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Television News Essays (Examples)

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TV News Channels and Online Media for
Words: 1352 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50464579
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TV news channels and online media for breaking the latest and hottest news first and taking the credit of being more alert and efficient. This paper compares the news delivered by different news channel websites regarding an important incident of this year "Killing of Osama Bin Laden" which took place on 1st May 2011 in Pakistan. Following paragraphs will compare how different news channel websites portrayed this story:

CNN World

CNN declared Osama's killing news by calling Osama the "most prominent face of terror in America" was killed as said by the U.S. officials and they confirm to have his dead body.

The later part of the new article explains bin Laden's story; from his birth in Saudi Arabia to his leading of Al-Qaeda, which is a terrorist network behind the September 11, 2001 attacks. The news also states the destruction that was caused by the four hijacked planes and…


Al-Jazeera Staff. (2011). Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan. Al- Jazeera News. . Retrieved Dec 18, 2011.

Baker, P., Cooer, H., Mazzetti, M. (2011). Bin Ladin Is Dead, Osama Says. The New York Times. /2011/05/02/world/asia/osama-bin-laden-is-killed.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all Retrieved Dec 18, 2011.

CNN Staff Wire. (2011). Osama bin Laden, the face of terror, killed in Pakistan, CNN World., Retrieved Dec 18, 2011.

Dawn Staff. (2011). Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan, says Obama. Dawn News. . Retrieved Dec 18, 2011.

Fear News and Crime Fear TV News
Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75437309
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Fear, News, And Crime

Fear, TV News, and the eality of Crime

In 1998, the New York Times magazine ran a cover story entitled "Does Local TV Have To Be So Bad?," and asked the rhetorical question of whether local television coverage of crime influences the attitudes and beliefs of viewers. Ted Chiricos, and his research associates, undertook a scientific research project to investigate whether or not the coverage of crime broadcast by local news channels really influences people's attitudes and beliefs toward crime. Their data suggests that there are a number of influences involved in people's fear of crime, and that a variety social factors are directly involved.

Ted Chiricos, and his associates, investigated the affect of watching news coverage, both local and national, as well as the personal experiences of hundreds of viewers in order to determine if there was a relationship between peoples' fear of crime, the…


Chiricos, Ted, Kathy Padgett, and Marc Gertz. (1999). "Fear, TV News, and the Reality of Crime." Criminology 38(3): 755-785.

Retrieved from

Television Crime Dram Has Been
Words: 819 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 66343561
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(Fishman & Cavender, 1998) To some degree this, as well as the fictional license many "reality" and "reality based" programs take with technology applications put a great deal of pressure on real law enforcement and force public scrutiny that many find unwelcome. (Arcuril, 1977)

The challenge is then placed squarely on law enforcement as well as their support systems, like crime scene investigators (usually for legal reasons a completely separate entity), to resolve crime in hours rather than days, months or years. Most people who have been victims of crime are fundamentally aware that these images are functionally unrealistic, and yet they and others are still building a case, through viewership for the value and continued desire for such programming. The visual imagery, possible through technology has also challenged the public to learn to stomach, and even covet more and more Technicolor representations of "reality." Where Perry Mason utilized static…


Arcuril, A.F. (1977). You Can't Take Fingerprints Off Water: Police Officers' Views Toward "Cop" Television Shows. Human Relations, 30 (3), 237-247.

Fishman, M., & Cavender, G. (1998). Mark Fishman, Gray Cavender. New York, NY: Aldine de Gruyter.

Surette, R., & Otto, C. (2002). Journal of Criminal Justice, 30 (5), 443-453.

Television and American Pop Culture
Words: 2689 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56818111
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Cable television also opened up the medium to numerous types of television programming that had previously been excluded, simply because it could never have competed with the demand for mainstream types of programs during the same time slot.

Initially, cable television was only available in the largest markets like New York and Los Angeles and it was priced out of the range of most consumers. The technology also required a cable connecting the television to the channel box, which often was the size of small dinner platter. Within a few years, the technology advanced to the point of providing microwave remote controls that were no larger than those already included with many television sets.

The addition of virtually unlimited available channels resulted in the creation of dozens of specialty-interest program content such as cable television channels dedicated exclusively to history, science, nature, sports, politics, and comedy, to name just several.…

TV Violence on TV Has
Words: 1578 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20673318
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Attitudes and practices varied by age of the child and the gender of the parent.

Colorito, Rita. (2002) "Violence on elevision News Programs is a Serious Problem." Is Media Violence a Problem? Ed James orr San Diego: Greenhaven, 2002. 24- 30.

Colorito says that even though rates of crime decreased in the 1990s, television news coverage of violent crime increased. V news shows like 20/20 and Dateline frequently show stories on horrible crimes, sometimes with bloody crime scenes and re-enactments of the crime. his makes people think that there is more violent crime than there really is.

Felson, Richard. "Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior." Annual Review of Sociology 22. 1996. [Electronic Version]

he topic of violence in the media has been continually debated over the past several decades. here are a lot of empirical studies that show the effects of V on aggression. However, no review looked at the…

The topic of violence in the media has been continually debated over the past several decades. There are a lot of empirical studies that show the effects of TV on aggression. However, no review looked at the criminal aggression. The author concluded that even though the possibility of TV and film violence can lead to violent crime remains, most of the studies show that viewing violence does not cause crime.

Kirsh, Steven. Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence. A Crtical Look at the Research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2006

This book gives a very good overview of variety of studies about media violence and children and adolesence. The book includes information on what is aggression and different theories about aggression and human behavior. Kirsh wants readers to be critical of the studies they read and make sure they are scientific. Although he does not believe that violence in the media is harmful based on the studies, he does say that it should not be ignored. He concludes by saying that there should be more positive media for younger children when they will be effected most.

Television Is Good for Children
Words: 1240 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1562094
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Children Television

Much has been said about the violence on television and its potentially harmful effects on children. Everything from cartoons to toy commercials depicts violence in some form, and it is understandable that parents may be frightened. However, television can be a valuable tool for children's social and academic education. Programs like Sesame Street have for years taught young children the basics of reading and math in a multicultural framework. Educational children's programming abounds, and each show has something unique to offer. By watching these shows, children are encouraged to be creative. Educational programming also includes shows on stations like the Discovery Channel and the History Network. Many of these shows can be watched by both adults and children and can therefore stimulate dialog within the home. Even entertainment television such as sitcoms can help children make sense of their world. An early exposure to popular culture can be…

New Opportunities for Denver Newscasters
Words: 1141 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 94743166
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News stations have strict rules regarding the ethics of monetary compensation for stories (i.e. It isn't allowed), however, and this is likely an effort to bolster local sales by highlighting certain local businesses. This also provides a way for Denver news organizations to remain connected -- and appear connected -- to the community. internet advertising has found a fairly steady pattern, and the television stations that have news websites have employed the same types of banners, though often in more muted tones, that are found on most commercial websites.

What is the projected growth of the news broadcasting industry in the next 3-4 years in Denver?

Unfortunately, growth foes not seem very likely in the area of television news broadcasting in the Denver area for some time. Even assuming that the economic troubles end within the next year, the broadcast industry in the Denver area is largely saturated. Though there…


"Denver Colorado Local News Media." Accessed 30 June 2009. 

"Denver Population Growth Statistics." Accessed 30 June 2009. 

Rocky Mountain Media Watch. Accessed 30 June 2009.

Television Journal Wide Flat-Screen Televisions
Words: 341 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80853602
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The range of television programs that I watch includes HBO dramas like "Six Feet Under," animated comedies like "The Simpsons" and "South Park," and occasionally the news and "The Daily Show." I also enjoy watching professional sports on TV too. The shows I watch occasionally relate to my daily life but usually they do not. For example, "Six Feet Under" portrays relationships and family more realistically than any other show I know but for the most part the shows I watch, including "The Simpsons" are exaggerated, which is why they are funny. I enjoy shows that make me laugh, but some dramas like "CSI" are occasionally fun to watch, even if they have no bearing on my every day life. In generally I like shows that entertain me for whatever reason, whether they make me laugh or whether they simply distract me for an hour or two.

New Tech Structural Brain Imaging Has Revolutionized
Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64247480
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New Tech

Structural brain imaging has revolutionized the fields of neuroscience and medicine. The American neurosurgeon Walter Dandy first introduced ventriculography and later developed pneumoencephalography, early imaging methods in the early 1900s; however, both procedures carried significant risks and could be quite painful. The technique of cerebral angiography was introduced in the late 1920's by neurologist Egas Moniz and this technique became refined and is still an important tool that is used in neurosurgery (White, Bell, & Mellick, 1973). Further advancements such as computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MI), and positron emission tomography (PET) have led to researchers and physicians being able to visualize the brain and other areas of the body in order for diagnostic, treatment, and research purposes. The advancements in neuro-imaging have led to many remarkable discoveries.

One of the truly new cutting edge technologies in brain imaging may allow researchers to actually watch a person's…


Nishimoto, S., Vu, A.T., Naselaris, T., Benjamini, Y., Yu, B., & Gallant, J.L.

(2011). Reconstructing visual experiences from brain activity evoked by natural movies. Current Biology, 21, 1641 -- 1646.

White, Y.S., Bell, D.S., & Mellick, R. (1973). Sequelae to pneumoencephalography. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 36, (1), 146 -- 151.

TV and Film Impact as
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87329057
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In addition, protests against the war were readily televised at that time and protesters became more aware of the benefits of televised protest.[footnoteRef:4] the efforts of black anti-segregationists also benefits from televised coverage and became more conversant with valuable uses of the medium.[footnoteRef:5] in addition, popular culture became more open to black citizens: a "black sitcom" called "The Jeffersons" debuted in 1975 and revolved around the lives of a prosperous, cantankerous wealthy black man, his family and an interracial couple.[footnoteRef:6] in addition, in 1977, the 7-part mini-series "Roots" -- a story of numerous generations in of a black family stretching from capture/slavery to freedom in America -- aired with approximately 130 million Americans -- more than half the U.S. population of that time, watching at least part of the series and approximately 100 million viewers watching the final episode.[footnoteRef:7] There was also increased "agitation" for women's rights, which was aided…

New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander's the New
Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18324830
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New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness offers a scathing and disturbing portrait of institutionalized racism in the United States. In an article written for the Huffington Post that supplements her book, Alexander states plainly: "There are more African-Americans under correctional control today -- in prison or jail, on probation or parole -- than were enslaved in 1850, a decade before the Civil ar began." Beginning with this central fact, Alexander discusses the use of incarceration as a new form of slavery and segregation. African-Americans have been systematically excluded from access to social and cultural capital, excluded from access to economic and political empowerment. The election of Barak Obama has not changed much for the majority of African-Americans who contend with institutionalized racism and systematic poverty and disenfranchisement. "As of 2004, more African-American men were disenfranchised (due to felon disenfranchisement laws)…

Works Cited

Alexander, Michelle. "The New Jim Crow." Huffington Post. Feb 8, 2010. Retrieved online: 

Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow. The New Press, 2010.

The Justice Policy Institute. "Race and Imprisonment in Texas." Retrieved online: 

"The New Jim Crow." The New Press. Retrieved online:

Television Shows Since the 1950s Television Has
Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81636648
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Television Shows

Since the 1950s, television has become an increasingly vital part of life, providing both an escape from the pressures of everyday life as well as offering social commentary. Television shows that center on family life have historically been among some of the highest-rated shows. One of the reasons why these shows are among the most popular are that they reflect the realities of actual families and family problems yet do so in a unique and refreshing way. In order to understand the role of television in explaining family structures, it is necessary to compare television shows from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s with contemporary television shows.


There are numerous similarities and differences between television shows of the 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s that center on family life and television shows depicting contemporary families and family forms. In general, television shows have adapted to reflect changing…

Television's Hit Series the Apprentice
Words: 1203 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54026870
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That relieves all the pent-up anxiety of a Trump wannabe. Therefore, such a viewer remains content with his or her current life, acquiescing to (and as a result reinforcing) current hegemonic power structures (i.e., the real power of big corporations, and corporate players like Trump, over all the rest of us)).

"The Apprentice" is especially successful at pro-hegemonic reinforcement, moreover, since it focuses on a subject we all (except for those born independently wealthy, or winners of huge lotteries) recognize and experience day-to-day: work. Hegemonic power of corporate workplaces, and, by association, a national government that allows, and encourages, corporate uses and abuses of power, are validated by "The Apprentice's" implicit suggestion that a high-powered corporate career, the higher paid and more prestigious the better [the stuff that makes the Ken Lays of the world tick], is exciting, fun, glamorous, where the winners are, and something to aspire to, rather…

Works Cited

"Dinsdag." November 30, 2004. Swerve Left. Retrieved May 11, 2005, from:


"Inkwell." Independent Women's Forum. Retrieved May 11, 2005, from:

TV Impact on Youth
Words: 1505 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54600338
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TV & Internet

Mass media technology has become omnipresent in our society. It is not uncommon for children to now be raised with personal electronics, constant television and an overall barrage of sensory stimulus. Moreover, electronic devices are becoming the main means of communication for the younger generation, which can challenge their ability to relate to others. While many in the media have called into question the impacts of these socio-technical changes, others point the benefits that technology offers, and note that change is inevitable and the negative effects are overblown. This paper will take a look at the effects of television and Internet consumption on the young generation.


There are a number of different influences the have been hypothesized for children based on their exposure to television and the media, none more prevalent than the argument that children are exposed to much more violence throughout their childhoods than…


AAP. (2011). Children, adolescents, obesity and the media. Pediatrics. Vol. 128 (1) 201-208.

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Harris, J., Speers, S., Schwartz, M. & Brownell, K. (2012) U.S. food company branded advergames on the Internet: Children's exposure and effects on snack consumption. Journal of Children and the Media. Vol. 6 (1) 51-68.

Television and America There Have Been Many
Words: 1429 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81160321
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Television and America

There have been many technological advances within the past sixty years that have fundamentally influenced the way that we live in the United States. Among the most influential is the invention and proliferation of the television.

Though there are other advances which, are equally important it is still the television that dominates the background noise of nearly every home. In fact most homes have more televisions than they have bathrooms. It is not unusual for television to be the single most used avenue for national and international information. "From its early position as a new medium for political coverage in the 1950s, television quickly supplanted radio and eventually newspapers to become by the early 1960s the major source of public information about politics."

This information includes political, social and popular issues that have helped shape the culture of America. It is through the influence of television and…

Lynda Lee Kaid. "Political Process and Television." 2003 

Paul Schatzkin "Television is 75" 2002

TV Commercials the Role of Advertising Especially
Words: 1753 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12941976
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TV Commercials

The role of advertising, especially television commercials, in influencing social lifestyles has long been a raging debate between public interests groups, government and industry. Critics believe that advertising imagery, coupled with television programming, preys on susceptible minds. Pro-choicers, on the other hand, point out that freedom of speech and expression constitutes a basic, inviolable constitutional right, and that advertising merely facilitates consumers to exercise choice in their lifestyle decisions. Much of the debate, though supported by research, is based on the rhetoric of ideology. As against this, it is the objective of this paper to establish that advertising has a very fundamental and valuable contribution, in as much that it fuels economic and social progress. For one, advertising stimulates economic growth through creating new desires, thereby increasing the demand for goods and services. Second, advertising allows consumers to make informed purchase decisions. Third, advertising revenue enables affordable, mass…

Works Cited

Bennett, C.L. "Effects of Magazine Advertisements on College Females' Drive for Thinness, Self-esteem and Body Satisfaction." College of Communications, Schreyer Honors College. The Pennsylvania State University. Spring 2003. Retrieved Feb. 7, 2004: .

Brown, S. "The role of advertising today." Marketing Monthly. Oct. 2003.

Retrieved Feb. 7,

2004, One Vision Web site:

Television Ratings Are Most Frequently
Words: 845 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98041146
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(eilly, 1980) The program had the highest per episode viewer ratings of any before it and the plot has been called "the shot cheered round the world." (eilly, 1980) Another great example is the M.A.S.H. season finale, as the program held a huge record for most viewers of any finale in television history and the viewership record has served as an enduring benchmark in television until the Super Bowl XLIV, in 2010, when the battered city of New Orleans LA sent the Saints to the super bowl and the whole nation was rooting for triumph for the city, and the team. Many contend that the viewership rating was skewed in large part due to the expansion of the Nielsen system as well as the vast number of televisions in homes today, as compared to the M.A.S.H. finale in 1983. According to the record the M.A.S.H. finale had 105.97 estimated viewers…


Fishman, M., & Cavender, G. (1998). Mark Fishman, Gray Cavender. New York, NY: Aldine de Gruyter.

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New Feminism When I Started
Words: 719 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 94271430
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This, to me, is an attempt to be realistic rather than feminist. Today, women are increasingly viewed, and portrayed by the media, as strong, independent creatures who can make decisions, pay bills, and "even" drive cars. They do, however, experience crime in very specific ways, and this is what I believe the show has set out to do.

In terms of women in power, the context of the show is once again ignored in favor of a claim that women are negatively portrayed because they do not form emotional attachments. The nature of the workplace and context provided preclude such attachments. There is, for example, no consideration of how the men in power do not form emotional attachments, either to their female partners or to the other men in the show. This, I feel, is not feminist, but rather sexist.

Sexism can be defined as an unrealistic, preconceived idea of…


Cuklanz, L.M. And Moorti, S. (2006, Oct). Television's "New" Feminism: Prime-Time Representations of Women and Victimization. Critical Studies in Media Communication, Vol. 23, No. 4. Gender, Race, and Class in Media: A Critical Reader, Third Edition. Edited by Gail Dines and Jean Humez).

New Media Technologies Have Driven
Words: 1615 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28684121
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Over the next twenty-five years, however, the digital divide will be decreased. Despite the slow pace of change in much of the developing world, change will occur over the next twenty-five years. In addition, the younger populations of most of these countries will mean that the opportunity to replace citizens with little likelihood of adopting modern telecommunications with young ones who will know of nothing else. As the pace of innovation slows in the est over the next twenty-five years, the developed world will have a chance to catch up, particularly in the countries where strong economic growth rates promise to bring those nations in the developed world in that span of time.

orks Cited:


M. & Farlie, R. (2006). The determinants of global digital divide: a cross-country analysis of computer and Internet penetration. Oxford Economic Papers. Retrieved May 10, 2010 from

Dasgupta, S., Lall, S. & heeler,…

Works Cited:


M. & Farlie, R. (2006). The determinants of global digital divide: a cross-country analysis of computer and Internet penetration. Oxford Economic Papers. Retrieved May 10, 2010 from 

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Guillen, M. & Suarez, S. (2005). Explaining the global digital divide: Economic, political and sociological drivers of cross-nation Internet use. Social Forces. Vol 84 (2).

New Pattern of Integration Through Governmental Coordination European
Words: 7020 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96921841
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New Pattern of Integration Through Governmental Coordination: European Perspective

The beginning of the European Union was with the coalition of six nations (namely France, Germany, Italia, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg) who entered into a treaty back in the year 1951 to determine the ECU Coal and Steel Community. The next signed treaty was in the year 1957 to determine the ECU Economic Community. The Coal and Steel Community were also built with a firmer incentive to improve political stance as oppoed to the economic goals: to attain a peace settlement mainly between the countries of France and Germany. The treaty creating the ECU Economic Community was more motivated towards the achievement of the economic objectives, on the other hand, but had strong political stance as well. It basically aimed to determine a typical or single market by which goods, capital, services, amongst other things could move freely inside the European…


Begg, Iain et al., 2001, Social Exclusion and Social Protection in the European Union: Policy Issues and Proposals for the Future Role of the EU, South Bank University Working Paper,

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Browne, Matthew, 2003: -- La methode ouverte de coordination et la Strategie europeenne pour l'emploi: Modele ou faux-semblant ? -- in Renaud Dehousse (ed.), L'Europe sans Bruxelles ? (forthcoming)

Television Commercials Emotional Logical and
Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42224424
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The lizard is improbably likeable, with his enormous bright eyes and Cockney accent. The commercials are effective, in part, because they ask us to suspend belief. The lizard is the foil for whatever human character appears. The human does something silly or illogical and the lizard is the voice of reason. The situations are bizarre, which is what makes them funny. Geico is smart to change the commercials frequently. Just about the time the viewer tires of one, there is a new commercial starring the lizard in a fresh situation. As soon as the Geico logo appears on the television screen, the viewer is primed with anticipation for what the lizard will say and do next.

In each of these cases, the basis for appeal is appropriate to the product. Apple wants to appeal to our emotions while maintaining a serious tone. The iPad is supposed to be seen as…

Works Cited

'Geico Gecko Dollar Commercial,' YouTube. n.d. Web. 12 May 2011.

'If You Asked.' Apple iPad 2 TV Commercial. 4 May 2011. Web. 12 May 2011.

'Prius Harmony,' 2011 Toyota Prius TV Commercials. 2011. Web. 12 May 2011.

TV and Violence Doctors Monroe
Words: 2006 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11018742
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It said that most parents would support new limits to be established on content of television programs and shows. Approximately half of the surveyed parents and their peers expressed concern that their own children saw what they saw on TV. More lack and Hispanic parents expressed this concern than did white parents. More than three-fourths of them said that inappropriate television and media material worried them the most. Two-thirds of them said they closely watched TV shows their children watched. Those who said they could not do very much said that the exposure had gone too widespread to be controlled or that they were too busy. The Kaiser study also reported that one in four of the parents surveyed admitted that the media were the main negative influence on their children. The rest said it had positive influence and the rest said it had little impact. Four in the 10…


Better Nutrition (2002). TV Bashed. 2 pages. PRIMEDIA Intertec: PRIMEDIA Company

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Television According to Graff 2010 Less Than
Words: 990 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89222590
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According to Graff (2010), less than one percent of Americans live without television. Living without television has become a radical lifestyle choice. Moskowitz (2008) claims that living without a television might be the only lifestyle issue to unite the ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative Americans. Television aversion "is a common ground for the very liberal and the very conservative," both of which are the most likely demographic to do without the boob tube (Moskowitz 2008). However, the Internet is becoming an increasingly viable means of acquiring and viewing content including television shows. Many families that do without television watch their favorite shows online using Websites like Hulu. What Hulu and other Web-based television content providers offer is greater control over the viewing experience. The user still watches advertisements, but not as much. Elberese & Gupta (2010) point out that Hulu viewers only see one quarter of the number of ads that…


Fleiss, P. & Hodges, F.M. (2000). Sweet Dreams. McGraw-Hill Professional.

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"Kids' TV watching linked to unhealthy eating habits," (2001). CNN. Jan 8, 2001. Retrieved online:

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New Beverage
Words: 1484 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47074433
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New Beverage

Raspberry Delight

Target Market Segment

The fitness drink market is highly segmented, and one of these segments includes energy drinks. However, energy drinks are not exclusively subsumed by the fitness drink product category; energy drinks overlap to some degree with other product categories such as soft drinks. An example of an energy drink that represents the overlap of both fitness and soft drink categories is Red Bull.

Not only is the market segmented according to usage, but also by ingredients into a spectrum with distilled water at one end and sugary drinks like Gatorade and Red Bull at the other. Somewhere in between we find the mineral waters, vitamin enhanced water, vitamin and mineral enhanced water, flavored vitamin and mineral enhanced water, sweetened and unsweetened varieties of the same, sugary and sugar-free varieties, and so forth. Propel is a popular vitamin and mineral enhanced flavored bottled water while…

New Chapter for E-Books and
Words: 1761 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54442296
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Use a subtitle to describe what the e-book will deliver.

Hire a professional editor to help you through multiple drafts and a proofreader to finalize the copy.

New Chapter 8

And because necessity continues to be the mother of invention, David Callan, who promotes his "Marketing with ebooks" at, offers a heads-up about e-book directories.

"There are lots of e-book directories on the Internet where you can list your free e-book, so it's not unusual for a good e-book full of information to be downloaded 10,000 times," he says. "This means every time one of the users read it, they'll think of your Web site and see your banner or link. Using e-books truly is a great way to get lots of free traffic in a short amount of time and to constantly have your message in front of lots of people."

At this point, the challenge, of course,…


Callan, David. Marketing with ebooks.

Chazin, Steve. (2007). Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the World's Best Marketing Match.

How to Create and Publish Your eBook with a $Budget.

New England Traditions Grew Up in a
Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66540596
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NEW ENGLAND TRADITIONS grew up in a family who moved from Boston, Massachusetts to San Diego, California. Needless to say, Thanksgiving has always been an interesting blend of staid New England cooking, blended with some laid-back California traditions with a baby-boom mother mentality of frozen and canned foods as part of the tradition.

My mother learned traditional New England cooking from her mother, and so we still ate a lot of "pot roast" and "New England boiled dinners" complete with over-boiled cabbage and corned beef, for Sunday dinner. My mother still made real Boston baked beans and brown bread for occasional Saturday night suppers, too.

Thanksgiving was always a big deal in our house, even though the rest of the family was back East, and there was only us to celebrate the day. Sometimes we would invite friends who also did not have family in San Diego. Sometimes we would…

Television Exposure in Pre-School Children
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There was also significant risk of increased attention problems associated with watching nonviolent television for the same age group, but no risk was associated with viewing educational programming. Older children ages 4 and 5 showed no increased risk five years later for attention problems from watching violent or non-violent programs. This second study was based on data collected from parents of 933 children and shows that the effect of violent television content on attention problems is much higher than previously estimated when program content was not identified." (Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute, 2008)

The work of Josephson (2005) entitled: "Television Violence a Review of the Effects on Children of Different Ages" states that children at the preschool age, or between three and five years of age "...begin watching television with an "exploration" approach. They actively search for meaning in the content, but are still especially attracted to vivid production features,…


Reebye, Pratibha (2005) Aggression During Early Years - Infancy and Preschool. T h e C. A n a d I a n C. h I l d a n d a d o l e s c e n t P. s y c h I a t r y R. e v I e w F. e b r u a r y 2-0 0-5 (1-4): 1. Online available at$file/Feb05AggressionDuringEarlyYears.pdf 

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New Product Planning
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New Poduct Plan

Situational Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Pote's Five Foces Analysis

Bagaining Powe of Supplies

Bagaining Powe of Customes

Theat of New Entants

Theat of Substitute Poducts

Competitive Rivaly





Maketing Stategy

Shot-tem Goals

Long-tem Goals

This pape povides a plan fo eintoducing the failed Blackbey smatphone to the maket. The Blackbey was once the most popula smatphone in the U.S. and othe makets. The intoduction of the smatphone in 2006 maked a defining moment in the histoy of the smatphone maket. Howeve, with its focus limited to copoate uses and govenment agencies, Blackbey was slow to espond to the evolving needs of individual consumes. This gap pesented a pefect oppotunity fo Apple, Samsung, and othe ivals to oust Blackbey fom its dominant position. By 2011, the Blackbey had lost its position in the industy. The smatphone kept on losing its maket shae to newe entants, who…

references of the market was one of the major reasons that led to the failure of the Blackberry smartphone. The company has historically focused on corporate and institutional users, giving little attention to individual consumers. The declining performance of the company is also a major weakness as the company is increasingly losing its financial strength, which may make it unable to exploit opportunities in the marketplace. Other notable weaknesses include limited support for third party applications, poor leadership, and poor branding.


One opportunity Blackberry may take advantage of to regain its lost glory is the Samsung crisis, which has caused the South Korean giant substantial losses in terms of not only revenue, but also reputation. The recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its subsequent discontinuation presents a good opportunity for Samsung rivals to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. Emerging markets also present an important opportunity for Blackberry, especially since Apple has historically focused on developed markets. The attractiveness of emerging markets particularly stems from the rapid growth of smartphone penetration in these markets. Other significant sources of growth include mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, growth of cloud computing, integration of third party applications and features, as well as the firm's existing customer base.


The biggest threat facing the Blackberry is competition. Apple, Samsung, and recent entrants to the smartphone market such as Xiaomi and Huawei have provided unmatched smartphone features, which may make it difficult for Blackberry to successfully re-enter the market.

New Product Management Overview- Many
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The children do not see a template of moral fiber in the structure of the family, are certainly not learning it at school, and therefore have no basis for any type of ethic or morals other than the secular humanist -- "it depends" and "if you don't hurt anyone" viewpoint. The secular humanist, though, espouses that there are moral values that can be ascribed without God:

. . . The moral consequences of believing the universe not to be guided by a personal god to whom petitionary prayer can be addressed are huge. That is why it is so inadequate to call oneself solely an atheist; one needs some sort of description for what motivates one's behavior afterwards (Cooke in Kurtz, 2010).

And, reading this, one might forgive Al and Peg if they at least had a moral view; but that is the issue, they do not, which causes the…


Clark, T. (2008). "Center for Naturalism." The Center for Naturalism.

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Council for Secular Humanism. Cited in:

New Laws Law and the
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The Food and Drug Administration has not made full use of even the meager authority granted it by the industry-friendly 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA)… Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers. And FDA rules covering manufacturing quality don't apply to the companies that supply herbs, vitamins, and other raw ingredients" (More dietary supplement, 2010 redOrbit).

Law 3: Picture-based warnings on cigarettes

Unfortunately, much like calorie counts on the back of food products, consumers have shown themselves to be all-too-apt to ignore written information the back of packages, even if the information can save their lives. To remedy the tendency of consumers to ignore written information, many nations (including Canada) have begun to require cigarette companies to use photographs that illustrate the dangers of smoking, to more vividly underline the dangers of…


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Canada's graphic health warnings. (2010). Picture-based cigarette warnings.

Retrieved September 9, 2010 at

Dietary supplements. (2010). FDA. Retrieved September 9, 2010 at

Media the Two Media News
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Arguably, the raw data at ikiLeaks is far more powerful than anything that can be found in traditional media or satire news. The audience here must also acquire the tools necessary to properly digest the information, as an audience accustomed to uncritical digestion of mainstream media will be challenged by the raw information presented devoid of spin and context.

orks Cited:

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U S Television Sitcoms on Emotional
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One study revealed Berry (2003) found that young children's retention of emotional information was greater in children viewing family sitcom than those who just watch an animated films or moppet program. This result justifies the fact that children are more likely to learn more due to the presence of human characters in family sitcoms as they find these characters more close to the reality than either cartoon or Muppet characters.

On investigating the type of family interaction shown in family sitcoms it was revealed that majority of family interactions were constructive or supportive in nature. Nonetheless, just about one fourth of these interactions were found to involve argument or negativity. Research shows that even though large amount of verbal and nonverbal interactions between siblings in family sitcoms were positive, nearly 40% of the examined behaviors were found to be negative (e.g., bullying, inappropriate remarks). (alma, Molen and Juliette, 171) As…

Works Cited

Berry, Gordon L., Developing Children and Multicultural Attitudes: The Systemic Psychosocial Influences of Television Portrayals in a Multimedia Society, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, ISSN 1099-9809, 11/2003, Volume 9, Issue 4, 2003, pp. 360-366

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Realty TV What Reality TV
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(Hill 83; Javors 35)

e are not alone in this. In China, often accused of attempting to mimic estern culture, the producers of an RTV show "Ying Zai Zhongguo," or translated somehow as "in" in English draw a similar conclusion:

their hope that the program would encourage more people in China to start their own businesses. Song enming...hoped the show would introduce the "positive power" of entrepreneurship. Ms. Zhou said she hoped potential entrepreneurs would learn the importance of both perseverance and passion. There was much more in the same vein. (Fallows)

Perhaps there is some altruism at the end of the tunnel when considering the cultural benefit of RTV. But the preponderance of the evidence seems to suggest that there is something deeply missing in the American psyche that needs to be healed. Is RTV the cure or part of the problem? This is the conundrum that researchers face.…

Works Cited

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Local News Analysis
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Americans, then you certainly love being aware of your surroundings and like to remain in touch with what's happening in your area and your state, if not exactly your country or the world you inhabit. In other words, you want to gather as much necessary information as you can about local affairs. If that is so, local television news programs are definitely your most important source of information. According to a study conducted by Daily News, "twice as many Americans get their news from local news as they do from network newscasts" (2, a study cited in reference 1) even though most people agreed the local news programs were either too "sensationalistic" or "negative." However while national and international news programs including those aired on BBC and CNN offer news that contains more substance and less sensationalism, their viewer-ship has dropped considerably in the past two decades, i.e. from 41.2%…


Local TV News and Violence," Issue Brief Series. (1998). Studio City, CA: Mediascope Press.

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M a's h the TV Series M a's h Holds a
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The TV series M*A*S*H holds a special place in the history of American popular culture. M*A*S*H ran for eleven seasons beginning in the autumn of 1972 with a total of two hundred and fifty-one episodes, and the series finale of M*A*S*H in 1981 remains the most watched series television episode of all time. Yet from the standpoint of critical analysis, there are a number of curious issues about the show and its popularity. For a start, what genre is it? The 1970 Robert Altman film upon which the series is based is usually described as a "black comedy," but the reality of the series is slightly stranger than that. Budd and Steinman, for example, define the genre as something they call "warmedy" -- "comedy overlaid with empathetic audience identification." This is an important concept as to how the show worked (and we will return to it later in discussion)…

Works Cited

Budd, Mike and Steinman, Clay. "M*A*S*H Mystified: Capitalization, Dematerialization, Idealization." Cultural Critique 10 (1988): 59-75. Print.

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Future of Television I Hate
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The governments of China clearly believe that if they do not ban shows where the premise is based on the voting then it could lead their citizens to want the right to vote in the government on their own opinions. The influence that television has, in this case by indirectly helping Chinese citizens move in the direction of being slightly more "democratic," is seen as a threat- it is hard to believe that television could threaten the national security of a world super power.

The current influence that television has on individual's lives is only growing stronger as technology continues to develop. Recent developments have shown that television will now be in "three-dimensions," so that individuals who view TV can be full immersed in the movie or show they are watching ("ho Needs It"). But is that even necessary when nine out of ten homes have televisions in their homes…

Works Cited

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Reality TV Reinforce Negative Role
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However, the ability to criticize and gain depth into a subject was the key factors involved in qualitative research. In order for qualitative research methods to be applied to qualitative research, these methods had to undergo some form of transformation to make them acceptable to the empirical mindset. ainwright argues that in order to achieve this, qualitative methods had to sacrifice some of their critical elements in favor of validity and reliability. He argues that one cannot have criticism and validity at the same time.

However, this is a difficult viewpoint to accept and if one examines the method to be employed in this research, the presence of validity and controls does not limit the ability to criticize the results. Increasing validity and reliability in the qualitative research means the development of criteria on the data collection. This may be a hindrance in the traditional sociological setting, such as field…

Works Cited

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People Internet Mobile Media Change Ways News
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people internet mobile media change ways news created received? How change power relationship traditional news organisations 'audiences'?hat benefits drawbacks developments?

Internet's Effect on the News Industry

The internet is responsible for having revolutionized virtually all domains, given that more and more individuals come to break away from conventionality and embrace the internet. The media and news devices in particular have been severely affected as a result of the fact that the internet has experienced progress in the recent years. It is very important for someone who wants to succeed in the contemporary society to be acquainted with the internet, as most of today's affairs occur on the internet. People in the present are inclined to surf the internet when they want to check out the latest news, as it provides them with the opportunity to select the exact news that they are interested in, without having them watch a whole…

Works cited:

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FOX News in Today's World
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As with all other issues in media, it is up to the viewer of the information to decide which network to believe, and which network to trust as a source of unbiased, factual information. Since Fox News is undoubtedly the choice of a majority of viewers in the United States, it is obvious that those viewers have already made their choice.


Ackerman, S. (2001). The most biased name in news. Extra, 5, 25-29.

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Martin, E. (2004, April…


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Fox News. (2004). Fox News home page. Retrieved Dec. 10, 2004 from Fox News. Web site: .

CNN Best News Site on the Web
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CNN: Best News Site on the eb

If a person really cares about important events taking place in the world that affect people, that affect communities, countries, the environment and wildlife, you need to have a website to log onto in order to instantly become informed about any and all important issues and places. The CNN website ( is my favorite place to get the news. There are many news organizations that have fairly good websites but CNN's website has more links to more issues, and keeps political opinions on a separate link while other news sites, like Fox News, use the home page to promote political propaganda and to attack viewpoints that are not conservative. In fact has the user-friendliest applications of any news site. The specific reasons why I prefer going to will be presented in this paper.

hy I think CNN is by far…

Works Cited

Cable News Network. (2012). Who is Kim's Mystery Woman? Retrieved July 10, 2012, from .

Effect of Television on Society
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Television on Society

Television has helped to create and perpetuate perceptions of gender and race.

Television and Perceptions of Gender

How children form ideas about gender

Perpetuating gender myths through entertainment programming

Gender portrayals on prime time news

Racial Stereotypes on Television

Television in shaping the perception of black people

Television and stereotyping Asian-Americans as the model minority

Television played a great role in colonial domination of American Indians.

Conclusion and change - where to now?

In his famous dictum of the medium is the message, Marshall McLuhan illustrated how mass media, as an extension of human capabilities, has tremendous personal and social consequences (McLuhan: 23).

Television is in a particularly strong position to initiate such consequences. After all, the great majority of American homes have at least one television set, putting the medium in an unparalleled position to affect American society.

Television also has a power to shape an…


Bird, S. Elizabeth. "Gendered construction of the American Indian in popular media." Journal of Communication. (49) 3: 61-83. Proquest. Proquest Direct. Los Angeles Public Library, California.

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Representative Poem Leaving the TV
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In the poetic style, I was inspired by ee cummings to use short sentences to convey the man's thought processes in the morning, and also cumming's subject choice, which is usually about loneliness and loss and the inability to express what one is feeling in concrete terms. I tried to break up the poem in significant places, using line breaks to emphasize important words like "left" and "loss" rather than strictly adhering to conventional sentence breaks at the end of complete thoughts.

From Baraka's influence, I was inspired to include a reference to the current political situation in Iraq. I wanted this reference to be realistic -- most of us get our input about politics in snatches, from the television news. I wanted to create a sense of irony too that the soldiers want to communicate and get home, while the man wants to leave his home and get to…

Roger Ailes Fox News
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Organizations select brand ambassadors as the ‘face’ of their company or brand. The ideal candidate for playing such a role is a community tastemaker who plans on taking advantage of established relationships and community networks for marketing the brand through word of mouth. A company’s ‘face’ represents the company at particular events in which he/ she distributes sample products or carries out product demonstrations. Brand ambassadors are passionate, sociable persons who enjoy significant social media presence accompanied by a large- or at least mid- sized network. They already approve of and have adequate knowledge about the brand they represent. Usually, brand ambassadors’ chief function is representing products at diverse settings. Furthermore, they help create content, and engage in marketing and event planning activities. Lastly, effective brand ambassadors promote products using their accounts on social networking sites, where they create awareness by word of mouth and offer details on novel…

Television the Four Powers of Television Are
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Television, the four powers of television are characterized as the power to entertain, the power to socialize and educate, the power to inform, and the power to create community and consensus. The four are not mutually exclusive and can be found operating in pairs or larger groupings on individual shows.

The power to entertain is understood by everyone and is the primary power for most people. The television networks have played to this power from the beginning, carrying over what they had been doing on radio into the new medium to create programs that would gather large audiences around comedies, dramas, variety shows, and the like. This primary power has continued into the cable era, with many cable networks imitating the broadcast networks in these terms by presenting movies, dramatic shows, and comedies or by shaping non-fictional programs so they entertain, seen in the many so-called reality shows that are…

Television Shows Such as Dexter Influence and or
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television shows such as Dexter influence and/or desensitize people?

The aim of this particular thesis question was to understand the perception of the idea of 'attaining justice through any means'. Hence, this proposed thesis will mainly look to understand how a TV show like Dexter can influence the idea of justice as well as how and through what means justice can be implemented and achieved in reality.

eception Idea: Summary

eception concept is a variation of visitor feedback fictional idea that highlights the visitor's reception of a fictional content. It is usually called audience reception in the analysis of interactions designs. In fictional researches, reception idea stemmed from the job of Hans-obert Jauss in the 1960s. It was most prominent throughout the 1970s and very early 1980s in Germany and United States (Fortier 132), and amid some remarkable function in Western Europe. A type of reception idea has actually likewise…


Geiser-Getz, G. (1998). Chapter in Critical Approaches to Television (Berg, L.R.V., Wenner, L.A. And Gronbeck, B.E.). Houghton Mifflin Company. New York: Boston.

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Television Media Research of Nielsen Scarborough &
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television media research of Nielsen, Scarborough, & Arbitron

This is an essay comparing the pros and cons of television media research. Discussed are Nielsen, Scarborough, and Arbitron research. Two sources are used. APA.

Television Research

Scarborough Research is a leader in consumer and media research tools.

It provides a syndicated research service on a local, regional and national level to newspapers, television and radio stations, cable systems, outdoor media, Internet companies, advertisers, agencies and sports teams and leagues. It conducts on-going studies in the top seventy-five markets and interviews over 200,000 adults annually ( twice yearly updates of its local market reports to a diverse client base that spans all major media, advertisers and their agencies. These reports examine a variety of characteristics including online and offline consumer habits, local consumer shopping patterns, traditional and online media usage, demographics and lifestyle activities. Scarborough Research is a partnership between VNU Marketing…

Works Cited

Nielsen Media Research and Scarborough Partner for Qualitative Measurement Service to Local TV Station." Scarborbough Research. November 8, 2001. .(accessed08-12-2002).

Interactive Television Research Institute. Murdoch University Perth Australia.

Television Show Onto the Air in America
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television show onto the air in America is a difficult task. It requires a great investment of time and effort, and is often discouraging and disheartening. To get an idea to air, the an idea must be carefully nurtured through the complex processes of creating a script, getting the script read by someone in Hollywood, getting the script to pilot, and finally getting the pilot to air.

There are many important steps that must be undertaken to get an idea for a television show onto the air in America. The first and most important of these steps is to get a pilot episode made to show to networks that might pick up the show. A pilot episode is simply the first episode of your television show, and should showcase the show in the best possible light. Getting an idea to the stage of a pilot show is a difficult undertaking,…

Works Cited

Adventures in Hollywood, Scene 1. 18 February 2004.

Glatzer, Jenna. Interview With Lynn Barker. 18 February 2004.

New Adhesive Bandage Into a
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H2: Setting the right price for a new adhesive bandage increases chances of achieving high market shares.

Ho: Setting the right price for a new adhesive bondage does not increase chances of achieving high market shares.

In the second hypothesis, price is identified as an independent variable while market is identified as a dependent variable.


The research employs both primary and secondary research to collect data. Sample population is the parent of children aged between 3 and 15 years, and the study employs survey technique to collect data through primary research.

Survey Questions

Survey questions are 10 questions and the Likert Scale is used to rate the response of the participants and Likert Scale used is:

1=Strongly Disagree



4=Agree 5=Strongly Agree.

Survey questions are as follows:

1. Price is the most important attributes that influences you to choose an adhesive bandage in the store

2. Quality is…


The Freedonia Group,(2010). World Wound Management Products. Freedonia Group Inc. Custom Research. USA.

Volckner, F & Sattler, H. (2006). Driver of Brands Extension Success. Journal of Marketing. 70:18-34.

Television and Cultural Plagues in America American
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Television and Cultural Plagues in America

American society is both one of the most litigious and one of the most violent in the world. ut violence is not the only cultural quagmire: Sexual promiscuity -- along with the itinerant sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies -- is another cultural minefield. And of course, racism, drug use and alcohol abuse are other major, seemingly unsolvable problems.

A common thread behind these social problems is the fact that social critics and activists blame television and its centrality to American culture for all. Television's pervasiveness especially among children is the concern. Today, often with both parents working and out of the house, latchkey kids come home from school and immediately turn on the television and start absorbing its disparate and often uncontrolled and only lightly censored messages.

Consequently, activists point their finger at television for corrupting the minds of our youth and steering…


American Academy of Pediatrics: Television and the Family. 

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Television Has Brought Irreversible Damage to the
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television has brought irreversible damage to the American family in t least two ways, by corroding marks, and by making the 'good enough' family less likely to be 'good'.

There are, she says, three types of families: the 'spectacular' -- that which eats together with children, reads aloud to them, plays with them, is simply the uncommonly ideal family that you read about in books. To the other extreme is the failing family where the father may be an alcoholic, the mother may be depressed, the children are on the streets, and the family can barely function, if at all, as a unit. On the contrary, they function as a badly meshed unit. In the middle, is the 'good-enough' family which most of us are just trying to do our best and rear ourselves and our children in the best way whilst coping with the survival demands of the routine…


Dr Parenting and marital advice Is Technology Destroying Family Life?

Television Set Demand Analysis the
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The most important complementary product for TV sets is represented by the Home Theater System. The demand for such products is increasing. The increase is also due to a diversity of suppliers, which led to reduced prices.

Another product that can be considered TV set's complement is the VCR, or the DVR, its modern and more searched for version. Just like in the case of TV sets, the DVR comes in a very wide range, there are numerous suppliers fir this product, the prices vary in accordance with the quality and degree of technology advance. The demand for this product has a similar evolution as the demand for TV sets. However, the demand for DVRs is smaller than that for TV sets.

Given the circumstances presented above, one may conclude that the demand for TV sets is an inelastic one. The characteristics that generate this situation are: the reduced availability…

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Television Addiction More Than a
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Therefore there should be more in-depth research into the types of content that are associated with television addiction.

The analysis of this article and other sources also raises the important issue of whether one can or even should avoid the influence of television in the information age. Television and other related media have become part of our everyday world and the problem of possible television addiction should be dealt with in terms of a healthy balance in television viewing. ather than a carte blanche condemnation of television there should be a more intensive focus on the negative forms of content that may lead to forms of addiction and other problem areas.


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TV or Magazine
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TV and Magazine Ads. There are five references used for this paper.

Americans see numerous advertisements on TV and in magazines, all aim at getting them to spend their money. It is interesting to look at five such ads and who their target audience is.

Household Items

The Libmen Company offers a wide array of products for cleaning the home. Their newest product is the Nitty Gritty Roller Mop which is targeted for the middle-class, homemaker.

The ad promises the product will "get to the nitty, gritty of cleaning a floor (Libmen)."

The company demonstrates this benefit by showing the consumer bristles on the mop, as well as the roller portion.

The consumer is shown the mop being used, further successfully illustrating the virtues of the product.

Health Aids

Odor Eaters has a product called Odor Eaters Plus. The product is aimed mainly at middle-class athletes or workers who may…

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New Look by Dior
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New Look

In the postwar year of 1947, fashion designer created a line he called "Corelle" which is the botanical term for the frail petals at the center of a flower (Christian). In his autobiography, Dior wrote that, "I wanted my dresses to be constructed, molded upon the curves of the feminine body, whose sweep they would stylize" (Dior). He theorized that women were tired of the uniformity and simplicity of the war years where they would have to dress without excess. Dior wanted to create clothing that a woman would enjoy wearing and that would reintegrate her into the world of femininity. Experts in the industry would grow to call this line the "New Look." A 1947 issue of Vogue described the line saying, "from the era of Madame Bovary…wasp-waisted Gibson Girl shirtwaists, pleated or tucked…slow-sloped, easy shoulders…wrapped and bound middles -- barrel (almost hobble) skirts -- longer, deeply…

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New Fertilizer Product for Vegetables
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At the end of the 20-week study period, total weights will be tabulated and compared across treatments (fertilizer type). Analysis will also consider whether type of vegetable impacts results. Journals will be examined for gardening care and experience, and results may be re-analyzed to exclude outliers or other unexpected events.

What are the limitations to your experiment?

Vegetable yield can vary by a number of factors, of which fertilizer type is only one. The randomization of treatment type should minimize underlying differences between intervening variables such as volunteer efficacy, initial plant condition, initial soil condition, etc. Moreover, the analysis of results will use the weekly journals in order to control for outside factors. Still, we should use caution when attempting to generalize results from a limited sample over a single growing season.

This research design also relies heavily on self-reporting from participants. Thus, results are subject to measurement error and…

News Updates and Analyses
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Armed Conflicts & Environmental Politics

Davenport, Coral, and Parker, Asley. "Environment Is Grabbing Big Role in Ads for Campaigns." Te New York Times. Te New York Times 21 October 2014. Web. 9 November 2014.


Political advertising focused on climate cange, energy, and environmental issues overwelmed te pre-midterm election campaigns. Surging past a record level of 125,000 ad spots on te Senate side in October 2014, tese campaigns reflect te interests and priorities of wealty donors for bot parties. Indeed, te environment and energy ranked as te tird most popular topic mentioned in political ads, wit ealtcare and jobs running first and second. Wealty donors sowing teir partisan ands include Tomas F. Steyer, te liberal California environmental activist billionaire, and Carles G. Koc and David H. Koc, billionaire conservative rigt-wingers.

Political pundits see te popularity of environmental issues as a arbinger of te 2016 presidential race. Te ad campaigns demonstrate… /2014/11/08/world/middleeast/explosions-at-fatah-sites-in-gaza-raise-tensions-with-hamas.html?rref=world/middleeast&module=Ribbon&version=origin&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Middle%20East&pgtype=article

It is not immediately clear who is responsible for the explosions that took place on November 7, 2014, in the Gaza strip. The explosions occurred just days before the 10th anniversary celebration of the death of Yasir Arafat, the leader of the Fatah, the mainstream Palestinian party currently led by President Mahmoud Abbas. The last such rally occurred in 2007, at the time of the celebration of the third anniversary of Arafat's death, when six Fatah supporters were killed and many others were wounded when they clashed with Hamas members.

Hamas officially condemned the recent bombings and set its Gaza security forces in motion to investigate. However, the timing of the explosions does not lend credibility to Hamas' condemnation. This skepticism about Hamas' actual position is strengthened by the fact that the car of Fayez Abu Aitah, a Fatah spokesman, was destroyed in a blast. Just days earlier, Aitah had strongly criticized Hamas, citing his efforts of incitement and damaging national interests through critical remarks aimed at the functioning of the Palestinian Authority government.

TV Violence on Children the
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In contrast, TV influences children in abandoning the theories they were taught and embrace other concepts, most related to violence. Also, after being exposed to TV violence children feel that it is perfectly natural for them to behave similar to the characters on TV (Langone, 1984, p. 48).

It is extremely important for a child to be assisted by an adult when watching TV. Studies have shown that children are influenced by the way adults perceive TV programs, meaning that a child is likely to gain a better understanding of right and wrong when he or she is supported by a mature individual. Even with that, TV violence can negatively influence children, as they will merely hide their aggression in the cases when they are assisted by an adult who disapproves of violent behavior in watching TV (Langone, 1984, p. 56).

Children are generally willing to do anything in ordered…

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New Historicists' Viewpoints on Renaissance
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In addition, Lett (1987) emphasizes that, "Cultural materialists maintain that a society's modes of production and reproduction determine its social structure and ideological superstructure, but cultural materialists reject the metaphysical notion of Hegelian dialectics that is part of dialectical materialism" (80). Indeed, according to Bradshaw (1993), "the British cultural materialist knows that the 'radical,' 'subversive,' 'marginal,' or 'dissident' perspective is always superior (9). This author maintains that British cultural materialist readings of Shakespeare tend to assign particular characters or speeches a privileged, supra-dramatic significance that may override meaningful analysis if care is not taken (Bradshaw 9).

According to Bate (1994), it has become increasingly common in recent years for scholars to adopt either the new historicism or cultural materialist perspective alone when considering these literary works, particularly as they apply to Shakespeare. In this regard, MacDonald (1994) suggests that the New Historicist camp enjoys a clear advantage because they "define…

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