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Mobile Sprint Merger Investigating the Possibility of a
Words: 1522 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40314264
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Mobile/Sprint Merger?

Investigating the Possibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger (?)

AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile (?)

Advantages to AT&T

Effects to the Consumer

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the feasibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger. The two companies utilize similar technology and it was thought that a merger of the two telecommunications giants would offer a certain synergy that would add value not only to the combined organization but also to consumers. ith the increased competitiveness that would be gained with this merger the new conglomerate would be in a better market position to compete with industry leaders such as AT&T and Verizon. However, the business world moves very quickly and the possibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger no longer seems to be a remote possibility.

Instead, the giant telecommunication leader AT&T has recently made a move to purchase T-Mobile…

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Mobile Sprint Merger Within the More
Words: 1380 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53667225
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Mobile / Sprint Merger

Within the more and more dynamic and challenging economic, social and technological context, the economic agents devise a wide array of coping mechanisms. One common means in which they strive to consolidate their competitive positions is through mergers and acquisitions. These imply the unification of two traditional competitors in a means in which mutual benefits are created, such as wider access to the market, know how, expertise, resources and so on.

Today, a piece of news which torments the American business community is related to the potential merger between mobile telephone monoliths T-Mobile and Sprint. It is the opinion of this study that the merger would be of a positive impact for the two firms. The following lines reveal the rationale for this conclusion.

The financial state of the companies

Data is not available for the entire 2010 fiscal year, but the information which is available…


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Case Study Into Loyalty in the Mobile Network Market
Words: 3088 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 69305686
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Mobile Loyalty ackground

The mobile telephone system is part of a global communication sector that has a number of distinct but interlinked elements. Whether one talks on a telephone, searches the net, emails, sends texts or downloads and participates in web-generated data sharing, one is using the mobile telephone network more and more, to the point where it and some of the competing companies appear to be reaching their service capacities. Or at least this seems to be the case when it comes to doing what these large providers should be best at: adding and keeping customers. Maintaining a loyal buyer base -- one that truly likes and advocates for the provider -- or at least happily retaining one beyond a small contract period is critical for any company that wants to be able to serve the global marketplace (Sharpley, 2009).

Underlying many of the customer service practices and promises…


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Mobile Computing and Social Networks There Are
Words: 3227 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64262600
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Mobile Computing and Social Networks

There are many mobile apps in the market that have been designed to cater for various tasks and processes. Mobile apps were initially designed for gaming but improvements have been made to ensure that they can be used for business purposes. Applications have been designed to improve efficiency of mobile devices. Users have been able to make use of mobile phones to replace devices such as desktop computers and cameras.

Effectiveness and efficiency mobile-based applications

Technological advancements in the field of communication have undergone numerous changes over the decade. Mobile phones conventionally used for basic communication can now be used to conduct more features. The software being used in the mobile devises have enabled the devises to be used for more application than communication. The mobile devices being sold in the market are considered smart phones due to the array of applications that they can…


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Mobile Services Safety Security Usage
Words: 5950 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56051665
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Many researchers have conducted studies on many aspects of m-commerce and the use of mobile technology by consumers. deuyter, Kleijnen, & Wetzels (2006) stated, "M-commerce has been heralded repeatedly as the new service frontier of the millennium. Present market reality, however, seems to be less optimistic, therefore, the current study explores the factors contributing to the adoption of mobile services in a context of wireless finance" (p. 206).

Organization of the Study

Chapter two will consist of the literature review of published works and research studies on the subject of mobile commerce. There are many points-of-view and definitions of m-commerce and this chapter will attempt to examine the data as it relates to what is also referred to wireless e-commerce.

Chapter three through chapter five will substantiate and provide the details of the research methodology utilized for collecting the data. The collected data will be used to answer the research…


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Mobile Wireless Portal Evaluation of the Eweek
Words: 854 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54521215
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Mobile Wireless Portal

Evaluation of the eWeek Mobile Wireless Portal

The eWeek Mobile Portal combines an impressive amount of news and analysis on mobile devices, mobile operating systems including iPhone, Android and many others, and the integration of these technologies into enterprise strategies. Coverage of how mobile technologies are used in Customer elationship Management (CM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and throughout direct marketing is included in the portal's contents. The benefits of the portal are the timeliness of its news and analysis, the depth of reviews of new mobile devices specifically designed for the enterprise, and the links to more advanced technical information as well. The disadvantages of the portal include its heavy reliance on advertising, which tends to clutter up the page and makes it difficult to navigate. Another disadvantage of the portal is the lack of direct access to the more interesting tests of wireless network performance. That…


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Mobile Pedicure Manicure and Massage
Words: 1581 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 95662911
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Also, it is worth mentioning that the salon can rely on a good balance between quality of services and prices.


The new salon's website must provide full information on the company's products, services, and prices. The working schedule and contact options must be very easy to find. The company must employ e website operator that handles orders. Also, the salon's promotions must be clearly stated on the web site.

Financial statements



Net profit

Net cash flow

Sales growth

Quick ratio

eference List

Beauty salon (2008). Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. etrieved October 28, 2008 at

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Texas Makes Fish Pedicures Illegal (2008). Nails Magazine. etrieved October 28, 2008 at

Study Finds Fault…

Reference List

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Mobile Telephony Cellular Service Was Launched in
Words: 2630 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94215611
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Mobile Telephony

Cellular service was launched in UK in 1985. Cantel and affiliates of Mobility UK were licenced to operate at 800 MHz. Personal Communications Services (PCS) operating at 1.8 GHz was licenced in UK in December 1995 with two new players, Clearnet and Microcell each receiving 30 MHz of spectrum. Mobility UK affiliates and Cantel each received 10 MHz of new spectrum. PCS service was launched in late 1997. Today, a wide variety of national and regional licenced wireless carriers, along with numerous resale partners, provide wireless voice and data services covering more than 99 per cent of the UK population:


Petro UK Mobility

chatr wireless



Public Mobile



Dryden Mobility



Sears Connect


7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless

Ice Wireless


KMTS Mobility

Solo Mobile

Koodo Mobile


Lynx Mobility






Nexicom Mobility

Virgin Mobile


Wightman Telecom


Marketing Plan for Virgin Mobile
Words: 1000 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45489817
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Virgin Mobile

Target Market

Virgin targets the entire United States. Mobile is consumed by almost everybody, and profitability requires economies of scale. Virgin therefore, in general, seeks out all customers because it needs to have a base of millions. Within that, however, Virgin should specifically target the heaviest users of mobile, who are the industry's most profitable consumers. These are young people, aged anywhere from 12-30. They are usually students, though older ones will not be. These consumers are heavy data users. They own high end smartphones, and use them for games and videos, both of which consumer substantial amounts of data. These users spend hours per day on their phone, performing various tasks, though making phone calls is usually among the least of their worries (Yume, 2015). These consumers purchase the most expensive plans in order to support their heavy data usage. These consumers would prefer to have simpler…


Knight, S. (2014). T-Mobile takes aim at heavy data users with unlimited data across two lines for $100. Techspot. Retrieved April 5, 2015 from 

Yume. (2015) Millennials heavy users of mobile gadgets, stream video often. Retrieved April 5, 2015 from

AT& T Company and How Its Pending Merger
Words: 708 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38800456
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AT&T company and how its pending merger with T-Mobile major will affect mission and vision of the company. Also, its goals and objectives will be analyzed and the author will comment on whether or not this merger is in line with the needs of the major stakeholders that involved, that is, the customers, the employees and similar parties. The sources of information will be telecommunication blogs and publications analyzing the potential merger.

On both sides of the divide, there are "winners" and "losers" and a balancing act that is going on between competitive benefits of pricing vs. The stability of industry standards when there is oligopoly competition between only a small number of large corporations. This balancing act is never easy and is the reason for Federal regulation and legislation in an attempt to keep at least a reasonable amount of competition in the markets and yet take advantage of…

Works Cited

At&t mission & vision. (2011). Retrieved from .

Kwoh, Leslie. "AT&T, t-mobile merger could mean big changes for customers and employees." (2011, 21 March).Retrieved from -mobile_merger_39_billion.html.

Mobile and Cloud Computing
Words: 3517 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56880647
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Mobile & Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

This paper will define cloud computing and mobile cloud computing even while there is no current consensus on their definitions as it is a newly forming field of study and technology. The paper will additionally describe the utility and the structure of mobile cloud and cloud computing. Furthermore, the paper will address topics within the area of mobile cloud and cloud computing that are ripe for intensive research and elucidation. The paper will conclude by offering a sort of philosophical and economical cost-benefit analysis of mobile cloud and cloud computing, as well as select an area of research within this field -- specifically security and privacy issues in mobile and cloud computing use.

The Internet is a piece of technology that has forever changed society. Within its short history, the Internet has…

References & Related Works:

Armbrust, M., Fox, A., Griffith, R., Joseph, A.D., Katz, R., Konwinski, A., Lee, G., Patterson, D., Rabkin, A., Stoica, I., & Zaharia, M. (2010) "A View of Cloud Computing." Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery, 53(4), 50 -- 58.

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mobile AIS'security issues
Words: 496 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67995445
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Marvin (2015) interviews Dr. Chandra Bhansali about cloud-based accounting systems, discussing a couple of issues. The first is the way that cloud-based solutions are changing the way SMBs do business, and the second is the role that security plays in this. Most small businesses become interested in cloud-based solutions because of the efficiency gains, and in particular solving the pain point related to payroll, but they are concerned about security Bhansali is clear that security is an essential component for a cloud-based system, because the market demands it. Accounting data is sensitive, and companies that utilize cloud-based solutions insist that this information be protected to the highest standard.

Bhansali notes that his company moved to Amazon Web Services, which has one of the more secure platforms. Sensitive data is encrypted, in particular things like bank information, social security numbers and employee identification numbers. Bhansali then points out, without getting into…

Mobile Commerce on Home Control System
Words: 1893 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40386035
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home control system using mobile commerce -- or, how your cell phone can connect you to your home when you are away from home

For better or for worse, the cell phone technology has changed modern communication and modern life. Mobile communication systems have undoubtedly made modern human beings more 'connected' to one another, or at least more able to talk to, or to reach one another, at any point in time. Now, an individual with a 'switched on' cell phone can always be accessed through the use of mobile cell phone technology -- barring any interference from poor connections or poor service, of course! However, besides simply being able to talk to others more easily, mobile phones can also make it easier to access other aspects of one's daily existence, from one's calendar, list of frequently called numbers, and yes, one's home.

The ability of mobile commerce to connect…

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Mobile Devices Networking Performance and Security Related Issues
Words: 2206 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97579788
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Abstract - With regard to security, the major issue is that most mobile devices are targets that are in line to face attacks. Mobile devices face a range of threats that capitalize on several susceptibilities usually obtained in such devices. Lack of encryptions is a major threat to security of mobile device networks. Information such as text messages and electronic messages that are sent using a mobile device are more often than not unencrypted. Furthermore, numerous mobile device applications lack such encryptions over the networks for transmission and reception and therefore simplify the process of data interception. Malware is an additional problem regarding mobile device networks. It is simple for mobile device users to download malware through games and security patches and also through online advertisements. Consequently, this makes it significantly easy for data interception owing to spyware and Trojans. The lack of security software is also a major issue.…

The New Mobile Commerce Revolution
Words: 1981 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43980901
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Home Goods M-Commerce

During the earlier parts of the internet and technological revolution that began in the 1990's with the emergence of the World Wide Web was what eventually came to be known as E-Commerce. Indeed, there was the shift whereby what was done in brick and mortar stores was increasingly done online. Thus, regular commerce became electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short. Nowadays, there has been yet another shift to a subset of electronic commerce, that being on mobile devices like cellular phones, tablets and personal data assistants, or PDA's. Mobile commerce has become prominent enough that it should get its own mention. The covering of mobile commerce within the modern paradigm can be associated with a number of product categories and industries. The specific industry that will be focused on in this report is goods for the homes such as those for cooking, other food preparation and gardening.…

Diabetes Management Goes Mobile Diabetes
Words: 1700 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74799642
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Mobile technology, disease management is the wave of the future, not only for diabetes care but for other health related issues and needs. If an individual can recognize the daily stressors they place upon their bodies, with regard to their disease management and overall health the system could likely greatly impact care systems and services, as well as assist individuals with knowledge and information that may not have been available to them in the past.


Andrus, M.., Kelley, K.W., Murphey, L.M., & Herndon, K.C. (2004). A Comparison of Diabetes Care in ural and Urban Medical Clinics in Alabama. Journal of Community Health, 29(1), 29.

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Delivering a Better Deal to Help Cope with…


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Advergaming and Mobile Advertising of
Words: 939 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82309488
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The following is a sceen captue of the game.


Mobile Advetising at Disney

At the initial Mickey and Minnie Block Blast game sceens thee is the potential to also use this on a tablet o smatphone by setting paametes. Disney is one of the leades is using HTML5 and auto-sense technologies that allow games to immediately be configued on the fly fo a given device they ae going to be used on (Edwads, Gove, 2011). Fo this game, when accessible on an Apple iPad fo example, the configuation and sceen esolution completely changes and suppots the device it is being viewed on. This suppots the technology leadeship position Disney has in these gaming aeas. The full configuation of the game fo Mobile is so tanspaency the playe doesn't have to do anything on the most popula devices.

Disney has also ceated the ability to give paents contol ove…

references, and requests. Journal of Advertising, 36(2), 87-100.

Rocks, D. (2007, Apr 30). Disney's mobile nanny. Business Week (Online),, 1.

At and T
Words: 840 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 28797112
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A& has seen tremendous changes to its industry in the last ten years, including the rise of mobile services that have greatly expanded the use of data by A& customers. his has in turn provided the company with significant retail opportunities, since it is now a vendor of mobile devices and this has become the major income driver for the company. However, this technology also requires substantial investment in infrastructure, which offsets some of the gains.

he financial performance going back ten years for A& is reflected in the following ratios, where are derived from figures gathered from the firm's annual reports:

Current Ratio

Cash Ratio

Gross Margin

Operating Margin

Net Margin

L Debt/Equity

Debt Ratio



hese figures show that in general, A& has been a successful company. Over the past ten years, the general trend is that the company is getting larger. For example, revenues in 2003…

The amount of leverage that AT&T has is comfortable. Both its long-term debt to equity ratio and the overall debt ratio are healthy and the company appears to have control of these. There is no evidence in the financial statements that would indicate that AT&T is borrowing when it would prefer not to, or that it has any problems with meeting its capital obligations.

Finally, AT&T has been able to turn healthy investment returns for the most part. The company's ROE and ROA figures were stronger in the past, but are still acceptable. As with the net margin, however, there is concern that the investment returns are at low levels. The good news is that they appear to have bottomed out in 2011, and were higher in 2012. If this upward trend continues there is little concern for the company's health in 2013.

In conclusion AT&T has performed acceptably in some rapidly-changing business conditions. For the most part, the company has had tremendous opportunity in the past several years with the growth in wireless, something that has helped the company to become much bigger. This growth has not, however, helped the company to become more profitable, and its financial ratios reflect this. AT&T still needs massive investments in infrastructure and in marketing in order to compete for the mobile revenues. As a result, the company has only been able to maintain some profitability and has actually seen it decline in the past few years. From an investment point-of-view, AT&T is having trouble building momentum despite being a major player in a massive new trend (mobile) that is spurring all kinds of demand. This has to involve industry characteristics. What happens to AT&T when mobile flatlines, if the company's profitability is declining in a rising market?

Upwardly Mobile We Learn How
Words: 735 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59723473
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Chou uses all of his resources, their target market could include not only those individuals who simply cannot afford the top smart phones, but also those individuals who are looking for something better than what they have at a lower cost.

Mr. Chou would be wise to use a celebrity as a marketing tactic. He could use someone that appeals to the younger generation and may not command a large salary as someone who is considered a seasoned actor or actress. Commercials could be run on television stations that appeal to a certain audience in order to break into the market. Over time the phone could then be marketed to different audiences. He also needs to find a catchy slogan that will help in branding. Once people identify the phone with the brand, it will be easier for him to reach his goal of being one of the top five…


Multi-Channel Ussd NFC 2D Barcode RFID WAP Enabled Mobile
Words: 1245 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84798756
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multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2d Barcode FID,,WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).

In this project, I present a product extension -- an extension on the existing mobile payment technologies and modules through the incorporation of a multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2D Barcode FID, WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).Corporate Social esponsibility emerged as a key component of such project.

A recent PEW study, close to more than 85% of the American adults own a cell phone (Zickuhr,2011).This kind f statistics means that mobile payment techniques are at the verge of revolutionizing global and local commerce in all sectors of life. In this project, I present a product extension -- an extension on the existing mobile payment technologies and modules through the incorporation of a multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2D Barcode FID, WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).


This innovation is…


Contini et al. (2011). Mobile Payments in the United States Mapping Out the Road Ahead. Available online at 

FDIC. (2009). "National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households," December

Raine, L (2012). Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project.PEW Research. 

Zickuhr, K (2011) .Generations and their gadgets.PEW Research.

Steep Analysis Conduct Technology Trends T Part
Words: 1219 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77224934
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Steep analysis Conduct "Technology trends" "T" part a STEEP Analysis (bullet point - a comment supported APA / MLA In-Text citations valid- referenced sources, addresses pros & cons Technology trends.

Starbucks: Innovation and enterprise in the world of coffee

hy the company was chosen

Starbucks began as a largely free-standing empire of stores. The original concept of the corporation's coffeehouse model was to replicate the 'home away from home' feeing in the store's flagship Seattle location at every Starbucks. The franchises were initially conceptualized as urban gathering-places. "For each targeted region, Starbucks selected a large city to serve as a 'hub'; teams of professionals were located in hub cities to support the goal of opening 20 or more stores in the hub in the first two years. Once stores blanketed the hub, then additional stores were opened in smaller, surrounding 'spoke' areas in the region" ("Starbucks Case Study," McGraw Hill,…

Works Cited

Anderson, Rick. "Bellevue baristas antitrust suit against Starbucks heading to court."

Seattle Weekly. 28 Nov 2007. [6 Apr 2012] 

Bishop, Todd. "The 'fourth place:' Starbucks as technology giant. Geek Wire. 2011.

AT& T Standards and Business Global Business Environment
Words: 2552 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18562025
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Global business environment is an environment within different sovereign countries and exogenous factors to the home of an organization influence the process of making decisions when it comes to the use of resources and capabilities. These include political, social, economic, legal, cultural, tax, regulatory and technological environments.

Global business environment is an environment within different sovereign countries whereby factors that are exogenous to the home environment of a particular organization have an influence on the process of making decisions when it comes to the use of resources and capabilities. These include political, social, economic, legal, cultural, tax, regulatory and technological environments.

Challenges to global business environment

Unethical business practices,

Failure to embrace technology advancements.

Stiff competition among the businesses.

Unethical business practices exist due to the lack of established ethical code of conduct within an organization

There are serious challenges on the global business environment which…

Technology- M-Commerce Research Plan Mobile Commerce M-Commerce
Words: 465 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64752834
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Technology- M-Commerce

Research lan: Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce)

Outline of Research lan

The introduction of mobile commerce (or m-Commerce) demonstrates the invasiveness and interactivity of technologies today and the extension of the 'virtual self' through business transactions made through m-Commerce.

m-Commerce in the worldwide and national context

Characteristics of m-Commerce: Technical

As an information service

As an information technology

Applications of m-Commerce: Business and Social

Financial services


Retail shopping

Social Impact of m-Commerce technology in the U.S. And to the World

erceived benefits of m-Commerce

Risks and challenges associated with m-Commerce


Annotated Bibliography

Ngai, E. And Gunasekaran, A. (2007). "A review for mobile commerce research and applications." Decision Support Systems, Vol. 23, No. 3.

The authors provided an intensive review of current literature on the topic of m-Commerce, exploring the different concepts and dimensions in which it is associated as far as scholarly studies about it are concerned. Findings…

Provides a primer and detailed description of the advent of m-commerce, specifically focusing the discussion in the case of mobile banking (m-banking). As one kind of application of m-commerce, the article would be helpful in understanding the benefits, challenges and risks that accompany the use of m-commerce.

Tiwari, R. And S. Buse. (2007). The Mobile Commerce Prospects: A strategic analysis of opportunities in the banking sector. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of m-commerce from the perspective of banking/financial services. It contains a detailed discussion of the technical, business and social dimensions of m-commerce, with suggestions for future directions in terms of policy-making (regulatory framework) and further research on its usage and receptivity as a new business technology.

Social Psychology of Boys Don't
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Ancient ome openly accepted male-to-female transsexuals, allowing them to assume female identities without negative social repercussions, obviously long before the science existed for them to have gender-reassignment surgery (eitz, 1998). Modern Indian society has Hijiras, transsexuals that, while not always treated with respect, are accorded their own gender identity and not relegated to male or female (eitz, 1998). The Dine/Navajos recognized three sexes: male, female, and Nadles. The Nadles could be intersexed people or transsexual people of either gender (eitz, 1998). The Sioux referred to transsexuals as Winkte, and allowed them to completely assume their preferred gender. "Physical females lived as male warriors, and had wives, while physical males lived their lives completely as women. In Sioux society no special magic was associated with this, it was just considered a way of correcting a mistake of nature" (eitz, 1998). What these examples make clear is that, in a different society,…


NNDB. (2010). David Reimer. Retrieved February 23, 2010 from NNDB


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Elearning Bassoppo-Moyo T C 2006 Evaluating
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, & Pivec, M. (2003). A Multimedia Knowledge Module Virtual Tutor Fosters Interactive Learning. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 14(2), 231.

This work demonstrates an example of how software can and has een developed to e interactive in the learning process, and especially good for tutoring individuals on concepts they have previously een challenged y. The authors are oth international educators from Austria reviewing emerging developments in elearning technology through the journal venue. The work is important to this iliography and its audience of educators as it outlines the development of interactive technologies that more naturally answer remedial instruction.

Knowlton, D.S. (2005). A Taxonomy of Learning through Asynchronous Discussion. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 16(2), 155.

The challenges and development of discussion models of elearning are outlined here as so much progress has een made in this area with regard to elearning technology and application. Discussion formatting and investment of…

bibliography as it talks about website utilization, where as many of the other articles discuss elearning classrooms.

Marketing Challenges -- E T Phone
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Applying the Data to Address the Apparent Challenges

On the basis of the Digitron marketing survey, ETPH will have to focus its marketing efforts in the following specific directions: First, it is essential to create a campaign that will increase the potential interest among those who have no current perceived need for cellular phone service. Second, that effort should emphasize the many situations and circumstances where the need for mobile phone capabilities are most useful. Third, future marketing campaigns should emphasize the convenient design and portability of the product and the fact that subscribing to cellular phone service provides only increasing flexibility and convenience for the user and does not in any way necessarily decrease the user's ability to choose not to respond to incoming calls.

Marketing Strategy

Based on the marketing research, the first ETPH marketing campaign should feature users in depictions of situations in which the target audience…

Strategic Challenges Cingular-At& t and Sprint
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This company's reach extends across the vast properties of the two companies from which it originated. America Online brought its flagship online service, Netscape, and several interactive services to the merger. The threat of new competitors can be applied to the telecommunications industry in that new competitors will always emerge, as more companies are sure to be formed. The threat of substitutes can be applied to the medium of the Internet, because the cost of switching Internet providers and Internet service in general is very cheap. The presence of this type of substitute products can lower industry attractiveness and profitability because it can limit price levels. The bargaining power of buyers is greater in the telecommunications industry when there are few dominant buyers and products are standardized. Finally, the intensity of rivalry between competitors in the telecommunications industry is at an all-time high. This is a result of the structure…


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Merger the First Step in
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The smaller firms therefore may be able to gain entry into the market but are generally unable to compete on quality with the top firms, and this is allowing the market leaders to grow as a result.

Another factor that is taken into consideration is the regulatory entry and exit conditions. In the mobile industry, there is a significant barrier in spectrum. Given that there is a finite amount of broadband wireless spectra available, and potential limits on where wireless towers can be sited, there are limits to the number of players in the market (FCC, 2010) This means that consolidation at the top of the industry could create limitations on the amount of competitors that can enter a given market. The DoJ will take this into account as well.

There are pros and cons associated with this merger. The pros are that the industry will take a more natural…

Works Cited:

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Private University Is Selling a Share or
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Private University is selling a share, or something else. At the outset of the Act, "security" is defined as "any note, stock, treasury stock, security future, security-based swap, bond, debenture, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest or participation in any profit-sharing agreement, collateral-trust certificate…" and many others are subject to the law. The key is that the security creates a share of income for the holder, whether in the form of debt or equity. Options for later purchase are also included in the definition of security.

The asset in question is a "share" that entitles the bearer to college credits in any school at the future date. A college credit is not a claim to a cash flow, nor it is claim to equity. Therefore, this is not a security. Rather, it is a coupon by which a product can later be acquired. There is no difference between this asset…

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Principle Marketing
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Orange Strategic Marketing Plan

Hello Kind Customer! ( I have added in additional comments in your paper per your instructions. Thanks again for being awesome to work with and please let me know if I can be of any additional assistance. Your changes and additions are marked with red text. Cheers!

Based on the successful merger of Orange and T-Mobile, the company is one of the world's largest mobile operators and the second leading operator throughout Western Europe. The company has over 30M subscribers worldwide, with 10M on the more profitable and long-term post-paid plans and leads Europe with over 1.5M users subscribing to the GSM 3G speed class of performance (Orange Investor elations, 2012). As of January, 2012 the company and its subsidiaries operate in 25 nations worldwide and has an aggregator market share of 40.4% and one of the highest consistent Average evenue Per User (APU) levels of…


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Htc High Tech Computer Corporation Known Almost
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High Tech Computer Corporation, known almost universally by the acronym HTC, is a Taiwan-based designer and manufacturer of smartphone devices. The company generally creates a base design, gives it a "codename," such as Hermes, and then offers the devices to be sold rebranded by other companies, such as i-mate, or networks, such as T-Mobile or Orange. In 2006 HTC started offering devices in some markets under their own HTC brand (Benou, 2007). The company has long used its own Dopod house brand to sell devices directly in Asia. HTC anticipates continued growth in the smartphone sector (Colombo, 2010). The convenience and excitement delivered by the plethora of mobile digital applications available such as location-based services, multimedia entertainment, social networking services, and e-books continue to push smartphones to the fore of mobile phone purchase choices and increase penetration of smartphones in the mobile phone market (Butler, 2009). One of the…

Works Cited

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Westower Communications IT Project Management Scenario Working
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Westower Communications IT Project Management Scenario

Working as a senior project manager for the British Columbia-based telecommunication tower design firm Westower Communications., my team and I have focused exclusively during the last year on overseeing the installation of an information technology (IT) system capable of merging the company's three primary client-based services and the associated server processing power used to perform them. In my role as director of the project management team, and as a crucial component of the project planning process, I would begin by holding a meeting of key stakeholders -- including Westower's CEO Michael A. Jarvis, COO ay Zeldenthuis, project point person Don Klausing, the department heads for the Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile divisions, and the company's internal IT supervisor. This introductory phase of the project planning process is indispensable to the overall objective of ensuring that implementation of a trifold IT system occurs on schedule and…


Barkley, B. (2006). Integrated project management. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Poblic Policy Privacy the Matter
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This does not mean that the government is willingly misusing the information, but that, due to numerous forces, the data collected could end up in the wrong hands and hurt the American individual and community. This is often possible due to the complexity of the it system storing the data base, but also the rich imagination of internet pirates (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2007). The matters of privacy violation have become a highly debated issue, with multiple implications. To the society, it could mean even chaos, when considering that the private data fall into the hands of thieves who use it to steal, blackmail and control the members of society. Then, was such a situation to occur, the image and good intentions of the government would be severely affected. The business community would also take a major hit if its transactions and internal affairs became public or entered in the possession…


2003, Privacy and Government, Privacilla, accessed on September 22, 2008

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Purchase Decision at the Time
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Furthermore, I went to, a website that shows cell towers for service providers as well as gives access to local-user reviews, so that a consumer can tell if their provider has good coverage in a local area. I decided this approach was better than looking at national reviews, because the highest-ranked service provider in the country would not do me any good if it provider poor coverage in my area. What I discovered is that all three of the major companies had good reception for almost all of my high-frequency calling areas. However, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and one of the companies had several dead spots in a nearby state park. Because I might need to use my cell phone in an emergency in that area, I was able to eliminate that company based on the dead zones.

Left with a decision between two major carriers…

Next, I began to look up coverage information on the cell phone providers. Many of the providers had maps showing coverage, and I looked at the areas where I live, as well as the areas where I most frequently need to use my cell phone. Furthermore, I went to , a website that shows cell towers for service providers as well as gives access to local-user reviews, so that a consumer can tell if their provider has good coverage in a local area. I decided this approach was better than looking at national reviews, because the highest-ranked service provider in the country would not do me any good if it provider poor coverage in my area. What I discovered is that all three of the major companies had good reception for almost all of my high-frequency calling areas. However, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and one of the companies had several dead spots in a nearby state park. Because I might need to use my cell phone in an emergency in that area, I was able to eliminate that company based on the dead zones.

Left with a decision between two major carriers and two basic phones, I began to talk to my friends that had the phones. I discovered that many of the things I initially liked about the I-phone were duplicated in T-Mobile's My Touch phone. Furthermore, many of my I-phone using friends reported dissatisfaction with at&T's service, and, since I-phones are locked and can only be used with at&T, I decided to go with the My Touch phone and T-Mobile's service. Once that decision was made, it was time for me to select my specific phone. With my research done, I went into a local cell phone store, so that I could actually touch the phones and determine the exact model of phone that I wanted.

I am glad that I had this assignment while making my mobile phone selection. So far I am very happy with this product, though time will tell if I remain happy with the choice. Armed with a substantial amount of information, not only about the product that I purchased, but also about competing products, I feel like I made an informed decision and did not experience any of the buyer's remorse that I had felt with prior major purchases. As a result, I think I will follow this same type of process when making my next major purchase.

AT&T Wireless The objective of
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The first is by demographically-based segmentation attributes, and the second is through services offered. Neither of these is optimal for understanding and responding to unmet needs in the users bases, a point discussed in the following section of this paper.

Demographic segments include the following:

General Consumer/Residential: The largest segment of users, this is the segment that also generates the highest level of price competition and pressure in the market as well. Churn is highest in this segment.

Small and Medium businesses:

The primary segment where bundling is used for generating high loyalty due to the ability of members of this segment to overcome price pressure due to the need to have services in place to support their business models.


The most profitable of segments and also the more difficult to penetrate and sustain customers, AT&T Wireless has successfully served this segment with Wide Area Networks (WLAN) and hotspot…


Ahn, Jae-Hyeon Sang-Pil Han, Yung-Seop Lee. (2006). Customer churn analysis: Churn determinants and mediation effects of partial defection in the Korean mobile telecommunications service industry. Telecommunications Policy, 30(10/11), 552. Retrieved March 15, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1166810491).

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Intranet Development
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Intranet Development

Some organizations are involved in the development of computer software and they naturally end up having experts in the art of developing software, but others who are in some other business should concentrate on their own business and not involve themselves in the business of software. We have to understand that developing software is not a maintenance business where it is essential for the organization dealing with the plant and machinery concerned to develop a certain level of competence in keeping the plant and machinery in running condition. For example, any refinery must be able to carry out routine services for various machinery running within the refinery, yet when a development comes for the refinery in terms of increasing their capacity or changing some operating methods, they call in the experts for help. Changes in software are not like routine servicing to existing equipment, but are more like…


Blass, Steve. (7 May, 2001) "Best practices for intranet development" Retrieved from 

Accessed 30 September, 2005

'Built-In Scalable Security" Retrieved from

Accessed 30 September, 2005

International Business Plan Venture -
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al.); (Rahman, 136- 138) (Dasgupta)

From the segmentation analysis and mobile content revenues forecast, the need for launching the low-cost and ultra-low cost mobile cellular phone business in India based on value-added services that can be incrementally added to consumers' accounts is preferable to concentrating only on price alone. Creating the unique value proposition for the service based on mobile content also is attractive to potential partners who are necessary for the nationwide success of the company across India's broad geographic regions. This concentration on value-added services is also critical when the competitors to the proposed company are also taken into account. The following section provides insights into the competitive landscape in India for cellular and telecommunications.

Competitive Landscape and Analysis

The following is an analysis of the competitive landscape of providers that the proposed company will need to partner with in some cases, and compete with in others. Clearly…


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Security Issues of M Commerce
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wireless Web is truly' the next major wave of Internet computing

A its potential for bringing people together and expanding commerce is even greater than that of the wired Internet."

Edward Kozel, board member and former CTO of Cisco systems (AlterEgo, 2000, p. 12)

The integration of the Internet into our modern culture as a driving force behind business, convenience, services and merchandise acquisition has created a new set of desires for modern consumers. The trend started with the ease and availability of services and products being offer4ed through radio and television advertising, and then infomercials and shopping channels. The internet brought the availability to purchase products, goods, and information from our desks and kitchens. Now trough wireless hotspots and wireless devices, society is following their desires toward a marketing distribution channel which motivates them to pay for internet access, and mobile commerce (m-commerce) anytime, anywhere, and instantly. These sets…


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Hspa and Evolved Hspa With
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HSPA+ is expected to be commercially available in 2008 through [the introduction] of incremental investments and backward and forward compatible handsets. HSPA+ doubles the data capacity and increases voice capacity by three times enabling operators to offer mobile broadband at even lower cost" (elease 7 HSPA+, 2007, p. 3). Likewise, Housami (2008) reports that, "HSPA+ is a manifestation of the evolved HSPA philosophy where the existing HSPA implementation is pushed to its limits by introducing various improvements to increase the efficiency of the system while maintaining backward compatibility" (p. 2).

The term "HSPA+" is the name assigned to the set of HSPA enhancements that are defined in 3 GPP elease 7 (7) and later; the enhanced downlink (HSDPA) was defined in 3 GPP 5 and provides three times the data capacity of WCDMA 99 (using a rake receiver and a single UE receive antenna) (elease 7 HSPA+).

Some of the…


Chiu, C.S. & Lin, C.C. (2004). Comparative downlink shared channel evaluation of WCDMA release 99 and HSDPA. IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, 2(2), 1165-1170.

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness
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Samsung Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

Samsung Electronics was established by Byung-Chull Lee in 1969 in Suwon City in South Korea and was at the time referred to as Samsung electric industries. When founded, the company was designed to manufacture computer constituents, radios, televisions and other electronic devices. A decade into its establishment, the company began to manufacture telecommunication devices. Its initial product offerings consisted of switchboards. Subsequently, Samsung started manufacturing mobile phones (Samsung, 2017)

Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched

Globalization encompasses a practice by which state and regional economies, communities, and cultures have come to be assimilated through the international network of trade, communication, migration and transportation. In addition, in recent years, the world has experienced a substantial advancement in technology, which has had a major influence on industries and companies. These two aspects have largely affected Samsung Electronics. One of the…


Fahy, J. (2002). A resource-based analysis of sustainable competitive advantage in a global environment. International Business Review, 11, 57 -- 78.

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Security Issues in IEEE Wlan
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Despite its clear benefits and advantages in terms of ease of use and cost effectiveness, there are certain risks associated with wireless networking. These risks are discussed further below.

Review of the Literature.

Security Risks Associated with IEEE WLAN 802.11. The applications for wireless communication technology continue to develop and expand; today, at least, the 802.11b is the standard of choice for wireless router communication used with network installation (Gonazles & Higby 2003). "The integrity of the transmitted data is a valid 2.4 GHz. At this wavelength medium, the propagation of wavelength maintains strong connectivity" (Gonzales & Higby 2003, p. 30). The technology of WLANs actually dates back to the mid-1980s; during this period, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) freed up radio frequency (rf) to the industry. "Initially, this was viewed as a broadcast reception procedure and very little thought went to broadcast transmission" (Gonzales & Higby 2003, p. 30).…


Alexander, Steve. 2004. Computers and Information Systems. In Encyclopedia Britannica Book of the Year [premium service].

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Analyzing Strategic Planning Apple Inc and Industry
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Strategic Planning:

Apple Inc. and Industry

Apple Inc. is global technological corporation based in California, America. The company's business operations encompass the designing, developing and retailing of computer software, electronics and also provision of online services. In particular, Apple Inc. is set within the technology industry, competing on different fronts such as the mobile sector and computer sector as well. Technology transformation and change has completely altered the mobile industry and the manner in which it used to function. The internet specifically has changed the way in which people view business and make transactions. The current business model of Apple Inc. can be categorized broadly into three sectors: etail, Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering. Apple can be said to be a multinational corporation as it is involved with three major companies; Microsoft, The Gap and Dell which lie in different industries and that makes it even more successful. The software…


Blodget, H, 2013, Apple's 'Mission Statement' Is Making People Worry That the Company Has Gone to Hell, Business Insider. Retrieved: 

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Fine, Lawrence, G, 2009, The SWOT Analysis: Using Your Strength to Overcome Weaknesses, Using Opportunities to Overcome Threats, New York: Independent Publishing Platform.

Talent Is Something That I
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I understand that by improving my communication skills I can remove a constraint on my ability to make deals happen -- I can bring together that Japanese money with those Arab engineers and make my U.S. employer a lot of money. That is the combination of skill and talent that I will bring to my chosen career in investment banking.

Essay 2: Innovation is everything in business today. Great ideas are the only source of true competitive advantage, so it is critical that I improve on my ability to think in an innovative way. That is one of the biggest appeals to me of the UC Irvine MBA program. I am seeking an MBA because the knowledge and skills that I acquire in the program are essential components of my toolbox, and UC Irvine will give me the knowledge and skills that I seek. The school has an excellent reputation…

Starbucks and Wi-Fi Starbucks and the Benefits
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Starbucks and i-Fi

Starbucks and the Benefits of i-Fi

This essay examines the benefits to Starbucks of implementing a i-Fi network.

Summary of the Case

At the time the case study was written, Starbucks had grown to be the world's number one specialty coffee chain with about 6,500 outlets in 25 countries. Starbucks started to provide Internet access in the stores that it owned, with about 60% of 3,645 stores in the U.S. having i-Fi hotspots. Hoping to acquire Starbucks customers, Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA unit provided T-Mobile Hotspot service at Starbucks. AT-Mobile Hotspot account could also be used for wireless Internet access at other locations, such as Borders Books & Music stores, Fed Ex Kinko's stores, airports and selected Hyatt Hotel locations in the U.S.

Starbucks benefitted from the T-Mobile powered network in a number of ways. Starbucks internal research showed that T-Mobile Hotspot subscribers visited stores more often…

Works Cited

Geier, E. (2007). Wi-Fi Hotspots: Setting Up Public Wireless Internet Access. Indianapolis, IN: Pearson Education Cisco Press

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How Technology Shapes Disasters
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ole of Technology in educing and Exacerbating Disaster isk: A Case Study of -- Haiti

Examine how technology(s) exacerbates.

Examine how technology(s) reduces the vulnerability of different people facing the same risk.

Make policy recommendations that would reduce the risk for the most vulnerable.

How to involve communities in technology development.

Total words (without references) 1360 words, less 140 words from the total (1500) words

As the result of the pillagrisum is 0 well done for that, from the extra words can you show a percentage of 3-5%.

You haven't highlighted the aim of this paper

Words highlighted in (red) needs to be replaced.

Long data with no reference.

Choney S.(2010) is not active cite.




The technological inventions and life often go hand in hand and the disasters have often been…


Cashmore P. (2010) Haiti Quake Relief: Hoe Technology helps. Cable News Network [online]. Available from [13Nov 2014]

Choney S.(2010) Mobile Giving to help Haiti Exceeds $30 Million[online].Available from [11November 2014]

Encyclopedia of the Nations (2014)Haiti- Agriculture. Available from

Technologies Including Future Information Technology Information Technology
Words: 1802 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64190971
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Technologies, Including

Future Information Technology

Information technology plays a vital role in the success of any contemporary business organization. IT is responsible for the vast majority of communication between parties, and is integral to the preservation and storage of information that pertains to a particular organization. With advances in technology occurring at an increasingly rapid rate, companies are often left with just two choices -- to embrace modern technology and the nearly daily changes it brings, or fall behind. Many organizations do not have the resources to stay in business if they pursue the latter option, which is why most companies make a point to stay abreast of technological innovations and their effects upon today's global marketplace. Therefore, it is important to look ahead to see what the future of technological innovations will bring, and to determine how such changes can best benefit a particular company.

One of the most…


Garling, C. (2012). "HP Memristors will reinvent computer memory 'by 2014'." 

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Incentives for Employees HR Solutions
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H Solutions

The service provided by the H component to the employer is to provide a go-between for employers and employees, relaying information, needs and assistance in a two-way flow so that both parties achieve desired aims. The strategic advantage the H component provides to an employer in the hiring and retaining of qualified employees is that the H allows the cultivation of the organizational culture to be properly facilitated and maintained with the addition of appropriate employees.

Three current practices used by the employer that can be improved are the incentives program, the pay rate for specialized jobs, and the job descriptions (which need to be updated.

Best practices that can be exercised to improve the benefits/incentives program within the firm is a restructuring of the type of medical/dental options made available to employees after 90 days. Currently, the only two options available to employees are 1) employee-only options…


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Strategic Management in Technology
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Strategic Planning & Strategy Formulation

Case: Strategic Planning & Strategy Formulation

Case Assignment -- Comcast

Comcast's Current Strategy

Current Event Blog

Discussion Question: Strategy Planning and Formulation


Strategy Implementation & Evaluation

Current Event Blog 4 -- Strategy Implementation & Evaluation

Discussion Question: Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

eflective Discussion

Case: Strategic Planning & Strategy Formulation

Case Assignment -- Comcast

Comcast's Current Strategy

Comcast has developed a current business strategy that is completely focused on the customer. The company has positioned itself at the "intersection of media and technology" (, 2016). The company seems to be doing well and in 2015 the company had raised their dividend by 10%, for the eighth consecutive year.

The present strategy of the company is to focus on innovation and enhancing of customer experience and being innovative at the same time. The company claims that this strategy has paid off well for them. In fact,…


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People Satisfied in and With
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This was contrary to the down market of the period. There was a five percent poor performance of companies classified as low and moderate morale than their counterparts. Findings from other measure of standards of the performance of the company such as return on asset and ROI was enlightening because they were similar. A similar survey was done by David Maister on the 29 companies' financial performances and over 5500 employees were subjected to 74 detailed questions relating to morale and satisfaction. Those companies that did better at almost everything were the ones that had significantly successful financial offices. The companies whose financial performance was in the top 20% had an average score higher than the rest in sixty nine out of 74 questions. There wasn't any significant score for the remaining five questions. One of the principal takeaways in the study was that financial performance was as a result…

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Marketing Financial What Is the
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In approaching sports marketing, many advocate what is called the 'JOBS' approach: hat 'job' is the product doing -- what fundamental problem is your customer trying to solve? hat objectives do your customers use to evaluate solutions? hat barriers limit your customers' ability to use your solution? hat solutions do your customers consider? The problem might be a perceived lack of purpose in life or 'respect' -- which may cause many fans to identify heavily with local sports teams, for example. Objectives might be entertainment, a feeling of fan identification with a player or a team, or enjoying a rivalry between two teams. Barriers might be cost, a feeling that the players are overly market-driven and don't care about the fans, and solutions might include increased interactivity between fans and players, ideally through an online format (Poe 2009).

Online interaction and connectivity will be vital to sports marketing of the…

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Trends in the German IT Industry
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Market esearch -- Germany

German IT Market

German is the biggest and most mature IT industry in European countries. Its high levels of urbanization, knowledge, and affluence combined with its powerful economic efficiency makes it a welcoming IT market. It is expected that there will be powerful pre-paid customer growth in the in German market. Major players include Vodafone with 33% share of the market, T-Mobile with 32%, E-Plus with 18% and O2 with 15%. Since Vodafone released Germany's first commercial 3G solutions in 2004, 3G solutions are becoming progressively frequent. All the four IT providers are expected to invest in the development and update of their 3G network. Vodafone, Deutsche, and O2 are in the process of establishing Long-Term Evolution (LTE) systems, following the sale of new frequencies (Antonelli, 2008). This paper seeks to highlight the retailing trends and challenges facing German IT Market.

Trends in the area of…


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Organizational Structure and the Role of Information Technology IT
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business organizations and environment facilitates a complex flow of information through each segment of the business corporation. It is therefore advocated that efficient and timely management of information is the backbone of all business organizations. So for the sake of acquaintance of effective information management of business records the organizations are now taking more technological approaches rather than manual ones. For that many organization have installed business software than offer customizable tools for different business and even various departments of the same organization. These customizable features have offered a great deal of satisfaction to the entrepreneurs and cooperation who basically seek for authenticity and accuracy.

Role of Information Technology in Business Organizations and Its Structure


As a matter of fact information technology is the core determinant of the contemporary organizations. The business landscape has been exposed to a wide variety of information management tools that offers instant solutions to…

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Marketing Sports Activities
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Octagon Sports Marketing Plan

Octagon Sports Marketing

Octagon Sports Company has been proud to be an industry leader in terms of events management, sports and entertainment marketing, and representation of athletes and personalities al over the world. It was founded in the year 1983 and after wards acquired as sports and entertainment event marketing arm of the Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) in 1997 by the same company (IPG). Currently Octagon Company is able to employ more than 1000 professionals in the more than 60 offices across the globe.

Octagon Sports Marketing Company has been a pioneer in terms of full service sports and entertainment corporate consulting, bringing together various marketing disciplines and services in a single roof for the benefit of our clients. The in-house resources that our company offers are efficiency and convenience and this is apart from traditional and specialized services offered. In several occasion the company…


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Financial Analysis the Company I
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Overall, at&T is the more profitable of the two companies. That Verizon has the stronger gross margins and at&T the stronger net margins indicates that at&T does a better job of controlling its cost structure than does Verizon.

The Industry

The telecommunications industry is highly competitive in both the landline and wireless segments. By 2006, wireless spending had match wireline spending. hile this presents significant opportunities for telecommunications, much of that spending comes in the form of cannibalizing, as wireline revenues have been decreasing steady over the past decade, matching the steady increases in wireless spending.

There are four major wireless operators in the U.S. And over 170 regional players (Megna, 2009). Competition is based on coverage area (capital investment), price and customer service. Both firms can be considered industry leaders. As of 2007, at&T had a subscriber base of 65.7 million and wireless revenues of $10.9 billion. Verizon had…

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Profitable Customer Relationships
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Profitable Customer Relationships

Until about two years ago I was a long-suffering customer of Sprint. During the time I subscribed to their service, there just always seemed to be a problem that needed resolution: Billing disputes over services I didn't subscribe to. Dropped calls even though I lived within their alleged coverage area. Expensive calling plans. Customer service people who weren't empowered to tie their shoelaces. I could not wait for my contract to expire so I could switch to another cell phone carrier and be abused by them instead.

So in preparation for writing this paper, I googled cell phone customer satisfaction surveys, and which company is right there at the top? None other than Sprint. For a moment I thought I must have misspelled Sprint. S-P-R-I-N-T. But no, there they were. Just to be sure I wasn't hallucinating, I looked at older surveys, and there was the aha…

Hamilton, Glen. The Top Ten Customer Service Principles. 2011. Retrieved on 19 April, 2011.

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Technology Has Become an Important
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This is beneficial for businesses, customers and the financial institutions. With these things understood partnerships are an essential aspect of providing positive outcomes for customers while also having the ability to conduct business at higher volumes and more efficiently.


The purpose of this discussion is to explain the impact of technology on customers. The research found that technology has added a great deal of value to people's lives. In addition the manner in which certain technologies are introduced to market have a profound impact on who purchases the technology and why. Once a technology is available to customers a good support system must be in place to ensure that customer questions are handled appropriately. Failure to offer the proper support may discourage customers from using the product that they have purchased and any other product by the company. Lastly the research found that the development of partnerships is vitally…


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"value added."

Non-Price Competition Wirelesstoyz Competition Is
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For specialty goods, however, brand and packaging are very significant (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2005). These are items that are purchased because of their brand of packaging. In other words, the person that goes to a jeweler to purchase a Rolex watch with a gift box and papers will not settle for a Timex in a plastic box because it is cheaper. Cell phones are also considered to be specialty goods because packaging, brand, and features matter very strongly to many of the people that purchase them. These people may be interested in whether the phone offers text messaging, camera features, or eb access, among other features. They may also be interested in what they can save or what they receive along with their phone, which means that they will be interested in irelesstoyz because the company offers many important promotions that customers will see as being valuable. The idea…

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