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Value of Money My SLP Company Is

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Value of Money

My SLP company is Wal-Mart. For me I would pay less than $100,000 for this bond, because I know that the $100,000 face value of the bond is not going to have the same purchasing power in a year as it does today. The value of the bond will therefore be less than $100,000, based on the prevailing interest rate. Wal-Mart is a company with a high amount of cash flow that is quite reliable. Thus it is not expected that Wal-Mart would pay much in the way of interest, maybe 2% per year. This implies the value of the bond would be around $98,000.

The discount rate for this bond, based on a $98,000 price, would be 2.04%, as calculated by ($100,000 -- 98,000) / 98000. This reflects the return that the bond offers to the investor.

Target is a company in the same industry as…… [Read More]

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Value of Money I Would Define the

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Value of Money

I would define the time value of money as the value of what that money could be earning between the present day and the future time that one could have the same amount of money. In addition to the financial earnings, I would factor in opportunity costs to my calculation of the time value of money, because it is important to consider what opportunities, not simply earning opportunities but general opportunities, one would miss by not having that money available in the present time. In other words, the time value of money is what one will have to make in the future to replace the money that is missing now combined with the opportunities lost in the interim.

It is critical for financial managers to understand the concept of the time value of money, because it is the whole concept behind financial planning. Many people who seek…… [Read More]

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Value PV 15 000 1 07 1

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PV = $15,000 / (1+.07)^1 = $14,018.69.

At 4%, this is $15,000 / (1.04) = $14,423.08

The PV of Account A is 6500 / 1.06 = $6,132.07. The PV of Account B. is 12,600 / (1.06)^2 = $11,213.96




The present value of the entire income stream is $168,459,500.







hat this example shows is that the net present value of a future cash flow increases with a lower discount rate. The reason for this is that a lower discount rate means the less purchasing power of the future cash flow is diminished. So in this situation the gold mine is worth more at a 3% rate than a 5% rate, and both are worth more than at a 7% rate.

A. The project's NPV at a discount rate of 0% is $670,000

The project's NPV at a discount rate of 2%…… [Read More]

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Value of Money a Common

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Although this does not necessarily have an immediate monetary translation, it shows that the individual will prefer to receive his money and dispose of them earlier rather than later on.

On the other hand, we can indeed see that the present value of money is greater if we can deposit the money received at time t0 to a simple deposit account, with a certain interest rate. We will expect that amount of money to gradually increase over time and to reach a higher value some time in the future. As we can see from this example, the time value of money does not only fluctuate, but actually increases from moment t0 to moment t1.

3. Does one always earn the yield to maturity on bonds? Explain.

Not necessarily. In order to best explain this, we need to further clarify the concept of yield to maturity on bonds. The final yield…… [Read More]

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Value of Money Is Perhaps the Most

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value of money is perhaps the most critical concept in modern financial theory. According to Bianco & Poole (2010), "While executives and academics often disagree, they all agree that the time value of money (TVM) is the most important finance concept that should be taught in introductory finance classes" (Gup, 1994) Undergraduate business students are typically exposed to time value of money concepts in more than one course. Introductory accounting and financial management courses always cover TVM. Students are often taught this subject in mathematics and other general business courses. Many techniques are utilized for teaching and solving TVM problems including formulas, tables, financial calculators and spreadsheets." (Bianco, Poole, 2010)

In my opinion, the idea for TVM is important due to the notion that a dollar invested today increase the value of dollars earned today due to the value of receiving P + i, which is principal plus interest. According…… [Read More]


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Value of Money for This

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It is worth noting that after three years, another machine will need to be purchased. This cost should be included (i.e. The costs for years 4 and 5) in order to adequately assess the full cost difference between the two machines. After three years, Machine 2 still has a worse NPV than does Machine a, which implies to that point that Machine a is still better. The future decision after Year 3, because it is unknown at this point, cannot be included in the calculation.

b) NPV analysis supports the answer to question a. Indeed, NPV analysis is how the answer to question a was derived. With an interest rate to work with, NPV is the most appropriate means of determining the value of each of these projects, so it is what was used. Any other method of calculating question a would be inferior, so would not make sense.

11.…… [Read More]

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Value of Money TVM Shows

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3. Future Value (of an investment)

The future value of money is the amount that it will grow to after a specified time in the future. In the previous example, the future value of $10,000 after 1 year is $10,450. In the 2nd year, the future value is $10,920.25. In the 3rd year, the future value is $11,411.66. Let's say we want to get $10,000 after 3 years (future value). Assuming that the interest rate is still 4.5%, the money that we should have right now (present value) should be $8,762.97. We can see this in the following computations:

After 1st year: $8,762.97 + 4.5% = $9,157.30

After 2nd year: $9,157.30 + 4.5% = $9,569.38

After 3rd year: $9,569.38 + 4.5% = $10,000

This further illustrates the fact that the same $10,000 in the future (3 years from now) is only worth $8,762.97 in the present (Croome 2003).

4. Opportunity…… [Read More]


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Time and Money in Project Management

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Project Management (Business)

eturn on Investment is applicable to decision making by the management by making use of projected proceeds in addition to the time value of money. The weighed up total cost of the project over the five-year time period of its life cycle $20 million. The intent of the organization is the plan to borrow this full amount and from then on recompense the debt every year in 5-year period at an annual compound interest rate of 10%. The future value of the loan amount taken by the organization at the end of the five-year period will be $32,210,200. Therefore, this implies that the minimum amount that the organization has to generate is $6,442,040 in order to recompense for the loan amount borrowed.

Project Overview

The bid proposal made by the organization is for a project in which the business is engrossed in perhaps attaining a new contract.…… [Read More]


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Values and Morals in the Accounting Industry

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Values and Morals in the Accounting Industry

The important questions to be addressed are taken from the "…business ethics/corporate social responsibility literature, oriented towards business enterprises but also of relevance to professional bodies: whether being ethical 'pays' in financial terms; and whether formal codes are useful in promoting ethical behavior…" (Cowton, 2009, p. 177).

Accountants are charged with carrying out ethical and moral decisions in their everyday work, but judging from some of the scandals in recent years (Enron, orldCom, the Anderson Accountancy, etc.) not all accountants are up to speed with those ethical and moral decisions. This paper reviews the judgments that accountants should be making based on morality and ethical values, whether the accountant is working for a multinational corporation or for a small business with only half a dozen employees.

Accounting Students and Moral Decision-Making

Deborah Leitsch writes in the Journal of Business Ethics that auditors are…… [Read More]

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Do Extracurricular Experiences Affect the Cognitive Moral Development of Undergraduate Accounting Students? Issues in Accounting Education, 26(2), 439-454.

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Values and Virtues All of Us Have

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Values and Virtues

All of us have been sent to this world for a purpose; the invariable purpose of life on earth is doing good to each other. What defines the behavior of a person is his character and what shape the character of a person are his values and virtues. The perception of many people is that virtues and values are more or less the same things; however, in this paper we shall see how the two differ and see what the character of a person is in fact. Moreover, we shall also consider an ethical dilemma in clinical practice and see how the values and virtues are used to solve that dilemma.


There are basically six pillars that form the character of the person. These six pillars are the set of ethical values that a person must in order for him to become a man of good…… [Read More]


Ethics, Virtues, and Values: Knowing What Matters Most. U.S. Department of State.

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Values Conflict Universities Provide an Amazing Opportunity

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Values Conflict

Universities provide an amazing opportunity for both growth and development in regards to academic development. Universities in particular provide a means of providing a stable and more robust income for individuals seeking a particular specialization. The University of Phoenix, in particular, has a unique method of teaching and providing a quality educational experience. Small class sizes, online specialization, and knowledgeable professors all make the university experience all the more manageable. However, I personally have experienced conflict of values that undermine the overall university experience. This conflict pertains mainly to the notion of academic honesty. I have encountered instances where many of the university values would be compromised by actions. Cheating is particularly important in a university setting. As such, having strong values and convictions regarding cheating is important within the overall university setting (Stuart, 2006).

The experience, looking back, was not unique to me. In fact, many students…… [Read More]


1) Stuart P. Green. (2006). Lying, Cheating, and Stealing: A Moral Theory of White Collar Crime. Oxford University Press.
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Values Often a Company's Mission

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The "Safety First" scenario is even less cut-and-dry for me. If a company wants to increase its profit margin and include a high-end line of clothing, then it has the right to do so. I do not believe that a company can prevent or control crime through its pricing strategies. Shoplifting is not necessarily related to the presence of luxury goods. I feel that crime is a reflection of overarching social, economic, and political problems. As long as the company is acting ethically in other respects, then I don't see the problem with offering the high-end jacket. Offering a low-cost alternative to the high-end jacket in my opinion is not the best solution in this case either, because it undervalues the more expensive article of clothing and could prevent people from buying it. Instead, a win-win situation might be to firmly decide that the Daze line would become high-end and…… [Read More]

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Values One of the Most Pervasive New

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One of the most pervasive new technological inventions is the cellular phone. The mobile phone has greatly impacted the social and aesthetical values of people in most parts of the world. It is not uncommon for people to receive calls in public places, and frequently these one-sided conversations are even louder than those between two people talking in person. Loud rings, which are often digital sound files of popular tunes, contribute to the cacophony of sounds in urban environments. People are becoming increasingly more used to the sounds of cell phones ringing, which proves that the technology has already altered our perception of the environment. Mobile phones are now a pervasive part of our culture; people of all ages walk down the street with telephone in hand.

However, cell phones also raise a lot of controversial social values issues. There seems to be a lack of common courtesy in…… [Read More]

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Values of Northern Arizonans From

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Some of te true reasons for wic settlers were coming in large numbers was te rumor tat Arizona old great rices in its soil. Te land ad a great number of places were gold or coal could be found and mining proved to be an excellent industry for te land of Arizona. ttp://www6.nau.edu/library/scadb/imagedisplay.cfm?item_num=1865&type=Image

Contrary to te belief tat its natural resources were endless, wit te passing of time, tey started to fade and te land was soon drained out of its precious elements. People began to loose interest in coming to Arizona and resumed to migrating to te more economically advanced areas from te U.S. Only te iger development of te industrial companies enabled tem to keep teir businesses. Te valuable potential of Arizona as dropped since te 1890's till today because of pollution, tree cutting, and excessive industrialization.… [Read More]


Some of the true reasons for which settlers were coming in large numbers was the rumor that Arizona hold great riches in its soil. The land had a great number of places where gold or coal could be found and mining proved to be an excellent industry for the land of Arizona. http://www6.nau.edu/library/scadb/imagedisplay.cfm?item_num=1865&type=Image

Contrary to the belief that its natural resources were endless, with the passing of time, they started to fade and the land was soon drained out of its precious elements. People began to loose interest in coming to Arizona and resumed to migrating to the more economically advanced areas from the U.S. Only the higher development of the industrial companies enabled them to keep their businesses. The valuable potential of Arizona has dropped since the 1890's till today because of pollution, tree cutting, and excessive industrialization.
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Values in Justice System Organizations

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The courts retooled by a generation of conservative judicial appointments and crazed case law now function as social abettors, in which the poor and the dark skinned are shunted off to a concrete hell with industrial efficiency. Left behind are broken families, more addiction, more disease, more illiteracy, and thus a more docile society" (Parenti, 2001).

There are different changes being made in the system to reflect new and evolving values. For example, recommendations have been made that all police interrogations be video taped, so that juries have access to the process of confession and not just a typed end-product. This way police can ensure the values of integrity in the confession process. The increasing use of DNA testing, where possible, is also a way of helping to ensure that only the guilty are punished and justice is upheld.

The main purpose of police department is to provide services to…… [Read More]


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Values and Ethics in the Workplace Values

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Values and Ethics

in the Workplace

Values and Ethics in the Workplace

Values and ethics in the workplace can be extremely different among various jobs, careers, companies and organizations, ages, races, and ethnic groups, cultures and parts of the world, office environments, and the individual employees themselves. For example, a secretary in the administrative office of a Catholic church, a poor and illiterate factory worker in India, and a stockbroker who works as a managing partner in a prestigious firm would all hold different and maybe even opposing morals. The secretary would probably be opposed to working on a Sunday so that she had the time to attend church, while the stockbroker would feel compelled to work even on Sunday so that he did not feel lazy and unmotivated, and the factory worker would not have the option of making such a decision as he would have to work every…… [Read More]


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Values Portrayed Reality TV the Modern Day

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Values Portrayed eality TV

The modern day media has recently found out that profits can be higher if reality TV shows are produced. Based on these reasons, there is a long list of reality TV shows that are being produced. Not all of these shows are successful, but the one that are successful have achieved great deal of profits, cultural prominence and popularity. The question that arises here is that if these shows should be produced or should they be aired for the audience.

Many definitions have been given for reality TV but one of the most important definitions is a show that showcases situations that have actually happened. Apparently, there is no scripting in these shows as in the case of dramas and serials. A small group of people are showcased in these shows who are not trained actors but these are chosen as they face unusual situations.

Since…… [Read More]


Deery, J. (2004). Reality TV as Advertainment. Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture 2, pp. 1-20.

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value based reimbursement models in healthcare

Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50645562

Value-based reimbursement models are becoming more common in healthcare. Value-based models structure reimbursements according to metrics like efficiency, cost, quality, and patient feedback (Pennic, 2014). Some of the most commonly used value-based reimbursement and payment models include Medicare Quality Incentive Programs, Pay for Performance, Accountable Care Organizations, Bundled Payments, Patient-Centered Medical Home, and Payment for Coordination (Pennic, 2014). More traditional reimbursement models include standard fee-for-service systems, which are woefully inefficient for patients with chronic conditions due to the large number and type of treatments needed (Sanghavi, George, Samuels, et al, 2014). While there is no one preferred approach to reimbursements, value-based models are clearly superior to fee-for-service models.

One of the most promising value-based reimbursement models is the Patient-Centered Medical Home model. This model tends to be more culturally-appropriate than others, taking into account individual and family needs, community diversity, and other contextual variables that might impact patient health outcomes…… [Read More]

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Values and Ethics Values Morals

Words: 2454 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39537126

Therefore, our company's mission is to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products, with similar services, while ensuring that our employees are satisfied and motivated on personal and financial levels. Our company is also determined to significantly engage in the life of the community of which we are part of.

Corporate Social esponsibility

In today's competitive market environment it does not suffice to provide high quality products and services. A company that intends to develop a sustainable position on the market must ensure that CS actions are being taken.

As a consequence, our company intends to make a difference in the eating style of people. Therefore, the company organizes seminars on this subject. People are invited to attend to these seminars held by authorities in the field that explain people the importance of a healthy eating style and the benefits of organic foods.

Also, the company is interested…… [Read More]

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Values Which of Your Regular

Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1807807

Which of your regular activities outside the classroom (group or individual) best reflect your most important personal values? How?

Another activity that I enjoy, and which also reflects my basic values, is planning my spending activities during the month. The value that is involved here is to carefully plan my finances in a way that helps me to not only survive, but also to have money left over to save towards my longer-term goals.

If the recent recession taught me anything, it is that the value of money and the stability of income are by no means guaranteed. It is therefore important to create a strong basis of wealth in terms of savings and investments in order to secure a future for oneself and those who might rely on one's resources.

Learning to work carefully with my money now will also help me in my financial future, when I may…… [Read More]

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Values of Media Life in

Words: 1438 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12562314

With the technology available in today's economy, it is probable that education could go back to the days when students received more individualized instruction. There is no refuting that technology will continue to alter education (Cornell, 2007).

Socialization is the development of a sense of being self connected to a larger social world by way of learning and internalizing the values, beliefs, and norms of one's culture. During socialization people learn to carry out certain roles as citizens, friends, lovers and workers. In the course of internalization our culture becomes second nature. People learn to behave in socially suitable and adequate ways. Some social institutions have precise roles in socializing the young and others have less deliberate but still powerful roles in the process. The mass media is a very influential socializing force. Media affects how people learn about the world and interact with each another. People often base most…… [Read More]


A Guide to Critical Viewing for Parents and Children. (n.d.). Retrieved July 30, 2010, from Family Values Television Network Web site:  http://fvtvn.com/articles/taking-charge-of -your-tv/

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Values and Ethics Values Ethics

Words: 601 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52090132

Though the concepts of professional values and ethics are relatively simple and straightforward, the effects that the choices made with different values and ethics have are quite far reaching and complex. No matter what specific values or ethical systems are being applied to a given situation, there are certain limitations to the actions and behaviors that can be taken and the choices that can be made. For instance, the case of price fixing between two major soda manufacturers and distributors could have been handled in two ways, each with its own set of short- and long-term effects on te careers of the individuals involved. The decision to engage in price fixing led to the imprisonment of at least one of the men; though the short-term effects lived up to the promise of a more lucrative career, security for the executive's family, and other benefits, in the long-term his career was…… [Read More]

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Value of Developing an Electronic Career Portfolio

Words: 1233 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 962999

Value of Developing an Electronic Career Portfolio

An electronic portfolio happens to be an interactive online approach which enables one to provide a complete review of one's achievements, abilities as well as experiences. It is a space in which one is able to put together one's own resume as well as samples of one's work for potential business employers. E-portfolio pages of content vary from social media websites like MySpace or even Facebook. An e-portfolio goes beyond a traditional resume, offering a range of details about one's qualifications and abilities in more than a single medium. It could consist of papers, pictures, as well as videos, amongst other options (owh, 2008). The goal of this paper is to evaluate the importance of creating a digital career portfolio also known as an e-portfolio.


An e-portfolio is surely an online showcase of one's abilities and skills. It is particularly geared to…… [Read More]


Grasz, J. (2013).Thirty-seven percent of companies use social networks to research potential job candidates, according to new CareerBuilder Survey. Career Builder. Taken from:  http://www.careerbuilder.com/share/aboutus/pressreleasesdetail.aspx?id=pr691&sd=4%2F18%2F2012&ed=4%2F18%2F2099 

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Rowh, M. (2008). Building an E-Portfolio. Career World 37(3), 26.
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Values and the Automobile Market in the

Words: 1388 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19878182

Values and the Automobile Market

In the last decade, the luxury car segment became one of the most competitive in the automobile market. Many American consumers who purchase luxury cars prefer imports from Germany and Japan.

A marketing vice president with General Motors once commented, "Import-committed buyers have been frustrating to us." This type of thinking has led industry analysts to argue that to successfully compete in the luxury car segment, U, S, carmakers need to develop better understanding of the consumers so that they can better segment the market and better position their products via more effective advertising. Insight into the foreign-domestic luxury car choice may result from examining owners' personal values in addition to their evaluations of car attributes, because luxury cars, like many other conspicuously consumed luxury products, may be purchased mainly for value-expressive reasons.

Industry analysts believe it would be important to assess whether personal values…… [Read More]

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Values and Ethics a Person's Worldview Is

Words: 1788 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29896918

Values and Ethics

A person's worldview is shaped in many ways starting from birth. The values held by his family, friends and community are impressed upon him during the first years of his life, and form the basis by which he interacts with the world and through which he understands his experiences. hile many people remain truest to the ethics developed in childhood, and only develop complexity in their ethical standards as they age, others choose to stay true to the values that call to them most clearly and build up their values around a new pattern of beliefs. My values were rooted in my family of birth and developed through the influence of my friends and community, but they crystalized during the nearly two decades I spent serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Among my core values are the Marine Corp ethical goals of honor, courage and commitment, and…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Merriam-Webster. 2011. "Definition: Honorable." Retrieved June 4, 2011 from  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/honorable
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Value of Conflict in Fiction

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The narrator becomes repulsed by Bartleby and decides that he must be suffering from some type of mental problem. The less the narrator knows about Bartleby the worse things seem to be for him. He wants to make sense of things. He wants it all to make sense. The conflict arises from his inability to do so. The narrator is simply being human in his desire to control and understand things but Kafka is demonstrating how we cannot always know everything and how we must be at peace with that, lest we become insane. It is also important to point out that some things are simply not meant to be known or completely understood. Kafka does not attempt to explain everything in this story because we often face situations that will never be truly understood.

Marquez demonstrates conflict and how it makes for interesting fiction by allowing the readers to…… [Read More]

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Value of Multicultural Education Programs

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In summary, successful multicultural programs are the ones that keep in mind these long-term goals, ensuring that education keeps in mind the need for both the academic and social success of all its students.

Continuing challenges

The fact that multicultural education has proved successful, however, does not erase the need for continued assessment and improvement. After all, as the student population changes, there will be concomitant new demands placed on the educational system as a whole.

One of the markers used to measure the success of multicultural education has been the increase in percentage of minority first-generation college students. Proponents of multicultural education recognize that a successful school program goes beyond traditional academic content. Rather, the most successful programs are the ones that strive towards a "learning community," one that makes students and community members into active participants in their own education. At college and university level, where students are…… [Read More]

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Value of Moral Ethics in the Life

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Value of Moral Ethics in the Life of Ex-President Clinton

In today's world, working in organizations means working in an environment with people from multicultural backgrounds. If one were asked what type of organization they would like to work in, the chances are the reply will be "ethical organizations." So what exactly is an ethical organization and how positively does the 'code of ethics' apply in a professional working environment? Are they really functioning to benefit the workplace such as the government, which was constantly plagued by lawsuits of sexual harassment, especially during the terms of the Clinton administration or are they just operational in the documents where they rest for the staff to read on new employment?

In today's political world, leaders are looked up to for creating a healthy social environment that is a pre-requisite for a healthy governing environment. More over, a growing population of the working…… [Read More]


Terry L. Cooper, The Responsible Administrator, 4th edition.

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Stuart Taylor Jr., The Case -- For and Against, The National Journal, January 31, 1998
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Value Capture Reflects the Ability

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If consumers believe this, they will be willing to pay higher prices. Much of the success of the iPhone is associated with the ability of Apple to make this connection with consumers, because without such associations, consumers would not be willing to spend extra on an iPhone and would probably spend more time comparison shopping different smartphones. In essence, Apple wants its customers to purchase an Apple, rather than product that delivers a specific bundle of benefits.

The iPhone has a strong market share in smartphones, and has allowed Apple to emerge as a power in mobile devices. This indicates that the company has been successful in creating the brand associations that drive the product differentiation in the iPhone. Other smartphones compare poorly with respect to brand associations next to the iPhone for a couple of reasons. One is that there is some confusion between the platform brand (i.e. Android)…… [Read More]

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Value Stream Mapping

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Value Stream Mapping Toyota's Global Supply Chain

Toyota is considered one of the world's innovators when it comes to the principles of lean manufacturing. It introduced two concepts which, though they seem self-explanatory, were revolutionary at the time of their introduction. The first concept is called Just-in-Time (JIT). The second concept is called Jidoka. JIT refers to the idea that parts arrive when they are needed; they do not sit on the factory floor. It also refers to the ordering process; the factory does not have a significant overstock of parts; it is stocked with the parts it needs to meet production demands. The concept of Jidoka refers to the idea that automation should not mean losing the human influence on manufacturing. At the Toyota factories, the workers are expected to play a continued role in quality control, so that any worker…… [Read More]


Ludwig, C. (2013, July 1). Toyota's total supply chain vision. Retrieved February 6, 2015 from Automotive Logistics website:


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February 9, 2015 from Supply Chain Management website:  http://cmuscm.blogspot.com/2014/02/understanding-toyotas-production-system_2.html
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Earned Value Management How Does

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The intent of the Earned Value Project Management planning session would be to concentrate on providing the stakeholders within insights into each phase of the project development and the level of earned value at any point in time. The ability to use Earned Value Project Management to define checkpoints and key insights into the financial performance of a project plan is critically important to ensure the project will succeed (Curling, 1998).

Schedule and cost variances would also be calculated using Earned Value Project Management techniques to further quantify the relative value of using one specific series of resources, in a given sequence, compared to another. The optimizing of resources for a given project must take into account the potential earned value of each specific asset or resource relative to its opportunity cost in other usage scenarios (ose, 2003).

In creating an enterprise software platform for example, the focus on how…… [Read More]


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Economic Value Added EVA Accounting Practice

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Economic Value Added (EVA) Accounting Practice

Although Economic Value Added (EVA) is not a new concept in economics and financial theory and is based on the 19th century concept of "economic profit," it has only been widely adopted recently by business firms as an accounting practice. In this paper we shall describe what EVA is, and look at its pros and cons from the point-of-view of the company adopting the practice and the investors. We shall also discuss how EVA differs from some other emerging accounting practices and the major issues relating to EVA as compared to other commonly used accounting principles. Finally, the possible problems and opportunities that a company adopting EVA principles can face shall be examined.

What is Economic Value Added (EVA)?

Economic Value Added (EVA) is the after-tax cash flow generated by a business minus the cost of the capital it has invested to generate that…… [Read More]


Keen, Peter. (1999). "Economic Value Added.(EVA)" Every Manager's Guide to Business Processes. Retrieved on April 20, 2003 at  http://www.peterkeen.com/emgbp007.htm  kel inen, Esa. (1998). "Economic Value Added as a Management Tool." Retrieved on April 20, 2003 at  http://www.evanomics.com/ 

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Stewart, Bennet (1999) "What is EVA?" Stern Stewart & Co. Web site. Retrieved on April 20, 2003 at  http://www.sternstewart.com/evaabout/whatis.php 

This cost reflects both the time value of money and compensation for risk -- the more risk associated with a firm, the greater the firm's cost of capital.
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Innovative Values and Practices

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Innovative Values and Practices

Managing toward innovation requires an organization to practice idea parenting. The implication is that ideas are first conceived, then nurtured, then shown off to others, and finally brought carefully and lovingly to maturity. The purpose of this report is to provide the managers and leaders of Hilo Hospital with guidelines and recommendations to follow that will promote the development of innovative values and practices.

An innovative organization is always reorienting toward innovation. Four trends in innovation management are presented here as steps in the strategic planning process of Hilo Hospital. The steps include: (a) establishing cross-functional teams to breaking down silos; (b) fostering inside-out thinking by working with parallel industries, (c) tapping into social media as an authentic and valuable source of insight and ideas; and (d) war games for strategy-building. In addition, by folding the information from social media into the planning and analysis processes,…… [Read More]


Drucker, P.F. (1999) Managing oneself. Harvard Business Review, 77(2): 65-7 Huber, N. (2003) An experiential leadership approach for teaching tolerance for ambiguity. Journal of Education for Business, 79(1): 52-5

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Net Present Value Project Evaluation

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My company is considering a certain project undertaking. Our CFO is uncertain on whether or not to embrace the project. Having estimated the cash flows and NPV for the project, and having an estimated NPV as +$10, I am tasked with the role of analyzing the feasibility of the said project on the basis of the cash flows and NPV estimates. In so doing, I will address the kind of analysis I would make use of to make a case for or against the project and how I would justify my decision.


It is important to note, from the onset, that businesses must ensure that all decisions made with regard to investments are sound. This is more so the case given that in addition to most projects requiring significant capital outlay, once a project commences, it could be quite expensive (or in some instances impossible) to abandon midway.…… [Read More]

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Present Value Calculation and the Importance Fo Placement in the Marketing Mix

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price for the Zartek technology, the most appropriate approach is to start by looking at the value it is expected to create. The net income for each of the years have been provided. However, under the concept of the time value of money, income received in the future will have a lower value compared to the same amount held today. Inflation will erode the value of money, while money held today may be invested for a return for the future (Drake & Fabozzi, 2009). Therefore, the first stage is to look at the future net revenue streams and discount them to allow for the time value of money. Giving a present value (PV). This is undertaken by discounting each year's net revenue on a compound basis (Drake & Fabozzi, 2009). As it is assumed the interest rate for the 5 years is 7%, the discount factor used will be 7%…… [Read More]


Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., & Brennan, R. (2009). Marketing: An Introduction. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.

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Value A 'suppose Your Bank Account Will Be

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A."Suppose your bank account will be worth $15,000.00 in one year. The interest rate (discount rate) that the bank pays is 7%. What is the present value of your bank account today? What would the present value of the account be if the discount rate is only 4%?"

PV at 7%



With a discount rate of 7.00% of the bank account and a span of 1 year, the projected cash flows of my money are worth $0.07 today, and this is less than the initial $15,000.00. The resulting PV of the $15,000 is $14,018.69,

However, PV at 4%




With a discount rate of 4.00% of my bank account with a span of 1 year, the projected cash flows are worth $0.08 today, which is less than the initial $15,000.00 money in the bank in one year. The resulting PV of the money in the…… [Read More]

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Value Problem Solving and Written Assessment By

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Value: Problem Solving and Written Assessment by: Sharon . oss

This paper provides an analysis of an article by oss (2002), which describes the learning characteristics exhibited by young children in relation to a particular topic in mathematics, known as place value. Place value refers to the value assigned to each digit within a multiple-digit numeral, within the familiar decimal number system that is the basis for contemporary mathematics in academia and commerce. The premise of the article is that the concept of place value is inherently difficult for elementary grade students to grasp, and correspondingly difficult for instructors to teach. The reason for this difficulty is attributed to the complicated symbology inherent in the decimal system of numeration, which may be summarized as being the product of four mathematical properties, namely the additive, positional, base-ten and multiplicative elements inherent in each and every multiple-digit numeral. oss (2002) describes a…… [Read More]


Ross, Sharon, and Carol (ed.) Langbort. "Place Value: Problem Solving and Written Assessment." Mar. 2002. Web. 7 Feb. 2012.
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Value of Eskimo Pie it

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As an advisor to Reynolds, I would point out that in terms of operations, there is nothing special about Eskimo Pie, but the company still receives the benefit of being the first ice cream novelty on the scene and the brand value that flows from that fact. Going solo may grant the firm complete control over than brand, but operationally it does not grant the firm national license and corresponding economies of scale.

The Nestle offer is based upon the opportunity for that company to earn synergies with respect the offering -- combining the strength of the Eskimo Pie brand with the global marketing clout of Nestle. As a standalone company, Eskimo Pie still holds significant value, but not nearly as much values as if it was a standalone operation.

As a standalone operation, Eskimo Pie earns $0.76 per share, which taken on time equals to $9.50, which when multiplied…… [Read More]

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Value of a Corporation's Intellectual Capital Its

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Value of a Corporation's Intellectual Capital: Its Impact on the Bottom Line and How it Should Be Managed

This is a proposal on how to analyze the value of corporate intellectual capital and its impact on bottom line management. It has 4 sources and a list of bibliography.

The research aims to identify how corporations' intellectual capital can be evaluated by identifying the factors that contribute to its high valuation. The research also aims to outline strategies that would allow a firm to integrate knowledge management into its management process to enhance its intellectual capital. The basic objective is to shed light to a new management concept in which intellectual capital is integrated as a tool for management instead of a mere accounting head in the balance sheet.

2.Statement of the problem

In today's information technological age, intellectual capital or ICs have become the most visible and valued asset for…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Ulrich, Dave. Intellectual capital = competence x commitment. Sloan Management Review Winter, 1998.

Woods, Bob. Taking Stock of What You Know. The Chief Executive, July, 2001.
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Values of American Culture Specifically it Will

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values of American culture. Specifically, it will connect this theme with two or more of the following: American energy consumption and foreign policy. Many writers (American and foreign) have commented on the core values of American culture, using terms like "rugged individualism," "individual freedom," "self-reliance," "pioneer spirit" and "democracy." Do you see a theme here?


Americans have always been noted for their loved of individual freedoms and their self-reliance. This tradition began before the Revolutionary War, when America stood up for her rights as a colony of England. Americans have been called "rugged individualists" who embody a "pioneer spirit" because we demanded our rights then, and we continue to do so today in a wide variety of areas, and all you have to do is turn on the television or read a newspaper to see some of these core values which are exhibited every day in our culture.…… [Read More]

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Value of Shifting From Qualitative to Quantitative

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Value of Shifting from Qualitative to Quantitative and Back Again

Qualitative research is considered hypothesis generating, whereas quantitative research is designed to test hypotheses. Based on this perspective, the natural direction of research flow would be from qualitative to quantitative study designs (Black & Fauske, 2008). Qualitative research tends to focus on experiences, rather than the measuring and tracking of objective factors, but there are times when it makes sense to base a qualitative study on quantitative findings. This essay will examine the value of transitioning from qualitative to quantitative study designs and vice versa.

Qualitative to Quantitative

A qualitative study is traditionally conducted when little is understood about a phenomenon, such as the experiences of patients during treatment. For example, Black and Fauske (2008) were interested in understanding the experiences and practices of case managers during advanced care planning. A focus group design was used to conduct semi-structured interviews,…… [Read More]


Black, K. & Fauske, J. (2008). Measuring case managers' advance care planning practice: Translating focus group findings to survey development. Care Management Journals, 9(4), 166-76.

Ullman, S.E. (2005). Interviewing clinicians and advocates who work with sexual assault survivors: A personal perspective on moving from quantitative to qualitative research methodologies. Violence Against Women, 11(9), 1113-39.
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Value and Capital Budget the Reference Company

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Value and Capital Budget

The reference company in this case is Starbucks. The company is currently trading at $53.55 (Yahoo! Finance, 2012). The five-year chart for Starbucks is as follows:

Yahoo! Finance (2012)

The company's current upward trajectory basically began when it rehired former CEO Howard Schultz to run the company again. Since that point in time, Starbucks have seen its former success rate be restored and the share price has been rising steadily (Kaplan, 2011). The improvement in the stock price has been about $10 per year and there is no reason to think that, with a strong economy this year, Starbucks will not continue to see this rate of growth. The futures price for 100 shares of Starbucks one year into the future will be around $65 * 100 = $6,500.

The stock price has been steadily improving. Although Starbucks does have higher than average volatility (beta 1.28),…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Baertlein, L. (2012). Starbucks goes beyond coffee with first juice bar. Reuters. Retrieved March 20, 2012 from  http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/20/us-starbucks-juice-idUSBRE82I05Y20120320 

Kaplan, D. (2011). Howard Schultz brews strong coffee at Starbucks. CNN Money. Retrieved March 20, 2012 from http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2011/11/17/starbucks-howard-schultz-business-person-year/

Yahoo! Finance. (2012). Starbucks. Yahoo!. Retrieved March 20, 2012 from  http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=SBUX&ql=1
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Values for Your Work as Human Services

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Values for Your Work as Human ervices Professional

As human service professional, I interact in various ways. These include caregiver, case manager, teacher, counselor, behavior changer, consultant, mobilizer, advocate, community planner, community change organizer and implementer, administrator, and evaluator (*). In order to most effectively and successfully carry out these responsible and diverse roles, I am recommended to adhere to a set of values and ethics particularly prescribed for human service professionals.

The values not only make me do the work that I love in the most effective way but it also helps me better help people and avoid conflict. I may, for instance, have my own ideas about how to best help people and in my fervor and ardor commit indiscretions. The values advise me to respect confidentiality of client at all times. They also tell me to place client foremost and to treat him or her with respect…… [Read More]


Alder, Ken (2007). The Lie Detectors. New York: Free Press.

National Organization for Human Services. Ethical Standards for HS Professionals

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Values Attitudes and Beliefs How

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Our belief in world communication means that all workers strive to ensure that our workplace communication is effective. This free and easy access of information is made possible not simply through workplace rhetoric, but also through practical institutions such as the use of 'live' weekly centralized meetings and regular email notifications and communications when face-to-face communication is not feasible. There is also a regular company newsletter and company intranet web access to create a constant and common sense of an organizational culture.

Whenever the organization enacts a change in policy, which often necessitates a change in the handing of individual client's information, all affected employees are immediately updated immediately of changes through email. To ensure no miscommunication has taken place, the changes are reiterated during the weekly meeting.

The reiteration of messages ensures that the occasional intermittent pitfalls of miscommunication or deleted electronic communication are minimized. But although at times,…… [Read More]

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Value More Freedom or Security Which Do

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Value More Freedom or Security

Which do you value, more freedom or security?

This is a debate that has been going on for some time now especially in America with some advocating for freedom while others security. I value security as compared to freedom since there are a lot of threats to our security. These threats include terrorist attacks, natural disasters, cyber attacks, and gang activities. It is certain that when these threats are not addressed and well managed then even with freedom we can do very little. For instance, when there is enough freedom without security, would one settle and feel secure? I believe not, for everyone to be calm and happy there is need for security. It should be noted that in as much as everyone would like to be free, security is a pre-requisite. People need to be free from fear, free from arbitrary attacks and threats,…… [Read More]

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Value of Common Stock Financial Discovery 2000

Words: 1047 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11864984

value of common stock? Financial Discovery (2000), report that the following are the five primary methods of estimating the desirability of common stocks. DIVIDEND DISCOUNT METHOD-Users of this method look at the value of a stock as a stream of dividends discounted by a required rate of return. For example, assume a stock pays a constant dividend of $2 per year ($.50 per quarter). If an investor wants to get a 12% per year return from the investment, he or she would pay $2 per .12 or $16.67 for the stock. This example is simplified. Most companies increase their dividends over time. Analysis using this method usually factors in a growth rate for the dividend. In order to evaluate stocks of small, high growth companies, the analyst would have to factor in a higher rate of dividend increases in the early years when the company's earnings are exploding. After this…… [Read More]


ATM (2000, September 15). Capital Structure Theory. ATM,, . Retrieved 09/15/05, from http://wehner.tamu.edu/FINC.www/FINC630-Lee/glossery09.htm

Financial Discovery (2000). Common Stock Selection. Retrieved 09/15/05, from  http://www.financialdiscovery.net/Article/common_stock_selection.htm 

Motley Fool Staff (2004, May 27). Why Companies Split Stock. The Motley Fool.com,, . Retrieved 09/15/04, from  http://www.fool.com/News/mft/2004/mft04052701.htm
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Values in Society the Values

Words: 1632 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18483658

The problem is that if this trend continues it will have serious consequences for the society as a whole.

Many other great historical cultures have deteriorated and fallen as a result of a decline of social values and standards. We need only refer to the great Roman Empire for clear evidence of the link between a reduction of morals and standards and the demise of the culture. Historians refer to the view that the fall of the Roman Empire can be directly linked to a decline in moral and societal norms and that the culture was destroyed not only by the outside invaders but by internal decay and moral decline. As one expert writes,

The primary reason for Rome's fall was moral decline. Every Roman writer who chronicled the fall of the republic -- Appian, Tacitus, Cassius Dio, Sallust, Cicero, and others -- marveled at the evaporation of ancient virtue…… [Read More]


Bonta, Steve. Lessons of Rome: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic

Provides Lessons That Hint at Flaws in Modern Political Policies. The New American, 21 Feb. 2005.

Nursing Home Current Events in Texas. 2001. June 22, 2009.

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Values and Beliefs Is by

Words: 841 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53726950

My dream is to further advance the Hospice model for care, taking care of the sick in their own homes, as a means for a much more humane and compassionate way to tend to the sick and elderly. I know that this dream is possible and I am already seeing the benefits through the work of my own family. My mother currently runs eight Hospices in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Texas and South Dakota. Many of my mother's Hospices are in rural areas. I have witnessed first hand the positive impact that the Hospice has on its' patients by volunteering at my mother's Hospices and by completing a fifteen week internship at a local inpatient Hospice. These experiences were not only educational, but also very personally rewarding. There's nothing more gratifying than knowing that you have helped another person in need.

Through my previous Hospice experiences, I have discovered that…… [Read More]

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Value Change

Words: 2614 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48056443

values that drive human societies change over time, and in many instances the political environment will reflect those changes. By the early 1970s, scholars were recognizing that there were significant shifts in the values of the world's most advanced industrial societies (Inglehart, 1971). The basic values of generations, he notes, change based on the "changing conditions influencing their basic socialization." The way that these changes are reflected in politics will often come in the form of conflict. This need not to open, violent conflict, but a conflict between ideas. Younger generations view the world as theirs to inherit, and want to begin setting the tone for the world they want to see as soon as possible. Peak generations see themselves as running the world in their image, an opportunity for which they have waited, while older generations wish to maintain relevance, and in many cases still retain significant formal power.…… [Read More]


Blotken, F. & Jagodzinski, W. (1985). In an environment of insecurity: Postmaterialism in the European Community, 1970 to 1980. Comparative Political Studies. Vol. 17 (1985) 453-484.

Clarke, H. & Dutt, N. (1991). Measuring Value Change in Western Industrialized Societies: The Impact of Unemployment. The American Political Science Review. Vol. 85 (3) 905-920.

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Davis, D., Dowley, K. & Silver, B. (1999). Postmaterialism in world societies: Is it really a value dimension? American Journal of Political Science. Vol. 43 (3) 935-962.
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Values Revolve Strongly Around Friends

Words: 407 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95676202

Similarly, I often spend time with friends, rather than time with my family.

My goals do not necessarily coincide with what matters to me. When I think of my goals, I generally think of owning things such as a car or house, going to school, and earning a specific amount of money. If my goals were perfectly in line with my stated values, they would likely focus more on building and maintaining important family relationships.

However, I believe it is possible to achieve my goals and keep my values at the same time. This can be easily achieved if I manage my time carefully in order to always allow time for my relationships with my family and friends.

My Values

Pre 9/11/01

__1_ Having Fun

____ Time Alone

__5_ Love

____ Service

__2_ Family

____ Intellectual Discussions

__3_ Friends

____ Honesty

____ Integrity

____ Health

____ Integrity

____ Safety

____…… [Read More]

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Values and Provide an Overview of My

Words: 395 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14474772

values and provide an overview of my character. These three situations also illustrate how I respond to challenges, problems, and crises by using creativity, critical thinking, and communication. The first situation arose while I was working with Airtel. Airtel's launch of its broadband service was based on high density ATM DSLAMs. The DSLAMs had 16 Mbps of upstream capacity, which seemed like huge amount at the time. What the planning team did not foresee was that the 16 Mbps upstream capacity was quickly choked as consumers demanded increased bandwidth. The finance team would not authorize any upgrades, and at the same time, the DSLAM vendor demanded further purchases as per our contract. I came up with a solution. First, I put together a task force with members from all affected stakeholders. We worked with the vendor, who ultimately agreed to buy back existing equipment, while supplying a new range of…… [Read More]

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Value Accounting the Effects of

Words: 875 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38098913

In theory, of course, this means that values would end up fluctuating more in response to market fluctuations, which would lead to further market fluctuations and thus more value changes, etc., etc. etc. In reality it is doubtful that this state of affairs would lest into perpetuity, as eventually investors would become used to the new schema and reactions would grow more measured. And even the initial volatility that has been observed might not indicate a problem.

Moyer (2008) claims that in discounting existing capital and management, fair value accounting practices replace objectivity in financial analysis with fear. What this claim in essence boils down to us that fair value accounting practices demand values to be assessed solely on the current state of affairs rather than on potentials. Clearly, management and capital are only as valuable as what they are able to produce; an assessment of value based on their…… [Read More]


AICPA. (2009). "FAQs about fair value accounting." The American institute of certified public accountants. Accessed 2 October 2009.  http://www.aicpa.org/MediaCenter/fva_faq.htm 

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Value of Using Assistive Technology

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All the same, the use of assistive technology comes with a cost of time and demands however, benefits are greater than the shortcomings and when assistive technology is implemented properly in to academic work, the young scholars becomes more productive, independent, and successful (Axistive, 2007).

With regard to the above research, assistive technology remains a great motivator for tutors/teachers to give authority to children. It helps young children especially those with disabilities to have interest to achieve more and feel as able members of the society, just like other normal children. For this to be successful, educational learning standards that involve individual learning differences (CEC 3) calls for educators to ensure they have the required skills in strategizes for both short- and long-term benefits. The instructional strategies (CEC 4) should have procedures that understand the child completely. All these are for an expected beneficial outcome that uses a well-organized structure…… [Read More]


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