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Strategy Planning and Strategy Execution

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Strategy Process
Understanding how strategy works and being able to execute successful strategy are two entirely different things. Moreover, successful execution does not imply that the chosen strategy was the right one. There are many pitfalls along the way between planning strategy and the final result that can determine success and failure.
The most obvious issue is an unforeseen change in the external environment. What is "unforeseen" is open to some interpretation, of course. If Irma disrupts your Florida retail business, was that unforeseen or should you have baked into your plans the fact that hurricanes do tend to hit Florida from time to time? But often, especially with long-run strategy, there is some disruption, either competitive, technological or even a natural disaster, that changes the competitive landscape. If your company does not adapt its strategy, it will surely fail to achieve the objectives, but even if it does adapt,…… [Read More]


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Strategies to Improve Service Delivery in Healthcare

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Strategic Planning Using Benchmarking Data In Healthcare
Strategic planning is an important antecedent of success in any organization. In the health sector, benchmarking is essential in the strategic planning process because it considers the factors that can be adopted to enhance service delivery and patient satisfaction. With the relevant benchmarking data, the administrator can focus on structuring the management risks, care quality in the healthcare system, and the control of healthcare costs. With such parameters, the projects relating to the healthcare systems will be premised on relevant development indicators. Benchmarking is the process of analyzing and incorporating success factors in a particular process with the aim of enhancing performance in a given industry such as the health sector (Ettorchi-Tardy, Levif & Michel, 2012). Therefore, health administrators should look at the standards geared towards guaranteeing best practices suited to enhancing patients’ expectations.
I will consider clinical governance as a benchmarking activity…… [Read More]


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