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Superheroes Essays (Examples)

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Superhero Ksaos
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89927000
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superhero is no easy feat or task. In order to be a successful superhero, one must possess a universal set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Based upon Christopher Nolan's interpretation of Batman, it can be argued that Bruce Wayne/Batman possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a superhero.

In order to be successful as a superhero one must know the difference between right and wrong. This ability to discriminate between right and wrong allows a superhero to establish his or her mission. Initially, Bruce Wayne was unable to distinguish between right and wrong and was, in fact, contributed to the evil that he came to revile. In Batman Begins (2005), Wayne is shown to gain first-hand knowledge of the criminal underworld through observation and participation. Through this knowledge, Wayne is able to develop a mission that was supported by his knowledge and experiences. Additionally, knowledge about the limitations…

How to Take a Position on a Favorite Action Character Using No Logic
Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 50753097
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superheroes in comic books and movies. The writer apparently is fixated on Marvel Comics' Wolverine character because he blasts all other comic books and raves about Marvel and the Wolverine character plus another Marvel feature, X-Men. His conclusion is that spending money on any action movie -- or "summer blockbuster" -- other than the Wolverine or X-Men is wasteful. His basic theme throughout his presentation is that all action figures in comics and in movies pale in comparison to his favorite, Marvel (the Wolverine and X-Men).

What are the reasons?

The reasons that this writer raves about the Wolverine and other Marvel characters is that if his cousin Vinnie says the Marvel Comics characters are by far the best, it must be true. Of course his justification for taking the positions he takes is loaded with hyperbole but his reasons are clearly to make it known his favorite action comic…

Graphic Novel Watchmen by Alan Moore It
Words: 1823 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17152139
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graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore. It is basically about what inspired Watchmen's themes, story, and characters. As well as what Watchmen has influenced and how it has been influenced by other comics and heroes like Batman and uperman among others. Watchman and its influences

Watchman, authored by Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colourist John Higgins was created in 1986 / 1987 in response to contemporary anxieties and as means of critiquing the superhero concept.

Watchman recreates history where superheroes emerged in the 1940s and 1950s who helped the U..A. win the war against Vietnam and later is involved in preventing nuclear war with the U...R. Most former superheroes have retired or are working for the government, so contumely freelance vigilantes are arbitrarily and voluntarily doing the job of protecting the country. The protagonists actively fight and strategically plot to help retired superheroes survive and they work to stave…


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Scott Mccloud's Understanding Comics to
Words: 1409 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46584535
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This accounts for the durable popularity of the superhero -- Superman can fight Nazis during orld ar II and terrorists today. A comic hero can remain the same, yet always seem relevant to the reader's daily life, just like the daily work of a newspaper political cartoonist. The reason that this type of popularity is spurned is because of the fears of mass production of written material. McCloud agrees with Kunzle that mass production is critical to the genre. McCloud calls comics "juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequences, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer" (McCloud 9). This response it elicits from all readers on a visceral level, however, should not be undervalued. Part of the reason for McCloud's trumpeting of the medium, however, may be his broader-reaching focus, while Kunzle tends to focus on more narrow historical or political works designed…

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Portrayed in Sequential Arts Us
Words: 4281 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54235491
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Consequences of these choices only compound his deep-seated insecurities. (Zushi)

Both Ben and Miko are Japanese-Americans, and their shared ethnic background impacts on their lives in significantly different ways. Miko is proactive and politicised -- she is the assistant organiser of a film festival showcasing Asian-American talent. Ben, meanwhile, is a depressive manager of a local cinema, seemingly content in his life of slow-burning frustration and -- not surprisingly -- covert masturbation.

Sexual stereotyping is at the heart of the story. The title itself is a reference to Ben's feeling of inadequacy in the trousers department (underneath the dust jacket, the book cover bears a life-size image of a ruler). At one point, Ben recalls a "stupid joke": "hat's the difference between Asian men and Caucasian men?" The punchline -- "the cauc" -- is both funny and deeply uncomfortable. "I actually heard a girl tell that joke in college! I…

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Talented Mr Ripley That Patricia
Words: 2723 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10796891
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Faced with a social system that has no place for him, Tom does not rebel or repress himself, but merely creates a place for himself by dissolving into the background, becoming part of the hidden (and criminal) world that is a de facto product of any inequitable social system.

As mentioned above, Highsmith wrote for a number of comic books in the 1940s, and almost all of them were concerned with white male superheroes who had been given extraordinary powers or technology. There is a subtle joke about this fact early on, when Tom notes that his most recent victim "was a comic-book artist. He probably didn't know whether he was coming or going" (Highsmith 14). Thus, almost from the beginning Highsmith has made a connection between Tom and the world of comic books, a connection that helps explain Tom's eventual narrative journey.

hen looking at Tom's story in broad…

Works Cited

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(2004): 93-.

Astro Boy-Marketing Japanese Anime to
Words: 2021 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2922377
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4. Do you think that Astro Boy will be successful? Why?

This is a difficult question to answer simply and unequivocally. On the one hand, it is relatively certain that the character of Astro Boy will be a success in a financial and commercial sense. Part of the reason for this is that the impetus and popularity of global youth culture is behind anime and characters like Astro Boy. The large companies like Sony have taken cognizance of this global enthusiasm and popularity and they are fully prepared to exploit it and to raise the character to the level of cult status through marketing, advertising and film.

However, there is a certain degree of danger in this commercialization. It may have the effect of alienating the hardcore fans and fan base. Anime as a global youth culture has been firmly rooted in the unconventional aspects of the medium and in…


Kahn R. And Kellner D. Global Youth Culture. November 12, 2007.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the Film Documentaries
Words: 2317 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91463324
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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

The film, documentaries and the last docudrama are exceptional production pieces by notable directors and producers. Crouching tiger-hidden dragon defies the usual mantra of strength only attributed to men. Jen effectively acts as person having higher morals. The martial arts performance was exceptional, an unusual feature in Hollywood. Islam, the empire of faith is another documentary made on the rise of Islamic empire and the life of Prophet Mohammad having a great impact on establishment of religion. 'Gandhi' also remains an unquestioned production classic that eloquently portrays Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the unquestioned leader of India. The film sheds light on Hinduism as a religion and its faith and dogmas. Lastly, Kundan is a docudrama based on life of Dalai Lama. 'Kundan' might not have justified the stature of Buddhism in history of mankind but the piece of production remains an earnest effort on part of Martin…


Bowker, J. & Bowker, D. (1997). World religions. Dorling Kindersley.

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Ethics of Spiderman
Words: 1491 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25134029
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Ethics of Spider Man

The character Spider Man is a foundational superhero of the modern era. His history and life demonstrate the development of an ordinary and even some would say subpar or at the very least "un-cool" young adolescent into a super hero by a twist of fate, i.e. being bit by a genetically modified spider on a science filed trip. The early life of the Spider Man character as depicted in both comic books, television cartoons and movies in live action or animation depict a young man, who stumbles upon a great power and then struggles with how to use that power. In the 2002 film depiction, and true to the comic storyline Peter's/Spiderman's ethics are developed through the film as he struggles with his new found powers, seizing the opportunity to use them for personal gain, by attempting to win money as an amateur fighter/wrestler in a…


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Censored Books
Words: 1656 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 35251154
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Education - eading

Censored Books

The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey is a series of children's novels about two fourth graders, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, and the aptly named superhero they accidentally create by hypnotizing their principal, Mr. Krupp. These books are appropriate for child who are age 7 and up. The American Library Association has put the series at no. 8 on its list of most challenged books last year; the list includes books that received the most formal complaints filed with libraries or schools requesting that the books be removed because of inappropriateness. According to the ALA, the complaints filed against the Captain Underpants books cited the series' anti-family content, unsuitability for the age group, and violent content. Captain Underpants series has been banned in some schools for insensitivity and being unsuited to age group, as well as encouraging children to disobey authority (Beerman, 2006).…


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Analyzing an Ad for Eclipse Gum
Words: 1348 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18371599
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Ad for Eclipse gum, a human-sized hotdog grips a weapon-sized stick with nails poking out of it. He looks at the audience with a petrified expression on his face, realizing that there is no escape from the powerful Eclipse gum. In the foreground, a brightly-lit poster nailed on a wooden telephone post depicts an image of a pack of Solar Eclipse gum and the sign reads, "When we find bad breath we kill it." A sub-heading on the poster states the phrase, "Lights out bad breath." Depicting bad breath as a giant hot dog standing in a dark, abandoned alley filled with trash emphasizes the connection between junk food and halitosis. The gum is presented as a powerful antidote to the evils of bad breath caused by junk food. However, the advertisement is not a public service ad promoting healthy lifestyles; it is a pitch for chewing gum. Therefore, central…

Black Panther Movie Critic Review
Words: 633 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30664156
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Black Panther: Cinematic Review
Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler, is a lightening rod of a film, and one that successfully creates and maintains stunning visuals, heroic characters, and a timely message, which challenges the superhero genre as a whole. Black Panther, however, is not a perfect film, and it often struggles in terms of story-telling and character development. However, the visuals and imagination of the film, along with its social significance, mean that the film can be forgiven for its weaknesses in plot and script.
Black Panther immediately distinguishes itself from all other superhero movies in that it discards all the tired clichés and derivative concepts that so closely define most superhero films. Most superhero films created by major studios force you to watch through unoriginal storylines and predictable endings. Black Panther creates an intricate mythology around its characters and builds an entirely new imagined nation called Wakanda, an…

how to plan a birthday party
Words: 479 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82668898
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Step1.  Choose a theme.

The theme for this party will be Superhero: Guests are invited to dress as their favorite superhero.

Step 2.  Guest List.

The guest list will consist of everyone in Robin's 5th grade class.

Step 3.  When and Where.

The date of the party will be Nov. 18th from 2pm to 6pm at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Action Alternatives: If Chuck E. Cheese's is unable to accommodate for whatever reason, the party will be held at Fountain Park in Ludlow, weather permitting. If weather is not permitting, the party will be held at Robin's house in the basement; pizza will be delivered and games played there.

Step 4.  Activities.

Activities to be enjoyed at Chuck E. Cheese's include: the ball pit, the arcade games, ski ball, and live entertainment, plus food and drinks will be served free of charge. Unlimited tokens will be available for all guests to…

team america'surveillance and espionage
Words: 1949 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91146568
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.....motif of surveillance features prominently in Captain America: Civil War. More importantly, the film features the ability of a powerful state entity to control the behavior of its citizens. The types of surveillance and brainwashing depicted in Captain America: Civil War are completely different from those used by the American government. However, the methods of surveillance used by the American government to spy on its own people may be no less sinister. The methods of surveillance used by the government cannot directly control peoples' minds and behavior of individuals, but can control other dimensions of the daily lives of citizens. Captain America: Civil War can be viewed as a metaphor and warning to Americans about the extent, purpose, and meaning of government surveillance in daily life. The film can also be instructional, showing that Americans can empower themselves against encroaching infringements on their rights.

Because Captain America: Civil War is…

Tezuka and Miller -- Compare
Words: 1087 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58402739
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Indeed Tezuka takes great liberties with Buddha, invents scenarios, but his Manga generally stays true to the life of Buddha (Siddhartha) and his spiritual journey to battle injustice (including the caste system), to help those in need during famine, warfare and drought.

Hence, Buddha is editorially far, far apart in style and in concept from Dark Knight, which in comparison, is frivolous and cliched. Aside from the superhero antics -- and saving people from villains -- Dark Knight is a pithy formula-riddled comic that delights readers in a totally different way from the readers' pleasure while going through the many volumes of Buddha. Indeed, many people who are not Buddhists, and have no real knowledge of Buddha and his travels, have been getting an education of sorts by reading Buddha.

Tezuka has brilliant story-telling abilities but his ability to combine the story with the dramatic visual effect brings out a…

Consumer Behavior Consumers Today Can
Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22535083
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Advertisements are a great way to try and reach those consumers whom you are trying to get to buy your product. And keeping in mind the stages those consumers go through when making buying decisions can be very helpful in having a successful marketing campaign. There are several things that a company can look at when trying to determine if an advertisement was a success or not. They can look at satisfaction levels of the consumers or their share of the market for a particular product. Some experts feel that these are not the things to be focusing on but instead they should be looking at consumer loyalty and advocacy. It is thought that companies need focus on creating customers who not only come back time and time again to buy their product but also don't mind telling people about it (John Blasberg, Vijay Vishwanath, and James Allen, 2007).


Works Cited

Blasberg, John, Vijay Vishwanath, and Allen, James. "Turning Your Consumers into Die-Hard Fans." 2007. 10 March 2009. 

Zahorsky, Darrell. "Break the Resistance of Consumer Buying Behavior." n.d. 10

March 2009.

Links to Advertisements

Hero One of the Most Pervasive Archetypes
Words: 1421 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65890408
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One of the most pervasive archetypes in literature is the hero. The Greeks presented a complex and very human type of hero, often referred to as the tragic hero. eaders can relate especially to tragic heroes because tragic heroes have flaws. Their flaws make tragic heroes more human, and are effective protagonists even when their plans fail. The hero who is semi-divine or divine is a less compelling story, given that few if any human beings can relate to a figure who is flawless, immortal, and possessing of unlimited strength. Graphic novels present complex characters including some that fit the definition of tragic hero. Modern literature teems with examples of heroes who are just like us: they have good intentions, they are far from perfect, and they sometimes fail. Yet embedded in the definition of hero is the imperative that the individual must be able to put aside egotism,…


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Body Modifications
Words: 1545 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43364039
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cultures have customs and traditions involving body modifications and while some generate serious controversy in the contemporary society, others are widely accepted. Some are inclined to associate body modifications with vulgar ideas and believe that people who have them are uncivilized. The fact that most body modifications involve a form of self-mutilation further contributes to making it seem that a person would have to be out of his or her mind in order to do something like this. The reality is that body modifications are an active concept today and some people believe that they are a good way to express their feelings and thinking in general.

'Normal' body modifications

Numerous individuals believe that there is nothing wrong with having a tattoo or having a part of one's body pierced. Most of the modern society promotes the idea that it is perfectly normal for girls to have their ears pierced…

Works cited:

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Director M Night Shyamalan
Words: 1718 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21213049
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Director M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan was born on August 6, 1970 in Pondicherry, India and christened Manoj Nettiyalu Shyamalan. In fact, his current name 'Night' is a literal translation of his middle name. Though Shyamalan was raised a Hindu, which has often been inferred as having influenced the supernatural or New Age themes in his work, the fact is that the director was raised in an affluent Philadelphia suburb. This does not, however, mean that Shyamalan does not follow or practice Hinduism. As he himself says, he's just "...a less pious one than his mother and father or wife." (Feder, 2003)

In fact, Shyamalan is anything but an orthodox Hindu. He does, however, admit to being very strongly influenced by Faith, which could be somewhat attributed to his having attended a Catholic school, and perhaps an innate natural interest in religion: "...he earned the highest grade in his…

Works Cited

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MBA International Student
Words: 555 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73813766
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Personal Statement

I grew up in a business-oriented family. While some children talk about what they did in school over dinner, from an early age I was involved in discussing my family's business every evening. Instead of how to throw a baseball, my father and grandparents taught me how to interpret the share index numbers that flashed across the television screen. I looked forward to opening up my own business when I grew up rather than the usual childish fantasies of becoming a superhero. To me, businessmen were superheroes.

I was determined to do all that was necessary to prepare me for a future in the new global marketplace. After graduating from high school I made the difficult but necessary decision to leave home and study in America to prepare me for my future career in finance. America was the logical choice: although the initial period of adjustment was challenging,…

Kill Bill Camera Angles Situate Characters Consciously
Words: 694 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30797051
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Kill Bill

Camera angles situate characters consciously using the principles of mis-en-scene. In Kill Bill Vol. II, The Bride (Uma Thurman) is featured in camera angles that convey her potency and power. Camera angles placed on core characters like The Bride also impart emotion and perpetuate primary themes and the tone of the film too. Three scenes that best exemplify the importance of using camera angles to render power and emotion include the trailer fight with Ellie Driver (Daryl Hannah), which takes place in Budd's trailer, the scene in which Bill lectures The Bride about the mythology of superheroes, and the Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique scene.

A trailer is a confined space, which makes the actors loom larger than they would in a more expansive scene. The confined space also adds tension, as well as providing a natural frame for each scene. As they start fighting in the…

Invisibility in Ellison and Wharton
Words: 1768 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78874560
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opposite of a superpower, invisibility refers to the condition of not mattering, not qualifying, or not counting in the eyes of the dominant culture. Invisibility is the quality imposed upon by the oppressor and experienced by the oppressed. Those who do not conform to a white patriarchal standard are rendered invisible, and they may float through life never fitting into a social circle and never gaining access to the means whereby they can change their status. Invisible is what Miss Lily Bart experiences as she subverts gender norms in Edith harton's The House of Mirth. Invisibility is certainly what the narrator of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man experiences as he navigates his way through early 20th century America. The disenfranchised are rendered invisible when they are positioned at intersections of race, class, gender, and power.

For the invisible man in Ellison's book, invisibility is ironic because a black man is very…

Works Cited

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American Children Walk Into a
Words: 1855 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 33439657
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Hopefully, regardless of what happens in the rest of the communication world and media, such magazines either in print, electronic or digital form will continue to amaze children.

nfortunately, most young adult books have hit rock bottom, dealing with death, abuse, divorce, sexuality and all the other topics that these youth are bombarded with day after day. It is recognized that youths need to deal with the problems that are facing them, and living in a fantasy world is not helpful. However, do they ever have a time to "chill" as they say it? However, the Twilight Vampire Series is really not the answer to this. It has, what is said, little "redeeming value."

It's difficult deciding on a best YA book and not going back to the classics. The best bet is finding a book that offers imagination, education and entertainment. There are few, but Rebecca Stead's When You…

Unfortunately, most young adult books have hit rock bottom, dealing with death, abuse, divorce, sexuality and all the other topics that these youth are bombarded with day after day. It is recognized that youths need to deal with the problems that are facing them, and living in a fantasy world is not helpful. However, do they ever have a time to "chill" as they say it? However, the Twilight Vampire Series is really not the answer to this. It has, what is said, little "redeeming value."

It's difficult deciding on a best YA book and not going back to the classics. The best bet is finding a book that offers imagination, education and entertainment. There are few, but Rebecca Stead's When You Reach Me comes close. It combines the best elements of recent classics, such as A Wrinkle in Time as well as fun TV game shows like the $20,000 Pyramid, and a story about a girl, Miranda, whose structured world becomes a little more interesting. Miranda's bestest friend Sal stops talking to her he is beat up by Marcus. Marcus then challenges Miranda with arguments about her favorite book, A Wrinkle in Time, and finds flaws in L'Engle's time-travel narrative. Next, Miranda starts receiving notes from someone who seems to know the future. The book's earlier setting in 1980 gets away from all the heavy themes of today and back into "easier" life with Mom on the $20,000 Pyramid.

This is a book that can be enjoyed by readers and nonreaders alike and can be utilized in a variety of different ways for book reports. The teen and pre-teen readers can rely on many different visual arts, TV/film and drama to convey what they have learned from the book. It is also a great book for smaller groups of students to work together for a team project. Forget the horrible Twilight and instead focus on multithematic books like When You Reach Me.

Vonnegut in Cultural History as
Words: 2683 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49418035
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A Vonnegut theme, however, is often hard to miss; especially since part of Vonnegut's style placed the author in a position where many readers could palpably feel him throughout the novel. Vonnegut seems to read alongside the reader and assist him; he seems to teach and guide -- gently -- as well as write. As such, Vonnegut helped re-define what high art, and the novel specifically, could be:

Irving, who went on to write "The World According to Garp" and "The Cider House Rules," remembered Vonnegut as a self-effacing presence who "didn't have an agenda about what 'the novel' should be." Vonnegut also appreciated that you didn't have to be in the classroom to get your work done (MSNC, 2007).

South Park postmodernism seems to be endemic to recent generations, and, if so, the ideological roots of those generations must be traced back to Vonnegut and his contemporaries.

Some more…


1. Vonnegut, Kurt.

a. Slaughterhouse Five. New York: Random House, 1969. Print

b. Glapagos. New York: Random House, 1985. Print.

c. Cat's Cradle. New York: Random House, 1963. Print.

Wrongful Life Damages Debate
Words: 3333 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 42587617
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It must be considered, as well, that genetic testing is a somewhat newer thing and the results can be skewed; so even if a doctor did do a test and results came up negative, there is a chance something could have been positive. Is the doctor responsible for the fact that the test didn't find any genetic problems? It would be absolutely nonsensical to think that the doctor should be punished for not detecting problems. It is also incredibly unfair.

When two people decide to have children, they are basically assuming all responsibilities and they should be aware that giving birth to a child means knowing that there are certain risks involved. There is this question to be considered: If an aborted child cannot sue for wrongful death, how can anyone sue for wrongful life?

What will happen, if we aren't careful, is that doctors will become very wary of…


Bayles, Michael D. (1975). Harm to the unconceived. Kalamazoo College -- Western

Michigan University Conference in Philosophy of Law.

Doerr, Adam. (2009). The 'wrongful life' debate. Genonomics Law Report. Retrieved on September 1, 2010, from the Website:

Social Focus on the Jobless
Words: 2183 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35365520
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Already educated, she had the resources to -- and indeed did find - employment opportunities. Sociologically, she belonged in the lower middle classes. Both individuals had intelligence, courage and grits. But both also possessed existent privileges with which they could pull themselves up. Critics of the work-it-hard perspective omit these facts. Perhaps they do so because focusing on the ordeals of the working class would suck us in a web of responsibility.

The unfortunate fact is that individuals belonging to the working class castigate themselves unfairly for conditions that are beyond their control.

An example in Newman's book is illustrated by 'Jarvis' who, despite his experience, unable to find a job in a restaurant is still seeking employment. Yet 'Jarvis' still holds himself accountable for his lack of success "Some people are willing to try hard and therefore they can make it, regardless if the deck is stacked against them…


Newman, K.S. No Shame in my Game: The Working Poor in the Inner City. NY: Vintage, 2000

Development in Early Childhood Play Years
Words: 954 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19394624
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Early Childhood: Play Years

Early childhood is a time of rapid mental, physical and emotional growth. As children move past infancy, they begin to explore their surroundings and to build relationships with other children. Four areas of early childhood will be explored; the differences between male and female brain development, pretend play in early childhood, conflict negotiation, and the male and female approaches to relationships and problem solving.

Biology and Language

Scientists have been aware for many years that there are physical differences between the physiology of male and female brains, especially in the way that language is processed. Experts generally tend to agree that women are superior at language skills, while men are stronger in spatial skills. The reason women are better at language is because females have a larger and thicker corpus callosum, which is a bundle of neurons that connects the two hemispheres of the brain and…


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Pirates vs Modern Day the
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An even more recent case of piracy, which occurred when a cruise ship was captured off the coast of Somalia, suggests the violence of piracy. Armed security personnel on the cruise ship traded fire with the pirates, who fled. Though no one was hurt, trading gunshots at sea was probably not what the passengers of the cruise ship had in mind when they signed up for the vacation (infield). It would not be surprising if the passengers and crew of the ship were forever scared by this frightening experience. These two incidents show that piracy today is not the piracy of literature; instead, it is a dangerous crime for both perpetrator and victim.

Thus, while pirates have traditionally been the beloved characters of adventures and children's novels, they no longer amuse and entertain us. Instead, they commit crimes that result in death and ruined lives. Because of this, Vandergrift wonders…

Winfield, Nicole. "Italy cruise ship fires on Somali pirates." Google News. 26 April

2009. The Associated Press. 26 April 2009.

In this short news article, the author describes Somali Pirates' attempt to take an Italian cruise ship, which carried around 1500 passengers and crew. The attempt was thwarted when the cruise ship's security guards fired on the pirates. No one was hurt.

Film United 93 Directed by
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It also says a lot about our society that so many people went to see the film and endorsed the film. It is not because this film is about heroes or heroism. It is because the film's ultimate message is to never forget the people who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It was a time when the people of the country came together in support and grief, and a time that made the country and its people just a bit closer to one another. It was an epic time in history and this film makes everyone remember, ultimately so they will never forget.

In conclusion, this is an important and emotional film. It is certainly not easy to watch, and it is easy to demonize the terrorists and fault the military because of their scrambled messages and inaction. However, the director does not demonize the terrorists or…


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Ride Alone Your Ride With
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" One of those characteristics is being obese, and the stigma of being way to overweight leads to being "...sort of a screen through which all aspects of the person are viewed" (Henslin, 141).

FOUR: What Maher has stated over and over in his book is that there need to be changes made at the highest level of government. That's not likely of course with Bush but seeing Barack Obama's surge in the polls gives those wanting change new hope.

But in fact, talking about Obama's ascendancy, it has been true through the years that making those important changes upset the apple carts of powerful people. In The Social Reality (Chapter One) it is explained that when changes are needed that appear to threaten the powerful (such as demanding the use of clean energy instead of oil) those powerful interests "attack" back. On page 3 of The Social Reality it…

Pearson/Allyn & Bacon.

Maher, Bill. (2002). When you ride ALONE you ride with bin Laden. Beverly Hills:

New Millennium Press.

Cold War and the Conquest
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They could do it time and time again with success. The first electric car was used on the moon during the Apollo 14 (Endeavor and Falcon) mission (Kennedy Space Center).

Meanwhile in Russia

hile the space program in the United States was busy becoming a popular culture icon, the Russian space program took on a different personality. They still launched missions for "national prestige" (ade). However, the majority of Soviet missions were for military purposes. The Soviet economy played a major role in space efforts. The soviet economy was planned in five-year increments, with long-range military plans being made for the next ten years (ade). This significantly affected the pace of space program development. The Russian space plan was slow to react to American successes.

First generation Soviet launchers had poor reliability. The ten-year plan for the second generation was not approved until 1976 (ade). Third generation plans were approved…

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Migratory Labor Identity in Exile
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Never cold. an'fruit ever'place, an' people just bein' in the nicest places, little white houses in among the orange trees [...] an' the little fellas go out an' pick oranges right off the tree. They ain't gonna be able to stand it, they'll get to yellin' so."(Steinbeck, 95) Their conviction is enhanced by the stories they hear and by false advertisements they are sent. These false advertisements may very well stand for the archetype of contemporary commerce which is dependent on advertisement. California may moreover be a symbol for America itself, which was once seen as a heavenly continent, an unspotted, holy land. Steinbeck thus drafts at once a story of migration and tries to settle and capture the archetypes of the modern world. The story thus focuses on the fall of human life from wholeness into fragmentation: "Carbon is not a man, nor salt nor water nor calcium. He…

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Disney 3D Animation Disney Regarded
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(White, 33)

And it was rightly found in a life form which we encounter daily in our real lives- insects. ightly, insects possess the shape, form as also the texture that aligns perfectly within the realm of computer technology and the restricted movement was also not a vital challenge to the evolving medium of animation. This started with "A Bug's Life." From then onwards, the Pixar Studio has gone even more into the details of character design which were not believed to be possible till that period, like fantasy monster, fishes and cartoon superheroes. Like the 2D animation prior to that, 3D is yet to defeat the human form in any means in which the characters are able to act in a natural manner and no look like models made of plastic or wooden sculptures in the absence of the life form inside them. (White, 33)

The initial stage of…


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Cult of the Leader in
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Terror states, already plagued by economic failure and social conflict, respond to such a strengthening in legitimation (ees, 2000).

Not all states in crisis will fall to the development of a "cult of the leader." The reason is based in other possible legitimacy outlets. As mentioned, some governments and leaders are able to become legitimate and powerful through simple tradition and legal authority. In those states, a cult leader is not required, since the need to create a false reality does not exist.

In today's technological society, terror state leaders will have a more difficult time setting the stage for "cult of the leader" situations. With the ability to communicate outside one's own region through the internet, individuals are less likely to view leaders through ethnocentric eyes. Further, with news sources from around the world, the population of such states will be able not only to see the facts as…


Lovatt, C.A. (1999). Ceausescu's return. Central Europe Review 1(9): 14-15.

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Representation of Talent Looking at
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Critics and audiences are fascinated by how an actor interprets a formidable historical figure, bringing her or him to life on the big screen. Television actors have more leeway but the roles that earn actors awards tend to be quirky and unusual, such as Hugh Laurie in House, Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, and America Ferrera in Ugly Betty.

ill Ferrell and Jack Black may be correct about comedians not earning accolades on the big screen. However, comedians that step beyond their boundaries, who can stretch the meaning of comedy as well as their acting skills, may land award-nominated parts. hile starring in a film about a man with no arms and legs who sues a major corporation would be surefire way to get noticed, less melodramatic parts may also propel a former comic into Oscar stardom. Quirky and dark comedies are the prime contenders for films that are both…

Works Cited

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Interlocking Systems Child Abuse and
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Patriarchal domination really coincides with domestic violence. This is usually widely seen in Asian countries where poverty is widespread.

Disturbing and alarming, it cannot be denied that men and women (children and adults) are witnessing an act that is very unfair. People should respond to this problem not only relying to the leaders but also to one's own effort to eliminate the problem. It will be of great bliss if there are lots of people who are helping the victims to express their long-endured pain. This problem deserves public attention and resources because it can kill everyone and systematically be a cycle to every generation. National and local governments should put an attention to this by forming a special task force. Task force shall constitute a wide array of persons who themselves experienced such agonies and torture. This also includes psychiatrist and psychologist to help the mentally incapacitated.

The long…


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The Commonwealth Fund, Health Concerns Across a Woman's Lifespan: 1998 Survey of Women's Health, May 1999.

Healthcare Leadership in the Clinical
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..above all - its situation." (Ibid)

II. Leadership Strategy for Transition or Change

Watkins proposes 'Five Fundamental Propositions' in his work and the first is which that the "root causes of transition failure always lie in a pernicious interaction between the situation, with its opportunities and pitfalls, and the individuals with his or her strengths and vulnerabilities." Or otherwise stated no superheroes exist and the leadership is not a complete failure but the combination of the two determine the direction of the organization. The second proposition is that "there are systematic methods that leaders can employ to both lessen the likelihood of failure and reach the breakeven point faster." (2003) There are however proven and reliable methods that leaders must use to ensure success or at least minimize possibilities leading to failure. Third Watkins proposes that "overriding goal in a transition is to build momentum by creating virtuous cycles that…


Watkins, Michael (2003) The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at all Levels. Harvard Business School Publishing 2003. Team Lib ISBNB: 1591391105.

Healthcare Leadership and Strategy in the Clinical Audit Unit for Healthcare

British Lit Legends Tales About
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In total contrast with these heroes lies the modern hero or better said the modern man defined by his struggle for power. The idea of an individual selling his or her soul to the devil for knowledge is an old motif in Christian folklore, one that is centered upon in Cristopher Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus."

Doctor Faustus, a well-respected German scholar unsatisfied with the traditional forms of knowledge decides he wants to learn to practice magic. He begins his career as a magician summoning Mephastophilis, a devil while Valdes and Cornelius instruct him in the black arts. Despite the devil's warnings about hell Faustus tells the devil to return to his master Lucifer with an offer of Faustus's soul in exchange for twenty-five years of service from Mephistopheles. As the twenty-five years have passed, Faustus begins to dread his impending death and on the final night he is overcome by…


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Wake Up Call Public Education
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The result of this way of thinking, teaching, and living is manifested in many ways. The most apparent is the growing number of teenagers and adolescents who need prescription medication (psychotropic drugs) to get through the day.

Teachers would be wise to read this study and consider how important it is for children to experience situations were things are less than ideal. Carefully moderated pretend "bad guy" play is just one way to prepare a child for the hardships that life has to offer.

In addition, the authors note that "previous work about bad guy play (e.g., Pellegrini, 1998) indicates that a small percentage of children in classrooms may escalate from pretend aggression into real aggression, but that most will not." So with very little risk, there's no reason not to let kids be kids.

Professional Position/Response to Content

The study makes many cogent points and raises many interesting questions.…

Works Cited

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Cult TV Series E G True Blood Watched
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cult TV series (e.g. True Blood) watched, making

Television of Steel

There are several different definitions of, and criteria for, what constitutes a cult television series. Smallville, however, is one of the few television series that fulfills nearly all such requisites for the attaining of cult status. The show was broadcast before a national audience during prime time hours for 10 years, has won a host of awards, and generated a following that has spanned so many different genres, media, and spin-offs, that virtually the only word to describe it would be cult. However, one of the primary factors that readily afforded Smallville to be able to attain a cult like status was in place well before a single scene was shot or before a solitary actor had been cast. The fact that Smallville was based on the character of Superman, originally a DC Comics character and best selling title,…


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Munich and the Role of Nationalism in
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Munich and the Role of Nationalism in Sports

Sports figures have always been a glorified group within traditional societies. From cultures around the world, sports stars are honored and praised much more so than other members of the societal group. As a result, sports has become just as much of a mythological part of a nation's culture as it is a practical source of entertainment. hus, a nation's sports teams and power can have an impact on the society's sense of nationalism. his is exactly what is seen in the movie Munich, where Israel feels the need to violently avenge the murder of many of its sports superheroes. he film clearly shows how sports teams and events can help bolster a strong sense of nationalism, especially within the context of international competitions. his same sentiment remains the same today, although the degree to which it affects nationalism may have been…

The film was a shocking revelation of secret events after a major international incident. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the 2005 film is a historical rendition of actual events that occurred in the early 1970s. Black September terrorists had attacked and killed many Israeli athletes in the 1972 summer Olympics. The group was mainly Palestinian descent, thus fueling the tension between Israel and Palestine and impacting the overall feeling of nationalism within the Israeli state. In response, the Israeli government secretly approved assassins to hunt down members of the Black September group, the Mossad. However, the movie turns dark after several assassinations. The main character, Avner begins to openly question the morality of the actions he and his team is undertaking. The end of the film shows the actions undertaken by the Mossad as nationalistic revenge, but it can also be seen as an act of terrorism in itself.

The film presents interesting concepts in regards to the relationship between nationalism and sports in 1972. Clearly, the era was one where there was an enormous source of tension between Israel and the Arabic world. In that sense, the summer Olympic Games presented Israel a chance to prove itself as a superior country over its international competitors. However, this was cut short with the massacre of the many athletes that died at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. What resulted was a massive blow to the nationalism of Israel that then prompted a need for revenge. This clearly shows a strong connection between sports performance within an international context and the ability for a country to have pride within its own nationalism.

This continues even today, as it has existed for almost as long as international sports competitions have as well. In today's international competitions, sports figures represent their societies' sense of nationalism. American athletes proudly wear the colors of the American flag, as well as other countries do so with their own respective colors. This shows a strong connection between presenting pride in ones' nationalism in an international sports venue. Victory only increases that sense of nationalistic pride. However, today it is clear that most societies do not go to such an extreme to protect and avenge their nation's sense of nationalism. Since the 1970s, there has been a claim of nationalism within sports, but not to the degree that is exhibited in the movie itself. The events in 1972 were an extreme case, and although there remain strong ties between nationalism and sports, there is much lesser of a degree of retaliation when that nationalistic pride is damaged.

Origen Remains One of the
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260). This cosmological discussion is one reason Origen is said to have "created, indeed embodied, the first model of a scientific theology;" his approach to the notion of metempsychosis, like nearly all of his theological work, is rooted in a steadfast determination to distinguish "between the dogmata of the church tradition and the problemata which were to be discussed" according to reason, logic, and a prototype of the scientific method (Kung 1994, pp. 48-49). As will be seen, Origen's focus on not-yet-determined points of Christianity would ultimately contribute to his condemnation as a heretic, because could be considered genuine, innocent investigation in the third century would rapidly become dangerous propaganda to the Church's ruling powers.

Origen's description of an ultimate, total reunification should not be taken to mean that he is arguing that the actions one takes within the temporal world is meaningless, since everything will ultimately be united once…

Reference List

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Sex and Career in Sex
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It is through these facets of every "Sex" woman character that makes the show meaningful and realistic enough to make it audiences believe that they, too, can attain the personalities and triumphs in love, sex, and career lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.

Indeed, love, sex, and career as depicted in "Sex" is actually embedded in the show's women characters. The close relationship of the women with each other symbolically represents the intertwined relationship of love, sex, and career, wherein each factor is representative of a woman character in "Sex." Through its characters, "Sex" has managed to cultivate and maintain the ideology of liberal thinking in matters concerning love, sex, and career -- an ideology that proves essential for women, in order to further strengthen their personalities and individualities without resorting to radical expressions of femininity, a fault that feminists often suffer from.

As Richards (2003) discusses in her…


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Conspiracy Films Generally Succeed in
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Jerry appears to be a lunatic during the first few scenes of the film and it is actually difficult to determine whether the stories that he relates to are true or whether he is just another crazy person that one might find during a casual taxi ride. The most impressive thing about both of these characters is that they do not seem capable to do a great deal of things in order to defeat their antagonists, considering that Langdon is just a simple teacher in charge of putting down some of the most evil individuals belonging to the feared Illuminati group and that Jerry is a taxi driver who wants to fight agencies like NASA and governmental agents who are in charge of one of the most intricate conspiracy in all of history.

Even with this, both of these characters manage to complete their missions successfully as they come across…

Works cited:

Dir. Richard Donner, Conspiracy Theory, Warner Bros. 1997

Dir. Ron Howard, the Da Vinci Code, Columbia Pictures, 2006

Dark Knight Rises Has Had a Very
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Dark Knight rises has had a very strong fan following ever since the release of Batman Begins (2005) and the Dark Knight (2008). Therefore, it was not surprising to find the excited and anxious crowd in a very huge number. The crowd had already set the mood of the film as they cheered and roared with excitement to watch the film, thanks to the trailers that had filled the crowd with a lot of hope for this film.

Usually the best seat to have in a theatre is in the middle of the theatre and in the centre. So that it is not much elevated or has a side perspective of the film. All this said, I was not very lucky to get the seat in the extreme centre, but I did manage to get four seats away from the centre (middle row). The view was not bad so I…

Works Cited

Cox and Greg. The Dark Knight Rises. London: Titan, 2012.

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Truth in Fiction Live by the Harmless
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Truth in Fiction

"Live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy."

-- Kurt Vonnegut

"Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language."

Ludwig Wittgenstein

In an influential article on the concept of truth in scientific language, Polish logician and mathematician lfred Tarski advanced a detailed analysis of what constitutes a "true sentence" (Tarski, 1933). ccording to Tarski's semantic theory of truth, a proposition is true if and only if it states what is the case. For example, the statement, "The cat is on the mat," is true if and only if there is a real cat on an actual mat. Tarski's concern for precise criteria for determining the truth-value of sentences came out of a project to give rigorous definitions of truth in scientific discourse (Hodges, 2010).

t a more general level, logicians and philosophers have argued…

A non-truth need not be reduced to a simple falsehood, any more than an agnostic can be placed in the same camp as a militant atheist, simply because neither affirms the existence of a god. As attitudes toward religious belief may vary in subtle, non-binary ways, works of fiction need a more subtle set of terms to describe their possible non-true relationships to the actual world. Instead of being simply false or untrue, a work of fiction might be described as "parafactual" or "paralethia," to coin some imaginary words that combine the Greek prefix for alongside with a root word for truth.

A complex work of fiction may contain both true and untrue statements. In fact, the story may rely for its dramatic effect on the creative retelling of a counter-factual history that incorporates real historical persons and events. Take, for example, the alternative Cold War of the Watchmen series, where through the intervention of costumed superheroes, the United States wins the Vietnam War, the victorious President Richard Nixon is elected to his third term in office, and the nuclear standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union is intensified to disastrous ends (Moore & Gibbons, 1986). By incorporating fictional characters into historical events alongside historical figures, writer Alan Moore manages to slip into the story what his fans may take to be honest insights -- or uncomfortable truths -- concerning the workings of American political power. Moore may be wrong in his speculations of how things might have happened had a handful of amazing people changed the course of history in the 20th century. But he invites us to consider what might be true about ourselves with a compelling storyline that creatively mixes fact and fiction..

While a logical proposition may be a lie as well as an untruth, a work of fiction cannot qualify as a lie. To lie is "to make an untrue statement with the intent to deceive" (Merriam-Webster, 2011). When people unwittingly make untrue statements that they wrongly believe to be true, they are simply mistaken, not lying. They are not lying where the intent to deceive or mislead is absent. Fiction writers, unlike liars, often include disclaimers, stating that their work

Literacy Action Plan
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teacher will" will be abbreviated by TTW and "the student will" will be abbreviated by TSW.

"Phonemic Awareness" will be abbreviated by PA, "phonics" will b P. "fluency" will be F, and "omprehension" will be .

Student is in 2nd grade and reading on Pre-Primer 2, per QRI-5. She has trouble with beginning and final sounds, sight words, retelling, and short vowels.

Literacy Intervention Plan

Literacy Intervention Action Plan

Each tutoring session will be between 30-40 minutes

*Some Days may be doubled up due to school scheduling

* "The teacher will" will be abbreviated by TTW and "the student will" will be abbreviated by TSW.

* "Phonemic Awareness" will be abbreviated by PA, "phonics" will b P. "fluency" will be F, and "omprehension" will be .

*During each week, the fluency session will begin with a systematic review of the Dolch Sight Words. Week 1 will be the Pre-Primer Sight…

C: TSW read along with an audio book in which the emphasis is a word with a short vowel sound.

PA: With digital media (Raskind & Stanberry, 2009), TSW hear a list of words and put a thumb up if they think the vowel is short in a word. Short vowels, as well as long vowel words will be used.

P: TSW plays the sound game. TTW will have two words on the board representing the two different sounds for student to practice, e.g., RUN, RAN. TTW

Hero Can Be Defined in Numerous Ways
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Hero can be defined in numerous ways. In more recent years, Hollywood has brought comic book heroes to the public via blockbuster films. These cinema heroes have helped audiences redefine what it is to be heroic without taking away from true heroism. One of the most patriotic films to come out of this comic book genre is Captain America: The First Avenger. In the film, Steve Rogers demonstrates that one does not have to have superhero power to want to do the right thing -- although he does eventually acquire superhuman powers that enable him to fulfill his goals.

Steve Rogers, at the beginning of the film, is deemed not fit to join the army, yet he does everything possible, including lying on his enlistment forms -- a federal offense, in order to move towards the fulfillment of his goal, to serve his country and fight against those that would…

Alan Mulally CEO Ford Motor Company Case
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Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford

Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance?

Prior to Mulally's arrival at Ford in 2006, he carefully studied the organization, he took detail notes on the company. Mulally knew every detail about the organization prior to his arrival at Ford. His background in engineering and leadership is a great asset to Ford. He was selected by the Ford family to become the next President and CEO because of his intellectual capabilities and his vision for the organization. Mulally's first decision at Ford was to create a strategic plan for success for the organization. He looked at the products, the sales charts and made decisions based on previous records and current trends. Mullaly first major decision at Ford was to bring the Taurus model back. This car was a best seller until the 1990's, so Mulally made some changes to…


Taffinder, P. (2007) Leadership Crash Course. Viva Books, New York, NY

Children TV and American Values
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children, television and American values. The writer collects and reviews empirical evidence about the way television affects American values in the children of the nation. The writer uses a survey approach and conducts a study of children age 5- to 10-year-old and combines the results in this paper.

American values are as American as apple pie. When one has children one of the things they hope for is that they can raise those children to have strong American values, which might include respect for others, hard work and the ability to accept diversity. Often times the lack of American values is blamed on the things that children watch on television. Experts claim that the television shows that are popular today with children send a message to the children that they do not have to have values to be well liked and successful in life. Research is firmly divided on the…

Literature Critical Analysis of Russel Banks Rule of the Bone
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Rule of the Bone

About the author

The author Russell Banks writes in the manner that infused his stories with a sadistic honesty and moral goodness that his characters strive to live up to. He writes in striking and most often sad tones about the drama of daily life (Anderson, eye net).

Furthermore, his themes of failure, of weakness, of the complexity of living an honest life were often desolating, but all his stories does contain a positive wisdom to them along with a sense of optimism found in the details that he carefully draws out of his characters' routine and everyday realities (Anderson, eye net). Hence, in my opinion no modern author writes more delicately about common man's uncertain search for the American grail of material ease and self-esteem than Russell Banks.

About the book

In writing Rule of the Bone the author Russell Banks took almost a year…

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Influence of Technology on Teaching and Learning Styles
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archetypal scene of the educational process is for most of us a child and a teaching sitting next to each other, their heads bowed together intently over a book. It is an island, in this high-tech world in which we live, of the low-tech: A world that depends upon communication and human interactions rather than machines and gadgets. Education seems to be one of those realms in which it is still possible to believe in and practice the humanistic arts.

But this idealized picture of the teaching process is, like so many idealized pictures, not exactly accurate - as well as being a little out of date. Education has, in fact, always made use of technology in our human attempt to pass onto each new generation what the generation before it holds to be important. Slate boards and books were high-tech in their own time - and most children now…


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Knowledge and Learning and Teaching a Second
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Knowledge and Learning and Teaching a Second Language:

Researchers have divided the skills necessary for the acquisition of second language comprehension, particularly in the reading area, into two general theories: bottom-up, text-based, psycholinguistic approaches or top-down, socially-oriented conceptual approaches. In each case, lack of second language comprehension is attributed to misunderstanding of some key variable of the approach. For example, bottom-up studies tend to trace miscomprehension to misunderstanding of grammar (syntax), vocabulary (semantics), or other textual aspects. Accordingly, comprehension from the bottom-up is a data-driven process (Carrell and Eisterhold, 1983).

In contrast, top-down studies primarily attribute miscomprehension to the lack of specific background knowledge or cultural familiarity that is necessary to understand the text. Top-down understanding is seen as a process that is driven by concepts (Carrell and Eisterhold, 1983). Goodman (1967) is credited with first recognizing this additional aspect to reading comprehension, although he did not use the term…

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History of Japanese Pop Culture
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Japanese Pop Culture

There can be no denying the power of America in twentieth century in Japan's cultural landscape. For Japanese, America has served as a model for both emulation and contrast." (Craig) But in this instance, the pupil is becoming the teacher. Americans seem to be energized by being exposed to Japanese culture via this innocent exchange of pop culture and commerce. Many young Americans are taking martial arts and Japanese language lessons and Asian studies in college has become perfectly normal major while the sale of white rice wrapped with seaweed as a snack doesn't sound so bad anymore.

Japanese comics are also migrating into the United States. This report will discuss both the Japanese and American cultural differences that could be leading to this fad. Today, comic books have changed in the sense of how they are used as entertainment tools. Comics are not just for kids…

Tortilla Curtain - By T Coraghessan Boyle the
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Tortilla Curtain - by T.Coraghessan Boyle

The much-talked-about "American Dream" - that elusive dream of being able to own a house, raising educated and successful kids, earning middle class money, and most of all being accepted as a functioning part of the great diverse U.S. economic and social structure - is but an "American Myth" to many immigrants arriving in this country. It's certainly a myth for many thousands of Mexicans coming to the U.S. And attempting to carve out a better life for themselves. The Boyle novel offers readers a close-up, graphically realistic view of the hardships that confront those immigrants - juxtaposed with the "good life" of an affluent family living behind stylish walls.

This review of The Tortilla Curtain will compare and contrast the main characters in the novel - Delaney Mossbacker (and his wife Kyra) and Candido incon (and his wife America) - in order to…


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Policing Issues Affecting 21st Century Law Enforcement Officers
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Militarization of Police

The 21st century has provided in a very short time, major changes to the way society interacts and operates. Governmental structures and institutional principles have also greatly swayed in recent decades. It is apparent that the world is drastically changing and evolving into a new form of culture and society that presents many problems and issues, especially in cases of the law and law enforcement.

The law is changing rapidly and the requirements that are placed on law enforcement professionals in this extremely turbulent time in history have grown and expanded to many different areas of responsibility. Terrorisms and the threat of massive societal upheaval are potential threats to the current and accepted way of life and the burden to protect society from these threats often falls I the hands of law enforcement professionals.

The purpose of this essay is to explain the gradual and sustained militarization…


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Lead Ethics
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Leadership Ethics

Sorry Sorry, You did a great job. The rewrite is for another job.In many ways Scott Summers (better known as Cyclops) -- the fictional leader of the team of mutant superheroes The X-Men -- is an example of a quintessential leader. He was initially deputized as team leader as a teenager and led the team well into his 20's. During that time he dealt with a variety of rotating team members and super-villains that tested the limits of his strategic prowess as a leader, and presented a number of ethical challenges germane to leadership in general. A closer analysis of the career of Summers provides poignant illustrations about many of the six principle ethical challenges that leaders face.

Virtually all leaders have to contend with ethical issues related to information management, and Summers was no different in this respect. When the team was in Scotland battling the shape-changer…


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