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Trade Unions Essays (Examples)

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Trade Union Membership
Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85659208
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Gerry is employed, part-time, for the last 6 months, by a takeaway eatery. Owing to poor work conditions, he decides upon becoming a trade union member. His boss finds him sharing trade union related information with another worker, causing him to lose his job. The reason provided is: his work’s demand has decreased. Gerry’s case is quite strong, since he lost employment owing to his superior discovering his associations with a trade union and not because demand for his work had actually decreased.
1. Is the resistance of employers to unionization a new phenomenon or simply a return to the historic relationship that has existed between unions and managements in the United States?
America’s labor and business history can be traced back to Philadelphian Cordwainers, and teems with cases of organizational opposition to unionization. The elemental differences between trade unionists’ and capitalists’ objectives, values, beliefs and ideas is what…

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Trade Union Act of 2016 Essay
Words: 3983 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Essay Prompt:
On 4th May 2016 The Trade Union Bill received royal assent to become the Trade Union Act 2016.

Employment Minister Nick Boles said:
These changes will ensure people are only ever disrupted by industrial action when it is supported by a reasonable proportion of union members. The Trade Union Act means the rights of the public to go about their lives are fairly balanced with members ability to strike.

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey said:
The bills progress today is a dark day for workers and for those who speak up in their defence when power is misused.
(Adapted from Moss (2016) Trade Union act 2016 becomes law, Personnel Today available at )

The Trade Union Act (2016) has been a controversial piece of legislation and did not have a smooth passage through parliament. The draft regulations are set to come into force on 1st March 2017.…

Union Labor Contemporary Voices Routinely
Words: 3659 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59545153
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To intimidate striking workers or escort strike breakers, workers who would replace the individuals striking, across picket lines some employers contracted private companies like the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

The United States Department of Labor reports that the Coal Strike of 1902 proved to be a turning point in U.S. policy. On October 3, 1902, to address the strike in the Pennsylvania anthracite coal fields that he perceived to threaten a coal famine, President Theodore oosevelt resolved to end the strike by setting a precedent for the Federal Government's interventions. After a bitter battle, with President oosevelt's intervention, both sides of the coal labor dispute agreed to the findings of the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission. As a result, labor and industry accepted that the public possessed overriding rights as well as vital interests. President oosevelt's voice and negotiation skills returned peace to the coalfields (the Coal Strike of 1902…, 2010).



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Union Organizing Campaign I Human Resource Management
Words: 710 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36004894
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Union Organizing Campaign

I Human esource Management college I assignment studying alot unions workplace assignment I .Thanks Written Assignment 2 2-4 pages You hired XYZ a consultant. They facing a union organizing campaign.

Senior Management

The Consultant

The union organizing campaign

All employees should be allowed to join labor unions. The protection of the rights of employees in joining unions is one factor that leads to better establishment of a company. The company has to respect and acknowledge the responsibilities of unions in representing the interests of the employees.

The advantages of joining a union are that, it gives the employees the mandate to act together as a team, so as to improve on the working conditions at their respective places of work. Working in a union free environment denies the workers the chance to raise their grievances about the poor status of their places of work, for fear of…


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Unions the Statement The Role of Unions
Words: 1642 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47926401
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The statement, "the role of unions has declined inversely to the passage of social legislation," means that unions have filed to be as effective as before as the passage of social legislation fills in the need for them.

Employees' unions have traditionally sought fairer wages and working hours and more humane working conditions through the formal process called collective bargaining between a union and the employer. Under federal labor laws, most private sector workers have the right to collective bargaining (Malfaro 1998), but not to those who work for state governments and institutions. Policemen and firefighters are exceptions.

In recent years, however, public-sector employees slowly gained the right to collective bargaining by forming coalitions and only after quasi-collective bargaining "meet-and-confer" efforts with public employers for many years (Malfaro). Teachers' unions have tried engaging in non-binding negotiations with school board through the process called consultation, sometimes fruitfully, sometimes not. ut…


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Trade Show Industry in Germany
Words: 31155 Length: 113 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 38292092
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Significance of the Study

This study is significant because it sheds light on a very important contributor to local and international trade. Trade fairs have a long history in providing a meeting place for buyers and sellers. They are an important channel of communication for B2B buyers and sellers. This is a significant area for study because there are limited channels of communication between B2B buyers and sellers. The previous sections have diversified the importance of communication to trade. B2B buyers and sellers cannot use mass channels of communication such as television advertising or newspaper advertising. In this market usage of personal visits and demonstrations are the common channels of marketing and communication. The B2B selling and marketing activities are less highlighted in research than B2C activities. Therefore, this study is significant because it explores a very important channel of marketing and communication in the B2B market.

The study is…

UFI.(2009). The Trade Fair Industry in Asia, 5th edition: A UFI report researched and compiled by Business Strategies Group Executive Summary -- for UFI members only." Business Strategies Group Ltd. [online] Available at  [Accessed 10 May, 2012].

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Union Labor Disputes Canada Wal-Mart
Words: 6077 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74391495
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But when it just recently occurred in 2004 at a store in Jonquiere, British Columbia, the reader must appreciate that a real battle had been won. The original efforts of that particular store for example had the local labor Commission reject certification by a margin of 74 to 65. When the union announced that it won the coveted certification at Quebec, it was quite a blow to the retailer. The Quebec Labour elations Commission issued the order certifying the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) as the bargaining agent of employees in Wal-Mart's store in Jonquiere. As noted, the reason a victory of this magnitude is huge is because of the policies and tactics used by Wal-Mart. The retailer works diligently to prevent its workforce from engaging in any collective action and they have consistently shown that they are willing to cross the line to guarantee their position.



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Unions in America Today the Document Outlines
Words: 2038 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12719302
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Unions in America today

The document outlines the pros and cons of unions in America. It takes into consideration how unions improve the working environments for workers. The paper considers the power of unions on law makers, collective bargaining and other advantages. The cons include decline in competitive advantage for American companies, low productivity and motivation and many others.

In any organization, unions act as binding agreements between employees and management. In this case, a group of persons are responsible for conducting negotiations with the management for the purpose of enhancing the welfare of workers. Unions originate from the period of American depression when workers faced various work challenges including low remuneration, and unfavorable working conditions. The purpose of this essay is to explore the pros and cons of unions in America in the current times.


Unions improve the working conditions and welfare of workers

One of the positive…


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Unions Are Necessary and Toward
Words: 1722 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90491979
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As well when the same individuals were polled responses given stating that they believed that unions would become weaker in the future totaled 53%. It is certain that should unions fail to exist that individuals in today's work and labor forces would certainly receive less compensation, less vacation and leave time, less fringe benefits and that they would receive much less in the way of pension from the company following retirement.

Recommendations for Future Research

Arising from this brief review are recommendations for further research for the purpose of examining why it is that labor and worker unions are likely to become weaker in the future than they are presently.


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Unions Get New Memberships a
Words: 2013 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 68752032
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This new generation of activists on college campuses nationwide has inspirited students to talk about their concerns about workers rights. This effort was also conducted largely through e-mail campaigns over the Internet. Some graduate students have already formed their own unions.

Appealing to Right-To-Work States

Arizona, famously known as a right-to-work state, is emerging as a new stomping ground for labor unions. Organized labor is making one of its largest efforts in state history to recruit new members and increase its political clout (Graham and Pitzl).

The effort cuts across a broad swath of industries that includes iron workers, painters, grocery-store workers, and state government employees.

Two unions kicked off their combined effort to organize state government workers, citing low pay and the need to have a voice on working conditions.

Union groups are leading the drive to establish a minimum wage in Arizona. "Arizona's labor unions have never been…


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Unions in the U S
Words: 1288 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 17055588
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HM as Intermediaries Between Management and Unions

Unions & HM

HM as Intermediary between Management and Unions

Centuries ago employees had little or no power when it came to negotiating wages, hours, and work conditions with their employers and often suffered great hardship as a result (Brown and Warren, 2011, p. 97). Eventually employees formed labor unions to take advantage of their collective power, thus forcing employers to improve compensation and work conditions, a practice that continues to play an important role in many economies globally.

The ole of Unions in the United States

The United States has experienced a greater than 50% decline in the prevalence of labor unions since the 1960s (Brown and Warren, 2011, p. 96) and on a global scale is one of the least unionized economies today (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [OECD], 2011). Yet, the U.S. ranks as one of the most productive…


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trade and international business
Words: 1365 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36687831
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Unit 5

A neo-mercantilist trade policy is defined as a situation where the state plays an active role in shaping trade, building a close relationship with the country's businesses. In doing this, the state will take steps to encourage exports, discourage imports, and generally seek to create the conditions where the nation's producers can thrive (Thoma, 2009). Based on this definition, it is hard to argue against the idea that China is employing a neomercantilist policy. The PRC exerts strong control over imports, while providing a wide range of support to exporters. These supports include currency manipulation – not allowing the yuan to float freely is passive manipulation – the provision of financing by the state-owned banking system, and a system of favorable trade barriers.

China's trading partners should take action – the question is what? There are limits to what actions can be taken within the confines of…

Beginning or End of Unions
Words: 2478 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81505793
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Unions are various organizations are formed by and for workers to practice collective wages, objectives, rules and benefits in a workplace environment. Unions started to grow mainly after the civil war as one of the reactions to contemporary industrial economy requirements.

Labor unions began forming in the mid-19th century, but because of their large scales and poor organization, soon collapsed. At its peak membership and power in the 1970's, private sector union membership sill continues to decline. Careful consideration on the necessity of union support in relation to union decline, influential generational aspects, and also external impacts as well as direction are detrimental in the success of unions in the 21st century. (Borjas, 2009)

There have been a lot of factors contributing to the success and failures of unions. Few of them include the federal and international labour laws, disagreements amongst workers as to form unions and what kinds of…


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Union Negotiations Collect Bargaining
Words: 2928 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35978063
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Union Negotiations

In the 1990s, America was undergoing a major transformation. What was happening, is globalization (i.e. free trade agreements) made is possible to have access to numerous markets around the world without having to worry about tariffs. This created a transformation in the way many firms are operating by giving them the ability to: increase their profits and lower their labor costs. (Watcher, 2007, pp. 23 -- 29)

In the case of Caterpillar (i.e. Cat), they were dealing with similar challenges during this time. This is because, the firm was trying to lower its labor costs and increase their profit margins. However, a major challenge existed with the contract that the firm had in place with the United Auto Workers (UAW). In this situation, Cat wanted to move away from its traditional business structure to one that is more focused on: specific products lines and geographic locations. This created…


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Unions There Are Several Differences
Words: 1030 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6345286
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There is a greater emphasis on written decrees or by-laws in union governance. Such rules help to enforce the structure of the union and create a system of governance (Housden, 2010). However, these rules lack consistency and at times lack transparency. For employers, such rules are generally limited and the managers are given significant leeway with respect to achieving their singular goal.

Lastly, the nature of the publicly-traded corporation means that there is more consistency and transparency in governance of employers. The governance principles and structures do not vary significantly from one employer to the next, even if the overall effectiveness of the governance mechanisms does. In unions, governance can vary dramatically. There is far less transparency, and there is often little direct contact between union leadership and the rank-and-file. Union leadership serves the needs of multiple locals, in addition to union head office. The possibility of conflicting objectives between…

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Trade Blocs in the Global
Words: 1489 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77534724
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Despite the fact that it is considered to be responsible for the immense inequalities in the economic sector, it also provides the progress for least developed countries and the environment for the maintenance of the developed countries. The existence of trade blocks such as NAFTA or ASEAN are even more reasons to consider globalization as a means of improvement in terms of politics, economic, and social aspects of life.


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Globalization Union Decline and Recession
Words: 1674 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79813022
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Globalization Union Decline

Trade unions are the most important constituent of the system of current industrial relations in any country. Every trade union has a particular set of objectives or milestones to reach. It is a fact that modifications in the field of politics and education as well as societal structures may rechristen the unions as a forum for the protection and furtherance of the interests of the workers. The unions play a pivotal role in improving the workers' quality of life by helping them to make their customary roles of creating conditions of service bigger. A trade union can, thus, be simply described as "a continuous association of wage-earners for the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their working lives" (as qtd. In Sinha, Sinha & Shekhar, 2006).

Trade unions serve as a fundamental and influential feature in the modern-day system of making and supply of commodities…


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Benefits Role and Criticisms of Labor Unions
Words: 3319 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16689905
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Role of Labor Unions in Industrial Relations

In their definition, labor unions have always been known as organizations that have always aimed at getting their members both financial and non-financial benefits. The role of labor unions is however bigger than that and they have been known to aid in helping employers improve the productivity and discipline of their workers. Labor unions respond to issues differently. This is explained by the differences in industrial relations contexts and also policies of different states as well as strategies of the various employers around the country.

Employees come together to form a labor union to achieve a common goal. Labor unions have several goals. Some of the goals include agitating for higher retirement benefits as well as other benefits for its members. They also seek to increase the number of workers assigned for specific job tasks. They ensure that employees work under good and…


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Bny Mellon-Union Avoidance Program Bny Mellon Human
Words: 3088 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97002460
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Bny Mellon-Union Avoidance Program

BNY Mellon Human esource

Management rights to avoid union program

Severance of benefits and wages

Monetary losses

Non-availability of unemployment insurance

Limited monetary benefits paid by unions

Economic implications for the company

eferendum on Unionization

estructuring wage structure

During a union organizing drive in any organization, it is the right of company's management to convince their employees of the potential benefits that not being part of a union may have for both the company as well as the employees. This is the crucial period when the union organizers, in this case International Brotherhood of Teamsters, will try to convince each employee of the potential benefits of joining a union. The usual tactics employed by union organizers are shortlist the opinion leaders and active members of employees and convince them. These opinion leaders in turn are tasked with convincing their coworkers to register in the union. In…


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Social Partnership' and the Implications for Trade
Words: 2311 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66320813
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Social Partnership' And

The Implications for Trade Unions

This report attempts to explain what is meant by the term social partnership and it also evaluates some implications of social partnerships on trade unions. Social Partnerships have been elevated to be more of the foundation of industrial relations policies. Industrialized nations in these highly global, competitive and technologically advanced economic situations have all new social demands and issues. Labor parties and management teams today have come to realize and understand that if there are going to be economic success stories in their future, then both sides will be required to put emphasis on the importance of partnerships in the workplace. These partnerships entail new methods for problem solving, quality control and productivity. Today, both sides must understand that partnership agreements will help produce more socially adept workers who are well trained, prepared and competitive. Labor and management must come to a…


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Should Turkey Join the European Union
Words: 2133 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55869808
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Turkey Join the European Union

The accession of Turkey to the European Union has long been a subject of contention. The route of Turkey's membership to the European Union has been in process since 1959, but the consideration of Turkey being a part of the European Union is still an unresolved issue. A clear difference of point-of-view, regarding Turkish accession to the European Union prevails among the entire world, but Turkey is now in a suitable position to depict its manifesto as an independently developing Muslim majority country that owns all the necessary resources to survive at par with its competitors.

The European Union regards its self as a secular organization of European countries, which is reflected in there slogan "United in Diversity" (Dinan, 2004)? The slogan draws a clear picture that the European Union intends to unite the diversities from across the cultures, religions and traditions in order to…


L Baracani, E. (2007). Pre-accession and Neighbourhood. The European Union's Democratic Conditionality in Turkey and Morocco, 335-350.

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Human Resources Unions When Unions
Words: 3335 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98734194
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Unions have been dropping members at an incredible rate. The trouble can't be resolved by individual unions dealing with great, monopolistic, international companies. Unions must stick together and work in the political ring to elect government officials who understand that the nation is here for the citizens, and not for business (the Decline of Unions -- Why, 2007).

In 2000 the Union Network Federation (UNI) was fashioned with the purpose of structuring a coalition that could represent employees across many nations. According to UNI, when businesses are local, unions can be local; when businesses are national, unions must be national; when businesses are international, unions must be international. Apart from UNI, there are quite a few other international trade unions that could have some pressure on the expansion of unions internationally in the future. There are presently ten Global Union Federations (GUF's), which are the global representatives of unions in…


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The Decline of Unions -- Why? (2007). Retrieved March 11, 2011, from Web site:

Economics Politics Trade Geopolitical Base
Words: 7721 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22923523
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For the period of the late 1960s and early 1970s, West Germany strived to assist the dollar. The United States and many other nations pushed West Germany to reassess so as to make up for the dollar excess. (Germany in the World Economy)

At last, after escalating waves of conjectures, the retton Woods system had a collapse in August 1971. All through the post-retton Woods period, the deutsche mark stayed under pressure. In order to relieve strain within Europe, West Germany and other European states assented to peg their currencies to a special system of comparatively narrow exchange rate bands officially named the 'European narrow-margins agreement' but unofficially identified as the 'snake'. The United States and West Germany performed main roles in attempting to organize a new global monetary system. but, in spite of its willingness to make small exchange-rate alterations for the benefit of new currency arrangements, West Germany…


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Retrieved at,2340,en_2649_201185_33633425_1_1_1_1,00.html . Accessed on 24 November, 2004

Economy of Germany" Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved at  on 25 November, 2004

Fantasy of the European Union
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The less negative situation encountered in the zech Republic could be explained by the fact that since 1990 the expenditure on health services per capita has been permanently increasing despite the restrictions of social expenditure imposed on the zech economy (data from EORG research Health are System in entral Europe: December 2004).

onclusions. A survey conducted by the EORG in November 2004, 5 months after the accession of the four entral European countries (data from EORG research EU Membership: November 2004) illustrates the positive feelings of Hungarian, zech, Slovakian and Polish citizens regarding the European Union membership of their countries. The rate of agreement with EU membership was generally very high - over 75% in all the four countries - with variations among age groups, gender and occupation, and ranges from 81, 6% in Slovakia to 74, 7% in Hungary of the total number of respondents agreeing with EU membership…

Central European Opinion Research Group. "Personal Trust in Different Categories of Social Institutions.

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Relevance of Unions in America Unions Are
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elevance of Unions in America:

Unions are organizations whose primary role is to negotiate with corporations, businesses and other organizations on behalf of union members. Trade unions usually represent workers who work at a particular type of job such as the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). In contrast, industrial unions represent workers employed in a particular industry like the United Auto Workers (UAW). At the prime of the industrial revolution era, unions played a key role in securing better working conditions and wages for employees. Consequently, many unions formed in various fields like manufacturing and resource companies, textile factories, mines and steel mills. While they have spread into various industries, a large percentage of union membership can be found in utilities, transportation and government ("Unions: Do They Help?," 2009)

There are several concerns that have prompted the questioning of the role and relevance of unions in present…


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Outsourcing and Labor Unions
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Outsourcing Jobs and Labor Laws

Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries Without Fair Labor Laws

government currently does not prohibit companies from outsourcing jobs to foreign countries that do not have unions and/or fair labor laws. Whether this practice is acceptable or should be stopped is worthy of consideration. There are two main reasons for researching this topic. First, the cost to outsource to foreign countries is often much less than the cost to pay employees in the United States to do the same work (Baldwin, 2006; Dine, 2007). That means that the profit for the company can be larger, and the amount customers have to pay for the products can be lower, which benefits both the customers and the company (Panitch & Swartz, 2003). Second, not all countries have the same types of labor laws, and some countries have no unions and few labor laws at all (Schifferes, 2004). This…


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Part III -- Persuasive Paper: Possible Disadvantages and Answers

Evolution of Labor Unions Solidarity
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An increase in employee-management teamwork and communication likewise reduced the need for labor union representation. Labor unions, thus, no longer play the critical role they once did in labor-management relations (Encyclopedia of Small usiness, Maxwell).

A New Global Labor Federation

Representatives from trade unions throughout the world organized a new global labor federation to insure that workers' rights are not overlooked in economic globalization (Associated Press, 2006). The new body, the International Trade Union Confederation, replaced the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. It would adapt itself to the fresh challenges to the rights of unionized workers. It would also take bolder steps against forced and child labor. Appointed head of the new federation was Guy Ryder, who assured everyone that "the strong tradition of solidarity" would continue. He emphasized the importance of trade union unity in the international level in insuring effective representation of workers rights and interests in…


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International Trade Ever Since Adam Smith Demonstrated
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International Trade

Ever since Adam Smith demonstrated in The Wealth of Nations (1776) that individuals would be better off if they specialize, instead of trying to be economically self-sufficient, countries across the world have tried to apply the same principle to international trade. It is argued that all countries would be better off if they exchange the products and services that they are relatively good at producing for those things that other countries are relatively better at producing. David icardo (1772-1823), British economist and businessman, through his theory of Comparative Advantage went on to "prove" that it can be beneficial for two countries to trade, even if one of them is able to produce each item more cheaply than the other.

The colonialist powers, particularly Britain, had realized the benefits of international trade after its industrial revolution although it is highly debatable whether such trade was beneficial for the colonies…


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Nurses in Unions Negotiate From a Position of Strength
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Collective Bargaining

Basically collective bargaining is when an employer and employees (or their representatives) sit down and negotiate about something pertaining to the workplace. It may be a negotiation over workplace conditions, salaries, time off, or other matters important to employees. Typically when there is a union present in a workplace the union leaders will negotiate with management to improve conditions or to settle other issues that come up, according to Cornell University Law School.

hat are the legal components of collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining is governed by laws in states and at the federal level; the states have statutory laws, and there are federal and state administrative agency regulations and court decisions that govern how collective bargaining takes place. If there are overlapping regulations between states and the federal government, the U.S. Constitution (Article VI) points out that federal law "preempts" state law (

As to the legal components,…

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Negotiating With a Union
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Labor Unions

Involving the Bargaining Team

Labor unions once represented a significant share of the U.S. labor force, peaking at almost 35% of workers in 1954 however this percentage has declined steadily to less than twelve percent (Vachon & Wallace, 2013). The decline in the rate of unionization has left many organizations unfamiliar with responsibilities duties that they have to unionized members of their organization. Despite the unions not having as large of a presence in society, most of the rules and regulations that govern these interactions are just as strong today as they were in the peak of the union's power. Therefore, organizations that deal with the presence of unions must be cautious to ensure they meet all of their requirements. Furthermore, even though the number of unions has fallen, the average size of the membership base in organizations has grown; the number of members per union grew from…


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Norway and the European Union
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However, since its independence in 1905, Norway has worked towards building a strong economic base for its economy, although farmers and farming, too, continue to be strong identities in the nationalistic perception of Norwegians, its fishing industry, oil production and other natural resources. Norway's fishing industry is strong, although the country has some concerns about pollution and environmental issues, they're not strong or serious enough to adversely impact Norway's fishing economy.

First Attempts to Join the EC

At its inception, in 1948, the European Union was known as has the European Community, the EC; that a fully integrated Norway would mean economic enlargement for the EU. It offered attractive benefits to the European nations, and initially those benefits were comprised of a unified security system and economic incentives. One of the most appealing benefits for Norway, certainly appealing to Norway's farmers, is a subsidized farm plan that would generate income…


Burch, Stuart. "Norway and 1905: Stuart Burch Considers the Significance to Norway-Both in Terms of the Past and the Present-of the Anniversary of 1905, When the Country at Last Won Its Independence from Sweden." History Today, June 2005, 2+.

Trade Act of 1974 on Euro Exchange
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Trade Act of 1974 on Euro exchange rates?

Free Trade has been a key agenda for the past three presidents. In an expanding global market, tariffs and trade policies are more important today than they have been in the past. More and more countries are forming alliances such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Asian Alliance, and the European Union (EU). These trade agreements are meant to level the playing for all countries, both industrialized and emerging countries.

President Bush's trade policy is aimed at helping to generate American jobs, open markets to American products, and provide economic growth. Sometimes massive increases in imports can have a devastating effect on U.S. industries. [This has been the case for the U.S. steel Industry and is the issue addressed in Section 203 (B) (1) of the Trade Act of 1974. Foreign steel makers have had the luxury of government…

Works Cited

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Arnold, James. Steel spat could mean wider worries. BBC March 6, 2002.

Trade Issues Surrounding an Internationally
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It stated that the future negotiations will "try to achieve substantial improvements in market access; reductions of, with a view to phasing out, all forms of export subsidies; and substantial reductions in trade-distorting domestic support" (Beghin, oland-Holst and Van Der Mensbrugghe, 2002).

6. Possible future developments

All in all, the topic on the international trade of agricultural products remains opened for further discussions; and the most likely outcome is an increase in the efforts made by the World Trade Organization to resolve the disputes and complaints of the participants in the meaning of reducing and even eliminating export subsidies, while in the same time easing the access to the markets in the high income countries.


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Trade Patterns Between U S and
Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80032090
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S. with the land from which these manufacturing warehouses and factories were to be built. Inevitably, with the establishment of manufacturing companies in China, it had slowly developed and became known as one of the primary producers of technological products and merchandise -- that is, mass production of technological merchandise. China was pitted against its other Asian neighbors, especially Korea, when it comes to manufacturing (since Japan was known as the cradle of technological invention and innovation and not so much for manufacturing technological products and materials.

The third phase involves the integration of China into the world market. With the U.S. As its primary investor, China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the onset of the 21st century. The country continued its role as provider of foodstuffs to America, especially agricultural products such as edible meat, vegetables, oil seeds, sugar, cocoa, nuts, and tobacco substitutes…


China in the WTO: An interview with Amb. Charlene Barshefsky." (March 2000). Asia Source Web site. Available at

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Trade and Investment
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Investment and Trade Over the Next 30 Years

Perhaps the most notable trend in recent economic history has been the falling-away of the influence of the G7 nations of United States, Japan, Germany, ritain, France, Canada and Italy and the explosion of economic clout in the developing world (What is the G7, 2012, Wise Geek). All eyes are looking to China, in terms of the trending of trade and investment patterns. China is the world's largest potential market, and still has untapped growth in terms of its vast consumer marketplace. That is why the Chinese economy is often seen as a barometer of the health of global demand. For example, in the last quarter, "trade was a net drag on growth last year as the world's second biggest economy turned in its slowest rate of expansion since 2009, at 9.2 per cent, with each quarter's growth in 2011 successively weaker…


Edwards, Nick. 2012. China surprises with March trade surplus. The Globe and Daily Mail.

Viewed 24 Apr 2012 at 

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2012 at

Union Songs
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Labor elations

I believe that the right to strike is an intrinsic element of the collective bargaining process, but not that strikes are. A strike is a situation where the workforce withholds its labor, usually in response to not having a contract. Certainly, workers are under no obligation to work without a collective bargaining agreement, in those situations where the company has agreed to the collective bargaining process. Workers should also have the right to bargain collectively, as there is often a collective interest (U.S. DoL, 2015). Withholding labor will create motivation for the management to reach an agreement. While the right to strike is not the only bargaining chip that labor has, it is one of the most important. The right to strike also serves as a valuable counterpoint to management's right to lock out workers, in absence of a collective bargaining agreement.

The right to strike where there…


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Intra-Industry International Trade
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Trade Theory

Intra-Industry International Trade

Standard trade theory and its deviations

The classical theory of international trade can be traced back to the founding father of capitalism Adam Smith: Smith's 1776 Wealth of Nations theorized that free trade would be beneficial to all nations. Smith stated that much like merchants, nations should specialize in the particular goods and services which they could produce most efficiently and trade with other nations who could produce alternate goods and services equally efficiently. Thus free trade resulted in advantages for both trading parties. Smith's theory was later fleshed out by David icardo in his Principles of Economics. iccardo stated that free trade could optimize efficiency for every country on a global level by reducing the inefficiencies generated by the excess resources involved in producing the goods and services the nation was not suited to produce (Sen 2010: 2).

This common wisdom remained relatively consistent…


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Retrieved from:

Intra-Industry International Trade
Words: 2124 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 46738616
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Intra-Industry International Trade: Benefits and Costs

Trade is brought about by specialization. People specialize in those goods and services that they can produce effectively, and since they cannot survive on only these, exchange their surplus production for other items that they need, but do not produce. There are mainly two types of trade in this regard; international and domestic. The domestic form of trade refers to the exchange of trade items (services and goods) within a country's borders. International trade, on the other hand, can be defined as "the exchange of goods and services among residents of different countries" (Chacholiades, 2006). International trade can take either of two forms; intra-industry or inter-industry forms of trade. Inter-industry trade is trade between industries, whereas intra-industry trade takes place within industries. Intra-industry trade, therefore, refers to the importation and exportation of same-industry items of trade (Gandolfo, 1998).


International trade has been on…


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Marshall Executive Brief 3 Trade Policy Greece
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Marshall Executive Brief #3 Trade Policy Greece and France

This brief will discuss critical issues of trade policy, including global trade, global currency exchange, business strategy and operations, R&D, human resources, accounting and finance.

Global Trade and Currency Exchange

Global Trade

Free trade is a system where the governments of two countries do not discriminate between the imports and exports of the other country. In particular, free trade in the modern sense applies to tariffs and other trade barriers, or the non-existence thereof. Ricardo described free trade in terms of absolute and comparative advantage. Usually, this concept is described using a simplistic, fictional world in which there are two countries and maybe only two goods. In this example, countries should produce the good in which they have comparative advantage, and in doing so the two countries combined with have a higher aggregate output than if only the country with absolute…

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Employee Representation a Labor Union Refers to
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Employee Representation

A labor union refers to an association of employees that have come together in pursuit of common goals, such as better pay. Labor relations are wider in scope; they refer to the interactions between the labor unions (employees' representatives) and employers - and usually deal with the maintenance of collective bargaining agreements.

Labor relations date way back to the formation of the very first significant unions: the Knights of Labor, the American Federation of Labor (AFL), and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). The Knights of Labor, however, failed to achieve its objectives due to its large membership. AFL, unlike the other two, initially restricted its membership to skilled tradesmen. However, with the 1935 formation of CIO, which incorporated both skilled and unskilled laborers, conflicts resulted and the two unions later merged.

Question Three

Enacted in 1926 and later on expanded to rope in the airline industry, the…

Fair Trade for All The
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Overall, fair trade is a great way to make sure that countries work together and help one another focus on developing and moving forward. Not all fair trade is fair, but most of the options given to people who want to see fair trade are better than what they would receive if they were not part of any particular fair trade agreements. People who are interested in fair trade and the Czech epublic's role in that trade have to consider that individuals and countries both have to play a role in whether trade is fair or whether there are problems with it that go deeper than WTO regulations. While the WTO is not the only organization that has anything to do with trade on an international level, it is certainly the most recognized. Because of the current strength of the Czech epublic and its ties to numerous other countries, the…


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Economics of International Trade China Exploring the
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Economics of International Trade China

Exploring the Economics of International Trade: China

"Chinese international trade has experienced rapid expansion together with its dramatic economic growth which has made the country to target the world as its market," and its expansion has only continued to show powerful growth within the international economic marketplace (Sun & Heshmati, 2010, p 1). After China was reopened to trading with the West in 1978, the country has really took off in becoming one of the world's biggest producers and exporters of a plethora of different goods. China has grown tremendously as nations like the United States have become their biggest trading partners. In response, China has helped refuel this growth with the manipulation of their currency and their heavy investment in the U.S. dollar, which ensures them a more competitive position for their exports.

For generations, China had closed itself off to trading and interacting…


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Impact of Union Jobs Now Being Outsourced
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Union Jobs eing Out-Sourced

In recent years, the outsourcing of union jobs has emerged as a disturbing new trend affecting millions of middle-class workers everywhere. As a result of this devastation, the U.S. manufacturing sector and the permanent loss of millions of high-wage, good benefit, middle-class jobs, are now threatened with extinction (Gibson, 2004). Service jobs are affected, as well as high paying, professional and technical career opportunities due to the growing off-shoring movement. Although corporate America has already moved most of the high-paying manufacturing jobs overseas, even minimum wage jobs are becoming out-sourced.

The labor movement has fought the flawed trade and tax policies of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s that rewarded companies for shipping American manufacturing jobs overseas. For decades, unions such as the Teamsters, the United Auto Workers and the Steel Workers Union controlled a great deal of this nation's economy (Gibson, 2004). Researchers have argued that…


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Innovation. NBER Working Paper 7479, 7-14.

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in Korea. Retrieved from University of San Diego Web site:

International Trade Advantages and Limitations
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Thirdly, an advantage of the TO treaty is that it protects individual privacy when it comes to the "processing and dissemination of personal data and the protection of confidentiality of individual records and accounts" ( That issue came up because consumer advocate Ralph Nader was quoted as saying, "Particularly in the area of Internet privacy protections, the TO is forcing governments to forego sovereign privacy protections deemed to be overly restrictive to international trade" ( The TO's answer to that the trade deal signed by 123 nations "has had nothing whatever to do with internet privacy" and indeed a safeguard is built into the General Exceptions in Article XIV regarding processing and dissemination of personal data, as mentioned at the top of this paragraph.

The fourth advantage of international trade under the auspices of the TO is that deals signed cannot force any country to move towards the privatization…

Works Cited

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Proposal to end Banana Trade Dispute. Retrieved June 11, 2009, from .

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Retrieved June 13, 2009, from .

Rise of the Union and
Words: 1161 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3429503
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All profits went to slave owners so the South "could feed itself, but do little else" (29). The South turned a blind eye to the innovations of the industrial revolution because of selfishness. A few wealthy landowners held control of large portions of the local economy. The South was supported by a working population in the field. It had to purchase most manufactured goods from the North. The effects of the war on the South were indescribable and ironic, according to Davidson, because the "demands of war fundamentally transformed the southern economy, society and government" (Davidson 432). The failing economy and worsening conditions drove many slaves to move from the South. Supplies of "labor, already inadequate, shrank further as men were called into military service" (Olegario). Once things started going downhill, it was difficult to regain strength. hile the Southern army was losing energy, the Northern army was gaining energy.…

Works Cited

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Reproduced in History Resource Center. Site Accessed July 29, 2010.

European Union Member States Relations With Their Overseas Territories
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political framework of EU and OCT

European Union (EU) and Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) are in association with each other via a system which is based on the provisions of part IV of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU (TFEU), consisting of detailed rules and measures which are laid down in the document issued on 27th November 2001 title Oversees Association Decision. The expiry date of this association decision is 31st December 2013. Stress has been laid down by the European Council in its conclusions issued on 22nd December 2009 that the relationship between OCT and EU should continuously be updated in order to reflect latest developments not only in EU and OCT but thorough out the world. The commission has also been encouraged to make revisions to the Overseas Association Decision and present it in front of the council prior to July 2012 (Hill et al.,…


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Future of Unions in America Union Membership
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Future of Unions in America

Union membership has been steadily decreasing since the 1970's. But since the history of union membership has been filled with short, fervent periods of rapid increases in membership, followed by long periods of stagnation and decrease in membership, this may not seem to be cause of worry. However, while the current decrease in the number of union workers may seem to be just another slump, the fact that it has lasted more than thirty years, is disturbing. In that time, the world and it's economy has dramatically changed, and one must ask the question "could this be the twilight of the American labor movement?" If unions are going to, not only survive, but flourish and expand their influence, the entire labor movement must change it's very nature; expanding it's scope of interest, membership, and international relationships. This essay will examine the history of the union…


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European Union a state, or what else distinguishes it from other International Organizations

The primary question concerning global organizations as a medium of global governance relates towards the quantity and excellence of this governance within an era where we now have an overdeveloped global economy as well as an under-developed global polity (Ougaard and Higgott, 2002). There's a powerful disconnect amid governance, being an efficient and effective collective solution-seeking process within a given problem-area, and governance being the democratic legitimacy of policy formation. It has made possible the debate regarding 'legitimacy shortfalls' in main global organizations. Furthermore, governance has turned into a hosting analogy determining non-traditional performers (non-condition performers for example NGOs and their local and international associations) that participate as portable agents extending and expanding policy understanding, which is far more advanced and sophisticated than the traditional, elitist, government activities. The interest in global (as well as the regional)…


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Forming an Economic Union There
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This is exactly the case with the European Union; a European-Union-Member-State that fails to pay on its public arrears will cause weakening of capital amidst its financers. The danger that this financial catastrophe will extend towards the remaining Euro-Area would position the ECB under immense stress to help and rescue the dissolute Member-State, despite the fact that this move may undermine Euro-Area value in the progression (Eichengreen and Wyplosz, 1998). As long as private agents consider that ECB would give way to this stress and as long as Member States keep the right to act in a dissolute way, the central bank will eventually require reliability. Once more, most of this reasoning is also relevant to numerous supply-side procedures; for instance, the viewpoint of inflationary earnings settlements. Salaries negotiating that drive the curve externally will, perhaps, produce pressures for the central bank to assist the ensuing inflation to keep away…


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Labor Union Giving an Overview
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The procedures, rules and regulations for creating the unions are varying in different parts of the world. Moreover, those labors are not accustomed to the working conditions, rules and regulations and provide less desirable attributes for labor works. Hill (2007) also explained with extensive research statistics for the establishment of union programs in different regions such as Mexico.Despite rules and regulations, the labors are forced to work as salves. They are not given the complete incentives that their job description offers. With this in mind, the labor unions continue to present an idea on its rapid growth so that labors can be given their rights with freedoms. According to Hill (2007), labor unions though provide some solutions for immigrant labors however; effective programs and measures are working towards the change that is needed by these unions (Hill, 2007). The formation of labor unions can be useful to control the illegal…


Baldwin, R.E. (2002). The Decline of Us Labor Unions and the Role of Trade. Washington, D.C.: Institute for International Economics.

This book depicts the history of labor unions and tells us the circumstances under most of the labor unions declined. It tells us about the role played by labor unions in the past and what were their failures due to which they faced their decline. Besides this, it also relates the labor unions with trade.

Compa, L. (1993). Labor Rights and Labor Standards in International Trade. Law and Policy in International Business, 165-191.

Compa, in this article describes the problems that labor faces in many companies and how due to these problems many of the members of these unions leave their team. This article tells that it is imperative that labor unions should not involve in each and every matter of the company but should only involve in such matters where they think it is suitable.

East-Asian Union Emerge in the
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In this regard, Francis adds that, "The determining factor will be ASEAN's ability to provide the leadership necessary to create a strong, independent East Asian Union" (Francis, p. 77). In addition, Bowles (2002) notes that the ongoing efforts to create improved Asia/Pacific regional cooperation are fundamentally efforts intended to balance the influence of the United States on the region and the world in general.

4. What are the main hypotheses of the work?

The guiding hypotheses of the proposed study are as follows:

H1: Encouraging China to participate in as a coalition leader in an East Asian Union in the future would serve to ensure that the price it would have to pay in terms of loss of trade and investment if it acts against the interests of the union's other members would be prohibitively high.

H2: Former Cold War alliances will be replaced by new ones in the future…


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Organizational Review of European Union
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A reduction in farm subsidies is stated to be necessary in order to improve access to market along with Common Agricultural Policy reforms, which should be "de-linked from production." Finally, stated as a requirement is that of a commitment for a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which may be achieved "through market mechanisms..." (OECD, 2007) the OECD additionally states that structural reforms are required in addressing the challenges that the EU faces and while there is an improvement in terms of the economic prospects of the EU, "there is no room for complacency." (OECD, 2007) the OECD survey relates that the EU has the potential to play a critical role in the provision of solid conditional framework and the ongoing enhancement of the internal market in the EU.

The provision of the single market includes the wider range of goods access for consumers as well as a wider range…


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Organizational Review of European Union

Economic and Trade Development the
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(Buchanan, 72)

The economic policy tools that were employed just after the war subsequently underwent some changes. From 1947 to 1950 direct controls on wages and distribution were eliminated followed by removal of trade controls in 1958. However, the government continued to maintain its hold over prices and credit distribution which made it different from many of its neighboring states in the postwar period. The French Ministry of Finance exerted greater control over the economy than the Bank of France. This led to a greater predilection to resort to devaluation when external equilibrium resulted due to the state failure to control incomes. In France, the period between 1945 and 1975 was known as the "thirty glorious years" because of the phenomenal economic performance. During this period, the average growth rate of GDP was around 6.8% which was quite remarkable considering that Britain's average GDP growth rate was 2.4% and Germany's…


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European Union or EU Is
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GDP went down due to weak domestic demand, which went further down after a decline. Somehow, it again rose by 0.1% in the first quarter and appeared to have pulled the economy out of recession. ut Portugal retained big trouble. In the last quarter of 2002, its GDP plummeted.8% from the third quarter and in the last quarter, it contracted by 1.3% from the previous year until the.3% in the third quarter of 2002. The economy continued to sag until the ank of Portugal itself observed the fall of business confidence to its lowest recorded level since the 1993 recession. Official unemployment rate increased to a high 49.6%, rising by 26.3% from 2001 (O'Flynn).

Unemployment was 6.7% in 2003, compared with 4.3% in 2002 (O'Flynn 2003). Labor unions in Portugal claimed it was more than 7.6% as against the 5% ceiling set by the EU, despite the fact that the…


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