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Swimmer Essays (Examples)

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Suburbia the Fulfillment of the
Words: 2570 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 16292035
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Despite this apparent contempt, Frank does in fact desperately want to fit in with the happy crowd he suggests he otherwise despises, but April recognizes his hypocrisy as well as her own miserable lot in suburbia and takes her own life as a consequence. After April commits suicide, Frank's frantic reaction is not unlike the running part of the trip taken by Ned Merrill to reach a home that was no longer there, but the suburbia described by Yates is no place for such tragies. In this regard, Yates portrays suburbia as a hiding place from the real world that exists outside, all plastic and tinsel with little real substance:

The evolutionary Hill Estates had not been designed to accommodate a tragedy. Even at night, as if on purpose, the development held no looming shadows and no gaunt silhouettes. It was invincibly cheerful, a toyland of white and pastel…


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Young 'so Gifted'so Old
Words: 1066 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85692980
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As with Lawrence's young protagonist, the burden of excellence becomes too great, and the girl feels she cannot provide for her family -- intellectually, rather than financially. The metaphor of the boy's rocking horse, endlessly rocking back and forth to churn out the names of winners in maddening repetition becomes transformed, in "Suicide Note," into another kind of repetitive metaphor, that of failed flight. The boy, who should have rode on a real horse into his future becomes locked in childhood, madness, and misery, trapped by the adult-sized needs of his family, and the girl, who should have sailed confidently into adulthood dies a failed attempt at flying. The girl is endlessly flapping her invisible wings to take flight but sinks to her death as she jumps to her demise, trying and failing to fly for real. The anonymous speaker of the poem is an adolescent, unlike Lawrence's child, and…

Tyler Cheever
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85868570
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Limiting as Well as the Creative Capacity of Mental Illness in Literature

Anne Tyler's the Accidental Tourist and John Cheever's "The Swimmer"

Mental illness in many works of fictional and non-fictional literature is often portrayed as a kind of wellspring of creativity for the sufferer of the illness. However, even in many works of literature, mental illness is also shown as potentially crippling to the sufferer and those whom are close to the sufferer. This eviscerating honesty is seen in Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist as well as depiction of the central character of John Cheever's "The Swimmer." Both illustrate this principle that mental illness is an illness, not a 'gift' as it is sentimentally portrayed. Rather than experiencing glorious and creative highs of mania, or experiencing a form suffering that gives the soul an additional insight into the human condition, both Tyler's and Cheever's protagonists' life experiences are ultimately…

Laura The Garden Party Respond Neddy's Cross
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 87049397
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Laura, "The Garden Party," respond Neddy's cross country swim "The Swimmer." Please underline thesis statement blue Please underline topic sentences orange Please underline transitional words red Please underline quote introductions green.

Katherine Mansfield's short story "The Garden Party" and John Cheever's short story "The Swimmer" both go at presenting readers with ideas related to upper class feelings toward society in general. Although the both belong to the upper class, the protagonists in the two short stories have different understandings of life and they take on different attitudes when they are provided with the chance to put across their sentiments toward individuals who are of a lower social status. In contrast to Neddy, the protagonist in "The Swimmer," Laura, the central character in "The Garden Party," appears to be better acquainted with the importance of being human and would likely criticize the former on account of his conceited nature with regard…

Elisa Allen and Neddy Merril
Words: 1561 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28118755
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" His use of alcohol only enforces his incapability to distinguish between what is real and what is memory. It seems as though every stop represents a moment in Ned's life that he chose to ignore, oblivious to the fact that it might interfere and disturb the course of life. He does not recognize what people are telling him, nor does he find himself on the same length with them, and he feels the journey has exhausted him more than he expected. As he finally reaches his home, he is bewildered not to find anything nor anyone there, as if the house were deserted. This is what constitutes the reality of the story, that Ned's life had been broken down by his incapacity to change his demeanor and to realize what was really going on. That people were reminding him of financial issues, that he seemed to like alcohol a…

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Protein Intake in High School
Words: 813 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 61914688
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85 grams per 1 kilogram of protein intake is recommended (chilling 2008). Protein intake in this amount is not normally a problem for high school athletes, however female athletes tend to have a harder time making decisions for proper protein nutrition due to the perception that the additional calories will affect their body image (Elliott et al. 2008).

A proper balance of protein and carbohydrates is essential to performing at peak swimming condition, thus some athletes have turned to protein supplements and recovery drinks as ways of hitting their targeted intake levels (Hoffman et al. 2007; Petroczi et al. 2008; Rees 2007). Protein recovery drinks for post-workout recovery are a fairly benign source of protein for high school athletes, however in the critical stage of adolescent development it is vitally important that high school athletes maintain proper nutrition with whole foods prior to turning to supplements (Johnson 2008). Oftentimes the…

Schilling, L. 2008. What Coaches Need to Know About the Nutrition of Female High

School Athletes: A Dietitian's Perspective. Strength and Conditioning Journal:

High School Corner. 30:5. pgs. 16-17

Biomechanical Principles
Words: 1555 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68633730
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Biomechanical Priciples

Biomechanical Principles

Biomechanics is the study of mechanical and physics principles in relation to motion in sports. Every sport has its biomechanical theories and each one is specialized to that particular skill with equations derived from Newtonian physics and knowledge of the human body and its capabilities. When combined and properly practiced, biomechanics can improve an athletes overall performance, making the athlete superior to their competitors.

The freestyle arm-pull in swimming is a precise study in the art of biomechanics introduced for an efficient result. It is an established fact that water is 773 times as dense as air and 55 times as viscous (Miller, 1975). What this means is that planning an efficient stroke in water is going to require greater strategy than planning an efficient stroke in air. The primary factors that go into creating the ideal stroke in swimming are vectors, motion, force, work, and…


Boone, Tommy; Birnbaum, Larry (2005). Exercise Physiology: Professional Issues, Organizational Concerns, and Ethical Trends. Edward Mellen Pr.

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School-Based Intervention Trials for the
Words: 14493 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 7664904
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, 1999). In many areas of the country this may be very accurate.

Another problem that comes into the picture where obesity in children is concerned is that many parents must work very long hours today to pay bills and have money for what their family needs (Mokdad, et al., 1999). ecause of this, many children are latchkey kids and are not watched as closely by their parents as they used to be (Mokdad, et al., 1999). Children used to come home from school and go and play with others, but many now live in neighborhoods where this is unsafe or where there are no children their age so they remain inside watching TV or playing video games and snacking on whatever is available (Mokdad, et al., 1999).

If there is healthy food in the house this is often not a problem, but many households are full of potato chips,…


Anderson, J.G. (1987). Structural equation models in the social and behavioral sciences: Model building. Child Development, 58, 49-64.

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Bandura, a. (1969). A social-learning theory of identificatory processes. In D.A. Goslin (Ed.), Handbook of socialization theory and research (pp. 213-262). Chicago: Rand McNally.

Special Interest Hobby Swimming Is the Only
Words: 1485 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36869562
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Special Interest

Hobby: Swimming

Swimming is the only activity that I enjoy doing so much. This is because it involves the whole of my body yet at the same time it relaxes my nerves (Gifford 17). It is a sport that has come a long way from its inception. There are no chronological recordings of discovery of when the sport. Therefore, it is one among the few sports that has been in existence for the longest time possible. Swimming in sports and recreational activities, is the forward motion of the body in water by a combination of legs and arms motions and the natural floating of the body on water. It is a tremendously enjoyable recreational activity.

The archaeological evidences and other sources show that swimming had been in practice since 2500 BC. The practice of swimming started in Egypt and later spread through Assyria, Greece and the Roman empires…

Works cited

Montgomery, Jim, and Mo Chambers. Mastering Swimming. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics,

2009. Print.

Wiltse, Jeff. Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools in America. Chapel Hill:

University of North Carolina Press, 2007. Internet resource.

John Cheever Is Perhaps One
Words: 2079 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29005888
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. . "

"I don't recall having sold the house," Ned said, "and the girls are at home."


In the narration Ned continues on his journey home. Once he is home it is revealed that his house is indeed empty and his wife and daughters are gone. This is just one example of the conflict that exist in this narration between was is reality and what is illusion.

In addition to this aspect of conflict in The Swimmer, there is also a great deal of conflict associated with Ned's ability to swim across the county. This conflict exist because Ned also drank strong alcoholic beverages throughout his journey. It would have been next to impossible for him to swim after he had consumed just a few of these drinks. This is an obvious conflict that would have hindered his journey but the author presents it as fact and not…

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Dislocated Shoulder Affects Swimming Backstroke Include Impact
Words: 731 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48953786
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Dislocated shoulder affects swimming backstroke. Include impact of condition occupational performance. Include medical occupational intervention affects patients life rehab.

Dislocated shoulder: How it affects a backstroke swimmer

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body and makes flexible movements such as the backward pedaling or propulsion of the backstroke swimmer possible. However, this also makes the joint highly prone to injury. "Dislocations of the shoulder occur when the head of the [upper arm bone] humerus is forcibly removed from its socket in the glenoid fossa" (Wedro 2012:1). Dislocated shoulders are usually associated with traumatic contact sports such as rugby. The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint, and when the shoulder joint's connective tissue is subjected to stress, it can tear and allow the humerus to pop out of its socket. The most common type of shoulder dislocation is an anterior dislocation, characterized by "forced extension, abduction, and external…


Dislocated shoulder. (2012). Physio Advisor. Retrieved: 

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Swimming During the Summer When
Words: 1655 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60092482
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(Safety in the Water)

Water skiing is gradually developing into a popular water sport. Some rules to make water skiing provide entertainment, with less chance of accidents are useful. These include checking the steering and throttle controls to provide for safe operations as the skier is towed. Before take off ensure that the necessary signal has been received from the skier before acceleration. During the whole operation only the observer keeps his attention on the skier while the boat handler keeps focused on the water ahead. Avoid following other boats and turn cautiously after ensuring no one is in the path and keep away from water that is shallow. Encourage safety by keeping as far away from other boats, swimmers fishermen and solid objects. (Water Skiing)

Any fallen skier should be provided assistance immediately by returning to the person's side and approaching the skier in such a manner that the…


Nemours Foundation. "Making Water Safety a Splash," Nemours Foundation,  (Accessed 24 January, 2005)

Nemours Foundation. "Staying Safe in the Water," Nemours Foundation,  (Accessed 24 January, 2005)

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Surrealism's Contribution to a Discourse on the Visual
Words: 1539 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75204887
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Dadaism and Surrealism

"It is not the fear of madness which will oblige us to leave the flag of imagination furled." ~ Andre Breton, "Manifesto of Surrealism"

The world of art is always influenced by the historical moment in which the movement originated. The concepts of Dadaism and surrealism were the direct product of artists witnessing the atrocities of the First orld ar which would become even more unpalatable during the events of the Second orld ar (Hoffman 2-3). The visual presentation of both movements can be initially jarring. Dadaism has been described as "anti-art." Instead of beautiful icons of religious scenes or young women, the paintings of this movement are often images of war and violence painted in harsh colors to illustrate the harshness of the world around the artist . Surrealism is by the very definition of surreal, something beyond what the normal person can understand (Claybourne 4).…

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"Clocking in with Salvador Dali: Salvador Dali's Melting Watches." Salvador Dali Museum.


Primates & Swimming Do Primates
Words: 1279 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 86181106
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Phyllis Jay briefly touches on the subject of primates swimming in the book Behavior of Nonhuman Primates; in discussing the habitat of African monkeys, Jay writes (Jay, 1965, p. 535) that the "…distribution of arboreal monkeys is restricted by open, relatively treeless areas" and "rivers are barriers to arboreal monkeys but not to terrestrial forms, many of which swim" (Jay, p. 535).

"Long-tailed macaques are excellent swimmers, and this may be a predator avoidance technique," writes the University of isconsin's Kristina Cawthon Lang in Primate Factsheet. If the long-tailed macaque is threatened by a feral dog, raptor, python, monitor lizard or large cat, the macaque simply drops into the water and swims to safety (Lang, 2006).

In its "Science & Nature: Animals" section, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) published a story on the Long-tailed Macaque: "Long-tailed macaques swim well and jump into the water from nearby trees" (BBC).

In his…

Works Cited

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Monkey, cynomolgus monkey. Retrieved June 5, 2009, from

Swimming Theme I Have Always Loved Swimming
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 97356783
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Swimming Theme

I have always loved swimming. As a matter of fact, I started swimming when I was only 7 years old. At the time, I used to do a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 hours of training during a normal school day. However, during summer, I would routinely do 4 to 6 hours of training each day. In addition to setting me firmly on the path to professional swimming, these training sessions further enhanced my love for the sport. By grade 12, I was already a swimming team captain. This was no mean feat given that there were many other swimmers who, in my humble submission, were up to the task.

Looking back, I have accomplished much within a relatively short period of time. This is more so the case on the professional swimming front. However, it is important to note that it has not been…

Psychology of Optimal Experience
Words: 2855 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87703194
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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "From Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Reading 2: Robert M. Sapolsky, "From Why Zebras don't Get Ulcers: An Updated Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases and Coping"

In the opening of the chapter, Csikszentmihalyi discusses the concept of life and living life without enjoyment. Unlike Sapolsky who goes into a much more clear and direct explanation of the topic at hand, Csikszentmihalyi kind of builds off tangents to get to his point. He explains building enjoyment every day and having an individual take personal responsibility in how that enjoyment comes about. The introduction for Sapolsky, much like Csikszentmihalyi has a little bit of a story, discussing people prone to pursuit of biology and then discussing the mechanisms behind stress. But unlike Csikszentmihalyi, his transitions seem more cohesive. The introduction for Csikszentmihalyi has an almost mystical quality to it although a bit jagged in its interpretation of enjoyment and…

Conditioning Training and Participating in
Words: 2801 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 50961003
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(MRN, 1) This is to indicate that brain cells
are more actively produced by physical activity, convincing neurological
theorists that regular athletic orientation will improve one's academic
capacity and intellectual clarity. Still, as with other beneficial aspects
of an athlete's physical and intellectual growth, sporting activity must be
pursued in at least some degree of moderation. For both the implications
of what Metzl refers to as overuse and the consequences of an overly
centralized focus on athletic activity, there may be real and long-term
repercussions to failing to balance this emphasis with other healthy or
meaningful activities. Especially concerning bone and joint injuries,
overuse of specific parts of the body in a continuous and monotonous manner
will result in chronic pains and ultimately, lifelong localized injuries.
Therefore, especially when training for an endurance event, where sustained
energy is crucial, in training moderation can be a key to the prevention of…

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Wafer-Thin Model Smiles Wanly at
Words: 1555 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55051794
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orks Cited

Energy expenditure in anorexia nervosa." (Jan 2005).

Nutrition Research Newsletter. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

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JPEN: Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

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Models." The New York Times. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

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Minimum Sources Research 1920 Sport Write
Words: 1180 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 96615003
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minimum sources... research 1920 sport write ... A thesis, attention catcher, topic sentence?

1920s sport: Swimming

The 1920s was called the 'Roaring 20s' in America. It was accompanied by expanded prosperity for many middle class Americans and the rise of the 'flapper,' the sexually liberated and independent young woman. The rise of the middle class and the larger percentage of Americans with considerable disposable income and leisure time also allowed greater participation in sports. "The 1920s has been called the Golden Age of American Sports. It also has been called the Age of the Spectator" (Summer 2004:1). Thanks to the strength of the U.S. economy, more stadiums for professional and recreational sports were constructed, and radio and newspapers enabled fans to keep abreast of the latest developments of professional teams. "Improvements in roads made it possible for fans to travel to athletic events in distant cities. For the first time,…

Works Cited

Carter, D. Robert. 1920s swimming craze captures Provo's heart. Daily Herald. 16 Jun 2007.

[5 February 2013].

Drowne, Kathleen & Patrick Luber. The 1920s: American popular culture through history.

Athletic Injuries
Words: 3570 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68475215
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athletic coach I have garnered a wide variety of skills, as well as an extensive understanding of the standard practices and procedures an individual in the field of exercise science should possess. My past experiences have provided me with substantial knowledge of the principles involved in the prevention and care of athletic injuries. With the following, I hope to illustrate that my experiences and subsequent research have provided me with a broad awareness of typical athletic injuries and treatments as they apply to exercise science.

When a member of my dance squad sprained her ankle it became necessary for me to tape it as to provide additional support. I employed the traditional Gibney basket weave procedure. This consists of an interwoven network of stirrup strips "which cover the plantar surface of the hindfoot and extend proximally on both the medial and lateral aspects of the leg, and horseshoe strips, which…


Boyle, Daniel J.M.D. Sports Medicine for Parents and Coaches. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 1999.

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Swimming Pool Chemicals and the
Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70156555
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Besides chlorine, other chemicals commonly used in treating swimming pools include those described in Table 1 below:

Table 1

Commonly Used Swimming Pool Chemicals and Their Effects/Action




More stable in hot water than chlorine, bromine functions in much the same way as chlorine in killing pool bacteria; however, bromine is more resilient to the effects of the other chemicals used and will last longer than chlorine.

Pool shock and super chlorinators

hen chlorine and bacteria combine in pool water, they are eliminated by briefly raising the chlorine level of the water using pool "shockers" and super chlorinators; there are some chlorine-free shockers available that use potassium monopersulfate that are reported to work just as well.

Pool water balancers

Cyanuric acid is used to help keep swimming pool water clean and to prevent harm to swimmers' skin and hair as well as to help keep pool maintenance equipment…

Works Cited

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Giving It a Go but Are Confused about the Dos and Don'ts? Liz Lamb Brings You

the Top 10 Colour Myths and the Truth Behind Them." The Journal: 40.

"Gas threat." 2009, July 20. The Journal: 13.

Marketing Plan for Swimming Pool
Words: 3893 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46440147
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Marketing Planning

The marketing planning revolves around three major concepts the swimming pool organization must consider: the segmentation criteria applied to the audience, the identification of the target market, or markets, and finally, the positioning of their products and services.


There are numerous criteria used to segment the market and identify those particular groups of individuals to which to address the service. The most relevant criteria include demographics, income or personal preferences and capabilities of the individuals in the segment (Brown, 2007). But the selection of the most relevant segmentation criteria must be made relative to the type of activity conducted by the organization. In this order of ideas, the segmentation criteria most relevant for the swimming pool company revolve around:

Financial capabilities of the customer - regardless of them being corporate or individual clients, they must all be able to pay the fees for the cleaning, repairing or…


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Jellyfish Are Marine Invertebrates Which
Words: 3078 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29181795
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.. provide nourishment for the small organisms on which jellyfish feed. In waters where there is eutrophication, low oxygen levels often result, favoring jellyfish as they thrive in less oxygen-rich water than fish can tolerate. The fact is that jellyfish are increasing is a symptom of something happening in the ecosystem."

Researchers have been the ones that have as well contended that in some arias, such as the Gulf of Mexico or the Adriatic Sea, jellyfish have taken the role of fish, the former animals' number being far greater than the one of the latter's, and this can be as well put on the intensity with which the human intervene in the nature's life. Moreover, it has been observed that in the above-mentioned areas jellyfish have formed a sort of "gelatinous cover" of the water. In my opinion, this might be the reason for which during many years, Jelly researchers…


Pieribone, V. And D.F. Gruber, Aglow in the Dark: The Revolutionary Science of Biofluorescence. Harvard University Press, 2006, 288p;

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Jellyfish - Sea Science Series, at 

Kyle McGilligan Bentin, "Jellyfish up close," at

Life-Changing the Event I Will Write About
Words: 1248 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68506138
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The event I will write about took place at a lake near our house. It was summer and I had finished middle school and was heading into high school in the fall. Before describing the incident at the lake, I should explain something about my middle school experiences, because they relate to the incident at the lake.

During middle school I had been shoved on occasion and verbally taunted by a couple bullies in the schoolyard a few times a week. In my 7th grade experience and in my 8th grade experience I had been part of a little group of friends that was the target of these bullies. We were physically threatened and verbally harassed once or twice a week. The students I was in a group with were creative kids, taking part in plays, writing and reciting poetry, and two of my friends were strong Christians and…

Inverted U Hypothesis
Words: 1647 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97562588
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It has been established that competitive state-anxiety normally follows a certain pattern of one-sided feelings of anxiety as well as inadequacy that combines with increased arousal of automatic nervous system (Fazey, 2008). Accordingly, the theory of Inverted U. hypothesis was formulated to explain this aspect, and it is widely applied in sports psychology. Inverted U. hypothesis a theory that suggest that there is a relative amount of anxiety and arousal that triggers one to perform higher- extremely little arousal or anxiety and too much arousal or anxiety will lead to poorer performance. This present paper briefly discusses the Inverted U. hypothesis in sports psychology.


Until presently, the traditional Inverted theory had been the key model employed by sports psychologists to explain the arousal-performance relationship. Nevertheless, various sport psychology researchers have criticized this relationship, and the modern trend is a change towards a higher multidimensional perspective of…


Fazey, J. (2008). The inverted-U hypothesis: a catastrophe for sport psychology? Leeds, British Association of Sports Sciences.

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Adaptations of Organisms in the
Words: 4017 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26605054
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The female wolverine delays implantation; the egg cells float in the uterus for some time attaching to the uterus wall. Delayed implantation means that the young can be born at the right time, from January to April, regardless of when mating takes place. The female produces one litter every two or three years. She digs out a den in a snowdrift, in a tree hollow, or under a rock, where she has her young, called kittens. Two or three kittens are born each year. The kits are born furry and their eyes are closed. The kittens feed only from their mother for two or three weeks. During this time she rarely leaves them, feeding on food she has stored. Later the mother brings food to the den, but the kittens are eight to ten weeks old before they are weaned. They reach adult size by early winter but may stay…


Campbell, N.C. (1996). An introduction to ecology: distribution and adaptation of organism.

Biology (pp. 1080). Menlo Park California: The Benjamin / Cummings Publication Inc.

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Creatine or Glutamine as a Dietary Supplement
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Dietary Supplement for Athletes or Bodybuilding

Creatine is a dietary supplement that has been popular for more than thirty years amongst athletes and bodybuilders (Feldman 1999: 45). Its alleged benefits include enhancing muscle-building and recovery. The use of dietary supplements, particularly amongst adolescents and young adult athletes has increased in popularity and may even be endorsed by coaches and parents. Creatine is not recommended for young athletes because of questions about the long-term safety of its use, but pressures to 'be the best' have increased as the margin between first-class and second-class athletes grows ever more razor-thin (Dunn et al. 2001).One study found that "62% of adolescent athletes believed supplements improve performance, with 50% consuming dietary supplements" (Dunn et al. 2001). In another study of attitudes of young athletes Dunn (et al. 2001) found widespread acceptance of the use of creatine and belief in its benefits, even amongst athletes who…


Beck TW, Housh TJ, Johnson GO, Coburn DW, Malek MH, Cramer JT. (2007). Effects of a drink containing creatine, amino acids, and protein, combined with ten weeks of resistance training on body composition, strength, and anaerobic performance.

J Strength Cond Res, 21:100-104.

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creatine supplementation and exercise. Retrieved:

Guillain-Barre Syndrome Gbs Is the
Words: 2204 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71240654
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He denies taking these meds for any other reason but to be able to stay awake at work. He also admits that he is not in the position he thought he would be in at this age in his life. Approximately five years ago, he was laid off as the manager of a local distributing company. Since that time (which is also the time of his son's birth), he feels that he has become increasingly stressed as well as disappointed in himself. He used to go to church, but he has not been since his mother died. He believes that going to church helps him feel more grounded and at ease. It is recommended that Mr. Sinatra learn to release his stress in positive manners such as exercising in the pool, walking, and stretching, attending counseling, and going to church.

Values and Beliefs

Mr. Sinatra and his family are members…


About GBS. (n.d.). Retrieved from 

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NINDS Guillain-Barre. (2009, December 9). Retrieved April 14, 2010, from National Institute of Health.

Water Legislation Origins of Environmental
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The Leblanc alkali production processes were especially pernicious, but they followed along the lines of previous industrial processes. In other words, the first British environmental legislation was a response not so much to a qualitative change in industrial processes and their environmental impact but more to a quantitative increase in sources of pollution that had up to that point been (if only barely) tolerable.

Legislation Arising From Public Anger

At the center of the first British environmental legislation was the Leblanc process, an industrial process that produced of soda ash (which is chemically sodium carbonate) that came into use in the first decades of the 19th century. Named after its inventor, Nicolas Leblanc, it replaced an older process in which soda ash had been produced from wood ash. However, as the availability of wood ash declined (because of deforestation, a process that was occuring both in Great Britain and across…

Resources Act (WRA) of 1991. This act "establishes the duties of the Environment Agency (EA) on flood defence and other areas relating to water management and quality."

"The EA has discretionary powers to improve and maintain river conditions. This means that the EA is not obliged to construct or maintain such works. In practice, the EA will only proceed with schemes that are not only beneficial but cost-effective.

"The Act also grants the EA powers to issue flood warnings and regulate what can be discharged into rivers, estuaries, coastal waters, lakes and groundwaters."

Canadian law on flooding is similarly divided between common law and statutory law.

First Nations

United States Is the Diversity
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Because of the newer mobility of a significant amount of suburban America, driving to national parks was even more an option. The more people visited the Parks, it seemed, the more of a synergistic effect upon their funding and use (Jensen and Guthrie, 2006).

By the Johnson Administration in the 1960s, coupled with more media attention, there was increased public awareness of America's natural treasures. This was now that "Parks for People" Campaign. During this period there was also a fairly significant new awareness about ecology and the natural environment. The mission of the National Parks Service was called into question. eacting to this, Congress passed the General Authorities Acts of 1970, which became known as the "edwood Amendment," since a large part of the Act was devoted to conserving edwood National Park. Based on political pressure from citizens, Congress was also forced to provide a rather significant funding increase…


The National Park Service. (2002, March). Retrieved October 2010, from U.S. 

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Red Color News Soldier Questions
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5. I was surprised at the idiosyncrasies of Zhensheng's self-portraits. His stance and defiant expression shows that China was not ideologically homogenous at the time. People like Zhensheng found a way to express dissent and anger, even if they often faced repercussions for their brave actions.

6. The Cultural Revolution was not fully extinguished until 1976, after a prolonged power struggle within the Chinese government. This illustrates the vulnerability of ordinary people's lives in a dictatorship: one minute it was 'counterrevolutionary' to support certain politicians, like Deng Xiaoping, and then, not so long afterwards it was considered patriotic to support Deng.

7. The role of women was surprising -- in the countryside, women were often required to labor as hard as their male counterparts, including pulling wheelbarrows to irrigate a field.

8. Early on in the Revolution, children supported the actions of the People's Liberation Army. This made me wonder…

Works Cited

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Eric Fischl it Comes as
Words: 1652 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80892474
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Fischl displays himself comically strutting, his stomach strangely stuck out, as if to say that his own portraits are just as bizarre; that he nor his paintings are to be taken seriously. The artist presents himself as a clown, preparing for those who say something against his art, preparing himself from the negative. His mask hides him from any critiques. "I think that we, and again I'm saying the generation as we, had a profound degree of self-consciousness. The self-consciousness came from a feeling that everything was a cliche, that everything had such a strong predecessor to it -- that basically you were in pantomime" (Tillim).

In Chicago, when he was going to school, Fischl was also exposed to the non-mainstream art of the Hairy Who. "The underbelly, carnie world of Ed Paschke and the hilarious sexual vulgarity of Jim Nutt were revelatory experiences for me" (Eric Fischl Web site).…

References Cited: Rooms for the Misbegotten: A Conversation between Erick Fischl and Cheryl Kaplan.5 December 2009 

Fischl, Eric. Web site. 5 December, 2009

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Behalf of Benjamin I Have
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Going beyond this, Benjamin is talented in many other areas as well, which is testament to his exceptionalism. He was a team leader during the 2009 World Robot Olympiad, representing Taipei City and Taipei County. He demonstrated outstanding leadership and I felt that they took a very creative approach to problem-solving. Although they did not win, I found their effort to be truly special.

He is also a swimmer, and takes the same dedication to that pastime as to all of his other endeavors. He performs all four disciplines -- freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke -- which I feel suits his character very well. He is just an incredibly well-rounded young man.

Each year in September we hold what is known as a "Basic Competency Test" for all 8th grade students who are entering high schools here in Taiwan. Benjamin scored 99% on this exam. He has already been accepted…

U S Government Legalize Marijuana The
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There is much more to the issue and how it is addressed than that (Seamon, 2007). These states are:










New Mexico


Rhode Island


Washington (Seamon, 2007)

Criticisms of Decriminalization

Gateway Drug

The war on drugs has been in the news for some time now, and marijuana has been included in that war. It continues to be listed as important in the speeches of many politicians, and it continues to be at the forefront of a great many debates about how our tax money should best be spent (Gray, 2005; Pacula, 2003b). One of the main concerns of the war on drugs, however, does not deal with what politicians think about it. Rather, it deals with what police think about it. Police are, after all, the ones that are out there on the streets every day, trying to fight the…


Anslinger, H.J. & Tompkins, William F. n.d. "The traffic in narcotics." Drug Library. Retrieved at 

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Retaining Customer Loyalty General Electric
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In order to rise above competition, the company is committed to providing the highest quality of technical support to its clients, as demonstrated by its purchase of ATG. This software would result in reduced costs, increased revenue, and improved customer retention.

pecifically, the software gives the company the ability to reduce the time involved in solving customer queries and concomitantly increasing the volume of calls that can be handled. Furthermore, the queries and calls referred to higher levels of the company's management is decreased by centralizing the customers' access to relevant information sources. The quality and content of this service are also improved by analyzing daily interactions with customers. The service is made more efficient and accurate in this way. Finally, revenue opportunities are also increased by a feature that suggests up-sell and cross-sell possibilities.

According to Business Wire (2005), Genpact's RightAnswers' Knowledge-Pak libraries also integrate with the ATG software.…


Business Wire. (2005, Dec. 12). General Electric-Owned Genpact Delivers Superior Customer Service with ATG's Progressive Call Center Technology. Database: FindArticles. 

General Electric (2008). GE Citizenship: Building a Customer Focus. 

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Youth's Decision to Withdraw From
Words: 6240 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81423393
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The Fun Principle stated that as "we take the fun out of physical activities, we take the kids out of them" (Martens, 1996, p. 306). Martens said that learning should be enjoyable and that when winning is pursued in the extreme, it produces behaviors that destroy children's self-worth and rob them of fun. However, adults frequently violate this principle by over organizing, constantly instructing and evaluating, over drilling and routinizing the learning of skills, replacing unstructured play with calisthenics, and using physical activity as a form of punishment. Martens noted that the irony in youth sports is that "we turn young people off of the very thing we want to turn them on to" (p. 309). If lifelong participation in physical activity is the goal, then the emphasis should shift from the outcome to the quality of experiences, according to Martens. (Brady, 2004, p. 48)

Differences in Youth Who Withdraw…


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Brenner, Joel S. And the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness. "Overuse Injuries, Overtraining, and Burnout in Child and Adolescent Athletes." Pediatrics, Jun 2007; 119: 1242-1245. Retrieved October 15, 2008, at

Counseling the Broken Hearted -
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" In the process, one learns to see oneself as strong and resilient, courageous, and empowered. Whether the individual can get up and go on and have a happy life after the loss depends on how the person views self

Is he or she a victim or a survivor? A strong person making spiritual progress or weak and debilitated? Whiting & Bradley (2007) argue that there must be an outcome for every loss. Whether the outcome is "reconciliation" or "vulnerability" or "victimization" depends on successful and positive identity reconstruction.

It used to be believed that the grieving individual had to achieve detachment from the person who had died. This was Freud's theory, that "grieving people need to break free from the deceased, let go of the past and reassert their individualism by charting a new course for life.

A healthy grief experience, according to Freud [was] one in which the…


Anderson, R.A. (2006). Immunity and grief. Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine, 276, 128.

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Care of the elderly - bereavement: An essential guide (2006). The Practitioner (June 29), 22-29.

Secret Harboring of Fugitives --
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The image of the law arises, but like the woman, the captain has already experienced a kind of internal, moral shift. Like the woman the captain cannot bear to morally condemn the murderer, or reveal the fact that Leggatt is on his ship when the authorities arrive. Captain Archbold wants to act according to the law, like the men of the Glaspell tale, but Leggatt's protective captain pretends the ship is empty and points out that Leggatt's actions helped save the ship during a storm.

The captain, from a law-abiding man, has suddenly become a man who will evade the law, because he mysteriously perceives himself to be the same as another man. Unlike the feminist identification or mirroring that occurs in the Glaspell tale, the Conrad tale's sense of a "mirror image" of two psychologically united selves is far more mysterious. Eventually, the captain agrees to allow Leggatt to…

Works Cited

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Apollo -- Artemis an Examination
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For instance, all of the men who became shipwrecked on the shores of Tauris were sacrificed to Artemis. Also, in the town of Brauron in Attica which held the stolen statue of Artemis from Tauric, there appeared one day a tame bear which was sacred to Artemis. This bear apparently wandered freely through the village and attacked a young girl with its claws. Soon after, this bear was killed by the girl's brother, an act which angered Artemis to no end. The oracle at Delphi then told the people of Tauric that they must "consecrate all of their daughters to Artemis" as a result of killing the bear. Thus, "every five years, a procession of young Tauric daughters, dressed in saffron-colored robes, solemnly walked to the temple of Artemis and voluntarily allowed themselves to be butchered" (Gimbutas, 312).

In addition, there are stories that Artemis was akin to a vampire,…

Works Cited

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University Press, 1994.

Wire and Changing Urban Markets
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For instance, in Season 2, Hard Cases (Episode 4) explores the idea of individuals who are repeat offenders, and the difficulty for the police to even come close to managing crime. Just as one crime is potentially solved, three more pop up that may never be. The police must count on people from the neighborhood to assist them, but these same individuals are torn between helping the police and being part of the community. The idea of hopelessness is summed up when one of the characters, Nick, asks his father if he misses his work at the dock (the shipyards are closed, and the father now spends much of his time at a local bar, drinking to dull his pain). His father replies, "ouldn't matter if I did" (the ire 2005).

Also apparent is some real systems thinking with the ire that goes to the heart of inner city labor…

Works Cited

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"The Wire." HBO. June 2005.  (accessed March 2012).

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Criminal Identification Procedures
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Criminal Identification Procedures

The dawn of the twenty-first century has become the era of George Orwell's "1984." Technology that was found only in science fiction a few decades ago, is part of today's standards and procedures.

The world today is filled with cameras that can film an individual wherever he goes, his cell phone signal can pinpoint his location, and even one glance can reveal his true identity (Shenk 2003). Iris-recognition technology, soon to be common in places such as airports, offices, and banks, will simply scan an individual's eyes to reveal his idenity (Shenk 2003). Many feel that in this post-9/11 landscape, there is a serious need for these high-tech tools to help detect money laundering, encrypted e-mails, bio-weapons, and suitcase nukes (Shenk 2003).

Poseidon, a new electronic surveillance system, is a network of cameras that feeds a computer programmed to use a set of complex mathematical algorithms to…

Work Cited

Shenk, David. "Watching you the world of high-tech surveillance."

National Geographic. 11/1/2003.

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Chapter 2 Investigation, Identification, Apprehension." U.S. History. 9/1/1990.

Employment Law Before the Amusement
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If this employee's testing policy is to be implemented, the company especially their HR Department must be strict with their rules. If the applicant fails in one of the requirements one should not accept the applicant. The amusement also needs to hire one Lifeguard Professional Trainer from all applicants. This trainer will be hired only during peak season to orient and to have further training for everybody who has passed the initial interview. The trainer will also be one of the evaluators of each applicant. The qualifications that a trainer must have are the following: 1. He must be a CPR Professional Rescuer; 2. He must be a First Aid Certified; 3 He is currently employed and has trained in a well-known amusement complex; 4. He must have a minimum of 10 years experience as a lifeguard; 5.He must be 30-40 years old.

All new employees who undergo training and…

Art the Renaissance Heralded in
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French omantic painter, Eugene Delacroix, is well-known from this period. Delacroix often took his subjects from literature but added much more by using color to create an effect of pure energy and emotion that he compared to music. He also showed that paintings can be done about present-day historical events, not just those in the past (Wood, 217). He was at home with styles such as pen, watercolor, pastel, and oil. He was also skillful in lithography, a new graphic process popular with the omantics. His illustrations of a French edition of Goethe's "Faust" and Shakespeare's "Hamlet" still stand as the finest examples in that medium.

Delacroix' painting "Massacre at Chios" is precisely detailed, but the action is so violent and the composition so dynamic that the effect is very disturbing (Janson, 678). With great vividness of color and strong emotion he pictured an incident in which 20,000 Greeks were…


Art: A World History. New York: DK Publishing, 1997.

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Franklin D Roosevelt
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illiam Leuchtenburg's Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal is a text that combines recent American history with a political and sociological analysis of American policy and government, and adds a healthy dose of biography of the president to give the mixture human drama. Leuchtenburg is able to accomplish this literary feat not simply because he is such a skilled historian, but because Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his cabinet exercised a unique degree of power over the American economy of his day. America was in an economic crisis when Roosevelt came to be elected the presidency. To remedy this crisis, Roosevelt essentially had to overhaul the American system of government and the relationship of the federal government to the citizenry. He created the modern social welfare system, the concept of the 'safety net' for the needy, and a sense of government's social obligations as well as a citizen's obligations to…

Work Cited

Leuchtenburg, William. Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal Perennial, 1963.

Self and the Other the
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Don Quixote, despite his inability to recognize between his conscious and unconscious selves, differed from Shylock in that made no conscious effort to allow his unconscious self to emerge. His continued exposure to an alternative life -- life in the world of fiction -- made him develop a stronger unconscious self: " ... he became so absorbed in his books that he spent his nights from sunset to sunrise ... And what with little sleep and much reading his brains got so dry he lost his wits. His fancy grew full of ... all sorts of impossible nonsense ... " This narrative about the development of Don Quixote de la Mancha's character, the metaphorical self of Don Quixote, was associated with the Captain's Leggatt's persona, the individual who symbolized the man's innermost desire for freedom and adventure. In effect, the hero that was Don Quixote surfaced to dominate over the…


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Ecj the Practice of Forum
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That is if the jurisdiction of no other contracting state was in issue and the trial had no connecting dynamic to any other contracting state.

In response to this question, the European court responded in the negative and asserted that the international factor that had to exist for the Convention to apply did not have to consist in a variety of contracting states being involved (Hawkings 2005). On the contrary, it could consist of the claimant and a single defendant living in a contracting state, with the events presented in the case having occurred in a non-contracting one (Hawkings 2005). In addition, the second article of the Convention was compulsory, and therefore could not, on its basic wording or upon other considerations, acquiesce to any caution founded on forum non-conveniens, for which no condition was made in the Convention (Hawkings 2005). This was true, even in a case such as…



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February 2005, no. 26, 2004-05, ISSN 1449-8456

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Stratification-Inequality in the October 01
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In a 2003 issue of Monthly Review, Tony Platt writes that the U.S. has the most regressive system of welfare for the poor among developed nations and in recent years it has become even more punitive (Platt pp).

The New Yorker Fact eb site is a site that contains the latest issue of the New Yorker magazine. The essay for October 21, 2005 was titled "Day Stripper: Clothing-optional swimmers get into trouble with the natives" by Mark Singer, discussing nudist in New England.

orks Cited

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Ethics and International Affairs. October 01, 2001. Retrieved October 21, 2005 from HighBeam Research Library eb site.

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Charlemagne Otherwise Known as Charles the Great
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Charlemagne, otherwise known as Charles the Great: Einhard's "The Emperor Charlemagne," Heinrich Fichtenau's "A New Portrait of the 'Emperor,'" and F.L. Ganshof's "A More Somber Light." The first two of these essays share in common their admiration for the Christian Emperor, whereas Ganshof's shows some of the weaknesses in Charles's reign. In fact, all three of these articles demonstrate how, after his death, the Frank Empire fell apart.

In Einhard's article "The Emperor Charlemagne," the ruler is described in a positive light. Charlemagne ruled for 47 years and during this time the kingdom's landholdings doubled. Charlemagne was also instrumental in conquering the barbaric Germanic tribes and most importantly, made Christianity the state religion.

Charlemagne was known as a magnanimous ruler who made alliances with many other major kingdoms such as Persia, Constantinople, and the Greeks. The king was viewed with respect and awe if not fear and was also known…

Odyssey Coman Writes in the July 2001
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Coman writes, in the July 2001 issue of Quadrant, that what gives Homer's "The Odyssey" such an eternal relevance is that it defies definitive analysis, thus it retains a sense of mystery that draws readers in by posing more questions that it give answers (Coman pp). This is what both moves and delights readers, for nothing so quickly creates boredom than the recapitulation of solved mysteries (Coman pp). For example, there was a time when the very sight of the moon moved humans in extraordinary ways because it was both totally familiar but totally alien and beyond knowledge (Coman pp). However, today, its sight brings visions of space junk strewn across the stony plain, and "one expects to see empty Coke bottles and McDonald's wrappers" (Coman pp). Coman notes that the transference of mystery to fact is a sort of solidification or petrification of the imagination, and is exactly…

Work Cited

Coman, B.J. "Reading the Odyssey." Quadrant. July 01, 2001. Retrieved

October 15, 2005 from HighBeam Research Library Web site.

Marks, Tracy. Informal Reflections and Questions. Retrieved October 15, 2005


Olives Ocean by Kevin Henkes
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The title of the book refers to the fact that unlike Olive, who never saw the ocean, Martha is able to see the water every year. Over the course of the book, Martha grows up more during her summer than she has almost any summer previously. Martha is made more responsible for looking after her younger sister. A boy kisses for the first time. But it is nothing like the first kiss of her dreams. After Martha makes friends with Manning boys, Jimmy, Tate, Todd, Luke and Leo, she feels as if she has passed her childhood on, as the boys only used to hang out with her brother, Vince. They are interested in films and making movies. But then, Jimmy pretends to like her simply so she will kiss him on camera, and makes her kiss him to win a bet with his brothers.

Olive's Ocean is a book…

Works Cited

Henkes, Kevin. Olives' Ocean. New York: Puffin Books, 2005.

Negative Addictions Addiction Can Be
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The negative thing associated with this practice is that the individual may buy unnecessary items since the practice is carried out without proper consideration. Furthermore, shopping has the ability of becoming a negative addiction if it leads to the purchase of items that will no longer fit the individual after a short period of time. While shopping is a good activity, it turns to a negative addiction if it's driven by a state of tension and anticipation.

Similar to positive addictions, negative addictions are recurring habits or behaviors that are learned or acquired through trial and error or through observation of other people. When an individual is continually exposed to the substance or behavior with some level of satisfaction, the urge or craving for the substance or behavior emerge gradually following repeated practice and experience. The craving or urge for the habit or substance is a person's way of anticipation…


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Global Warming the Arctic Homes
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Arctic foxes are also threatened by global warming since they rely on frozen seas for their survival during the bleak winters. Since there are fewer predators and food for the foxes is easily available for them as compared to the land. Therefore global warming poses as a challenge for their survival in the sea (Adam, 2008).

Dependant fish species like polar cod are also threatened by global warming, arctic and migratory whale species like narwhal and belunga whales, the bowhead and gray whale will also be severely affected since they normally feed along the ice edge. Global warming may also cause ice openings known as leads and polynyas that act as critical outpost for feeding, breeding and migration.

Global warming does not affect marine life only it also has an adverse effect on terrestrial animals. With global warming the terrestrial vegetation is expected to be moved northwards. The plant and…

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Earth Passed Through Various Processes
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They eat on ice and they give birth on ice. So if ice will disappear for a significant part of the year, these animals will be lost. The number of polar bears has already started to decrease and that is due to global warming. Scientists believe that although polar bears are great swimmers and they can swim for long distances, they drown because the number of ice sheets is becoming lower and lower.

Another arctic animal that is affected by the global warming is the walrus. Scientists discovered in summer of 2004, in the Canada Basin, a number of lonely walrus caves. They were swimming alone, far away from shore. Until then, scientists did not see walrus calves swim so far away from the shore in the summer. But because of the ice melting and the warmer temperature they need to look for food far away and let their pups…


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Cultural Event the Dallas Museum of Art
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Cultural Event

The Dallas Museum of Art has several temporary exhibitions on display now. One is called "Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties." Another related but separate exhibition is called "Texas in the Twenties: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs from Lone Star Collections." Because both special exhibitions focus on a specific point in time in American and Texan history, it was helpful to view both together on the same day. I went on opening day of both exhibitions, which was on Sunday March 4, 2012. There was a small line to get in, but the space inside the museum was arranged so that it did not feel crowded. The museum published a brochure that explained each exhibition, why it was on display at that time at the museum, and what the exhibition meant in the context of modern American art.

The "Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties"…


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Psychological Movie Interpretation Ordinary People on the
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Psychological Movie Interpretation: Ordinary People

On the surface, the movie Ordinary People is a movie about loss. It focuses on a family that is recovering from the death of its oldest son. The older son, Buck, and the younger son, Conrad, are portrayed as stereotypical golden boys, with lifetimes full of promise ahead of them. Both boys are strong swimmers on the swim team, however, while out together, without any parents, on a boat, they get into a boating accident. Buck is unable to save himself. Perhaps more significantly, Conrad is unable to save Buck. Conrad spirals into a significant depression and attempts to commit suicide. He is hospitalized in a mental institution because of his suicide attempt. The movie opens after Conrad returns home from the mental hospital and focuses on Conrad's attempts to reintegrate into his family and his suburban environment. Conrad's father, Calvin, is distraught about Buck's…


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Young Age I Have Not Had Very
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young age, I have not had very many chances to demonstrate my leadership skills. However, early leadership experiences can be significant shapers of character and builders of confidence. As captain of my high school varsity swim team, I was able to develop and hone my skills as a leader. I gleaned from my experience as a varsity captain some mature and adult traits like decisiveness, good humour, and compassion. Forced to practice mediation, conflict resolution, and advanced problem solving without direct training in leadership, I learned directly from my interactions with coaches and team members. I will probably always hearken back to this early leadership experience, even if subconsciously, throughout my entire life. However, I wasn't necessarily a natural-born leader. As a tenth grader in high school I worked on a science project with a group of four other students. I was selected at random to be the leader of…