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Steel Industry Essays (Examples)

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Steel Tariffs After Imposing Tariffs
Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43355887
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They could have ranged from being between 8% and 30% and would have been applied on a wide variety of American goods ("Q&a: U.S.-EU Steel Dispute," Dec. 4, 2003). The exports potentially being affected ranged from Harley Davidson motorcycles to citrus fruit ("EU slaps $200m tariff on U.S. imports," Nov. 5, 2003).

The basis upon which the EU selected goods to impose duties on was the political damage they would cause Bush during his 2004 re-election bid. The majority of affected goods were produced in states that were vital to Bush's success in the election. They included the southern U.S. where items such as citrus fruits, clothing, shoes, tobacco, rice, yachts, paper, and cardboard were produced. They also included many states in the Midwest, where watches, spectacles, hand tools, and steel products were produced (Q&a: U.S.-EU Steel Dispute," Dec. 4, 2003).

The Bush administration finally repealed the steel tariffs for…


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Steel Frame Construction Bibliography and
Words: 4365 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3048734
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According to Montgomery (2003), "Higher floors of buildings tended to rent at a substantial discount, due to the need to climb several flights of stairs to reach one's workplace or residence. Otis's invention of the safety elevator at mid-century heralded the end of this constraint on vertical real estate development" (495). Likewise, Masden notes that the increasingly confident use of the relatively new ' elevators' also fueled demand for more steel frame structures; such new steel-framed buildings were known during this early period as "elevator buildings" instead of skyscrapers, a term that was first coined in 1883 (Marsden 78).

The underlying theory behind steel frame construction during its early use, though, fueled some well-intentioned but misguided efforts that adversely influenced future applications, selection of building materials, site selection and other salient factors involved in construction. In this regard, Mumford (1959) reports that, "Unfortunately, the skyscraper was an almost automatic response…

Works Cited

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High Strength Steels in Automobiles
Words: 2068 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63982152
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As compared to carbon steel, the development of high speed steel has many advantages over carbon and is therefore more popular in high speed applications (lack, 2010).

This type of steel works due to several very important factors such as the type of metals used, high treatment temperatures and its ability to melt metals. eing an alloy that combines several metals, high speed steel can be kept hard even under extreme temperatures because the steel can provide heat resistance. The steel also remains hard even under intensive high temperatures due to the high temperature treatment.

This steel is an alloy which combines several metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, cobalt and others. The most commonly used type of steel in high speed steel products is tungsten. Nonetheless, various types and designations of high speed steel exist with each of these steels having their own special combinations. Due to its ability…

Bibliography: (1999), Growth of High Strength Steel In Auto Industry Outpacing Other

Materials, Association says,, viewed 4 April 2010 (n.d.), High Performance Gearbox Steels,, viewed 4 April 2010,

Humana and Tata Steel Humana
Words: 1733 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 66756997
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The costs of raw materials continued to escalate as well, further impacting profitability.

More environmental regulations - There are many industrial regulations on the steel industries including the Kyoto doctrine that concentrates on green-based government initiatives to save the environment. All of these regulations further increase the costs that Tata must incur to continue operating.

Humana eferences

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Tata Steel eferences (Amit, Mukherjee, Tridibesh, 1995)

Chatterjee, Amit, Mukherjee,…

References (Amit, Mukherjee, Tridibesh, 1995)

Chatterjee, Amit, Mukherjee, Tridibesh. (1995). Staying ahead of global competition: The Tata Steel strategy. Journal of General Management, 21(1), 71. Retrieved February 25, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 6986348). 

T.V. Mahalingam. (2008, July). India Inc. On a steely voyage:Since the landmark acquisition of Corus by Tata Steel, Indian steel companies seem to have developed a hunger for acquiring steel companies and raw material assets across the globe.. Business Today. Retrieved March 1, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1518967231).

Steel Frame vs Concrete Frame Sustainability Score
Words: 904 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39142545
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Are steel-framed buildings more sustainable than concrete-framed buildings -- or vice versa? This is a question many have asked, resulting in in quite a number of comparisons. The debate was reignited following Larry Silverstein's comments regarding the new WTC enhanced safety measures. Silverstein, the Ground Zero Developer, announced that concrete (2-foot-thick) would encase the core of the building as a measure to provide a higher level of protection in the case of a terror attack or fire. The core houses the building's power systems and elevators. So, from a sustainability perspective, which of the two frames (concrete -- frame and steel-frame) scores higher? Sustainability, as an adjective, will in this context be defined as the innate or intrinsic ability to be defended/upheld. It is important to note that although each material has its own unique benefits, there is need to address which of the two frames will better address future…

Industry Revolution
Words: 448 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 66802038
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industrialization Civil War influenced U.S. society

Industrialization after the Civil War paved the way for modernizing the United States and giving it the status that it enjoyed for the majority of the 21st century -- that of a global superpower. It did so through the development of a robust economy built on manufacturing, which gave it both political and social clout throughout the world.

Three Major Aspects of Industrialization during 1865-1920

The continued development and completion of the railroad.

The emergence of the factory system and manufacturing industries (particularly steel).

Five Specific Groups Affected by Industrialization

Chinese Immigrants

These workers were brought on to assist with the completion of the railroad.

Their perceived debauchery led to the Exclusion Act of 1882 (Harvard, 2014).

B. African-Americans

These peoples migrated from the South to the North due to the manufacturing industries.

They were frequently used as strike breakers in labor disputes.



Dublin, T. (1986). Rural-urban migrants in Industrial New England. Journal of American History. 73(3), 623-644.

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History of Air Cargo Industry
Words: 3692 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84106237
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ir Cargo, Inc. only flew cargo from December, 1941 (when Pearl Harbor was attacked) through November, 1944. t that time, Siddiqi explains that individual airline companies authored their own freight services, and on page 2 the author of this article notes that in time the major passenger airlines began offering freight forwarding service and that pretty well eliminated the need for a whole fleet of airline companies that just forwarded freight (Siddiqi). Only Flying Tiger stayed aloft as a strictly air freight company until the 1980s when Federal Express entered the picture. More on FedEx later in this paper.

The Literature -- the History of ir Freight Transportation -- Berlin ir Lift

When the long, bloody war was over it was time for the winning llies to divide up the territory that once was Nazi Germany, the negotiated, agreed-upon divisions gave the llies (U.S., Britain, and France) the Western…

April 20, 2012, from

Wilde, Robert. (2005). Berlin Blockade / Berlin Airlift. Retrieved April 20, 2012,

From .

Apparel Industry on the First
Words: 3585 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78321263
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"Social messages sent by clothing, accessories and decorations can invoke social status, occupation, ethnic and religious affiliation, marital status and sexual availability etc."

4.2 Product innovation and technological changes

The rapid rate of technological development set the course of development in numerous other domains, including apparel. In this order of ides, the technology adherent to the apparel production process is on its path from computer made designs to technologically improved materials' quality. For example, future directions in the apparel industry involve "more types of fiber developed using nanotechnology or smart clothes that incorporate electronics."

4.3 Marketing innovation

The main characteristic of current trade and production is that the items tend to focus more and more on the customers' needs and desires. Apparel producers are today faced with the difficult task of combining the publics' needs with a high quality of work and material as well as with the latest fashion…


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Business Study Nucor Steel Historical Performance Review
Words: 1331 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73112895
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usiness Study Nucor Steel

Historical Performance Review vs. Goals

The performance of Nucor Steel has been one of volatility in their earnings and demand for their products. Part of the reason of for this, is because of the sharp contraction in demand for steel (due to the server implosion in economic activity). At the same time, the traditional volatility of industry would cause the company's earnings to become even more unpredictable. A good example of this can be seen by looking no further, than comparing revenues with the net income between 2006 and 2008. Where, revenues would climb from $14.7 billion in 2006 to $22.6 billion in 2008. While the net income, would become more unpredictable during the same period of time going from: $1.7 billion in 2006 to $1.4 billion 2007. At which point, they would begin to climb again, with 2008 net income coming in at $1.8 billion.…


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Bamboo Industry in India Bamboo
Words: 6798 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 19886807
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S. production value. Exports account for approximately half this amount (Binnquist, Lopez, and Shanley). Figure 2 portrays three views of bamboo. One: A bamboo forrest; Two: A bamboos shoot; Three: A bamboo grove walkway.

Figure 2: Three Views of Bamboo (adapted from Stickman).

As bamboo production levels have risen, the amounts of raw materials needed to facilitate the production have simultaneously increased. The bamboo industry in Anji predominantly harvests bamboo from plantations, as it primarily grows a fast growing and easily cultivated, bamboo species, locally known as "maozhu" or "moso bamboo" (phyllostachys heterocycla) (Binnquist, Lopez, and Shanley). .

Currently in Anji, the cultivation of moso bamboo encompasses 60% of the forest area, with the percentage rising as plantations expand. Along with the hefty production of bamboo, the intense cultivation bamboo industry uses mammoth amounts of fertilizers and pesticides; which contributes to negative environmental effects. In reference to the bamboo production…


Applegate, Ed and Johnsen, Art. Cases in advertising and marketing management: real =

situations for tomorrow's managers Plymouth, United Kingdom: Rowman & Littlefield, 2007. Print.

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Web. Available at: . 09 October 2009.

Trade Show Industry in Germany
Words: 31155 Length: 113 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 38292092
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Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it sheds light on a very important contributor to local and international trade. Trade fairs have a long history in providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers. They are an important channel of communication for B2B buyers and sellers. This is a significant area for study because there are limited channels of communication between B2B buyers and sellers. The previous sections have diversified the importance of communication to trade. B2B buyers and sellers cannot use mass channels of communication such as television advertising or newspaper advertising. In this market usage of personal visits and demonstrations are the common channels of marketing and communication. The B2B selling and marketing activities are less highlighted in research than B2C activities. Therefore, this study is significant because it explores a very important channel of marketing and communication in the B2B market.

The study is…

UFI.(2009). The Trade Fair Industry in Asia, 5th edition: A UFI report researched and compiled by Business Strategies Group Executive Summary -- for UFI members only." Business Strategies Group Ltd. [online] Available at  [Accessed 10 May, 2012].

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Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Industry With
Words: 8843 Length: 31 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16155101
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Competitiveness of Sustenance Lithographic Printing Industry with the Digital Printing Industry: A Case Study of the Lithographic Printing Industry in Nigeria

Major Constraints Affecting the Lithographic Printing Industry

The Effect of the Total Quality Management System on Lithographic

Industry and Compliance with a Changing World

Comparison of Lithographic Printing and Digital Printing to Develop

Avenues to Increase the Sale of Lithography

Stakeholder Opinions of the Proficiency of the Lithographic Printing


Although facing obsolescence from innovations in digital printing technologies, the lithographic industry is faced with several constraints to its competitiveness that form the focus of this study. The overarching aim of this study is to investigate and explore the future of the lithographic printing industry and develop ways on how lithographic printing can be sustained in the changing world of emerging technologies in the printing industry today. In support of this main aim, the study's objectives were to: provide…


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U S Auto Industry the Motor
Words: 1870 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34073149
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The big three will likely weather the tsunami, as completely different entities than they have been in the past, possibly even more strikingly different than they were before and after the Japanese management style implementation in the 1980s. ith these and other changes likely in the industry in the near future The industry will once again prove flexible and innovative in changing with the times.

orks Cited

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Lung, Yannick.…

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U S Airline Industry Assess the
Words: 1677 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89234738
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Similarly, this could influence the international airline community. Then, a stable economy is highly dependent upon a stable oil price, which once again is not the case. "The environment will continue to become more competitive as the LCC's continue to become more convenient. Business fares will continue to drop. Leisure fares won't raise much until capacity is generally in line with demand, which won't occur until much of the capacity overhand has been employed either by surviving legacy carriers or LCC."

To the customer, the continuing of this trend will generate no benefits. "In other words, we're stuck with the current system, because it isn't really in any airline's interest to try to change it. As long as no airline makes a dedicated effort to distinguish itself from the pack, all the airlines can stay lean, even at the expense of quality."


Surowiecki, J., the Unfriendly Skies, the New…


Surowiecki, J., the Unfriendly Skies, the New Yorker, 2007

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Airlines face fiscal problems due to war, the Daily Michigan, September 1, 2003

Quick MBA, Porter's Five Forces - a Model for Industry Analysis, 1999-2007, . Retrieved on February 13, 2008

Railroad Industry the Modern Day
Words: 1567 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67301952
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" The U.S. railroads stated featherbedding bill figures to be approximately $500 million a year. (Time & CNN, 1959; paraphrased)

Summary and Conclusion

One cannot presume to visit any city or town in the United States in today's world without seeing or hearing a train as it chugs down the railroad tracks from one destination to another every busy. While not much attention is given to today's railroad companies, it is certain that the railroad in the United States is still going just as strong as in its' historical heyday. As a matter of fact, the railroad is the oldest form of across land transportation in the history of the United States excepting the horse and wagon originally used by settlers in the establishing of the United States of America.


Samson, William D. And Previts, Gary John (1995) Reporting for Success: The altimore and Ohio Railroad and Management Information…


Samson, William D. And Previts, Gary John (1995) Reporting for Success: The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and Management Information 1827-1856. Culverhouse College of Commerce. Online available at 

Reading Co." A Brief History (nd) Reading Company Technical & Historical Society, Online available at .

Union Railroad (nd) online available at .

Central Railroad of New Jersery (nd) online available at

Vertical Integration at Shultz Steel
Words: 336 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17827029
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In terms of Shultz Steel, it prides itself on its vertical integration demonstrating how all of its products from landing gear structures (for instance) for aerospace (that include commercial and defenses airframes) to the equipment for land-based gas and turbine engines (industrial) are all produced under one roof. In this way, they say, they can guarantee 'unique levels of quality, flexibility, efficiency, and service." (Schultz Steel:


Aerspace grade ingots

Ingots forged to Billet stock

Billets cut to Mults for forging

Mults pre-formed

Performs forced to customer requirements

Heat treatment

Machining & inspection

Delivered to customer

Stocked in inventory

Shultz 3D modeling design assistance

Performed by Shultz

Schultz rough / finish machining

Ingots punched into 'donuts' 'Donut' saddled or ring rolled

Ring rough machined


Royal Manufacturing Industry Analysis the
Words: 1323 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 43523754
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The receivables totalled 2.54 million with the largest percentage

Oil and Gas Industry in
Words: 19369 Length: 70 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 13266410
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A large body of literature has treated many different aspects of these influences on Asia, Europe and the United States (Busser & Sadoi, 2003). The importance of the study relates to the current trends taking place in Libya where aggressive steps have been taken in recent years to normalize relations with the international community. For example, Libya opened up its programs to develop weapons of mass destruction to international scrutiny and renounced terrorism as a political tool (Libya, 2010). Moreover, the country's political leadership has been equally forthcoming in its efforts to normalize their relations with Western nations since 2003 (Libya, 2010). More recently, Libya has been removed from the U.S. State Department's list of states that sponsor terrorism in 2006 and in 2008, Libya joined the United Nations as a nonpermanent member on the UN Security Council during the 2008-2009 term (Libya, 2010).

Other signs that clearly point to…


About us. (2010). Mobil. Retrieved from .

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Announcement of oil discovery. (2010, July). National Oil Corporation. Retrieved from ;

Meat Packing Industry
Words: 6838 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17615196
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Safety and Health Issues in Meat Processing Industry

In the meat processing industry, health and safety issues are of vital importance, in view of the several risks arising out of microbial contamination of meat and the occupational hazards faced by workers. Past experiences have shown that microbial reproduction in meat and meat products can reach alarming proportions traversing across countries and even continents. The infamous mad cow disease and the foot and mouth disease in cattle has rattled the British meat industry for a considerable period, resulting in loss of image, confidence and erosion of profits. North America's main problem is the widespread prevalence of eschericia coli in meat, more commonly known as the hamburger disease. It is well-known that meat is highly susceptible to attack of bacteria and virus and hence there is a constant need to address this risk. When microbial activity sets in, the quality of meat…


American Meat Industry Fact Sheet: 'Worker Safety in the Meat and Poultry Industry', (2002) Available at Accessed 11/28/2003

Brodeur, C. (n.d) Agriculture and Agri-food Canada - 'Meat Safety: The war on bacteria', Available at Accessed 11/28/2003

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Chesworth, N (1997) 'Food Hygiene Auditing', Blackie Academic & Professional, London

Dryships Inc In All Industries
Words: 627 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42654792
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They also have invested heavily in a number of deep sea exploration rigs / submarines. These two different businesses that Dryships are involved in, have allowed them to be more diversified than their competitors. This means that when the economy is expanding, the company will benefit from being involved in a number of different businesses. Then during times of economic contraction, these businesses help to protect the company, against the volatility that the industry is known for. ("Dryships," 2010)

How competitive would it be to start a company in this industry today?

The industry is very competitive, this because the spot rate is always subject to change. The spot rate is: the amount that the company and competitors are charging for transporting goods around the world. It is subject to increases or decreases in demand from businesses as: energy prices, weather conditions and the economic cycle can affect the rate.…


Daily Market. (2010, March 24). Retrieved March 25, 2101 from Dryships website:

Dryships. (2010). Retrieved March 25, 2010 from Dryships website: 

Dryships. (2010). Retrieved March 25, 2010 from Dryships website:

Innovation in Las Constriction Industry in the 1950s
Words: 1621 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23963645
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Csh 21, La: Challenges and Innovations in Its Construction

Case Study House 21, LA. Challenges and Innovations in Its Construction

The Case Study House 21 (ailey House) epitomizes an icon in the Case Study program. It was implemented as a visionary project aimed at re-establishing the modern living that was implemented by John Entenza for arts and architecture magazine. After its completion in 1959, Arts and Architecture appreciated it as one of the immaculate imaginations in the development of the small contemporary house. It is pertinent to mention the development remains a vital global influence for architects. The purpose of this article is to explore the challenges and innovations experienced in building by the time Case Study House 21 was developed. In this case, the paper analyzes the condition of the building industry regarding the materials and technologies available for construction.

As mentioned, the establishment of the above program was…


Dhir, R. K. et al. (2002). Innovations and Developments in Concrete Materials and Construction: Proceedings of the International Conference Held at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK on 9-11 September 2002. Thomas Telford

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Rothstein, Mignon E. A Study of the Growth of Negro Population in Los Angeles and Available Housing Facilities between 1940 and 1946. University of Southern California.

Cultural Impact on Hospitality Industry
Words: 2972 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45084448
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Tourism Management

The impact of technology and the increase of international travel and exploration, the global environment has provided a landscape that depends on the knowledge of other culture. The differences among the human race are everywhere and the denotation of such individualities create challenges for those wishing to attain a successful career based in international exposure.

The purpose of this essay is to explore various themes and ideas that relate to cross-cultural management theory applied in a practical and pragmatic manner. This essay aims to answer the following question:

Which international skills, knowledge, behaviours and experiences will be advantageous in the development of my future career?

My future career selection is not quite clear at this time but I have narrowed it down to becoming involved in hotel management in Central America. This essay will first examine the basics of culture to help give a theoretical background to my…


Branine, M. (2011). Managing across cultures: Concepts, policies and practices. Sage.

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Business Plan Improvements the Financial
Words: 800 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 10195574
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Supplier power

Suppliers tend to have a moderate power on the steel industry. This situation is mostly determined by the switching costs of firms in the industry. Another factor of influence on this situation is represented by the importance of volume to suppliers.

Entry barriers

It is difficult for companies to enter the steel industry. This is because of the great investments that are required in order to produce steel products or to purchase them. The limited success to distribution is another factor that increases the difficulty of addressing this industry.

3. Market analysis

This industry is characterized by an increasing demand for steel. The business sectors that report such significant demand increase of steel are represented by: the construction, the infrastructure, and automobile sectors. Producers of steel and organizations in the field tend to focus on developing user friendly steel products. This can be achieved by developing light weighted…

Reference list:

1. Porter's Five Forces (2010). QuickMBA. Retrieved February 10, 2012 from .

2. Steel Industry Analysis (2010). EconomyWatch. Retrieved February 10, 2012 from .

Nucor Discuss the Trends in
Words: 1522 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18585749
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This is a delicate balance for any organization to attain, and Nucor has been able to keep the variation in production process balanced with the need to keep employees motivated while changes in their business model are implemented.

Based on your recommendation for related or unrelated diversification, identify the organizational structure issues that the company would need to address to implement that diversification.

With related diversification the recommendation, organizational and structural issues are minimized, as this strategy will integrate companies whose structures and management philosophies are comparable to Nucor. This will also minimize resistance to change and make the integration of companies much more effective over time. Finally, this approach will make it systems and processes much more efficient and economical. All of these factors will ensure Nucor continues to succeed against larger and slower-to-respond competitors globally.


Brian Denton, Diwakar Gupta. (2004). Strategic inventory deployment in the steel industry.…


Brian Denton, Diwakar Gupta. (2004). Strategic inventory deployment in the steel industry. IIE Transactions, 36(11), 1083-1097.

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Foreign Exchange Risk Management in
Words: 5032 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86866079
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In addition, a series of joint ventures in which West German steel firms joined with East German firms and Krupp, Klockner, and Thyssen of Germany was pursuing other developmental initiatives in eastern Europe as well. Likewise, Arbed of Luxemburg was involved in steelmaking facilities in the former East Germany. According to Mangum et al., "The rising market for improved galvanizing for automobiles, appliances, canning, and other uses is producing a rash of joint ventures throughout the world. Some of these are internal to various countries and others involve international partners" (p. 74).

As a result, nearly 30% of the world's steel supply is now produced by plants belonging to companies that did not exist just 3 decades ago (Ahlberg, Pitkanen & Storsch 1999). As these authors point out, "Such upstarts have entered a global market that since 1980 has grown by less than 1% a year -- an average combining…


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Quarterly 83.

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Engineering Materials
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Engineering Materials: High Strength Steel and Bus Seat Frames

The purpose of this paper is to conduct research and the review the findings. This paper seeks an understanding of the engineering material of high strength steel, the process in which it is made and the items it is used to build specifically that of bus seat frames. Over the course of the research, it is has been determined that high strength steel is effective when used in building lightweight yet safe and sturdy bus seat frames. This construct lends to the overall safety of buses using this material, specifically in existing models found in buses designed by a company called Fainsa located in Barcelona, Spain. This paper explores the process and design of these seats by looking at the process in which high strength steel is created. By understanding how high strength steel is made, one can better understand its…


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Nucor There Are Several Trends
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The second HRM issue is that of training. The steel industry being characterized by mature firms, often supported by government, can breed complacency. Nucor needs to ensure that management at its acquisitions and joint ventures has a high level of training in the systems and techniques that Nucor uses to drive its innovation. This training needs to be diffused throughout the organization. This increases risk, however, in the joint ventures because Nucor's management systems are a source of competition advantage and they are disseminating those systems to firms with whom they compete on the global market.

The third HRM issue that may arise is that of compensation. It is difficult to attract top talent in low-cost mature industries because sometimes the pay is not as high due to cost control measures -- particularly at Nucor where perks are few -- and because steel is simply not a sexy industry. Developing…

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Nucor Corporation
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Nucor Corporation

Steel industry is one of the oldest industries and has been the backbone of many industries. In the 19th century, advent of steam engines, cotton gins and mechanized farming led to the strength and growth of steel industry. Between 1875 and 1920, the production of American steel increased to 60 million tons. In 1900s, the annual growth of the U.S. steel industry was 7.0%. Following the post World War II, the American steel industry experienced a new impetus where there was high demand for steel because of the post-war construction and ever expanding economy. Apart from the domestic demand, global demand also contributed to the growth of the steel industry in the United States. However, with advent of new technology, the demand for the U.S. steel experienced a tremendous decline and this has had impact on the strategic growth of Nucor Corporation.

Nucor Corporation is one of the…


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Product Manufacturing the Objective of
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However, there are changes in customer tastes, which influence steel demand. Moreover, the new technology is increasingly influencing the production of steel and many companies are gaining competitive edge using the latest technology in the steel manufacturing. Moreover, the cost cutting is another trends happening within the industry because organizations are increasingly source for high quality materials at lower costs to produce at low costs thereby offering the product at low prices in the market. More importantly, many steel companies have taken the advantages of internet technology to offer their products online. Using the internet method to offer products to consumers, many companies have been able to offer their products internationally.

Nucor Corporation and AK Steel are our primary competitors because the companies use the retail outlets to sale its products to both retailers and consumers. Moreover, in a steel industry, brand is a powerful tool that organizations employ to…


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Tariffs Describe a Specific Tariff an Ad
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Describe a specific tariff, an ad valorem tariff, and a compound tariff. hat are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

A specific tariff is a fixed amount of taxation, placed by a government, per physical unit of an imported product. (Carbaugh, 2004). This enables the government of the importing nation to target certain goods from other countries that might be competitive with the nation's major, domestically produced goods. However it also reduces price competition internally within the nation for those goods and services for its citizens and makes its citizens pay more for those goods. An ad valorem tariff is a tax on imports that is specified as a percentage of the value of the good or service being taxed. (AmosEB, 2004). This tends to penalize luxury or more expensive imported goods, making them even more prohibitive in terms of cost. A compound tariff is a combination of an…

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Trade Act of 1974 on Euro Exchange
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Trade Act of 1974 on Euro exchange rates?

Free Trade has been a key agenda for the past three presidents. In an expanding global market, tariffs and trade policies are more important today than they have been in the past. More and more countries are forming alliances such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Asian Alliance, and the European Union (EU). These trade agreements are meant to level the playing for all countries, both industrialized and emerging countries.

President Bush's trade policy is aimed at helping to generate American jobs, open markets to American products, and provide economic growth. Sometimes massive increases in imports can have a devastating effect on U.S. industries. [This has been the case for the U.S. steel Industry and is the issue addressed in Section 203 (B) (1) of the Trade Act of 1974. Foreign steel makers have had the luxury of government…

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Posco Originally Called Pohang Iron
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The crisis compelled the company to accept the government's offer of privatization and so, in 2001, POCO became a privatized company.

Enduring several scandals and plunges, POCO also managed to lift itself up and continue through its challenges through the late 1990s and into the millennium. Its success came about by eliminating ventures in other fields and investing only in projects that were in line with its objectives as well as by merging subsidiaries. In 1999, therefore, it merged Pohang teel Industries and Pohang Coated teel into Pohang teel Co. As well as starting three machinery units in the POCO Machinery Company. A few years earlier too (in 1994), its first two subsidiaries were created - POTEEL and POTGRADE.

In order to cut prices and make their organization more lean and effective, they also formed partnerships with former competitors such as with Nippon teel and China's Baoshan Iron & teel…

Sources Metals. Company Profile: POSC

Fundign universe. POSCO 

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Lake Erie to the Industrial and Commercial
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Lake Erie to the industrial and commercial markets of Northern Ohio, the state of Ohio, and the entire United States.


Lake Erie forms the northern boundary to the state of Ohio, separating the state from Canada. It is the fourth largest of the Great Lakes, and the 12th largest freshwater lake in the world. It provides significant drinking water to the surrounding cities and towns, and is used for recreation and fishing (Hansen). It also provides large quantities of hydroelectric power throughout the region.

The dedication of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959 opened Ohio's Lake Erie ports to ships of all flags. Prior to construction of the Seaway, only very small "canalers" could come to the Lakes from the Atlantic, so overseas trade via the Lakes was insignificant. Today, the salt water trade to and from Ohio is an important segment of Great Lakes shipping…

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Stock Is an Attractive Long-Term
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00. ("Nue Core," 2010) Arcelor Mittal has trailing PE ratio of 23.28 and a forward PE ratio of 7.09. The current ratio is 1.35 and the put call ratio is .55. The price dividend ratio is 45.74, while the beta is 2.70. ("Arcelor Mittal," 2010)

Upon doing a side by side comparison, Arcelor Mittal is the strongest company out of three. This is because their PE ratios remained more stable over the past year and the reading of 7.09 on the forward PE ratio, is an attractive long-term valuation. The high put call ratio indicates that investors have become somewhat pessimistic in the stock. The price dividend ratio is the only drawback, where historically this number should be in the 14 to 17 range. However, given the volatile nature of the steel industry, the fact that they are continuing to pay dividends after a severe recession is a sign of…


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History of Canadian Labour The
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" (Rouillard, 1987) There was a desire to "humanize the economy" based on the value of work being "more important than capital since the individual had to take priority over the accumulation of goods." (Rouillard, 1987)


In 1958 this liberal humanism of the CTCC "manifested itself in a new theme that appeared...economic planning." (Rouillard, 1987) Abuses of the system were corrected by the intervention of the state even though it was symbolic intervention only and it even "further directed the economy toward satisfying the real needs of individuals." (Rouillard, 1987) the CTCC gradually became nondenominational over the years and finally in 1960 the CTCC dropped 'Catholic' from its title and "all direct references to the Church's social doctrine." (Rouillard, 1987)


The work of Calliste entitled: "Sleeping Car Porters in Canada: An Ethnically Submerged Split Labour Market" (1987) states…


Calliste, Agnes (1987) Sleeping Car Porters in Canada: An Ethnically Submerged Split Labour Market. Canadian Ethnic Studies. 1987 Canadian Ethnic Studies Association.

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Corporate Mergers and Public Good
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Corporate Mergers and the Public Good

The United States of America, during the last years of the Nineteenth Century, witnessed a rash of corporate mergers. The Industrial Revolution had taken firm hold, and the nation was changing rapidly. Millions of Americans who had once been independent farmers or tradesmen now found themselves in the position of what some termed "wage slaves." At the mercy of their corporate employers, they worked long hours at low pay, and often under appalling conditions. The reasons for the merger mania of this period are many and complex, as are its effects upon the population as a whole. In breaking down the traditional vocational environment, the gigantic new conglomerates also transformed the entire social landscape. ork was no longer a family business shared by all generations. Communities no longer clung together for mutual protection and aid. Suddenly, the citizen of this new world was out…

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Healthcare - Unions Implications of
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ecause unions retain the exclusive right to negotiate on behalf of its members, the individual worker may have little recourse to easily address incompetent leadership.

The Disadvantages of Unionized Labor for Healthcare Employers:

The primary disadvantages of unionized labor for healthcare employers correspond to the relative loss of control over issues and workplace elements commonly transferred to workers (through their unions), which accounts for the traditional resistance with which many employers responded to unionization attempts. On the one hand, unionized workforces are able to secure better pay and benefits from employers than would have been available to workers without union representation; likewise, employers must cede control over many aspects of operational and personnel decisions traditionally within administrative control.

On the other hand, particularly in light of the beneficial effect that unionized nursing has had on the quality of patient care and reduction in patient mortality, it is difficult to conceive…


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New York: Pocket Books

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Business Management and Supervision
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Performance Improvement

Carl Peterson is a marketing assistant at a medium sized investment firm in the U.S. He has been in the position for the last 1 year, and he is primarily involved in supporting the marketing manager on sales and marketing projects. This role specifically entails aspects such as organising market research, analysing questionnaires, compiling marketing reports, conducting promotional activities, and engaging clients. In the recent performance review conducted just a few weeks ago, significant shortcomings emerged in Peterson's performance. The review particularly revealed frequent mistakes, consistent inability to follow instructions, repeated failure to meet deadlines, as well as poor interpersonal and communication skills. Other aspects of poor performance that emerged include inattention to detail, poor teamwork skills, and frequent lateness to work. Peterson's weaknesses have significantly disrupted the flow of work at the marketing department, with most of his colleagues increasingly showing reluctance to work with him. More…

Marpol Annex VI Requirements on
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At the time, the industry sought to examine both oil pollution in general and ocean dumping as well as land-based sources of ocean pollution. According to ang, "More significant was the rapid technological development in the design of large-sized oil tankers which required constant rule changes. By 1973 it was evident that the 1954 convention provisions were inadequate or outdated, and by then the likelihood of the 1954 convention coming into force was rather doubtful" (334).

The new protocol ultimately entered into force in January 1978. The 1973 version of MARPOL was comprised of 20 articles concerning general obligations under the convention (e.g., prohibition of violation of requirements, rules for ship inspection, enforcement, reporting on incidents involving harmful substances, and most importantly, five technical annexes or regulations on 1) oil pollution; 2) control of noxious liquid substances in bulk; 3) harmful substances carried by sea in package forms or in…

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Heavy Equipment the Global Heavy
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The other is corruption. hile Transparency International has France listed as one of the more corrupt estern European nations (at #23 worldwide), Bolivia is ranked #102. The lack of effective rule of law in Bolivia is a significant impediment to business development.

In terms of business operating resources, France is superior. As one of the largest markets for construction equipment, not only is there an ample customer base, but the institutions are well-developed. Transportation networks and financial institutions are relatively strong. It is easy to do business in France, as there are few restrictions on capital flows, financing, and few impediments to business development. In contrast, Bolivia has many issues. The financial sector is poorly developed. hile it appears to function for resource exploitation firms, it is safer to conduct transaction in other jurisdictions. The infrastructure is poor. Bolivia is a landlocked country so it is difficult to get equipment…

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Appalachia the Adena Hopewell and
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Sociologists explain their condition through a culture-of-poverty theory or the theory of internal colonialism. Under the first theory, Appalachia families, for better or worse, simply cope with poverty. The second theory, on the other hand, ascribes poverty in Appalachia to structural causes. The theories offer insights but are both found to be quite deficient (Billings and Blee).

The first theory on culture-on-poverty became popular in the 60s and drew its premise from Appalachia's ethnic geography in the late 19th century. It was then perceived as a distinct region and race that entered the American consciousness only after the Civil War (Billings and Blee 2002). Imaginative fictionists only conjured images of the mountain and upland cultures, which were vastly out of step with the lowland's, culturally ad economically. At the turn of the century, Willim Goddell Frost, president of Berea College of Kentucky, discoursed on the people of the southern amounts…


Billings, Dwight and Blee, Kathleen M. Rural Poverty in Appalachia. Fathom Knowledge Network, 2002.

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International Business Expansion Process International Recruitment and
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international business expansion process.

International recruitment and selection brings a number of challenges for business organizations. They not only face difficulties in hiring the desired skillful staff from the host country, but may also have to deal with severe financial and cultural diversity issues. Through this research study, an effort has been made to highlight the major challenges and issues which make the international recruitment and selection process more complex and challenging for multinational organization.

The research report starts with an ample introduction to the esearch question and proceeds by highlighting the core objectives of the research study. The research question clearly states the major objective of this research study in a quite precise and succinct manner. The most important section of the research report is Literature review which has been written after a comprehensive research from a number of academic and industry journal articles and books; most of which…


Ashamalla, M.H. 1998, International Human Resource Management Practices: the Challenge of Expatriation. CR, 8 (2): 54-63.

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Nucor Corporation the Modern Day
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Given this situation, alongside with the other features and strengths of Nucor -- such as an efficient human resource policy, an efficient operational system, vast expertise or fruitful market strategies -- the advice to the investor is that of purchasing the shares in Nucor, as he will soon be presented with the ability to capitalize on his investment.

6. ecommendations

Before actually making the recommendations, it is useful to mention that these will be presented in a bulleted format in order to increase the readability and clarity of the ideas, as well as to offer the ability to follow through the issues which have been identified throughout the previous sections. In this order of ideas, the following lines present some of the recommended courses for action for Nucor:

The company should become more involved in the well-being of the American steel industry and should form coalitions with other American steel…


Hoskisson, R.E., 2008, Strategic Management -- Concepts and Cases: Competitiveness and Globalization, Cengage Learning

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Business Valuation of Keystone the
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022 million was registered in 1998 and the lowest of $308.670 million was registered in 2001

The operating expenses fluctuated between the high value of $24.745 million in 2000 and the low value of $15.737 million in 1998

The operating profit also fluctuated between $21.250 million in 1997 to a negative 17.591 million in 2000

The net income followed a constant descendant trend, decreasing from $12.368 million in 1997 to -$26.393 in 2001 (Keystone Workbook, Historical Common Size Income Statements)

elative to financial ratios, the following must be considered:

All ratios of operational analysis are larger than the industry averages, meaning that the company operates at high levels of quality and performance

With the exception of payable turnover and cash conversion cycle, all resource management ratios are superior to the industry averages, meaning that Keystone is fairly able to use its resources and transform them into money

Profitability ratios are…

Kanzen Berhad Case Study Its
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On the other hand, allowing the imports of welded stainless steel to undercut domestic manufacturers might spell economic crisis within the industry by forcing plant closures.

Possible Solutions

KTSB could elect to sue the filers of the petition on the grounds that their allegations hinder free trade and might inadvertently affect ancillary domestic markets such as construction, household goods manufacturing, and housing. The lawsuit might also call into question the petitioners' marketing research and the "certain assumptions" made ("Kanzen Berhad," 1996, p. 6). Moreover, En Hong Chew noted feeling surprised by the timing of the petition, signifying that it might have been filed prematurely ("Kanzen Berhad," 1996, p. 6). Such litigation is unlikely to yield long-term gains for KTSB, however. Not only would the suit be costly, it is unlikely to do more than postpone the implementation of the antidumping duties on Malaysian welded stainless steel exports.

Assuming that the…


Kanzen Berhad: The United States and Antidumping Duties." (1996). IVEY.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Styles - Comparative
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As a result, economic development was redefined in terms of reduction or elimination of poverty, inequality, and unemployment within the perspective of a growing economy (Mamede & Davidsson, 2003).

Research indicates that entreprenuership can be both the cause and effect of economic development in the sense of wealth distribution. Countries in which wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small fraction of the population face greater difficulties in coordinating the major components of progress (Mamede & Davidsson, 2003). hese three components are labor, capital, resources and innovation. According to Mamede and Davidsson (2003), considering that the three driving forces of entrepreneurial success - founders, opportunity recognition, and resource requirements - are more likely to occur in a combined way, there are better chances to prosper in regions in which wealth is more equitably distributed. hese researchers have also observed that members of such societies are in a more favorable…

The 2002 GEM report also indicates the changes in the percentile of the growth of gross domestic products over a three-year period. Sweden's percentile of growth in gross domestic products for 1999 was 4.51%, in 2000, 3.61%, and in 2001, 1.21%. The change from the previous year for Sweden was -.90% from 1999 to 2000, and -2.40% from 2000 to 2001. Sweden's total entrepreneurial activity for 2001 was 6.68%, and for 2002, 4.00%. China's statistics were not located on the 2002 GEM report.

The GEM report also indicated a constantly negative relationship between the quality of the infrastructure and the level of necessity entreprenuership, as well as the lack of relationship between framework conditions (Reynolds, 2002). Necessity entreprenuership was most prevalent in developing nations such as Thailand, India and China, where financial support, education, training, and infrastructure are clearly absent (Reynolds, 2002). Entreprenuership-enhancing programs and policies implemented in a number of developed countries, principally in the European Union, have only resulted in modest levels of necessity entreprenuership (Reynolds, 2002). This research indicates that there is substantial uniformity across the GEM countries with regard to the concepts, language, and judgments utilized. Additionally, it supports the notion that this uniformity is especially prominent among the more developed nations and may have evolved very similar infrastructures in support of entrepreneurial activity.

Most new firms receive their initial financial support from informal investments made by family, friends, and associates. An extremely small proportion of the most promising firms receive funding from venture capital firms, which are a specialized form of formal investment. Informal flows were estimated in the 2002 GEM report by means of asking all those in the adult population surveys if they had made an investment in a new firm, not their own, the past three years. The 2002 GEM report indicates the amount of venture capital invested as a percent of gross domestic product for each of the countries on the report. Nations that enjoyed year-to-year increases included Sweden, with a 101% increase. A large portion of all businesses are owned and managed by families or groups of relatives. Sweden was one of the 10 countries in which family owned businesses were started with family sponsored entreprenuership. In Sweden, the low estimate of family sponsored entrepreneurships was 26%, with the high estimate being 52%. Again, China was not included in these statistics.

William Renwick The Content of
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The biosphere consists of all living organisms on the planet. The atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere function collectively to provide he environment which sustains the biosphere. These four spheres interact to create ecological systems. These ecosystems, as they are called, are groups of organisms and the nonliving environment which they exist in.

In the process of living and working in an area, people modify the landscape to suit their purposes or tastes. These are called cultural landscapes. Many geographers maintain that the entire surface of the earth constitutes a cultural landscape, as humans have changed the face of the planet to such a great degree. Some geographers also put forth environmentalist theories, which emphasize the role of the environment in human life. The interaction between humans and the environment is a circular effect- environment affects human life and culture, while humans alter and transform the environment. Geographers have studied the ways…

Pennsylvania's Natural Resources the State
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8 billion, and primary metal manufactures, $1.4 billion (Exports pp). Together, these five manufactured product categories accounted for 61% of the state's total exports of goods in for that year (Exports pp).

In dollar terms, the leading manufactured export growth category is transportation equipment, rising $294 million between 1999 to 2003, while others included miscellaneous manufactures, up $248 million, processed foods, up $192 million, and primary metal manufactures, up $171 million (Exports pp). In percentage terms, the fastest growing manufactured export category is fabric mill products, which grew 70%, from $99 million in 1999 to $169 million in 2003, while others included processed foods, up 52%, miscellaneous manufactures, up 48%, and beverages and tobacco products, up 48% (Exports pp).

The Port of Pittsburgh is the largest inland river port in the United States and the 11th largest port of any kind (Water pp). The Port Commission is the central point…


Coal Mining in Pennsylvania." Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

This is a web page from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental

Protection web site. It provides a history of the state's coal mining industry.

Gordon, John Steele. "Iron and Steel Industry." Readers Companion to American History.

Are Protectionist Policies Beneficial to Business
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Are Protectionism Policies Beneficial to Business

Protectionist policies are policies that are aimed at supporting a domestic industry against international competitors. These policies can take a range of different forms in their implementation. For example, the U.S. agricultural industry is heavily subsidized and this allows domestic farmers to sell their crops at a price level that is far below what the market price would be otherwise. This represents more of an indirect subsidy because the market intervention is a direct intervention such as a tax on foreign goods. Another way governments can apply protectionist policies is through government spending.

Another example could be provided by the U.S. steel industry, which can be protected by the government only procuring steel for U.S. public works projects from domestic steel companies. hen the government places such buying restrictions on their demand for steel then they artificially influence market demand through their purchasing…

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Economic Development
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International Trade Theory and Export Promotion

The two graphs represent the production outputs of two countries. The first graph represents a developed country, which specializes in the production of machines, which is capital intensive.

The second graph represents a developing country which specializes in textiles, which is labor intensive. The factor endowments model of international trade is based on the concept that each country has a certain specialty that they are skilled at producing and that there are not enough resources or skills in every country to produce everything that is needed. Each country specializes what it is good at producing and trades for goods that it cannot product itself.

In perfect trade equilibrium, the production and consumption of both items would be increased. When the value of exports and the value of imports for both countries are equal, then both countries are at maximum consumption of both goods. In…

Elites in Engineering in the
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Enginees should focus on the impovement of the pefomance of the economy. This elates to the tansfomation of the theoies of contolling the wold and adopting new famewoks in the opeating in conjunction with the planet. New enginees need to adopt and implement new theoies of focusing on the economic, social, and political concepts in elation to both technical and nontechnical disciplines (Cameon 2010 p.40).

Leades in Bitish Engineeing

Accoding to Lewis (1998, p.88), the technology style of the 19th centuy stetches fom the peak of one long wave to the peak of the next. The concened style would have made its fist appeaance in 1870s and would have held geat influence in the late Victoian peiod. It was maked though the diffusion of cheap bulk steel that emeged in the mid-Victoian peiods, advances in science-based industies such as engineeing and chemicals, spead of electic powe and the adoption of…

references of the current population without compromising the needs of the future population. This relates to the achievement of sustainable development thus improving living conditions of the citizens. Global warming is a problem affecting growth and development of the economy. This is through increasing the sea water level because of the high temperatures thus melting of ice caps. In order to minimize the effects of global warming, it is ideal to focus on the transformation of the engineering systems in the United Kingdom (Nuvolari et al. 2009 p.700).

Possible predictions about the future of British engineering

In order to address challenges affecting the current and future populations, it is essential to train engineers with the ability to make intelligent decisions in relation to maximum protection and quality life on the planet than endangering forms of life. Engineers will have to make decisions with reference to professional environment in relation to interactions between technical and nontechnical disciplines. The modern system should focus on the preparation of the engineers to become valuable facilitators of sustainable development and implementers of appropriate technology. This aims at addressing social and economic challenges facing the current engineers because of the modern systems and mindset of engineers in the context of the United Kingdom. This is essential in becoming an effective and efficient body of engineers with the aim of providing leadership to the world engineering body (Burgess 1972 p.10).

Future development in relation to the engineering systems and subsystems in the United Kingdom should focus on adequate implementation of technology in addressing essential needs of the future population. Technological developments should also focus on the improvement of conditions such as sufficient water, protection of the environment, and adequate infrastructure. This is vital in the achievement of the millennium development goals and objectives as outlined by the United Nations under the influence of its General Assembly. Future engineering should focus in the achievement of sustainable development thus addressing current and future needs of the world's population. It is vital to note future engineering should integrate numerous aspects in addressing social, economic, and political effects on the planet.

Reference List

Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Issues and
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Polish Companies Reacted to Ethical Issues and Changes in usiness Standards Since the Fall of Communism in 1989?

Poland's Economy Pre-Communism's Fall

Poland's Natural Resources

Minerals and Fuels

Agricultural Resources

Labor Force

The Polish Economy Under Communism

System Structure

Development Strategy

The Centrally-Planned Economy

Establishing the Planning Formula

Retrenchment and Adjustment in the 1960s

Reliance on Technology in the 1970s

Reform Failure in the 1980s

Poland's Economy After the Fall of Communism

Poland After the Fall of Communism

Fall of Communism

Marketization and Stabilization

Required Short-Term Changes

Section 2.3.2. The Shock Strategy

Section 2.3.3. Initial Results

Section 2.3.4. Long-Term Requirements

Section 2.4. Macroeconomic Indicators for 1990-91

Section 2.4.1. Price Increases

Section 2.4.2. Impact on Productivity and Wages

Section 2.4.3. Statistical Distortions

Section 2.4.4. Agricultural Imbalances

Section 2.4.5. Causes of Decline

Section 2.5.The Polish Post-Communism Privatization Process

Section 2.6. Structure of Poland's Economy: Post-Communism

Section 2.6.1. Fuels and Energy

Section 2.6.2.…


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John Pierpont Morgan 1837 -- 1931 Is
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John Pierpont Morgan (1837 -- 1931) is one of the more controversial figures in the history of America and the world of finance. Described as a sui generis, a colossus (McCallum, p. 2), "the organizer" (Miller, 2003), "banker of last resort" (Andrews, 1999), and "the man of the hour" (Corey, p. 348), John Pierpont Morgan has also been called a "robber baron" (Andrews, 1999). Thus, it is evident that J.P. Morgan was a man who was as much praised for his actions in saving the American economy during the 1895 and 1907 crises, as he was criticized and derided for what was seen as his calculated control of the financial world and American business. Viewed from the lens of financial history, however, there can be little doubt that no person, either before or since, has left "upon the great art of money getting so important an influence." (Flynn, p. 452)…

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Financial Service Platform of UXB2B
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UXB2B: Chinese Taipei

The case of UXB2B speaks of a rather new technological procedure and application to resolve e-commerce issues related to internet security and e-finance logistics for trading partners in the supply chain industry. However, I digress. UXB2B is an e-commerce company that specializes in the development of e-business applications designed to enable supply chain integration through a streamlined and secure software link. Leadership Information: The CEO of the company has a research background in national defense and an educational background in computer and information science

The software, UXB2B had e-everything as its selling point. For example the software enabled eSales, eProcurement, and eFinance; collectively called "SaaS (Software as a Service)"

SaaS met the requirement that UXB2B sought to bring to the market place. The software enabled e-communication amongst all stakeholders to exchange information to open and close transactions via an interconnected system. t first glance, success in the…

Additionally, a SWOT Analysis or a Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats analysis can reveal critical information necessary to identify an appropriate company to assist in the development of a new model for implementation in the new market. The critical nature of identifying the proper market and company to develop the platform for implementation is primary in the research stage prior to selecting the new company. The company selected will admire to know why their business was selected and what the potential market is for this technology.

APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. UXB2B Chinese Taipei The Financial Service Platform. Copyright 2010 APEC Secretariat

APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. UXB2B Chinese Taipei The Financial Service Platform. Copyright 2010 APEC Secretariat

Railroad Expansion the New World
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Urbanization is changing the way people live and work in America. With higher population density, residents are creating economies of scale that allow greater access to goods from around the world at competitive prices. All the cities of the Eastern United States are linked via trade routes to the Old World and beyond, introducing items ranging from spices and food to luxury goods. The American trade industry is booming so much so that this nation's raw materials are in demand all over the world. New immigrants to American cities can participate in the exiting endeavors of world trade, working on docks loading and unloading cargo or helping ship raw materials from mines and factories to the ships that will take them overseas.

The American housing industry needs laborers to build and help move large tracts of lumber across many miles of land. Similarly, giant steel companies are hiring as many…


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Juniors of My Old High School it
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Juniors of my old high school,

It has been a great pleasure to receive your letter and notice such a keen interest in economics and politics at your early age. The fact that you are already following the evolution of the presidential race and that you are asking questions about it show a great desire to learn and find out new things. I will be more than happy to share some economics pointers with you that, hopefully, will be able to fully answer some of your dilemmas.

You have clearly notice what the economic trends are for the two candidates. Indeed, Republicans, and George W. ush is no exception in this sense, have always boasted the importance of the individual and of non-governmental intervention in the market. On the other hand, the Democrats believed that not only could the government regulate some of the less efficient economic processes on the…



Definition from the Internet, at

American Isolationism End of U S
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In 1838 there were 200 locomotives in the United States, by 1880 that number had risen to 1,962 and to 3,153 by 1900. (ogers, 2009, p. 21) The expansion of the railroad system helped to increase American industrialization, and industrial output, which increased American overseas trade. But there could not be overseas trade without American ships to carry American products to foreign nations. While primitive iron ships had come into existence during the American Civil War, it was the period after the war that iron ships became numerous. For example, "The number of iron and steel ships built in a year increased from one in 1867 to 31 in 1880, and to 90 in 1900." (ogers, 2009, p. 21)

The 1800's were a time of development for the United States; as a nation it began as an agricultural country and developed into an industrialized nation. As the population of American…


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