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Business Scandals in the Early 2000s Brought
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business scandals in the early 2000s brought the issue of business ethics to the fore -- Enron, WorldCom and Tyco. The three share some similarities but they are different in other ways. Enron was simply a case of criminal activity. The company's management did not publish financial statements and when they did the statements completely misrepresented the company's financial position. This occurred on the direction of the senior management team, with the complicity of the auditor, Arthur Andersen. These managers were heavily invested in Enron and therefore had a strong personal interest in creating phony financial statements in order to pump up the company's stock price. The corruption at Enron ran deep within the company, such that the scandal all but wiped the company out.

The situation at WorldCom was that CEO Bernie Ebbers was a heavy owner of the company's shares. As such, he benefitted from implementing an aggressive…


PBS. (2013). Accounting fraud is business as usual at the Pentagon. PBS News Hour. Retrieved December 4, 2013 from

Managing Organizational Change Describe How
Words: 807 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 95278440
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The second phase needs to concentrate on initiative and performance to restart the business of Tyco and make it profitable again.

Imagine that you were CEO of Tyco when the former CEO was still on trial for fraud. You are trying to rebuild the company's corporate reputation. Write a script for your address to the shareholders after 18 months in the position. Pay attention to the appropriate use of metaphors in your change conversation to this group.

Transformation is difficult but critical for any business to attain growth and realize its full potential over the long-term. Over the last eighteen months our company has been through a crucible that has tested the trust and value we deliver as a business with our suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders. The goal is to rebuild a solid foundation of trust based on complete accountability. My appointment of a Chief Ethics Officer who is…


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Stanwick and Stanwick 2009 in Their Case
Words: 1367 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 59825853
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Stanwick and Stanwick (2009) in their case study "Tyco: I'm Sure That It's a eally Nice Shower Curtain" is that certain the Tyco CEO and his business associates, family and acquaintances misappropriated the shareholder's funds under the pretext of legitimate corporate functions and allocations. Elements of favoritism can be seen in the way the CEO, Dennis Kozlowski awarded loans from the Tyco coffers to himself and Frank Walsh without seeking the approval of the board. This was viewed as corrupt and a direct violation of the various responsibilities accorded to the board of directors by the shareholders and investors. According to Stanwick and Stanwick (2009), the CEO and the other board of directors were corrupted by the power and influence that they had in the company.

The major issues presented in the case

White collar crimes

White collar crime was defined by Sutherland (1939) as a crime that is committed…


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(Board)Accountability).Available online at

Ethics in Businesses Over the
Words: 987 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 87208268
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(Ferrel, Fraedrich, & Farrel, 2009)

How will the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 prevent future dilemmas in Tyco?

Sarbanes-Oxley increases: the penalties for such actions, limits the role that the board of directors will have with managers, it creates an accounting oversight board and it requires the CEO / CFO to certify under oath that all financial information is correct. This will severe as a deterrent and help to provide mechanisms, to the prevent ways that the fraud was able to be perpetuated at Tyco. (Ferrel, Fraedrich, & Farrel, 2009)

Can the SEC trust Tyco's new board?

Yes. This is because those members who were involved with Kozlowski were purged and none of the current members have committed any acts of wrong doing. These facts along with the Sarbanes-Oxley in place, means, that there is no reason for the SEC not to trust the board. (Ferrel, Fraedrich, &…


Ferrel, O., Fraedrich, J. & Farrel, L. (2009). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin.

Securities Exchange Commission Took Conglomerate
Words: 581 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 15684312
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This could have been interpreted as the company having an orientation more towards money-making than to the development of strong ethics.

Leadership, or lack thereof, made a strong contribution to the Tyco failure. The company's leaders set the cultural tone of the firm, but they were also among the primary actors engaged in the fraud. Kozlowski and the other executives were front and center in the fraud, and committed many of the egregious acts themselves. There is little doubt that the Tyco failure had more to do with the caliber of the company's leadership that with any issues surrounding the employees themselves. For the most part, the structure and the leadership were the reasons for the Tyco failure.

Management was less complicit. Although the managers were influenced by the culture passed down by Tyco's leaders, they were less directly involved in the fraud. Perhaps for this reason, the firm was…

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Total Rewards Programs for Firms This Is
Words: 1528 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96194991
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total rewards programs for firms. This is from a large number of high profile scandals (i.e. Tyco) that are highlighting how these abuses have been taking place. To prevent these kinds of challenges in the future, there will be a focus on the current issues impacting companies and how they can address these issues. Once this happens, is when specific policies and procedures will be introduced to help firms overcome these kinds of problems in the future. This is the point that there will be a transformation in the operating environment and the relationship managers have with staff members. ("Time Line of the Tyco Scandal," 2002)

Over the last several years, the issue of compensation packages has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because there are disparities between the total rewards that are provided to employees in comparison with upper management. This issue has become so divisive, that…


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Governance Is an Essential Component
Words: 719 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57020148
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Dishonesty in either could result in disaster for companies. Communication is the element that unites everything else. Employers should encourage employees to communicate either grievances or suggestions. This opportunity will result not only in better mutual understanding, but also in loyalty that arises from being valued as an employee.

4. I certainly would want to do homework on any company I enter for the first time - and particularly one where my predecessor left under a cloud. It could mean many things, which my investigation is obviously meant to reveal. It could mean that the person who left was him- or herself not honest and brought about an unsavory situation. It could also however mean that working conditions became such that the person had no other choice than to leave, even if it meant that unsavory reputations would remain. I would want to thoroughly investigate to determine what the situation…


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Corporate Ethical Breaches in Recent Times Assess
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corporate ethical breaches in recent times, assess whether or not you believe that the current business and regulatory environment is more conducive to ethical behavior. Provide support for your answer.

Unethical behavior has drawn the attention of the public for the few last decades in all kinds of business. Many transformations in the business environment have taken place, including immoral conducts and the tendency for corruption. Unethical accounting behavior is also included as a consequence. So the government has been forced to increase regulations and inspect actions taken in business, most especially after the Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and other unethical accounting scandals. As a result of the mentioned scandals, the government then passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002 providing regulatory requirements for better precision in business action, accountability and assurance of ethical accounting behavior by publicly held companies and accounting firms. According to Calle (2000), the total number of boards…


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Krugman, P. (2002, January 18). New York Times. System Corrupted., pp.A-23.

Nursing Woc Et Approach to
Words: 2715 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94732227
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2004: 45).


Many recommend use of minimally invasive techniques including SEPS to treat and address problems related to chronic venous insufficiency (Kalra & Glovisczki, 2002). Multiple studies confirm the safety and efficacy of SEPS when used early, especially resulting from its low complication rates compared with other procedures including the formerly popular Linton procedures (Kalra & Gloiscki, 2002; Lee, et al. 2003; Tenbrook, et al., 2004; Bianchi, et al. 2003).

More randomized clinical trials are necessary however to answer additional questions related to the efficacy of new procedures including SEPS, though this procedures remains important for patients with advanced CVI secondary to PVI or with patients who do not demonstrate other complications including DVT (Kalra & Gloiscki, 2002; Bianchi, et al. 2003).

Wagner-Cox (2005) also notes that it is important for nurses to be considerate, knowledgeable and compassionate toward patients with acute and chronic illnesses, especially when caring for…


Baranoski, S. & Thimsen, K. (2003, Aug). "Oasis Skin and Wound Integumentary

Assessment Items: Applying the WOCN Guidance Document." Home Healthcare Nurse, 21(8): Supplement 3-13.

Baron, H.C., Wayne, M.G., Santiago, C.A. & Grossi, R. (2004, Sep-Oct). Vasc

Endovascular Surg. 38(5): 439-42.

Rich Are Actually Sinners This
Words: 1477 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10141100
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According to Harvard's student handbook, people who conduct the hazing practice will be held responsible for what happens even though it happens to a lot of people, which indicates it id a standard process (Preventing Hazing at Harvard).

People will argue that others want to be victims of hazing because it is apart of the educational culture and most individuals had been through it (the Hazing eader). Furthermore, some believe that it is no big deal until someone becomes seriously injured or found dead especially when they can buy their way out of trouble, which makes them sinners.


Throughout history, rich people have proven that they are sinners because they tried to stop others' religious beliefs. For example, Hitler was a powerful and rich man who created the Holocaust because he did not want people to be different from him. It is unfortunate that people are often mistreated for…


THE ENRON SCANDAL. 2000. 29 February 2008.

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Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal.

Dead Organizations the Value of
Words: 622 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15291638
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In reality, entire segments of the value chains of these companies, and a core part of how they promised to deliver value, was erroneous or only partially true. After the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act and full auditing of the Enron finances it became clear that there were multiple sets of financial records, each designed for a specific audience (Petrick, Scherer, 2003). What had happened is that the undefined, ambiguous and difficult-to-audit areas of the value chain, left unchecked, began to gravitate into unethical practices and reporting to further support the unrealistic projections of profit (Petrick, Scherer, 2003). The same dynamic occurred at Tyco, MCI and others. Arthur Anderson was responsible for the auditing of the Enron financials and was guilty by association, perpetuating the fraud involved in the massive operations underway (Petrick, Scherer, 2003).


In analyzing these companies who rise and fall so quickly, key lessons can…


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Corporate Cultural Change Making Significant
Words: 346 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22282687
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This may be a complex task requiring detailed input from all levels. He also says that the company's mission and corporate values should be clearly articulated (Drummond, 2003). He also recommends that the final plan be written down clearly so that everyone has a roadmap to help in times of change.

As Seijts (2004) says, "The true test of leadership is being able to take people in a direction where they would not go on their own." That journey will be most successful when everyone knows where they are going and why, and when they have clear guidelines, exactly what they have to do to help bring the needed cultural changes about.


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Waste Abuse Fraud and Corruption
Words: 2980 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55120406
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" hile there are factors like peer pressure and authority that come into play, some research claims to have isolated significant features of an individual's character that make them more likely to commit acts of fraud, bribery and falsification in the corporate context (27, 2009). For example, those people with "high levels of ambition were more likely to transgress moral codes, competitively stab colleagues in the back and make dubious decisions relating to asset-stripping, disinvestment, and so on" (27, 2009).

Trevino's (1986) work is relevant when it comes to understanding individuals and corruption. There are a couple questions regarding moral personality that come up: first of all, whether or not a person sees an event or issue as a moral problem; the second is how they decide to act in relation to that problem. Kohlberg's theory of cognitive moral development emphasizes the cognitive or reasoning aspect of moral-decision making (604,…

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Classic Internationalisation Theories
Words: 5335 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8934419
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Firms with what organisational patterns are more likely to acquire existing firms? In what stage of internationalisation is acquisition more likely? Such research should not assume that such decisions are always rational. It may be that irrational factors are important at times. For example, it might be that the rush to acquire businesses in Europe prior to 1992 and to acquire companies in Asia in the mid-1990s reflected a bandwagon effect with firms developing strategies to legitimise their investments after the decision has been made (McDougall, et al., 2004). Research might also give attention to a broader range of entry modes beyond exporting, licensing and FDI. Strategic alliances with local or other foreign firms may involve no transfer of funds. Alliances are another entry mode option which deliver similar strategic advantages to joint ventures but have received little attention in the literature beyond those firms whose home country is either…


Aspelund, a., and O. Moen 2001. "A Generation Perspective on Small Firms Internationalization -- From Traditional Exporters and Flexible Specialists to Born Globals," in Advances in International Marketing: Reassessing the Internationalization of the Firm, Vol. 11. Eds C.N. Axinn and P. Matthyssens. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science, JAI Press, 197-226.

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differences between proprietary and contract'security
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84853421
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When considering their security needs, businesses will be faced with whether to develop an in-house, proprietary team or to outsource their security to a contractor. There are significant differences between contract security services and proprietary security, as well as costs and benefits associated with each. With proprietary services, the company can control and monitor all their security needs, change security strategies as needed, and conduct all training in-house. Security personnel are also directly reporting to the company, creating a safer and more internally cohesive security strategy. Yet few companies can afford to develop a security staff from scratch, maintain that staff through ongoing and important skills upgrades, and monitor security internally. Contract security services have become popular among businesses of all sizes for good reason, offering substantial cost savings. Moreover, security contract services can be highly effective and reliable when they ascribe to international standards for professional development in their…

Management Compensation in Relation to
Words: 3184 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 62181279
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The statement regulating accounting for stock-based compensations defines a fair value-based method of accounting for an employee stock option or similar equity instrument and encourages all entities to adopt that method of accounting for all of their employee stock compensation plans. However, it also allows an entity to continue to measure compensation cost for those plans using the intrinsic value-based method of accounting prescribed by APB Opinion No. 25, Accounting for Stock Issued to Employees. The fair value-based method is preferable to the Opinion 25 method for purposes of justifying a change in accounting principle under APB Opinion No. 20, Accounting Changes. Entities electing to remain with the accounting in Opinion 25 must make pro forma disclosures of net income and, if presented, earnings per share, as if the fair value-based method of accounting defined in this statement had been applied.

Stock options are the most frequently used method in…

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Impacting a Manager's Role Social
Words: 1238 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43967650
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Another expample, as Dahlin (2007) notes, WorldCom was in the heart of one of the largest accounting scandals in history. Add to this the Wal-Mart effect of business in general, with companies having to compete with Wal-Mart's low costs, made possible partially due to their low wages, failure to pay overtime, nonexistent benefits, and resistance to unionization, and a ripple effect has been cast on the waters, causing other companies to follow suit, in an effort to be competitive.

Changing Society Equals a Changing Demand for Corporate Social esponsibility:

Today's changing society has increased the demand for corporate social responsibility. The decades of ethical abuse, coupled with the recent financial soul shattering scandals, has called for businesses to renew their social contract with society (Basu & Palazzo, 2008). Society now demands that corporations take responsibility for their interactions with the world.

A generation ago, most people didn't think tobacco was…


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Sarbanes-Oxley Act & Corporate Governance
Words: 1089 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5213019
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However, because of the costliness of this requirement, many believe it is especially unfair to small businesses who are already struggling to be competitive in an increasingly hypercompetitive, globalized economy.

As such, small, public companies have been given a temporary reprieve from some of Section 404's strict and costly requirements. In addition, there have been new guidelines set forth for auditors, with a hopes of reducing the cost of compliance of the Section, for all companies (Basilio, 2007; Grumet, 2007).

Bradford and Brazel (2007) note that these costs due indeed seem to be decreasing. In research they quote from AM, organizations spent $4.5 million on compliance with the Act, in 2004. This was reduced to $3.8 million in 2005, and further decreased to $2.9 million in 2006.

However, despite these decreasing total costs of compliance, the Act is still a costly requirement for public companies. Bradford and Brazel (2007) further…


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Sarbanes-Oxley Act Prior to the
Words: 1199 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28615675
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The statute of limitation for the discovery of fraud is increased to two years from discovery date and five years following the act. Criminal penalties for securities fraud was increased to 25 years, by SOX.

Each public company's CEO and CFO must certify financial statements and reports. Personal loans are banned, to executive officers and company directors, with the enactment of SOX. It is also now required to accelerate reporting of insider trading ("H.. 3763").

In addition, SOX now prohibits insider trading during pension fund blackouts. Compensation and profits for the CEO and CFO must be made public.

Auditor independence is now specifically required. and, American companies must have an internal audit function, that is certified by external auditors. Audit firms are prohibited from providing services, unrelated to their audit work, to clients. One of the most important provisions is an increased accountability, holding CEOs and directors accountable, for crimes…


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Crime Doesn't Pay Sometimes Is a Whole
Words: 1917 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7829038
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crime doesn't pay sometimes is a whole point which can't be applicable, especially when you're trusted with the management of multi-billion dollar corporation, and to be in charge of the well -- being of thousand of people. It's so difficult to criminalize someone's action, if such action doesn't cause any harm to anyone or if someone doing a lot of critical charity works. The case of Richard M. crushy can be described as one of the most important scenario which can acts as one of the success stories, showing how far most of these business ethnical values can be abused to hurt everyone for a period of time. As stated by Jennings (2012) in his book "Business Ethnics Class" unethical practices can only last for a short time, and nothing helpful can be found out of it.

However, the carpenter teachings regarding people who do not pursue wisdom that are…

Sense of entitlement

Jennings (2004a) identified that many corporate cultures are less concerned about their fraud because of their philanthropic endeavors. These good works seem to blind them to their culpability and cause them to both "overestimate their ability and underestimate the risk of being found out" (p. 17). This sense of entitlement constitutes two of the factors that Jennings identifies as "Wild West behaviors" (p. 13) that are common to organizations that ethically collapse; A "culture of innovation like no other" and a "culture of social responsibility" (p. 17). She notes that "the attitude develops slowly as the other factors of iconic status and high levels of success consume the individual right up to a feeling of invincibility" (p. 17). This is amply demonstrated in the behavior of Richard Scrushy, who despite all of the evidence arrayed against him continues to proclaim his innocence of any wrong doing.

Jennings (2004b) identified common red flags that would point to corporate counsel that an investigation into the accounting of the firm might be in order. She indicated that in HealthSouth's case legal counsel "fits the inaction mold" (p. 45), and "like executives at WorldCom, Enron, and Tyco, executives at HealthSouth, particularly Scrushy, lived lavish lives" (p. 46). She concludes that "the presence of many elaborate perks is a red flag all can see" (p. 46). It is these perks that, according to Neeley & Boyd (2010) "encourage[s] executives to take excessive risk with other people's money" (p. 548).

Offshore Accounts an Offshore Bank
Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76296698
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• Competitiveness in the Euro currency markets (Cayman

Depositors can also invest globally. There are minimal reporting requirements, and strong client confidentiality, and the Cayman Islands, being under British jurisdiction, has political and economic stability (Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking)

ome of the Comnaonies in Cayman Islands

Famous U.. companies located on Cayman Island include:

Deloitte (accounting)

Financial Consulting & Accounting Ltd.

Custom Accounting olutions

Media Works

Xanadu Distributing Ltd. (Marketing)

Ford - Vampt Motors

Mercedes-Benz - Ultimate Imports Ltd.

Hi-Tech Electronics Inc.

Britannia Magazine

Alphasoft Ltd. (telecommunications)


Others are Coca-Cola, Oracle, and Intel that all use the Islands to avoid paying taxes

"One quarter of the 100 largest contractors with the U.. federal government, including Altria Group Inc. And Tyco International Ltd. have had subsidiaries in the Caymans, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office." (Evans (May, 2009). eagate is one of these companies.



Benefits of Cayman Offshore Banking )

Cayman Islands. 

Evans, D (May, 2009) Coca-Cola, Oracle, Intel Use Cayman Islands to Avoid U.S. Taxes Bloomberg,

Law of Business Organizations
Words: 2815 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44746969
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Australia's Corporation Act 2004

Australia Corporations Corporation Act 2004

The purpose of this research is to investigate the Corporations Act 2004 (Cth) in relation to the protection it provides for investors of non-profit corporations. Through research of the Trade Practices Act, current case law and the Australian Investment and Securities Commission provide an overview of what has changed in the regulations for corporations in Australia in 2004 thus far.

Australian Supreme Court sated in 2003 that: "the governance of corporate entities comprehends the framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes within and by which authority is exercised and controlled in corporations." Australia has recently implemented new regulations which, enhance and harmonize corporation law.

The alignment of the regulations with elements that are known to be those of a competent and responsible board of directors in view of strategy determination, performance review, risk management, internal control regulation and reporting to shareholders…


Swire, Mary (2004) "New Australian Corporate Governance Regime Now in Force" Lowtax News Story 16 September 2004 [Online] available at ?

04-002 ASIC Focuses on Defective Debenture Prospectuses" (2004) Australia Securities and Investments Commission - 2004 Media Release 04-002 ASIC [Online] available at

04-001 ASIC Protects over $456 Million in Shareholders Funds" (2004) Australia Securities and Investments Commission - 2004 Media Release 04-001 ASIC [Online] available at$465

Parliamentary Secretary issued to Treasurer (2004) Corporation Amendment Regulations 2004: Statutory Rules 2004. [Online] available at:

Worldcom's Collapse and the Accounting
Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12571352
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The reality was that a company which aspired to be "the No. 1 stock on all Street" was instead steadily bleeding money while claim growth in the billions.

The pressure placed upon accountants at ordCom was reflective of the pressure facing accountants throughout the economy during this period of widely absence securities oversight. Indeed, the relationship between regulation and accounting is essential, and this diminished link would have catastrophic implications for the profession as a whole. Such is shown by the Scott text, which tells that "efficient securities market theory has major implications for financial accounting. One of these is that supplementary information in financial statement notes or elsewhere is just as useful as information in the financial statements proper. Another is that efficiency is defined relative to a stock of publicly known information. Financial reporting has a role to play in improving the amount, timing, and accuracy of this…

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Insider Trading Legal and Ethical
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Even if he hints around in a non-direct way that his friends should sell their stock without coming out and saying it, he may be guilty of insider trading because the information on the merger has not yet been made known to the public.

This is unethical and what the corporate officer should steer the conversation in a different direction and if his friends insist on continuing to ask questions he should firmly, but politely tell them he is not allowed to discuss personal company information with them.

Likewise, an employee has a certain amount of fiduciary responsibility if he knows that there are fraudulent practices happening at the corporation. If the employee knows that there is insider trading or if he knows that the accounting practices the corporation is using are dishonest, then he has an obligation to report what he knows. Some employees, especially if they do not…


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Ethics Program Developing an Ethics
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Priority of values should be identified so as to aid the organization avoid breaking laws by following the stipulated requirements of operation.

The top three of four values should be reviewed to help the organization determine which values currently help it fulfill its mandate. For example, in the accounting department, the organization should identify accuracy and confidentiality as the key values to the success of the department. Values needed to identify current issues should be brought to fore. This should be done by selecting a few people to interview the members of the organization in identifying key areas that require attention in the organization. Out of the issues identified, determine which ones are ethical and device ways in which the organization can solve them.

It should be noted that not all remedies can be obtained for any ethical dilemma that might arise. Emphasis should be made on dilemmas that don't…

Corporate Shenanigans at Healthsouth Who
Words: 1269 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28341033
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The stock was trading on pink sheets at $0.165 per share at the end of April 2003" (8).

As noted above, one of the key factors involved in what happened at HealthSouth was the enormous pressure to perform in the increasingly competitive for-profit healthcare industry, pressure that directly affected the decisions that were made concerning the types of accounting practices that were needed to "deliver the goods," at least on paper. Although absent from the foregoing list, Scrushy's name appears time and again in the investigation that followed. According to Jennings, "Like Enron, orldCom, and Tyco, HealthSouth placed tremendous pressure on employees to 'meet the numbers.' In April 1998, CEO Richard Scrushy told analysts that HealthSouth had matched or beat earnings estimates for 47 quarters in a row" (8). The role played by Scrushy in engineering the corporate culture that would allow these estimates to be reported with a straight…

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Ethical Business Standards and Social
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Bribery is fundamentally unethical because it is inherently unfair. Regardless of the situation, bribery means that someone is transferring some form of compensation that is not permitted and that necessarily undermines the fair efforts of competitors or the purpose of rules and regulation. Where bribery occurs in connection with gaining an unfair advantage over others (such as bribing a college professor for a good grade), the ethical violation is a function of the fundamental right of others competing for the same goal to achieve it through only legitimate means. The student who bribes a college professor and receives a grade for it harms the other students by lowering the grading curve for everybody. In the long run, many instances of bribery of this kind would also diminish the value of the educational degree from an institution whose reputation as lowered by unqualified graduates who perform…

Whistleblower HR Management and the
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Cultures of greed, corruption and misrepresentation helped to facilitate a massive transfer of wealth, substantial enough to suggest that a denial of awareness on the part of personnel at such organizations is nothing short of implausible. Therefore, we can presume that an absence or real protections for would-be whistleblowers in private enterprises would help to accommodate a wave of corruption every bit as destructive to the public as any government indiscretion such as the histleblower Protection Act was designed to address.

Beyond this, there are indications that the federal legislation lacks the proper mechanisms even to serve as a template for that which might address the failures in private regulation. The article by Fischer (1991) provides myriad examples in which exceptions and clauses relating to the histleblower Protection Act have made it essentially toothless. Specifications such as that which denotes that only certain 'covered employees' qualify for the protections afforded…

Works Cited:

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CEO Compensation and a Company's Performance
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CEO's salary, bonus, and long-term compensation with respect to various organizational, financial and CEO factors such as corporate reputation, growth in employees, company size, and return on equity, CEO tenure and CEO stock ownership. In relation to the general performance of the organization

This paper utilizes the various measurement of chief executive compensation as exploited by the various detailed pieces of literature and employed as the dependent variable in a model based on multiple regression theory. It explores the extent to which the CEO's compensation package affects the overall performance of the whole firm or corporation for which he or she works for.

The purpose of this research is to determine the extent to which the CEO's remuneration a large corporation such as Coca Cola has on the general performance of the organization.


The CEO's compensation has for a long time been source of attention from various groups in…


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Generalizations in This Study With
Words: 549 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 64030221
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It is simply not reasonable for a manager to push the sale of a surplus asset back by multiple years.

However, managers can influence earnings through their choice of accounting policies. While the choice of policies is allowable under GAAP, when different companies in the same industry use different policies, this can reduce the degree of comparability between the statements, negating one of the key benefits of having the GAAP system.

Ultimately, management does hold the power to influence how the firm conducts its financial accounting. In addition to dictating the type of accounting policies the firm has, management also creates the ethical culture of the firm. Most of the cases of accounting fraud in the past decade were heavily influenced by the ethical culture that management created. The results -- notably in firms like Tyco or Enron -- have been grossly inflated earnings. However, while one does not expect…

Corporate Governance Theorising Limits Critics
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The statement "What is worse is that it legitimizes the self-serving managerial behaviors" in the context of CEO pay. This statement I agree with as CEOs have used governance to rationalize giving themselves exceptionally large raises without accountability and governance in place. Conversely the statement "Furthermore, markets or organisational hierarchies are assumed to provide genuine alternative optimal or appropriate governance structures" in the context of the discussion at this point in the paper is inaccurate. Organisations in fact produce governance structures that are highly inefficient and lack the necessary framework and foundation to accomplish these goals. Instead there is the need for continually turning trust into an accelerator and engraining governance into companies, not legislating it from the outside. This is the fatal error of the statement shown.

Critical Analysis

This is a well-researched peer review article that has the potential to deliver entirely new governance frameworks with additional effort…


Bernoff, J., and C. Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. " MIT Sloan Management Review 49.3 (2008): 36.

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Economic Crisis -- Bankers to
Words: 1166 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60577842
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This mindset was made possible by their intensive investments in new technologies that made transactions inherently unauditable and untraceable by the Securities and Exchange Commission and other governance entities. Given the automation of these complex trading workflows and the inability of governance bodies to keep pace with technological advances, coupled with banker's unwillingness to assist governments in tracking increasingly intricate transactions, the bankers could literally make their own rules up as they went along. What has differentiated this global economic downturn from others is how pervasive this attitude has become of offloading risk by aggregating toxic and bad loans together, using technologies to increase speed of transactions while alleviating accountability (Corden, 2009).

An aversion to risk has been replaced by a consolidating, aggregating and re-selling of completely worthless and often called "toxic" loans, with accountability of the performance of investments left by the wayside. Bankers had the most to gain…


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Business Ethics This Is a
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Those discretionary areas include sales and negotiating. These are open to flexibility, argument, discussion -- all within boundaries. The boundaries that fence them in are the non-discretionary functions of the business, those areas where the lines must not be crossed.

The non-discretionary areas have very firm guidelines, rules, and even laws and regulations that guide what can and cannot be done. It is when we violate those guidelines, that we cross ethical and/or moral standards whether or not we actually violate the law. There is no compromise in the non-discretionary areas. usiness ethics can be a very personal function rather than organizational (Cagle, Glasgo, & Holmes, 2008).

As an example, safety is non-discretionary. Safety procedures must be enforced and employees have to follow them. There is no negotiation or flexibility. If the company does not establish proper safety standards but no one gets hurt, is it a violation of business…


Cagle, J., Glasgo, P., & Holmes, V. (2008). Using ethics vignettes in introductory finance classes: Impact on ethical perceptions of undergraduate business students. Journal of education for business (peer-reviewed) (AN35201100), 76-83, Vol. 84, Issue 2.

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Sarbanes-Oxley and Why Did it
Words: 792 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40140978
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5 million annually to comply with the law. The increases in spending (resulting in less spending in marketing and administration) for many energy companies will be in "security, grid reliability, and wholesale market operations" (Gartner, 2004).

The cost of providing the Securities and Exchange Commission with "two declarations" regarding internal financial controls certainly is significant; and those dollars take away revenue from other departments of utility companies, unless, a utility expects to just absorb additional costs. PriceaterhouseCoopers' ( p. 4) "Sustainable From the Start" document points to a company's duty under SOX to one, "state its responsibility for creating and maintaining adequate internal controls over financial reporting"; and two, issue an independent report as to whether the auditor agrees with management's conclusion ( p. 9) or not. Moreover, PC asserts that for some companies SOX has "tipped the emphasis the wrong way and forced companies to get stuck in process…

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Oxley and Disaster Recovery. Retrieved May 6, 2009, from

Corporate Governance Under Globalization in
Words: 5529 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 45396322
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It should not be treated as a separate exercise undertaken to meet regulatory requirements." (ICA, 29) Here is expressed a philosophical impetus that drives the focus of this research, that such compliance which will generally concern matters such as corporate accounting, the practice of internal oversight and the practice of financial transaction must be considered inextricable from other aspects of practical, procedural and legal operation in terms of its relevance and necessity.

Chapter 3-Practice

The practice of corporate governance may perhaps best be understand from the perspective that deregulation has largely defined the processes and direction of the global economy across the two decades following the Cold ar and its inevitable opening of economic channels. This is because in practice, corporate governance is a concept which has suffered much neglect. To the point, the statistics availed by organizations such as the orld Bank and the International Monetary Fund illustrate that…

Works Cited:

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Toward an Actor Centred Institutional Analysis. University of Illinois: College

of Business. Online at .

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RICO ACT in Conception and
Words: 4576 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 80600205
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Moreover, a prosecution of the core leadership of an organization under RICO charges is likely to produce revelations concerning the relationship between leadership and other members who are either guilty of racketeering or some lesser scope of individual crime. This is to say that RICO was essentially designed to push the door open on the activities of such typically obscured enterprises in order to systematically disrupt its initiatives and priorities.

Still, as this investigation finds as a recurrent theme in considered research materials, even when armed with RICO's expansive authorities, there remains a fundamental difficulty in overcoming the effectively obfuscating structure of the modern organized crime enterprise. In the case of the long-ingrained style of activity instituted by La Cosa Nostra, the protective degree to which structure is designed to insulate the activities, connections and implications relating to real decisions-makers and bosses tends to effect the ability of RICO statutes…

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Business Ethics Dick Grasso Was
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The treatment of the undocumented workers has legal and economic implications, but is only an issue in the political arena.

Companies that hire illegal immigrants are being socially responsible. The argument that illegals suppress wages is not based on sound evidence - the jobs illegals do would otherwise be unfilled. If anything, hiring illegals is socially responsible because it gives those people an opportunity to better themselves, something they otherwise would not have had. The notion is especially absurd given that 99% of Americans received this same opportunity at some point in their own family's history. Furthermore, mankind has an obligation to look out for our fellow man. This duty transcends any sense of duty to a state or that state's rule of law.

The only small issue with regards to illegal immigrants is that with regard to legal immigrants, those who play by the rules, sometimes to their detriment.…

Works Cited

Carroll, Archie B. (1991). The pyramid of corporate social responsibility. Business Horizons. Retrieved October 24, 2008 at

Business Ethics Recognizing and Resolving
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The Bank CEO's ole in Defining Ethical Integrity

Based on a thorough review of existing literature of the role of ethics in the banking industry, the role of the CEO as the ethical leader of their organization is next discussion. Based on the concepts presented in the paper to this point as the foundation, these key points provide insights into how CEOs and senior management actively shape the ethical standards of the organizations they manage on behalf of shareholders.

isk Management Is a CEOs' Ethical esponsibility combination of forces -- changing regulatory expectations that open companies up to intense levels of examination, heightened stakeholder sensitivity to and scrutiny of corporate behavior, and the severity of punishment by financial markets for corporate missteps -- push reputation and ethics management onto the CEOs' and senior managements' agenda. The paradox CEOs face is when to risk the reputation and brand of the company…


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PR Public Relations in Society
Words: 2114 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29205910
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Coombs and Holladay (2007)

Coombs and Holladay use the support of the professional literature to find an explanation to the importance stakeholders came to play in their role with the management. Their next movement is back to history, this time deeper to the times where there was no such field as public relations. They start in their investigation with the Anti-Slavery Society, formed by Arthur and Lewis Tappan in 1831. They were among the first to discover the role of using various ways of disseminating information to the public they targeted by using the printed word or by assembling in "meetings, sermons and public lectures." Coombs and Holladay (2007, p. 62). Further examples show how tools specific to the PR industry nowadays were discovered and put to use by simple people who succeeded to start major changes in society: Carry a. Nation, the first woman who made an "event" in…

Works Cited

Coombs, W.T and Holladay S.J. it's Not Just PR: Public Relations in Society. Blackwell Publishing. 2007

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Came at the
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In the company it has ushered in a better accounting and the management with upgrades in technology and competence, there will be a requirement for training and upgrading managers and staff to meet the contingencies of the proposed systems and controls. The Sarbanes-Oxley section will help the companies on the other hand gain a lot of investment and support from the investors by providing a quality and timely information, with a competitive advantage. (Shanley, 2004)

For the officer and the shareholder and those dealing with the company it ensures that the financially literate directors at the helm and will have internal controls which make the company relatively safe. It is however to be noted that the act is for public companies and many companies have cut issues to escape the provisions of the act. The Auditing firms and the auditing process all have undergone vast changes in the process of…


Anderson, David R. (2006) "Modern Business Statistics"

Thomson South-Western.

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Against Strict Compliance Arguments for
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The enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has brought exponentially higher costs of operating to every organization that must comply to its requirements. As many organizations are already quite lean in terms of headcount to minimize costs, many outsource compliance and the resulting business process management (BPO) activities to outsourcing organizations. Ironically legislation meant to bring American companies into higher levels of compliance continues to be one of the most lucrative businesses globally for outsourcing companies. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) continues to accelerate as organizations spend heavily to gain access to expertise they do not have the funds to hire or the resources to fully take advantage of. The costs of compliance and governance and the risks associated with it paradoxically create higher levels of risk for organizations the laws were meant to protect and infuse with stability. Yet for all the costs of compliance, the benefits to organizations have already…


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Business Ethics Development of International
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Hypothesis Five

In the fifth hypothesis of measuring the business ethics levels of Taiwanese ITPs the Null and Alternative Hypotheses are defined as follows:

H0: In the ethical climate of independence, the business ethics level of Taiwanese ITP's is high.

H1: In the ethical climate of independence, the business ethics level of Taiwanese ITP's is low.

Results of Testing Hypothesis Five

It has been established in the fourth hypothesis that the greater the ethical climate of independence, the greater the level of ethical self-direction and ownership of ethical outcomes. This also holds true when the ethical climate of instrumental low. The adherence to self-defined ethical standards is high. When the specific variable of in this company, the employees are expected to do their job according to their personal belief of ethics is correlated against the variable of in this company, the employees can make decisions based on their personal judgment,…

Importance of Good Business Ethics
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In addition, the researchers found
that on three of the four dimensions, the salespeople were ethical in their
conduct, including the use of moral reasoning in the service of both
prospects and customers. The only dimension to not test statistically
significant was the information dimension, as many of the sales people in
the study did not routinely file reports with their managers. This is
fascinating analysis as it has been pointed out in many of these studies
that given the geographic isolation of sales representatives the tendency
to treat unethical behavior as an alternative and an accelerator for goal
performance. The research presented however shows that salespeople, when
given clear objectives that require a high level of activity, see ethics as
the most efficient means of qualifying, initially selling to, and growing
customers. Ethics in the context of selling is an excellent business
strategy based on the research presented; it…


Behrman, D., & Perreault, W. (1982). Measuring the performance of
industrial salespersons. Journal of Business Research, 10, 35-70.

Economist (2006) - Virtual Champions. Economist Magazine. Downloaded from
the Internet on April 23, 2007 from: 

Social Media and Employment Process
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The major reason why social media plays a vital role in the recruitment process is because of the fact that applicants reveal more information about themselves via social media than during the normal hiring process.

However, while it continues to exist in the public domain, many applicants oppose the use of their social media profiles as part of the recruiting process ("Social Media's Place," n.d.). This opposition raises public debate about public vs. private life and the right to an individual's privacy. Majority of job applicants argue that social media profiles shouldn't be part of an employer's decision making process since personal life should be regarded as private life. Actually most of them consider reviewing their social media profile as a practice that is equivalent to conducting a security check. On the contrary, employers use social media to vet a candidate when they feel that this person does not portray…


Jackson, R.M. (2010, January 11). Social Media Permeate the Employment Life Cycle:

Employers Must Address their Use and Misuse Before, During and After An Employee's Tenure. Retrieved June 11, 2011, from 

"Pre Employment Background Checks for HR -- A Much Better Choice Then Social Profiling."

(2011, May 19). Pub Articles: Better Articles Pub. Retrieved June 11, 2011, from  -- 1305791090.html

Ethics Lowes the In formality of Ethics in
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Ethics Lowes

The (In)Formality of Ethics in a Private Organization: A Case Study Lowes Foods Including ecommendations

The recent economic downturn that the world's economies underwent has lead to a period of major reexamination and reconsideration of certain trends in the word of business and finance. The ethical decisions that business organizations must contend with on a daily basis clearly have major ramifications for many partners in its industry and even potentially in the global economy at large depending on the size and positioning of the organization in question. Enough poor ethical decisions can, when added together and mixed with the right conditions can lead to major practical problems in business in addition to being generally reprehensible and directly ruinous to individual consumers and business partners.

Most companies, of course, are not actually of a size to cause complete industry-or economy-wide upheaval due even to their complete failure. That is,…


Alex Lee. (2010). Accessed 27 November 2010. 

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Managerial Prerogative
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Managerial Prerogative Has Gone Too Far?

Whenever an organization is founded and the objectives for its existence have been established, the founders and management of said organization are expected to ensure the continuity, viability, and resilience of the enterprise. This is done via the allocation of needed resources (i.e. capital, human, financial, etc.) and formulation of strategies in order to achieved set and target organizational goals. Once operational, there are other duties, responsibilities, accountabilities, rights and privileges management can and must exercise to achieve continued operational success and efficiency. One of these management principles or concepts is known as managerial prerogative, which "includes the right to organize operations and methods of working, issue detailed instructions on the circumstances in which work is performed, and take in matters relating to working hours in so far as these are not rigidly regulated by collective agreement (Eurofound, 2009)." Often, managerial prerogative is institutionalized…


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Greenfield, K. (2008). Reclaiming corporate law in a new gilded age. Harvard Law & Policy Review. Retrieved May 13, 2011 from

Future Challenges Facing Accounting
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transparency seems to be a huge concern for the accounting profession and that many specialists (e.g. professionals and organizations in the accountancy profession such as Tilley (2010)) see transparency as remaining the next huge issue in the next decade, particularly as businesses outsource, become more complex, and powerful.

Regulations that are in order include the arbanes-Oxley Act (2002) that came into effect due to major accounting and corporate scandals that occurred in the last century such as from WorldCom, Tyco, Peregrine ystems; Adelphia, and Enron, each of which effected share prices of numerous impacted companies and caused the public's trust in security markets to falter (Greer. & Tonge, 2006).

Importance of the OX consists in the fact that it has restored public security in American capital markets and corporate financial statements as well as making corporate accounting more accountable for its actions and strengthening its responsibility. The OX has led…


Fombrun, C. & Foss, C. 2004, 'Business ethics corporate response'. Corporate Reputation Review, 7, pp.284 -- 288

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Organizational Behavior Trends Increasingly Two Major Factors
Words: 1046 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86882635
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Organizational ehavior Trends

Increasingly two major factors are influencing corporate decisions makers. The first is a reenergized campaign for corporate ethics. The second is technology and work-related stress. This paper describes why these trends are occurring and the results on how decision makers behave. It then concludes with an assessment of whether ethics and technology pull the manager in two different directions.

The long held notion that companies will profit from unethical behavior is now being dispelled. Many research studies such as those conducted by the Institute of usiness Ethics, a promoter of corporate ethical best practice, have shown that companies with a clear commitment to ethical conduct outperform those which do not (Webley and More). The Institute of usiness Ethics carried out its research on large companies in the United Kingdom, studying those with a demonstrable commitment to ethical behavior through having a published code of business ethics, and…


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In other respects, however, the evidence does not readily conform to theoretical predictions. For example, if gross job turnover is taken as a rough proxy for labor market flexibility -- and since stringent EPL reduces both hiring and firing -- it is quite surprising to find that job turnover rates are very loosely related to EPL rankings. Most remarkably, not only are the estimates for Italy and France, at 21 and 24 per cent respectively, very high in absolute terms (one in every five jobs is either created or destroyed each year), but they are also extremely close to the estimates for the United States and Canada despite the much heavier regulation of dismissals in the European labor markets." (Bertola, Boeri, & Cazes, 2000)

Once the company settled into the Canadian market they faced the new challenges regarding labor. The Canadian business philosophy continued to be pro-union. In Canada, Wal-Mart…


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