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The Time Machine Essays (Examples)

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Time and Inequality
Words: 1058 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21827314
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HG Wells' the Time Machine reminds me of the contemporary state of the world and its problems that can actually be reduced to three attributes: environmental causes, political conditions, and economic conditions.

Environmental conditions:

The Eloi seem at first sight to be a peaceful Utopian community who, although not intellectual, has used technology to control their environment and to make it work for them. Only through the duration of the book and more significantly much later, does the narrator realize that the activities of the Eloi have actually despoiled the environment. The traveler travels ahead to approximately 30 million years ahead of his own time and sees lecherous insects swarm over the country and ravage it. The further he travels, the more closely he sees the earth's rotation gradually cease, the planet become increasingly colder, and the Earth become a more forbidding, dank, and lifeless place. Eloi and similar civilizations…


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New York: St. Martin's Press, 2007.

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Machine Translation and the Future Computers Are
Words: 7864 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 19197387
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Machine Translation, And the Future

Computers are being used in many areas to speed and automate tasks that are tedious or strenuous on human beings. Computers aid us in making our daily lives better in many ways. Computers are being used for a variety of tasks. As the world moves toward a global economy, communication has become a major issue of the agendas of almost any industrialized nation. Machine translation is the growing wave of the future; these machines can translate passages into another language almost instantaneously.

There are some that fear the professional translators will become obsolete in the near future. However, an exploration of the current state of the art and future trends indicated that these fears are unfounded and that the field of Professional translation will enjoy man years of stability and prosperity, reaping the benefits of an expanding global economy.




Literature Review


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Four Periods in Art History Journey Through Time
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99566474
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Art History ime ravel

Our first stop will be the eighteenth century, where we will investigate Neoclassical painting. We will be visiting Sir Joshua Reynolds, as he works on his 1770 oil on canvas "Portrait of a Black Man" -- and we will be asking if the heroic structure of the painting is meant to contain some sort of ideological message, for example asserting the humanity of his subject against the evils of slavery (which was then still common). We should also find out if indeed the portrait is of Dr. Samuel Johnson's servant Francis Barber, as Johnson's progressive attitude in opposing slavery (and his generous treatment of Barber, to whom he left his estate) might explain why this figure is treated heroically in the painting. hen we will visit Jacques-Louis David, as he works on his stark 1793 Neoclassical oil on canvas depiction of "he Death of Marat." We…

The time machine will stop next in the later nineteenth century, when we will investigate some Impressionist painting. Our first stop will be in London in 1875, to interrogate the American painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler about his oil on canvas study "Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket." We will want to interrogate him about the lawsuit that he filed against the art critic John Ruskin, who accused him of "flinging a pot of paint in the public's face" with this daring painting. We will also interrogate Whistler as to whether he would consider the painting to be Impressionist or not -- it seems like he may have considered it to be straightforward realism (fading fireworks in the night sky do look like this painting) but chose the obscure subject to illustrate a Wildean idea of art for art's sake. We will then move to Claude Monet's garden at Giverny, where we will attempt to catch him completing his 1897-8 "Nympheas" (one of his famous paintings of water lilies, now in the LA County Museum of Art). Monet is a textbook Impressionist painter, but we will interrogate him as to whether his problems with his own eyesight (he developed cataracts) had any influence on his signature style.

In the first half of the twentieth century, we will investigate Surrealism. We will locate Meret Oppenheim in 1936, as she completes her notorious "Object" -- frequently known as "the fur teacup" or "the furry breakfast." Oppenheim's work is perhaps the most memorable example of Surrealism in sculpture -- but we can ask her if the dream-like associations of the piece (is it intended to be strongly vaginal? does it relate to her status as a woman artist?) were intentional on her part, or whether she was merely giving free rein to her subconscious as Surrealists frequently attempted. Then we will find Salvador Dali in 1954, as he completes his large and disturbing oil on canvas painting "Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized By The Horns Of Her Own Chastity." We can interrogate Dali as to the meaning of the symbolism of the painting: why would the chastity of a virgin take the form of a rhinoceros horn about to penetrate her own anus? Is Dali suggesting that sexual repression is self-destructive?

Finally in the latter half of the

Machine Translation and the Future
Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 92094686
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Machine Translation and Horizons of the Future

Almost everyone is familiar with the nifty Google feature which allows for instantaneous translation of foreign words. This automated or 'machine' translation is a convenient way to read websites in different languages. No longer does the reader need to know someone who speaks the foreign language or to hire a translator. The translation is provided quickly and easily, via 'machine.' However, for many professional translators, there is a fear that this mechanized process will render their profession obsolete. The article "The perspective of machine translation and horizons of the future" argues that such fears are unfounded. There a useful function that can be performed by machine translation that will enhance current translation capabilities for businesses, individuals, and other organizations, even if it is not a perfect replacement for human intelligence.

The article begins by noting the vital need for translation today, given the…

Machines & Marble Drop the
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62773362
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If the rope can be run through two or more pulleys, the force applied at one end of the rope to lift the object on the other end can be reduced.

What's interesting is that the mechanical advantage that each simple machine may offer for reducing the force needed to move an object comes at the expense of having to apply the force through a longer distance. So a short motion of a force produces a longer motion of the object.

A marble drop machine is toy that makes use of simple machines to move one or more marbles through it from top to bottom. The idea of this toy is to create a lot of motion of its parts and the marbles to watch. And that motion is produced with the marbles that literally fall through it. The force on the marble is its weight. Because it can roll…

Machine vs Nature and How Those Views
Words: 669 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67132353
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machine vs. nature, and how those views differ in the present from that time period, comparing it to the book "Man a Machine" by Julien Offray de la Mettrie.


There are as many different minds, different characters, and different customs, as there are different temperaments"

La Mettrie et al. 90). This alone is enough to show that La Mettrie does not believe man is entirely a machine, even though he calls him one throughout this book. Man is more complicated than a machine, because he can reason, and he can make decisions, which a simple machine cannot do.

In the early Industrial revolution, during the 19th century, machines took over many jobs from men, including milling, weaving, spinning, and many other manufacturing jobs. Man saw these machines as marvels that created more products quickly and more effectively. They put many people out of work, but they also…

Works Cited"La Mettrie, Julien Offray de, et al. Man a Machine. La Salle, IL: Open Court, 1912.

Moore, Stephen, and Simon, Julian L. "The Greatest Century That Ever Was." The World & I, Vol. 15. 1 March 2000, pp 76. Stearns, Peter N. The Industrial Revolution in World History. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1998.

Machine Organizational Structure and Culture
Words: 1648 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43264911
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When considering motivation, a person might lose his or her motivation at work by losing the satisfaction of his or her main lower-order needs. An employee who is obliged to work under dangerous or physically unpleasant conditions, for example, would be likely to lose his or her motivation. Another factor is compensation, which is the most immediate motivator for job performance. Salary is directly related to the ability of employees to meet his or her own immediate needs in terms of food, shelter, and clothing, which are at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

If this is no longer sufficient to meet these needs, an employee's motivation would be unlikely to last very long. This can then also be seen as the main reason behind striking for higher salaries; when employees no longer feel able to meet their own and their families' basic needs, they are likely to become…


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Organization as Machine FedEx
Words: 1705 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6104219
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Machine Metaphor in Organizations

The machine metaphor for an organization is one of two orthodox metaphors, the other being the organization as an organism (Morgan, 1980). The machine metaphor dates to the work of Fayol and Taylor, wherein the organization was understood as a series of parts, each with a specific, mechanistic role to play in the organization's success (Morgan, 1980). This metaphor not only included machines and fixed assets, but also viewed employees as tools in much the same way. They are to perform specific tasks as outlined by management, and would be measured in terms of their ability to perform these tasks accurately and quickly. The machine metaphor thus reduced labor to the role of a tool. Managers in this model seek to design their machine, by way of allocating resources to specific tasks at specific times, in order that the machine could optimize output. The machine metaphor…


Adamson, B., Dixon, M. & Toman, N. (2013). Dismantling the sales machine. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved July 25, 2015 from 

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Future of CNC Machines Computer Numerical Control
Words: 2127 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52600437
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Future of CNC Machines (Computer Numerical Control)


Size of CNC Machines in the Future

Price of CNC Machines in the Future

Use of CNC Machines in the Future

Precision of CNC Machines in the Future

Use of Nanotechnology in Improving CNC Machining

Economy of CNC Machines in the Future

Maintenance of CNC Machines in the Future

Skills Level of CNC Machine Operators in the Future

Future of CNC Machines (Computer Numerical Control)

Size of CNC Machines in the Future

It appears likely that CNC machines will be smaller and more compact in the future, as evidence in a report entitled "Modular Desktop CNC Machine." Reported is a new prototype, which is "26" by 20" with a useable cutting area of 18" x 12." It is designed using only the best linear motion components and is made to be as robust as possible." (Kickstarter, 2012) The design of the frame…


Anderberg, S. And Kara, S. (nd) Energy and cost efficiency in CNC machining. Life Cycle Engineering & Management Research Group, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia The 7th CIRP Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing.

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Party Machines and Immigrants
Words: 824 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46988047
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Political Party Machines and Immigration in 19th Century America

After a bitterly contested evolution ended in the liberation of England's former colonies, the fledgling American nation embarked on the precarious path towards a style of democratic governance that had never been enacted on so large a scale. While the latter part of the 18th century was defined by political idealism, as exemplified by contributions made by our nation's Founding Fathers, the 19th century soon gave rise to an insidious process of power consolidation and voter exploitation. The egalitarian political parties envisioned during the heady days of American Independence devolved into institutional party machines, typified by widespread corruption, fraudulent activities, autocratic rule, and a blatant disregard for the foundational importance of democracy. The most effective political party machines during the 19th century were ran ruthlessly by so-called "bosses," or political titans who maintained control over their jurisdiction through a combination of…


Judd, D., & Swanstrom, T. (2008). City politics. (8th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Education.

Party Machines and Immigration
Words: 1659 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44279848
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Party Machines and Immigrants

For more than a century, party machines dominated the political process in many parts of the United States where William "Boss" Tweed and his Tammany Hall henchmen and their ilk controlled the outcomes of elections in many major American cities by manipulating the immigrant vote. Although these political figures were eventually displaced by other politicians, they left a legacy of corruption, back-scratching and double-dealings that persists to this day. To determine the impact of these events on modern American politics, this paper provides a discussion concerning some of the main actors involved in party machines and immigration in the United States during the 20th century, including Frank Hague, William "Boss" Tweed, Abraham euf, George Cox, ichard Daley and Vito Lopez. A summary of the research and important findings concerning party machines and their implications for immigrants are provided in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

Frank Hague…


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Origins of Machine Politics -
Words: 1328 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79422585
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In the following passages she makes a quality argument. Those bosses, Bridges writes (123), were "militant" and "hard-fisted," and certainly "tough." Some of these emerging bosses (Joel Barker in Pittsburgh; Joel Sutherland in Philadelphia; and Henry inter Davis in Baltimore) built their organizations (and got lots of votes) by reaching out to the "gangs and fire companies" of "the dangerous classes." After all, votes are votes, no matter how grimy the person is who pulls the lever for the professional "boss" and his organization. In fact, the political boss in America during that time "...deliberately relinquishes social honor," Bridges quotes noted sociologist Max eber as saying (123).

The bosses (153) were "disciplined" who knew enough to accommodate both "the dangerous classes' and the "respectable element.'" the "primary requisite" for good jobs was not skill, but rather "political loyalty." Think about that for a moment; if a boss has enough power…

Works Cited

Bridges, Amy. A City in the republic: Antebellum New York and the origins of machine

Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984.

University of California San Diego. "Biography for Amy Bridges." Retrieved 10 Feb. 2007 at .

Political Machines
Words: 1064 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88294879
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Political Machines: Politics as a Tammany Vocation

hen Max eber made a speech on politics as a vocation he defined the political machine as a creation of the modern, pluralistic democratic state. A political machine, unlike a purely charismatic individual leader, was a functional bureaucracy attempted, however imperfectly to serve the popular interest through the use of an institutional framework. A quick-voiced opponent of political corruption might protest the use of the political machine as a contemporary model for American democracy, as it has often been associated with corruption, specifically pork barrel politics in America's urban past. Yet, before the creation of political machines, the national apparatus of the state used physical force to ensure compliance with its actions, rather than bestowing any kind of favors to ensure popular compliance.

For example in eber's Europe, the result of this use of aristocratic force was a form of political tyranny over…

Works Cited

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Metro Card Vending Machine Formalism
Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18948449
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Finally, if the user wants a receipt, this bar changes to red, with an arrow pointing down towards where the receipt will be dispersed.

To the right of the black square containing the touchscreen there is a green portion featuring a coin and bill slot along with text listing all of the denominations accepted by the machine. To the lower-right of that is a small yellow area where MetroCards are dispersed (and where old MetroCard may be traded in). elow the screen a blue area features a slot for credit and debit cards alongside a keypad and icons listing all of the accepted cards. The lower portion of the blue credit area and the yellow fare card area slant forward, so that their lower edges once again meet the foremost plane of the machine. Immediately below this, centered in the middle of the machine, is a red area where change…


Cultural anthropological design thought as seen in the new york subway system. 1999. Axis (78):


Heller, Steven. 2001. Masamichi udagawa, experience designer. Print 55, (3): 40 & 114.

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Heavy Reliance Computerized Technology Machines Blunted Assessment
Words: 608 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90829935
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heavy reliance computerized technology machines blunted assessment skills nurses read- machine patient.

Nursing discussion questions

Technology can substantially enhance patient care. Contrary to the notion that technology 'does' the nursing, nurses must be better-educated than ever before in information systems, to ensure that they are able to use technology in the most effective fashion possible. In fact, there is a great deal of concern that nurses are not technologically savvy enough and that nursing education does not give nurses enough confidence in how to use technology effectively. "Information technology (IT) is not a panacea, and will not fulfill its promise unless it is harnessed in support of foundational values. That is why every nurse cannot afford to be unconnected to this transformation, but must take an active role in ensuring that IT is used in service to our profession's values" (Preparing the next generation of nurses to work in a…


Competencies. (n.d). Nursing informatics. Retrieved: 

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Enigma Cipher Machine the German
Words: 1420 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82716798
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Deciphering the Enigma

Attempting a machine that would make codes impossible to break, the German military, as seen above, made a number of modifications to their Enigma machines. The plug board for example enabled the machine to increase its number of possible cipher starting points to something between two and three billion. The Enigma's rotors were also interchangeable while being wired differently, adding even more protection and encryption. In order to decipher codes created in this way, the code breaker would need to know not only the positions of each rotor, but also each starting position. Incredibly, according to Cooper, 100 machines working 24 hours per day would take 5.8 years to exhaust all the possibilities created in this way. It was therefore impossible to decipher the codes without the actual machine, the cipher key, and the correct rotor placements.

Nevertheless, there were those who attempted the impossible, and eventually…


Carlson, Andy. About Enigma and its Decryption. 2000. 

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Poker Machines Hitting it Big or a
Words: 2596 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40025640
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Poker Machines: Hitting it big or a big hit

It is the dream of every slot player who walks into the casino to hit the big one. It is a thrilling thought in which the player always begins with the fantasy of lining up all the winning symbols and carrying the winnings for spending. However, as the play continues, reality sets in, and deep within the dream become doubts as one realizes that there is more chance of the lightening striking than there is of hitting the jackpot. The reality is the chances of hitting it big are astronomical. However, despite this knowledge, people still engage in the gamble. The issue thus becomes the social and economic impacts that gambling has on the society, the gambler, the industry and the government at large (Orford, 2010). Various stakeholders in practice have varying perspectives of the issue at hand. The issue continues…


Blaszczynski, A., Collins, P., Fong, D., Ladouceur, R., Nower, L., Shaffer, H.J., . . . Venisse, J.

(2011). Responsible gambling: General principles and minimal requirements. Journal of Gambling Studies, 27(4), 565-573. doi: 

Doeden, M. (2010). Legalized gambling: Revenue boom or social bust?. Minneapolis: Twenty-

First Century Books.

Human and Machine Intelligence the Similarities and
Words: 936 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86323159
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Human and Machine Intelligence

The similarities and differences between human and machine intelligence doesn't seem to be the most important issue. It seems clear that both have been shown to exist, though they have very fundamentally different characteristics. The issue now centers more on supremacy: Is one better, more authoritative than the other? And if so, does this influence whether a "superintelligence" (Bostrom, 2003) exists that takes us to the paradigm when words (Zadeh, 2009) and emotions are most important (Dennett, Chapter 16)?

The early writings about projects like the Turing test tried to explain intelligence as being some kind of understanding about knowledge and its function. They often used simple conceptualizations similar to the way computers use the characters of "1" and "0" as a mathematical language. Philosophers use this approach to speculate about how a logical person might be able to "see" one color by itself, independent of…


Block, N. (____). The mind as the software of the brain. Chapter 14.

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Hans Rosling's Washing Machine Video Rosling Presents
Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46384853
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Hans Rosling's ashing Machine Video

Rosling presents a video that is part humor, part social studies, and part practical application for the viewers. His ultimate and salient point seems to be how technology has helped to change the social status of women, but in fact he is making a moral and sociological argument as well; and he arrives at his point with an audience's laughter in the background.

The ashing Machine Revolution

By bringing a grandmother into the video Rosling is providing a perspective for his audience. After all, her whole life grandmother has been washing clothes by hand, after first heating water over a wood-burning stove. The primitive clothes-washing strategy grandma is familiar with juxtaposes dramatically with the white machine that does all that for the mother or grandmother. hen grandmother asks to be the one to push the "start" button on the machine, she is literally and figuratively…

Works Cited

Rosling, Hans. Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine. Gapminder.

Poker Machines Hitting it Big or a Big Hit
Words: 2445 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14302148
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dangerous consumptions that have been legalized like tobacco and alcohol, the expansion of high-intensity commercial gambling on the global scale seems like a recent phenomenon. People are being entertained since the ancient times from these games that put the resources of the one who is playing them at risk (Moodie and Hastings, 2009).

It has been in the last 30 years that modern expansion of such extensive nature has taken place. The affluent western societies have particularly been hit by this expansion of gambling. This increase has been associated with national lotteries' introduction in Europe, the expansion of casinos from riverboats and reservations into the most populated areas of North America as well as the increase in the number of proliferation of electronic gambling machines (EGMs) that are now being found very commonly in Australia (Chapman, 2007). Expansions of similar sort can currently be observed to be taking place in…


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International Business Machines Corporation in Detail The
Words: 2023 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39786634
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International Business Machines Corporation in detail. The paper is divided into three distinct parts with the corporate history constituting the beginning of the paper followed by the structure of the corporation, its shareholders, officers and the board of directors. The last part before the conclusion unfolds the precious information pertaining to the financial status of International Business Machines Corporation. The orks Cited eight sources in MLA format.

Business Law

Entrepreneurs set up business ventures and assign people as well as invest heavily in order to reap massive benefits by selling their products and ideas. here investment, sound financial stability, confidence, technical know-how and other factors play a significant role, it has been observed that working on and building trust is what it takes to establish a reputable name in the industry. Over the years since its inception, International Business Machines also referred to as IBM Corporation has successfully managed to…

Works Cited

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Happiness and the Experience Machine Harvard Philosopher
Words: 1634 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55841813
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Happiness" and "The Experience Machine"

Harvard philosopher Rober Nozick made an interesting observation about happiness. Suppose one was to reflect on two different lives that contain the same amount of happiness. One life begins at a low point, and continues to get better with each passing moment. On the other hand, the second life begins on a high note, and continues to move downward towards an unhappy ending. The eternal question is, of course, which one would be preferable? Like the majority of people, I would choose the life that begins at a low point and slopes upward. Nozick believed that this says something fundamental about the human relationship with happiness. Humans, by nature, are seeking something more than the total happiness in their lives. Nozick refers to this as the "narrative direction" of happiness, and finds that we as humans seek structure in our positive experiences. Rather than hope…

Works Cited

"The Happiness Curve & The Experience Machine." Wet Paint. Web. 11 Dec. 2010.


Kazez, Jean. "More Happiness Please." Philosophy Now. 2007. Web. 11 Dec. 2010.


Michael Kammen's a Machine That
Words: 1503 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 71240872
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Americans have even been moved to call the document divinely inspired, in another irony, as Constitution gives the right to every American to worship as he or she chooses, free of state influences.

Kammen convincingly shows that how Americans feel about the Constitution is often very different from what lies within the document. In doing so, he encourages the reader to take a more critical view of his or her own conception of the Constitution and to question assumptions that we have somehow always known what the Founders envisioned. e are neglectful of our duties as citizens, says Kammen, if we do not read the Constitution in light of its cultural history and grow more reflexive and self-critical as a nation about the way we view it. The Constitution is malleable in our elected and unelected officials' hands and minds, and in our own collective mind as a culture.


Works Cited

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"Text of John Roberts' opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee." USA Today.

September 12, 2005. December 30, 2009.

Market for Machines Segmenting for
Words: 304 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 965833
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choice of segmentation strategies could also be fine-tuned by the life-
stage of consumers, with those members of a target audience who have young
children needing clocks with simple numerals for example versus the more
ornate clocks that retirees like to decorate their homes with. The use of
attitudinal segmentation in conjunction with lifestyle and psychographic-
based analysis of consumers' needs can lead to entirely new classes of
products being produced. Often those companies with the best understanding
of the preferences of their consumers also create more innovative products
as a result.. In this regard, the use of segmentation as an approach to
driving future product innovation through more effective customer insights
is invaluable as well.

Marketing Leadership Council (2006). Overcoming Complexity in Segmentation
Alternatives. Corporate Executive Board White Paper Series. October,

Marketing Leadership Council (2006). Overcoming Complexity in Segmentation
Alternatives. Corporate Executive Board White Paper Series. October,
2006. Washington, DC.

Jungsik Yoo at Times I Marvel How
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Jungsik Yoo

At times, marvel how far have come. Ever since was a young boy, under the influence of my father, a molecular biologist, dreamed of researching genetically inherited diseases. Today, live that reality in my current field of work and research as a graduate student in neuroscience.

Thus, long before most children, because of my early exposure to the field of biology, was intimately aware that one's genetic inheritance could determine an individual's future physical and emotional health. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that soon decided was genetically coded to become a medical researcher. will receive my Ph D. n the summer of 2006 in neuroscience. But my current studies in the field of genetics have also soberly reminded me of how far both my own learning and the field of genetics need to be stretched, before the objectives of genetic research into inherited diseases can be realized.…

I have concluded that the hands-on clinical experience only provided by a medical school education is necessary for me to fulfill the essential experiential element that is crucial to my future desired knowledge base and scope of research. Only medical school will provide me with critical experience that will give my research the desired added practical and human value.

At the end of my education, I hope to become a research doctor who combines clinical research in his study of genetic diseases. I seek to provide the science of genetics with a human face for it is, ultimately, the study of the human body, mind, and 'wiring' in the form of the human genetic code. I been the recipient of a 'Sensory Neuroscience Training Grant '(SNTG) fellowship funded by National institute of health (NIH) since the fall of 2004. Thus I am well aware of the critical role genetics plays in public health of the nation as well as of the field of medical science, because of this generous grant, and I will strive to add to this knowledge in all of my future research.

Also, as a T.A. over the past two years, I have gleaned further knowledge of the curiosity of students for 'in the field' research. I have been grateful to have this human element present even in my PhD education. I am also proud to say I have not merely have received excellent reviews from my students, but joined them in many intramural soccer games, one of my favorite pursuits of my college years. I was not given the genetic gift, sadly, of becoming a great sports star, but I do believe that it is encoded in my own personal biology to bring a vital element of clinical humanity to the important work being done in the field of genetic research.

Purchase Decision at the Time
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Furthermore, I went to, a website that shows cell towers for service providers as well as gives access to local-user reviews, so that a consumer can tell if their provider has good coverage in a local area. I decided this approach was better than looking at national reviews, because the highest-ranked service provider in the country would not do me any good if it provider poor coverage in my area. What I discovered is that all three of the major companies had good reception for almost all of my high-frequency calling areas. However, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and one of the companies had several dead spots in a nearby state park. Because I might need to use my cell phone in an emergency in that area, I was able to eliminate that company based on the dead zones.

Left with a decision between two major carriers…

Next, I began to look up coverage information on the cell phone providers. Many of the providers had maps showing coverage, and I looked at the areas where I live, as well as the areas where I most frequently need to use my cell phone. Furthermore, I went to , a website that shows cell towers for service providers as well as gives access to local-user reviews, so that a consumer can tell if their provider has good coverage in a local area. I decided this approach was better than looking at national reviews, because the highest-ranked service provider in the country would not do me any good if it provider poor coverage in my area. What I discovered is that all three of the major companies had good reception for almost all of my high-frequency calling areas. However, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, and one of the companies had several dead spots in a nearby state park. Because I might need to use my cell phone in an emergency in that area, I was able to eliminate that company based on the dead zones.

Left with a decision between two major carriers and two basic phones, I began to talk to my friends that had the phones. I discovered that many of the things I initially liked about the I-phone were duplicated in T-Mobile's My Touch phone. Furthermore, many of my I-phone using friends reported dissatisfaction with at&T's service, and, since I-phones are locked and can only be used with at&T, I decided to go with the My Touch phone and T-Mobile's service. Once that decision was made, it was time for me to select my specific phone. With my research done, I went into a local cell phone store, so that I could actually touch the phones and determine the exact model of phone that I wanted.

I am glad that I had this assignment while making my mobile phone selection. So far I am very happy with this product, though time will tell if I remain happy with the choice. Armed with a substantial amount of information, not only about the product that I purchased, but also about competing products, I feel like I made an informed decision and did not experience any of the buyer's remorse that I had felt with prior major purchases. As a result, I think I will follow this same type of process when making my next major purchase.

Auto Traveling Hazards Money Time
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As it had been said earlier, people would rather take their own car or rent a car when going on a trip. In most cases, this leaves them with more money spent, and a greater risk of being part of an accident. In comparison, those that choose to travel by plane are much more relaxed and can enjoy being driven by a professional pilot that is experienced in avoiding dangerous situations. In contrast, almost anyone that has a driver's license can drive a car, regardless of their experience. From that, one can understand that it is much safer to be a plane passenger than it is to be a car passenger.

There are far more chances of a car crashing into another than there are of a plane crashing into another. hile the air traffic is constantly controlled by experts, the land traffic is rarely controlled by policemen.

hen planning…

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Flight Deck and Human-Machine Interface
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Flight Deck Human-Machine Interface - "What to Expect in the Future"

This paper will analyze the issues associated with the flight deck human-machine interface. The data for this research will be collected through a number of secondary sources. Quantitative analysis of the collected data will be performed on the basis of frequency and types of accidents and the causes of accidents that occurred after the introduction of this technology. Qualitative analysis of the collected data will be performed on the basis of previous researches that were conducted on the issue under consideration. On the basis of the results obtained from this analysis, various recommendations will be proposed so that this technology can be further enhanced and the issues associated with it can be eliminated. The paper will also analyze aviation safety legislation and propose the changes that should be made in the legislation to make this technology safer and more…


Boy, G., & Carlo Cacciabue, P. (1997). Optimization of automation in the civil flight deck, pp. 1-19. European Workshop to Develop Human Factors Guidelines for Flight Deck Certification.

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John Koza's Invention Machine the
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After generating a huge number of random solutions to a given problem, the invention machine determines how effective each solution is, then discards most solutions that are not successful and begins making random alterations to others, and combining aspects of the most effective solutions to create a new generation of solutions. This process continues until an optimal solution is reached (meaning all other solutions modeled by the computer perform less efficiently or successful): "Over and over, bits of computer code are, essentially, procreating," mirroring "Darwinian evolution, the process of natural selection" (Keats, 1). The computer does not tackle problems in exactly the same way as humans in every situation, though trial and error are parts of many scientific discoveries and engineering projects. But though its method is limited to only one basic system, it performs this much faster than any human brain.

hen both Koza and Keats refer to the…

Works Cited

Keats, Jonathon. "John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine." Popular Science, April. Retrieved online 9 April 2009.

Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process
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Things Fall Apart" Achebe before referencing

Electronic Voting Machines: Technology's failure to rehabilitate American's confidence in the voting process

Theoretically, counting votes should be easy. After all, surely it is simply the accumulation and the verifying of data? However, when America attempted to adopt touch-screen, electronic voting on a wide scale, the result was a fiasco. "There was a wonderful confluence of events. There was a vague product requirement coming from an agency that doesn't really understand technology (the U.S. Congress), foisting a system on other government agencies that may not have asked for it. There was a relatively small time frame for development and a lot of money. Finally, the government did not allow for even the notion of failure. By 2004, darn it, we'd all have touch screen voting" (Cringely, 2003). Congress expected to adopt touch-screen voting on a widespread basis in the next election, after the controversy…

Works Cited

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USA Today. 

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Marcel Duchamp took a urinal, called it "Fountain," put it in an art show and then defended his action on the grounds that as he was an artist and he said the urinal was art, then it was.

This is just the sort of thing that has given modern art a bad name. But why should it have? Why should that urinal not be art?

Understanding the answer to that question - whether one believes that that urinal was art or not - allows one to understand both the Dadaist movement and much of what has happened in the four generations of modern art since.

In an interview conducted for this paper, Karen Finley, a conceptual artist who was one of the infamous NEA Four, talked about the importance of that urinal.

On the one hand, me, personally, I don't like the piece because it's got all the hallmarks of…


Finley, K. (2002). Personal interview. 

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Finley, personal interview, 2002

Instructional Writing -- Squat Machine
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Step 3:

As was the case with Step 1, this step also could have used additional information. Specifically, the manual does not indicate that it is very difficult for one person to balance the Main Arm (Part # 11) while positioning the pair of Pillow Block Bearings (Part # 27). The only way for a single person to accomplish this is to lift the Main Arm onto the shoulders and stand in front of the Main Upright (Part #3) so that one can reach around the upright section to assemble the Block Bearings.

Step 4:

Once the Main Arm is attached to the Block Bearings as indicated in Diagram 3 of the manual (KFP, 2009, p.4), Step 4 is much less difficult. However, as in the case of earlier steps, it would also be easier to connect the Slide Support (Part # 10) with the assistance of a second individual…


Keys Fitness Products, L.P. (2009). Leverage Squat Machine Model KPS-LS Assembly

and Instruction Manual. Garland, TX: KFP. Retrieved October 6, 2009, from:

PC and Machine's World Computer
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(but they are these days more and more used around the globe)

The common characteristic of all input devices is that they encode or convert information of various types into data that can enter a further processing phase performed by the computer system. Output devices decode the data into information that can be easily understood by people, which are ultimately the users of a computer. This way, the computer system may be viewed as no more than a data processing system.

As far as electromechanical engineering technology is concerned, it enables engineers to design automated systems. Students need to learn to use computers, math, and advanced science in order to design such systems. Learning how to install and test robotics equipment is also important, and is performed by using computers.

Even apparently simple devices, such as candy machines, involve various technologies. For instance, the little rollers (a mechanical device) pull…


1. Encyclopedia Britannica, 1997 Edition - Articles on Computers and Computer Technology




De Meo Gang Murder Machine
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The Gambino crime family began to fall apart after the head of its founder died. It had split into two factions. This book centers on the more ruthless Brooklyn faction. Away from the scrutiny of the Manhattan police, for many years it could do what it wished. Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci spare no details in detailing the cruel jokes these men told to one another while they engaged in their killing spree, nor the callousness of their attitudes towards their victims. The reason that these criminals were so effective at getting rid of bodies was because they were willing to do the unthinkable -- maim the corpses, and bury them piecemeal to avoid discovery. Some of the maiming they engaged in was gruesome without even a practical point to the violence. One of Roy's cousins was called Dracula, because he specialized in training the blood from the bodies.


Works Cited

Mustain, Gene & Jerry Capeci. Murder Machine. New York: Onyx, 1993.

Florence The Machine -- Kiss With
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Florence + the Machine -- "Kiss With a Fist"

Florence + The Machine's "Kiss With a Fist" is a ballad that describes the volatile relationship that the singer had with a former boyfriend. In the song, the singer contends that any sort of emotional response is better than none. Florence sings, "A kick in the teeth is good for some/A kiss with a fist is better than none." In the song, violence is not limited to one party, but rather is reciprocated by both people in the relationship. The song describes all the terrible things that the couple do to each other from hitting, kicking, slapping, and smashing plates over the head. Despite the violent tendencies of both parties, the singer contends that they can force their relationship to work. This idea is expressed through the lyric "break the lock if it don't fit."

The tone of the song's lyrics…

Real-Time Inventory Tracking
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shared between Boston Marathon runners and designer clothes from United Colors of Benetton, one will find that all of them are being tracked using a technology which has lasted for ten years known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). It revolutionized supply chain management dramatically for corporation for the next three years. Due to the fact that retail chains which are large in size like al-Mart being in need of main suppliers to back up technology of RFID by January 2005, most of the corporations are going to take the coming 12 to 18 months still on trial of figuring out the way systems can be implemented that gives them opportunity to apply the technology in order to track their products starting with manufacturing to main distributors.

Technology of RFID has several uses not just simple tracking of people, animals as well as merchandise. Tags from RFID are made up of…

Work Cited

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Brooks Investigate Aspect David Brooks NY Times
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Investigate aspect David Brooks NY Times article "Let's All Feel Superior"

Normalcy Bias

Investigation of Aspects of David Brooks NY Times Article "Let's All Feel Superior,"

The recent sexual scandal and alleged atrocities among well-known and respected members of the sporting community at Penn State has led to a great deal of social dismay and outrage. This refers to the accusation that Penn State's ex-football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, is guilty of numerous cases of child molestation (Shamed Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky hit by two new allegations of sexual abuse).

There is a wide-ranging view that those who knew or suspected that young boys were being molested should have reported the incident to the authorities much earlier on than was the case. However, many did not do so and this leads to obvious questions as to why certain people of standing who had suspected or even seen these…

Works Cited

Brooks, D. (2011). Let's All Feel Superior. Retrieved from 

Normalcy bias. Retrieved from

Shamed Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky hit by two new allegations of sexual abuse.


2001 the New York Times Magazine Published
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2001 the New York Times Magazine published an editorial by Andrew Sullivan entitled "Who's Being Shut Out of All the World War II Glory?" In it, Sullivan asked why historians (both in Washington and Hollywood) have ignored the contributions of gay soldiers, and links this to the current "don't ask, don't tell" policy that was resulting in an upsurge in sexuality-related discharges from the military. Shortly after this article was released, David Horowitz wrote a response article entitled "Why Gays Shouldn't Serve." Though Horowitz claimed that his article was designed to refute the "p.c. thinking" of Sullivan's article by arguing for "pragmatic" counterarguments, in reality he does not argue particularly about any of Sullivan's ideas of recognizing the past roles of gay individuals or relating those past experiences to the decisions of today. Rather he creates a practical argument which suggests that allowing homosexuals officially in the military would be…

Woman on the Edge of Time
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Women Science Fiction Writers as Probing Pathfinders

Author Marge Piercy's Woman on the Edge of Time was written in 1976, and it has received critical acclaim for the science fiction future it depicts, but it was likely given literary wings by a bizarre science fiction tale written in 1818, according to a scholarly essay in Critique: Studies in contemporary Fiction (Seabury, 2001). The science fiction tale Seabury alludes to is in fact "often called the first work of science fiction," and that is the classic story of Frankenstein.

Additionally, Seabury uses a quote to tip the cap to Frankenstein's author, Mary Shelley, who, in penning Frankenstein, has written "perhaps the single most influential work of science fiction by a woman." And so, in the genre of feminist science fiction, even though Frankenstein is quite the opposite of feminine, to say the least, the author was clearly a pathfinder of tremendous…


Davidson, Phebe. "Lost in Space: Probing Feminist Science fiction and Beyond." Belle

Lettres: A Review of Books by Women 9, 27-29.

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Real Time and Fault Tolerant
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Because the system has a lot of user-defined capabilities, users gain the flexibility to configure the system to meet their specific needs.

While there was a lot of detailed information in the case study, there were some information gaps. A definition of the types of faults the system detects, such as transient, permanent, or intermittent, and how the system handled the different faults would have been helpful. Also, knowing how the faults and errors were then isolated and contained would have been useful.

Since the case study was written in 1998, it would be interesting to see where the product and functionality is at today. The desire and need for highly available systems has only increased over time and it appears that the NCAPS system would have a strong lead over the competition.

eal Time and Fault Tolerant Systems

Part II

It's no secret that the Internet has grown into…


Arunnima, B.S., 2009. Web 2.0 in Banking and Financial Services Industry. InfoSys

Technologies Limited. Available at  [Online] [April 25, 2010].

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Available at  Transformation and Challenges of Internet Banking|outline. [Online] [April 25, 2010].

History of Construction Technology Time
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It consists a series of successively smaller platforms which lifted to a height of about 64 feet, and was constructed with a solid core of mud-brick covered by a thick skin of burnt-brick to guard it from the forces of nature (Burney). The Ziggurat's corners are oriented to the compass points, with walls sloping slightly inwards (Molleson and Hodgson) .

The Ziggurat of Ur was a component of a temple building complex that serviced the urban center as an administrative hub. Additionally, in terms of spirituality, it was believed to be the site on earth that the moon god Nanna (the patron deity of Ur) had selected to inhabit. Nanna was shown as a wise and unfathomable old man, complete with a flowing beard and four horns in number. A single shrine crowned the summit of the ziggurat (Faiella). This was purportedly the bedchamber of the god, and was occupied…

Forefather Machines of Computing
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stands on its own as being one of the most dominant and important computers constructed and manufactured throughout the history of computing. This says a lot considering the modern age of the Internet and computing did not really start until the 1990's and the IBM 360 was brought about roughly thirty years before that. This report shall offer a brief summary and review of the IBM 360, what is meant to the business and wider world at the time and what it still means to this very day.

One that fact clearly stands out when it comes to IBM and the 360 is that they literally bet the future of their company when they developed and created the computer. This was despite the fact that IBM dominated the computing world at the time. Indeed, of all of the computers out there at the time, IBM was the manufacturer of about…


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Benefits of Digitizing Books
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The Feasibility of Information Time Machine

If I were the Secretary and State Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Maryland and were asked to consider implementing information time machine for all the libraries, I would take an uncountable number of days to finish digitizing all the books just in the city of Baltimore, assuming that 450 books are digitized per day. It is not feasible to say that this number of books will be digitized daily and that a certain exact number of time or days can be stated under which this activity would be completed. Working out an online project like this will require an equitable amount of time. Google has done mass digitization of books, and it has not taken any shorter time. Implementing the information time machine in all the libraries in Maryland would not take any short time (Usher, 2014). There are many libraries in this…


Usher, S. (2014). Letters of Note: An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving Of a Wider Audience. Chronicle Books

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Language Change the Evolution of
Words: 2281 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23780013
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The attendant rules for the words may, or may not be carried to the new language. For example, many French words carry their plurals into English, while some more recent additions adopt English rules for pluralization

So we create new words or meanings as needed, and we drop old ones as they become obsolete or lose their usefulness. Another way language changes is by attitude. Cultural influences make certain words taboo, so we develop euphemisms to replace the taboo word. When the euphemism becomes widely known, we change it. One example in English is the word for toilet: water closet->loo->lavatory->ladies' room-> rest room ad infinitum until finally, we stopped thinking of this particular place as taboo in western society, so now we use many of the previous euphemisms as our personal taste dictates, and most people understand us.

Language is so basically part of our culture that culture is probably…

MacNeil, Robert and McCrum, Robert 1986 "The Story of English" (1986) (mini)

Public Television miniseries. 

See Language in Thought and Action, Dr. S.I. Hayakawa, 1935 for more on this topic.

Tablets the Market Lifecycle the Best Way
Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24865267
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The Market Lifecycle

The best way to see into the future is precisely the one that we have been allowed to experiment with for this exercise: A time machine that takes us to an assigned point, lets us look around at the things that are the most relevant to us, and then returns us safely to our chronological point of departure without having undermined the entire space-time continuum. The analysis that we have performed for this assignment has provided us a model for the ways in which a product can realistically be assessed, even when our time machine is in for repairs.

This analysis is specific to the data that we have been given for this exercise; however, the overall dynamics of the market explored here are relevant to the sale of electronics in general and to a not-insignificant degree to all markets that are keyed to novelty, which…


Evans, M. (2012). The PLM Debate. Retrieved from .

Karniel, A. & Reich, Y. (2011). Managing the dynamic of new product development processes. A new product lifecycle management paradigm. New York: Springer.

Factors Affecting Marketing Strategy
Words: 1884 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58577921
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Marketing Strategy

The house brand product in question here will be Archer Farms ice cream. Archer Farms is Target's house brand used for a number of different food products. For the sake of argument, we will assume that Archer Farms ice cream is quite good and Target thinks that there might be some merit to selling it beyond their own stores. The brand does not receive its own marketing at this point -- it has no website, for example, and its Facebook page is a community page not run by the company. There is no disassociation between Archer Farms and Target at this point. This paper will examine how this market strategy might be undertaken.


McNamara (2014) notes that involvement in the marketing context refers to "how much time, thought, energy and other resources people devote to the purchase process." Ice cream is a low involvement product based on…


Akdeniz, M., Calantone, R. & Voorhees, C. (2013). Signaling quality: An examination of the effects of marketing -- and nonmarketing -- controlled signals on perceptions of automotive brand quality. Journal of Product Innovation Management.

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US Census Bureau. (2012). 2012 national population projections: Summary tables. U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved February 24, 2014 from

Dream the Year Was 1819 and I
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The year was 1819 and I suddenly found myself in a society and culture that was starkly different than the one I was accustomed to. I am not sure how it all transpired but it was only yesterday that I had gone to a party to celebrate New Year 2005. I vividly remember meeting my friends and thoroughly enjoying myself before I took that drink. What happened after that? I don't know but it appears I was sent into some time machine because when I woke up today, life was just not the same anymore.

I woke up in a room, which is as dull and dreary as they can get. There are no pictures on the wall, no stereo, no collection of CDs and no television. The room has just one large-sized wooden bed, long flowing curtains, which have been closely drawn, a ceiling fan and a dressing…

Jefferson a Talk With Thomas Jefferson Understanding
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A Talk with Thomas Jefferson: Understanding and Explaining the U.S. Government from a Centuries-Old Perspective

TJ: Did it work? Am I here? Did I make it as far as I intended? I told Sally to turn the crank as fast as she could, but I'm not sure my temporal advancement device is functioning properly and that Hemmings girl has a mind of her own, sometimes.

ME: Umm if you mean you built a time machine to take you to the twenty-first century, then yeah, it worked. It's 2012, to be exact. And you are…..

TJ: Thomas Jefferson, Agrarian Democrat, at your service. As you are at my service. And as we are both at service to society at large, and as society at large is at service to use, all equal in our powers, positions, rights, and responsibilities. Just how a democracy is supposed to work.

ME: Technically the…

Tablet Simulation
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Strategic Review

Mr. Schmoe's performance over the past four years has been quite poor. Essentially, Mr. Schmoe made no changes to the strategy, and while that worked initially, the company's performance has deteriorated, and is at present in a bad state, where our best products are entering decline and we have no new products in the pipeline, as we still have older models on the market that are making no money. This report will go over each year to investigate the company's performance under the Schmoe regime.

Overview of Key Concepts

The first key concept that should drive decision-making is cost-volume-profit analysis. Each product we make has a fixed cost, and therefore it needs to sell a certain volume in order to be profitable. This will help us to make decisions with respect to what products to keep in the lineup, and when to drop them. Another key concept is…

Science Nothing Will Be More
Words: 1435 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 610250
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Such things, however, do not appear impossible given the state of science today.

There is one area of concern that science cannot totally resolve, unless it builds a time machine and can go into the future. That is, what are the total ramifications that result from science's wonders? Albert Einstein did not consider nuclear bombs when coming up with the equation of E=mc2

He considered himself a pacifist, yet encouraged the building of the bomb for fear that the Germans would create it first. He was looking toward the future. As he wrote to physicist Niels Bohr in December 1944, "When the war is over, then there will be in all countries a pursuit of secret war preparations with technological means, which will lead inevitably to preventative wars and to destruction even more terrible than the present destruction of life" (Clark, 2007, pg. 698). Then, close to death he stated:…


Clark, R. Einstein: The Life and Times. New York: Perennial, 2007

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Historical Person
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One weekend, not so long ago, Steve went with his family to visit his grandmother, who lived far out in the countryside in a huge two story house with more windows than he could count. The roof scaled up to a peak that resembled a tower that one might see on a castle.

When Steve got bored, as he always did when he was around grown-ups, he climbed the stairs to the top floor of the house, to the attic in the tower. There, he always found interesting things to look at, play with and explore. There were several old trunks filled with tons of family memorabilia. His grandfather had been an anthropologist and at one time had even worked in some tombs in Egypt. His grandfather's things were packed away in several boxes in the far left corner of the attic, and although Steve knew he was never…

Leadership to Most People in
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hen a rumor reaches the Persians that warriors from the city of Alamut are selling weapons to the enemies of Persia, Dastan's step brothers (who have royal blood, unlike Dastan) and Dastan's uncle (Ben Kingsley) Nizam plan to attack Alamut. Showing leadership in this wild world, Dastan leads a surprise attack on Alamut and opens the door for the rest of the Persians to come thundering into the walled city. A plot is soon devised to kill the king, and it involves giving the King a new robe to wear now that he has conquered a new city. Brother Tus gives the box with the gift to Dastan to in turn give it to the King, his stepfather. hen Dastan gives the robe to the King, it kills the King and hence, Dastan is suspected of killing the King for his own power play.

As Dastan and the princess ride…

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Music Enjoyment Some of the
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From the research I know he was a ladies man. In Joan Peyser's book (The Memory of All That: The Life of George Gershwin) it is 1927 and Gershwin is discovered in bed with one of the attractive women from a show he and Harry Richman were working on. Caught with his shirt and pants still in his hand, Gershwin offered: "Mr. Richman, what can I say to you? I'm waiting for a streetcar?" (Peyser, 2007, p. 136).

Question #3: Music is far, far more than entertainment. A soft playing of Pieces (8) for Piano, Opus 76, by Johannes Brahms is the healing salve that helps a widow relate to the passing of her 88-year-old husband of 58 years. The Piano Sonata in E Minor D. 566 by Franz Schubert is the ideal theme to be played respectfully in the background as a new artist shows her latest abstract art…

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Educational Situations
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Educational Situations

Name four practices that commonly require written administrative procedures.

Memorandums that include school policy changes or important information for the staff are commonly distributed in writing so that the information is accurately conveyed and properly received and documented. Many staff communications to the administration, such as requests for new classroom supplies or for personal leaves of absence, are also communicated in writing. If disciplinary action of any kind is taken against a student, it is commonly recorded in writing in the student's permanent file, and a copy of this information may be sent home to parents. Finally, the recording of daily vital information, such as student attendance and test scores, are done in writing.

How would you know if you are complying with EQ policies and procedures?

A a) If I were not complying with EQ policies, I would receive notification or a warning of some kind from…


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North-South Issues & Development Assistance
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Primary and processed primary products still account for nearly half the South's total merchandise exports to the North, and for many developing countries remain the sole source of foreign exchange earnings. Moreover, both casual observation and serious research (halley & Colleen, 1996) suggest that trade in primary products is shaped by differences in natural resource endowments, in accordance with the general principles of H-O theory (halley & Colleen, 1996).

However, land is of much less concern in the narrower context of this thesis. Of course, all manufactures contain some primary products (and what are called here 'processed primary products are classified as manufactures in production and employment data). Possession of a particular natural resource may therefore give a country a comparative advantage in manufactured goods embodying the primary product concerned. But this is not necessarily or generally the case, even for processed primary products, since most raw materials are internationally…

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Aircraft the Evolution of British
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Both fighters and bombers improved their range and capacities to carry more. Overall, the period between the wars saw aircraft go from slow, rickety wooden boxes to sleek, metallic speedsters capable of performing integral military operations.

Nothing best defines the advancements made in aircraft design and capabilities that the Hawker company. Beginning shortly after the First World War, Hawker continually and steadily improved his designs making faster and better aircraft. With designs like the Hawker Fury (1931), the company continually modified it's fighter into new designs like the Hind (1934) and the Hurricane (1935). (Angelucci 1983) by the start of World War II, the Hurricane was Britain's frontline fighter and was powered by the famous olls oyce Merlin 12 cylinder liquid cooled engine. This engine could produce over 1000 hp and allowed the aircraft to reach speeds of more than 300 mph. While the cruising speed was lower, the Merlin…


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E-Manufacturing - A New Link
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Ayers (2000, p. 4) describes a supply chain as "Life cycle processes supporting physical, information, financial, and knowledge flows for moving products and services from suppliers to end-users." A supply chain can be short, as in the case of a cottage industry, or quite long and complex as in the manufacture, distribution, and sales of automobiles. In fact, the automobile supply chain has its origin in the mining of the iron ore used to make many of its components.

Forward-looking companies and industries are beginning, now, to leverage the communication power of the Internet to improve their supply chain efficiencies. In the same way that early computers offered improved efficiency within the walls of a company, the promise of "Internet Technologies" (IT) now offers potentially far-reaching positive effects throughout a company's entire manufacturing supply chain. If the changes brought about by an "Internet revolution" such as thin-client technology; seamless integration…


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Managerial Accounting Strategic Management in Large Multinational
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Managerial Accounting

Strategic Management in Large Multinational Corporations



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