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Tender Is The Night Essays (Examples)

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Scott Fitzgerald Tender Is the
Words: 1788 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86697417
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Fitzgerald wrote his novel during an era which clearly indicated that living in an unreasonable manner, making all sorts of abuses and excesses, recklessly without any kind of consideration has serious and in the same time damaging effects upon people's lives. Immediately after the First World War, the social and political climate reached an energetic climax during the roaring twenties. With a new focus on individualism and the pursuit of all sorts of pleasures and excitements, this period was filled with adventures that had serious negative consequences. The excess of pleasure and drinking which were the main causes that triggered the inevitable destruction of the characters in "Tender Is the Night" reflects Fitzgerald's sensitivity to the excesses of the Jazz Age prior to the Great Depression.

It could be said that in life we experience the phenomenon of rise and fall and that between the two of them there is…


The Odyssey" by Homer, translated by Samuel Butler 

Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Temple University - "Study Guide for Homer's Odyssey" (updated 31 January 2002)

Scott Fitzgerald's Character Dick Diver From Tender
Words: 1424 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31522242
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Scott Fitzgerald's character Dick Diver from "Tender is the Night" takes on characteristics of both Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway from "The Great Gatsby." Two sources. MLA.

Character Analysis of Dick Diver

Scott Fitzgerald was a mosaic of the characters he created. Fitzgerald, himself, can be found in Jay Gatsby, Nick Callaway, and Dick Diver. His own personal history reflects those he gave his characters, drinking habits, social status, and affluence (Brief pg). The life style of the 1920's in Paris is one that Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda experienced and is woven into his novel "Tender is the Night." Fitzgerald's stories often reveal the lives of the 'have's and 'have nots,' the lifestyle and near decadence of the rich compared to the common middle classes (Brief pg). Moreover, Fitzgerald always seems to distinguish between the 'old money' and the 'new,' the aristocrats and the nouveau rich. His writings reflect…

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Fitzgerald and Hemingway the Writings of F
Words: 1809 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97769744
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Fitzgerald and Hemingway

The writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway have quite a lot to do with one another. Besides the fact that both men were writing during the same historical period in time, both men were interested in some of the same themes and expressed their feelings through their writings. Two novels, F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night and Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, deal with American male protagonists who find themselves in foreign lands following the First orld ar. Each turns his back on his American nationality and becomes an expatriate, wallowing in the grandeur of foreign pleasures while at the same time serving no real function in the world outside of their indulgences. The men are part of what would come to be known as "The Lost Generation." This was a group of people who were so impacted by the blood, gore, and…

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Americans and Europeans in a Novel
Words: 2017 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18531804
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Fitzgerald contrast Americans and Europeans.

The characters and the development of events in Tender is the Night are strongly influenced by the historic period the author along with the whole world were going through. Fitzgerald's own experience of living in Europe after the First World War along with his concerns and the problems he encountered as an expat find their echo in the novel.

The relationship between the Americans and the Europeans had changed for good once the U.S. entered WWI. The American troops poring in by the hundreds of thousands, joining in the fights on the side of the Allies, had sealed the fate of the war. It was Europe's turn to experience an American "exploration" naturally followed by various forms of "settlement." In the pages of his novel, Fitzgerald often renders some of his deepest thoughts concerning the cultural issues Americans as well as Europeans dealt with when…

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Compression of Cities Negotiation of
Words: 1407 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47257487
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Los Angeles' worship of the culture of the car is likewise mocked. For example, Stan and his friend Gene have to find a new engine for their car, and to navigate their way to their other friend's house, they must wander through what looks like a graveyard of parked cars, where people are drinking cheap booze. The metaphor is clear -- they may be in cars, and Stan may be on a fruitless errand to fix his car, but the cars are going nowhere, just as Stan is going nowhere. The violence that resulted from the atts riots is palpable in the atmosphere of the film.

The city of Los Angeles, instead of being a place of opportunity, is a dead end, just as Paris is hardly a city of refinement for the protagonists of "Hate." The sheep become a metaphor for the people of atts, treated in an inhuman…

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Sentiments of the Lost Generation Sentiments of
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52335960
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Sentiments of the "Lost Generation"

Sentiments of "Lost Generation"

Before the beginning of the Great ar Era an optimistic attitude championing technological and educational progress was pervasive on a global scale. However, with the commencement of orld ar I, destruction was visited upon the world on a scale never before seen. In its wake, came a cultural realization that the progress made was not entirely for the good. This new sentiment is reflected in the poetry and literature of the time, a barometer for the true feelings of the "Lost Generation."

Many youths were drawn to the new war by a sense of adventure. Among them were many well-known poets and writers such as Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos. arfare (prior to and during the early stages of orld ar I) was viewed by many as "romantic and noble…a struggle for honor and glory." (Nash p. 750) A prime…

Works Cited -- retrieved February 11, 2002

Gary Nash & Others, The American People, Vol 2, 2nd ed., Harper Collins, 1990

Attributed to Gertrude Stein.

"essortment" ¶ 2.

Literature and Religion
Words: 1640 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78492126
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Tender Mercies:

Breakdown and Reconstruction of Characters' Faith in the Poisonwood Bible

In The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver uses Biblical references in part to delineate the differences in her characters' relationship to religious faith as they deal with their father's participation in the estern assault on the Congolese. These differences in levels of faith that her characters experience are Kingsolver's primary method of characterization in the novel. Although all of the characters acquire much of their individuality through Kingsolver's depiction of their differing degrees of faith in God, the Bible and Nathan Price, the voices of Leah and Orleanna Price are particularly marked by their use of Biblical allusions. In the first book "Genesis," Leah believes aggressively in her preacher father's overbearing attempt to bring Christianity to the Congolese. As the narrative progresses, however, her quotes become increasingly ironic, and when she loses her connection to her father, the quotes…

Works Cited

Kingsolver, Barbara "The Poisonwood Bible" New York: Harper Collins 1998

Sarah's Legal Adviser Under the Previously Described
Words: 1904 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83327934
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Sarah's legal adviser under the previously described scenario, there a several questions I would like to ask my client before devising any potential defenses against Barry's charge of breach of contract. According to the facts presented by both parties, on Wednesday a conversation took place to negotiate the terms of a potential sale, with ownership of a refurbished laptop being transferred to Barry in exchange for $1,000 payment. On Wednesday, Sarah also informed Barry that her asking price was firm, and as a courtesy she also offered to withhold sale of the laptop until the end of the week if he was still interested. This proviso is central to Barry's eventual claim that a contract has been breached, because in his view this offer to reserve the laptop until Friday night at the very earliest was extended by Sarah and duly accepted by Barry, an agreement which would represent a…


Australian Woollen Mills Pty Ltd. v Commonwealth (1954) 92 CLR 424 at 457 per the Full High Court

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How Poets Used Imagery to Convey Deeper Ideas
Words: 1115 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49307047
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Death in "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night"

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is one of Dylan Thomas's most recognizable poems. ritten for Thomas's dying father, this poem is 19 lines and is structured like a villanelle where only two sounds are rhymed. Through the use of imagery, Thomas is able to vividly explore the theme of death and resistance to it.

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" is full of rebellious undertones with the opening line setting the tone for the rest of the poem. In the poem, Thomas urges his father, and others, to fight against death saying that "old age should burn and rave at close of day" and that a person should not give in so easily to Death's demands (line 2). Thomas continues to describe "wise men" who "at their end know dark is right" do not give…

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Bessie Head's Woman From America Versus Edwidge
Words: 1066 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2860964
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Bessie Head's "Woman from America" versus Edwidge Danticat's "Night Women"

Edwidge Danticat's "Night Women" brings dignity to the life of a woman who is a prostitute. The woman is evidently selling her body to support herself and her young son. Through soaring, poetic language, the reader is able to see that the nameless narrator has an inner life of intelligence and strength. This is not immediately observable in her social world, due to the unfortunate circumstances of the protagonist's exterior life. In the Night Woman's society, she may be an outcast woman, but her thoughts have a richness and a depth that likely goes unseen by her customers. Bessie Head's "Woman from America" also portrays a kind of outcast woman. The woman is not a curiosity due to her sexual lifestyle, but because of the fact that she comes from America. Unlike the prostitute of "Night Woman," the American woman…

Gender and Communication
Words: 2201 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21225189
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Gender Communications

The research question examined in this study poses the following question: "How does one person's behavior affect another person's behavior?" Specifically, this study is intended to assess the various mechanisms through which people communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. The study is intended to examine the different methods in which males vs. females communicate, and explore whether a difference in gender correlates with a different approach to communicate. Also examined is whether or not males or females are likely to be influenced by each others communication cues, and whether one gender is more influenced by certain settings/cues than the other.

Non-participant observation was the methodology selected for this study. Specifically, in order to best assess and observe gender relationships, our group decided to split the observations between two social settings: bars where people might "hang out" casually and the student center. Four members of our group went to Pete's…


Source 1: The Arts of Impression Management

Source 2: Studies of the Routine Grounds of Everyday Activities

Digby, Devin. Communication Minutes.

Mehta, Radhi. College Avenue Student Center, Food Court

Group Conflict
Words: 858 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27730916
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Conflict at Bimbo's

Conflict resolution is part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. From the United Nations to the street, conflict is an omnipresent event, and it takes skill, understanding and patience to resolve a conflict. According to Phillys Bottome, "There are two ways of meeting difficulties: You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them," and this is true almost always. This is especially the case in the project presented below, which is a conflict that has to do with a very usual, yet complex and interesting topic. This paper will examine this small conflict and will ponder on the lessons learned from this exercise. [1: Bottome, Phyllis. "Conflict resolution quotations." Tammy Lenski, LLC. 2011. Retrieved from .]

In the story presented in this particular exercise, the conflict arose in a bar. Essentially, according to the case study, the person narrating was the bartender…

Political Psychology Has Always Been
Words: 1654 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 76136874
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A change of leadership and divisive social forces might pressure such hatreds into re-erupting, but these hatreds are still historical 'products.'

A balance between history and psychology is needed to fully understand why mass political atrocities occur. A diffusion of responsibility during the action such as a war or a collective lynching can be a facilitating factor, but the social and historical context must be acknowledged. An authority that validates the atrocity, as in the case of Hitler or Milosevic can legitimize terror, but the people's responsiveness to that figure has its roots in culture and collective psychology. Furthermore, distance from authority can also create a sense of validation -- although lynching was never part of the official justice system of the South, it was obvious that the authorities were willing to ignore lynchings, provided they was done under the cover of night. The repercussions for protecting African-Americans and treating…

Education Plan of Action Allegations
Words: 1068 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30884837
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However, it is now up to me to develop my own "reasonable cause" rather than relying solely on hearsay. An interview with Mr. Brown might help me to clarify the issues. I would request his assistance, by asking for the names of his daughter's friends. I would endeavor to meet privately and confidentially with those students, and with no pressure placed upon them.

Next, I would contact my superintendent. The policy of the Trenton School District is that the principal must notify the superintendent in any case involving suspected abuse. This way, law enforcement can take over the investigation if and when that is necessary. I would consult my superintendent about how to proceed while continuing to gather as much evidence as possible before launching a formal investigation. When sure about how to proceed, I would then consult with Tom Brown. Because Tom Brown is a friend of the alleged…


New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault (n.d.). New Jersey Law. Retrieved online: 

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Hook or Me This Time Ideological Changes
Words: 1323 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49998037
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Hook or Me This Time

Ideological changes of a Pirate and a former Lost Boy in two narrative essays)

Life is defined by the changes that take place during it. Our bodies change and we grow larger; time passes and we grow older; our philosophy and ideals change and we grow up. These metamorphoses compromise any coming of age story, whether the story be one of a small juvenile accomplishment or one of a complete maturation of character. Both "Labyrinthine" and "Happiness" are essays which tell coming of age stories. Both narrators recall past childhood events and recount them like scenes from a play where we have a behind-the-schenes, first-person perspective on the action. There are many similarities between the two stories told. Both essays feature adults whose childhood years are long ago and far away. Both narrators remember feeling isolated and removed from other characters around them. Both narrators…

Family ' Familial Love in Literature
Words: 1239 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68493601
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"A Good Man is Hard to Find" ends with the family being executed by the Misfit, a murderous outlaw. Although O'Connor's story is evidently supposed to be humorous, it gives the reader pause to note that the family will die without ever exchanging a kind word. There are different types of family violence: the somewhat positive violence of the Roethke poem that makes the boy adore his father at the expense of his mother vs. The carelessness and cruelty in the O'Connor story, which arises as a result of a lack of respect and the superficiality of the modern family. Family relationships do not necessarily create a state of understanding. In the story, the most transcendent moment of grace occurs between two strangers, before one kills the other, as physical violence makes the grandmother appreciate her time on earth. "His voice seemed about to crack and the grandmother's head…

Works Cited

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Women in Douglass Still Bound
Words: 1698 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13516671
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I have frequently felt her head, and found it nearly covered over with festering sores, caused by the lash of her cruel mistress. I do not know that her master ever whipped her, but I have often been an eye witness of the revolting and brutal inflictions by Mrs. Hamilton; and what lends a deeper shade to this woman's conduct, is the fact, that, almost in the very moments of her shocking outrages of humanity and decency, she would charm you by the sweetness of her voice and her seeming piety." (149) Slavery thus causes, what Douglass states are "THE BANEFUL EFFECTS OF SLAVEHOLDING ON MY DEAR AND GOOD MISTRESS," upon women in particular. omen are suggestible and such a bad institution as slavery corrupts even good hite females as well as harms the tender bodies of Black females -- again a very persuasive appeal to a hite Northern audience…

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Amelia, a Lowell Factory Worker, on Wage Slavery." From Making Connections: Reading American Cultures. 2000 Edition.

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Pessimism in Poetry Pessimism in
Words: 16260 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96505250
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" The point made by the poet is similar to the poem above. The reference to John,

The Father of our souls, shall be,

John tells us, doth not yet appear;

is a reference to the Book of Revelations, at the end of the Bible.

That despite the promises of an Eternal life for those who eschew sin, we are still frail and have the faults of people. We are still besought by sin and temptations and there's really no escape. People are people. No matter what we say or do, we find that life is not so simple. Consider this reference, which really refers to a person's frame of reference or "way of seeing."

Wise men are bad -- and good are fools,

This is a paradoxical statement: there is large gap between spirituality and reality. Those we consider wise or bad, might make decisions that are globally profound,…

Mounument to Ingenuity the Decameron
Words: 5650 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31246268
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Per cio che, secondo che egli le mostrava, niun d' era che non-solamente una festa ma molte non-ne fossero, a reverenza delle quali per diverse cagioni mostrava l'uomo e la donna doversi abstenere da cos' fatti congiugnimenti, sopra questi aggiugnendo digiuni e quattro tempora e vigilie d'apostoli e di mille altri santi e venerd' e sabati e la domenica del Signore e la quaresima tutta, e certi punti della luna e altre eccezion molte, avvisandosi forse che cos' feria far si convenisse con le donne nel letto, come egli faceva talvolta piatendo alle civili."

The wife however is not duped by this and soon goes away with another man. The husband eventually dies, and the young widow remains with her lover. The pattern of the tricks in this story repeats itself many times throughout the Decameron: a character who tries to deceive another is eventually deceived in his turn. There…


Auerbach, Erich. "Frate Alberto." In Critical Perspectives on the "Decameron," pp. 69-81. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1976.

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Red Azalea by Anchee Min
Words: 1365 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74051558
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On page 118, the madness of the repression blends with, and then gives way to the loveliness of a caress.

She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her chest. She asked me to feel her heart. In the hammering of her heartbeat, the rising and falling of her chest, I saw a city of chaos. A mythical force drew me toward her. I felt the blazing of a fire rise inside me. Yan was wearing a thin shirt with a bra under it. The shirt was the color of roots. The bra was plain white. As she lazily stretched her body, my heart raged....Lips slightly parted. I could not bear it, the way she looked at me, like water penetrating rocks. Passion overflowed in her eyes...She held me closer. Her breasts pressed against my shoulder...she was a rice shoot in a summer of drought.

And so though Yan is…


Min, Anchee. Red Azalea. New York: Pantheon Books, 1994.

Jesus' Teachings Prayer & Christian Life He
Words: 35411 Length: 109 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 95862373
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Jesus' Teachings, Prayer, & Christian Life

"He (Jesus) Took the Bread. Giving Thanks Broke it. And gave it to his Disciples, saying, 'This is my Body, which is given to you.'" At Elevation time, during Catholic Mass, the priest establishes a mandate for Christian Living. Historically, at the Last Supper, Christ used bread and wine as a supreme metaphor for the rest of our lives. Jesus was in turmoil. He was aware of what was about to befall him -- namely, suffering and death. This was the last major lesson he would teach before his arrest following Judas' betrayal. Eschatologically speaking, the above set the stage for the Christian ministry of the apostles, evangelists and priests. Indeed, every Christian is called to give of him or herself for the Glory of God and the Glory of Mankind. The message at the Last Supper was powerful. People have put themselves through…

Beat Generation the Beats
Words: 5341 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62341166
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beat generation are several strong principles, the most notable is associated with the founder, Jack Kerouac and his definition of the generation as a whole.

The road" has been a powerful metaphor for freedom from the constraints of ordinary life, ever since Jack Kerouac's On the Road became the Beatnik Bible in the 1950's. Kerouac saw beauty in gas stations and freedom on the road. The metaphor caught the imagination of a generation. Many of the key phenomena of "the Sixties" developed in coherence with this metaphor... getting high on psychedelic drugs was called "taking a trip."

Jack Kerouac and others developed through his mostly autobiographical works the "positive" concept or purpose of the retaliatory generation of the beats.

ithin the works of the small elite group of writers associated with the beat generation there are many messages about, life, the world and rejection of conformity. There is little doubt…

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St Faustina and the Devine
Words: 4583 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28824312
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..the devils were full of hatred for me, but they had to obey me at the command of God, What I have written is but a pale shadow of the things I saw. But I noticed one thing: That most of the souls there are those who disbelieved that there is a hell." "There are special Tortures destined for particular souls. These are the torments of the senses. Each soul undergoes terrible and indescribable sufferings related to the manner in which it has sinned." And also "There are caverns and pits of torture where one form of agony differs from another. I would have died at the very sight of these tortures if the omnipotence of God had not supported me." (Sister Faustina's Vision of Hell) The devoted Sister Faustina also said, "Let the sinner know that he will be tortured throughout all eternity, in those senses which he made…


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Gun Control Advocates Argue That
Words: 4264 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92626149
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Opponents of gun control became more proactive and in 1977 after the capture of NA leader, they began to harm the reputation of the GCA officers and executives. They aimed to scare the gun owners into thinking that they will be harassed and prosecuted for possessing guns.

Opponents of gun control pushed the Carter administration to remove the proposals which aimed at changing the execution of the laws. After this was done they became even more proactive in their campaign (Vizzard, 1993; 228-235). In 1979 and 1980, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was called in for Hearings in the Senate after they sidestepped Congress to trigger a change in policy utilizing executive power. While the federal administration had influenced this strategy on not only the treasury but also the ATF, they rapidly backed out from the ATF and dumped the strategy as they saw strong resistance (Vizzard, 1993;…


Barber, Benjamin R. (1984). Strong Democracy: Participatory Politics for a New Age. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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Women and Men Differing Poetic
Words: 1744 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52516949
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Being of nature, a supposedly passive entity does not necessarily stime the female poet, it can also, in Bishop's construcion, empower her as a speaker.

Yet, there is one caveat -- for Bishop's poem remains tantalizingly silent about her own gender as a female. Thus, even as late as Bishop, the idea of an openly female speaker within a poem associating herself with nature, and seeing herself reflected in nature remains tenuous. Thus, although not Byronic in its imposition of meaning upon the natural world, nor Barrett Browning like in its denial of it, Bishop does not comlpetely deny the cultural assumptions of associating women with nature that still haunt female poets today. Unlike men, women must grapple with this association as authors, of passivitity and feminine voicelessness as mere subjects of the poetic experience -- while men can chose to view nature as neutrals, rather than as conciously gendered…

Works Cited

Bishop, Elizabeth. "The Fish." From Charters, Ann & Samuel. Literature and its Writers. Third edition. New York: Bedford, 2002.

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Ripening of Age the Short
Words: 7517 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87256169
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This sentence, although it talks about bowels, is really describing the mother's love of the baby.

This story is written like a detective story. It is very difficult to determine which woman is telling the truth and to determine if King Solomon is actually a bad person or a good person. It does not give the names of the women. They are simple referred to as one woman and the other woman. It does say that they were "harlots," but it does not give any background information about who the women are or how they got involved in this argument. They were simply two women in the same place that had babies at the same time.

Also, it is not clear to the reader rather King Solomon is a bad person or a good person. He does propose to slay the baby and divide it into two half to settle…

Romanticism Project
Words: 694 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27311080
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, "To a Beautiful Spring in a Village" represents the Romantic Movement in that the poet expresses appreciation for the "sweet stream." Coleridge is also expounding on his experience of the stream, which is an example of how the Romantic riters wrote. The poem celebrates the stream with its "friendly banks" and "pebbled falls," focusing on every detail and finding joy in all of them. (Perkins 397)

illiam ordsworth's poem, "Lines ritten in Early Spring" is an excellent example of Romantic verse as it, too, places a great deal of respect and awe upon nature. In this poem, ordsworth laments what "man has made of man" while rejoicing in the beauty of nature. The poet is emphasizing the workings of nature when he thinks that "every flower enjoys the air it breathes" and the birds around him "hopped and played" with their every movement seeming to be…

Works Cited

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Gender and International Relations International
Words: 10127 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58775378
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Coker's article (published in a very conservative magazine in England) "reflected unease among some of his colleagues" about that new course at LSEP. Moreover, Coker disputes that fact that there is a female alternative to male behavior and Coker insists that "Whether they love or hate humanity, feminists seem unable to look it in the face" (Smith quoting Coker, p. 58).

If feminists are right about the female nature being more peaceful and "less aggressive" than men, then women pose a "far greater danger than men…" to the world and to international relations Coker continued. It was a less aggressive attitude toward international relations that "prevented us from deterring Hitler," Coker went on, referencing (without naming) Neville Chamberlain, England's Prime Minister who reportedly appeased Hitler rather than take a strong stand against the Third Reich.

On page 58 Steve Smith explains that in cases where feminine concerns are being…


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Expression of Jungian Archetypes in
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The Oedipus complex suggests that every son wants to marry his mother and kill his father -- and that is precisely what Claudius does. "Sex and the life instincts in general are, of course, represented somewhere in Jung's system. They are a part of an archetype called the shadow. It derives from our prehuman, animal past, when our concerns were limited to survival and reproduction, and when we weren't self-conscious" (Boeree 1997). Hamlet's intellect and rationality are suppressed by his philosophical knowledge, as exemplified in his desire to return to ittenberg at the beginning of the play. Claudius, in contrast to Hamlet, takes what he wants. Before he learns of Claudius' crime by the ghost, Hamlet does not seek bloody revenge, or construct a plot like Claudius may have done -- he merely mourns that his mother has remarried and been 'stained.' Thus, Claudius' skillful wielding of power, his open…

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Riders of the Purple Sage
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For example, in his adventures in the Surprise Valley and Deception Pass Bern Venters learns to care for a woman, Bess, and proves himself to be tender as well as an accomplished rider and herder of cattle. Venters gains a deeper appreciation for the land, as the land and Bess become one: "As he laid the girl down in the shallow hollow of the little ridge with her white face upturned, she opened her eyes. ide, staring black, at once like both the night and the stars, they made her face seem still whiter" (Gray 1912). The beauty of the woman helps him appreciate the beauty of the land, and vice versa.

Caring for Bess in the Deception Pass also teaches Venters how to place the needs others before his own needs. "That done, he spilled the contents of his saddle-bags upon the grass and took stock. His outfit consisted…

Works Cited

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30 Oct 2007.

Net to Acquire Background Information on the
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net to acquire background information on the infamous Astor Place Riots in the early 19th Century. B. Do the same with Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's Cabin. C. Read the play, Uncle Tom's Cabin. The Astor Place Riots: hat happened? (Approximately one page) In what respects was the Astor Place Riots a continuation of the themes found in the play, The Contrast? (Approximately one page) Uncle Tom's Cabin: Discuss two themes in the play. Also, do you find the play still relevant? Did it move you? (Approximately two pages)

The Astor Place riots: hat happened?

The Astor Place riots were a result of the professional rivalry between two great tragedians, that of the American actor Edwin Forrest vs. The Englishman illiam Charles Macready. The two actors had offered the theater-going public of New York their contrasting interpretations of Hamlet, and when both actors were scheduled to play Macbeth on…

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Icd-9 Coding
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Advanced Nursing Practice

Advance Nursing Practice

Ignoring symptoms that are clearly indicative of something wrong is a bad idea. The idea becomes even more ill-advise as the symptoms become more and more prominent and/or numerous in nature. While chronic diseases and other disorders take time to do their work, waiting until they become unbearable is something that should never occur as the chances of an optimal outcome are not nearly as good as they could or should be. Further, become the opposite of a hypochondriac and avoiding the diagnosis and care of a doctor is also less than wise. For example, a person might think they have cancer when instead they just need a little modest medical care and lifestyle changes to their health back on track. Indeed, it would seem that precisely that is going on with the patient described and diagnosed below.

Patient Initials: Not Known Age: 60…


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Child Abuse How Large Is
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The second includes verbal and emotional assaults including persistent patterns of belittling, denigrating, scapegoating, and other nonphysical, but clearly hostile or rejecting behaviors, such as repeated threats of beatings, sexual assault, and abandonment. The third, residual, category includes other forms of emotional abuse such as attempted sexual or physical assaults; throwing something at a child but missing; withholding shelter, sleep, or other necessities as punishment, and economic exploitation (p.11).

According to ighthand, Kerr, and Drach (2003), psychological abuse can be technically defined as:

1. Verbal or emotional assault, exemplified by persistent patterns of belittling, denigrating, scapegoating, or other nonphysical but rejecting, hostile, and degrading behaviors.

2. Terrorizing the child, exemplified by threatening to physically hurt, kill, or abandon the child, or by exposing the child to chronic or extreme partner abuse or other forms of violent behaviors.

3. Exploiting or corrupting the child, exemplified by modeling criminal or antisocial behavior;…


Barnett, D., Manly, J.T., and Cicchetti, D. (1994). Defining child maltreatment: the interface between policy and research. Child abuse, child development, and social policy: advances in applied developmental psychology, 8,7-73. New Jersey: Ablex Publishing Corporation.

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Christabel Gothic
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It is interesting, however, that Coleridge chose to describe two women in a homoerotic situation since lesbianism was practically unheard of at the time whereas male homosexuality, though illegal, was at least recognized. It's even more interesting in the face of Coleridge's history of unease with women (Grossberg 152).

The two main characters in this piece are Christabel and Geraldine. Geraldine's appearance coincides with a mysterious sound that is never identified, and is but one indication of her supernatural origins. It has been suggested that Geraldine is the first appearance of a vampire in literature, though she is referred to as a witch in the text itself. She has a strongly homoerotic connection to Christabel, one of Sir Leoline's, the baron who owns the castle where the poem takes place, daughters. Christabel is enchanted by Geraldine, whether literally or figuratively, though she is terrified as well. Essentially Christabel and Geraldine…

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Heard a Bump on the
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However, even in these moments she makes time for me, and she always has a smile for me when she sees me.

Despite all of the responsibilities of her job she still takes the time to worry about me. When she has a rare day off from work she spends that time with me. We go out to eat, we have fun and just relax, and she is always asking me about my grades and about every other aspect of my life. It seems as if even when she is at work she always has a tab on me, whether it is a short phone call when I get home, or a voice message telling me to do my homework. I have never felt that she is away because she is always in contact somehow. When I don't turn in homework on time or otherwise shirk my responsibilities my mom…

Outliers People Are Fascinated by Success Stories
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People are fascinated by success stories, especially the rags-to-riches stories wherein someone starts from nothing and, through a combination of hard work and extraordinary luck, becomes famous and rich. In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell profiles a number of individuals who have been tremendously successful. Some of the names are well-known: Bill Gates, the Beatles, obert Oppenheimer. The stories of their success are much more complex and interesting than one could ever imagine. Gladwell also provides plenty of examples of people for whom success has been elusive. They appear to have much in their favor and yet circumstances such as culture, class, family and even date of birth relegated them to an existence of missed opportunities and mediocrity. Talent, hard work and luck are certainly components of success but, as Gladwell shows, the back story is often richer and more complicated.

In the beginning…


Gladwell's Outliers: Timing is almost everything. (2008). BusinessWeek 11/20/08. Retrieved from 

Gladwell, M. (2008). Outliers: The story of success. New York: Little, Brown.

Henri Nouwen & 8230 COMPASSION Means Going
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Richards, Reverend, former member of the senior staff of the Episcopal Bishop, also expressed concerns regarding Nouwen. Richards questioned whether Nouwen as the "wounded healer" encouraged "a kind of displayed vulnerability and a disincentive to growth that does not serve the priest or the church well."

In the final years of his life, Nouwen, admitted publically that he was a homosexual and "ministered" to others, not out of his strengths, but out of his own wounds.


In the essay, he co-authored with Donald P. McNeill and Douglas a. Morrison, Compassion: A Reflection on Christian Life, Nouwen wrote that compassionate people go directly to those who are suffering most and lives with them there. Compassion, Nouwen stressed, does not comprise a "bending toward the under privileged from a privileged position; & #8230;not a reaching out from on high to those… less fortunate below; & #8230; not a gesture of sympathy…


"About Henri Nouwen." Available at, ? 

Cloud, David. "Henri Nouwen," Available at, . Internet. Accessed 27 February 2010.

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Change the Writings of Dr
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If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. The tortuous road which has led from Montgomery, Alabama to Oslo bears witness to this truth. This is a road over which millions of Negroes are traveling to find a new sense of dignity… [so] I accept this aware today with an abiding faith in America and an audacious faith in the future of mankind. I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the ambiguities of history…I refuse to accept the cynical notion that nation after nation must spiral down a militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction" (King, 1964).

On the subject of war, King received quite a bit of criticism when he came out against the war in Vietnam. On April 4, 1967, exactly one year…

Works Cited

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John Cheever Is Perhaps One
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. . "

"I don't recall having sold the house," Ned said, "and the girls are at home."


In the narration Ned continues on his journey home. Once he is home it is revealed that his house is indeed empty and his wife and daughters are gone. This is just one example of the conflict that exist in this narration between was is reality and what is illusion.

In addition to this aspect of conflict in The Swimmer, there is also a great deal of conflict associated with Ned's ability to swim across the county. This conflict exist because Ned also drank strong alcoholic beverages throughout his journey. It would have been next to impossible for him to swim after he had consumed just a few of these drinks. This is an obvious conflict that would have hindered his journey but the author presents it as fact and not…

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Edible Insects What's for Dinner
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These insects run through the markets of Thailand, South Africa and South Korea offered separately as crunchy snacks to locals and bold travelers. They are highly rich in protein and may be considered as a good food supplement to boost energy. In case you can't make up your mind, a "bug-pack" may be suggested consisting of all edible insects you can munch on while appreciating great views and nature tripping. Larvae and Caterpillars of these insects were also considered as a rare delicacy, either as soup or added flavor to paste.

3. Hornets

Farmed by an old Japanese lady in Kyushu Island, the Giant Japanese Hornet is used to make honey. This is a completely incredible honey - literally! The Giant Japanese Hornet is the largest species of wasp in the world, and it contains special enzymes in its body which are reputed to increase strength and energy levels. Giant…


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Andrew Lloyd Weber an Original
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After the success of these Biblical musicals, Lloyd ebber severed from Rice to explore different methods of conveying his musical vision, such as the more dance-inspired "Cats." In this musical, Lloyd ebber abandoned many of the rock elements of his former work "in favor of what critics found a pastiche style that borrowed from classical and opera sources. He had also become a brand name" and created his own a corporation, the Really Useful Company that attempted to bring commercialism, in a positive fashion, to the musical theater industry ("Andrew Lloyd ebber,, 2007).

Cats" was not simply one of the most successful musicals of all time, it also spawned t-shirts, mugs, and yes, many jokes, as well as a soundtrack album and other, more conventional methods of generating interest in the show -- and revenue. Since "Cats," was created by Lloyd ebber, almost every other major musical has attempted…

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Stop & Shop Stores Stop & Shop
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Stop & Shop Stores

Stop & Shop grocery store chain is a semi-national carrier of agricultural produce and the full assortment of grocery store items. The chain has emerged as one of the primary food store chains in the country within the areas of its operation. Now considered somewhat of a gourmet food store, Stop & Shop has maintained a steady customer supply base and so far has not had any customer issues with regard to the quality of the supply chain.

According to Abelson (2006), "Stop & Shop's New England stores have just under 30% of the region's market, but well-run competitors are aggressively expanding in the region, from Hannaford's to While Foods, said Kevin Griffin, publisher of the Griffin eport of Food Marketing in Pembroke. Ahold bought Stop & Shop Supermarket Co., of Quincy, a decade ago. Today, the company is the region's largest grocer, with about 382…


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Stop & shop expands customer-centric assortment planning using IRI loyalty analytics assortment planner solution (2008). . United States, New York: Business Wire. Retrieved from

Loss Read P 305 Leaving
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" The differences in these two lines seem to be only a matter of syntax but in actuality, it also differs in the meaning. The King James Bible version makes it seem like the Lord is making the individual do something, as if by force or obligation, while the Puritan version states that the Lord causes the individual to do something, as if out of their own will. This alone relays the message that faith itself is driving the action, not a perceived obligation.

Another distinction between the two translations can be found with the lines "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: / and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" (King James Bible) and "Goodness and mercy surely shall / all my days follow me. / and in the Lord's house I shall / dwell so long as days…

Roald Dahl's Life & Works
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Many adult readers disagree with the portrayed unreality of Dahl's books because in life everything is not fair, and good does not always win. Even when the hero of the Witches is permanently turned into a mouse, the reader is assured by the main character that, "I honestly don't feel especially bad about it. I don't even feel angry. In fact, I feel rather good" This lack of remorse is typical of Dahl's stories.

Similarly, many do not like Dahl's concept that virtue and poverty go together, such as with Miss Honey, Matilda's adored teacher. Some find this objectionable because it is a view consistent with Marxist philosophy, not one that supports free market capitalism.

Further criticism arises from Dahl's portrayal of adults, which many believe has a negative impact on the young readers. Throughout his work, authoritarian adults are often the victims of horrible revenge. However, what some find…


Charlie Series

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


Aaron Copland 1900-1990 Was an
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Besides other awards, he was given a special Congressional Gold Medal by the United States Congress in 1986-87. Copland left an endowment from his estate to a Fund for Composers, which gives $600,000/annum to promote new compositions and performances (Congressional Gold Medial eceipients; Trudeau; Pollack, 548; ockwell).

Musical Examples

Copland was an active composer of numerous genres from 1925 to the mid-1960s. His works expressed a new semblance of Americana so easily identifiable that even when performed by foreign orchestras there is a sense of the pioneer days, of American patriotism, and even retelling of American mythology. A few seminal examples of this are:

Fanfare for the Common Man was written in 1942 for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and was inspired by a speech by Vice-President Henry Wallace called the era the "Centruy of the Common Man." The piece was part of a program supoprting the American entry into World…


"Congressional Gold Medial Receipients." 23 September 1986. .

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Fibromyalgia the Objective of This Study Is
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The objective of this study is to examine the condition of Fibromyalgia. Toward this end, this study will conduct a review of current literature in this area of inquiry.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome reported as common and one in which the individual has pain throughout their body as well as joint, muscle, tendon and soft tissue tenderness on a long-term basis.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

While the cause of Fibromyalgia is uncertain it has been linked to such as fatigue, problems sleeping, headaches, anxiety, and depression. Factors that are believed to be potential triggers of fibromyalgia include: (1) physical or emotional trauma; (2) abnormal responses to pain in areas of the brain; (3) disturbances in sleep; and (4) infection although no specific virus has been identified as being responsible for causing Fibromyalgia.

Occurrence of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is known to occur most in women ages 20 to 50 years of age.…


Demirbad, B. And Erci, B. (2012) The Effects of Sleep and Touch Therapy on Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Depression. Iran J. Public Health. 2012;41(11):44-53. Retrieved from: 

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Arthurian Literature
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Pearl Poet's Sir Gawain

The Arthurian Legends are one of the most mysterious of Middle English literature. For many years historians have tried to match King Arthur to one of the Early Kings of Britain, however, all attempts have met without success. It is now generally accepted that King Arthur and the other Knights of the Round table represent a composite of the behaviors and attitudes of people of that time period. The same can be said of the character of Sir Gawain in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." As social attitudes changed, so do the ideal characteristics that exemplify virtue and purity. The character Sir Gawain appears in many versions of the Arthurian Legends. The characteristics and attitudes of Sir Gawain seem to shoe a shift over time. The most widely accepted version of the character of Sir Gawain is the version that is attributed to the poet…

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occidioidomycosis Erythema Nodosum
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Coccidioidomycosis Erythema Nodosum

Also known as valley fever or desert rheumatism, coccidioidomycosis is a fungal disease commonly reported in the Western Hemisphere, especially South-western U.S. (mainly California, Arizona, and Texas), Northern Mexico, as well as parts of Central and South America (Chen, Lee & Li, 2010). In the U.S., estimates indicate that 150,000 people in the South-western region are infected every year (Garcia et al., 2015). As the disease is mainly concentrated in South-western U.S., its national prevalence remains unknown. The disease is commonly characterized by coughing, fever, shortness of breath, headaches, chest pain, night sweating, loss of weight, and erythema nodosum (Garcia et al., 2015). This paper reports a case of coccidioidomycosis characterized by erythema nodosum


A 31-year-old Asian male visited his primary care doctor's clinic complaining of cough and malaise for two months. He had been a construction worker in Fresno County, California, for eleven months and…


Chen, C., Lee, H., & Li, S. (2010). Coccidioidomycosis with cutaneous manifestation of erythema nodosum in Taiwan. Dermatologica Sinica, 28: 154-158.

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Transformation of Colonialism in Madama
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In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries most of the major European powers were part of this colonial grab for power and territory; and after the American Civil War, so was the United States. Almost immediately this translated into an East/West schism in which both sides harbored bias about each other, never really understanding the motivations of each other's actions. This is the world in which Pinkerton arrives -- a Nagasaki that has barely opened its doors to the West, but sees Western naivete and cultural values such that it is easy to manipulate them for money. In the case of the French, their long history of conflict in Indochina was seen by the Chinese as a perfect example of the Marxian view of the oppressed. Songs masters thought nothing of using her to glean information as well as disseminate disinformation. After all, Song was two things despised by the…


Groos, a. The Puccini Companion, Lieutenant F.B. Pinkerton, Problems in the Genesis and Performance of Madama Butterfly. New York: Norton, 1994.

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Japanese History Attribute Meiji Masculinity
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Disorder does not descend from Heaven,

It is the spawn of a woman. 10

Contemporaneous with relocating the capital from Edo to Tokyo was the drawing up of the 'Memorandum on Reform of the Imperial Palace' in which Article 1 states that the emperor would 'deign to hear about all political matters' in the front throne room adding that 'women are to be prohibited from entering the front throne room' 11.

Yoshii Tomozane, enior ecretary for Court Affairs peremptorily dismissed all court ladies, after which a rare few were reselected for appointment. In his dairy, he noted: 'this morning, the court ladies were dismissed in their entirety… the power of women already lasting for centuries has been erased in a single day. My delight knows no bounds." 12.

In this way the power of the 'hens' was removed from the 'Enlightened regime' of Meiji rule and suppressed throughout the country.…


Adler, Philip. World Civilizations. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth / Thomson, 2008

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Waiting for Godot at the
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In a dreamlike state, Estragon dreams about the Holy Land. He says, "The Dead Sea was pale blue. The very look of it made me thirsty. That's where we'll go, I used to say, that's where we'll go for our honeymoon. We'll swim. We'll be happy." Throughout the play, the two men embrace and are obviously intimate. Sometimes the tension between Estragon and Vladimir is similar to the relationship between spouses. For instance, Estragon says, "There are times when I wonder if it wouldn't be better for us to part," (Act I). Estragon repeats this sentiment at several times during the play. Other homoerotic references include when Estragon first suggests that they hang themselves. Vladimir states, "Hmmm. it'd give us an erection." Estragon is "very excited" at the prospect of an erection and "all that follows," (Act I). The two men muse about the life-giving potential of their semen: "where…

Edmund Spenser the Social Critique
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Still, his union with a woman also of common birth leaves us to reflect that in all likelihood, Spenser himself would enter the court after an upbringing of modestly. This denotes the distinction of Spenser as a critique of reigning structures of authority in his time and place. This also helps to introduce our discussion to the historical context into which he deposited his first important work of poetry.


The choice of language in the poem is a curious one, at least insofar as it can be regarded as somewhat misleading of the work's time of origin. Its composition in 1579 and the poet's declared affection for and indebtedness to the works of Geoffrey Chaucer are facts submerged beneath the linguistic affectations which Spenser felt were necessary to carry the pastoral form. (Bear, 1) Indeed, the prologue which is composed by an otherwise anonymous writer signing as E.K., provides…

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Advertising Impact on American's Bad
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So, advertising is not just bad because it lures us into eating unhealthy diets, the diets to lose some of the weight we gain are just as bad. Why? ecause they teach fast weight loss -- lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Is that possible? Yes, but it's usually "water" weight -- that weight that is most quickly put back on when we go back to a normal diet. ut just as the ads and promos don't tell us about all the calories in those RTE cereals and fast foods, when they push the fad diets, they don't mention that "water" weight problem.

And, sure enough, that's why people on fad diets eventually get frustrated. They lose ten pounds in a couple or three weeks, go back to their regular diet, and gain it right back. Eventually, the frustration level reaches a point that they give up and go have…


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Othello the Villain Iago Is
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Moreover, when Desdemona's handkerchief goes missing, and Othello approaches her about it, clearly thinking that she has given it to Cassio, Desdemona does not suspect that Emilia has taken the handkerchief from her.

Unfortunately for Desdemona, her trusting nature ends up being her fatal flaw. Othello becomes increasingly cruel to Desdemona throughout the course of the play. Although the audience is not aware of their entire romantic history, it appears that they have been involved in a platonic friendship for a substantial period of time, but only involved in an intimate relationship for a short period of time. The audience is certain that the marriage has been of a relatively short duration. However, despite the fact that there cannot be a long history of Othello treating Desdemona appropriately, Desdemona plays the role of obedient wife. At the end of the play, Othello orders Desdemona to stay in her bed. In…


Bradley, a.C. (1904). Shakespeare: Othello- Bradley on Othello. Retrieved April 11, 2009

from the Bard


Web site:

Dorothy Parker The Good the
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Lynn Bloom states, "Parker's poetic techniques -- far more distinctive and striking in comic than in serious poetry -- reinforce the impression that the verse is more an exercise in verbal wit than the interpretation of an authentic emotion or experience" (Bloom). This is true and is demonstrated with poems such as "Condolence," "But Not Forgotten," "Epitaph for a Darling Lady," and "The Evening Primrose." The light-hearted attitude toward some of life's more difficult issues is refreshing as well as clever. Parker's poem have a rhythm that makes them feel light as her attitude. e cannot help but smile when we read them and meet them with a confirming nod. Parker's poetry demonstrates that we have permission to laugh at life, especially when the going gets tough. She shows us that a sense of humor can be just as valuable as life itself.

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Dionysian Analysis of Three Poems
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" Communing with nature is the ultimate Dionysian act; the poet's subsequent writing of the communion is the Apollonian gesture that tempers this Dionysian indulgence.

What each of these three poems has in common is the fact that they are based around images of human figures confronting the Dionysian motifs of descent and ascent via nature. Each poem represents a struggle between the Apollonian and Dionysian extremes, a struggle that is very much part of every human being's life. In Hamilton's poem, the poet is quite eager to run away altogether from Apollonian order into the wild chaos of poetry and the sea. It does not take much convincing for her; from the moment the poem opens, she is ready to go. Olds's poem represents a more virulent struggle between the two poles. While the father in the poem has clearly made his choice and has learned to live with…


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Deborah Sampson Gannet -- American
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On October 23, 1783, Deborah was honorably discharged "as a great soldier, with endurance and courage, something much needed in the military at that time" but was only granted a veteran's pension at the end of her life ("Deborah Sampson Gannett: American Patriot," American Revolution, 2007). "Sampson's superiors all agreed that she was an excellent was her reliability, intelligence, and bravery that made it possible for her to go undetected for so long" (Saxon, 2004). She risked her life to save her country and to fight for her country, and even risked her life to remain a soldier.

Sampson's life "bears out a theory that Margaret R. And Patrice L.R. Higonnet developed to describe the effects of war and peace on gender. They imagined a system in which men and women are positioned as if they were opposing ribbons of a double helix, which, no matter the circumstances, always…

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Messiah in Old Testament the
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In Genesis 3:15, God said, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel." According to some biblical experts, this is an oblique reference to the coming of Messiah.

This is taken by many as one of the earliest Messianic prophecies describing Satan's brief victory over the Messiah and the Messiah's ultimate victory over Satan. It is mentioned here because the offspring (Messiah) is described as being of the woman (Eve). This is extraordinary as the nation of Israel has always been patriarchal; people are mentioned in terms of their fathers, not their mothers. Because of this, many see this verse as also being a prophecy of Messiah's birth through a virgin

Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus)

The Book of Genesis also makes reference to the importance of the lineage or the heritage…

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Mississippi River Wars the South
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" The rebel army thought nothing of stealing food and good drinking water from the citizens of Vicksburg. The rebel army authorities put 100 men in charge of securing homes and lives, but "over seventy-five of the men selected" for the policing duty were Creoles who spoke little or no English, and the troops pretty much took what they wanted. Many people became refugees and moved into tent cities outside the range of the Union guns. "There was something tangible about stealing a pig or helping oneself to a buck of water," alker explained on page 123.

Prices for food and other necessary items went through the roof during the build-up to the battle. Brandy was $40 a gallon on December 3; on December 29, "when Sherman was knocking on the gates of the city," brandy went up to $60 a gallon (p. 128). On December 20, the Vicksburg City…

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