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Song Analysis Essays (Examples)

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Song of Myself an Analysis
Words: 677 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5999882
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1). hitman is the spokesman of the American soul when he states, "How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more than he" (6.2). The American soul is newborn -- without, so it seems, definition.

He guesses that grass might be the symbol of his disposition -- green and growing, youthful and alive; or that it might be "the handkerchief of the Lord / A scented gift and remembrancer designedly dropt, / & #8230;that we may see and remark, and say hose?" (6.4-6). Or it may be that the grass is a symbol of the child, just as the child, according to ordsworth, is father of the man: so too is the grass father of us all -- as we are all part of the same life cycle -- samsara, as Eastern philosophy would call it.

The truth is that the grass is all…

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Analysis of Du Bois
Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85326611
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Songs of Sorrow

"The Sorrow Songs" is a message that is related to the spirituality of the African-American people. In summary, Dubois gives what he perceives as a message of the African-American people, which is that of hope, not only in that particular time period, but also subsequent generations. Without doubt, African-Americans have made a substantial contribution as to what the United States is as a nation. This, in particular, does not take into account the work that the African-American partook and accomplished for the economy of the United States while being slaves, or the influences of African-American playwrights and originators as significant as all that was. Instead, this takes into account the manner in which the African-Americans' struggle for freedom and liberties instigated by the United States to extensively analyze its morals and epitomes. More so, this caused the United States to question itself, whether it actually was the…


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Song You're Still the One
Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33021089
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At the beginning, Twain makes it clear that she is happy she chose her husband for a partner, and that he's "still the one" she loves and admires. She also makes it clear that others were against the match, and predicted they would not "make it" as a couple. This shows how outside influences can often doom a relationship. Later, she celebrates the fact that she and her husband did not listen to the nay-sayers. She says, "I'm glad we didn't listen / Look at what we would be missin'." She also shows that their relationship has not become tired or old in any way when she says "You're still the one I kiss goodnight." All of this is a celebration of her relationship and commitment, but it is also a deeper look into relationships in general, and what types of forces can tear them apart. She is proud of…

Song Lyrics Analysis
Words: 2808 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94441502
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"When I was your Man" By Bruno Mars

Gifted Grammy award-winning singer, Bruno Mars, in his "When I Was Your Man," has largely utilized sad and regretful lyrics portraying longing for the woman who left him. However, does this really indicate he's now more sensible and mature, or is it simply wishful thinking? "When I was your Man" strikes straight at the hearts of people who lost a special person or loved someone deeply but did not realize it and failed to value them till it was too late. This song's lyrics depict a multitude of emotions such as remorse, discontent and miserableness expressed effectively through the singer's voice (Louis).

Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now

The musician begins with the typical picture of a ruined relationship: an empty bed with a lone occupant, speaking of loneliness and sadness (Popdust).

Our song on the radio,…

Songs From the Musical Oklahoma Specifically it
Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84685541
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songs from the musical "Oklahoma!" Specifically, it will include an analysis of "I'm Just a Girl who can't Say No." How does the song transition from the text? What does the song do for the musical? What does the words and music reveal about the character?


I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No" is one of the most humorous songs in the musical "Oklahoma!" In it, Ado Annie, a kind of sad character who does not seem to have much chance of catching a man, talks about how she cannot say "no" to kisses and romance. "Other girls are coy an' hard to catch / ut other girls ain't havin' any fun! / Ev'ry time I lose a wrastlin' match / I have a funny feelin' that I won!" (Oklahoma!). Annie recognizes that she may not be the most attractive of the girls, but she is a little…


Oklahoma!. Dir. Fred Zinnemann. Perf. Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Eddie Albert, and Gloria Grahame. RKO Radio Pictures Inc., 1955.

Song From the Sound of Music Shakespeare
Words: 1178 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64172695
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Song from the Sound of Music

Shakespeare began the story of Twelfth Night with the line "If music be the food of love play on." Though, in the play, the Duke of Illyria, Orsino, asks for a surfeit of music in the hope that an overkill of love will help him overcome his infatuation for Olivia (Shakespeare, 1.1, 1-18), the line has now become immortalized as audiences have tended to read a wealth of meaning into it. The popularity of the oft-quoted line is hardly surprising given experiential knowledge of music as one of the greatest pleasures of life. Indeed, music sensitizes and heightens all kinds of emotions and moods, ranging from the sentimental, philosophical, and maudlin to the sensual, ecstatic and peppy. But more than anything, the real power of music lies in soothing the soul by enabling a sense of connection to a universal consciousness. The title song…

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Song an Die Muzik Written
Words: 489 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78397698
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Held notes at the peak of a melodic line create a very interesting effect for the listener and attract attention to the words being sung at that particular moment. All the words or sentences aforementioned have a positive and loving connotation, which is well in line with the general meaning of the text -- thanking the art of music for its beauty and grace.

Finally, it is of the utmost importance to mention that Fischer-Dieskau's interpretation does add an additional layer of meaning and understanding to An Die Muzik. In the particular version I listened to prior to this assignment, a young Fischer-Dieskau sang with passion and poured his heart into each word sung. Considering the nature of the text, a strong interpretation was certainly necessary, as flat or bland vocal line would have been completely out of context. Both Fischer-Dieskau and Moore (at the piano) create a perfect rendition…

Analysis of Musical Performance
Words: 600 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55658797
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Prayer (Foster, Bocelli, Dion; Live NYC Central Park, 2011)

This is a musical piece that modulates from F major to Bb Major and is duet version with its lyrics written and sung in English and Italian. The duet consists of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli performing the piece live in New York City Central Park before a large audience. There is also a live band accompanying the duo with instruments (Bravo F., 2012).

Bocelli was born in Italy in 1958 and took up musical lessons at a tender age of six when he started off with the piano and later on took up the flute and saxophone. He suffered poor eyesight due to congenital glaucoma that he was born with, and by fate he suffered some football accident that rendered him totally blind at the age of 12. He later studied law and used the money he earned from law…


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Song of Myself by Walt Whitman Poetry
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41474607
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alt hitman's "Song of Myself" continues to evoke strong emotions because of the paradox inherent in the juxtaposition between egotism on the one hand and selfless idealism on the other. The poem therefore encapsulates what it means to be an American, which is why other American poets -- and indeed poets from around the world -- have responded to "Song of Myself" poignantly. hen hitman penned "Song of Myself," the poet was imbuing verse with powerful social commentary that belies the relatively simple diction, tone, and style used. The poet reacts to the troubles in 19th century America, including but not limited to slavery and racism, urbanization and capitalism. hitman draws attention to the fact that the United States has built itself as an ideal: "the hand of God is the promise of my own." Yet that ideal has been stymied by the struggle for equality, epitomized most noticeably and…

Works Cited

Whitman, Walt. "Song of Myself." Retrieved online:

Comparing Two Songs With Similar Meanings
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3427852
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Song lyrics reflect the culture and social norms of their time period. Examining song lyrics from two different time periods can therefore reveal the ways these two generations differed in terms of messages about core subjects. Love is a universal theme in all song, making it an especially good subject for analysis. Songs about love will differ according to the definition of love, how love is expressed or shared between two people, and also gender roles in relationships. In 1975, one of the biggest-selling songs was by a band called Captain and Tennille. The song is called, "Love will Keep us Together." In 2010, there was a song called "Boyfriend" by Best Coast. Both of these songs are overtly about love. Although "Boyfriend" is about unrequited love, and "Love will Keep us Together" is about relationships, these two songs have similar lyrics about the meaning of love and about gender…

robin thicke'song versus porgy and bess'song
Words: 1423 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array
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Songs from completely different eras, historical contexts, and musical genres can often share point of comparison and remarkable musical similarities. Gershwin’s “Oh, I Can’t Sit Down,” is from the colloquial English-language opera Porgy and Bess with lyrics/libretto by DuBose Heyward. Conductor John DeMain reworked the original Gershwin compositions with Houston Grand Opera, staging Porgy and Bess to win both a Tony and a Grammy Award, thereby anchoring the production firmly within the realm of pop culture. Being from an opera, the song “Oh, I Can’t Sit Down” is lyrically driven, and the vocals remain the cornerstone of the piece. “Oh, I Can’t Sit Down” occurs about halfway through the opera, and is a light, whimsical piece sung by a chorus as opposed to any musical lead. The DeMain arrangement includes a range of instruments including tubas serving as bass lines and a full horn section as accompaniment. Although Porgy and…

Du Fu's Song of War
Words: 990 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7516564
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" Du Fu, of course, is speaking of the An Lushan Rebellion, which was not put down for nearly a decade in mid-eighth century China.

Emperor u's wars have essentially decimated the land. The lands are barren -- in more ways than one. The consequences of war are numerous: the men are gone, so in villages where couples should normally be uniting and having children, no children are had. The image Du Fu uses is of stark fields where "nothing grows but weeds," but the image could easily be construed as being representative of the lack of new life in the "two hundred districts / And in thousands of villages."

The next image Du Fu employs is one of heartbreaking sorrow: "and though strong women have bent to the ploughing, / East and west the furrows are all broken down." Du Fu's image is akin to the ballads of Ireland,…

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Female Elements in Song of
Words: 3618 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84718843
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Her society tells her she needs one, and when Milkman enters her life, she invests her entire personality in him. When he leaves her, Hagar lacks the self she needs to survive. Pathetically, she tries to create a self that Milkman will want by buying makeup and clothes, turning her beautiful African hair a horrible orange (Milkman has been dating light-skinned redheads), and generally abasing herself.

Morrison certainly deviates from a sterotypical feminist perspective when she criticizes Hagar's possessiveness as well as Milkman's cruelty. When Hagar and uth argue over Milkman, Pilate points out that a man is not a house to be owned. Finally, when Hagar is trying to kill Milkman (not able to possess him, she does not know what else to do), Guitar tells her how wrong she is to base her value on the possession of a man. How can Milkman love her if she is…


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Social Analysis of the Blues Music in
Words: 1747 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20921120
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Social Analysis of the lues Music in the American Society

The blues, or blues music, has been considered an important and popular music genre in the history of American music. Its history goes back many years ago, during the black slavery period in the American history. lues music was said to have traced its roots in the cotton plantations commonly found in the South, and that blues music sang by the African-American slaves were their forms of protest against the slavery system that the white American society encourages. However, blues music did not proliferate and became prevalent among the black and white American society until after the Emancipation period, wherein most African-American slaves were now freed from bondage to slavery legally, and slavery was now abolished and prohibited to practice in the society, especially in the white American community.

The blues is defined as a "musical style created in response…


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Yiddish Songs About Immigration to
Words: 1581 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 73718270
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Singer, Barry. "In Yiddish Music, a Reurn o Roos of Tormen and Joy." New York

Times (Augus 16, 1998): 32.

In his aricle, Barry Singer noes he changes Yiddish music underwen as Jews emigraed from Europe o America, and compares he evolving naure of Yiddish folk songs during he nineeenh and wenieh cenuries o more recen developmens in Yiddish music. This aricle is useful because i allows one o race an unbroken line from he earlies Yiddish songs regarding immigraion o America o musical developmens occurring oday, even if whaever was disincly Yiddish abou hese rends seemed o have been los or covered over when Yiddish musicians became he creaors of American popular culure in he 1940s and 50s.

Warnke, Nina. "Immigran Popular Culure as Conesed Sphere: Yiddish Music Halls,

he Yiddish Press, and he Processes of Americanizaion, 1900-1910." Theare

Journal 48, no. 3 (1996): 321-335.

This essay looks a…

the Yiddish Press, and the Processes of Americanization, 1900-1910." Theatre

Journal 48, no. 3 (1996): 321-335.

This essay looks at the Yiddish music hall as a special place of cultural mixing during the early twentieth century, and acts as a companion piece to the Heskes' essay about Yiddish music as social history. Instead of focusing on the music itself, Warnke's essay looks at the contested space of the Yiddish music hall, where the identity of Jewish immigrants was being established by proxy, on the stage through plays and musicals. This resulted in competing Jewish actors' unions and rival critics assailing those music halls deemed "illegitimate." Warnke argues that over a couple decades, however, these distinctions become blurred as the ongoing debate itself becomes absorbed into the Yiddish-American identity and ultimately expressed again through music. This essay is useful because it gives details regarding the history of Yiddish music halls themselves as well as provides an analysis of the changes going on in Yiddish music itself during the same time period.

Robert Schumann's Dichterliebe Song 4
Words: 2129 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 19067702
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Schumann forestalls by making transition to another dimension by creating a second highpoint, different in effect from the first direct link. Yet -- it is not the same as the previous bar. Here the third bar turns from bass to treble, with three eighth notes on the second bar, and on the third bar -- two eighth notes. This represents a highpoint, yet one that is not as significant as the first one witnessed earlier in the work.

The piece itself is a lyrical testament to the mixed emotions involved in romantic love. It highlights a male voice singing a famous German poem. The poem itself is spliced into two four-line stanzas with an ending rhyme schematic. The initial four lines are repeated a second time during the second melodic highpoint of the piece. It represents a narrative told within the context of couplets. It is also non-strophic in its…

Compare and Contrast Everyman and the Song of Roland
Words: 1170 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22188749
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Everyman and the Song of Roland focuses on the leading characters of the plays, namely, Everyman and Roland. This paper gives an in depth analysis of Everyman and the ingredients necessary for any man to abode paradise. This paper also reviews the character of Roland and how he earned great praise and respect not only among his mortal friends but also among angels and saints in heaven. By comparing both characters, this paper emphasizes on life after death according to Christian ideals.

Compare And Contrast Everyman And The Song Of Roland

Everyman is a medieval morality play, written anonymously between 1509-1519. This play may have been inspired by an anterior Dutch morality play, Elckerlijk. The play Everyman is an allegory of Death and the destiny of the soul. Everyman calls for Fellowship, Goods and Strength when he is summoned by death but sadly they betray him due to their true…

Works Cited

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The Song Of Roland. Available on the address . Accessed on 22 Feb. 2003.

Social Psychology Analysis of Film
Words: 2909 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 8968720
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A model that stresses the fact that people in a generally bad mood or situation will seek out pro-social behaviors, i.e. To help others to make him or herself feel better. (Berkowitz 185) Though this theory has often been contested, not simply because it tends to negate altruism but because people in bad moods tend not to seek out the doing of good deeds, (Berkowitz 186) these two examples of pro-social behavior in this film are both realistic and examples of the negative state relief model of action.

The first example is when Rob agrees to help two skater slackers and frequent shoplifters at his store to produce a record. Rob does not have a record label but it is a logical extension of his love of music and of human progress. He walks into the store, where Barry and Dick are listening to a demo tape of Vince and…

Works Cited

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Musical Analysis of Someone to Watch Over Me by Gershwin
Words: 1144 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35887006
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Gershwin/Someone to Watch

"Someone to Watch over Me" ("STWOM") was featured in a long-running musical called Oh Kay!, written by George and IA Gershwin, that made its world debut on Broadway's Imperial Theater. The date was November 8, 1926. The musical enjoyed great success, even including a Broadway revival in 1990. STWOM, the best-known song from the musical, was a hit three times the following year, starting with Oh Kay's star Gertrude Lawrence's recording, which was on the charts for eleven weeks. Gershwin himself released a version. George Olsen and His Orchestra had a hit with an uptempo version; interestingly, the Gershwin brothers originally intended the song to be an upbeat rhythm piece. George experimented with tempo one day and the brothers quickly realized it had more potential as a wistful, slower piece (McElrath.). Of course they were right. The purpose of this paper is to examine the score's refrain…


Dvarionaite, A. (2007). Frederic Chopin -- Prelude in E-Minor (op. 28 no. 4). YouTube.

Kamien, R. (1998). Music: An Appreciation. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Vice Principals on HBO Advertisement Analysis
Words: 1672 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16447001
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Race, Gender and Class as Sources of Comedic Tension in HBO’s Advertisement for Season One of “Vice Principals”

An online ad for Season One of HBO’s show “Vice Principals,” starring Danny McBride, Walton Goggins and Kimberly Gregory, consists of a two-minute trailer that showcases the main “selling” points of the comedy series—conflict, romance, “bromance,” action, and racial tension. The two main sources of conflict in the series, as represented in the ad, are between the two rivaling vice principals played by McBride and Goggins, both of whom vie for the Principal’s job, and between the two of them and the new principal played by Gregory, against whom McBride and Goggins unite to overthrow). The characters represent various types: McBride plays a middle-class, middle-aged white male with a traditional though pudgy bearing (he sports a sweater vest to school and has a very out-of-date hair cut and moustache that resembles more…

Workflow Analysis of a Healthcare Organization
Words: 1450 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43434292
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Workflow Analysis

Workflow is a term that is utilized to refer to processes or steps undertaken to complete a specific task (Mastrian & McGonigle, 2015). In a healthcare organization, this concept refers to initiatives undertaken to provide patient care services. This essentially means that workflow is crucial towards the achievement of organizational goals since it plays a critical role in the accomplishment of desired tasks/activities. Given its significance to realization of organizational objectives, organizations conduct workflow analysis to help identify workflow patterns that maximize effective resource utilization and reduce those that do not add value. Workflow analysis process is carried out using several tools to examine workflow processes and shed light on potential areas for removing waste. This paper provides a workflow analysis through flowcharts of medication administration in a community health center.

Common Event in My Organization

The organization I work for is a community health center that provides…

Ot Analysis -- Numbers 15
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 80877042
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According to Hebraic tradition, the chronological period in the book consists of the second month of the second year (measured from Exodus) to the beginning of the eleventh month of the fortieth year -- in all, roughly 39 years 9 months of wandering, with, of course, fewer in number at the end of the journey than at the beginning. Again, according to tradition, Moses was the author of all five books of the Torah, but stylistically, at least in both Hebrew and then Aramaic, the prose in Numbers is far dryer and more scholarly, leading most to believe that this particular section was derived from several priestly sources tentatively dated at 4th-6th century BC (Harris, 1985).

Since Numbers is divided into three parts, it is useful to provide an overview of the literative focus and consequences of each section:

Number's the eople of the Lord -- God ordered Moses to…

Preparations for crossing the River Jordan -- Moses disobeys God and is punished, as are the tribes for speaking against God and Moses, and a new census is taken to be used to organize the tribal units into their new home. The Israelites conquer the Midian population, and the land of the Jordan is divided among the tribes.

Numbers ends with a summary technique, common in ancient Middle Eastern writings, called a colophon. Their usage as both a literary and historical tool was not understood until recently, and their form is more of an oral legal tradition, designed to state the place and circumstance of each composition, thus also organizing the story for posterity (Friedman, 2005).

Part II -- Analysis of the text -- the story of Numbers is actually rather simplistic -- it is a recounting of transition, and, like Job, a psychological organization of the manner in which God, through Moses, tested the Israelites to see if they were worth of having their own land. There are repeated trials and tribulations suffered by the people if they either do not obey God or Moses, or simply move apart and try to accomplish their own sense of organizing the world (Spence and Excell, 2009).. The message is quite clear: "Obey God and you will be rewarded, it may take some time, but eventually it will happen. Doubt God, and you will be punished." Structurally, it is more chronological than thematic, symbols are used within the original language of place names, events, and even phrases "the land of milk and honey," likely meaning, for instance, fertile land that will support

Feminist Analysis of Dryden's Marriage
Words: 2348 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23810315
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Adultery and any sort of infidelity turns out to be a different story for men as Rosenthal stresses: "prohibition against adultery is not about property, pregnancy, misdirected male desire, or bloodlines, as one might have thought, but about the prevention of female comparison" (Rosenthal, 2008) as sharing men would be established by the size of their sexual organs.

A recurrent theme in the play from a gender perspective relates to the fact that the play is generally a patriarchal type of play in which paternal figures are predominant and the evolution of the other characters is a direct result of this way of using power. The women in this play, especially Doralice and Melantha are victimized as women had lesser rights to speak their minds or act according to their decisions. The paternalistic environment is also observed in the way Palamede and Rhodophil behave, as all four of them find…


Denman, J. (2008) "Too hasty to stay": Erotic and Political Timing in Marriage a la Mode. Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700, Volume 32, Number 2, pp. 1-23

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Hansen, C. (1993) Woman as Individual in English Renaissance Drama: A Defiance of the Masculine Code. New York: Peter Lang

Five Forces Analysis Porter's Five Forces Model
Words: 1789 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82510472
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Five Forces Analysis

Porter's Five Forces model analysis business opportunity "Start business provide music movies online internet"

Porter's Five Forces model:

A new business for downloadable music and movies online

Porter's Five Forces model:

A new business for downloadable music and movies online

According to the management theorist Michael Porter, "the model of pure competition implies that risk-adjusted rates of return should be constant across firms and industries. However, numerous economic studies have affirmed that different industries can sustain different levels of profitability; part of this difference is explained by industry structure" (Porter's five forces, 2008, Quick MBA). Thus, it is necessary that every new company offering either an innovative or an existing type of product or service understands its current position in its specific industry market. The new company must strive to position its product in an optimal fashion by conducting what Porter calls a Five Forces analysis. Five…


Competitive advantage (Porter) explained. (2008). Value-based management. Retrieved February 3, 2011 at 

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Bertelsmann AG Financial Analysis Report
Words: 2449 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70010274
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A high rate of turnover may indicate too strict credit policies or an inability to extend credit. It is the tradeoff between sales and tying up funds in receivables.

Sales to Working Capital - measures the relationship between sales and the working capital of a business. Too high a ratio may indicate an insufficient amount of working capital. Too low a ratio may indicate unproductive assets.

Sales to Total Assets - measures the ability of a business to use assets productively. This ratio may be indicating conditions of excess capacity, inefficient or obsolete equipment, or temporary changes inn demand.

ertelsmann appears to be healthy in terms of short-term liquidity. The Acid Test Ratio is normal for companies of this size and the Current Ratio is higher than normal and indicates that the company should have no trouble meeting short-term financial commitments. The capital structure ratios also appear to indicate that…


Apuzzo, Matt. "Lawsuit: Sony BMG Blacklisted Agent." Associated Press. 1 April 2005. 5 April 2005. 

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Bertelsmann Media Worldwide. 2004 Annual Report. Blelefeld. 4 March 2005.

External Analysis on Music Performers
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 77967961
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PESTLE and FIVE FOCES Analysis: Miley Cyrus

PESTLE is a mode of analysis which refers to the Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, Environmental ( Essentially, it is a means of assessing a given entity's impact in a comprehensive and nuanced manner so that this entity can engage in the best decision-making and strategy to achieve all objectives. On the other hand, Michael Porter's Five Forces offered a framework for an entity to determine the models of industry and the forces which shape them: supplier power, threat of substitutes, threat of new entrants, buyer power and rivalry. It's useful to determine how these methods of analysis can manifest themselves in the music industry as that is a professional arena where artists experience extreme rivalry and competition and where it's extremely difficult to determine who will be gone tomorrow and who will not. Forging a lasting career in the music industry is…

References (2013). PESTLE analysis. Retrieved from 

Knopper, S. (2013, October 16). On the Charts: Miley Cyrus' 'Bangerz' Finally Kicks In. Retrieved from

Oldboy an Analysis of Chan-Wook
Words: 3330 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65609356
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As Gerald Mast states, "Details develop the film's emotional dynamics" (138), and these details are everywhere in the mise-en-scene. The most important aspect of the mise-en-scene, of course, is the acting. Actors are the most obvious props -- and Oh Dae-su provides ample instances of buffoonery that keeps Oldboy from sinking into the mire of its own violence. Despite all the gore, the film harbors a gentleness and affection, thanks to the acting from Oh Dae-su and Mido. Even the villain provides a handsome face and charming smile -- and an affable voice; even he is hard not to like, as he plays cat and mouse with Oh Dae-su.

The low-key lighting also helps provide the audience with the emotional connection necessary for the kind of mystery the film attempts to be. Scenes are shrouded in darkness -- such as when the heroes find themselves working in the Internet…

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Business -- Apple Computers Strategic Analysis 2005
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Business -- Apple Computers Strategic Analysis 2005

Strengths and Opportunities

In 2005, Apple Computers experienced significant sales increases attributable to the earlier rollout of the iPod (obbins & Judge, 2009). The positive publicity and brand perception associated with that project also spilled over to its entire line of Macintosh computers, further bolstering sales revenue and corporate profits that year. The sales volume of virtually all Apple products increased after the introduction of the iPod, hitting $320 million in June of 2005 (obbins & Judge, 2009). In general, every successful Apple product has benefited brand recognition and perception and invigorated the sales of other product lines, even those not directly related to it. By the end of 2005, Apple had sold approximately 22 million iPod units and more than half a billion individual song downloads through its music store, iTunes (George & Jones, 2008).


Generally, there is also a potential…


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Lamentations and Songs of Solomon a Study in Contrast
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Lamentations and Songs of Solomon: A Study in Contrast

Lamentations and Songs of Solomon are both poetic books in the Hebrew Bible; however, whereas Lamentations is a lament poem, the Songs of Solomon is more of a love poem. Nonetheless, the two complement each other, providing a number of crucial insights about love, God, sin, and the destruction of God's relationship with the church. This text demonstrates how the two books complement each other in providing insights for daily Christian living.

Analysis of Lamentations and the Songs of Solomon

Lamentations and Songs of Solomon are the two final poetic works dealt with in this course. Neither fits perfectly into the confines of psalm or wisdom poetry; however, both include elements of the same. The main difference between the two is that they focus on two different aspects of life -- love and death. The Song of Solomon presents itself as…


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Choice of Favorite Song and Analysis
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Kiss Kiss by Kim Hyun Joong

The Japanese pop culture has been evolving over the years and the pop music industry has not been left behind too and has keep pace with the contemporary lifestyle. Songs have been used to convey messages that are compatible to the current lifestyle in the Japan cities and also the changing culture that is becoming more westernized each passing day.

The song Kiss Kiss by a renowned musician Hyun Joong was composed and sung in 2011 and has been dominating the airwaves and charts in japan as a pop song talking about love. It is interesting to know that Kim Joong traces his family ties to South Korea where he began his music career and is still based, but has had several performances and music competitions in Japan hence the acceptability of his music in general in wider Japan. Kim Joong has commanded a…


Only Lyrics, (2016). Top Japanese Songs of the Week.

Queensryche Analysis Operation Mindcrime Queensryche
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In this stanza, mainline and dragon are used as metaphors for his drug of preference, although these drugs can be seen as metaphors for the other addictive substances and behaviors that people can become dependent on regardless of if these substances are legal or illegal. The last two lines of this stanza insinuate that Nikki has come to an impasse and does not know what to next with his life, which is possibly why he turned to drugs. The last two lines state, "No regrets, you've got no goals/Nothing more to learn" (Queensryche). These concluding lines indicate that Nikki is waiting for some sort of direction, regardless of whether it is good or bad, simply to not be a slave to the drug.

The third stanza offers Nikki a solution for his dilemma and proposes that the doctor will give his life purpose, which ironically, is the price Nikki will…

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Lassiter's the Power of Kiowa Song
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Kiowa Song

According to Michael McNally in his chapter "The Uses of Ojibwa Hymn-Singing at White Earth: Toward a History of Practice," hymn-singing serves a deeper function than merely paying lip service to the dominant culture's religion. Ironically one of the few remaining cultural vestiges of pre-reservation days, Christian hymns are sung by the Ojibwa in their native tongue, which has all but fallen into disuse. The hymns, though their content expresses a Christian worldview and Christian values, nevertheless also imparts Ojibwa philosophy. Moreover, the hymn represents a creative synthesis of indigenous with colonial culture. An artistic, spiritual, and social manifestation, hymnody embodies the willingness to adapt, survive, and maintain unique cultural identity. Therefore, hymnody for the Ojibwa connotes consensus, community, and unity. However, McNally also points out that at White Earth, hymnody appears closely connected to death and dying. Perhaps most often sung at funeral wakes, Ojibwa hymns link…

Information Technology Amazon com Situation Analysis
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Hence the development of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model which lead to the development of the Internet and the Ethernet standard and the TCP/IP protocol, both of which nearly the entire Internet runs on today.

#9, in what way have phones and computers converged? Why is this convergence occurring?

The personal productivity tasks of communication as it relates to the use of telephones and computer systems has long been an area developers and entrepreneurs have poured time and money into. Now with the concept of the Mobile Web, it's possible to have PDAs and cell phones that make it possible to access any website, any e-mail account, from any location there is a cell phone signal. The impetus is the overlap of personal productivity processes.

Computer Security):

Q.#9, Read the information on the Thawte Web site about how users can be authenticated (Web of Trust). Briefly explain how the…

Salcedo C S 2010 The Effects of Songs
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Salcedo, C.S. (2010). The effects of songs in the foreign language classroom on text recall, delayed text recall and involuntary mental rehearsal. Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 7(6), 19-30. etrieved:

One of the goals of teaching any foreign language is making the words seem fluid, easy, and natural to the new speaker as his or her own native dialect. However, this can be a challenging task for teachers of ESL, particularly given the multitasking they are forced to perform on a daily basis in the classroom and the additional academic demands under which they operate. Teaching English to a non-native speaker, and then attempting to aid the student to function in a biology or a math class, whether the alternative subject is in simplified English or even the student's first language, can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. However, the 2010 article "The effects of songs in the…


Salcedo, C.S. (2010). The effects of songs in the foreign language classroom on text recall, delayed text recall and involuntary mental rehearsal. Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 7(6), 19-30. Retrieved:

Themes in Songs
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The Way It Is, Tupac

Tupac's rap line "Cops give a damn about a negro? Pull the trigger, kill a n*gga, he's a hero," speaks of the provocative subject concerning African-Americans, more generally how African-American gentlemen are being made target by the police, and that in case an African-American gentleman is killed by a cop then there is noreal big issue. Tupac aspires to encourage his society to unite with him and express their opinion and stand against the issues that are keeping them apart. As expressed earlier, the opportunities available to African-Americans do not equate the opportunities available to other races. Tupac also blames his own ethnicity for the composite emotional background of hate and range they are hemmed in. "I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin' changes, learn to see me as…


Estimable, R. (2013, May 30). Tupac-Changes (poetic analysis). Retrieved from 

I'll Fly Away" / "Spaceship. (2014, january 31). Retrieved from 

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Literary Analysis of Phaedra
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Racine's Phaedra -- Compared to Blake's "Lamb" and Melville's Billy Budd

As Bernard Grebanier states, Racine's Phaedra speaks "with the violence of life itself" (xiv). If one were to compare the French playwright's most famous female lead to the English-speaking world's most famous male lead (as Grebanier does), it would have to be to Hamlet, whose passionate assessment of life is likewise problematic. Indeed, Phaedra raises many themes, including the importance of origin, innocence, and sin -- themes that may be found in as seemingly disparate works as illiam Blake's "The Lamb" and Herman Melville's Billy Budd. hile Racine's Phaedra is the tale of a woman, torn by a passion that possesses her so cruelly that it destroys not only her life but the lives of others around her -- including the innocent man who is her obsession, Hyppolytus; Blake's poem deals with the triple theme of origin, innocence, and…

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Series, 1958. Print.

Andrea Chenier an Analysis of
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For example, the scene in which Andrea stands before the statue of Marat and sings "Credi al destino" fails to evoke for me any real sensation. Perhaps it is because, as Grout suggests, the opera is "laden with harmonies that are heavy and oldfashioned [and] has little of special interest" (p. 495). Such could explain why the scenes feel at time clunky and abysmally lacking in flair. Still, at other times, they are vibrant and alive with life -- and those times are when the drama calls for gaity (not for fatalism or idealism).

The opera may, therefore, be interpreted as a political piece -- but I do not wish to convey that interpretation, for I think there is already too much omanticism in contemporary politics today. I think Andrea fits better as a period piece that should be left in the period for which it was written: one that…

Reference List

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South African Poetry Analysis
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Antjie Krog's Country Of Grief And Grace

Antjie Krog (2000) uses metaphor and extended metaphor throughout the poem "Country of Grief and Grace" -- itself an exploration of existential crisis in South Africa, ravaged by apartheid and violence. Krog descends into this maelstrom to provide the reader a glimpse, a hope, a ray of light that beams through the sludge of hopelessness, despair and grief. Through her use of metaphor and extended metaphor, Krog constructs an alternate way of looking at the world in which she lives -- a framework that invites the reader to question the borders and boundaries of time and space which keep separate the past and the future, the young and the old, the black and the white. By merging or synthesizing the elements of her country into a cohesive whole, Krog shows that all is one -- and in this revelation is the seed of…

Multiple Study Analysis - School
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Likewise, the study concluded that new teachers were significantly less confident in their respective ability to deal with bullies and their parents than with victims of bullying and their parents. The study disclosed that new teachers also realized their limitations in dealing with bullies and recognized the likely benefits of specific training in this area. The most natural extension of this study in the future would be to repeat it using more experienced teachers to determine whether and to what degree increased experience relates to greater response and how much of any recorded difference is a function of confidence on the part of experienced teachers. Finally, one of the most interesting areas of future research would be in the realm of a 2008 study (Song & Soiber) that is not included in this literature review. That study summarized much of the available previous literature on the general subject of childhood…


Bauman, S., and Del Rio, a. (2006). "Preservice Teachers' Responses to Bullying

Scenarios: Comparing Physical, Verbal, and relational Bullying" Journal of Educational Psychology; Vol. 98, No.1: 219-231.

Nicolaides, S., Toda, Y., and Smith, P. (2002). "Knowledge and Attitudes About School Bullying in Trainee Teachers" British Journal of Educational Psychology; Vol. 72: 105-118.

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Interpretation Analysis Evaluation of a Poem
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Idyllic, Idolizing, Late Victorian Tears

The poem by the Victorian poet laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson entitled "Tears, idle tears," has the unfortunate status of having its become such a common phrase in modern parlance, that the reader finds him or herself bracing his or her ear for more and more cliches as the poem progresses. In other words, one hears that tears are idle so often, one can easily forget, not only that Tennyson said, "I know not what they mean," but that the poem attempts to express the seriousness of futility of grief, or outward displays of affection by calling tears idle, in that they do no real work in the world. The use of 'idle' in multiple variances of meaning, from impractical and lazy, to idyllic, to idolizing is in fact quite profound and sophisticated, yielding a poem with a compact linguistic and stylistic structure.

It is also…

Works Cited

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Persona Christi an Analysis of the Priesthood
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Persona Christi

An Analysis of the Priesthood "in persona Christi" and "in nominee ecclesiae"

The questions that surround the functions of the priesthood and the diaconate today appear to be part and parcel of the greater uncertainty that surrounds ancient Church customs. This paper will attempt to analyze the meanings of the phrases "in persona Christi" and "in nomine ecclesiae" as they have reflected the functions of the ministers of the Church both in the past and in today. The conclusion of this research is that while the traditional Church maintained a clear definition (and reverent propriety regarding the mystery of the priestly aspect), today's Church is less sure of the role and function of the minister in relation to Church hierarchy and Church laity.

In Persona Christi

Historical Background: the Vestments

Pius XII's (1947) encyclical Mediator Dei describes for us the aspect of the priest in relation to Jesus…

Staley, V. (1894). The Catholic Religion. London, UK: Mowbray.

Tanner, N.P., ed. (1990). Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils. London: Sheed

and Ward.

Apple Strategic Marketing Analysis Apple
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In addition, the traditional iPod platform is being scaled back as the benefits this platform provides consumers can be found in all other platforms, often accentuated with other forms of digital content as well, from e-books and published materials to movies, television shows and other forms of video content.

Market Analysis

The future of Apple's profitability is entirely based on the success of their iPhone and iPad investments and the transformation of their business model away from just hardware to digital content ecosystems capable of generating significant gross margin (nell, 2011). Investment and industry analysts have often shown through analysis that their supply chain is capable of keeping up with a much more aggressive timeline of new product development and launch (Prudential Equity Group LLC, 2006). Apple is scaling its product strategy towards video content as the center of their iTunes ecosystems, and has been monitoring this for nearly six…

Source: (Apple, Investor Relations, 2011)

There is a tendency on the part of many industry and financial analysis to attribute this exceptional growth to a superior hardware platform alone, with nearly a "halo effect' occurring over the iPhone and newly introduced iPad Series (McNeill, 2011). As an analysis of the company's previous experiences in hardware platforms, ranging from the very successful Apple II to the ill-fated Lisa, the one highly reliance predictor of success or failure is the ability to attract developers to write software to make the most use of these systems (Mitchell, 2010).

Differentiation today and in the future for Apple will be entirely dependent on their ability to continually attract and motivate independent software vendors (ISVs) to fully support the core features of their platforms and also participate in the process of helping define new software-based features (Mitchell, 2010). For Apple, they really have no choice but to concentrate on this strategy going forward. They must find differentiation at the platform and more specifically, operating system level if they are to succeed as they have already attracted competitors imitating their hardware platforms including the Google Android operating system (Proffitt, 2011). Analysis of their standard costs based on their released financial

Media Critical Analysis Hamlet Hamlet
Words: 4649 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32409674
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Yes, the Oedipus complex aspect of Shakespeare it gives us and which in turn invites us to think about the issue of subjectivity, the myth and its relation to psychoanalytic theory. (Selfe, 1999, p292-322)

Hemlet and Postcolonial theory

Postcolonial theory was born as a result of the publication of the famous work of Edward Said, Orientalism (1978). This theory claim that some authors (Paul Gilroy, Achille Mbembe, Francoise Verges, etc.) and that seem so elegant in its formulation, in my opinion raises three fundamental problems: At a time when we are witnessing the emergence of new expressions of colonialism (colonialism, cultural, political and economic globalization, neo-colonialism nestled in the relationship between the hegemonic colonial past and their old colonies, colonialism in disguise that structure the relationship between international institutions and developing countries, institutions from the rest behest of the former colonial powers according to their interests), speak of post-colonial era…


Aragay, Mireia, and Gemma Lopez. 2005. "Inflecting Pride and Prejudice: Dialogism, Intertextuality, and Adaptation." Books in Motion: Adaptation, Intertextuality, Authorship. Ed. Mireia Aragay. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, p201-19.

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Capital Project Analysis
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Capital Project

According to the AMA, capital budgeting is "the decision-making process used by companies to evaluate long-term investments in large capital assets" (Hampton, 2011). Zeit (2013) makes the point that construction projects are included in the category of capital investment decisions, and that designers and architects are often involved. eiter et al. (2000) argue that because of their size and critical strategic nature, "capital investment decisions are among the most important decisions made by firms."

What this means is that capital projects tend to be large-scale projects that have several key characteristics. They require a lot of money, to the point where that money may need to be acquired through financing. So construction projects in particular like new buildings or new wings would qualify. There is some ambiguity in the research if a takeover or merger would qualify as a capital project when financed with cash, but a small-scale…


Cleverley, W., Song, P, & Cleverley, J. (2011). Essentials of Health Care Finance. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishing.

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Reiter, K., Smith, D., Wheeler, J. & Rivenson, H. (2000). Capital investment strategies in health care systems. Journal of Health Care Finance. Vol. 26 (4) 31-41.

Fiction Analysis of Passage From
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Analysis of passage from The Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories by Carson McCullers (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1951; rpt. 1971), pp.3-5

Carson McCullers' short story "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" is set in a town that is immediately established as remote, rural, and Southern: it is located near a cotton mill, there are peach trees all over the area, and there is only a single church. Even the buses are three miles away, which suggest the stranded and isolated nature of the residents. The main street is only two miles long, and there is "nothing whatsoever to do" during the long, hot summers. Even the nearest train stop (the significantly named 'Society' City) is far away. The largest building looks lonely and is boarded up completely. This large building, half-painted and left unfinished becomes a kind of metaphor for the town, as well as the woman…

Global Business Cultural Analysis
Words: 8186 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 23504537
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business culture and expansion trends that exist for American companies in India. The paper focuses on answering the following questions: 1. What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region? 2. How are these elements and dimensions integrated by local conducting business in the nation? 3. How do both of the above items compare with U.S. culture and business? 4. What are the implications for U.S. businesses that wish to conduct business in that region? The paper also tackles the following aspects: Dimensions of Culture, Communication. Different Meaning of Words across Languages, Verbal, Nonverbal, High Context vs. Low Context and eligion -- Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shinto and Ethics; Definitions, The Issue of Corruption, Corporate Social esponsibility, Values and Attitudes, Variances in Attitudes across Cultures, Concept of Time, Dealing with Change, The ole of Gender, Social Status, Business Manners and Customs across National Cultures, Social…


Bose, P. And Lyons, L.E. (2010). Cultural Critique and the Global Corporation. Tracking Globalization, Bloomington, IN.

Butler, Patty. (2012). India Business Etiquette, Manners, Cross Cultural Communication, and Geert Hofstede Analysis. International Business Etiquette and Manners. Cyborlink 

Doh, J., and Luthans, F. (2009). International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behaviour. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Doh, J., and Luthans, F. (2009). International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavoir. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Literature Critical Analysis of Russel Banks Rule of the Bone
Words: 2169 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19152911
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Rule of the Bone

About the author

The author Russell Banks writes in the manner that infused his stories with a sadistic honesty and moral goodness that his characters strive to live up to. He writes in striking and most often sad tones about the drama of daily life (Anderson, eye net).

Furthermore, his themes of failure, of weakness, of the complexity of living an honest life were often desolating, but all his stories does contain a positive wisdom to them along with a sense of optimism found in the details that he carefully draws out of his characters' routine and everyday realities (Anderson, eye net). Hence, in my opinion no modern author writes more delicately about common man's uncertain search for the American grail of material ease and self-esteem than Russell Banks.

About the book

In writing Rule of the Bone the author Russell Banks took almost a year…

Works Cited

Anderson, Jason. Eye. Russell Banks.


Donahue, Deirdre. Russell Banks' Bone cuts right to the flawed family. USA Today.


Irish Stage Drinkers an Analysis
Words: 2293 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74475381
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It is the context of Catholic Ireland (and not so much the Hays Production Code) that allows Ford's characters to enjoy the light-heartedness of the whole situation.

Such context is gone in O'Neill's dramas. O'Neill's Irish-American drinkers have left the Emerald Isle and traded it over for a nation where religious liberty denies the right of any religion to declare itself as true and all others as false. The Constitution, in fact, has been amended to keep government from declaring the truth of any religion. If no religion is true, how can the Tyrone's be expected to know the difference between Baudelaire's "spiritual drunkenness" and "physical drunkenness"?

O'Neill has Edmund quote Baudelaire in Long Day's Journey into Night as an attempt to rationalize his characters' drunkenness: "Be always drunken. Nothing else matters: that is the only question. If you would not feel the horrible burden of Time weighing on your…

Works Cited

O'Neill, Eugene. Long Day's Journey into Night. Yale University Press, 2002. Print.

Webnow Zotero Analysis Explain Which
Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55347924
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The meteoric growth of the pple iPad is nothing short of a disruptive innovation across many industries and is also forcing enterprise software vendors to completely redefine their client software strategies. The streamlined user interface design originally launched on the iPod, further enhanced through the lessons learned from iPhone global success, is today fueling the rapid advances in iPad usability and customer experience (ZDNet, 2011).

ll of these factors are combining to drive market forecasts for iPad to levels not seen for computing devices since the initial smartphones and laptops PCs. Even typically conservative market research firms including Gartner are forecasting that pple will sell well over 100 million iPads by 2015, with Gartner stating the figure will approach 148 million units by that year (Guardian, 2011). The combining of pple's expertise in human factors engineering, user experience, and the highly profitable pple iTunes ecosystem all have the attention of…

All of these factors are combining to drive market forecasts for iPad to levels not seen for computing devices since the initial smartphones and laptops PCs. Even typically conservative market research firms including Gartner are forecasting that Apple will sell well over 100 million iPads by 2015, with Gartner stating the figure will approach 148 million units by that year (Guardian, 2011). The combining of Apple's expertise in human factors engineering, user experience, and the highly profitable Apple iTunes ecosystem all have the attention of Wall Street investment analysts as well. The leading investment firms all have research departments and divisions that monitor technology trends (ZDNet, 2011). Their forecasts for the Apple iPad sales for 2012 globally range from an average of 62,635,714 units estimated by bank analysts to 65,566,667 units across all tech analysts (ZDNet, 2011). Of the banks doing research on iPad forecasts for 2012, Morgan Stanley is most bullish with 81 million units forecast and Barclays Capital forecasting just 51 million units (ZDNet, 2011). Apple's ability to transform innovation into growth is formidable as these forecasts show.


iPad to dominate tablet sales until 2015 as growth explodes, says Gartner. (2011, September 22).the Guardian. Retrieved from  iPad and Tablet Market Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond [Charts!] | ZDNet. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Arif Mardin Record Producer Analysis
Words: 1059 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93253862
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p.). In fact, he readily admitted that he referred to devices as "that blue box" rather than to its technical name (Doyle, N.p.) According to Doyle, Mardin maintained that although he may not have known the technical names for devices, he certainly knew what effects they were capable of eliciting (Doyle, N.p.) by his own admission, Mardin's expertise did not lie in his ability to memorize model numbers and technical monikers (Doyle, N.p.).

Rather, his expertise was his ability to ascertain how a song ought to sound and make that sound happen. hen asked by Small and Taylor if he' thought he had a personal stamp,' Mardin replied, "I'm in-between. I do have a personal style. At the same time, I try to bring out the best of the artist" (Small and Taylor, p. 53).

Bringing out the best in artists is what Mardin did on a regular basis. His…

Works Cited

Doyle, Tom. "Arif Mardin: Producer: From Aretha Franklin to Norah Jones." N.p. Jul. 2004. Web. 20 Dec. 2012.

Droney, Maureen. "TEC Hall of Fame Honoree Arif Mardin: A Golden Career From Atlantic's

Heydey to Norah Jones." Mix Online. N.p. 01 Oct. 2005. Web. 20 Dec. 2012.

Charlotte's Web an Analysis of Wilbur's Maturation
Words: 1008 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61605463
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Charlotte's eb

An Analysis of ilbur's Maturation in Charlotte's eb

The journey of ilbur (the runt-sized pig) from childhood into adulthood is full of perils, twists and turns. hile ilbur's story encompasses the lives of several animals and a few humans, it is more than a collection of assorted characters gathered together in a children's tale: it is a kind of bildungsroman -- a coming-of-age novel in which a pig (ilbur) undergoes a maturation process thanks to some help from a few loving friends. This paper will show how ilbur matures into an adult despite some handicaps and a few very real threats along the way.

As Nancy Larrick points out, E.B. hite's Charlotte's eb contains a "startling note of realism" when it introduces the very first threat of ilbur's life: the ax (Larrick 67). The serious defect of ilbur's size (at least in the eyes of Fern's father) sheds…

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Best Buy SWOT Analysis Best
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"Bricks-and-mortar" vs. "clicks-and-mortar": An equilibrium analysis. " European Journal of Operational esearch 187.3 (2008): 671.

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Table 1: Best Buy Income Statement Analysis

(2005 -- 2009)












Cost of goods sold






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An Ad a Poem a Short Story and a Song
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Ad located:
The France ADOT advertisement for organ donation has an intended audience of all healthy people, who are in the position of registering for being official organ donors. The means of persuasion is emotional, as the image is of a hospital bed and a man hugging a transparent, ghost-like image of an elder. The suggestion is that the elder has passed on, and that the organs of that person are keeping alive the young man in the bed. A strong story is being told, given that the organ donor is of a different ethnic background from the recipient. The suggestion is that organ donation can help save the life of a total stranger. The method of persuasion is emotional and explicit, showing that it will help others to register as an organ donor, because once a person is dead, those organs can either be used to save the…


Ad located: 

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art analysis of book of mormon play
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theater and particularly its musical performances, have changed dramatically over the years. Their tone and style have reflected historical and cultural changes as well as shifts in attitudes toward musical theater. Recent productions like Book of Mormon and Hamilton would have been inconceivable just a generation ago. Broadway musicals are unique in that they straddle the line between popular and high culture. They have popular culture appeal, packed within the fine art of theater. In some ways, musical theater is a popular culture version of the opera. Broadway theater has matured and expanded its repertoire considerably, moving from the relatively limited domain of Steven Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd eber productions towards a more diverse and creative one. As Lewis points out, "How sadly limiting that was; it surely took some kind of toll on alternative voices trying to break free of cliche expectations," (2). Broadway has broken free, finally, and…

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Heroic Ideal Greece Rome an Analysis of
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Heroic Ideal Greece, ome

An Analysis of the Heroic Ideal from Ancient Greece to oman Empire

The mythopoetic tradition in Greece begins with Homer's Iliad, which balances the heroic figures of Achilles and Hector, two opposing warriors and men of honor, amidst a war on which not even the gods are in agreement. Hector and Achilles mirror one another in nobility and strength and both represent an ideal heroic archetype of citizenry -- men who do battle to honor both their countries and their names. To illustrate, however, the way the ideal of heroic citizenship changes from the Greek mythopoetic tradition through to the late Stoicism of oman imperialism, it is necessary to leap ahead several centuries and survey the several different bodies of work.

The mythopoetic tradition in Greece somewhat continually dwells on the same themes with regard to heroic citizenship, whether in Homer or in the Golden Age…

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Supply Chain Operations and Analysis
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Supply Chain strategies are like a living thin. They must change and adapt in order to meet the ever evolving needs of the customer and the business. They need to be flexible enough to drive ideal operational and tactical decisions. It also must be precise and clear. This is because it allows for immediacy in decision-making.

For example, future opportunities require a supply chain strategy to evolve with time. Twenty years ago, the internet was not so heavily used as it is today. Things were done in paper instead of online and digitally. Things like fax machines were used instead of email and people paid with checks instead of PayPal or some other online money system.

Now that things have become digitized, people are more likely to involve their business with online activity including websites and chat interfaces to allow customers and merchants to communicate with them effectively (Song, 2013).…


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Bobbi Brown Web Site Analysis
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It is immensely attractive to women particularly for the purposes of supporting another woman who was able to successfully develop her company essentially on her own. Where many cosmetics companies fall afoul of powerful feminist groups, Bobbi Brown's commitment to enhancing natural beauty and her ability to remain CEO even following a major corporate merger sets Bobbi Brown apart from other cosmetics giants in that shopping for Bobbi Brown cosmetics of utilizing her instructional videos and books is not cognitively dissonant with feminist theory.

The Bobbi Brown aesthetic is another major branding point. ather than working with over used extremely commercial looks, Bobbi has never been afraid to do something completely different than what all the competitors were doing with startling success. Following the acquisition of her company by Estee Lauder, the company began to suffer as a result of both extremely inexpensive reproductions as well as an imposing corporate…


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An indepth analysis of Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum
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Early Childhood Special Education Curriculum, Instruction and Methods Projects

This beginning chapter delineates education to the young children with special needs. In particular, early childhood special education mirrors impact and acclaimed practices resultant from the special education and early childhood fields. In the present, emphasis that is laid on early childhood does not encompass whether these young children can be provided with special needs service in typical settings but focus is rather on how the design of these inclusive programs can be most efficacious. Therefore, taking this into consideration, it is necessary to have early intervention for children with disabilities. However, an important element that is delineated in the chapter is that in as much as these children have special needs, they ought not to be treated in a dissimilar manner. The programs of early intervention for kids and preschoolers with special needs have to be centered on the similar…


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