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TQM Theory in Airport Passenger Handling

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Total Quality Management Theory

Total Quality Management Development

How Total Quality Management (TQM) Theory can be applied to improve the airport passenger handling

Total Quality Management (TQM) specifically deals with work process and people. Implementation of TQM calls for team work and employee involvement. All operations, suppliers, and customers have to be involved. Besides, it also calls for performance measurement. TQM is normally implemented by business organizations to satisfy its customers. It improves organizational performance (Asher, 1996).

Work processes have to be coordinated for continuous improvement in business units to be realized. The underlying reason behind this is meeting customer expectations. TQM endeavors a scenario where quality is enhanced in all facets of an organization while costs are kept at bare minimum. Any organization irrespective of its size can implement TQM especially if it wants to meet the demands of the customers. A major setback has however been the non-compliance…… [Read More]

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TQM ISO What Is TQM and ISO Both

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What is TQM and ISO?

oth the Total Quality Management (TQM) and International Standards Organization (ISO) management systems are used to continually improve quality levels and ensure greater data accuracy and reporting. While there are many differences, TQM is considered more of an entire series of processes used for continually improving quality levels across the entire value chain of their businesses (Luis, Javier, Del Mar, 2004). The ISO standards are often used as a benchmark or mile marker in many industries to determine how best to stay in compliance to quality standards and requirements (Talha, 2004).

Why TQM and ISO Is Used in Organizations

Most often TQM is used as both a framework and system for unifying all quality management standards, strategies, processes and programs throughout an organization (Luis, Javier, Del Mar, 2004). TQM encompasses powerful techniques for managing quality including Six Sigma which is very useful to keeping…… [Read More]


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TQM Operations

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Total Management Quality

Question 1 Company Mission Statements

According to these organization's website's the mission statement of the Marriott-Ritz Carlton Corporation is simply that the consumer or the investor "Look no further," for quality. McDonald's website, although it provides an additional page detailing the wealth of values upheld by the corporation ultimately simply proclaims, "I'm Loving it" as its mission statement. GE, in contrast, has a far more extensive mission statement, proclaiming that: "From jet engines to power generation, financial services to plastics, and medical imaging to news and information, GE people worldwide are dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into leading products and services that help solve some of the world's toughest problems." The UPS website provides even more detail, noting little-known facts how the company was "founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a $30 billion corporation by clearly focusing…… [Read More]

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TQM Contemporary Management Philosophy Total

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In fact, the local public library, increasingly threatened by competition from other entertainment sources such as expanded home entertainment systems, deluxe bookstores with cafes, and the Internet, could do well to adopt TQM principles. "A library should focus on providing the best services possible, and be willing to change to serve its customers. To determine if changes need to be made, a library administrator might ask: hat are our niche markets? hat do the customers come in for? How can I look at the efficiency of my library? How do we serve the current customers that exist today? (Masters, 2003, citing Total Quality Management, 1995). In short first learn about the customer, in this case the library patron and then solve the problems with attendance.

A library that alienated customers by being old, poorly lit, and dusty, could improve its customer service by creating more open, airy, and well-lit places…… [Read More]

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TQM Initiatives at Ford Motors

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Normally, the designer's direct involvement into the user-research process is noted to be limited. There is however a need for a close collaboration between the researchers and the designers so that the quality attributes that are desired by the clients are adequately included into the final product (Donnelly, 2000).

It is therefore clear that for the user's perceptions of quality to be adequately captured and incorporated into the design and production stages of a given product, usability research must be thoroughly conducted and the results clearly communicated by the researchers to the design team. Ford Motors's application of a user-centric approach to the production of its products makes it very crucial for the company to actively be connected to the latest thoughts and perceptions that its clients may harbor.

The successful the initiative

It is important that the success of the TQM initiative to be gauged so as to highlight…… [Read More]


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TQM and CQI Comparing Total

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CQI is often seen as more forward- or futures-based compared to TQM, which is more of a series of techniques and initiatives to unify an organization around a common theme of quality and performance to customers' expectations (Lonial, Menezes, Tarim, Tatoglu, Zaim, 2010).

Unique Contributions To Quality Each Provides

TQM is ideally used for enterprise-wide shifts in strategy to be more quality and customer-driven while CQI is more oriented toward a specific process or strategy area where statistical analysis can be used to define parameters and predict an outcome based on improving quality. Of the two, CQI can deliver more immediate impact within a healthcare organization as it defines a specific strategy within a given process area. TQM on the other hand is better for redefining an entire corporate culture and making it more quality-based (Talib, ahman, Azam, 2011).

Implications for the Quality of Health Care

CQI is best suited…… [Read More]


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Operations TQM

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Although all are fast food establishments, the designed layouts at McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Burger King vary slightly but significantly. Of all the establishments, McDonald's is the most image-conscious and intent upon marketing to children. Thus many McDonald's tend to be physically larger than the aforementioned other establishments. McDonald's caters more to fast food dining at the establishment, and containing such ambient elements as playgrounds and cushioned seating areas. Food establishments that cater more to quick dining and try to require less personnel in their design to keep costs down, such as traditional roadside eateries like Roy Rogers tend to allow customers to serve themselves, although chains such as endy's have, to a rather dramatic effect, deployed the use of 'fixings' or salad bars as ways of stressing the homey nature of the enterprise. In contrast, Taco Bell tends to emphasize the inexpensive nature of its offerings and…… [Read More]

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Cessna and TQM

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Quality Management

The situation, involving Cessna is showing how an older firm had become a victim of its own success. This occurred with the company failing to understand, the challenges they were facing inside the marketplace or how to adapt. In 1998, the management decided that a new strategy needed to be utilized to change the mindset and focus of the company (i.e. Total Quality Management). This process involves streamlining operations and reducing waste throughout the entire organization. To fully understand how this works requires carefully examining how Cessna enacted these changes, their results and how this helps to improve logistics / supply chain management. These different elements will illustrate the lasting impacts of the strategy on the firm. ("Our History," 2014) (Plunkett, 2009)

Discuss why Cessna took on this initiative?

Cessna took on this program in order to change the culture and attitudes within the firm. From the 1960s…… [Read More]


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Use of TQM and SPC

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total quality management (TQM), and statistical process control (SPC) implementation in a manufacturing plant set up by a foreign company in the border zone of North Mexico, in order to produce finished goods for export. Information on this type of organization was made available by a 2003 study conducted by Nael Aly and Daniel Scholss and published in The TQM Magazine (Vol. 15, Iss. 1; pg. 30). These companies offer a world of opportunities for an intrepid business-person, as labor is cheap, there are many commercial facilities, government support is high and Mexico's proximity to the United States makes it perfect for developing such a business. Effects on the American economy are difficult to evaluate -- both from a producer's and a consumer's points-of-view. Lower salaries than in the U.S. translate into higher work productivity, while low transportation costs and North American commercial agreements mean that access to the U.S.…… [Read More]


1. Aly N., Schloss, D., "Assessing quality management systems of Mexico's maquiladoras" The TQM Magazine. Bedford: 2003.Vol.15, Iss. 1; pg. 30

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3. Information on TQM and SPC concepts
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Quality Management Principals Over the

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As, they have been focused on implementing select aspects of the strategy. While it is ignoring, key provisions of this criteria. Once this occurs, it means that they will not be effective in meeting TQM ideas.

Compare how well company 2 positioned against ISO 9000.

Johnson & Johnson has been doing very well against this system. This is because; they have implemented all of the different categories in some way into their organization. Over the course of time, this has allowed the management to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace and understanding the needs of customers.

Compare both companies and where you recommend your company (Florida Department of Corrections) should improve in order to be a better quality company.

Johnson & Johnson is a better organization. This is because they have implemented various TQM principals, as a part of their organizational strategy. Once this occurred, it meant that they…… [Read More]


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Quality Management How Important Is the Concept

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Quality Management

How Important is the Concept of Quality in Strategy Formulation?

Companies, products and brands rise and fall on the quality of each successive product generation or new service being offered to businesses or consumers. Quality is so significant of a factor in the success of companies that studies suggest that it is a critically important catalyst for successful innovating one product generation to the next (Nowak, 1997). Product quality is increasingly the only differentiator in increasingly commoditized, undifferentiated markets as well (Frankforter, 1998). Due to all of these factors, strategic quality management encompassing Total Quality Management (TQM) is now an integral part of strategy formulation in many industries (Calingo, 1996).

Analysis of Quality in Strategy Formulation

The integration of quality management at an enterprise level of strategy planning often is a recursive process, where a company literally "leans" how to make quality part of its culture (Calingo, 1996).…… [Read More]


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Quality Management Organizations the Two

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The ability of any organization t transform itself into a quality-driven enterprise is predicated on hwo well it interprets and implements quality management standards corporate-wide (Kujala, Lillrank, 2004). Quality Auditing LLC is designed as a business to deliver these benefits.

The second quality management organization is Q-Plus Labs located in Irvine, California. The services this company offers include on-site measurement of quality management processes, onsite calibration of equipment to ISO standards, and pre-audit analysis of production and sourcing workflows. The company also has extensive expertise in Six Sigma analysis of quality management problems as well. Studies indicate that the greater the level of project management expertise and quality management methodology experience, the higher the success rate of client audits (Holschbach, Hofmann, 2011). This is what Q-Plus Labs provides in terms of expertise, in addition to using a series of quality management tools to provide insights into how best to modify…… [Read More]


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Quality Management Creating a Culture

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All of these elements taken together are critically important for quality, not complacency or mere compliance to the minimum set of requirements, to take hold and drive lasting cultural shifts in an organizational entity (Almaraz, 1994).

The second key success factor is structural integration of the change management programs, TQM initiatives, and broader strategic plans and initiatives of the organization. For many healthcare providers, this galvanizing factor is the development of effort patient management programs including patient quality control audit initiatives that measure quality of car using the Six Sigma framework (Clemson, Lowe, 1993). This approach to defining quality management makes it quantitatively clear what the differences are in each dimension of quality, further highlighting areas needing the most improvement.

Conclusion and Applying the Lessons Learned

Culture often can stop positive change in quality management from occurring. When this happens, healthcare organizations need to concentrate on creating a culture that…… [Read More]


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Quality Management Analysis and Recommendations for Rubicon

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Quality Management Analysis and ecommendations for ubicon Group -- a Travelcom Company

It is common for quality management symptoms and problems to appear when two or more organizations are integrated together, as is the case of the business units within the ubicon Group. It is imperative however in assessing support services using quality management frameworks and techniques to not focus too closely on the symptoms and not see the greater strategic challenges and roadblocks standing in the way of greater levels of customer service quality (Sepic, McNabb, 1994). The intent of this analysis is to explain how ubicon Group can use the frameworks of Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, lean principles and balanced scorecards (BSC) to attain a higher level of performance and customer satisfaction. Treating the symptoms will only get the customer service team so far. A key underlying assumption of this analysis is that the fundamental nature…… [Read More]


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Quality Management in Sport Tourism

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Quality Management in Sports Tourism

It should surprise no one that "travel and tourism [are] the world's largest industry" (Moli). Most people have not wanted to travel far outside the bounds of a resort or a prescribed tourist destination, but that is not necessarily the case anymore. Since people from wealthier countries are now able to travel easily to even the most remote spot n the world, it has become vogue to visit out-of-the-way spots. The benefits of this can be seen in the fact that nations which have not previously been able to provide jobs for their people to any extent whatsoever are now employing large numbers in these two industries. Travel and tourism are a global market and they scene is set for more adventurous and exotic types of travel.

One of the fastest growing segments of this market is sports tourism. More people are seeing the benefits…… [Read More]

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Quality Management and Effective Cost Reduction Achieved

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Quality Management and Effective Cost Reduction Achieved at Bosch GmbH, Germany by Implementation of Its Systems with Special Emphasis on otal Quality Management

Company Profile

"Prevention" -- Quality Management

Product Design

Process Design And It Enabled Solutions

I Involvement

Material, Manpower, Knowledge and Its Quality

Cost Of Quality

Operations Objectives -- Application Of Quality Management Principle For Better Productivity And Profits

Gap models qm - Quality Management

qm - otal Quality Management

ISO - International Standards Organization

CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAD - Computer Aided Design

In Robert Bosch GmbH, quality management is a holistic approach to a comprehensive assimilation of precise customer requirements, and satisfying customer aspirations by making consistent quality deliveries at the right price, in time and with least hassles to the community around you. Quality management, therefore, involves the effective design of the products, and the processes focused on customer specifications, besides planning the product…… [Read More]

They have achieved all this with great diligence by pooling of information on common purchase requirements and holding on to a consistent policy in their purchase, and by expanding the cooperation between departments for a better understanding, and consequently, increase in efficiency. They are also setting up a global cross divisional purchasing center for automotive parts to enable economical purchasing activity on several components that are being standardized both for inventory reduction purposes and for the benefit of bulk purchase leading to price reduction (UPCOMING, 2009).


Robert Bosch GmbH has always maintained the human resources development systems in line with the latest business practices, and the latest production technologies that accrue from a highly advanced system of information and production technologies that have been sweeping
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Quality Management on Domestic and

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Also in addition to this, there are a series of general quality requirements raised by the market in case.

Furthermore, each company establishes a set of quality objectives that must be met by their services. Based on these quality objectives, the companies are then able to determine the costs that will be required by their services. Based on these calculations, the companies can establish financial target, sales targets, and can estimate the probable income for the following periods of time.

One of the differences between the two companies in relation with the implementation of the quality management system is represented by the equipment in which each of these companies has invested. The types of equipment used in the quality management process include &D equipments, test equipment, measure equipment, and public equipment.

Given the size of the international airlines company, it has the financial capability of using expensive, efficient equipments that…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Quality Management Systems (2010). Department of Trade and Industry. Retrieved March 18, 2010 from .

2. Easton, G.S. & Jarrell, S.L. (1996). The Effects of Total Quality Management on Corporate Performance: An Empirical Investigation. Emory University, Department of Decision and Information Analysis. Retrieved March 18, 2010 from .
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Quality Management

Words: 904 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29536544

Janson Medical Clinic

Construct a Pareto diagram for dissatisfaction. What conclusions do you reach?

Creating a Pareto diagram of dissatisfaction shows how poor the overall patient experience is in the Janson Medical Clinic from a care and treatment perspective. As the case indicates that the process for making an appointment is streamlined and easily accomplished, it is not surprising that this aspect of the dissatisfaction metric scores the least. The top three areas that generate the highest levels of patient satisfaction include the ease of getting through on the phone, ease of getting a convenient appointment, and the length of time patients wait to see a physician. The following Pareto analysis illustrates the results.

What is alarming about the performance of the Jansen Medical Clinic from a patient satisfaction perspective is how low seven of the 14 attributes track score. The attributes so critical to delivering an excellent patient experience…… [Read More]

Visit the quality site .; Find an article pertaining to the major concepts presented in chapters 13 and 14. In your post, discuss how the article relates to the concepts presented in chapters 13 and 14. Cite your article and source.

In the article Six Sigma Lessons from Deming, Part 2 by Dr. Anthony Burns discusses the need for having a more egalitarian approach to how quality management is implemented through organizations. He successfully illustrates how the traditional Black Belt model is antiquated and often slows down companies from being able to bring faster change throughout their organizations. This is illustrates throughout the many examples shown of how the various level of Black Belts fail to bring a greater level of quality ownership. He also successfully contrasts the role of Deming in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma Black Belt hierarchies, showing how the former brings a greater level of task and change ownership.

His focus on quality being everyone's responsibility shows why TQM is so effective as a technique for insuring greater ownership through an organizations struggling to excel. Juxtapositioning this with the role of Back Belts as quality leaders and experts shows how they are complementary to one another. The author successfully shows the tension between these two areas are often critically important from a conflict standpoint to move an organization forward as well. Finally, the article shows how an organization staffed with exceptional Black Belts is not enough; there needs to also be expertise at change management as well. The ability to bring greater adoption of quality management concepts and its value depend on both.
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Quality Management a Comparison Between Southwest Airline

Words: 1145 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98271125

Quality Management

A Comparison between Southwest Airline and Domestic and International Business Operations

Southwest airline is an American company that offers services domestically. The company's main competition is other domestic airlines. Ford Motor Company is an American automaker that operates in the United States and worldwide. Ford competes in the United States and globally. The decisions made by the leaders of these two organizations have directly impacted the outcome of these organizations. In this paper I will discuss Southwest airlines and how the organization manages to stay competitive domestically. I will discuss Ford and their strategies for remaining competitive globally. I will also discuss the distribution of power in both of these organizations.

Southwest Produces Competition Domestically

Southwest airline is the most successful low fare airline in the United States. This company has modified the way traditional airlines functions and conducts daily business. "Southwest airlines is the largest airline in…… [Read More]


Box, T.M. & Byus, K. (2007). Southwest Airlines 2007. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies. 15 (1) 21-27

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Quality Management in Pharma Comparing

Words: 980 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12890924

Quality as a product differentiator must be an explicit goal in defining audit objectives in highly regulated industries if manufacturers are to retain and grow the trust of their suppliers and distribution channels (Schnoll, 2008).

How Traceability Contributes to Great Competitiveness

Traceability is essential for both companies to be in compliance to domestic and global pharmaceutical standards and laws, yet this is just the baseline from which both companies analyzed here begin from. For traceability to be effective in contributing to greater competitiveness, the process shown in Figure 1 must be seen as always being improved. The tangential processes that are related to traceability, from reverse logistics and supply chain management to pricing and brand management, all have a major impact on each company's ability to maintain its pricing structure and business model. In effect this process is pivotal to each company attaining its strategic goals. Traceability also connotes accountability…… [Read More]


Christine Connolly. (2007). Sensor trends in processing and packaging of foods and pharmaceuticals. Sensor Review, 27(2), 103.

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Quality Management in the Contemporary Business Environment

Words: 766 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70530204

Quality Management

In the contemporary business environment, business control chart is very critical to enhance continuous business process and business improvement. The use of statistical process control charts (SPC) is very critical to enhance improvement and quality of products and service. Process control chart is a statistical tool that allows business to record data regarding the performances of business process on a regular basis. The data may be recorded hourly, weekly or on daily basis. The major objective for using SPC is to compare the present product performances with the past product performances and allow a business to prevent defective materials. Thus, SPC is powerful tool to enhance continuous business improvement. (Harrington, 2009).

Objective of this paper is to use the control chart process to determine the weekly sales process of Ford Motor Company.

X Bar and . Process Control Charts for Weekly Sales of Ford Motor

The charts are…… [Read More]


Florida Department of Health (2011). Basic Tools for Process Improvement Module 10. Control Chart. Florida. USA.

Harrington, H, J. (1991). Business Improvement Process: The Breakthrough Strategy for Total Quality Productivity, and Competitiveness. McGraw-Hill Professional. UK.
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Enterprise Balancing Quality Management Initiatives and Programs

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60240853

enterprise, balancing quality management initiatives and programs relative to business excellence frameworks is both a paradox and potential opportunity to better unify these two potentially conflicting strategic priorities. The levels of success enterprises have in balancing Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives on the one hand and business excellence frameworks on the other is illustrated in the Philips BEST (Business Excellence through Speed and Teamwork) initiative (de Kort, 2004, pg. 377). Philips was able to successfully define the intersection of quality management with their TQM and Six Sigma initiatives while pursuing management of quality through their BEST framework (Adebanjo, 2001, pg. 39). How Philips was able to accomplish this and still innovate, compete and grow their customer base has valuable lessons for other companies as well. The intent of this analysis is to assess the Philips BEST model with specific reference to the importance of teamwork, transformational leadership and trust across…… [Read More]

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Cost Management vs Quality Management

Words: 860 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92304846

Management & Quality Management

Cost and Quality Management in CIS Project Development

Project management in CIS (Computer Information System) is a task that requires skills and strategies to achieve a successful end product. This involves the application of techniques in the different project stages and activities. It allows an organized process of development, enabling results into functional systems, applications, and software. CIS project management includes resource management, development team management, project requirement management, cost management, and quality management.

Essential to CIS project management components that must be considered are the cost aspects necessary during and after the phases of development, as well as the quality procedures that should be undertaken to ensure an effective and efficient system product. It is essential to utilize such project management components, which serve as strategies, to achieve a functional system that conforms to user and client requirements.

Cost and quality managements, which are two…… [Read More]


Low-cost Software Strategies.

Sun.Co.Uk. 29 August 2003.
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Quality One of the Most

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The underlying theory is simple: a company can still fail even if it produces high quality goods. It could, for example, have a bloated management structure. hat TQM does is it allows the company to manage everything so that senior management knows the value that all parts of the company contribute to the bottom line.

ith this high level of control, the total quality movement focuses on enhancing quality through the synthesis of structure and strategy (Lowder, 2007). For example, a firm that derives competitive advantage through its reputation for high quality will design its organization and its systems so that every aspect of the organization supports that strategy. The same is true of a firm with a cost leadership strategy. At al-Mart, for example, every aspect of that company is designed to lower the cost per unit sold. Companies that rely on innovation likewise have designed their organization and…… [Read More]

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Managing Quality With Six Sigma

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The Improve Phase of the DMAIC process is also essential for managing the piloting and testing of the Six Sigma solutions discovered. It is also essential during the new product development process for measuring and quantifying the unique value proposition of the product or service being produced as well. The final phase, Control, is essential in both a Six Sigma and new product introduction process as well (Pestorius, 2007).


The DMAIC process aligns very well to the new product development and introduction process and is used extensively for that purpose in applying Six Sigma to marketing. Six Sigma can change an entire company's culture and make the many processes synchronized and in unison in making new product introductions more profitable and capable of gaining market share as a result.


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Management Case Study Where the Rubber Meets

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Management Case Study

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Total quality management (TQM), defined in the most simplistic of terms, is the incremental improvement of all facets of a business to increase customer satisfaction and, in turn, company viability. Although TQM is often applied first to manufacturing functions in an organization (zero defects, on-time production), the intent of TQM is equally meaningful in all aspects of business, from administrative (zero defects in billing and timely collection of accounts receivable), to distribution (no breakage, just-in-time delivery) to management (appropriate incentive structures, timely and accurate stakeholder reporting). The increased efficiency and competitiveness created through TQM initiatives is not limited to only the manufacturing sector, with many of the benefits of TQM occurring in the service sector, too.

In the case of ridgestone/Firestone, TQM was not pursued prior to the recall of its 6.5 million tires in 2000, as evidenced by the magnitude…… [Read More]


Case study: Where the rubber meets the road