquisition in new product introduction. European Journal of Operational Research, 198(2), 618.
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Business Programs in Canada

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Business intelligence degrees are not entirely available in Canadian colleges as ‘Business Intelligence’. For example, a private university like University of British Columbia has the Business and Computer Science Bachelor’s degree. It combines a typical business degree with background and experience in computer science. “The Business and Computer Science combined major will give you the technical background and understanding to apply IT solutions in a business context and use them to develop opportunities for growth” (UBC, 2018). Each semester, students take a combination of commerce and computer science-related courses. The official degree name is Bachelor of Commerce and takes on average, 4 years to complete.
This kind of BI program is located mainly in the computer science department with year 1 courses consisting of computation, programs, and programing, models of computation, and integral calculus. Although commerce essentials are part of the program as well, like managerial accounting, course offering consisting…… [Read More]

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Business Plan Version Page Business

Words: 5342 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 43855328

The market size for AAA Software based on PC usage can be estimated by the total number of new PC sales and the level of antivirus usage on them. The total PC usage during the corresponding year is shown in the figure.


C3: Competitive Analysis- Describe your company's current competition.


egistered/Head Office

Czech epublic

United States

United States

Slovak epublic

United States

Number of Users

More than 150mn users





Product Variants

Home Users - Antivirus (Free, Pro and Internet Security), Products available for Mobile and Mac, Business Users -- Small or Home Office, Enterprise and Server needs

Home Users - AVG Antivirus Free, Antivirus, Internet Security, PC Tuneup, Secure Search, Business Users -- Antivirus, Internet Security, Email Server, File Server, Linux Server, escue CD, emote Administration, Mobile Users -- Antivirus Free/Pro

Home Users, Business Users -- Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (only…… [Read More]


Blokdijk, G. (2008). Change Management 100 Success Secrets: The Complete Guide to Process, Tools, Software and Training in Organizational Change Management.

Cameron, E., & Green, M. (2012). Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change (3 ed.). Kogan Page Publishers.

Chambers, R. (Ed.). (2007). How to Succeed as a Leader (Illustrated ed.). Radcliffe Publishing.

Doe, J.P. (2011, 10-10). Retrieved from Student Template in APA for Business Plan: .
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Project Management Life Cycle

Words: 1734 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16114679

software deployment life cycle after discussing the first of the phases of this important life cycle. Phase IV is seen as a crucial phase wherein is dealt with the actual performance of the newly installed software. Phase V concludes the life cycle and provides impetus for any new deployment plan in future.

The Last Two Phases of the Software Deployment Life Cycle

Software deployment is a complex endeavor, most fittingly used as early as possible in the organizational cycle. All software deployment life cycles must consider three basic tasks: preparing for release of the software, releasing the software application to operations and support, and releasing the software application to the organization's user community. These are the end goals of this endeavor. On a phase-by-phase basis as well, the software deployment life cycle is multifaceted, taking into account many details without which the work of software deployment is incomplete.

The first…… [Read More]


Ambler, S. (1999. November). Effective Software Deployment. SD Magazine. Internet. .[Available on August 28, 2003].
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Individuals Interviewed for This Study

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 26847757

F.A: Yes, if you work with any software especially developing websites you will face many problems, but you should be patient to solve them (1).

I.A: Definitely, my career has always centered on developing various applications and programs to our clients. As a Project Team Leader, I am always involved from start to finish with the software projects I am assigned to lead (3).

H.A: Yes I have, I worked with drilling operational risk assignment, and it was generic software program (1).

H.Z: Yes, I have from beginning to the end (2).

K.A: Majority of my work involves ensuring that designs and plans are properly executed during all phases of software projects; thus, I am always involved in all stages of the SDLC (3).

M.A: I have always been involved with software projects from beginning all the way to the end-of-life of the applications my company developed. However, my part…… [Read More]

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Business Systems Implementation

Words: 601 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14687866

coding, testing, and installation?

The deliverables from coding are that the "physical design specifications" of a particular system have been converted to code; the deliverables from testing include passing various industry-validated, accepted tests and finally for installation the ultimate deliverable is when "the current system is replaced with the new system" successfully (Gadish 7).

Explain the testing process for code.

The testing specifications are established during the design and analysis phase. The "master plan" of testing is constructed and the actual testing itself is conducted during the implementation phase (Gadish 9). Testing can be either static (the code is not actually executed) or dynamic (the code is executed). Some testing is automated and performed by the computer while other tests are manual and are performed by the system designers in a hands-on fashion (Gadish 10). In these manual tests, users may inspect code for likely, predictable errors (static testing) or…… [Read More]


Copley, D. (n.d.). Documenting the new system. IGCEICT. Retrieved: 

Gadish, D. (n.d). Chapter 15: Systems implementation. Modern systems analysis and design.

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Computer Used by the Employee Has Either

Words: 1061 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44847212

computer used by the employee has either been compromised physically with a password cracking software (EC-Council,2010;Beaver & McClure,2010) or it has bee compromised remotely with the help of a keylogging software.A keylogger is noted by APWG (2006) as a special crimeware code that is designed with the sole intention of collecting information from the end-user terminal. The stolen information includes every strike of the keyboard which it captures.The most sensitive of the captured information are the user's credentials. Keylogger may also be used to refer to the hardware used for this purpose. The employee's password could also have been shoulder-surfed by his immediate neighbor at the workplace. This could be his coworker who manages to peek and see over his shoulder as he types in sensitive authentication information (password)

Strategy to address the issue as well as the necessary steps for resolving the issue

The strategy for addressing this threat…… [Read More]


Anti-Phising Working Group (2006). Phishing Activity Trends Report

Bem, D and Huebner, E (2007).Computer Forensic Analysis in a Virtual Environment. International Journal of Digital Evidence .Fall 2007, Volume 6 (2)
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Virtualization Technologies Virtualization Refers to

Words: 2722 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 80475477

A virtualized environment also meets the requirement of offsite backup storage and geographical compliance requirements.

Virtualization is also important to an organization with a mobile workforce because it enhances data concentration hence posing less risk of data loss compared to having the data dispersed on removable media, portable computers or embedded devices while out in the field. If the organizations security staff carefully constructs applications that restrict access and services to only the tasks and data that an employee requires to accomplish a given activity, then data exposure will be limited in the event that a device has been compromised.

On the other hand, a virtualized environment possess disadvantages to the business environment that may see to it that the organizations treasured business secrets are compromised and operations may come to a standstill.

Virtualization technologies may bring about system complexities to an organization's computer facilities compared to the traditional non-virtualized…… [Read More]


Baschab, J., & Piot, J. (2007). The executive's guide to information technology. Hoboken, NJ: J. Wiley & Sons.

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James, M. (2008). Virtualization: 100 success secrets: 100 most asked questions on server and desktop virtualization, Thinapp software, Windows and Vista applications.
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Web Content Monetization System Design

Words: 964 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 31152811

C. Product Improvement and New Products

As the Web Content Monetization System has yet to be launched there are no significant product improvements committed to prospects or customers yet. It is common during this phase of a new systems' development to have a series of 2nd and 3rd generation product enhancements which will be added over the systems' life. It is highly advisable that a Customer Advisory Council be created that seeks to gain insights and intelligence from the top twenty content providers globally to ensure the subsequent system configurations and plans are consistent with their specific needs.

D. Costs

The initial design and development budget are shown in Table 1. This includes the costs of the development of the Web content management application, distributed order management system, AJAX security testing and audits to ensure the payment gateways are secure, multi-taxonomy support for content providers' unique approaches to organizing their…… [Read More]


John Clyman. (2005, December). Better Web-App Interfaces with AJAX; A new approach to building Web applications promises a richer experience for users. PC Magazine, 24(23), 76. Link:,2817,1892662,00.asp 

Gutierrez, C., Rosado, D., & Fernandez-Medina, E.. (2009). The practical application of a process for eliciting and designing security in web service systems. Information and Software Technology, 51(12), 1712.

McBeath, D.. (2007). The publishing [R]evolution. Journal of Digital Asset Management, 3(5), 231-238.

Mitakos, T., & Almaliotis, I.. (2009). A Modular Logic Approach for Expressing Web Services in XML Applying Dynamic Rules in XML. Informatica Economica, 13(4), 129-136.
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Swt System Wide Test Efficiency

Words: 543 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48763725

The project will be initialized by system analysts who explore the implication of their current system and the constraints provided by the new MP solution. Project managers monitor the communication between the executive committee specifications and system analysts, while the it support division provides ongoing support, maintenance and training for the system. There are several constraints for this project, primarily, the MP solution must be developed in parallel in the current system so that no downtime is experienced during implementation. Which means that a flawless transition between systems must take place, taxing all agents involved. Implementation time will be significant because the longer the implementation period, more costs will accrue for double usage of the ongoing MP solution. However, careful implementation and training will allow for a smoother transition between systems, which will be crucial for operations. The training procedure will be two steps, first the it support staff then…… [Read More]

Resources software system analyst

System Software

MRP interface

GUI hardware

IT support
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Environmental Systems in the Past

Words: 12463 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 751326

Although the research tools provided by the ISO 14001 framework are both qualitative and quantitative, this approach is consistent with the guidance provided by Neuman (2003) who points out that, "Both qualitative and quantitative research use several specific research techniques (e.g., survey, interview, and historical analysis), yet there is much overlap between the type of data and the style of research. Most qualitative-style researchers examine qualitative data and vice versa" (p. 16). Indeed, researchers have used qualitative and quantitative surveys to assess consumer reactions to proposed environmental initiatives at the local level (Neuman, 2003).

In fact, quantitative and qualitative research methods are characterized by a number of similarities that lend themselves to environmental systems analyses and development (as well as some differences) (Neuman, 2003). The distinct differences in the qualitative and quantitative research suggest that the use of quantitative data for environmental system development is highly appropriate, but that such…… [Read More]


Bonlac Foods. (2012). Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from

McComb, S. (2010). Green building & green business informatics tool. Elusor. Retrieved from

Recardo, R. & Jolly, J. (1999). Organizational culture and teams. SAM Advanced Management

Journal, 62(2), 4-5.
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Open Source Social Science

Words: 3536 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 873402

Open source software has recently emerged as the frontrunner for many industries as the primary method of code production, as it is widely predicted to provide more options for its users in a quicker, quality improved, and cost effective format than the more traditional proprietary software. Linux, the dominant player in the market, is a considerable threat to the Microsoft operating system, which has successfully established itself in the global market. eyond its commercial potential, open source software possesses a potential goldmine in the government sector. However, questions regarding security and privacy continue to plague government officials in their pursuits of this option. The following discussion will provide an overview of open source software as well as proprietary software and their primary components, an evaluation of government options in relation to the products available on the market, and the social construction of open source software vs. The technological determinism of…… [Read More]


Allison, J. "Which is more secure? Open source vs. proprietary."

Interactive Week 8.28 (2001): 23.

Brockmeier, J. "Microsoft makes a good argument for open source."

April 2003:
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Dotcom com Management and Communication Problem Resolution Discuss

Words: 1057 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 24003383 Management and Communication Problem Resolution

Discuss how you would begin redesigning's project management processes to minimize the problems it is experiencing with poor scope management.

To minimize's problems in connection with poor scope management, I would begin redesigning the project management process by first explaining a few fundamental issues to my team that are much broader than just project management. I would explain to my team that the very nature of our relationship with our clients is that we are technologically savvy and experienced and they are usually clueless in comparison. Therefore, we can never rely on a reactive approach in which we assume that clients know what they want or that what they may think they want is actually what they need. This fundamental conceptual understanding of who should be taking the lead in the relationship with clients is essential and much more important than the…… [Read More]

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Small & Medium Enterprises SME Can Gain

Words: 2622 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 32838390

Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

Can Gain the Strategic Benefits of EP

Agility, time-to-market and insights into market dynamics are a few of the many benefits of standardizing the operations of an organization on an Enterprise esource Planning (EP) system. Up until about a decade ago, the economics of enterprise software relegated these systems to larger, more diverse and well-capitalized enterprises, with the majority of EP systems being installed and customized in Fortune 1,000 corporations (Velcu, 2010). These EP implementations began to be pervasively supported by Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) during the later 1990s and continue throughout today. As SOA architectures have permeated organizations, the lessons learned from a business process re-engineering (BP), distributed order management and software engineering gains have contributed to the success of Cloud computing in general and Software-as-a-Service specifically (Moore, 2002). In addition, Open Source Software (OSS), Cloud- and SaaS-based EP systems (Passion for esearch, 2012b)…… [Read More]


Darrow, B. & Lingblom, M. 2002, "SAP unveils ERP offerings for SMBs," CRN,, no. 999, pp. 12-12.

Used for determining how SAP is addressing the SME market through their product strategy and their approach to optimizing OPEX-based expenses by SMEs.

Henschen, D. 2010, "SAP SaaS Strategy Needs To Deliver," InformationWeek,, no. 1268, pp. 27-27.

An excellent article showing how SAP's business model is going through major shifts due to the change form CAPEX to OPEX.
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Business Systems Service Request

Words: 1578 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 5298340

Service equest S-M-

Service equest

Designing and Implementation of new H System at iordan Manufacturing

Before starting to design and implement the new H system at its organizational setup, iordan Manufacturing will have to keep in view certain factors which can impact the successful completion of these important steps (osenblatt, 2013). First of all, it must decide on the steps which it must undergo during the whole designing and implementation process. It will help in managing and prioritizing different tasks of the process and allocating organizational resources in an effective and efficient way (Beatty & Williams, 2006). In general, the designing and implementation of a new H system undergoes six major steps, including: coding, testing, installation, documentation, training, and support. These steps are now discussed in the following sections in detail:

Step 1: Coding

Coding is the initial step in design phase of system implementation. It includes writing different codes…… [Read More]


Beatty, R.C. & Williams, C.D. (2006). "ERP II: Best Practices for Successfully Implementing an ERP Upgrade," Communications of the ACM, 49 (3): 105-109.

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Gunasekaran, A. (2008). Techniques and Tools for the Design and Implementation of Enterprise Information, 1st Edition. Advances in enterprise information systems (AEIS) series, Vol. 2. Hershey: IGI Pub.
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Help Desks Best Practices in Creating an

Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66996200

Help Desks

Best Practices in Creating an Effective IT Help Desk:

Lessons Learned From the Enterprise Software Industry

The more complex the software, product or service, the more critical a role initial customer service and support teams play in ensuring customers' expectations are met and their experiences are positive. In the enterprise software industry this especially holds true, as companies will often invest tens of millions of dollars in new enterprise software to track progress of their goals, orchestrate new product development and efficiently run manufacturing. This is admittedly one of the most stressing areas of IT help desk operations as the users of these systems are often under extreme time pressure to get work done involving these complex enterprise IT systems and applications (McCormack, 2006). There are techniques for ensuring a very high level of customer satisfaction however, and three of these best practices are described in this analysis.…… [Read More]


Chang, K.H., Raman, P., Carlisle, W.H., & Cross, J.H. (1996). A self-improving helpdesk service system using case-based reasoning techniques. Computers in Industry, 30(2), 113-113.

Heller, M. (2004). Six smart strategies for handling the help desk; members of the best practice exchange offer ways to make the most of your understaffed help desk. CIO, 17(11), 1-38.

Knutson, B.J. (1988). Ten laws of customer satisfaction. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 29(3), 14-14.

McCormack, A. (2006, May 10). Why IT needs better bedside manners; McCormack says improving their interpersonal skills will help technologists play a bigger role. Financial Times, pp. 2-2.
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Replace a Legacy AIS Application Case Study

Words: 1170 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 58737276

Legacy AIS

Replacing a Legacy AIS System

As technology continues to progress many of the legacy Accounting Information Systems (AIS) are continually being replaced with models that have increased functionality. The new systems have enhanced financial management and decision making capabilities as well as the capabilities to integrate with other information systems. The degree of value that a newer generation AIS system can add is largely depends on whether the implementation project is successful. The project implementation will as depend largely on whether the system is custom, outsourced or boxed and the design of the system to be introduced to the organization. This analysis will provide an overview of the benefits and disadvantages related to different types of system design. Based on the findings, a recommendation will be made and an overview of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) will be provided for consideration.

Value of New AIS Systems

There are…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bahi, B., & Goyal, S. (2005). Offshore outsourcing of information technology enabled supply chain functions: a transaction cost analysis. Logistics Systems and Management, 366-381.

Dhar, S., & Balakrishnan, B. (2006). Risks, Benefits, and Challenges in Global IT Outsourcing: Perspectives and Practices. Journal of Global Information Management, 39-71.

Kabir, N. (2010). Doing Business Online. Retrieved August 2, 2012, from 

Oracle. (2011, September). Roadmaps to Oracle Fusion Applications for Current Oracle Applications Customers. Retrieved from Oracle Fusion Applications:
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Career Path of Communication Major

Words: 2775 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61270442

The salary ranges from $80,000 to $110,000 (Kalbach 45).


Rank advancement relates to the level of experience of the employee and the amount of years of services within the context of the business entity. For individuals or experts to command rank advancement within this field, they must develop large pool of experience and qualification to be able to serve in the higher ranks. The employee must also serve within the company for certain duration in order to merit promotion. This type of rank advancement or promotion depends on the performance and personal or character traits (honesty, loyalty, and obedience) of the employee. The company must be convinced on the performance levels of the user experience designer to guarantee or facilitate promotion to higher ranks with better remuneration or wages.

Companies that hire User Experience Designers

Some of companies hiring user experience designers include San Diego, Asana, Red Giant, Nerdery,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Mader-Clark, M. The job description handbook. Berkeley, CA: Nolo. 2008. Print.

United States., & United States. Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2009. New York: Skyhorse

Publishing.2009. Print.

Chandrasekharan, V.C. Network marketing: Is it for you?. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers. 2008.
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Riordam Implementation at Riordan Adopting New and

Words: 697 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68058779


Implementation at Riordan

Adopting new and more efficient technologies is vital in any modern organization. Riordan Manufacturing Company is a multi-billion dollar plastics manufacturer, which makes good use of top-of-the-line technological equipment for its home base in San Juan. However, the multi-billion dollar company has yet to implement a solid technological foundation for its various other locations. Each location has finance and accounting departments; however, communication is minimal between the locations because of a lack of proper software installments and requirements. It takes a significant amount of time to reconcile the data between these various systems and the company could be much more efficient in regards to administration if they work towards standardization.

Business Objectives

Riordan would certainly benefit from a platform upgrade in various locations. Running different systems creates a vast amount of inefficiency due to the fact that there is often many unneeded steps such as double…… [Read More]

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Wiki and How Can it Be Useful

Words: 1049 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6661926

wiki and how can it be useful for an organization?

A wiki is a website where users can add to, modify, or delete the contents of that page via web-browser using a richtext editor or a simple markup language. (Mitchell, cott (July, 2008) ). Most wikis are created collaboratively. They are powered by wiki software.

Wikis are useful for organizations since they serve many purposes from knowledge management to note-taking. They can be community websites and intranets.

Wikis can actually be useful for organizations in numerous ways. Here are various different ways in which they can help an organization:

Wikis can help the organization with their to-do list using programs such as GTD Tiddlywiki, dcubed, or MonkeyGTD. imilarly, Wikis, being easily modifiable, help the organizations plan and complete their project from beginning to end by adding notes, making a time-line, pasting in graphics, and so forth

The company's operation manual…… [Read More]

Sources The Business Wiki 

Gigaom. 15 Productive Uses for a Wiki
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Critical Updates for IT Systems

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Compliance Patch Level

The author of this report has been tasked with discussing the overall subject of patch compliance level. Indeed, the pros and cons of using the patch compliance level framework will be assessed. There will also be an assessment of several critical things such as the patch compliance level of a given patch, what level of patch compliance is safe and what needs to be considered when evaluating the current patch compliance level. Patching is very much a security-related matter and helps both system and network administrators to keep their systems completely up-to-date and as safe as possible from vulnerabilities and hacking attacks. Not applying and installing needed patches to software such as operating systems, firmware, device drivers, databases and so forth can leave an enterprise information technology environment susceptible to attack. While the deployment of patches should be planned and deployed carefully, it is very important to…… [Read More]


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Executive Proposal for the Purchase of Hackershield

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Executive Leadership Team, Advanced esearch

Hackershield Security Testing Software

Today, security has become an integral part of information technology networks and Advanced esearch is in need of an improved approach to its security precautions. The purpose of this executive proposal is to provide the company's executive leadership team with a description concerning the benefit of testing and identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers through the use of Hackershield Security Testing Software, including a description of the application, its purpose and associated benefits in support of its purchase and implementation. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings concerning the benefits of Hackershield Security Testing Software together with recommendations for its purchase by Advanced esearch are provided in the executive proposal's conclusion.

eview and Analysis

Description of Hackershield Security Testing Software

This application uses a proactive approach to information technology (IT) security by actively scanning, testing and identifying…… [Read More]


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Company Stellar Systems Consulting Is

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This stage is also a synthesis of various other stages. In the last, the system is described as a collection of modules or subsystems. In this stage, modular and subsystems programming code will take effect, and then the individual modules will be tested before they are integrated in the next level.

The code is tested and retested at various levels; system, unit, and user acceptance testing are often performed depending on the consultant's judgment and this is something that is repeatedly discussed with organization and stakeholders. The amount of testing, therefore, depends on the particular organization. The consultant has to know when to cease analysis.

The final stage -- instillation, implementation or deployment is when the software is put into production and actually used by the organization.

Maintenance will take place on a regular level. This is particularly so since changes of personnel in the organization (new ones entering, certain…… [Read More]


MKS Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) / System Development -- Systems Engineering and Software Development Life Cycle Framework
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How to Prepare and Test a Continuity of Operations Plan

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Contingency Planning

Information Security contingency plans are very important for firms operating in today's world, where cyber security is a top issue a result of business's technological and digital dependence. This paper will discuss the planning steps, possible recovery options, and recommended testing requirements needed to support a successful business contingency/continuity of operations environment. Included will be recommendations for a proposed 24-month cycle business contingency testing plan, what should be tested and how the test should be conducted. Critical corporate assets will be ranked with the type of testing (i.e. plan reviews, tabletop exercises and backup recovery tests). Costs associated with the recommended testing process will also be taken into consideration, including personnel, equipment and production costs.

Planning Steps

Step 1 is to examine the organization of the IS department. An IS department should be organized in order to guard against an attack, blackout or any other natural or man-made…… [Read More]


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XML Project Specification and Design

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These are the researchers who completed the HTML, DHTML vs. AJAX application performance on XML (Yang, Liao, Fang, 2007) and the XML network optimization research completed across a replicated server and transaction-based methodology (Smullen, Smullen, 2009). Efforts will be made to collaborate with these researchers to learn from their expertise that has not been published in their analyses and also to collaborate on how to capture XML network optimization concepts and AJAX programming best practices that can further accentuate and strengthen the results of this analysis.

During the project the following data will be gathered:

XML network performance measures and analysis across a randomized set of load factors using four-square network configuration of open source Web Application Servers running on the Linux operating system.

AJAX Widget performance using SQL queries randomized to replicate the activity of a distributed order management system.

Use of network analyzers to evaluate packet traffic efficiency…… [Read More]


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Overarching Objectives and Background and

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Summary of work completed

To help ensure that affected personnel had an opportunity to communicate their needs for the solution, a telephonic interview with a work coordinator at Ames Central Travel Office was conducted recently; in addition, this telephonic interview was followed by a personal visit to the Ames esearch Center in order gain a clearer understanding of the current workflow process. The end users of the solution provided very insightful suggestion as to what features they would like incorporated in the system. This meeting was highly productive and helped illuminate the numerous steps that were involved in travel request processing and administration that were unclear or unknown prior to the visit.

Because the software development team for this project is currently working on other initiatives, a meeting has been scheduled with them to discuss the scope and duration of the entire project. Preparatory to this meeting, hard copies of…… [Read More]


Ames fact sheet. (2010). NASA. Retrieved from 

283944 main_NASA-Ames-factsheet-2008.pdf.

Center overview. (2010). NASA. Retrieved from overview.html" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Information Technology Aquarius Marketing Project

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Migrate off of any individualized content management systems and processes not integrated to a single portal platform for greater cost and time savings in administration. Olson (32) provides an excellent case study on how universities are making use of open source portal applications to alleviate redundant and often conflicting data in multiple portals on an IBM WebSphere platform

Define and build out a portal development plan that encompasses all shared processes across the project areas.

As Murphy and Columbus state, re-organize content by the context of each dominant workflow, and this could include larger, more complex projects as defined by Aquarius Marketing first, then align to the customer-facing processes to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and responsiveness.

Development of a portal roadmap that allows for eventual move to Web Services based on a Service Oriented Architecture, giving Aquarius Marketing greater scalability than if a single, stand-alone application was chosen.…… [Read More]


Paucar-Caceres, R Rodriguez-Ulloa. 2007. An application of Soft Systems Dynamics Methodology (SSDM). The Journal of the Operational Research Society 58, no. 6 (June 1): 701-713. . Accessed January 20, 2008).

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