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Facts About Ecuador
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Ecuador is a South American nation on the northwest Pacific coast of the continent. It is bordered by Colombia and Peru, and its territorial waters in the Pacific include the famous Galapagos islands. Historically the region has been defined by two major empires: the Inca and the Spanish. The Inca empire was based in Cuzco, located the south of Ecuador in present-day Peru, and eventually by the fifteenth century the Inca would conquer much of present-day Ecuador, which was at the time inhabited by a confederation of smaller indigenous tribes, who fought annexation by the Inca. The native peoples were thus assimilated into the Inca empire, and adopted the language of the Inca, known as Quechua. At the time of the Spanish conquest, the Inca presence in Ecuador was fairly recent, but it of course led to the introduction of the language of the colonists. As Hurtado describes it the…

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