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I need help with how do people in developing countries (rural area) achieve economic change through smart phones?


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Smart phones and other mobile technology have the potential to be real game changers in terms of economic development in developing countries.  Prior to the advent of mobile technology, developing countries were limited in economic development because they lacked the infrastructure to hasten that development.  However, with information technology and mobile connectivity increasing, economic development can occur in areas that are otherwise isolated because of a lack of developed infrastructure.  In addition, while economic development is a definite bonus of these technologies, there are some concerns about how they impact communities on a social level.

There seem to be three main takeaways about smart phone usage in developing countries.  First, smart phones and other mobile devices are broadly used in developing countries.  Second, the perception is that this mobile technology is helpful, even if there are some concerns about how it might socially impact children.  Third, mobile technology has allowed for economic advancement at a faster pace than would have occurred without mobile technology.  Any of these three topics would make a good focus for your essay.

You could choose to focus on more of a case-study type paper.  For that, you would select an example of how a person or group of people in a developing country were able to use mobile technology and smart phones to hasten their economic development.  You could also examine how mobile technologies are being used to increase education and literacy rates, which are known to have a positive impact on economic development and are not necessarily related to a lack of infrastructure. In addition, because women tend to use smart phones for reading and education more than men, they may help eradicate gender-based differences in education and access to education in the developing world.  

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