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Solar Is the Solution Author Steve Heckeroth

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Solar is the Solution, author Steve Heckeroth argues that solar energy is the key to alleviating climate change. Heckeroth builds his argument on the statement that "Solar is a promising source of future energy supplies because not only is it clean, it's remarkably abundant." Another one of Heckeroth's claims is that "relying on coal, oil and natural gas threatens our future with toxic pollution, global climate change and social unrest caused by diminishing fuel supplies." These statements are internally valid; although Heckeroth does not provide quantitative data to back up these statements, they are easy to reference. Moreover, Heckeroth establishes his own credibility as an author qualified to write about environmental science by stating "I have been studying our energy options for more than 30 years." Of course, "studying" something for thirty years does not automatically make a person an expert. Heckeroth is admitting that he is a layperson who feels passionately about solar energy. To make his case about the viability of solar energy as the best solution to the problem of global warming, Heckeroth uses a series of logical formulations.

One of Heckeroth's premises is that solar energy is "virtually inexhaustible." From this premise, Heckeroth draws the conclusion…… [Read More]

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Heckeroth, Steve. "Solar is the Solution." Dec-Jan 2008. Retrieved online:
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Solar Thermal Systems According to

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In this regard, some exceptions have been given to the insurance companies while the other companies should follow these principles.

In the year 2005, the commercial sector of the United Kingdom spent $16,500 million for fossil fuels of 350,000 GWh. On the other hand, researchers have reported that a decline of energy consumption has been observed in the tertiary sector of the United Kingdom (Probst & Roecker, 2011, pg 109-124).

Hot water consumption

Probst (2011) stated that hot water is consumed around three percent in industries and fifteen percent I the fossil energy. This shows that a total of 22,000GWh of hot water is consumed each year.

The high and low temperature hot water from the hot water boilers is used in a number of things such as apace heating, washing and in some industrial processes. The direct and straight use of hot water is in washing. Modern hot water boilers are coming day by day and the development in the production of these boiler systems shows the significance of it use.

The solar Thermal Market of the United Kingdom

However, international economic crises were going on in the year 2008, but still, in this year the United Kingdom was…… [Read More]

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Energy and Its Sources Energy Is an

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Energy and Its Sources

Energy is an important element in daily life since it used for many activities like moving vehicles, promoting growth of the human body, and enabling humans to think. However, energy can be found in various forms like sound, heat, motion, and light though they are classified into kinetic and potential energy. While kinetic energy is the motion of substances, waves, objects, molecules, and atoms; potential energy is gravitational or stored energy. Some major examples of kinetic energy include thermal, radiant, electrical, motion, and sound while potential energy includes nuclear and chemical energy.

Converting Energy from One Form to Another:

Based on the Law of Conservation of Energy, no energy can be lost as energy is transformed or converted from one form to another ("Chapter 2 -- Forms of Energy," 2012). This is mainly because the total amount of energy used in the conversion process must be equivalent to the total amount of produced energy. During this process, some energy is usually transformed into undesired form, which is commonly known as wasted energy. Similar to the processes involved in the conversion of coal into electrical energy, most energy conversion processes needs several steps. As compared to other…… [Read More]

"Chapter 2 -- Forms of Energy." (2012, May 30). Department of Physics. Retrieved from The

Ohio State University website: 
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Solar Stills Limitations of Solar

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A light insulation causes a reduction of 14.5% in the efficiency obtained with full insulation. The wind effect is much more limited. The increase of wind velocity from zero to 3.6 mph yielded a slight reduction (2%) in the still performance.

Repeated tests have shown that the higher the operating temperature of the still, assuming insulation is equal, correlates with higher efficiency. For example, with each 6 degrees Celsius increase in ambient temperature, a still's output increases 7-8%. The application of this finding means that a still operating in a hot desert climate will produce typically as much as one-third more water than the same unit would produce in a cooler climate.

Production of distilled water is also associated with the thermal efficiency of the still itself. Efficiency may range from 30 to 60%, depending on the construction of the still, the amount and type of insulation used, ambient temperatures, wind velocity, and the availability of solar energy. Thermal losses for a typical vary seasonally. To better understand,…… [Read More]

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Solar Flares What Causes Solar Storms Why

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Solar Flares

What causes solar storms? Why should people nearly a hundred million miles away on Earth care so much about them? Massive explosions of electrified plasma from the sun are identified as Solar Storms but often they just cause a beautiful light show in the farthest points of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The reason why human beings need to understand and care about solar storms is that they have the potential to cause devastating effects on the planet Earth. Those effects include problems that may affect daily life such as knocking out satellites, blacking out power grids, and completely altering the atmosphere and climate. Scientists have gathered plenty of information over the years to explain Solar storms and have even built a system to protect the Earth's energy. However, the earth is still vulnerable to solar activity, much of which remains a mystery to science. Scientists are also uncertain about the specific effects of solar storms and how to completely prevent them from wreaking havoc on earth. How can we prepare for the unknown possibilities of the sun? All we have is the history of nature and the promise of science to help protect ourselves from the future;…… [Read More]

Chivers, Tom (2010). Solar storm hitting Earth causes spectacular aurora displays. The Telegraph. Retrieved online:

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Solar Panels We Are Currently

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That energy is stored in solar batteries so that it can be utilized later as well as at night and when sunlight is obscured by clouds. Unfortunately, the current state of solar energy technology is not efficient enough to compete with the amounts of energy put out by traditional energy production methods. However, with continued research and development, solar panels are becoming smaller and more energy efficient in exactly the same way that traditional forms of energy production gradually evolved into more efficient forms throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Just as government subsidization was necessary to promote the growth of oil companies, gasoline engines, and (especially) the gasoline stations necessary to provide a nationwide infrastructure to support the use of private automobiles, that approach is now necessary to ensure that renewable energy forms can be developed sufficiently to provide a realistic and comprehensive alternative to fossil fuel systems.

The road to clean, renewable energy must incorporate public involvement together with education and political support for government policies and decisions necessary to develop the potential of solar energy. In time, that support can help future human societies eliminate their dependence on a source of energy that will surely run out…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Attfield, R. (2003). Environmental Ethics: An Overview for the Twenty-First Century.

Cambridge, UK: Polity.
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Energy Industry Is Heavily Dependent

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Nuclear energy possesses perhaps the largest potential for growth over the next few decades. The reason for this is the simple fact that it creates a relatively small amount of environmental pollution and can be adapted for use in nearly any part of the world. It certainly poses some security risks if it this technology is misused or mishandled, but the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. This type of energy production does not create smog, or direct environmental wastes, and many scientists, entrepreneurs, and engineers are looking at low cost, micro-nuclear solutions for small cities and towns (Kruger, 2006). Instead of building huge, multi-billion dollar power plants, the focus has shifted to creating small, sustainable, community nuclear power plants. The sustainability level of nuclear power is quite high given that a very small amount of nuclear waste is created for a huge amount of power output, unlike coal-fired power plants and other fossil fuel alternatives. The plants are also relatively cheap to construct if built on smaller scales with the help of private sector ingenuity. While nuclear power is not technically a renewable resource, power plants use up so very little radioactive material in their lifetimes that nuclear power could…… [Read More]

Hekkert, Marko P.; Hendriks, Franka H.J.F.; Faaij Andre P.C. And Maarten L. Neelis.. (2005).

"Natural Gas as an Alternative to Crude Oil in Automotive Fuel Chains Well-to-Wheel Analysis and Transition Strategy Development," Energy Policy: Vol. 33: Iss. 5, pp. 579-594.
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Solar Flares and How They Go on

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solar flares and how they go on to cause global warming. Global warming has been an ongoing phenomenon and there are many reasons it has occurred. Apart from the green house effect, global warming could have been due to the solar flares that have occurred. Different researches and theories regarding this matter are discussed in the paper.

Solar Flare

Global warming is a phenomenon that has amazed and frightened everyone ever since it came into being. The consequences and end results of global warming is what goes on to alarm and frighten everyone on earth. If looked at it literally, global warming is basically in increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. This change and elevation has been occurring ever since the 19th century and is known to increase even more. The change in the global temperature is dangerous because it goes onto increase the sea levels and alterations precipitation, melting of glacier and possible risks of floods around the world. Global warming can even cause a spread of the deserts (Lu, Vecchi and Reichler 6)

People have come with varied causes of global warming. Some natural causes are the release of methane gas from the wetlands and the…… [Read More]

Lu, Jian et al. "Expansion of the Hadley cell under global warming." Geophysical Research Letters, 34. 6 (2007): 1-10. Print.

Deforest, Craig. "Solar Storms." The World and I 2004: Print.
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Energy How Work Gets Done

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Energy Sources

Energy is a mysterious force that appears to propel everyone and everything within the known constructs of the universe. All things both require and expend energy in all types of forms and systems. The purpose of this paper is to examine my own personal energy use to determine the extent, sources and destinations of this practice. This essay will include the different forms of energy I consume and expend and how these requirements change over the course of a year. This examination is important because it demonstrates, through individual experimentation, the vast influence that energy has on our way of life in today's complicated and information-rich society.

The most obvious form of energy that I currently rely on is the energy that is provided by the sun. The sun as a source of energy is often overlooked and taken for granted. However, this free and ever-present source of energy fuels all life. I use the sun to gather important vitamins through its rays and enjoy all the food and vegetables that the sun allows to provide. The origin of the sun is unknown but attempts to formulate its creation are widely discussed in cosmological theories but no one…… [Read More]

Hertzog, C (2011). Should we Monetize Personal Energy Consumption Data? Smart Greid Library 4 July 2011. Retrieved from 

Swanson, K. (2005). Taking Charge of Your Personal Energy Use. Alternative Energy Magazine, December 2005. Retrieved from
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Energy Is an Essential Force Powering Society

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Energy is an essential force powering society, industry and in the end our everyday lives. Generally, energy sources can be classified as non-renewable and renewable sources. Non-renewable energy sources are those that can not be replenished or made again in a short period of time. Renewable energy sources on the other hand can be replenished in a short period of time (Energy sources, 2011).

There are three main sources of energy -- Nuclear Energy, Fossil Energy and Alternative Energy. Nuclear power is a form of energy which comes about from a reaction between atomic nuclei. The majority of this form of energy comes out of nuclear fission. This is the process by which atomic nuclei which are made up of neutrons and protons, collide with each other and fall apart. The energy which kept these parts together is no longer needed and comes free. This energy is then used to heat up water which turns into steam which is then used to create electricity. One advantage of nuclear power is that very little raw material is needed to make a lot of electric energy. A very big disadvantage is that the raw material for nuclear power, uranium, is very radio-active…… [Read More]

Alternative Energy Sources. (n.d.). Retreived from

Energy sources. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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Energy Conservation Mitigation Strategies and

Words: 2216 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27204905


Ecological Preservation at the Hart of Dynamic Boca de Iguanas Development (2008) St. Michael Strategies (SMS) Press Release. online available at

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Santopietro, George D. (2005) Raising Environmental Consciousness vs. Creating Economic Incentives as Alternative Policies for Environmental Protection Journal; Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. 29, 1995. Excerpt online available at


Resource Plan

Introduction: Since everyone's energy costs have skyrocketed in recent months, it is important for Americans in general and the members of the Valley View Homeowners' Association in particular to take aggressive energy conservations steps now. In fact, some members' electric bills have more than doubled in the last…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Solar Still Sustainable Development and

Words: 1431 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2335769

( Manion, 2002). The ethics of sustainable development in the sciences also includes the "precautionary principle." This refers to the view that, "When an activity raises threats of harm to human health and the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically" (Manion, 2002).

In the light of the above brief overview of way that ethics and social responsibility have become part of the ethos of the contemporary scientific world, it becomes clear that a focus on technologies such as solar still production is one way in which engineers can enact their ethical and social responsibilities in this age. This project also takes into account the social and cultural needs and context of the people of the region, especially in areas where there is a lack of resources.

From an ethical perspective, professional engineering organizations have made an important contribution and commitment to the environment and sustainability. This refers as well to the engineering code of ethics. For example, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Code of Ethics encourages its members to "Accept responsibility in making engineering decisions consistent with the safety, health and welfare of the public,…… [Read More]

'AMREF Canada. Water and Sanitation Lesson Plan -- Science Experiment and Activity', viewed 9 September, 2010,

'ASCE Code of Ethics', viewed 7 September, 2010,
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Solar Panels Product Profile Our

Words: 1104 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83009678

If we use Canadian Solar as our supplier, the product range will include: standard modules, BIPV modules, e-modules, inverters and the basic wires and metal framing that are required in order to house the solar panels. Within each type of module, there are different sizes and strengths available. All of these will be offered to consumers. We will also offer Canadian Solar's range of car battery charger, GPS, lights and other small solar systems for consumers.

The company is not expected to house significant inventory in-house. There will be some materials for framing and wiring in inventory, but the solar panels themselves will be ordered using a just-in-time ordering system. The reason for this is because the clients are going have custom-designed systems. The process of meeting with the client, doing a home visit and designing the systems takes days at best and usually weeks, providing ample time from purchase to installation to have the products delivered. We expect to use Canadian Solar, one of the world's largest solar panel makers and based in Kitchener, as our supplier. Thus, there is no need to keep solar panels in inventory.

One potential supplier, being the only major solar panel supplier from…… [Read More]

OPA. (2011). MicroFit program. Ontario Power Authority. Retrieved April 7, 2011 from

Sweet, C. (2009). Let the sun shine. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved April 7, 2011 from
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Future Energy Guiding Decisions Evidence in Order

Words: 1141 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43153273

Future Energy: Guiding Decisions Evidence in order reduce negative environmental impacts growing human population increasing demands energy technological advances continue, individual countries, states, cities households opportunity shift energy sources renewable

Most consumers are unaware of the extreme negativeness surrounding their consumption of goods and that it inevitably leads to environmental degradation. However, there seems to be a more conscious effort to go around the negative impact of consumption of energy by choosing renewable sources. In this essay, we will assess a particular region in America and that is the state of Florida with specific references to certain areas in order to observe what sources of energy are currently used and what renewable sources may be best suitable and least suitable in the area, considering climate and the environment.

With climate changes accelerating at a fast pace, Miami, which is already subject of the increase of Earth's temperatures and rise of sea levels, may have to face harder living conditions in the near future. Being a prominent city in the United States, fast paced, and prosperous, it is only natural that a consumption of energy is higher than in other areas of the country. Being a business center, Miami's use of…… [Read More]

Reference List

Miami -- Dade County. N. y. Energy -- Electricity and Fuel [Data File] Retrieved from 

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Renewable Energy Marketing Bill Bryson

Words: 2937 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40842085

Overall, the use of demographic, psychographic and geographic segmentation has allowed us to narrow down the different potential target markets considerably. These different markets each offer different levels of potential for exploitation by a solar panel installation firm. The targeting of each different segment will be analyzed in the next section of this report.

Targeting Strategy

The targeting strategy is used to find ways to bring the product to each of the segments that have been targeted. For solar panels in Australia, there are three main segments when understood by demographics -- consumers under $100,000; consumers over $100,000 and small businesses These segments are all desirable for a firm that is seeking to build a strong presence in the Australian market going forward.

There are a number of ways to target the different markets. Differentiated or segment marketing would result in each segment being targeted with a product that is different for the needs of the particular segment. Undifferentiated marketing would involve selling a single product to the whole market, whereas niche marketing would focus on just one segment within the market (No author, 2010). The Australian market is relatively small, so it may be difficult, even with the concentrated…… [Read More]

Millar, R. (2009). Solar industry cash dries up. The Age. Retrieved August 21, 2010 from 

GTM Research. (2010). Global solar cell production grew 51 per cent in 2009, figures show. GTM Research. Retrieved August 21, 2010 from
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Photosynthesis vs Solar Cells Producing

Words: 915 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58659849

However, unlike chlorophyll, silicon cannot be used for energy-generation in its raw state, and must be processed by humans. Silicon is favored "because it remains a good conductor of electricity even after it has been heated. In order for silicon to be used for solar cells, it must be heavily heated to separate it from oxygen so that it can be further processed" (Stier 2009). Although solar energy is widely touted as a 'green' technology, the actual manufacture of silicon cells is relatively labor-intensive and results in the burning of a considerable amount of fossil fuels. In contrast, the photosynthesis that takes place in plants is truly 'green' (no pun intended). "Plants are able to create their 'solar panels' relatively inexpensively, so much so that in seasonal climates they regularly shed their leaves and rebuild them the following year using a clean, low-power energy source; out of locally-available and life-friendly materials; and which decompose into nutrients that sustain soil organisms whose by-products ultimately support the continuing growth of plants" (Stier 2009). Plant solar energy is thus naturally part of the 'circle' of life on earth and plants naturally recycle the cells used in photosynthesis.

Although photosynthesis, because of its 'organic'…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Positive Effects of Green Energy Green Energy

Words: 2643 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62313616

Positive Effects of Green Energy

Green energy (such as wind, water, and solar power, as well as other sustainable options) has become a hot topic and a "buzz word" recently. Even though it may seem that everyone is talking about green energy, few people are actually doing anything about it. While it has been seen in the news, it has not been seen in the fields and oceans where it can be harnessed and used. There are some wind turbines in use in specific states across the U.S., and there are places where water has been dammed up in order to provide electricity. Solar panels can be viewed in some places around the country, too, but there are no large scale projects currently underway to provide green energy to a significant portion of the public - and that is something that more and more people find disturbing. Solar energy, for example, is one of the best choices for harnessing long-term power (30, 2008). Because the sun is always there and the power from it is almost unlimited, the only need is to find the right ways to harness it so that it can be used for homes and businesses.

Wind…… [Read More]

30 facts about solar energy. 2008. Alternative Energy Sources.

Brodeur et al. 2008. Rise and fall of jellyfish in the eastern Bering Sea in relation to climate regime shifts. Progress in Oceanography, 77, 2-3: 103-111.
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Alternative Energy Sources Concerns That Have Been

Words: 2299 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21828114

Alternative Energy Sources

Concerns that have been raised regarding energy security have been occasioned by fears about oil and other fossil fuel depletion; reliance on foreign sources of energy; geopolitics; developing countries' energy needs; environmental concerns; population dynamics; and renewable and other alternative energy sources (Shah, 2011). This essay seeks to establish whether alternative energy sources can help ease human reliance on oil.

It is important that governments invest on alternative sources of energy because sometime in the future the vast sources of fossil fuel will get depleted. There are chances that fossil fuel extraction and production may peak sometime in the future (Shah, 2011). Globalization has made it possible for goods to be manufactured away from where the consumers are situated. These manufactured goods are often transported using cheap oil to the intended markets. High oil prices that have recently been witnessed threaten this current form of globalization. The key to off-setting overreliance on foreign oil rests on technological advancement (Shah, 2011).

Economies that intend to free themselves from the yoke of dependence on foreign oil have to learn to use less of the oil. However, it would be near catastrophic for such economies to terminate importation of oil…… [Read More]

Alternative Energy Resources. (2008). Solar Energy Facts. Retrieved June 24, 2012 from

Alternative Energy Resources. (2008). Hydroelectricity. Retrieved June 25, 2012 from
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Renewable Energy the Law of Conservation of

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72388808

Renewable Energy

The Law of Conservation of Energy:

The law of conservation of energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The total energy that exists in the world is constant because the total amount of energy is an isolated system (Giles 1964,-page 97). Since this is the case, energy can only be changed in its form, such as turning kinetic energy into thermal energy. Within the realm of the business world, this means that the form of energy matters, but that regardless of the form chosen the energy obtained will be the same.

Pros and Cons of the Following:

Fossil fuel, oil, natural gas, and coal

Pros: petroleum is relatively inexpensive, combustion of fossil fuels is a highly efficient way to produce usable energy, fossil fuels are stable and are more readily available, it is also inexpensive and timely to extract materials, provides 85% of all energy consumed in the United States, can be carried from one place to another easily and safely (Fossil 2013).

ii. Cons: non-renewable energy source, extraction negatively impacts natural habitats of plants and animals, emits hazardous gases, consumption of fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases, also contributes to pollution of water, air, and…… [Read More]

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Photosynthesis & Solar Photovoltaic Technology What Is

Words: 746 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47893104

Photosynthesis & Solar Photovoltaic Technology

What is photosynthesis and how does photosynthesis work? How is process of photosynthesis linked to photovoltaic technologies? How are they the same and how are they different? This paper will delve into those issues and provide answers to the questions.

Photosynthesis is the process in which green plants create their own food thanks to sunlight shining on them. Animals eat other organisms for their nutrient intake, but plants make their food thanks to the fact that they have chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the pigment that creates the green color in plants and it "…captures the Sun's energy and uses it to make sugars out of carbon dioxide from the air and water" (Ohio State University, 2008). The sugars are vital to the process because they provide fuel for the roots of the plant, the stems and leaves of the plant, and allow the plant to continue to grow. And once the plant has made adequate food through sunlight to provide a healthy condition for the plant, it releases oxygen into the air, and of course oxygen is what humans and animals need in order to breathe and live.

In the Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering,…… [Read More]

Green, Jenny. (2011). Photosynthesis or photovoltaics: Weighing the impact. ASU News

[Now]. Arizona State University. Retrieved October 29, 2012, from
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Green Energy Indicates This Kind of Energy

Words: 1220 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13882998

Green energy indicates this kind of energy sources which have less negative impact to the environment than traditional energy sources like petroleum, natural gas and coal. The aim of green energy is creating power with less pollution. The demand and importance for green energy is increasing significantly as our traditional sources of energy is decreasing rapidly. So investment in green energy is a wise investment for the investors.

Investment in green energy

Before selecting the investable green energy project in china we must analyze the overall green energy market, demand and profit potentiality. The current situation and prospect of china green energy market are given below:

Since 2009 china has invested around U.S. $50 billion annually into its renewable energy sector. It has expected that china's environmental protection industry will be top U.S. $317 billion.

For the development of green energy practices and industry, china is planning to introduce a favorable tax and financial policies. It will build a fund raising environment for this purpose.

Chinese green energy companies are in difficulties regarding financing their profitable project for capital markets. They largely depend on the government fund and subsidy.

China set a target to get above 11% total energy production…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Jeffs, R (2010) Green Energy: Sustainable Electrical Supply with Low Environmental Impact. New York. CRC Press.

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World Energy Prospects 2050

Words: 3640 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77272743

Ultra Long-Term Perspectives World Energy

Energy is a very important part of our lives and the world that we live in today. It has always been important since the time that the humans used to do all their work by themselves to the times when they started using animals and even today when we make use of the energy sources around us to produce energy such as electricity.

Today our main source of energy are the fossils fuels that won't last forever as, they take millions of years to form and very little time to get used as a source of energy. One of the very important concerns of today's time is the speed with which we are consuming these fossil fuels and how it will be very difficult for us to keep up with the increased demand which is expected to double by 2050 as the population is expected to reach 9.5 billion. It is estimated that approximately half more of the energy that we are consuming today will be needed by us in 2050 (Jess, 2010).

Due to all these raised concerns regarding the future supply and demand of energy a lot of research is now being done…… [Read More]

European Renewable Energy Council EREC. (2010). Re-thinking 2050 - A 100% renewable energy vision of EU. Retrieved from

Jess, A. (2010). What might be the energy demand and energy mix to reconcile the world's pursuit of welfare and happiness with the necessity to preserve the integrity of the biosphere? Energy Policy, 38(8), 4663 -- 4678. Retrieved from
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Hyperboloid Solar Concentrator Following Is

Words: 3018 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63797764

But the of the efficiency of the design requires further proof. It is necessary to ensure that the all of the rays "directed to the virtual elliptic receiver at the exit aperture are reflected by the concentrator to some point on this receiver" (Garcia-Botella, et al.). The explanation of the math for this process is explained in a long section of the report from Garcia-Botella, et al.;

"Three properties of one-sheet hyperbolic concentrator geometry are useful: (1)

All meridional sections of a one-sheet hyperbolic concentrator are hyperbolas, (2)

all cross sections of a onesheet hyperbolic concentrator are ellipses and (3) the tangent plane, at any point P. Of a one-sheet hyperbolic concentrator, is defined by the bisector of the angle FPF0, where F. And F0 are the foci of the hyperbola in the meridional plane (Fig. 2), and the tangent line to the elliptic cross section at P. All the skew rays incident at point P. directed to the virtual elliptic receiver generate an oblique elliptical cone, or incident cone. Then, the reflected cone will be the mirror image of the incident cone, through the tangent plane at point P. by

the geometry of this particular problem, the cross section…… [Read More]

Ali, Imhamed M. Saleh, Tapas K. Mallick, Peter a. Kew, Tadhg S. O'Donovan, and K.S.

Reddy. "Optical Performance Evaluation of a 2-D and 3-D Novel Hyperboloid
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Alternate Energy in Daily Life Imagine That

Words: 5656 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20298659

Alternate Energy in Daily Life

Imagine that you could travel in time, much like Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future. Suppose you traveled back to 1955 with the Doc and Marty and asked a resident of 1955 what the year 2011 would be like. Would he predict hybrid cars, or flying cars? Would he believe that the United States has a moon base -- or that is has no moon program at all? Would he believe that kids carry cell phones but that the only commercial viable robot is the Roomba vacuum? Someone living in 1955 would probably predict a future much different from the one we are actually living today. When you consider how life in the future was depicted in movies, TV programs, and books in the middle of the 20th century, it easy to see that our predictions about the future and about worlds based on different technologies and alternate energies technology are not always right.

Today, most energy used in the United States is generated from sources that use coal, oil, or natural gas, either directly or as a way to generate electricity. A small percentage of electricity is generated…… [Read More]

IBM. (2000.) "Flying Cars Commercial." Retrieved April 26, 2011 from at

Johnson, Keith. (August 10, 2009.) "Blown Away: Wind Power Makes Electricity Cheaper in Texas." Retrieved April 28, 2011 from the Wall Street Journal at
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BP Solar Ever-Increasing Technological Advances

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It is yet to be seen whether alternative energy will eventually replace petroleum products or whether they will simply enhance the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and availability of energy in the future. BP's move into alternative energy will help it to position itself as a leader regardless of which direction the market decides to go. BP's move makes sense from many perspectives. It makes sense for a marketing perspective because it will help to improve BP's image to one that is more environmentally friendly and in line with current public consciousness. It will help it to make better use of natural resources from production to end use of all of its product lines.

One advantage that BP has over many of the other companies entering into the alternative energy field is that it has experience in providing the needs of mass consumers. It understands the technical difficulties of supplying energy to millions of people across the globe. The growth of the alternative energy industry will depend on research and development. There is a need to make panels that are more efficient and cost effective for the average consumer. This research and development is capital intensive, which makes it cost prohibitive for…… [Read More]

BP Solar International Inc. BP Solar has over 30 years experience in the solar industry: a legacy of quality, service, performance and innovation all around the world. 2006.

Accessed October 29, 2006.
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Photosynthesis 1231 Plant Cell and Solar Cell

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Photosynthesis 1231

Plant Cell and Solar Cell: Similarities and Differences

Photosynthesis is that process by which plants harness the solar energy for producing food. These cells help the plants to trap energy from the daylight. This trapped light is converted into other constituents that are then used by the plant to manufacture food. The additional components such as oxygen are released to the atmosphere. After these processes, the light energy is converted to chemical energy. The modern science has been able to develop technologies containing semiconductors that have solar cells. The solar energy is trapped and is converted to electricity by these solar cells (Haile & O'Connell, 2005).

The semiconductors and photosynthesis have some similarities and dissimilarities. As far as the similarities are concerned, their aim is to harness the solar energy. While plants use photosynthesis to lock in energy from the sun for manufacturing food, semiconductors trap solar energy to convert it into electricity (Durham, 2012). It means that the solar cells either reflect or absorb a good quantity of sunlight as heat with no generation of an electrical current. Secondly, both plants and semiconductors have cells that trap energy from the sun. Thirdly, both plant cells and solar…… [Read More]

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Community Sources of Energy

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Community's Source of Energy

An Examination of Energy Sources in the Willows Community of Gilbert, Arizona

The community of Willows is located in the city of Gilbert, Arizona. It is an HOA community of single family homes, with a number of amenities included. As with any community, it has power usage needs that have to be considered. Before the community was built, the issue of how to get power to the area and how much power might be used by the residents there was considered. Then, the community was built and the houses were sold. That raised the amount of power that was needed in Gilbert, which is a growing city with a strong population base and many things for residents to enjoy. The power needs of any community are important, because residents want to be assured that they have enough of what they need to power their homes (Aitken, 2010). However, there is more to the issue than just what the residents want when it comes to the level of power they have. There are environmental and other energy usage issues that have to be carefully considered.

Without addressing all of the issues that come into play where power…… [Read More]

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Renewable Energy Technologies in the

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(Williams 2005)

The foundation of the Middle East region, is as dependant upon the realization of a balanced energy system, as is the rest of the world, for the same and differing reasons. The opportunity for a smart start is ripe and with the rational guidance of the technology available, and its experts as well as their own desire to create independence in real and figurative ways will be realized only when such a realization is put into action. In the core the individuals and governments in the Middle East are aware of such a need and opportunity and will likely create a model for change in the future.


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Offshore Wind Energy

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Offshore Wind Energy

Wind Energy

(Facts and Features, Usage, Future Prospects, Strengths and Weaknesses, Recommendations)

It is an undeniable fact that human activity needs energy as a basic requirement. Energy input is a fundamental need for transportation, water and food provision and mobility services. In the contemporary energy system, non-renewable fossil fuels are the principal resources that satisfy the global energy needs. They are preferred due to their dependability and low-cost. On the contrary, wind energy, hydroelectric power and biomass are also used as energy resources all over the world, especially in developing countries (Edinger & Kaul, 2003, p. 43).

The exchange of goods and energy has become an imperative process as globalization has been pursued trendily. This trade guarantees efficient production and advantageous exploitation of proportional costs. On the other hand, the need for energy in the developing countries is increased continuously as they put efforts to strengthen their industries and improve their living standard. Consequently, the switching over of these countries from energy exporters to energy importers means the lessening of the fuel and raw material exporter countries. This is a critical situation as not all countries could ever be the ones importing and not exporting energy. The…… [Read More]

Blakeway, D., & White, C.B. (2005). Tapping the Power of Wind: Ferc Initiatives to Facilitate Transmission of Wind Power. Energy Law Journal, 26(2), 393+. Retrieved September 13, 2011, from

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Nuclear Power Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy and

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Nuclear Power

Disadvantages of nuclear energy and its comparison with other sources of energy

Comparison of nuclear energy with other sources of energy

Nuclear energy does have advantages over other sources of energy like fossil fuels (coal, gas etc.) because nuclear energy makes less pollution and nuclear energy supplies more power than any other source of energy. All sources of energy do have some disadvantages. Some of them are discussed here;

Fossil fuel

It makes emit a huge quantity of green house gases and advanced technology is required to utilize them for energy purposes. For example, coal mining damages huge amount of land around it.


There are many disadvantages associated with hydropower. It includes high damage to local eco system; high cost of construction, the large size of dams poses a danger of breaking it down and can wreak the local population. (How to Power the World, 2010)

Wind and solar energy

Wind energy is not constant it can vary from zero level of wind to powerful storm. Secondly wind energy is noisy also and makes lot of noise. Large wind turbines are needed to produce little amount of energy. For example largest turbine available today can provide electricity…… [Read More]

Dulabab. (2011). Nuclear power-Science, benefits, disadvantages and future use. Retrieved from Dulabab: Environmental and Ethical News and Information:

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Offshore Wind Energy

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Offshore Wind Energy

Creating the Offshore Wind Energy Industry as a center of attention for more investment in the Persian Gulf countries and providing a study and recommendations to the governments and companies to be more comfortable investing in this field.

Opportunities in Offshore Wind Energy

It is generally acknowledged that changes in wind energy prices affect economic welfare in ways that are not entirely reflected in transactions in the wind energy market. The pervasive importance of wind energy as a factor of production and in final consumption means that higher wind energy prices can potentially influence real income and its growth and distribution. Thus, to the extent that rising import demand pushes up the price of wind energy and indirectly produces adverse side effects on income, these economic costs are candidates for inclusion in the wind energy import premium. This chapter explores the connections between import demand, the price of wind energy, and income determination to ascertain if the potential costs can be evaluates with sufficient confidence to be included in the import premium. Our conclusion is to the contrary: the connections are too weak and certain key long-term implications are too uncertain to justify their inclusion (2009, p.…… [Read More]

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Worldwide Energy Market Focusing on

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However, they are worth considering on the long haul. Since the oil and gas reserves are suffering from a chronic shortage, a major company such as Exxon should think strategically and expand into this area. The discussion is more complex, in the sense that intensive research and development efforts are needed to both improve the above mentioned alternatives and to discover new sources of energy.

Exxon Financial Results

Due to the high crude-oil and natural gas prices, in the context of a busy hurricane seasons in the Gulf of Mexico, Exxon has reported record figures for 2005, mounting up to $36 billion in net income and 31% return on average capital.

Source: Exxon Mobil 2005 Company Report

The results Exxon reported for the 2005 fiscal year are impressive:

record earnings of $36 billion, up 46%;

net income per common share of $5.76;

net income to average shareholder's equity of 339% (Annual Report 2005).

The outstanding financial results have led to a wave of public concern, especially in the context of the not so old Enron scandal. Exxon is now likely to appear before a Congressional committee to investigate its pricing and other operations. The worries relate to the accuracy of…… [Read More]

Armstrong, M. 2003, Human resource management practice, (9th ed.), Kogan Page Limited, London

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Invention Energy Is the Basis of Industrial

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Energy is the basis of industrial civilization and modern society. There is little doubt that without energy, modern life would cease to exist. Over the last two hundred years, human beings have relied heavily on fossil fuels for their energy needs. Fossil fuels, however, are non-renewable and in limited supply and if we continue to use the earth's fossil fuel resources at the present rate, we would soon run out of the earth's fuel reserves. Moreover, burning of fossil fuels contributes to air pollution, acid rain, and global warming that could ultimately make life unsustainable on our planet. With several promising alternate energy sources such as 'geothermal,' 'nuclear,' 'wind' and 'solar' power having proved either too expensive, too dangerous or impractical, the need for a new invention that provides an alternate fuel was never more urgent as it is today. The invention that I have in mind is the solution to the energy needs of humankind -- it derives its power from one of the most abundant resources on earth: water.

We all know that water (H2O) consists of two atoms of hydrogen bonded to one atom of oxygen. Hydrogen is also the ultimate 'green' fuel because it burns…… [Read More]

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Passive Solar Architecture

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passive solar architecture is nothing new. Socrates observed, more than 2400 years ago, that when a house is facing to the south, the sun's rays penetrate through the windows of the house in the winter, giving heat to the inside, and shines right above the house in the summer, giving shade and cooling on the inside. At that time, this house probably lost heat as fast as it was collected, because of the convective and radiation losses. But the idea was there, which the Romans built upon, by using windows, covered with glass, to trap the solar energy. This caused the internal temperature to stay constant throughout the night.

Passive solar architecture has come a long way since the time of Socrates. Most passive solar homes have the same characteristics in each that make them more energy efficient than they were back then. In the Northern Hemisphere, the windows are facing south, and in the Southern Hemisphere, the windows face north, in order to get the most efficient use of the sun.

Solar radiation passes through solar-oriented glass windows, or solar spaces, and is absorbed by surfaces of the materials inside the insulated envelope of the building. These heated surfaces…… [Read More]

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Business Namaste Solar Case Insight Namaste Solar

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Namaste Solar; Case Insight

Namaste Solar is a successful solar energy company located in Boulder Colorado. Founded in 2005, the firm was set up by three people who all shared a vision; a firm where there was shared risk and reward, corporate social responsible ethics and democratic decision making. The firm has been highly differentiated in the developed culture that is based and extends these ideals, with a commitment to shared equity where and employees bought shares and ownership was vested over five years. 37 employees owned equity and no owner had a majorly share. The democratic decision making was facilitated with big picture meetings (BPM). However, the initial direct democratic process required adaptation to include indirect processes as the firm expanded. By 2008 the firm achieved 20% - 25% of the residential and small commercial solar market in Colorado, and with the growth of U.S. solar energy installations expected to grow by a further 45% the firm was strongly placed for the future. In 2008 the firm received interest from, with the management and owners facing three choices, to accept the offer, to reject the offer or a hybrid, where there was some investment accepted only.

Examining the…… [Read More]

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Competitive Forces in the Solar Power Sector

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Rivalry in the Solar Panel Industry

The solar panel industry has experienced considerable growth in the recent past given the problem of global climate change, which has necessitated the need for alternative sources of energy. According to recent reports, this industry has experienced as annual growth rate of approximately 78% between 2006 and 2011. Moreover, the market value of this sector increased to $11.5 billion from $8.6 billion between 2011 and 2012 (Pritchard, n.d.). Given this recent growth, it is estimated that the solar panel industry will experience approximately 35% increase in electricity produced by this source of energy. Currently, solar panel industry is the rapid growing source of energy across the world as evidence in the increased installations of solar capacity since 2010.

The growth of the solar panel industry has also been characterized by increased competition between companies. Business organizations in this industry are increasingly developing and utilizing strategic plans to invest huge amounts of capital in solar electric power generation. The increased competition is attributed to the fact that the solar panel sector is the fastest growing industry across the globe. However, the competitive environment in this industry is influenced by various factors that determine profit potential…… [Read More]

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How Corporations Can Help Save Energy

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Reduction of Energy Consumption Among Corporations

The following are suitable ways to lower energy consumption

Encouraging reuse and recycling of waste materials.

Installing solar systems to provide alternative source of energy.

Having in place efficient manufacturing systems and machines that demand lesser energy than outdated models.

Harnessing of wind energy.

Change from the traditional bulbs to the light emitting diode (LED) bulbs that consume far much less.

The corporations need to instill in their employees the value of unplugging or switching off all appliances that are not being used especially when closing office for the night or for long holidays.

All energy consuming appliances need to be serviced regularly to make them more efficient, for instance the aid conditioners in the offices.

Corporations need to make their buildings as insulated as possible to help cut down on the heating costs (Pace University, 2000).

Having shade trees and painting of houses with white color helps cut down the energy used for cooling the buildings.

10. Corporations need to encourage car pooling among their staff members, particularly those who depend on company transport to get home (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2015).

When adopting the use of solar energy, there will be lower…… [Read More]

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Different Types of Energy Waste

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Waste and Energy Presentation

The first waste product is organic food waste. This ends up in landfills, and there are a number of negative outcomes. Food waste releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Landfills are 20% of all methane emissions in the United States. Further, organic food waste is material that could be composted, but usually is not, representing a lost opportunity to create valuable compost for growing food. In addition, prior to making its way to the landfill, food waste is often stored in back alleys and in garbage cans, where it attracts rodents and other vermin (EPA, 2015).

Nuclear waste is a by-product of nuclear energy production. Nuclear waste comes in a number of categories, but it generally must be treated before it is deposited, and usually it must be turned to glass, stored in ceramics and then buried deep in the earth. Nuclear wastes have a long half-life, and are therefore a major threat, and the scientific study of how best to store nuclear waste remains ongoing. Finding suitable sites is an ongoing issue (Tollefson, 2015).

Slide 3: Coal is one fossil fuel, and it can affect the environmental significantly. Air quality is the biggest area where…… [Read More]

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Energy Source of the Future

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alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, and evaluate them based on their relative availability, renewability, and known environmental impacts. We begin with a baseline characterization of fossil fuels, and outline some of the factors contributing to their current market and industry dominance. We then examine three of the current most prominent and viable renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, including the controversial nuclear energy technology and two emerging technology areas, wind power and algae-based bio-fuels.

Subterranean petroleum-based resources which are currently extracted via drilling and other methods also originated as living algae albeit hundreds of millions of years ago, which accounts for their categorization as "fossil" fuels along with other hydrocarbon-based deposits including coal and natural gas. The combined fossil and renewable biofuels worldwide market was estimated at $5.8 trillion dollars in 2010, of which approximately $1.5 trillion was based in the United States. The cost per unit weight of fossil-based fuel production is very low, at about $0.60 per pound for gasoline that retails at $4.00 per gallon. This is a result of the very high efficiency achieved by the established industry and petroleum refinement technology, and presents a challenge for newer alternative energy technologies attempting to compete with the cost…… [Read More]

California Energy Commission. "The Energy Story - Chapter 20: Hydrogen and Future Energy Sources." 2011. Web. 7 Nov. 2011.

"Home - Energy Explained, Your Guide To Understanding Energy." EIA U.S. Energy Information Administration. 2011. Web. 7 Nov. 2011.
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Energy Economics

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Economics of Energy

There are different theories with respect to energy. Mearns argues that people should save energy, because there is a limit to how much proved reserves of hydrocarbons and there may even be limits to how much non-hydrocarbon energy available. It is necessary, therefore, to be highly efficient in our energy use (, 2014). His views contrast with those of someone like Christof Ruhl, who is the chief economist for BP. Ruhl argues that such efficiency is already occurring, that the West is experiencing lower levels of energy intensity and demand is primarily being driven by the developing world. Changes in the fuel mix are also a factor, he argues, and when developing nations follow the West in lowering their energy intensity, energy demand will start to stabilize (Ruhl, 2014).

The EIA release (2014) supports Ruhl's contention that energy use in the U.S. is starting to stabilize, and that further development of domestic energy reserves is reshaping energy markets.

Their views different in terms of the use of energy, which Ruhl argues is becoming more efficient such that the economic value of energy is improving. Mearns does not seem to agree, and appears to view energy as wasteful.…… [Read More]

EIA. (2014). AEO 2014 early release overview. U.S. Energy Information Administration. Retrieved March 23, 2014 from

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