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UAE the Global Village

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UAE the Global Village

It is estimated that about 240 different cultures live in the UAE today. This means that almost all the cultures in the world are represented in the UAE making it a Global Village. The paper focuses on the question: How has globalization impacted the culture of the UAE? The paper compares the effectiveness and impact of globalization on UAE's economy and culture. Lastly, this paper also examines globalization and its impact on UAE and points out the positive and negative impacts of globalization.

Impact of globalization on UAE has been mixed with both negative and positive implications of global integration.

The population of Saudi Arabia is about 27.6 million people, whereas the neighbouring country of UAE (United Arab Emirate) although has the population of approximately 4.5 million, is considered a very good example of global village in the world. UAE has attracted the international community by…… [Read More]


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UAE HRM the Urbanest Company Is Expanding

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The Urbanest company is expanding into the UAE. This is the first time that the company has entered into a Muslim country. As such, HM plans need to be adjusted to deal with this reality. This will provide some unique challenges. However, given the friendly history of the UAE's acceptance of foreign companies, the penetration of the company into this environment should be able to occur successfully.

Cultural Basis-

Before any other issues are considered, the factor of Muslim religion and culture need to be factored in. The company has always prided itself upon accommodating its operations to student needs in ways that traditional university facilities could or would not. This is specifically a point that the company has advertised in press releases to potential student tenants in the UAE ("U-rooms.com partners with," 2010). Before any of our other questions are to be answered, the company must very…… [Read More]


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UAE Islands Throughout the World

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In fact the UAE held bilateral negations with officials from Iran in September of 1992. During this meeting the following request were made concerning Iran's occupation of the Islands.

1. The UAE wanted Iran to end the military occupation of both of the Tunbs Islands ("Assertion of the UAE").

2. The UAE asked that Iran make a commitment to adhere to the provisions established by 1971 Memorandum of Understanding as it pertained to Abu Musa ("Assertion of the UAE").

3. Abstain from interfering in any way or the United Arab Emirate's authority over the Abu Musa Island ("Assertion of the UAE").

4. Withdraw all efforts to impose on "the government organs on the Island of Abu Musa and on the citizens of the state and on the expatriates who work there ("Assertion of the UAE")."

5. Develop an appropriate framework to determine the issue of sovereignty over the Island of…… [Read More]


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UAE Pursuant to the Purchase

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e will need to become acquainted with the governance of the zone in which our target purchase operates.

The rapid ascension of the UAE has resulted in rapid inflation in recent years. This has resulting in increasing operating costs for businesses. Moreover, viable land has become scarce, pushing the price of both it and capital assets skyward. This represents a significant challenge in terms of cost reductions and foreign currency exposure. The dirham, which is currently pegged to the U.S. dollar, may be subject to a free float in coming years in recognition of the country's emergence as a world economic power in its own right.

The social infrastructure of the UAE represents some challenges. Less than 20% of the population is native Emirati; thus the country is heavily dependent on migrant workers from other countries. Half of the population comes from the Indian subcontinent, and within the working age…… [Read More]

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UAE Abuse the United Arab

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Literature eview

Domestic disputes, domestic violence, family violence, or intimate partner violence are terms often used interchangeably and usually are related to conflicts between or among family members (Buzawa et al. 2008). Whatever it is labeled, these issues occur in every country, across all religious lines, and evidence of abusive relationships and both abusive and victim-type personalities can be seen in a variety of social situations (Versola-usso & usso 2009; Williams et al. 2008; Gomez & Speizer 2009; Khan 2006; Alkhateeb et al. 2001). These types of abusive relationships not only transcend national, cultural, and religious boundaries, but can also be found in relationships amongst people of all ages and a complete diversity of sexual orientations and identifications (Lundy & Grossman 2005; Bimbi et al. 2008).

McNeely et al. (2001) assert that domestic violence is also not merely a gender issue, but is truly a human issue, and to perceive…… [Read More]


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UAE Doing Business Internationally Requires Understanding of

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Doing business internationally requires understanding of the local political and legal environments. In a country like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this can be a complex process, but it is necessary for successful market entry. This paper will explore the political and legal environments of the Emirates.

On a national level, the UAE is generally considered to be an open economy, and is certainly one of the more open economies in the region (CIA orld Factbook, 2013). The country has committed resources to infrastructure development and job creation, indicating a willingness to build the economic strength of the nation for the long run. There is a free trade agreement in place with the United States. In addition, several areas have set up Free Trade Zones allowing 100% foreign ownership and no taxes, with the objective of attracting foreign investors (CIA orld Factbook, 2013). It is worth noting that such…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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UAE Development

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egional trade agreements

Tourism in the United Arab Emirates and free trade

In a manner that is unusual for an oil-rich state, the United Arab Emirates has pursued a vigorous free trade policy in an attempt to diversify its economy. "apid growth in the nonoil economy reduced oil's share of GDP from 60% in 1980 to 35.8% in nominal terms in 2007" in part thanks to its embrace of free trade ("UAE," 2013). At present, less than half of its export value comes from petroleum-related products ("UAE trade policy," 2014). The UAE's economic policy has been judged by outside, objective authorities to be liberal and open to trade. For example, the WTO reports "the UAE's tariff of 5% was significantly lower than the maximum tariff of 15% that can be charged under international trade regulations" ("UAE trade policy," 2014). Tourism has also been one of the cornerstones of the…… [Read More]


Algethami, S. (2013.).Why the UAE is a leading tourism destination in the region

Gulf News. Retrieved from:  http://gulfnews.com/business/tourism/why-the-uae-is-a-leading-tourism-destination-in-the-region-1.1261536 

UAE. (2013). Office of U.S. Trade Representative. Retrieved from:

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UAE Economy

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Economics of the UAE

majorly driven by the oil explorations vast oil reserves are found within the region.

Oil contributes the highest GDP to the UAE.

UAE's economy is one of the most open in the world.

Economics of the UAE

The economy of the UAE and other Arab countries is majorly driven by the oil explorations that are as a result of the vast oil reserves that are found within the region. Oil is the single natural resources that contribute the highest GDP to the UAE to an extent that foreign explorers are also involved in the mining and processing of the oil. It shapes both the economic trends as will be seen below and also the leadership and the politics of the region.

Inflation in UAE has been recorded at 2%

Despite the global credit crunch and recent crisis in Dubai, reports indicate that Dubai has the lowest…… [Read More]

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UAE and Japan Relations

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An Analysis of Relations between United Arab Emirates and Japan
In an era when American influence in the world is waning, the bipolarity of the Cold War years is being replaced by regional partnerships that are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders. Indeed, one important international partnership that has emerged over the past half century has been between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan, with both countries expanding their diplomatic presence in each other’s capitals and investing heavily in exports, most especially oil and gas to Japan with the UAE importing electronics, vehicles and various types of machinery from Japan. Moreover, international analysts predict that this strategic partnership will continue to expand for the foreseeable future. The purpose of this research proposal was to provide an overview of the history of the relations between Japan and the UAE. A discussion concerning the origins of this modern relationship is followed by…… [Read More]

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Corp Gov UAE Corporate Governance

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Clearly, he companies engaged in this practice were operating with direct intention, and a roper governance system would have made this obvious and prevented it.

Software Spying

In another telecommunications case, a company was found to have included spyware in a company-sponsored "software upgrade" to users' cell phones, that enabled the company to collect confidential information from users' phones without their consent (Khaleej Times, 2009). Not only is this practice clearly unethical, but it is also illegal despite a lack of stringency in the detection of such crimes and the prosecution of large-scale corporate offenders such as telecommunications companies. Again, greater transparency and internal control would have allowed this practice to be discovered much sooner, and the risk of discovery almost certainly would have prevented this action from ever occurring. Corporate governance works best when it is so strong it is only rarely and usually accidentally tested; when purposeful actions…… [Read More]


ADCCG. (2012). Accessed 7 May 2012. http://www.adccg.ae/

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Etisalat. (2011). 2010 Annual Report.
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HRM Policies in the UAE Human Resources

Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74633239

HRM policies in the UAE

Human resources play an integral role in any organization. The allocation of human capital is critical to the overall success of the organization. Depending on the particular industry, talent and its subsequent retention is directly correlated to the overall profitability of the firm. In many instances, as is the case in our current economic cycle, improper human resource activity can have a profound effect on our overall society. By employing and retaining the correct individuals for the corresponding position, both the business and society benefit. For example, the most creative individuals will be placed in the positions that utilize their talent most effectively. This talent will thus be cultivated in the position allowing the individual to grow and develop. This development allows the individual to create products or solutions that another individual with less talent may overlook. This is primarily how Microsoft, Google, Intel, and…… [Read More]

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Economics of the UAE

Words: 1842 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82788345

Economies of the UAE

Economics of the UAE

Current analysis of UAE Economy

Historical economic aspects

Discussion of basic economic indicators

GDP: per capita GDP; growth rate of GDP

Inflation rate


Trade balance

Natural / Human resources & Infrastructure

Exchange ate Behavior and Forecasting

Demographics (age distribution)

Short-term and long-term prospects/forecasts for UAE Economy

Current analysis of UAE Economy:

The Persian Gulf states including Abu Dhabi, 'Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Dubayy, Umm al Qaywayn, and a's al Qaywan are represented as UAE. The states follow an open economic and moderate political policy. The states are rich in oil reserves providing a structured support for their economic and social progress. The strong economic position of the states has enabled them to earn a competing position with the developed western countries. The continuous growth in economy has also enabled the businesses to invest in UAE. The governments of UAE are…… [Read More]


Al-Kaabi, M.K. (2012). The Strategic Alternatives of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Disruption of Maritime Traffic in the Arabian Gulf as a result of Iranian Threats to Close the Strait of Hormuz (Doctoral dissertation, Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School).

CIA. (2013). The world Fact Book. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved from  https://www.cia.gov/library /" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Effects of Diversity on the UAE Workplace

Words: 2279 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93949501

Cultural Diversity in United Arab Emirates Organizations

The purpose of the proposed study will be to evaluate the current levels of cultural diversity in United Arab Emirates (UAE) public and private sector organizations and their implications for UAE culture.

The proposed study will be guided by the following research questions:

What have been the recent trends in economic diversification in the UAE?

Is it possible to formulate optimal diversity levels for a given country?

Can there be too much diversity? How can it best be measured? If there is too much diversity, should it be curtailed? Why? How can it be curtailed?

What are the implications for UAE culture if current demographic patterns persist over the next 10 years? Twenty years? Fifty years?

esearch Problem and Scope

Today, it can be argued that the UAE is in danger of losing its cultural and religious heritage altogether. Indeed, the UAE is…… [Read More]


Balasubramanian, A (2010, Winter). 'Rebuilding Dubai: Post-bubble economic strategy.'

Harvard International Review, vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 10-19.

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2swot Analysis of Citigroup UAE Global Network

Words: 3387 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4336909

2SWOT analysis of Citigroup UAE

Global network

The Strengths




The Porters 5 forces analysis

PESTEL Analysis

Business Strategy

The future trends in the internet banking arena

Benefits of e-banking

The legal and ethical issues surrounding e-banking

Alan, F (2002).Your e-banking future. Strategic Finance. Available online at Citibank is a bank that is a subsidiary of the larger Citigroup. Citigroup is a leading financial institution that has services an excess of 100 million clients, close to 6 million online relationships as well as worldwide presence that spans 100 nations. Citibank UAE began its operations in 1987 in an environment that was very competitive. It rolled its services that included a comprehensive array of top notch financial services that targeted the high class and the middle class households. The bank employed cutting edge innovation in order to leverage its global expertise. This positioned it in the UAE region as…… [Read More]


Al-Mudimigh, A.S.(2007) "E-Business Strategy in an Online Banking Services: A Case

Study," Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, April 2007, Vol. 12, no. 1.

Alan, F (2002).Your e-banking future. Strategic Finance. Available online at  http://www.allbusiness.com/technology/computer-software-customer-relation/171142-1.html 

Choi, S., Stahl, D.O., and Andrew B. Whinston.,A.B (1997).The Economics of Electronic
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Unresolved UAE Iran dispute

Words: 2757 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86329181

longstanding territorial disputes between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iran, regarding three islands in the Persian Gulf. The first dispute is with respect to the island of Abu Musa, which is claimed by Sharjah. The other is with respect to Greater Tunbs and Lesser Tunbs, both of which are claimed by as al-Khaimah. All three are presently viewed by the international community as territory of Iran. The issue dates back to the formation of the UAE. The former colonial power, the United Kingdom, transferred the islands to Iran at this time, in 1971, ostensibly in exchange for Iran dropping its claim to Bahrain. This paper looks at the dispute between the UAE and Iran over these islands, both in its historical context and in terms of its modern manifestations.

Historical Context

The dispute over the status of Abu Musa pre-dates the formation of the UAE. The island was under…… [Read More]


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Small Medium Sized Businesses in United Arab

Words: 1223 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84791572

Small Medium Sized usinesses in United Arab Emirates

The objective of this study is to trace the history, customer services, CRM and satisfaction issues and problems in small medium size businesses in the United Arab Emirates and to discuss the trends in SMEs.

Small and Medium-scale Enterprises plays an important role in economic development worldwide. Many developing countries in fact have placed Small and medium enterprise development and promotion on top of their economic agenda one of them is The UAE country. Today United Arab Emirates setup governmental fund such as khalifa fund and Dubai SME fund to expand the SME sector and open new opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow and improve. As, There are many small businesses grow by the funding of the Khalifa fund which is "in 2008 offered Dh 246 million in funds for 154 new industrial and services enterprises." Also, the governmental funding can provides many…… [Read More]


Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development Emphasizes Support to SME (2009) UAE Interact. 4 May 2009. Retrieved from: http://www.uaeinteract.com/docs/Abu_Dhabi_Council_for_Economic_Development_emphasizes_support_to_SME/35064.htm.

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Small Business (2012) Wikipedia. Retrieved from:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_business
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UK Saudi Direct Investment for British

Words: 1372 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24531062

Though this research will not provide all necessary data for such a project to be undertaken, it will explore the issue form a side and perspective not often utilized, shedding light on an essential yet often-overlooked aspect of the foreign trade relationship.

esearch Methods

Qualitative research is perhaps not the first thing thought of when conducting a trade analysis, but its importance to a proper understanding of the trade relationship cannot be overstated. Such research and analysis requires that the situation be examined in its human terms in addition to the numeric values and inferences drawn from quantitative research and analysis. In determining the perceived motivations and barriers to direct investment, this research will essentially be attempting to analyze and predict responses to changing business situations, and such research almost necessarily takes on a qualitative form (Bavdaz 2009). The predictive value of the proposed qualitative research is, in this instance,…… [Read More]


Bavdaz, M. (2009). "Conducting research on the response process in business surveys." Statistical Journal of the IAOS 26(1/2), pp. 1-14.

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United Technology Corporations in Regard to Its

Words: 2586 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68324545

United Technology Corporations in regard to its strategies, financial performance and general stock performance. The conglomerate's strategy and positioning is presented in regard to its various constituent firms. A conclusion is provided on the basis of the obtained financial outlook.

Financial performance and strategy

Capital markets considerations

UTC's financial and investor ratios

Price to Operating Profit (P/OP)

Price to Book Value (P/BV)

UTC's corporate strategy and positioning

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an American multinational conglomerate that has its headquarter in the United Technologies Building which is located in Hartford, Connecticut (UTC,2011).The company deals in research, development as well as manufacture of cutting-edge technology products in various areas such as aircraft engines, HVAC, fuel cells, helicopters, escalators and elevators, fire equipment, security, industrial products, and building materials among other products. The company is a major U.S. military contractor (Stewart, 2005, p.2) for which it produces missile systems as well as…… [Read More]


Bern, MD (2011).Enhanced Income strategies for United Technologies


Cota, E (2011). United Technologies Corp: cash flow valuation  http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/817168-eric-cota/191938-united-technologies-corp-cash-flow-valuation 

Dividendvalue (2008). Stock Analysis: United Technologies Corp (UTX) A Buy At This Pricehttp://dividendsvalue.com/1433/stock-analysis-united-technologies-corp-utx-a-buy-at-this-price/
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Emirate Airlines Customer Service

Words: 4373 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62757631

Emirate Airline Analysis

What follows in this report is a review and summary of the customer services aspect of Emirates Airline. The firm in question has most certainly established a name for themselves and there is the common refrain about how adept they are. Even so, there are opportunities for them to get better and all firms should commit to a culture and mindset of continuous improvement, fettering out what problems what do exist and finding common sense solutions for dealing with the same. Regardless of what problems are found, there need to be evidence-based and realistic solutions put forth, and that shall be the goal of this report. While Emirates Airlines does a lot of things well when it comes to their customer services, they could do even better and strive to do so whenever possible.

Company Summary

Before getting into the minutia of what should change and why,…… [Read More]

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United States Accept Reject International Criminal

Words: 2465 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34035114

"..three asymmetric methods that could be used to exploit the Court: (1) misusing the Court's investigative processes, (2) filing questionable or fraudulent complaints, and (3) manipulating mass media (Austin, W. Chadwick, Kolenc and Anthony Barone, 2006, p. 291)."

Finally, the issue of how the court might deal with the problem of international terrorism is not well understood (Yarnold, Barbara, 1991). The court's authority to extradite and prosecute terrorists from third world countries needs to be better defined Yarnold, p. 1). The United States has not signed on to the ome Statute, and understanding the U.S. role of protecting its own, should the U.S. continue to reject

The ome Statute is becoming clouded by the strength and power of the international community and courts (Dietz, Jeffrey, 2004, p. 137). Under the powers of the ICC, any American prosecuted in the court would be denied the protections guaranteed Americans under the Bill…… [Read More]



Aksar, Y. (2004). Implementing International Humanitarian Law: From the AD Hoc Tribunals to a Permanent International Criminal Court. London: F. Cass. Retrieved October 29, 2008, from Questia database:  http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=108538096 

Austin, W.C., & Kolenc, a.B. (2006). Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? The International Criminal Court as a Weapon of Asymmetric Warfare. Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, 39(2), 291+. Retrieved October 29, 2008, from Questia database:  http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=5016812758 

Danner, a.M. (2003). Navigating Law and Politics: The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and the Independent Counsel. Stanford Law Review, 55(5), 1633+. Retrieved October 29, 2008, from Questia database:  http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=5002006263
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US Immigration and Ethnicity

Words: 1048 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81395646

America": A Semi-Structured Interview with Mohammed "Mo" Hadi

Semi-Structured Interview Questions and Summary of Responses (impromptu follow-up questions are italicized):

Question No.

When and why did you come to the United States?

I arrived in America in early 2008 to attend engineering school.

Question No.

Where are you from originally?

Lahore, Pakistan

Question No.

Do you have a large family in Pakistan?

[laughs] Yes, we have a very large family, especially compared to most

Americans I have met. Both of my parents are alive and I have four living brothers and five sisters. I had two other brothers, but one is dead now and we haven't heard anything from another brother in almost a year.

Question No.

What happened to your brothers?


Well, one brother died when he was only 2 years old and we don't know anything about what happened to my other missing brother, as I say.…… [Read More]

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Comparing Etihad and Emirates

Words: 5255 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45697747

Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways 
This paper discusses Etihad Airways, the number 2 airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and compares it to Emirates Airlines, the number 1 airline of the Middle East, and fourth largest airline in the world. The paper provides examples of the 7 P’s of the extended marketing mix for each airline, and provides a detailed marketing plan for Etihad Airways. The marketing plan includes how the plan will meet business objectives and marketing objectives of Etihad Airways as well as an Action Plan that can be used to to monitor and evaluate the company’s progress for meeting its business goals and objectives.
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways is the 2nd largest airline in the UAE and the second flag carrier airline of the UAE with its HQ in Abu Dhabi and its main hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Founded in 2003, Etihad Airways…… [Read More]

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Pumps for All the United

Words: 1828 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45944953

The needs of each must be met, but the strategy should also emphasize a degree of equality between the groups that may not appear to exist on the surface.

Examples of Islam as a problem for HRM include the need for prayer times, the need for mosques and issues with regards to gender equality. HRM must ensure that the needs of a predominantly workforce are met, in accordance with the standards of the religion and the UAE (Budd & Scoville, 2005). In addition, the HRM strategy needs to be specifically geared towards eliminating gender issues in the workplace. This can include a degree of sensitivity training but also strong statements about the equality of the sexes.

Language barriers are going to cause major communications problems (ilson, 2005). This can impact on the messages delivered at high-level meetings; it can impact worker safety and it can result is communication breakdown between…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

CIA World Factbook. (2010). United Arab Emirates. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved January 27, 2010 from  https://www.cia.gov/library /" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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National Culture on Project Control Emirates Project

Words: 5403 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85894337

national cultue on poject contol: emiates poject manage in *xyz company case study

This wok addesses effects of national and intenational cultue upon business, using a copoate oganization in the UAE as an example. Theoetical aspects of cultue ae discussed and a detailed eseach pogam is outlined, with data fom a Pilot Study being pesented, as a basis to plan and delineate the best appoach to the oveall eseach potocols.


The goals of this manuscipt ae to evaluate the XYZ oganization in the UAE in tems of the effects of national and intenational cultue upon a business.


The vaious aspects of a given national cultue ae used to develop theoetical hypotheses concening the manne in which cultue influences copoate actions.


This wok offes a contibution to the field though data-povision and analysis focusing on common pesumptions that copoate actions ae modified accoding to the 'home county' cultual…… [Read More]


Adler, NJ (1991). International dimensions of organizational behavior. 2.ed. Boston: Kent Publishing.

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Atkinson, R (1999). Project management: cost, time and quality, two best guesses and a phenomenon, its time to accept other success criteria. International Journal of Project Management. 17(6). 337-42.
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State of Human Rights in the Arab World

Words: 3599 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85324547

Human ights in the Arab World

As stated by the "Universal Declaration of Human ights" in the United Nations, Human rights has almost become one of the most important factors that decided the development of a country. To be able to promote economic growth and prosperity it is essential that a country controls its power of creativity and enterprise of its citizens, which would aid it to move into the global market in terms of trade, communication and investment systems.

It has been noticed that the most talented members of the society are usually not granted their human rights and hence the political, social, and cultural developments of the society are being not in order due to human rights being violated. This gets us to realize that we need to follow human rights development not only to protect a single individual but the entire society on the whole.2 Wrong use…… [Read More]


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'Human Rights and Modern Arab States." Thinking Clearly. Retrieved from  http://www.habtoor.com/thinkingclearly/html/issue42.htm  Issue 42 / September 2001 Accessed on 03/04/3004
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Factors Influencing Intentions Among Arab Students Entrepreneurship

Words: 5885 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64214761

Entrepreneurial Intentions: Factors Influencing Intentions Among Arab Students

Factors Influencing Intentions among Arab Students: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process and mindset to initiate and develop economic activity. Studies have shown entrepreneurship to be a crucial driver of economic growth. This study sought to examine the factors that influence entrepreneurial attitudes among students in Arab countries. More specifically, it sought to examine the role of universities, role models, the entrepreneurial curriculum, and students' demographic characteristics in promoting Arab students' entrepreneurial attitudes. The study employed a quantitative research design, where data was gathered from a sample of 1500 undergraduate Arab students in government universities, and subjected to one-way ANOVA tests. Descriptive statistics (means and standard deviations) was used to draw additional conclusions from the gathered data. The results showed that Arab students acknowledge the role played by universities, the entrepreneurship curriculum, role models, and demographic variables in influencing their…… [Read More]


Albomaireek, W. N. & Manolova, T. S. (2012). Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial Intentions among Saudi University Students. Africa journal of Business Management, 6(11), 4029-4040.

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Gallant, M., Majundar, S. & Varadarajan, D. (2001). Outlook of Female Students towards Entrepreneurship -- An Analysis of a Selection of Business Students in Dubai. Research Paper.
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Australian Economy

Words: 1537 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3463241

Australian Economy

The UAE economy

Macroeconomic analysis of the Economies



Household final consumption expenditure

General Government final consumption expenditure

CPI & Inflation


Interest rates

Exchange ates

Government Spending & Taxes

Money Supply

United Arab Emirates


Household final consumption expenditure

General Government final consumption expenditure

CPI (Consumer Price Index)



Interest ates

Exchange ates

Government Spending & Taxes

Money Supply

In this paper, we describe as well as compare the economies of two countries (United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Australia).We do this by effectively researching the economic characteristics of two national economies, and then selecting a limited number of critical variables which can best be used in describing their similarities and differences. We also research the critical background on the two national economies so as to explain their current economic situation while also suggesting their likely future economic states. The paper begins by presenting a general…… [Read More]


Central Intelligence Agency (2012).GDP (official exchange rate).Available online at  https://www.cia.gov/library /" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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Employer and Employee Rights and Duties

Words: 2319 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70419304

ights of the employees and employers in the UAE

This paper is divided into two parts: art one highlights the responsibilities and rights of the employers working within the UAE; the second part highlights the rights of the employees, including expatriates, working within the UAE.

Employer ights and Duties

Prevalence of Arabic

In all sorts of records, contracts, files, statements and documents Arabic language will be used and its use will also be compulsory for the instructions and the circulars used in the organization by the employer to the employees and if in any case there is any sort of foreign language prevailing then Arabic shall prevail over all the other texts (Labor Law, 2001).

ATICLE (4) - Amounts payable

The amount paid to the employees or any of hidden beneficiaries under the law shall be based on the value of the movable and immovable property and items of the…… [Read More]


Human Rights Watch (HRW) (2006). Building Towers, Cheating Workers: Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers in the United Arab Emirates. HRW, 18 (8).

Keane, D. And McGeehan, N. (2008). Enforcing Migrant Workers' Rights in the United Arab Emirates. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 15, 81 -- 115.

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Labor Law. (2001). Labour Law And Its Amendments. U.A.E. Labor Law Federal Law No. (8) of 1980.
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Compare and Contrast in International Marketing Communication Perspective

Words: 1871 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18287944

International Marketing Communication Perspective

There are challenges that face organizations, which engage in global marketing. This form of cross border marketing involves diversity cultural backgrounds. It is pertinent to note that each country has distinctive needs relating to producing goods for them. International marketing requires a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each target market. This study provides a comprehensive review of the differences and similarities that exist between the marketing needs of UAE and Indonesia (Govers, 2009).

Marketing communications

The aim of marketing communication is to convey the accurate information to the targeted group of people. In Indonesia and UAE, the populations are largely Muslim. The right choices to be made as a marketer have to be made to ensure any message delivered to the people is helpful to the brand being marketed. These require a communication strategy when addressing the target market. A communication strategy will help in…… [Read More]


Amant, K., & Kelsey, S. 2012. Computer-Mediated Communication across Cultures:

International Interactions in Online Environments. Hershey, PA: Information Science


Cohen, W.A. 2006, The Marketing Plan (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: J. Wiley & Sons.
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Strategic Leadership Outline a Specific Area Where

Words: 743 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62483156

Strategic Leadership

Outline a specific area where a change would significantly improve productivity in your organization

In the UAE, health care services are provided by government with the rapid expansion of hospitals and treatment options. This is a part of an effort to modernize the health care system and improve quality. However, the prices associated with receiving a variety of services have increased dramatically. Evidence of this can be seen in a study conducted by the UAE government. They found that for a woman to have a simple procedure (such as: delivering a baby) the costs are between: Dh 6,000 to Dh 25,000. (Haine, 2012)

This is problematic, as these kinds of challenges could undermine the dramatic amounts of spending inside the sector to modernize and build more facilities. Once this occurs, is when it could place added strains on the health care system and the quality that is provide.…… [Read More]


Haine, A. (2012). Eight Steps for a Cost Effective Birth. The National. Retrieved from:  http://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/personal-finance/eight-steps-for-a-cost-effective-and-hassle-free-birth-in-the-uae 

Zain, A. (2010). Health Care Costs need to be Controlled. Khaleej Times. Retrieved from:  http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle08.asp?xfile=data/theuae/2010/February/theuae_February199.xml&section=theuae
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GMC Corporation Over the Several

Words: 1749 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69024151

It is clear that they can help GM be able to make a significant impact in the luxury auto market for Dubai. The reason why is because, the company can be able to redefine itself in these markets (if they find out what consumers want and address those needs). Then, providing added service (before and after the sale) will help the company be able to show that they are different from everyone else. Once this takes place, it will help GM to effectively compete head to head against some of the largest auto manufacturers in the world (by offering better quality and service). As the Dubai market is quickly becoming the place for luxury automobiles in the Middle East.


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From Camels to Cadillacs. (2004). The Business Times of Singapore.

Signs of…… [Read More]


Automotive Industry Analysis. (2004). Academic Mind. Retrieved from:  http://www.academicmind.com/unpublishedpapers/business/management/2004-11-000aaa-automotive-industry-analysis.html 

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From Camels to Cadillacs. (2004). The Business Times of Singapore.

Signs of Recovery in the Auto Sector. (2010). UAE Interact. Retrieved from: http://www.uaeinteract.com/docs/Dubai_Chamber_Signs_of_recovery_in_the_auto_sector_in_2010/41736.htm
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International Business Country a --

Words: 3308 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18551428

The UAE has one of the most open economies in the world. And its vigorous economic partnership with the United States reflects the UAE's function as a regional leader in terms of economic restructuring, openness to international trade and investment, and political stability (UAE-U.S. Economic elationship, 2011)

The volume of U.S. exports and foreign direct investment into the UAE in recent years has grown considerably and is likely to continue to grow in the future. This growth reflects the progressively more diversified UAE economy as well as the country's leading role as a modernizing power in the Arab world.

The country is the biggest export market for the United States in the Middle East and, in 2010, was the 21st largest export market for the United States internationally.

The UAE buys goods from every state in the United States, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto ico, and the…… [Read More]


Doing business in the UAE. (2009). Retrieved from  http://www.pkf.com/media/131854/doing%20business%20in%20the%20uae.pdf 

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(6/E), Irwin publishers, London.

Overseas Business Risk -- United Arab Emirates. (2011). Retrieved from http://www.ukti.gov.uk/export/countries/asiapacific/middleeast/unitedarabemirates/ov erseasbusinessrisk.html
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International Retail the Company Is

Words: 737 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34614962

com, 2010). Jordan's retail fashion scene is similar to that of the UAE with an emphasis on high fashion (AME Info, 2007), although not on as grand a scale as the opulent malls of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Despite restrictions on ladies' dress in the UAE, the market for estern fashions is strong, as women wear these fashions in the home and at women's only social events. Morocco's retail fashion industry is more nascent, and is focused on Casablanca, giving it a market structure similar to that of Jordan (CPP Luxury.com, 2010).

Other sources of information can come from chambers of commerce for the respective countries, as well as from news reports concerning the experiences of other retailers. However, as media in these countries is not free, the information is not always trustworthy. That said, first hand experience can also be valuable, as the company's managers can see the state…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

CIA World Factbook. (2010). Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved November 1, 2010 from  https://www.cia.gov/library /" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">
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GCC Countries

Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82778274


Discuss and decide if the GCC countries can be either classified as Developed or Developing countries. Think of the GCC as a unit/entity and of each one as an individual (take The United Arab Emirates as an example in this case) P.S. GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

GCC countries: Developed or developing countries?

On the surface, it might seem absurd to characterize GCC nations such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which are characterized by fabulous wealth, as developing nations. "Over the past three decades the member countries of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates -- have witnessed an unprecedented economic and social transformation" (Fasano & Iqbal 2003). Although the market for oil has waxed and wanted, overall there can be no denying that oil wealth has enabled…… [Read More]


Fasano, U. & Iqbal, Z. (2003). GCC Countries. IMF. Retrieved:


Kolberg, A. (2013). Corruption and the rentier state. Prezi. Retrieved:

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Conflict in the Arab World

Words: 1978 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28595833

Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab-Israeli conflict

The current Arab-Israeli conflict has a long standing history which goes back to the 1910s when the Ottoman Empire was still in place. During the WWI, the Germans sided with the Ottoman and the British sided with the Arabs in revolting against the Ottoman Empire. The British promised the Arabs self rule and to the Jews they promised them a homeland in Palestine (Kattan, et.al., 2009:Pp59). The Arabs took over the control of Syria and immediately after the war, the League of Nations gave the French the control over Syria and to the British they gave what are today Israel, Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jordan. In 1921 the British divided their large mandate into two; the East of Jordan became the emirates of Transjordan under Abdullah and the West of Jordan became the mandate of the Palestine (the Promised Land to the Jews)…… [Read More]


Bassiouni & Ben Ami, (2009). International and Comparative Criminal Law Series, Volume 29: A Guide to Documents on the Arab-Palestinian/Israeli Conflict: 1897-2008. Martinus Nijhof: The Netherlands.

Harms G. & Todd M.F., (2008). Palestine-Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction (2nd Edition). Pluto Press: London.

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Khatchadourian, (2000). Quest for Peace Between Israel and the Palestinians. Peter Lang Publishing: New York.
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U S Arms Exports the Impact

Words: 3541 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34433343

In February of 2001, the government responded to pressures to relieve some of the suffering, the Emir loosened many of the laws. The U.S. considers Bahrain and important non-NATO ally in the ar against Terrorism, often using Bahrain as a staging area fro entry into Iraq. For this reason, the Bush administration continues to support increases in arms transfers to Bahrain. eapons transferred to Bahrain have included large and small weapons from shot guns to M60 tanks.


In 1999 Indonesian armed forces killed citizens in East Timor in response to the formation of anti-independence militias that were being organized. The government forces were equipped with U.S. M-1-6 rifles and other U.S. military equipment. The militia was also equipped with $1 billion in U.S. arms and training. In this case, the U.S. had been supporting the illegal occupation of East Timor since 1975. The U.S. supplied arms to both forces…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bahrain." Available from  http://www.fas.org/asmp/profiles/bahrain.htm . Accessed December 6.

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Disarmament" UN Department of Disarmament Affairs. Conventional Arms Branch. Available at  http://disarmament.un.org/cab/index.html . Accessed December 6, 2007.
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Diffusion of Product Innovation Through

Words: 16573 Length: 55 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65231417

Moreover, CoPs develop their practice through improving the diffusion of innovation within their active networks; the benefits of such interactions are countless especially in the field of healthcare. One can assume that specialty doctors' communities would present the perfect example for CoPs because they share the same practice, interest and professionalism. It would be interesting to study if those CoP networks exist in United Arab Emirates, whether they are active or not and whether leaders can be identified. Collecting such data will enable this project to measure if the rate of diffusion of new innovation can be improved and hence be used by pharmaceutical companies in UAE to improve their resource allocation; all within healthcares' ethical framework.

Overview of Study

This dissertation used a five-chapter format to achieve the above-stated research purpose. To this end, chapter one introduced the topic under consideration, a statement of the problem, the purpose and…… [Read More]

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Market Driven Management

Words: 25695 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32150042

Pharmaceutical industries have to operate in an environment that is highly competitive and subject to a wide variety of internal and external constraints. In recent times, there has been an increasing trend to reduce the cost of operation while competing with other companies that manufacture products that treat similar afflictions and ailments. The complexities in drug research and development and regulations have created an industry that is subject to intense pressure to perform. The amount of capital investment investments required to get a drug from conception, through clinical trials and into the market is enormous. The already high-strung pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing greater amounts of resources in search of the next "blockbuster" drug that can help them gain market position and profits. Laws, regulations and patents are important to the industry while spending billions of dollars in ensuring the copyright of their products.

It is the intention of this…… [Read More]


Ansoff, H.I. (1957). Strategies for diversification. Harvard Business Review, 35(5), 113-124.

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Bain, J.S. (1954). Economies of scale, concentration, and the condition of entry in twenty manufacturing industries. American Economic Review, 44, 15-36.
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Performance of the Middle East

Words: 8783 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76621532

(Jabal Omar Development Corporation 2010)


Since 2008, the real estate market in Kuwait has been continually declining. The reason why is because the economy was largely depending upon oil revenues. However, in 2010 the sector began witnessing an increase in prices. This is because of the Kuwaiti government was aggressively promoting the tourism industry. As developers are expecting a strong increase in foreign direct investment, due to the governments push to expand the sector. As a result, holiday and residential areas in Kuwait are continuing to boom. (Finkelstein)

In the housing industry, there are large numbers of shortages that are affecting prices. What has been happening is the residential sector has been facing restrictions over the last several years, surrounding building permits. As the government was slow to endorse them, which created a rush on new areas that were approved for development. At the same time, the government has…… [Read More]


Alexandria Real Estate, 2010.

Egypt Property, 2010, Select Property. Available from: [19 Mar. 2011].

Egypt Real Estate Attracts Interest From Foreign Investors, 2010, New Investors. Available from: [19 Mar. 2011]

Jabal Omar Development Corporation, 2010
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Marketing and Promotion Marketing Project

Words: 1610 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73791879

Another method that the company can use in order to promote its products is represented by sampling. The company can offer free samples of its products in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and other locations frequented by numerous customers. This is good strategy intended to introduce the company's products to the potential customers in the UAE.

There are several issues that must be addressed when developing the company's marketing strategy for the UAE market. The most important aspects are represented by the cultural and language barriers between the UAE culture and the American culture. There are significant differences between the Arab habits and the American ones. These habits also refer to eating habits.

There are products and ingredients that the Arabs are not allowed to eat. Therefore, it is recommended that the company is careful in selecting the products that will be introduced on the UAE market. The company should use a UAE…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Strategies (2008). Campbell Soup Company. Retrieved October 9, 2010 from  http://careers.campbellsoupcompany.com/Strategies.aspx .

2. Annual Report (2009). Campbell Soup Company. Retrieved October 9, 2010 from http://phx.corporate-ir.net/External.File?item=UGFyZW50SUQ9Mzc0ODM3fENoaWxkSUQ9MzczMDc3fFR5cGU9MQ==&t=1.
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Adolescent Obesity in Saudi Arabia

Words: 3430 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52239278

There are remedies (albeit not easy ones for the individuals involved), as suggested by the research. However, and this is very important, the current public health approaches that the Saudi government has taken, as Mabrey et al. (2010) note, have focused fairly narrowly on medical approaches. This focus includes research that has been conducted on metabolic syndrome (which is caused primarily by being overweight). This is caused by clear-cut factors and has a number of possible poor consequences.

Mabrey et al. (2010) note that metabolic syndrome is on average 10 to 15% higher in the GCC states than in the rest of world and that females are disproportionately affected by metabolic syndrome. These researchers are among those who note that a strictly medical approach to such medical problems is far from sufficient. For while metabolic syndrome itself can be identified and described in purely medical terms, such an approach does…… [Read More]


Abraham, S. & Nordsieck, M. (1960). Relationship of excess weight in children and adults. Public Health 75: 263-273.

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Al-Qahtani, D.A., Imtiaz, M.L., Saad, O.S., & Hussein, N.M. (2006). A comparison of the prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Saudi adult females using two definitions. Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, 4(3): 204-214.

Al Qauhiz, N.M. (2010). Obesity among Saudi Female University Students: Dietary Habits and Health Behaviors. Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association 85(1-2):45-59.
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Dubai Expo 2020 Finance

Words: 5212 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34297903


In November, 2013, Dubai won the rights to the World Expo 2020, setting into motion a major project that will make a substantial contribution to Dubai's economy and be a catalyst for what the emirate hopes will be the continuation of the economic boom that began two decades ago.

Dubai expects that the Expo 2020 will attract 25 million visitors to the emirate over the six months that the Expo will run. This will make it the largest such project in the history of Dubai, and in size the Expo will in all likelihood eclipse the Qatar World Cup as the largest event in the history of the Middle East. Linked to the overall strategy to make Dubai a world-class destination, the World Expo 2020 is going to be part of a larger tourism centerpiece that is expected to propel that sector to become one of the largest revenue-earners…… [Read More]


Arnold, T. (2012). Dubai shows way to diversify economies. The National Retrieved May 5, 2014 from  http://www.thenational.ae/business/industry-insights/economics/dubai-shows-way-to-diversify-economies 

Branigan, T. (2010). Shanghai 2010 Expo is set to be the world's most expensive party. The Guardian. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/apr/21/shanghai-2010-expo-party 

Menon, P. (2014). Emaar regains investment grade credit rating as Dubai booms. Reuters. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from  http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/05/emaar-sp-rating-idUSL5N0LA35320140205 

Mercer. (2014). Quality of living report. Mercer. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from http://www.mercer.com/press-releases/quality-of-living-report-2014
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Leadership Analysis Historical Context Saddam

Words: 2861 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42507323

2. Leadership analysis of the two former Arab leaders

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Alnahyan and Saddam Hussein were two great Arab leaders that significantly influenced the Arab world, but there is very little resemblance in their leadership styles. As a manner of manifestation, the two had very distinct leadership styles, although their objective was somewhat common: the prosperity and unity of the Arab world.

2.1. General leadership analysis

The two Arab leaders had similar objectives, the unification of the Arab world, but different leadership styles, almost opposite.

Saddam Hussein exerted an autocratic leadership style that consisted in the strict surveillance of his subordinates, informational flows directed mostly up-down, inspiring fear to his subordinates, using fear as a way of control.

In opposition, Sheikh Zayed exerted a democratic leadership style, having as most main traits: sociability, flexibility, cooperation, communication, open spirit and friendly environment. The democratic leadership style is the most…… [Read More]

Reference List

Saddam Hussein (2007). Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved March 25, 2007 at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saddam_Hussein#Secular_leadership .

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DuBrin, Andrew J. (2005). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills. Fifth Edition. Chapter 2: Traits, Motives, and Characteristics of Leaders. Retrieved March 25, 2007 at http://college.hmco.com/business/dubrin/leadership/5e/chapters/chapter2.html.

DuBrin, Andrew J. (2005). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills. Fifth Edition. Chapter 7: Power, Politics, and Leadership. Retrieved March 25, 2007 at http://college.hmco.com/business/dubrin/leadership/5e/chapters/chapter7.html.
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Financial System Reforms Over the

Words: 10927 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77379478

3.2.3 Portfolio Diversification of Investment in Global Property Markets

ecause the global property markets are affected by globalization and specific country / regional factors, means that the overall amounts of risks will vary, the most notable include: transparency and efficiency. Where, each country / region has different on laws and regulations pertaining to the real estate markets. This means that the risks in a number of different markets will depend upon specific market conditions themselves, reflecting these two factors. To protect themselves against these kinds of risks, many investors will often seek to diversify their portfolio. Diversification is: when you are investing a number of different asset classes in real estate, across a variety of countries / regions. The idea is that if a risk occurs in a specific country or region, the other areas that you are diversified in will protect you against the severity of the declines. For…… [Read More]


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Business Risk, 2010, Invest Words. Available from: [29 March 2010].

Dubai Property Companies Called Merger Off, 2009, Property Wire. Available from: [30 March 2010].
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Strategic Planning for Training Companies

Words: 16101 Length: 55 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64018640

" Of these respondents, over 50% of them stated that they lack a disaster recovery plan (Anthes, 1998). However, most of the problems stem from the lack of communication at the corporate level. (Hawkins, et al., 2000).

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and other forms of strategic planning are no longer a luxury, but a must-have factor and an important element of any organisation's risk management system. Organisations are increasingly dependent upon it systems and infrastructure and eventually subjected to many risks, so business is inherently risky. How long can your organisation afford system downtime? How long does it take to recover a disaster; and, what does it cost? These kinds of questions are the ones that have to be addressed for BCPs. Also important, however, is using strategic planning to look toward the future and determine where a business wants to be at a specific point, so that plans to…… [Read More]



Bolman, LG & Deal, TE (1997). Reframing Organisations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership, 2nd ed, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco.

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Communication Islamic Countries Freedom in All Its

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Communication Islamic Countries

Freedom in all its forms is a highly contested topic across all areas of politics, not only in countries where freedom has been traditionally repressed, but even in the most democratic of states, such as the United States and the UK. When freedom extends to the press, the contestability of the topic gains an extra dimension. Some critics, for example, advocate freedom of the press only to such an extent as its ability to promote a peaceful existence and harmony among citizens and their government. Others, however, would see the press gaining complete freedom, regardless of its consequences for personal and collective peace. In Muslim countries such as Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, freedom extended to the press and the media is yet further muddied by the importance of religious and state rule in these countries. In both environments, Islam remains the main ruling force in…… [Read More]


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Redefined the Dubai Skyline in

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The project site for the twin towers consists of approximately 200,000 square meters, an area that also includes low-level retail and parking podium areas (Poulos & Davids 2005). Like the Burj Dubai (Poulos & Bunce 2008), the foundation system for each of the towers in the Emirates Twin Towers complex buildings consists of a piled raft, founded on deep deposits of calcareous soils and rocks (Poulos & Davids 2005).

Based on what was determined to be relatively good conditions near the ground surface, a piled raft system was identified as being most suitable for the foundation of each tower based on the series of analyses conducted by the foundation project engineers (Poulos & Davids 2005). In each case, project engineers evaluated 18 different load combinations to assess loading as follows:

1. One loading set for the ultimate dead and live loading only;

2. Four groups of 4 loading sets for…… [Read More]


'Dubai Spire: The Mantle of the World's Tallest Building Will Soon Pass to the Burj Dubai, Now

Rising Up over the Gulf.' (2008, October). The Architectural Review, vol. 224, no. 1340,

pp. 81-83.

Elsheshtawy, Y. (2004). Planning Middle Eastern Cities: An Urban Kaleidoscope in a Globalizing World. New York: Routledge.
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Politics International

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Political Framework of Islam

The Peninsula states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, ahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Oman are under growing pressure from outspoken critics who use the language and authority of Islam in these overwhelmingly conservative Muslim societies to call for political and economic reform. The rise of a radically activist Islamic politics predates the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, but Sunni and Shia Muslim radicals received significant boosts from the establishment of Islamic government in Tehran and, more recently, from the Gulf War in 1990-91.

Regional specialists from the government, the academic community, and the private sector debated the impact of radicalized Islamic politics on the regimes and U.S. interests in recent roundtables at the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS). They agreed that Islamic radicals throughout the region have common perceptions of the causes of their societies' ills. These include dissatisfaction with ruling families that…… [Read More]

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Corporate Governance Theorising Limits Critics

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The statement "What is worse is that it legitimizes the self-serving managerial behaviors" in the context of CEO pay. This statement I agree with as CEOs have used governance to rationalize giving themselves exceptionally large raises without accountability and governance in place. Conversely the statement "Furthermore, markets or organisational hierarchies are assumed to provide genuine alternative optimal or appropriate governance structures" in the context of the discussion at this point in the paper is inaccurate. Organisations in fact produce governance structures that are highly inefficient and lack the necessary framework and foundation to accomplish these goals. Instead there is the need for continually turning trust into an accelerator and engraining governance into companies, not legislating it from the outside. This is the fatal error of the statement shown.

Critical Analysis

This is a well-researched peer review article that has the potential to deliver entirely new governance frameworks with additional effort…… [Read More]


Bernoff, J., and C. Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. " MIT Sloan Management Review 49.3 (2008): 36.

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Environmental Scanning and Organizational Culture

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There are numerous other supporting factors within this paper that provide support for differentiation to the market level, further supporting this statement. The one statement disagreed with within the enhanced model section is "Therefore, it is clear that an organization cannot engage in marketing without being aware of its environment" is false. Many organizations participate in marketing and have no idea what they are doing or how to accomplish it. This statement is therefore false and debatable.

Critical Analysis

The reliance on one specific model (Deshpande) for the definition of Organic vs. Mechanistic processes is enough of a foundation onto which the authors can arguably create more useful quadrants. The authors however stop short of being able to create a useful scalable framework that can be used across the entire lifecycle of a product or a service for example. The framework is also static; it does not take into account…… [Read More]


(Saxby, Parker, Nitse, Dishman, 28 -- 34)

Carl L. Saxby, Kevin R. Parker, Philip S. Nitse, and Paul L. Dishman.

"Environmental scanning and organizational culture." Marketing Intelligence & Planning 20.1 (2002): 28-34.
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Productions Operations Management Supply Chain of Zara

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Productions Operations Management

Supply Chain of Zara

Supply Chain of the etailer ZAA

Fashion industry is no more the game of rich only. The cost effective fashion businesses have helped penetrate the fashion industry so deep that today even an average earner can enjoy latest fashion by Zara. Being a Spanish retail fashion designer, Zara is strongly accepted fashion brand in Europe, America and United Arab Emirates. In less than 50 years' time, since 1975, Zara has achieved a status others might take centuries to reach. Zara promises quality as well as affordable prices (Zara: Official Website, 2013). While fashion industry mainly depends on new, creative, original ideas, this report studies if supply chain management is important for Zara too and how supply chain management can be used as a competitive advantage.

Thesis Statement:

How the supply chain management can be used as a competitive advantage?

Supply Chain Management

Supply…… [Read More]


Thompson, D., (2012), "Zara's Big Idea: What the World's Top Fashion Retailer Tells Us About

Innovation," Retrieved from:  http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/11/zaras-big-idea-what-the-worlds-top-fashion-retailer-tells-us-about-innovation/265126/ 

What is the Importance of Supply Chain Management? (2013), Retrieved from:

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5th Fleet in Bahrain and the U S

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ole of the U.S. 5th fleet" in Bahrain

ole of the U.S. 5th fleet" in Bahrain

foreign aid to Bahrain, where the U.S. Fifth Fleet is centered, constitutes directly to the U.S. Government's aims to maintain safety in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is the only Arab state that has led one of the Coalition Task Forces that move around the Gulf, and has issued to move its flagship in support of the formation counter-piracy mission. As suggested by Edward & Marolda (1998) U.S. aids assists Bahrain, which have no oil wealth of its neighbors, get the training and equipment it requirement to operate alongside U.S. air and naval forces. U.S. military access to Bahrain also uplifts the operations in Iraq,…… [Read More]


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4. Edward J. Marolda and Robert J. Schneller Jr., Shield and Sword: The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf War (Washington, D.C.: Naval Institute Press, 1998), 32-35.
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Nhs Change Analysis of Nurse-Led

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The variability in problems faced by the King Edward Hospital NHS Trust during the period in question, instigated a multi-level response in knowledge sharing and inclusion on practice. Kotter's theory relies upon such a method, where strategies are an exercise multi-tiered obligation.

As Kotter points out, the transformation model may not be suitable for organizations that are in pursuit of prompt change, and the series of responsibilities which result from consortium relationships may apply to one or all organizations within the scope of his definition of institutional cultures: 1) Developing Social Construct; 2) Oriented Social Construct; 3) and Pluralistic Social Construct types. Evidence-based practice in healthcare is compatible with Kotter's proposition. Process methodology including the '8-Steps' process in three (3) phases -- 1) Creating Climate for Change, 2) Engaging and Enabling the Organisation, and 3) Implementing and Sustaining the Change -- is illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1:…… [Read More]


Abidi, S.S., 2001. Knowledge management in healthcare: towards 'knowledge-driven' decision-support services. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 63 (1-2), pp. 5-18.

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