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Practical Problem Solving in Business

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Relationship between unemployment rate and new disability pensions in the US
Overview of the topic
Persistent high unemployment rates have remained a cause of great concern both in America and other developed nations, with US unemployment rates reaching a never-before-seen high since the 30’s Depression, in the mid-70’s – early-80’s period. But the years 1983-84 witnessed a renewed decline in unemployment rates (Reno & Price, 1985). In spite of unprecedented unemployment peaks in the course of the last ten years, employment rates have increased from the 1970 figure of 80.8 million labor force members to 102.5 million (1983) (Reno & Price, 1985). Cyclical disability insurance only cropped up in the disability insurance termination era of the early-to-mid 80s (Cutler, Meara, & Shubik, 2012).
Rationale for selecting the topic
Premature retirement with decreased actuarial benefits prior to 65 years of age first became available in the years 1961 (males) and 1965…… [Read More]

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Makings of Gaithersburg Maryland

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The Makings of Community
The local community of Gaithersburg, Maryland is a fairly well to do suburb of Washington D.C. Today, it has a number of industries characterized by the life sciences and science in general. The impetus for these industries arguably occurred midway through the 20th century when the National Institute of Standards and Technology (known at the time as the National Bureau of Standards) arrived (Gaithersburg Life, 2016). The correlation between this entity and other public sector interests in nearby Washington D.C. is responsible for the array of technology and science companies which populate this city, which still feels like a suburb in many ways. Gaithersburg is known for its diversity and its railroad.
In many ways, Gaithersburg’s historical development chronicles that of the United States itself. It originated in the 18th century as a small agricultural town in which the chief industry was husbandry. Moreover, the region…… [Read More]

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Unemployment and Tax Reform on Our Social

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unemployment and tax reform on our social structure including theoretical framework on functionalism, social conflict and symbolic framework and so on and so forth. The orks Cited eight sources in MLA format.


Unemployment has long been the cause of ruin of the American society as well as the global social structure. Persistence in unemployment and the related tax reforms have done much harm than have benefited the mankind on this face of earth. There have been several effects of unemployment and tax reforms on our social structure. The passages below of our research paper will look into not only these effects but will also include theoretical framework on functionalism and social conflict. Before we begin our discussion on the effects of unemployment on the social structure as well as on the effects of tax reforms, it is essential that the readers have a look at the precise yet comprehensive…… [Read More]

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Unemployment and Its Effect on Aggregate Supply

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Unemployment and its Effect on Aggregate Supply and Demand:

The Obama administration is looking for ways to create jobs and stimulate growth after temporarily setting aside the debt limit. The need for job creation and stimulating economic growth originates from the high unemployment that the country experiences. This high unemployment rate is an actual reflection of the serious shortfall of aggregate demand in the United States. The U.S. unemployment rate is high essentially because the country's economy is generating below its capacity. Actually, while the U.S. economy has made some gains from time to time, its real GDP is estimated at 6% below its trend path or capacity.

There are various reasons attributed to the high unemployment rate including its consideration as a consequence or outcome of the collapse of demand rather than a distinct, instantaneous problem. Some of the reasons attributed to the unemployment problem in the United States…… [Read More]


Bartlett, B. (2011, August 16). It's the Aggregate Demand, Stupid. The New York Times. Retrieved March 1, 2013, from  http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/16/its-the-aggregate-demand-stupid/ 

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Unemployment at National Level Giving

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C much faster, could become a good timed cheaper investment in our infrastructure

These actions that encourage growth by decreasing unemployment could be a trigger for increased inflation, added to the already considerable amounts of government spending required by the bailouts and the stimulus package. This could actually translate into inflation levels to spiral out of control during next year if the economy will recover without controlling the spending. Viewed from this point-of-view, I would add to my first recommendations another one: the government should find a way of developing the actions above with as little as possible spending from its side… it might be by involving more the private sector through tax cuts or other motivators, that would still reduce its tax income, but will not increase that much the public spending.


24-7PressRelease, "Job Crisis In The U.S. As The Unemployment Rises To 10.1%. U.S. Leaders Warn of…… [Read More]


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Isidore, Chris, "Economy finally back in gear," New York, October 29, 2009, retrieved online on November 6, 2009 from
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Is Unemployment a Social Problem

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Unemployment: A Social Problem?

There are few problems that nations face more perplexing than that of unemployment. The condition of being unemployed is in some ways natural to a capitalist system, as businesses try to succeed while spending as few resources as possible, and a flexible workforce means most people are willing and happy to change jobs several times throughout their lives. The problems of unemployment then often only go noticed during periods of economic slowdown, when the number of out of work individuals rises far beyond the ability of private business to give these individuals jobs. Unemployment is a significant social problem caused by poor economic conditions, and as such, unemployment should not simply be characterized as an individual's inability to find meaningful work, but also a nation's inability to provide meaningful employment to the entirety of its workforce.

A highly developed economy requires a busy and proactive society…… [Read More]

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Solution to Unemployment in USA Lynn MA as a Case Study

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Unemployment Lynn MA Case Proposal

In the U.S. unemployment has hit record highs. Unemployment of large segments of the working population, with rates as high as 9.5% in the general working population and 18% among young people affect everyone as these individuals are stagnating and struggling to provide for themselves and their families. (Fried, Revell, Rosato, Yahalom, Poppick, & Swiatek 76) The current recession has created consumer restraint as more and more people face and fear unemployment as well as concerns about financial security in general. This has resulted in U.S. unemployment rates based on both lower demand for products and services and corporate hiring conservation. ("Economic Policy" 15-16) In the state of Massachusetts the unemployment rate remains slightly lower than the national average at 7.3% as of October 2011, yet the problem is still one in need of address, and the unemployment rate in the Boston area including Lynn…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Extending Unemployment Beneficial or Unintentional Deficit

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Unemployment Deficit

ecently Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of epresentatives was quoted as saying that unemployment benefits are the leading stimulus to an economy in need of a quick fix. Her reasoning was that the unemployed immediately spent those benefits, therefore generating economic activity. Financial experts were quick to point out that such reasoning would mean that every citizen should just go on unemployment then, because such action would generate so much economic activity that the recent recession would be a distant memory in a very short period of time.

The question that this paper will seek to answer is whether extending unemployment benefits is a boon to the economy as stated by Nancy Pelosi, or does the extension of those benefits only add to the deficit, thereby ensuring that unemployment continues to be a huge problem and a drag on the economy.

The answer to that…… [Read More]


Downing, N. (2009) Riding out the storm, State Legislatures, Vol. 35, Issue 8, pp. 22 -- 24

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Problems Fostering Unemployment in America

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Unemployment in America

Policy makers in the United States continuously seek the silver bullet(s) -- plural solutions because there is clear recognition that the issue is multifaceted -- that will achieve healthy levels of employment in the nation. Certainly there some paths to increasing employment in the country are less expensive than others, and proposed solutions range across a wide array of complexity and practicality. Invariably, today, education becomes a focal point for discussions and debates about how to increase employment in any nation. This is due largely to the potential promise that solutions based in education can act as levers that are sufficiently effective to induce change.

Thesis Statement

Solutions to unemployment must be developed through the perfection of the alignment between the education young American receive -- in both secondary (high school) and post-secondary (college / university) educational systems -- and the actual labor market.

In his article…… [Read More]


Friedman, T.L. (2010, November 23). U.S.G. And P.T.A. The Opinion Pages. The New York Times. Retrieved  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/24/opinion/24friedman.html?_r=1& ;

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Rates Indicators the Effective Federal Funds

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8 for August, 2008, the most recent available (next release is October 20th). This represents a decline over the previous month, and the lowest level of the year. Over the past three months, this index has trended down. In June this was at 102.0, then 101.3 in July. Prior to that the level it had been stable all year (either 101.9 or 102.0).

In terms of individual components, the following components were up: average weekly unemployment initial claims, stock prices, manufacturing new orders (consumer goods) and index of consumer expectations. Of these, it should be noted that the stock prices are lower than at any other point this year except for July. Average weekly unemployment initial claims rising is a negative component, so a rise will reduce the leading indicators index. Manufacturing orders represented a slight increase but is well down for the year. Therefore, only consumer expectations made a…… [Read More]

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Youth Unemployment in Armenia

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academic research on this topic, present a causal argument, identify key variables, operationalize these variables, identify between 2 and 3 research hypotheses, specify and justify the relevant research method to test the given hypotheses, address possible obstacles or problems this research might confront and how to overcome these, and a correctly formatted and relevant 10 source bibliography.

Youth unemployment in Armenia.

Youth unemployment rates in Armenia are at an all-time high, but what is leading to its increase? Unemployment rates in countries are defined by individuals who are currently jobless but are seeking active employment within the last four weeks (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009). It is particularly interesting to see such a high youth unemployment rate because statistics show that the general unemployment rate within adults in Armenia has decreased from 7.1% in 2007 to 5.9% in 2011 (Index Mundi, 2012) yet unemployment amongst the youth contuse unabated and…… [Read More]

West BankWorldBank. Org. (2010)WorldBank. Org. (2010)


(CIA (2012) World Factbook Snapshot of Global Youth Challenges  https://www.cia.gov/news-information/featured-story-archive/2012-featured-story-archive/snapshot-of-global-youth-challenges.html )
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Economic Indicators Savings Rate Economic

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This economic indicator can be used to determine inequality within a given region or area. It can also be view the capacity for individuals within a particular nation to consume

b. ate of Value- $41,560

c. Source of Information- "Per Capita Personal Income U.S. And All States." Per Capita Personal Income U.S. And All States. Bureau of Business & Economic esearch, 12 Oct. 12. Web. 02 Feb. 2013.

d. Date of information- September 2012

6) Housing Starts-

a. Economic Indicator- Housing starts are usually indicated by the number of privately owned, new houses, under construction within a given period. This data is usually comprised of three, very distinct components of single family houses, condos, and apartment buildings. Housing starts are very important economic indicators as housing is a substantial component of the middle class family's net worth. Home ownership is also a means by which are other industries are successful.…… [Read More]


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Macro Unemployment Forecast Outline Current

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While it is true that jobs generated by 'clean up' needs can compensate for the loss of jobs, the Bureau's figures and the Social Security administration's figures still count workers held on payrolls. These workers are counted as employed, even if they cannot do their jobs, and may have relocated to another area of the country as a result of the storm -- and are likely to have their position terminated soon.


This is a tumultuous time for unemployment data, as Katrina's effects upon the economy are still uncertain, and have yet to 'play themselves out,' particularly given the massive relocation of human resources that occurred after the storm.


Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2005) retrieved on September 15, 2005 from http://www.bls.gov/news.release/ecopro.nr0.htm

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The Social Security Administration (2005) retrieved on September 15, 2005 from http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/T/T05/V_economic.html#wp163836

Unemployment (2005).…… [Read More]


Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2005) retrieved on September 15, 2005 from  http://www.bls.gov /news.release/ecopro.nr0.htm" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Causes of Unemployment and of Crime the

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Causes of Unemployment and of Crime

The primary causes of the national unemployment rate and of a number of statistics that are involved with the rate of crime in the United States can be attributed to federal initiatives -- or the lack of such nationally-based measures -- that play a significant influence on these two highly valued concerns of American citizens. This statement certainly holds true for the national unemployment rate, which has consistently been above 8% for the past 29 months (and which is the longest streak of this sort since the Great Depression in the 1930s) (Associated Press, 2011). Due to what has widely been attributed to a global recession, the United States economy has been attempting to rise from a state of perceivable low status (in which its currency, the dollar, has been continually devalued, particularly in comparison to other international currency, such as the Euro). The…… [Read More]


Associated Press. (2011). "National Unemployment Rate Climbs to 9.2%." Retrieved from  http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/07/national_unemployment_rate_cli.htmlW 

Haq, H. (2010). "U.S. Crime Rate is Down: Six Key Reasons." The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from  http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2010/0524/U.S.-crime-rate-is-down-six-key-reasons
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Federal Funds Rate the Federal Fund Rate

Words: 3201 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31382085

Federal Funds Rate

The federal fund rate was part of the solution, comprised in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, to centralize the banking system and gain public control of the money supply, inflation, and economic growth. The banking crisis of 1907 was a result of decentralized, unregulated banking that caused confusion with private bank notes being used as currency. There were occasional episodes of monetary mismanagement where the money supply was not appropriate to fulfill the needs of the economy. Too much money caused rapid inflation where too little money stunted economic growth by hindering production and the exchange of goods and services. There were no nationally consistent banking policies and no one entity had control to implement policies until the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 became a national law.

The Federal Reserve System was created with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 with a oard of Governors to…… [Read More]


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Healthcare Research Current Rates of

Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2447194

During times of labor scarcity, workers have less of an incentive to take low-paying jobs, and employers have more of an incentive to provide benefits, to attract a higher-quality workforce. During times of high unemployment, workers are more desperate for jobs and will accept work at lower wages and lower benefits. But over a long duration of time, poor health status can actually result in higher rates of unemployment and lower wages, as conditions become more chronic and impede a worker's ability to labor: for example, 64% of males with diabetes and 40% of women with diabetes between the ages of 50 and 60 were employed; versus 82% of males and 60% of female without diabetes (Jacobs & apoport 2002: 259). Diabetes is a condition often associated with the working poor and very poor, and if the disease goes unmanaged it can become more chronic and impede the ability of…… [Read More]


Arnst, Catherine. (2008, May 25). Healthcare: Not so recession-proof. Business week.

Retrieved June 12, 2011 at  http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/mar2008/tc20080324_828167.htm 

Jacobs, Philip & John Rapoport. (2002). The economics of health and medical care. Aspen.
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Oregon How Unemployment Has Affected

Words: 1346 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51677721

The lack of construction jobs means that people do not have enough money to buy other items, and this hurts other businesses, who must also lay off their workers. Unemployment, although it is entrenched in the construction industry, has been spiraling out of control in all sectors, in Oregon. "Thousands more of the unemployed will exhaust their jobless benefits in coming months…This region, and others like it around the state and nation, face the prospect of growing hunger and homelessness this winter as our neighbors run out of benefits and lose their ability to provide food and shelter for their families" wrote ead in the Oregonian (ead 2010).

"Nationally in terms of monetary policy, the Federal eserve appears ready to act…quantitative easing" or steps to increase the money supply seem likely in the near future (ead 2010). When the Fed wishes to expand the money supply, it expands its purchase…… [Read More]


Hauser, Christine. (2010, July 21). Home construction decline. The New York Times. Retrieved November 13, 2010 at  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/21/business/economy/21econ.html 

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Wiz Bang blue. Retrieved November 13, 2010 at  http://wizbangblue.com/2009/04/15/oregons-unemployment-soars-to-the-worst-in-the-nation.php 

Manning, Jeff. (2001, October 19). Intel announcement promises thousands of jobs in Hillsboro.
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Economics Unemployment if You Loose

Words: 1107 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60408692


In order to understand this idea about inventories, it is necessary to understand that if the prices were to change and not be rigid, then it would be the prices and not the inventories that would guide companies in their decisions about production. For example, if prices were increasing, a company would know that their product is popular and that they should increase the production of it. And if the prices were decreasing, the company would know that their product is not selling well and that they should probably reduce its production. In an economy though where the prices are fixed, companies need another way of deciding whether they should increase or decrease production. This is where Keynes came to the conclusion that the key is to observe the changes in the inventories in order to drive production (hat Causes a Recession to be a Recession, n.d.).

Over the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Writedowns. 7 April 2009

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Interest Rate and Mortgage Market

Words: 1282 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1062921

Defense of the Fed's New Interest-ate Policy, which was published by The Wall Street Journal on January 6th, 2013, financial reporters Frederic S. Mishkin and Michael Woodford carefully craft a justification of the Federal eserve's latest revision to its federal-funds rate target. The purpose of the article is to inform readers about the Fed's recent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which resulted in the decision to keep the federal-funds rate near zero with a contingency based on the national unemployment and inflation rates. By linking the federal-funds rate target to a baseline of 6.5% unemployment, and a predicted rate of 2.5% inflation, while also providing public notice regarding its previously private policy criteria, the Fed is renewing its efforts to stabilize an economy battered by a prolonged recession. As Mishkin and Woodford state in the article, this "commitment not to raise rates in the future as soon as might have…… [Read More]


Mishkin, F.S., & Woodford, M. (2013, January 06). In defense of the fed's new interest-rate policy. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324274404578211832381399400.html 

Yoon, A. (2013, January 28). Private mortgage market gains momentum after the crisis. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from  http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20130128 - 711413.html
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FDI Unemployment and Its Effects

Words: 832 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81537435

Marie Jahoda said that employment is a social institution with objective consequences that occur for all effected by it, overriding individual differences in feelings, thoughts, motivation and purpose (Fryer, 1995). Some of these, like earning a living, are intended or manifest. Others are unintended or latent.

According to Jahoda (Fryer, 1995): " employment makes the following categories of experience inevitable: it imposes a time structure on the waking day; it compels contacts and shared experiences with others outside the nuclear family; it demonstrates that there are goals and purposes which are beyond the scope of an individual but require a collectivity; it imposes status and social identity through the division of labour in modern employment; it enforces activity..."

For many people, the stress of being unemployed is devastating (Woolston, 2002). A recent study of more than 500,000 people in Great ritain revealed that people who said they were unemployed in…… [Read More]


Fryer, D. (September, 1995). Unemployment: A Mental Health issue. The Jobs Letter No.24.

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Woolston, Chris. (2002). Why Unemployment Is Bad for Your Health. The Principal Financial Group.
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Economy on Crime Rates it

Words: 3250 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91834440

The increased expectation of lawful income will reduce the temptation of illegitimate activity.

This is referred to as the 'motivation effect. The opportunity effect is a long- term influence that is positively correlated with crime, while the motivation effect is more short-term and has a negative correlation with crime. Thus, in years when people increase their spending by very small amounts or reduces it altogether, notably quickly. In contrast, during year when people rapidly increase their expenditure, property crime tends to grow less rapidly or even fall.

In relation to San ernardino, Miguel (2006) argues that with the recent renewal of the city by industries, the unemployment rate has been reduced to a large extent. The number and value of goods available as a result of this growth in income can be linked to the upsurge in robbery cases in homes and public places such as banks.

Economic growth, unemployment…… [Read More]


Becker, Gary 1999, Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach, Journal of Political Economy

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Ehrlich, Isaac 1975, The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: A Question of Life
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Work and Unemployment

Words: 688 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4754847

Work and Unemployment

Sociology of the Workplace

Studying Work

Define WOK

What does work mean? How do we define work? Does unpaid labor = work?

Now imagine you have just won the lottery (millions!) and financially do not need to collect a pay check. Describe your decision to either continue to work or not work and what work means to you.

In some ways, it could be said that 'work' is primarily defined by its compulsory nature. People work because they must earn a paycheck. Someone with a trust fund does not have to work. He or she might volunteer to work for a charity or elect to play golf for many hours a day, 'working' hard at these endeavors. But this is usually not defined as 'work' because these are not paid positions. The dividing line between work and a hobby is usually cast in monetary terms -- someone…… [Read More]


Jeffrey, Terrence (2011). Unemployment actually 10.2%. CS News. Retrieved:


Unemployment across the United States. (2009). Econompic Data. Retrieved:

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Addressing the Problem of Youth Unemployment and Disaffection in the UK

Words: 2310 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67719887

Reaching out to Address the Needs of NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) Adolescents

This paper will provide an overview of the phenomenon of youth unemployment and measures to address it. Coping with the needs of NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) adolescents requires the use of a variety of interventions, spanning from more effective solutions to address truancy; social support for disaffected youths and their parents; and creating a more effective job preparation curriculum within the educational system.

Categories of NEET adolescents

Truancy and NEET

Programs to Address the NEET Problem

Structural Issues

This paper will provide an overview of the problem of disaffected and unemployed youth and the various programs and methods that have arisen to address this issue. Recent economic instability has increased the number of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET), despite longstanding attempts to rectify this problem within the United…… [Read More]


Beggs, J. 2015. Types of unemployment. Available from:


[4 Jan 2016]

Boffey, D. 2015. Youth unemployment rate is worst for 20 years, compared with overall figure.
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Solow Growth Model and Unemployment

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The concept of the business cycle is that the rate of growth in an economy will shift over time, but in a more or less repeatable pattern. The structure of the pattern is, roughly, that economies will grow quickly, then a turning point will occur and the economy will turn into recession. After a trough, the business cycle will begin anew with a fresh period of growth.

For most Western economies, characterized by rising populations, intensive resource exploitation and continuous technological improvements, are on a long-run growth trend in their GDP. The business cycle should be identifiable outside of that trend. The degree of influence between business cycles and the trend is subject to debate. For example, in the United States the recession of 2008-2009 is believed by some to have permanently set the country's growth trajectory below where the previous trendline was -- so the business cycle will have…… [Read More]

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Causes of Unemployment and Poverty

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Poverty & Unemployment

Poverty and unemployment are unquestionably two of the primary scourges that afflict the United States as well as other countries around the world. There are strong ways in which they correlate but they do run the gamut from recessions, offshoring of jobs, industry and employment shifts in the country and so forth. This brief report will explore the links that exist, what is being done about them, what is working and what is not. Even though a sliver of the population will always be unemployed and/or impoverished, it is no less painful to notice and watch when it happens.

The first point to be made about both poverty and unemployment is that there is always going to be at least some of both in the United States. However, the hope is that it is always temporary rather than ongoing and perpetual. Even so, there is a reason…… [Read More]


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Growing Unemployment Problem Facing Countries

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Suitability for International Business Positions

In today's global society, the need for effective and suitable people in international business positions is greater than ever before, with instantaneous communication with countries around the world now the standard and with shipping and transportation between these countries now measured in days or even hours instead of weeks and months. The increasing confluence of different cultures and the increasing pace of business lead to the definition of certain qualities that individuals in international business positions must hold if they are to be truly suitable for these jobs. One of these qualities is the ability to communicate with very diverse groups of people and individuals that hold different values and beliefs in a direct, comfortable, and effective manner. People who have the ability to see things from different perspectives and to not only tolerate but to truly see the benefits of the beliefs and values…… [Read More]

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Chevron of the Three Types of Unemployment

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Of the three types of unemployment that exist, both structural and cyclical unemployment are likely to be major problems for Chevron. Cyclical unemployment and its effects on the auto manufacturing industry can perhaps be understood in the simplest and most direct manner; when a recession hits and GDP growth is slow (or even negative), unemployment rates rise -- there are less consumer dollars to support the continuing growth of products and services being offered. In the energy industry, recessions tend mean a slow down in business and consumer activities and thus a decrease in the demand for energy. This also leads to a decrease in the demand for energy technologies, though perhaps not as directly. Structural unemployment occurs when there is simply a decrease in demand for employees in a given industry. This has also occurred for Chevron to some degree, as technological advancements and the automation of many…… [Read More]

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United States Has the Highest Rate of

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United States has the highest rate of confinement of prisoners per 100,000 population than any other Western country. Analyze this phenomena and discuss actions that you feel are necessary to combat this problem.

The United States currently has the highest incarceration rate of any nation worldwide. For example, greater than 60% of nations have incarceration rates below 150 per 100,000 people (Walmsley, 2003). The United States makes up just about five percent of the world's population and yet it houses 25% of the world's prison population (Walmsley, 2009). In 2008 there were more than 2.3 million people held in United States prisons and jails, a rate of approximately 754 inmates per 100,000 people (Sabol, West, & Cooper, 2009). So if we only count adults in the population that translates into a one in 100 American adults is locked up. ussia is the only other major industrialized nation that comes close…… [Read More]


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High Unemployment at Indian Reservation

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Nuke Waste Site

The author of this report has been ask to consider the test case of an Indian reservation in Northern Colorado that is considering taking on a nuclear disposal site from a corporation in the name of giving jobs to some of their men and women. This is certainly not irrelevant given that nearly two thirds of the people on the reservation are unemployed. Many of the tribal members are on board with the plan due to the jobs it would bring while many others are against it due to the potential short- and long-term effects the presence of the site would have. The author of this report has been asked to consider and discuss the social, safety, economical and environmental aspects of the possibility at hand and whether accepting the plan of the corporation is prudent. While the acceptance of this waste plant would be a good…… [Read More]


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Reducing Rate of Psychiatric Readmission

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Evidence-Based Practice Project: educing ate of Psychiatric eadmission

The purpose of the evidence-based practice project is to examine ways to eliminate psychiatric readmissions. More specifically, literature is reviewed to examine evidence supporting the effectiveness of care transition interventions in preventing re-hospitalization amongst adult patients with severe mental illness. In this chapter, the search process is first described. Next, the identified literature is summarized and synthesized, clearly evaluating the relevance of the literature to the specified PICOT question.

Search Process

Literature for the review was searched in CINAHL, PubMed, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Google Scholar databases using the following phrases: psychiatric readmission, re-hospitalization, care transition interventions, transitional care interventions, and reducing readmission in adults with mental illness. Focus was particularly on literature published in English. From the first round of search, it was quite evident that not much scholarly attention has been given to the topic as the search returned less than…… [Read More]


Allen, J., Hutchinson, A., Brown, R., & Livingston, P. (2014). Quality care outcomes following transitional care interventions for older people from hospital to home: a systematic review. BMC Health Services, 14: 346.

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Pincus, H. (2015). Care transition interventions to reduce psychiatric re-hospitalizations. Technical Brief. Alexandria, Virginia: National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD).
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Impacts of Schooling on Fertility Rates

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Education and Fertility ates

Fertility and Educational Attainment

Women around the world are starting to become more empowered through higher education attainment levels. Millions of women are now finding more educational opportunities at their fingertips, which empower them as well as the economic capacity of their respective nations. Yet, education also has an impact on fertility rates; as education levels rise, fertility rates tend to decrease. Nations with higher education expectations thus tend to have women with decreased fertility rates and who tend to have children at much older age groups than in nations where there are less educational opportunities for women.

Education is a major factor of improving a woman's quality of life. At the same time, education also impacts the rate at which women give birth. The research suggests that "educational attainment has long been considered the most important measure of socioeconomic status in describing fertility differentials" (Center…… [Read More]


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (1994). Birth and fertility rates by educational attainment: United States, 1994. Monthly Vital Statistics Report, 45(10). Web.  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/mvsr/supp/mv45_10s.pdf 

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Real Cause of Unemployment Is

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It is measured as the annual percentage increase in prices and the most often quoted figure is the annual change. The prices inflation usually measures are retail prices. Unemployment is one of many factors that impact inflation. Typically, unemployment and inflation are opposites except in instances of stagflation where these two variables rise together. If unemployment goes too high, inflation goes down, because high unemployment drives wages downwards. Price decreases follow because goods are being produced so economically that prices can fall and producers can still make a profit. This generally happens after major productivity enhancements as Nussbaum points out in his article.

Unfortunately, factors other than productivity such as higher energy and commodity costs are having a significant impact on inflation (Kirchhoff and Hansen, 2004). The median forecast is for the consumer price index to rise three percent in the twelve months ending in September 2004 and 3.1% in…… [Read More]


Inflation - explanation. Retrieved October 17, 2004 from Web site: http://www.bized.ac.uk/virtual/economy/policy/outcomes/inflation/inflex.htm

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Economics Productivity and Unemployment Given

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The likely effects of increasing productivity on equilibrium GDP will be an increase in the sum total of the Gross Domestic Product. Improving technology and subsequently reducing output costs as a result is likely to decrease the risk of inflation in the short run, just as during the 1970s, increasing the input costs of oil resulted in increased inflation. However, if the economy continues to overheat, as producers produce more goods, employ more workers, and workers spend more of their salaries on more and more goods, inflation may be a concern in the long-term. This is especially true, given the currently high levels of unemployment, which means many people are unemployed and many workers have not gotten raises recently, thus they may spend a great deal if prices go down in the short run and their…… [Read More]

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Global Financing and Exchange Rate

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he globalization of poverty has indeed occurred during a period of rapid technological and scientific advance. While the latter has contributed to a vast increase in the potential capacity of the economic system to produce necessary goods and services, expanded levels of productivity have not translated into a corresponding reduction in levels of global poverty." (Chossudovsky, 1998)

he ability of corporations to easily pick up and move into cheaper labor havens throughout the hird World has actually led to more downsizing, corporate restructurings and the relocations of whole companies which has led to higher levels of unemployment and lower earnings throughout the urban communities and the rural farm. Unemployment was at one time localized in small segments but it has now become an international problem. "We live in a world so rich that global income is more than $31 trillion a year. In this world, the average person in some…… [Read More]

The objective of fighting poverty and improving the overall living standards of those individuals in the Third World and the newly emerging nations has become huge undertaking. One would think that the world would be getting richer based on the advances in technology and the many new economic opportunities in the global economy. "The global decline in living standards is not the result of a scarcity of productive resources as in preceding historical periods. The globalization of poverty has indeed occurred during a period of rapid technological and scientific advance. While the latter has contributed to a vast increase in the potential capacity of the economic system to produce necessary goods and services, expanded levels of productivity have not translated into a corresponding reduction in levels of global poverty." (Chossudovsky, 1998)

The ability of corporations to easily pick up and move into cheaper labor havens throughout the Third World has actually led to more downsizing, corporate restructurings and the relocations of whole companies which has led to higher levels of unemployment and lower earnings throughout the urban communities and the rural farm. Unemployment was at one time localized in small segments but it has now become an international problem. "We live in a world so rich that global income is more than $31 trillion a year. In this world, the average person in some countries earns more than $40,000 a year. But in this same world, 2.8 billion people -- more than half the people in developing countries -- live on less than $700 a year. Of these, 1.2 billion earn less than $1 a day." (Chossudovsky, 1998)

The World Bank is not a bank in the true sense of what the average person would consider a bank. The World Bank has more or less become a specialized poverty focused social and financial assistance program or agency. The World Bank falls under the jurisdiction of the United Nations and is one of their more specialized agencies. The World Bank consists of one hundred eighty four nations currently who are jointly responsible for the oversight of the institution and
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Rising U S Crime Rate Crime in the

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ising U.S. Crime ate

Crime in the United States

Crime in the United States took a sharp uptick starting in the middle of the 20th century but has actually leveled off since then, at least for the most part. However, even with the moderation in crime, especially in larger cities that have traditionally been problematic, crime in some cities is still alarmingly high and there are some cultural and social trends that are becoming more and more prevalent and, by extension, more commonly talked about as well. This essay will explore a couple of the more notorious examples of this in motion.

Crime Falling

One study conducted for this research noted that predicting the crime rate at any given point in time can be exceedingly maddening to predict because of how a single happenstance or course of events can have a massive effect on the overall rates. The study uses…… [Read More]


Burdett, K., Lagos, R., & Wright, R. (2003). Crime, Inequality, and Unemployment.

American Economic Review, 93(5), 1764-1777.

Carrington, K. (2006). Does Feminism Spoil Girls? Explanations for Official Rises in Female Delinquency. Australian & New Zealand Journal Of Criminology

(Australian Academic Press), 39(1), 34-53.
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Macroeconomics Guyana -- Inflation Rate Inflation Rate

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Guyana -- Inflation ate

Inflation rate is an important concern to assess the economic condition of any country. This report focuses on the inflation rate of the South American country, Guyana.

The economy of Guyana mainly depends upon the production of rice, sugar, shrimp, fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. The important industries of Guyana include mining of diamond, gold and bauxite, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, footwear, clothing, beverage and foodstuff processing.

In Guyana, inflation rate is measured through consumer price index. It is normally used by the Government, international organizations and public members and trade unions to assess the ratio of increase in prices or inflation. Data is collected monthly however it is published quarterly.

Since consumer price index measures the changes in prices of the consumer goods and services i.e. fixed basket of goods but not include capital goods. There are 9 main categories of fixed basket of goods…… [Read More]


(2007). Measuring Inflation in Guyana. Georgetown: The Private Sector Commission of Guyana Ltd.

(2010). Annual Report 2010. Georgetown: Bank of Guyana.

Co-operative Republic of Guyana. (2011, April 4). Retrieved from U.S. Department of State:  http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/1984.htm 

(2011). Quarterly Report & Bulletin. Bank of Guyana.
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Fed Raises Key Rate Again henderson 2005 Which

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Fed aises Key ate Again"(Henderson, 2005), which appeared in The Washington Post, outlines the reasons Federal eserve officials recently implemented a short-term interest rate increase. The current federal funds rate stands at 4%, the highest level since 2001, and reflects a quarter percent increase. Furthermore, this raise is the twelfth consecutive one since June 2004 (Henderson, 2005) and is, as Federal eserve officers note, only one in a series of anticipated increases. The next raise is likely to take place at the end of January 2006, bringing the federal funds rate to 4.5%. However, certain analysts expect increases in December. Some specialists claim a projected rate of 5.5% by July of next year, which they say will conclude the cycle of increases. Naturally, with Greenspan retiring at the end of January, the proposed raises are speculative as Bernanke has yet to demonstrate his intentions as the future Federal eserve Chairman.…… [Read More]


BBC News (2005, Nov.1). 'Fed Raises U.S. Interest Rate to 4%'. BBC News.

Website: http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/mpapps/pagetools/print/news/bbc.co.uk/


Henderson, Nell (2005, Nov. 1). 'Fed Raises Key Rate Again'. The Washington
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African-Americans Have Experienced Higher Rates of Recidivism

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African-Americans have experienced higher rates of recidivism in contrast with other segments of the population. Evidence of this can be seen with a study conducted by the U.S. Justice Department. They found that those individuals in this demographic and between the ages 18 to 35 have a 32% chance of being incarcerated. Once they are released from prison or placed on probation, the odds of them committing another crime are double in contrast with other population groups. (Kury, 2011) To fully understand why this is occurring requires examining the root causes of the problem. This will be accomplished by conducting a literature review on the subject. These findings will illustrate the primary causes as to why this segment has higher recidivism rates.

The target population is focusing on African-Americans from ages 18 to 35. This study will examine how the lack of education, substance dependency and criminal history are influencing…… [Read More]


Andrews, D. (2010). Rehabilitating Criminal Justice Policy. Psychology, Public Policy and Law, 16 (1), pp. 39 -- 55.

Bellair, P. (2011). Low Skill Employment Opportunities. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 48 (2), pp.

176 -- 208.

Kury, H. (2011). Punitivity. Munich: Borckmeyer.
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Case Study in Bank Statistics

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Unemployment Rate

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Rates (All Counties)

Total Housing Permits

Unemployment rate: one would expect the correlation coefficient between the unemployment rate and the demand for bank loans to be negative. This would show an inverse relationship whereby an increase in the unemployment rate will lead to a decrease in the demand for bank loans. The economic explanation for this would be that as the unemployment rate rises, aggregate income decreases and fewer individuals are able to afford a bank loan.

bankruptcy rate: on the same logical path, bankruptcy rate and demand for bank loans will move in different directions: as the bankruptcy rate increases, the demand for bank loans decreases, because more people have declared bankruptcy and no longer have the necessary income to apply and obtain bank loans. Thus, demand for bank loans will fall.

c. growth rate in housing permits: one would expect the correlation coefficient…… [Read More]

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Examining Economic Motivators for Employers on Employment Rates

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Employer's Attitude: Their Perception And Awareness About Disability

Organizations have a lot to gain from employing people with disabilities, as that improves the perception of the masses and clients alike as being sensitive, reasonable, and conscientious. The team has to be led from the front in this regard by the employers: the heads of the organization (Siperstein, omano, Mohler, & Parker, 2005). The growing demand for labor supply in the 21st century cannot be ignored any longer. The labor market is getting tighter with the supply diminishing owing to many factors (Copeland, 2007). Employers have to consider the fact that employing people with disabilities is not simply a good business and economic decision; it is also a way of building up the reputation of their organization.

The facts point to a scenario where the population growth will be slower than at any previous time. The couple of decades to follow…… [Read More]


Braddock, D., & Bachelder, L. (1994, February 24). The Glass Ceiling and Persons With Disabilities. Federal Publications. Retrieved from  http://digitalcommons.ilr.cornell.edu/key_workplace 

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U S Economic Performances in the Past 5

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U.S Economic Performance in the past 5 years

Major indicator of healthy state of an economy is the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate. The GDP growth rate reveals the performances of an economy. United States is one of the richest country in the world and "has the largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world." (Jabir, 2009 P. 3171). The country total GDP in 2010 was $14.5 trillion. (World Bank, 2012). Since 2006, the U.S. GDP has continued to fluctuate. Between 2006 and 2007, the U.S. enjoyed the growth in the GDP. In 2006, the country recorded 2.70% point of annual rate in the GDP, and in 2007, the country GDP slightly declined to 1.9%. While the U.S. demonstrated health growth rate between 2006 and 2007, the country recorded negative growth in the GDP between 2008 and 2009. In 2008,…… [Read More]


Bureau of Economic Analysis (2011). Contributions to Percent Change in Real Gross Domestic Product. USA.

Congress Budget Office (2012). The Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2012-2022. Congress of the United States.

Congressional Budget Office (2011).Budget and Economic Outlook: Fiscal Years 2010-2021. Government Printing Office. USA.

Economic Intelligent Unit (2011). Country Report, United States of America. The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited.
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Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Fluctuations

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Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Economic Fluctuations

The global economy was relatively doing fine more than five years ago before it was hit by economic downturn or recession. During this period, the American economy was at its peak, particularly in the fourth quarter of 2007. However, this was followed by a mild recession at the beginning of 2008, which eventually turned into a severe credit crisis across the world approximately one year later. While only a few countries escaped the economic recession, virtually no country could avoid the severe bear markets in stock (Norris, 2012). Some countries like the United States experienced changes in gross domestic product and stock markets. Since it has the best record of the main developed countries, the United States was severely affected by the recession. As the economic downturn came to end, America started the process of recovery from the effects of the recession. This…… [Read More]


Davidson, P. (2013, September 11). Economy is Still Bruised Five Years After Crisis. USA

Today. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from  http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/09/10/economy-2008-financial-crisis-lehman/2789841/ 

Klimasinska, K. & Chandra, S. (2013, August 27). America Resilient Five Years After Great

Recession. Bloomberg. Retrieved November 24, 2013, from  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-27/america-resilient-five-years-after-great-recession.html
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Employer Acme Inc a Medium Sized Industrial

Words: 1297 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19266667

employer, Acme Inc., a medium sized industrial company, has conducted a trengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (WOT) Analysis and has determined the strategic goals and objectives for the organization. One of the opportunities identified from the WOT was the current economy and the high unemployment rate. In addition, a strategic goal was established as a result of the WOT for Acme Inc. To maintain status quo on recruiting and focus specifically on retention (keeping Acme's best employees).

imulation: As the HRM for Acme Inc. And based upon the situation, describe how you would develop a "Compensation Plan" for this organization. Discuss how your plan would align and be effective with the above mentioned strategic goal. In addition, discuss how you would control the costs associated with your compensation and benefits plan.

In the form of an abstract, clearly state the issue or problem.

a. Express the problem in multiple ways…… [Read More]


Martocchio, J.J. (2011). Employee benefits: A primer for human resource professionals. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Rugaber, C (2010) Job competition toughest since recession began. USA Today.  http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/topstories/2009-10-09-2283852466_x.htm
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Economics Country Analysis

Words: 3685 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10554050

Economics - Country Analysis

Country Overview and Current Events (News)

Ethiopia, traditionally known as Abyssinia, is a landlocked Sub-Saharan country located at the Horn of Africa in East Africa, bordering Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, and the newly-created South Sudan. It covers approximately 1,126,829km2 of land; about the size of the state of Texas, and was, until the split of Sudan, the second-largest country in Africa. Being landlocked, Ethiopia largely relies on the port of Djibouti, to which it is connected by both rail and road. Economic elements such as this, together with the country's history, population, geography and economic performance have been explored in the subsequent sections of this text.

Population: the U.S. Census Bureau, in June 2013, estimated Ethiopia's population to be 93,877,025; a figure that makes the country the second-most populous in Africa, after Nigeria (orld Bank, Index Mundi). Ethiopia's population has been on a steady increase…… [Read More]

Works Cited

AFDB. "Inflation Dynamics in Selected East African Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda." AFDB Brief, 2012. Web. 18 March 2014  http://www.afdb.org/fileadmin/uploads/afdb/Documents/Publications/07022012Inflatin%20East%20Africa%20-%20ENG%20-%20Internal.pdf 

This article analyses the trend in Ethiopia's inflation rates vis-a-vis those of other countries in the Sub-Saharan region and was a valuable source of regional statistics, which formed the main basis for comparison.

Broussar, Nzinga, and Tekleselassie Tsegay. "Youth Unemployment: Ethiopia; Country Study." International Growth Center, 2012. Web. 18 March 2014  http://www.afdb.org/fileadmin/uploads/afdb/Documents/Publications/07022012Inflation%20East%20Africa%20-%20ENG%20-%20Internal.pdf 

This article analyzes the trend in Ethiopia's employment patterns. It reinforced my arguments that unemployment is more prevalent in urban Ethiopia, and that the country's informal sector contributes more to GDP than the formal sector.
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Economics A I View the

Words: 835 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42367461

A negative consequence, however, would be increased volatility in the value of the dollar. Imports would become more expensive as well, increasing inflation and potentially compelling the restructuring of the economy. Increased currency risk -- transaction and translation -- would also create difficulties for U.S. companies operating abroad. I do not support such a proposal. Attempts to jury-rig a global currency are as impractical as enforcing Esperanto as a global language. Such a currency would be inherently unstable, as the Euro example has shown us. The constituent communities would be committed to enforcing controls on each other in order to maintain the integrity of the currency. If at some point the currency of another economy overtakes that of the U.S., it will be because that economy is stronger, larger and more stable -- fundamental market forces -- rather than as the result of a political decision.

3. a) The Fed…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Google.com. (2010). Unemployment rate. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from  http://www.google.com/publicdata?ds=usunemployment&met=unemployment_rate&tdim=true&dl=en&hl=en&q=U.S.+unemployment+rate
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U S Current Macroeconomic Situation Similar to the

Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5969301

U.S. Current Macroeconomic Situation:

Similar to the rest of the world, the macroeconomic conditions in the United States are currently fragile. This is mainly because the rate of unemployment is high though is slowly declining, the currency valuation is fluctuating up and down, and the European financial unrest has continued to have significant impacts on the nation's economy. These conditions are coupled by a slow increase in manufacturing and upward trend of the stock markets. As a result of these macroeconomic conditions, there are huge speculations that the United States Federal eserve will enforce more stimulus plans in attempts to boost the stalled recovery of the economy.

Macroeconomic Outlook for 2012:

The backbone of America's economic recovery since the end of recent recession has been private consumption. The U.S. economy accelerated in the fourth quarter of 2011 and continued its slow recovery in the first quarter of this year after…… [Read More]


Morris, K. (2010, October 7). Current Macroeconomic Situation. Retrieved October 18, 2012,

from  http://socyberty.com/economics/current-macroeconomic-situation/ 

"U.S. Quarterly Macroeconomic Review -- Q1 2012." (2012, April 19). Macroeconomic

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Economy What Is the Inflation

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It was the smallest monthly jobs growth since August 2003, when only 2,000 jobs were added, according to revised figures from the Labor Department.

6. How does the current structure affect the threat of cost push inflation or deflation?

There are no inflationary or deflationary signs in recent reports.

7. What is the growth rate of GDP?

The current growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the output of goods and services produced by labor and property located in the United States, increased at an annual rate of 3.5% in the first quarter of 2005, according to preliminary estimates released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth quarter, real GDP increased 3.8%. The major contributors to the increase in real GDP, in the first quarter were personal consumption expenditures, private inventory investment, exports, residential fixed investment, and equipment and software. Imports, which are subtracted from…… [Read More]


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Macroeconomic Situation in the U S Corrective Fiscal

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Macroeconomic Situation in the U.S.: Corrective Fiscal and Monetary Policy

December 2007 marked the onset of the Great recession, which ended in mid-2009 but left the U.S. economy struggling through the damage wrought by its severity. Federal policy has gone a long way in the prevention of an occurrence of another recession, but growth remains too sluggish and inadequate for the full-health restoration of the economy. Vigorous and sustained fiscal and monetary support is needed if the economy is to recover and achieve the pre-depression employment level.

Save for the temporary hiring of census officials, the overall economy recorded a drastic fall in employment levels during the last half of 2009. In December 2012, the unemployment rate was reported at 8.1% - approximately 3.5 percentage points above the average rate in 2007, at the end of which the Great ecession struck (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). This rate further exceeds…… [Read More]


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Measured Levels and Changes in

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Even students who return to graduate school to improve their qualifications after failing to find work might qualify as discouraged workers. This recession, which has affected the young and white-collar sectors more than recessions of the recent past, has created a larger proportion of individuals adopting such strategies. These workers using socially acceptable means to deal with unemployment but are still incurring debt while they are not making enough to support themselves, or are incurring more debt due to student loans that they will have to pay back eventually. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that if all discouraged workers were counted, the unemployment rate would have been nearly 11% in August 2009 (Luo 2009). Depression, depending on the inadequate income of a spouse, and focusing on raising children or school than dealing with piles of rejection letters are all cited as reasons that workers simply give up (Luo 2009).…… [Read More]


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Effects of Kasp

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For most of its existence, Saudi Arabia's economy has been driven by revenues from its massive oil fields. While this has allowed the country to have a healthy balance sheet, it has also discouraged investment in other areas. Other countries in the region have begun to realize that having an oil-dependent economy is not sustainable in the long run. Nations with burgeoning populations and limited resources tend to be unsustainable. That lack of sustainability can be seen today in milder forms, such as high unemployment among youth, social problems like abuse and deviant behaviour and stunted economic growth.

The facts concerning the Saudi economy reflect the structural issues in the Saudi economy. The country has a population of roughly 27 million, a third of whom are non-citizen immigrants. Nearly 50% of these are under the age of 25 and the median age is 26.4 years. This means that the…… [Read More]


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Economic Indicators the Change in the United

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Economic Indicators

The change in the United States Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratings has shown both ups and downs in the U.S. economy over the last two years. In the most recent quarter, the first quarter of 2011, the U.S. GDP increased over 2%. hile the GDP has increased every quarter since mid-2009, the quarterly increase in each of the last four reported periods was weaker than the quarterly increase between mid-2009 and early 2010. Overall, however, the recent increases suggest the U.S. economy is recovering from the recent recession.

In 2008, as the United States was entering a period of recession, the real GDP decreased in three of the four quarters of the year, and increased only slightly in the fourth. The GDP trended downward from the beginning of the year, where the real GDP decreased by around 1% in the first quarter, to the end, when the…… [Read More]

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Economic and Financial Crisis 2008-2009 the Federal

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economic and financial crisis (2008-2009), the Federal Reserve took exceptional measures in order to combat the effects of the crisis on the American economy. These measures translated into an expansionary policy that included pumping money in the economy and purchasing assets that were in trouble. Through its expansionary work, the government was able to balance some of the effects of the crisis.

The question that seems to be on everybody's mind (and lips) today is where does it all end? One thing everyone can agree on is that this type of expansionary policy cannot last forever. The United States economy functions as a free market economy where the laws of supply and demand govern the realities of the market. A continuous and permanent intervention of the Federal Reserve is neither possible, nor healthy. What nobody can agree on, however, is when the expansionary approach should stop: now, in the near…… [Read More]


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Fiscal and Monetary Policy and

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Inflation remains low because of the seemingly unchanging rate of unemployment and income. In addition, the low inflation rate is associated with the slow economic activity during the winter months because of adverse weather conditions (Liu, 2014). One of the major reasons for the minimal changes in U.S. interest rates as compared to five years ago is the slow recovery in the housing sector. The housing sector continues to slowly recover from the effects of the 2008 global recession. This rate of recovery has had significant effects on the country economy as evident in the low interest rates.

Strategies to Encourage Consumer Spending:

The Federal eserve can use fiscal and monetary policy to develop strategies that will encourage people to spend money in order to stimulate economic growth. One of these strategies, which is a fiscal policy initiative, is government tax cuts that enhances the buying power of consumers. Tax…… [Read More]


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