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The Stranger Essays (Examples)

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Strangers on a Train When
Words: 2819 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70630922
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In contrast to vertical slats and bars that signify guilt, round signifies innocence in this film (as in the double, round collars that Babs wears), plus, Hitchcock uses light to make Guy's wrist buttons shine brightly. We know by this that Guy's hands are good. They are not the hands of a murderer. He is the innocent man, wrongfully accused and working to clear himself.

At a party at Senator Morton's house, during a discussion about murder, Bruno coaxes Mrs. Cunningham, an older woman, to allow him to put his hands around her throat. She is foolishly flattered by his attention and actually lets him. Ann's younger sister Babs happens to come near and when Bruno sees her, we see Babs through Bruno's eyes. She wears glasses like Miriam did (double lenses) and in the lenses of her glasses two flames appear -- the flame of the cigarette lighter, doubled.…

Strangers and Neighbors Rt 201 Ru07 Judaism My
Words: 903 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14646068
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Strangers and Neighbors

RT 201/RU07


My understanding of Judaism was challenged by the central belief that Jews -- especially more Orthodox Jews -- live as they do to ensure that a holy place exists where God can enter and dwell among them. The use of the Mezuzah to sanctify peoples' homes is a manifestation of this belief, and the act of kissing and touching the Mezuzah is very similar to the Catholic practice of dabbing holy water on themselves when they enter a church or cathedral. Many other religions hold to practices that sanctify their homes or places of work. Buddhists set up little shrines -- I have even seen them in nail salons! It was a new idea to me that Jews keep many of their traditions not only because they are laws of the Torah, to which they are bound, but because following the law seems to…

Stranger in a Strange Land
Words: 3793 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 9935223
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The doctor knows that he cannot be as effective as he once was, and the nurse no longer needs him to lead and guide her, so even the changing nature of their relationship on a personal level is important. On a professional level it is also significant because they used to have mutual respect for one another and now they are finding that they do not seem to work together well.


Managed care and the way that is has changed medical care in this country is one of the biggest culprits when looking for a scapegoat regarding why there are so many problems between these two people at this point in time. The doctor clearly no longer takes the nurse seriously, but that is something that is between them as people, not as doctor and nurse. The managed care issue and how their work has changed because of it…

Strangers Where Would You Go the Place
Words: 976 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 85648718
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Where would you go

The place to perform an observational study is at a bus station. The bus station is a place where many people gather from different walks of life. This is a place where behaviors can be well studied, as people are not under any pressure. It is a place where every person is free to move or stay. Hence, getting an interviewee may not be a challenge. In addition, the bus station will always have certain activities that trigger emotions either negatively or positively thus, it is easy to note behavioral changes.

How to take notes on people's behavior it is beneficial to have a tabulated paper to fill in any information obtained from the study. A small notebook would come in handy because it is easy to carry and does not limit a person while moving around the station (even when crowded).

Having a recording…


Anderson et al. (2003). Psychological Science in the Public Interest. The Influence of Media Violence on Youth, 4(3). Pp 81-110.

Babbie, E.R. (2010). The Practice of Social Research. New York: Cengage Learning.

book'strangers in their own land
Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63982501
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Strangers in Their Own Land, Arlie Hochschild presents what she calls the "great paradox" of American society: why ultra conservatives vote against their best interests. By almost all accounts, red states are poorer economically, have much poorer health and educational outcomes, and a lower quality of life overall than blue states. That being the case, why would the reds continue to vote for the same platforms, even going so far as to make their situation potentially worse by voting in Tea Party candidates or the likes of Trump? The answer, according to Hochschild, is that conservatives tend to vote for emotional reasons. Because of its inherent irrationality, the great paradox cannot necessarily be resolved, as Hochschild points out. However, the great paradox can be understood with an empathetic viewpoint. Using empathy encourages understanding, which can in time tear down the cognitive and emotional barriers that create divisiveness and impede social…

Cultural Phenomenon of Stranger Things
Words: 1244 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75368361
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Stranger Things is a television show on Netflix that recounts the story of a missing boy, a frantic mother, and three friends looking for an answer. The show is a pastiche of popular 80's movies and television shows that featured monsters like E.T. and telekinetic children like Charlie in Firestarter. While the show does not hit on anything original, it does manage to hit a nerve among fans and has swept the nation with its sweet whispers of nostalgia. The show perhaps invites people to reach for their own ideologies in life vicariously through the main characters. Althusser discusses ideologies in his piece, "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses" and Bell Hooks examines desire and resistance in "Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance" that can point towards a better understanding of such a fast-growing cultural phenomenon.

Althusser defines ideologies from a traditional standpoint as 'world outlooks. However, Althusser admits they do…

Consequence of Strangers Explored in
Words: 898 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94350239
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There can be no surprise when the "shame and pride threw a double gloom over his countenance" (52). He is so taken aback by Catherine and what she says that he must be commanded to shake her hand. hen Earnshaw tells him to shake her hand in a way this is "permitted" (52), it becomes more than Heathcliff can bear. hile Catherine claims she did not mean to laugh at Heathcliff, the damage is done. She does not realize the extent of her damage and continues to do even more damage by telling Heathcliff he is "sulky" (52) and looks "odd" (52) and things would not be so bad for him if he would just brush his hair and wash his face. This scene only lasts a few moments but it is critical in that it drives much of the plot after this point. It drives Heathcliff to do what…

Work Cited

Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights. New York W.W. Norton and Company. 1972.

Danielle Allen Talking to Strangers
Words: 2787 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72921416
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"I seek to discern the different analytical techniques Aristotle brings to bear on the problem of what justice is" (Allen, 2004). What is interesting to be noticed is that even in the beginning of the book, when presenting the racial segregation at the high school in Little ock, Allen does not turn to religion to explain or condemn the practice, but to the social principles of the Greek philosopher (Morris, 2006).

Some of these principles promoted by Aristotle and used by Danielle Allen could be succinctly presented as follows:

fluidity of our conceptual universe the power / or lack of power of persuasion the art of generating trust the difference between means and intentions friendship and justice - "if men are friends, there is no need for justice between them whereas merely to be just is not enough - it is also necessary to be friends" (Allen 2004 quoting Aristotle)…


Allen, D., 2004, Talking to Strangers: Anxieties of Citizenship Since Brown V. Board of Education, University of Chicago Press

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Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain
Words: 1858 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30938661
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Mysterious Stranger" by Mark Twain. The version often studied in colleges is a heavily edited version of Mark Twain's original writing. This paper will research the differences in the original writing and the edited version, including how his personal tragedies took a toll on Twain's mental health. The version edited by Paine/Duneka was an attempt to save Twain's public image. Was this because of his mental state? Did this mental state affect his writing of "The Mysterious Stranger?"


Mark Twain wrote "The Mysterious Stranger" at the end of his life, and near the conclusion of a long and renowned career. Known for his biting sarcasm and supreme wit, Twain was an American legend by the time this story was published in 1916, six years after his death. Immediately, it seems to deviate from his other works, for the subject is certainly dark and evil compared…

Reference Works

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Hudson, E. Long. Mark Twain Handbook. New York: Hendricks House, 1957.

American Gypsy A Stranger in
Words: 947 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 58345034
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When taking into account the fact that the gypsies in the film managed to maintain their traditions, it becomes obvious that they one of the most essential values in their lives is their culture. In spite of the fact that they manage to be assimilated through the fact that they employ a behavior similar to the people neighboring them, gypsies manage to keep their personal identity. Core anthropologic concepts such as culture and society can thus easily apply to gypsies in the state of Washington. While gypsies are generally hesitant about sharing their problems with the world (and thus making it difficult for the general public to understand them), Jimmy Marks demonstrates that they too can be an active part of society and that they are willing to ask for their rights if the situation arises.

3. People in the U.S. are generally accustomed to living in a multicultural environment,…


Dir. Jasmine Dellal, American Gypsy: A Stanger in Everybody's Land

Citizen Strangers Book Critique
Words: 2067 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 95570930
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Israel was created after the war in 1948, fifteen percent of the population was made up of Palestinian Arabs (Stendel, 1997). While that would seem like a small group, they actually had spread out and held onto significantly more than fifteen percent of the territory. They were given suffrage rights immediately, with the creation of the state of Israel, and over time they were able to also attain citizenship status (Ben-Sasson, 1985). However, being granted those things did not have the helpful and protective effect they were hoping for when it came to how they were treated. Shira obinson's 2013 book Citizen strangers: Palestinians and the birth of Israel's liberal settler state addresses the issue of how these Palestinian Arabs struggled in the face of poor treatment from their fellow citizens and their government. The book works through the concerns dealt with by the Jewish leaders of the time, and…


Ben-Sasson, H. (1985). A history of the Jewish people. NY: Harvard University Press.

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Stendel, O. (1997). The Arabs in Israel. UK: Sussex Academic Press.

Plight of a Stranger the Writer German
Words: 1322 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12857956
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Plight of a Stranger

The writer German sociologist Georg Simmel has provided many fine glimpses into his views of society. Simmel has provided unique looks at different aspects of our society and his essay The Stranger offers another look into societal fragmentation. Simmel looks at how the entrance of a stranger into a group changes the group dynamics and how such change affects the group. He looks critically at the marginal personality but finds value in its existence.

Simmel's stranger is not just someone passing through on his way to somewhere else. Instead his stranger is someone who comes into the community and stays. He is not the proverbial wanderer always on his way to somewhere else. He is simply not a member of the group but brings new qualities and features that the group lacked before he came into it. The group itself has behavior that is termed as…


Golmohamad, M. (2004). World Citizenship, Identity and the Notion of an Integrated Self. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 131-148.

Karakayali, N. (2006). The Uses of the Stranger: Circulation, Arbitration, Secrecy and Dirt. Sociological Theory, 312-330.

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Gender in the Collector and the Comfort of Strangers
Words: 4727 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13086527
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Gender in Fowles and McEwan

[oman] is defined and differentiated with reference to man and not he with reference to her; she is the incidental, the inessential. He is the Subject, he is the Absolute -- she is the Other. -- Simone de Beauvoir.

Simone de Beauvoir's influential analysis of gender difference as somehow implying gender deference -- that the mere fact of defining male in opposition to female somehow implies placing one in an inferior or subaltern position -- becomes especially interesting when examining how fiction by male authors approaches questions of gender. I propose to examine in detail two British novels of the post-war period -- The Collector by John Fowles, published in 1963, and The Comfort of Strangers by Ian McEwan, published in 1981 -- and hope to demonstrate that, in point of fact, the existence of the feminist movement has managed to shift the portrayal of…

Works Cited

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Cousins and Strangers Moya Jose
Words: 1521 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32898123
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The book strikes the reader as impressively researched, although at times the more micro and quantitiative focus of the historian can cause the humanity of the narratives, of the people themselves to be lost. A greater incorporation of a central thesis into the fold of the book, and a more coherently organized framework in which to subsume the data might have been helpful. The inclusion of an appendix is worthy as well, but how many readers will read such a work? The lack of attention to the individuals at hand to a certain extent justifies the often stultifying inclusion of lists and tables, but if these lists could have been given greater 'story' and coherennce, the book would have been of greater value and interest to the layperson, rather than to the stuidious historian or student. And ultimately was that not what most of these people were seeking, coming to…

Moya Jose C Cousins and Strangers Spanish
Words: 618 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 89208355
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Moya, Jose C. Cousins and Strangers: Spanish Immigrants to Buenos Aires.

The title of Jose C. Moya's book Cousins and Strangers refers to the fact that the mass migrations of Spaniards to Argentina that occurred between the middle of the 19th century and the beginning of the Great Depression were distinct from other waves of immigrant migration. Buenos Aires is a tremendously diverse city and has been subject to many different influxes of new immigrant populations. But the new waves of Spaniards came from the nation that had once colonized Argentina, unlike the Italians, which comprised the largest ethnic community within the city. The Spaniards spoke a common language, might be distant relatives to some of the residents, and yet were culturally worlds apart.

Moya divides his book into two sections -- one about the Old World of Spain and the other about the New World the Spanish experienced in…

Warrior Hero A Stranger in a Strange
Words: 2455 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70639141
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arrior Hero: A Stranger in a Strange Land

The figure of the hero is set apart from the common herd of ordinary men by virtue of his special qualities and abilities; in some works, this separateness is literal - he is in a strange land apart from his own kin. To see how this alienation enhances the tale of the hero's conflict, The Odyssey, Beowulf and The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice will be considered.

Odysseus, Beowulf and Othello are all warrior heroes. Odysseus, in The Odyssey, has been instrumental in the victory at Troy, and now fights to return to Ithaca and bring his men safely home; more struggles await him there. Beowulf, a great fighter who has proven his mettle in many conflicts, hears about the depredations of Grendel on Heorot Hall and journeys there to rescue Hrothgar's people. His role in the conflicts against the…

Works Cited

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Hemingway Eichmann Stranger in a
Words: 2643 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42408228
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With him, this vital energy goes its own way, independent of the pessimism and the disillusionment so typical of the age.' Hemingway did not go to the awards ceremony due to illness, some time before that same year his plane crashed and he lived to read his own obituaries. y then he was already experiencing the results of his fast paced lifestyle and at the end of his life he dealt with sicknesses such as mental depression, and eventually a form of paranoia. This was written of his last days 'After Hemingway began talking of suicide his Ketchum doctor agreed with Mary that they should seek expert help. He registered under the name of his personal doctor George Saviers and they began a medical program to try and repair his mental state. The Mayo Clinic's treatment would ultimately lead to electro shock therapy. According to Jefferey Meyers Hemingway received "between…


1. We didn't start the Fire, Billy Joel, 

2. Frederick W. Turner III, 1971

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How Social Media Is Changing Communications
Words: 1030 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91166617
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"Don't Be a Stranger"

Adrian Chen's article "Don't Be a Stranger" looks at the way in which social relationships mediated by the internet have evolved. The author argues that the way the internet is used has changed. In 2006 it is recalled as a medium that made it possible for strangers to make friends using online forums. It is observed that today strangers on the internet are viewed with more caution and suspicion, and as the use of online forums decline users tend to communicate mainly with 'real life friends' using applications such as Facebook. This creates a scenario where, with the exception of the dating web sites, strangers are unlikely to meet. The reluctance of people to make friends with online strangers lies partly with the demise on online forums were people could bet to know each other, and partly influenced by the ongoing fear of strangers. The…

Works Cited

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Free Will and Deviant Behavior
Words: 2246 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68664026
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The novel vividly illustrates this event, stated as follows:

The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes. That's when everything began to reel. The sea carried up a thick, fiery breath. It seemed to me as if the sky split open from one end to the other to rain down fire. My whole being tensed and I squeezed my hand around the revolver. The trigger gave; I felt the smooth underside of the butt; and there, in that noise, sharp and deafening at the same time, is where I tall started. I shook off the sweat and sun. I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach where I'd been happy. Then I fired four more times at the motionless body where the bullets lodged without leaving a trace. And it was like knocking four quick times…


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Random Acts of Kindness Before
Words: 1247 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 21638610
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The first person that I helped was one of my good friends. She was scheduled to take a test in one of her classes when she got a call from her daughter's school that her daughter was sick and needed to go home. I was with her and offered to go pick up her daughter and watch her until she could finish her testing. I did not really feel rewarded by the behavior. I had plans for the afternoon, which I had to rearrange in order to babysit. While I did not resent babysitting, I felt as if I was obligated to watch her child. The reality is that I would be a horrible best friend if I had an afternoon free and did not watch my friend's child under those circumstances. Therefore, I do not even know that I would qualify this helping as a random act of kindness.…


Kassin, S., Fein, S., & Markus, H.R. (2010). Social psychology. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Hell Is for Other People Me Boy
Words: 1386 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22508954
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Hell Is for Other People

Me: Boy, you're here a lot earlier than usual.

Stranger: Yeah, I have a hot date tonight: hopefully, tonight's the night, if you know what I mean (Winks).

Me: You're sexually active?

Stranger: What do you mean by that? Of course I'm sexually active, why do you ask.

Me: Oh. Well, because the other day you mentioned going to church ... you said you were Catholic, right?

Stranger: (Laughs) Yes, I am...but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun, you know? (Winks again).

Me: Aren't all unmarried Christians supposed to be celibate though? I thought premarital sex was a mortal sin ... "fornication," right?

Stranger: Yes, it is, but we all sin because human beings weren't created perfectly; only God is perfect.

Me: I'm sorry, but I don't really a Christian, aren't you supposed to refrain from all sexual activity except in…

Existentialism Is a Philosophical Movement That Views
Words: 1357 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42759063
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Existentialism is a philosophical movement that views human existence as having characteristics, such as anxiety, dread, freedom, awareness of death, and consciousness of existing, that are primary and that cannot be reduced to or explained by a natural-scientific approach or any approach that attempts to detach itself." For existentialism, human beings can be understood only from the inside and it emphasizes action, freedom, and decision as fundamental to human existence and is fundamentally opposed to the rationalist tradition and to positivism (Wikipedia). The Stranger reflects existentialism that our world is a universe that has no place for us, in which our life makes no sense. In the novel, Meursault is portrayed as aloof, detached and unemotional. He does not think about events and the possible consequences. He also fails to express any emotion in his relationship with his friends. Meursault's complete indifference to society and human relationships causes him to…

Country and the Stanger Kawabata's
Words: 1411 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32346437
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The earth lay white under the night sky."(Kawabata, 1) This opening phrase of the novel is very revealing: the hero comes from the intimacy of darkness (the tunnel) into the open blankness of the Snow Country. The setting thus translates the sense of innocence but also that of emptiness and loneliness.

Camus' Stranger also hints at solitude and alienation even from the title. Mersault is already a famous literary character, the modern alien in society. The main difference between him and Shimamura is the fact that the latter has a Romantic bent towards fantasy and a narcissism that keeps him locked in his own world. The common trait that they share is their permanent sense of anxiety. Mersault, unlike Shimamura, is literally afraid of the people that surround him. Incapable of empathy, Mersault feels like a complete stranger not only because he cannot connect with the others but because he…

Works Cited

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Postwar America in Hitchcock Films Post-War America
Words: 1573 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38788334
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Postwar America in Hitchcock Films

Post-War America in Film

In the postwar America, expectations for men and women diverged from those that prevailed during the war years. The exigencies of World War II interrupted the evolution of social progress for Americans, substituting a "fast forward" that could better serve the national initiatives. From positions where everyone became focused on the war effort and their roles in supporting it, the postwar period saw a return to the traditional values that had dominated in the past. Supported by the G.I. Bill, men sought education at unprecedented levels and located themselves in business, resuming the positions and leadership they felt were their due. Homemaking and childrearing returned to center for women in postwar America. If women were engaged in business, it was considered to be secondary to their gender-based roles as mothers, wives, and daughters. Some effects of the wartime patterns were resistant…


Hitchcock A (Director) John Michael Hayes (Writer). 1956. The Man Who Knew Too Much [Motion picture]. Perf. James Stewart, Doris Day. Paramount Studies. Based on a story by Charles Bennett and D.B. Wyndham-Lewis.

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Evil Perception and the Existence
Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64672207
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In the poem and essay "Compensation," Ralph aldo Emerson makes a much more cogent and coherent assessment of how perspective seems to determine good and evil. His examples, however, are purely situational and do not adequately support his central thesis. For example, he compares a farmer jealous of power to the President examining what he has had to sacrifice to earn the hite House (par. 11). hile it is true that what one might see as a "good" here might be seen as an "evil" by the other, this has nothing to do with real morality. It is not what the President sacrificed of himself that determines the evil of this situation, but whether he sacrificed others for his own personal gain.

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is one of the most well-known pieces of literature in the estern world. Robert Louis Stevenson shows the novels protagonist,…

Works Cited

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Hofstede's Communication Theories Hofstede's Theories
Words: 836 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69859820
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It is possible then to figure out what the national Power Distance Index is by evaluating the tolerance or lack of it for civil assembly and protest.

Second Question: At your job does your supervisor consider everyone's feedback and promote open brainstorming or is there the expectation that there is only one best way to do a job and the supervisor knows it, so don't question him?

This second question will also say much about how Low or High Power Distance Index influences the working relationships within the companies in the region. The greater the level of egalitarian and collaborative approaches to sharing responsibility for solutions with subordinates the lower the Power Distance. Conversely if there is a definite attitude of the manager or supervisor being the only one capable of defining an acceptable solution, the company and the culture it is within is most likely High Power Distance. This…


Geert Hofstede. "Attitudes, values and organizational culture: Disentangling the concepts. " Organization Studies 19.3 (1998): 477-493.

Hofstede, Geert, Neuijen, Bram, Ohayv, Denise Daval, and Sanders, Geert. "Measuring Organizational Cultures: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study Across Twenty Cases " Administrative Science Quarterly 35.2 (1990): 286-316.

Makea Change Through Business A
Words: 5675 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 66051546
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In the first one to three years, Make a Change plans to step up its budget or marketing and advertising expenses as a way to drive up business and profits. After the first year, we also plan to bring in other charities on board to share in some of the donations we will be producing through our gross profits.

Production Goals


The main cornerstone of the business will rely upon t-shirt sales. On our site, we will offer a variety of different colors and styles, which vary in price to the customer. These shirts range in cost to us depending on the style chosen. Like all other products, 10% of our gross profits from t-shirt sales will go to our chosen charity. All tees are 100% cotton, with several sizes, fits, and colors available to the consumer.

Make a Change Brand. Blank cotton tees total to $1.75 a piece,…

E-Communities' Impact the Impact of
Words: 4918 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52542696
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Twelve ESL learners who participated subsequently found that participating in text-based online chat rooms promoted a noticeable difference in their face-to-face conversations, particularly in noticing their own linguistic mistakes.

Psychologists stress little if any learning occurs without attention. "Text-based online chat, a particular form of synchronous computer-mediated communication (CMC) involving written oral-like conversation, has the great potential of increasing noticing for two reasons:

1. Compared to face-to-face conversations, CMC allows conversations to flow at slower speeds than face-to-face; consequently permitting "speakers" to have longer times to process receiving and producing the target language.

2. CMC can save texts (previous messages) in format that users may later access. (Lai and Zhao)

The following copy of "ESL Online Talk Community" illustrates concept Lai and Zhao present.

Practice makes perfect, but many ESL students do not have opportunities to practice speaking English. This Website is trying to establish an online community to enable…





4. Anderson, B. (1983). Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism. London: Verso.

State of Nature General Will
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Nature.... General Will

The ideas to create just and liberal society go all the way back to ancient times. The first examples of civil society were proposed by Plato and Aristotle, who saw the ideal state to be a republic ruled by the wise men and aristocrats as "first among equal." They didn't go in depth to explain its structure, functions of government in details, etc. These were the first discourses about the state where the harmony and equality established by the laws of nature will be preserved and developed. But the history shows that Greek republic failed under the pressure of power-gaining ome and Greek democracy was forgotten for centuries, but some of its principles preserved and where later developed by the philosophers of Enlightenment.

Enlightenment or renaissance of political thought and birth of civil political teachings was represented by a new idea of state, where the power was…


1. Locke, John, The Second Treatise on Government, ed by Thomas P. Peardon, Indianapolis, In.; The Library of Liberal Arts, 1952

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4. Marx, Karl Communist Manifesto Signet Classics; Reprint edition, 1998

Satan Has Many Names in Literature
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Satan has many names in literature, beginning with the Bible, and they are not limited to the image that people have come to associate with his person. For example, Lucifer means "Angel of Light" (apparently the station from which he fell), but he has also been called "The Prince of the Power of the Air," "The Devil," "The Prince of Demons," and, more in line with the needs of this story, "Mephistopheles." He, or a character very like him, is seen as the central opposite of good in many legends, stories, religious writings and artistic depictions throughout history. It seems every culture has to believe in the dichotomous good and evil, so there has to be a primarily "good" character, and a primarily "bad" character. The two stories selected for this comparison contrast paper, Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger" and Goethe's "Faust," use Satan as a central theme, but they…

Works Cited

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Lost in Translation This Story Is a
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Lost in Translation

This story is a typical immigrant success tale. It is a rich and an ambiguous story with the first section of the narrative representing, "Paradise," and revolves around Hoffman's childhood and adolescence in Cracow. The most prominent image in Eva Hoffman's mind during her family's immigration to Canada was the crowd gathered at the shore to see the ship off. She was thirteen years old and left Gdynia, Poland together with her father, mother, and younger sister. To her the crowd at the shore waving at them as the ship drifted away, was symbolic, it meant the end of everything she knew. Deep inside her there was sorrow and pain, she never wanted to leave Poland. As they journey on, her memory is filled with the loss she has suffered, Cracow a place she loved just as one would love a person. Her mind wonders around the…

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Social Isolation Working Long Hours
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nd are trying to make their own hallmark in the life of today. mericans are quiet eager to leave up their children as soon as they grow up and therefore they inculcate a sense of insecurity and loneliness in their children from the onset when they are too young and are still looking for someone to nurture them.

Friendships and close relationships suffer when increased amount of time is spent at work. Increased working hours translate into time away from friends and loved ones and this leads to social isolation, which is having a huge negative impact on mental and physical health of people in the U.S. ccording to a recent study, it was reported that 50% more than the figure that was attained in 1985 complained of having no one they could turn to when personal problems arise. Most people said that their spouses were the only persons they…

And are trying to make their own hallmark in the life of today. Americans are quiet eager to leave up their children as soon as they grow up and therefore they inculcate a sense of insecurity and loneliness in their children from the onset when they are too young and are still looking for someone to nurture them.

Friendships and close relationships suffer when increased amount of time is spent at work. Increased working hours translate into time away from friends and loved ones and this leads to social isolation, which is having a huge negative impact on mental and physical health of people in the U.S. According to a recent study, it was reported that 50% more than the figure that was attained in 1985 complained of having no one they could turn to when personal problems arise. Most people said that their spouses were the only persons they could confide in but if that relationship dies or disintegrates, they are left with absolutely no one to talk to and share their problems with. Family structures have suffered a lot and close relationships have withered because of inflexible working hours. Everyone has the same 9 to 5 schedule, which is not the only time spent at work. Add the time spent in commuting and you will realize how little people have left to enjoy time with their families and parents. It is thus important that an alternative to this is sought. Either people should make a conscious effort to mingle with their neighbors, friends and family or they should be allowed to have flexible hours so they can fit in more time for those who really matter.

By going through the article, 'Social Isolation In U.S.' By Shankar Vedantam, one can conclude that it is certainly the time for the Americans to wake up and evaluate themselves. Striking a balance between personal and professional ambition adds value to ones existence. It is a time to look down with disdain on the ambitious streak of people because sooner or later this workaholic habit is likely to cause excessive loneliness that leads to variety of mental and emotional problems.

Visual Motifs That Alfred Hitchcock Puts Into
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visual motifs that Alfred Hitchcock puts into service to tell a film's story cinematically. The focus of the essay will be to discuss such visual motifs as they are to found both in Strangers on a Train and in North by Northwest. Also, we will examine how Hitchcock use editing, performance, doubling and camera movement to cinematically create both suspense and irony in these films. Additionally, we will consider if the films reviewers of the period noticed these Hitchcockian devices.

First we need to define visual motif and what it meant for Hitchcock as a part of his entire filmatic theme's vision. By looking at the films, it is obvious to this author that Hitchcock used film noir in his crime dramas, particularly those that emphasized cynical attitudes with sexual motivations and connotations. This is understandable as Hollywood's classic film noir period is generally seen as extending from the early…

Works Cited

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Sociology -- Observational Case Study
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Customers entered the establishment carrying shoulder bags and computer notebook bags and proceeded directly to the counter to make purchases. The vast majority of customers arrived alone and most of them left the establishment shortly after receiving their purchases. The customers who opted to take seats did not make any eye contact with other customers and proceeded to use their cell phones or notebook computers (apparently) to send text messages and emails. Some of them took out folders or paperwork from their bags and appeared to check through them. The observer also noted that all of the customers who occupied seats checked their watches fairly frequently; in many cases, they first glanced up at the clock on the wall before checking their own watches immediately afterwards.

On the basis of these observations, the observer concluded that the vast majority of the Starbucks Customers frequenting the establishment on the occasion of…

Hildegard Peplau the Nightingale of
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ut if they can manage to terminate the temporary relationship, they will become more emotionally balanced and mature persons (Young).

Why Choose the Peplau Model

oth its interpersonal theory and nursing process have a concrete sequence of use and focus on the therapeutic relationship (Current Nursing, 2012). oth utilize appropriate problem-solving techniques, which aim in common at filling the client's needs. oth use observation and communication as well as recording as basic tools, which are already used in nursing care. The four phases inter-relate and inter-weave the varying components of each phase. The Theory or model is applicable to endeavors, which follow the concepts of client, health, environment and nursing. It proceeds in a logical and systematic manner in viewing and processing nursing situations. Its generalizability rests in its simplicity in the logical progression of the partnership. It has produced testable hypotheses. It can be used in psychiatric patients. It…


Current Nursing (2012). Theory of interpersonal relation. Current: Current Nursing.

Retrieved on March 30, 2012 from 

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Suite Retrieved on March 30, 2012 from

Bad Experience With a Priest Comparison of
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Bad Experience ith a Priest:

comparison of the Catholicism aspects in Scott's Ivanhoe and Twain's a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

In reading Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, one cannot deny that the blame for the collapse of Hank's new civilization falls on the Church. Throughout the novel, Twain paints a negative image of the Church and its priests. This negative image can also be found in Sir alter Scott's Ivanhoe. Scott gives us characters such as the confused Templar and the misaligned Prior. Both writers have poor views of religion and this is evident in their unflattering portraits of the corrupt medieval church.

Scott's portrait of the Prior is not a very pleasant one. Nothing about him seems to be spiritual. hen we first meet him, his costume is basically appropriate for a priest, but it is said to be "composed of materials much…

Works Cited

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Georg Simmel One of the
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These women were called "fashionably dressed hell-raisers." They dressed up to show their personal pride as well as to be noticed by men.

Although advertising was growing significantly during Simmel's time, it was nothing compared to what it is now. Simmel would be amazed to see the role that fashion now plays in society. Millions of dollars are spent today by advertisers to get the right image to market their product. Adolescent girls and young adults, for example, wear a range of different clothing depending on their fashion statement. Some want to look as anorexic as the models, wear only designer clothes and watch every TV show about what's in. thers rebel against all the latest fashions with a "subculture" look such as "Goth." Individuality is very rare, since everyone wants to fit into some category. People still want to be identified with others and not totally stand out from…

Of course these transformations are having an impact on people, including higher stress, poorer health, loneliness, etc. That is why it is important for sociologists to continue conducting research and learn about the changing needs of the society and its residents. Simmel wrote about the problems with sociological research; it is not always accepted by other social science or science peers, because it often is not empirical or quantitative. However, if sociologists completely stop conducting research, how else will they gain a better understanding of changing phenomena?

The world is moving faster and faster all the time, and so are the societies that make up this world. Sociologists obtain their knowledge of human behavior through research, which results in a body of information that helps them move beyond guesswork and common sense in understanding society. Today, academics, researchers and social scientists rely on the studies that were done generations ago. It is necessary for today's social scientists to do the same, so that future professionals will have a means of comparison and a better understanding of historic foundations.

Simmel, G 1858-1918: A Collection of Essays, Columbus: Ohio State University Press. 1959

Day Cares Centers Within the
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It essentially puts them into a position where they cannot satisfy the majority of student needs.

In order to solve this problem a clear strategy for how to place students into different classes and programs needs to be initiated. At the administrative level, there needs to be an organizational mechanism that creates several different classes with students within each class being educated at different paces. At the same time, there needs to be a standardized testing mechanism at the early level to determine which students belong at certain levels. The reason that this is crucial is that students need to learn at the natural pace that they are accustomed to. The only way to do that is if they are truly inspired by what they are learning. Furthermore, the expansion of curriculums to a wide variety of disciplines will ultimately help these Day Care Centers to expand on other aspects…

Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation Demonstrate Effective
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Business Skills -- Personal Evaluation

Demonstrate effective communication skills

• I have expanded my vocabulary to include standard practical and theoretical business concepts and I have increased my proficiency with digital technology communications media. I have learned how to coordinate my vocabulary, language, and persuasion efforts to specific audiences depending on whether they are laypeople, professionals, colleagues, or strangers. This skill is extremely important within the military, in particular, because communications that are standard among service members are often incomprehensible to civilians and because civilian communications may be too imprecise to convey the minimum necessary information and distinctions typically communicated best through highly specialized terminology.

• I have improved my ability to use email and other forms of technology to communicate in a professional manner. That also includes a greater understanding of the manner in which different communications media typically require the communicator to consider how various communications efforts might…

Production Gaumont-British Producer Michael Balcon Screenplay and
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Production: Gaumont-British; Producer: Michael Balcon; Screenplay and Adaptation: Charles Bennett and Alma Reville from the novel by John Buchan; Principal Actors: Madeleine Carroll, Robert Donat, Lucie Mannheim and Godfrey Tearle

The 39 Steps was based on the John Buchan novel, written in 1915. Hitchcock freely adapted and changed the premise of the novel that very little of the original plot remained. Buchan, who was also the British Governor General in Canada at that time, was initially upset; but, after he saw the final product, he admitted that the film was much better than his novel.

This was the first time that Hitchcock used the now often-repeated theme of sympathy for the man unjustly framed and on the run, all the while attempting to clear his besmirched name and find the real culprit. Hitchcock also used the techniques of combining two scenes unrelated visually but by sound. The director relied more…

Lessons Learned From Katrina
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Hurricane Andrew and Katrina, hurricanes are never a good thing and are always a logistical nightmare. However, those two hurricanes stand out among many others as the death and destruction they rendered was off the charts. Looters and the "strangers" mentioned in the assignment parameters tend to be common as the degenerates of society always take advantage of such calamities. However, some strangers are simply just looking for loved ones. However, people coming into the area other than trained and well-equipped emergency personnel are the last thing a hurricane zone needs. This and other questions will be addressed in this report. While any hurricane response strategy is going to be controlled chaos, there are some best practices that need to be employed.


One plan that needs to be implemented right off the top is a cordoning off of the worst areas, especially those that are impassable, so as to…


Dao, J. (2005, September 1). New Orleans Is Awaiting Deliverance. The New York

Times. Retrieved July 28, 2014, from 


Fussell, E. (2010, January 1). Race, socioeconomic status, and return migration to New

Flames of My Father the
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Candles have flames, and when ever my father gets angry, watch out; his temper can almost bypass that of a burning flame.

My father, slim as an elegant and stately candle

Burns brightly - hot temperament - but usually warm, kind, and loving.

He will burn you when he's angry,

But that flame doesn't blaze too often.

My father, layered and multi-faceted,

Like a candle he can light up the darkness when he enters a room,

Afraid of no one, he befriends all and makes them soon his friends,

Just like the comforting candle in the window, that welcomes us home.

My father, scented and colorful,

Like the after-shave he wears that comforts me and smells familiar,

No matter when I see him, he is always glad to see me.

He is my father, the candle, the warmth, the love, and the comfort of…

Cosmopolitan Is the Greek Word
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Appiah concluded by remarking that, 'it is a pallid version of cosmopolitanism that barely deserves the name, and if we can excuse ourselves because others are shirking their responsibilities, we are barely principled' (Anthony, 2006).

Assessment of Theories

The contemporary political theorists considered cosmopolitanism as 'citizenship of the world, which is a critique of ordinary theories of political obligation, with their tendency to focus on our duties to fellow citizens, not to people elsewhere' (Patrick, 2005). The consequence of the cosmopolitanism is expected to be 'single world government with corresponding global citizenship' (Patrick, 2005). Surprisingly such aspirations have not discussed by the serious circles. The modified and renewed version of the cosmopolitanism includes 'everyone in the world in a single global web of mutual obligations' (Ulrich, 2006). However the reservations and criticism mounted against cosmopolitanism is relevant to the negligence of the 'obligations of reciprocity'; there has been consensus on…


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Anthropology Japanese-American Internment During the
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... further, that it would be only a question of time until the entire Pacific coast region would be controlled by the Japanese.' Yet Japan's ultimate aim was not limited to California or the Pacific Coast but was global domination achieved through a race war. 'It is the determined purpose of Japan,' the report stated, 'to amalgamate the entire colored races of the world against the Nordic or white race, with Japan at the head of the coalition, for the purpose of wrestling away the supremacy of the white race and placing such supremacy in the colored peoples under the dominion of Japan.'

The presence of sizeable numbers of persons of Japanese origin in California and other Western states was seen as but the beginnings of a Japanese attempt to not merely expand territorially into the United States, but to literally substitute the existing racial order with a new scheme…


Asumah, Seth N., and Matthew Todd Bradley. "Making Sense of U.S. Immigration Policy and Multiculturalism." The Western Journal of Black Studies 25, no. 2 (2001): 82+.


Chang, Gordon H., ed. Morning Glory, Evening Shadow: Yamato Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1997.

Perception Descartes Could Have Appealed
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If it was a dream, then the programmers clearly attempted to incorporate background realism. For example, the characters get dirty; like sweat, dirt is not something that the programmers would need to create to have realistic humans, but there is dirt on people. If one accepts the premise that the entire story is a dream, it is not difficult to take an additional step and assume that the programmers would think to have a character, who is supposed to appear nervous, sweating while he was on screen.

7. There are clues throughout the movie that the hero could use to discover whether his experiences were veridical or not. Perhaps the best clue is foreshadowed at the beginning of the movie and comes at the end of the movie; the appearance of the blue sky on Mars. Having never been to Mars, I have to rely upon my own conjecture, but…


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Identity Stories Interrelate Along Talking Structure Book
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identity, stories interrelate. Along talking structure book (. book consists family, friends strangers Yo allowing voice defend )..


Julia Alvarez's novel "Yo" puts across a series of points-of-view regarding the protagonist in the book -- Yolanda Garcia -- told from the perspective of people who have interacted with her and who consider that she had an effect on them. Apparently as a result to issue a response to the fact that Yolanda had just written a book relating to them, the narrators express their own opinion concerning the girl. The speakers are relatives and acquaintances of Yolanda and appear interested in expressing an exclusive insight into the girl's character and indirectly tell more about themselves by doing this.

"Yo" practically takes away Yolanda's ability to speak for herself and leaves her at the mercy of the narrators. A series of individuals want to take advantage of the opportunity to…

Yakup Kadri's Yaban and the
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It was reflected in the Republic's closure of religious convents in 1925. (Fleet, Faroqhi, & Kasaba, p. 164). The Republic also replaced the Islamic canon law with a secular civil code in 1926. (Fleet, Faroqhi, & Kasaba, p. 164-165). Thus, Yaban's portrayal of the gullible peasant populace and their attachment to Islam, illustrates the social obstacles that the Nationalist government was reacting to with its secularizing reforms.


Karaomerlio-lu's views might be represented by Celal's resignation with the village and warned future bureaucrats of the impossibility of Nationalist enlightenment there. Ironically, Yaban's publicisation of their condition invoked political sympathy for them, leading to intensified efforts to nationalize, civilize, and develop peasant villages. This sentiment was represented by Kadro, a leftist publication managed by the Kemalist regime's opposition party, which advocated peasant interests in the Republic. (Turkes, 2001, p. 92-93). In response, the Republican People's Party, which ousted the Kemalist regime,…


Karaomerlio-lu, Y. (1932). Yaban. Istanbul: Ileti-im, 2006 (1932(.

Fleet, Faroqhi, & Kasaba (2008). The Cambridge History of Turkey, Volume 4. Cambridge University Press.

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Baykan & Robertson (2009). Identity, Culture and Globalization - Annals of the International Institute of Sociology.

Validity of the Two Official U S Government
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validity of the two official U.S. government reasons: 1) military necessity and 2) protection of the Japanese-Americans, for the imprisonment of Japanese-American and Japanese Issei during orld ar II. Be specific in your reasoning and examples.

One of the most shocking decisions in the history of American injustices is the official, legalized internment of Japanese-Americans and Japanese Issei during orld ar II. hile Americans fought a war abroad for democracy, against the racist tyrant Adolph Hitler of Germany, back home Japanese-Americans and legal Japanese resident aliens were deprived of their liberty and property, simply because of their racial and ethnic heritage. The official reasons given for the internment were military necessity and the protection of the Japanese-Americans. The first statement of 'military necessity,' or national security, as a justification for internment, implied that Japanese-American and Japanese Issei was more 'suspect' than other Americans. It was assumed these Asian-Americans had divided…

Works Cited

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Wonder About the Other Parts
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This conflict was the thought of Miss Brill that everything around her were just a play and that even her self was part of the stage show where is currently at.

Oh, how fascinating it was! How she enjoyed it! How she loved sitting here, watching it all! It was like a play. It was exactly like a play. Who could believe the sky at the back wasn't painted?

The detailed mentioned above only showed how at first Miss Brill thought of everything as common events that she has been seeing in her Sunday habit of spending time outside her home and watching things and people around her.

Miss Brill had the idea that everything was really a stage show when she saw a dog that trotted and acted like a dog in a real show. From there, the interesting thought that everything was a show conflicted with the reality…

Ethnic Racial Groups Looking at History From a
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Ethnic/acial Groups

Looking at history from a purely anthropological standpoint, no one is actually native to North America. esearch concludes that this is true whether the particular research bases its findings on Darwinism or Judeo/Christian/Muslim beliefs. Life began somewhere in the area of the world now known as the Middle East. However, some people are more native, as a result of having lived in North America the longest, than others. After the original colonists arrived across the land bridge many thousands of years ago, it is debated who showed up next, but it was probably some European Vikings out for a short fishing trip. Columbus was a late comer, and he realized that people had already colonized the land he "discovered." It was not until everyone else had arrived in America, that Africans were brought over to work the land in chattel slavery. Three groups Native Americans (American Indians used…


Abernathy, D. (2002). The dynamics of global dominance: European overseas empires, 1415-1980. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

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Starting Point Carol Delaney's Dictum
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The Jewish naming in Istanbul was foreign to the local people.)

It is for that reason too that we are so apt to see communication or transmission of language as a 'simple' ordinary activity and expect the other to understand us. We forget (as Delaney for one pointed out) that language is a string of interpretations that symbols into verbal form. The symbols -- the way that we see the phenomena -- are engineered by our own particular experiences. Ipso facto, it therefore makes sense that each interprets these phenomena differently and that each imposes a different lens as symbol. It follows, therefore, that we are bound to fail in catching the drift of the person's message (or communication) as the sender intends it.

This was the insight that came to me through the project of watching two people communicate to one another in the cafeteria. It was as though…


Boas, F (1982) Race, language, and culture Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Delaney, C (2011) Investigating Culture: An Experiential Introduction to Anthropology John Wiley & Sons

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Alan Dundes (1972) Seeing is Believing Madison, WI: The University of Wisconsin Press.

Representation of Death and the Impermanence in
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representation of Death and the impermanence in the short story "A Father's Story" by Andre Dubus, and the poem "Because I could not stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson. These two works were chosen because both speak of Death and impermanence, yet these authors employ different literary forms, characters, settings and plots. "A Father's Story" follows the format of a short story, being prose written in concise paragraphs with a main point or moral and portraying its characters by the way they speak. "Because I could not stop for Death" follows the form of poetry, being structured in shifted lines and using language to evoke imagination or emotion in the reader. In addition, the two writers substantively approach Death very differently. Comparison of these distinct forms shows how writers can make very different styles and statements about Death and impermanence through different devices, including but not limited to the short…

Works Cited

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American Labor Movement History of Labor Movement
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American Labor Movement

The "labor question," its origins, components, and whether or not it is still relevant.

The "labor question" is the foundation of the American Labor Movement. Drawing from our classwork and paraphrasing Rosanne Currarino's modern restatement of the "labor question(s)": "hat should constitute full participation in American society? hat standard of living should citizens expect and demand?" (Currarino 112). Concerned with the ideal of an industrial democracy, including a more equitable society with social and financial betterment of working class people, the "labor question" arose during and in response to America's 19th Century (Second) Industrial Revolution. America's Industrial Revolution occurred within the "Gilded Age," named by Mark Twain (Mintz), and lasting roughly from the end of the U.S. Civil ar until the beginning of orld ar I (D.C. Shouter and RAKEN Services). Fueled in part by refined coal and steam power, the American Industrial Revolution transformed America from…

Works Cited

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Oppressed Edible Woman the Edible Woman --
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Oppressed Edible Woman

The Edible Woman -- Margaret Atwood

The Edible Woman offers a look at the conventionalized aspects of society that result in a version of cultural violence which is gender-oppressive. In kaleidoscopic fashion, the protagonist undergoes a series of transformations that are fundamental to her self-identity, her current and future places in society, and her rediscovery of mediating levers to overturn the cultural violence boulder that has come to rest on her shoulders.

The Warping of Marian's Self-Identity

The Marian the reader first meets is a liberated young woman with the clear-headed ability to assess the society in which she lives. She appears to have rejected the role that society has described for women her age. Her relationship with a young lawyer is relaxed by the standards of the day -- a time before hard-line feminism had been articulated -- and her job is meaningful and situated beyond…


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Pediatric Unintentional Injury
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toddler's temperament, 2) the toddler's behavior, and 3) the unintentional injury. The toddler's temperament takes into account such traits as the toddler's activity level, impulsivity, discomfort, inhibitory control, attentional shifting, fear, high intensity pleasure and sadness. The toddler's behavior (as it concerns risky behavior) includes; the proximity away from the parent, a low latency to engage with a novel environment, play with new toys or a stranger, and a low number of social references to the toddler's parent (visual and auditory signals). The unintentional injury, of course, includes how often they occur as well as the severity of each incidence.

One 2009 study determined that "biological risk at birth had adverse effects on Perceptual-motor and Social-adaptive developmental quotients (DQ's), and the easy temperament type had protective effects on Social-adaptive DQ's at the toddler age" (Hwang, Soong, Liao, 2009, p. 821). hat is interesting about the Hwang et al. study is…

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algeria france and the mersault investigtion
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Response to Question 1: The Perfect Stranger

Harun, who is effectively a proxy for Kamel Daoud himself, narrates the story of his brother’s murder in ways that pay ironic homage to Camus’s The Stranger. In fact, The Meursault Investigation would not and could not exist were it not for The Stranger, which for Daoud—and Harun—epitomizes the essence of the colonial mentality. Yet Harun and his creator also understand the paradoxical and complex relationship between Algeria and France. It is not possible to reasonably discard all elements of French culture and society; the post-colonial pride that emerges in Algeria is one that must contend with its contemporary status and identity as a former French colony. As such, the allusions to The Stranger are at once deeply admiring, almost reverential while at the same time filled with bitterness and pathos. Harun’s words lauding Camus are both literal and ironic, bearing witness to…

Friends Matter to Your Brain
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Krinen proposes further research, including investigation into how the brain responds to someone whom the participant has specific conflict with.

he article deals with a social issue. It seems to me patent that the author, working for a popular media outlet (CNN) chose an issue that has popular appeal. Friends and strangers are an issue that everyone from a child as young as six or seven (or younger) to an adult (particularly adolescent) would be interested in.

he article is written in an appealing manner, obviously slanted to a lay rather than professional audience. he vocabulary is simplistic; popular imagery is included (such as the V show "he Newlywed Game"); technical terms are simplified; and explanation of related neurological material is excluded.

I find the article deceptive, even dangerous, in that it excludes essential details such as the characteristics of the 94 participants, the environment in which the study occurred,…

The author writes for a popular magazine, therefore selects a topic that is bound to be appealing to her targeted market and slants that topic in a correlationally warped manner. The pity is that, by doing so, she presents distorted conclusions.


CNN Health. How friends matter to your brain. Web. Accessed on 10/12/2010 from .

Odyssey Themes in Book 14
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"The Odyssey" also demands that guests show similar kindness in return to their hosts. hile Odysseus is not blameless and morally upright in his actions towards others and he has an occasionally violent temper, he usually only strikes back at a host when he is threatened, as in the case of the Cyclops. For this demonstration of his need for kindness when he is wandering, he is rewarded, finally, with the restoration of his homeland.

hether Odysseus will return is a question that arises over the course of Book 14. Although Eumaeus does not believe his master is returning, he makes a sacrifice to the gods in the hopes that Odysseus will return, and even though Odysseus has arrived, he has not fully 'returned' to his old position even by this part of the book, because his ability to regain his palace remains in doubt. He still needs to be…

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