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Washington State Essays (Examples)

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State Prison Inmates Should Be Paroled Early to Help With the States Budget Problems
Words: 3026 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 33447439
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Prison Inmates Should Be Paroled Early to Help Control the State's Budget Problems

This paper argues that inmates at State prisons should be having premature releases from prisons so that the States can manage their budget problems. As the paper illustrates, despite criticisms on parole that it introduces unreformed culprits back in the society and that the program is unorganized, parole is a major contributor in reducing prison populations, which directly translates to reduced State expenditures (Licari, 2009). All the implementation of parole releases has either direct or indirect economic effect to the States as well as the prisoner and society as a whole. eformed individuals are able to earn their income thus independent of the government (Sons, n.d.). In addition, as there is professional structure of parole, they lead to faster reforming and procedures that reduce caseloads enabling parole officers to spend more time with the high-risk individuals (National…


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Washington Rules America's Path to Permanent War
Words: 2496 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 16462904
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ashington Rules: America's Path To Permanent ar

ritten by a former Army Colonel, ashington rules: America's path to permanent war (Bacevich, 2010) is a striking analysis of America's pro-military psyche and determination to "to lead, save, liberate, and ultimately transform the world" (Bacevich, 2010, p. 12) through worldwide militarism. Commencing post-orld ar II, the global military presence that has become a fact of American life has been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike, though it has significantly drained our resources. hile some critics and this reader take issue with some aspects of Bacevich's book, in many respects it provides a voice of sanity in the face of the U.S.'s now-unbearable global pro-war stance.



Bacevich's book is anything but the compliment, "ashington Rules!" ashington rules: America's path to permanent war (Bacevich, 2010) relates his own educational journey from a pro-military conservative soldier to a questioner who attacks the American…

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Washington's Farewell a Summary and
Words: 935 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 83043644
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The reasons he provides for encouraging the continued unity of the nation are made no less valid by the fact that they are presented in a calculated rhetorical manner. He begins by enumerating the various values and dependencies of the various regions of the new country -- North, South, East, and West -- and stresses that this mutual dependency ought to be reason enough alone for the Union to stay together. Again, his decision to begin with the merits of the union is a calculation to enamor the argument with all possible readers before continuing into the somewhat more controversial portion of his argument. After stressing that all regions both contribute to and depend upon the union of all, he suggests that the prime reasons that the union might not succeed are for geographical regions: "Is there a doubt whether a common government can embrace so large a sphere? Let…

Prior Learning US Historic Travel
Words: 1981 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21087310
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American History

Your Highnesses have an Other World here, by which our holy faith can be so greatly advanced and from which such great wealth can be drawn," wrote Christopher Columbus to the king and queen of Spain following his third voyage to the Americas in 1498 (rinkley 1). ut even after visiting the New World three times he still had no idea what he had truly started, and he certainly saw no sign that he had began a new era in history. Yet, the history of European involvement in America had begun. Over the next several decades Spanish conquistadores made more and more voyages to the New World, and the royal treasuries grew. Settlements were established and the other European powers, seeing their opportunity, soon made efforts to establish colonies of their own.

In the midst of all of this, the native inhabitants were removed from their lands and…


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Labor and Union Studies in Washington and Oregon State
Words: 3095 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 79832287
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Labor and Union Studies in ashington and Oregon States

The United States labor movement has its roots in the complex trappings of the industrial revolution. Laborers were just starting to come to the United States from foreign countries because they had learned that there were many jobs available for even the most unskilled worker. People were also moving from rural areas in America to the cities in an attempt ti have a better life also without the uncertainties that governed farm profits. The growth in many industries was a result of new technologies that allowed people to purchase items that had previously been made by hand far cheaper because the products could now be mass produced in the factories. The problem was that the owners of these factories did not care how the workers were treated because there were many more begging to have a low-paying job in a factory…

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Marihuana Should Be Legalized in the United States
Words: 961 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2113027
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Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is the most widely used illegal drug worldwide (Caulkins et al.). However, the legal status of marijuana is slowly changing. Uruguay recently became the first nation in the world to fully decriminalize and federally regulate marijuana. Several other countries in estern Europe have liberal laws related to marijuana that amount to practical decriminalization. The United States, which until fairly recently remained stuck to its "war on drugs" policy, has finally begun to understand that not only is marijuana safe, but it is also a valuable medical resource. Thus, several states in the union have started to allow for the prescription of cannabis for medical use. Given the fact that decriminalization also presents several net benefits to society including reducing prison overpopulation and reducing the stranglehold organized crime holds over some communities, a few states have begun to decriminalize the drug entirely. Colorado and ashington…

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Feds Catch Up With State Weed Laws
Words: 1860 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 33072092
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law was the States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act. This was a part of the 113th Congress which ran from 2013 to 2014. The law itself will be analyzed. The stakeholders of the law will be looked at based on the points-of-view that they possess. The factors contributing to the creation of the law will be looked at. The types of data that the author of this report gathered to analyze the healthcare and the gaps in the data will be assessed. The cost, quality, access of healthcare on diverse populations and ethical principles will be assessed as it relates to the law. A total of four the following, those being Saint Thomas Aquinas, Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, John awls, Aristotle, Thomas Buber, Lawrence Kohlberg and Viktor Frankl, will be selected and this law will be assessed from their perspectives. The analysis will end up with a personal viewpoint…


Austin, M. (2015). Marijuana and Virtue. Psychology Today. Retrieved 9 May 2015, from

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State Standards
Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32025215
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States Standards

State Standards for Florida

Have the state identified the most important knowledge and skills that they expect a student to demonstrate from K. To 12?

The state of Florida has identified crucial and important knowledge and skills it expects students to demonstrate. This level of knowledge and skill requires demonstration from kindergarten to the grade 12 in the educational system. The main aim of the state standards for Florida is to prepare the children for future job expectations and career development. Since the standards draws from extensive consultation among teachers, school administrators, and experts within the state, they are important. The standards follow the college and work expectation demands. The standards are precise, consistent, and direct in their interpretation. The standards also follow the requirements of the state standards. The state standards for Florida borrow important information or lesson from the state standards hence they represent important…


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Washington Community 1800-1828
Words: 1663 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31796553
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Washington Community 1800 -- 1828 by James Sterling Young. Specifically it will contain a review of the book, bringing new light to the audience reading it. This is a historic look at Washington D.C. In its very earliest years, focusing on the political climate, and how it forged the fledgling city. The author, James Sterling Young, is a historian and political scientist. Currently, he serves as the director of the Program on the Presidency at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. When he wrote the book in 1966, he was a professor at Columbia University (Editors). One of the major points of the book is how Jeffersonian politics affected Washington during his time as president through 1828. The review will also analyze the role early Washington has played on contemporary Washington.

The author's intent in writing the book is clear from the beginning. In the Preface he writes,…


Barone, Michael. "Boardinghouse Rules." U.S. News & World Report; 01/08/2001, Vol. 130 Issue 1. 21.

Editors. "James Sterling Young." Miller Center. 2010. 9 Feb. 2010.


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Washington Hamilton Franklin as founding fathers
Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99646754
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All of the founding fathers of the United States were great because they acted on their values and beliefs, helping to sow the seeds of a new nation. The work of the founding fathers became instrumental for independence from the British Crown. Being willing to stand up to Britain was no small feat, making the deeds of the founding fathers even more admirable. The founding fathers will be celebrated throughout history for their contribution not just to America but to the world. Although many men and women can be considered instrumental to founding the nation, there are seven key players that most historians identify as being the founding fathers. Those seven include George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, and Ben Franklin. All seven of the founding fathers and their contributions are important. Therefore, it can be helpful to compare and contrast three of them—such…

State Incentives Economic Development
Words: 2316 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32597951
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Incentives and Economic Development

When attracting new businesses to our community, or encouraging the start-up or expansion of businesses that are already here, the eacon Council promotes the many advantages of doing business in Miami-Dade County. Those advantages include a number of business incentive programs and a favorable tax structure that have encouraged many domestic and international companies to relocate or expand their operations here.

MW, Mercedes-enz and Federal Express are just a few big companies that have been lured to various states by hundreds of millions of dollars in business incentive packages, bringing promises of new jobs and economic development to these states.

In 1992, MW decided to build in South Carolina after the state offered the company $130 million in business incentives (McIntosh, et al., 1999). Mercedes-enz's decision to build its first United States factory in Alabama was strongly influenced by the state's offer of more than $300…


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State and Local Problems
Words: 1932 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73363186
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Local Problems: Graffiti and Vandalism Issues

In the latest edition of oxford dictionary the word graffiti is defined as the unauthorized writing or drawing on a surface in a public place." This also includes the terrible writing, paintings, cartoon and scribbles one sees on house and public fences, underneath bridges, on the empty sides of a building, unfortunate houses and the most common place for graffiti or "tagging" are the subways. The first impression when one looks at graffiti writing are messy words expected to be written by a five-year-old, but on a closer look when the writing becomes clear is when the actual meaning is understood, which in most of the cases is obscene and vulgar. The pretty colors and intricate designs might look appealing and beautiful but the fact that it is a conscious effort to destroy private or state property is an ugly truth. The main problem…


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Creation of the United States 1776-1786
Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62171866
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United States,1776-1786

Previous to 1776, the United States of America was formed by colonies ruled by British government. The colonists were no longer willing to be ruled by England, and as a result they started to fight for their independence. There were a series of important events which drove to the unification of the colonies into United States of America. Colonist complaints drove to a revolution which soon transformed into a full-scale war.

The colonists were unhappy because the British government denied them a series of essential rights. They could not trade resources with any other country but England, and in addition to that British government increased taxes significantly. In 1770 colonists started to protest against the British government. In 1773 England issued a law meant to have colonists pay taxes on tea and send the money to England. In December 1773 a group of colonists dressed as Native American…


1. America's Fight for Independence, Retrieved December 17, 2012 from the San Diego Community College District website:

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Independent United States Shed Colonial Past Begin
Words: 944 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57872193
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independent United States shed colonial past begin a direction, politically

Political and Economic Unity

In order to properly understand the methodology employed by the newly independent United States used to effectively shed its colonial past and begin a new direction politically and economically, one must first understand how the country operated on these two fronts as a series of British colonies prior to the waging of the Revolutionary War. Politically, the colonies existed as an extension of the British crown, were governed by the monarchy which ruled the foreign kingdom, and had little say in matters that were mandated by Britain. The colonists preferred a form of salutary neglect in terms of British involvement with their daily political lives, but when Britain intervened (particularly in the years leading up to the revolution) in the daily affairs of the colonialists, there was little they could actually do about it -- save…

Qualities of Washington in His
Words: 954 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51922327
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52, 53). Thus, in less than a month, Washington improvised an entirely new battle plan and seized the advantage offered to him by the British. Coupled with his relentless dedication to his cause, Washington's ability to react and improvise throughout the war is what allowed the relatively untrained and poorly supplied Continental Army to overcome the might of the British empire.

The third trait, a fatherly devotion to his men, is evident throughout Washington's military career. Though he was careful to maintain a certain distance between himself and his men in order to ensure a modicum of respect (or at least fear), he nevertheless care deeply about their well-being (Harvey, 2008, p. 39). For example, when he became the leader of the Continental Army, one of his first orders was for the men to be issued fresh bedding and food, and he organized colonial women to produce 14,000 new coats…


Harvey, R. (2008). Maverick military leaders, the extraordinary battles of washington, nelson, patton, rommel, and others. Skyhorse Pub Co Inc.

1992 Washington Heights Riot or 1992 Rodney King Solidarity Riot
Words: 1235 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82971803
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1992 ashington Heights riots were the culmination of a series of abuses that law enforcement officers had performed in the area. The case of Michael O'Keefe's shooting of Jose "Kiko" Garcia generated much controversy and influenced people in the area to organize a riot meant to protest with regard to how the authorities were hesitant about prosecuting the police officer. The local community got actively involved in denouncing this attitude and in trying to use violence as a means to emphasize its point-of-view concerning the matter. This later resulted into a full-on riot that saw hundreds of protesters criticizing the country and wanting to harm any representative of the system that they could come across.

ashington Heights was a poor and relatively peaceful neighborhood up until the times when drugs came to dominate the area's streets. The presence of drugs changed everything and people came to be a part of…

Works cited:

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Leadership Characteristic George Washington Is One of
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5962792
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Leadership Characteristic

George Washington is one of the most well-known figures in the history of United States of America. His finest qualities are everlasting and have need of modest explanation. Not only Washington was a man of incredible uprightness and audacity but he was also a staunch believer in rendering selfless service to the country he was the founder of. His inimitable leadership qualities led his contemporaries to recognize him as "The Father of His Country." Washington possessed an ingenious, consumerist and charitable nature. He ascertained the maximum principles over and over again for his own dealings and hardly ever disappointed others. To cut a long story short, George Washington made it obvious that the individuals of character are enough to manage governments and lead armies in the most excellent manner ("Exploring George Washington's Leadership").

However, as far as my opinion is concerned, I think that Washington's high moral character…


Exploring George Washington's Leadership. (n.d.). Mount Vernon. Retrieved December 28, 2001, from 

Washington, W. (1931). The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799 - Vol. 13. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. Retrieved December 28, 2001, from read/58401186/the-writings-of-george-washington-from-the-original

Flight Denzel Washington Flight Theses Statement Flight
Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 53757765
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Flight Denzel Washington


Theses Statement

Flight Denzel Washington's canon for the way it represents race and/or gender

This report is compiled to critically analyze film 'Flight' directed by obert Zemeckis casting Denzel Washington as a lead role. The report analyses how gender and race are discussed in the movie and what are gender and racial lessons communicated in the movie.

The movie Flight is directed and launched in 2012. The movie is of action genre and is a drama film. The main character in the movie is Denzel Washington with his distinguishing voice that is a symbol of deep emotions and sentiments. The movie is first attempt of obert Zemeckis to make an action movie after he made Cast Away and What Lies Beneath a decade ago. The movie got nominated for a couple of Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay (Bradshaw, 2013).


The story…


Bradshaw, P., (2013), "Flight -- review," Retrieved from: 

Tookey, C., (2013), "Denzel, your Flight is a fright! Even an Oscar worthy turn from its star can't get this cliched tale off the ground," Retrieved from:

George Washington the Indespensable Man
Words: 1397 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57005645
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Its effects would have impact on the political decisions of all future generations; any mistake could have had disastrous consequences for the ones to come. Regarding the matter, the president at some point wrote to James Madison that given the historical circumstances and precedents his presidency constituted, he preferred that all decisions be made on a moral basis.. Washington couldn't have been more right; for instance, his refusal to serve a third term, in 1797 became common practice until today. The norm states that no other president could seek power for more than two terms.

His huge burden derived not only from the great amount of social changes that were to take place and not only from the laborious political measures and laws that had to be adopted; as first president of the newly-born nation, he was also to become the symbol of the ones he presided over.

People have…


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United States President George Washington
Words: 1100 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 565984
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Jefferson asked Lewis to fully explain to the Indians that the white explorers were interested in trade, not in seizing their lands (Ambrose 154). This showed that Jefferson used a steady hand and smart policies regarding the estern frontier and that he understood diplomacy with the Native Americans, whom he respected very much.

The Civil ar: The fact is, most Americans probably believe that the only issue that precipitated the Civil ar was slavery, and though slavery was at the center of the north-south feud, it was not alone as a spotlighted issue. The bottom line issue that tore the country apart was state's rights; in other words, did states have a right to go against the will of the national government? Could a Southern state continue to keep slaves in bondage because their cotton crops (hence, their economic power to survive) depended on slave labor? The answer of course…

Works Cited

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Bronx, NY: Fordham University Press.

Young Most of Us Do Not Think
Words: 2216 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13981506
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young, most of us do not think about making a conscious decision to die. e look forward to years of long and healthy life, and if death ever seems appealing it is as an antidote to depression. It does not often, if ever, occur to us that there will be a time when we look forward to the "good death" promised by euthanasia.

But it is inevitable that for many of us there will come a time in our lives when suicide may indeed seem appealing because we are fighting a losing battle against a certainly fatal disease that fills our remaining days with pain and despair. In such a position many of us may wish to have our doctors help us die by prescribing for us drugs that when we ourselves take them will prove to be fatal. Or we may wish that other people should have this option…

Works Cited

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American Presidents the United States
Words: 791 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78380521
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His accomplishments included simplifying government jobs, and helping create the Democratic Party. He is most remembered as a great general and for defying Congress. Martin Van Buren served from 1837 to 1841. He was married to Hannah, and he died in 1862. His vice-president was ichard Johnson, and his nickname was the "Little Magician." His accomplishments included regulating banks and federal funds, and creating an independent treasury. He is most remembered for the Panic of 1837, and for being opposed to slavery. William Henry Harrison served in 1841 and died after only one month in office. He was married to Anna. His vice-president was John Tyler. He is most remembered for being the first president to die in office. John Tyler served from 1841 to 1845. He was married to Letitia and then Julia and he died in 1862. His nickname was "Old Tippecanoe." His accomplishments included annexing Texas and…


Editors. "Biographies." 2006. 22. Sept. 2006.

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On Liberty and the US Constitution
Words: 2791 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 1296870
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Mill and U.S. Constitution

None of the issues being raised today by the Occupy all Street (OS) movement are new, but rather they date back to the very beginning of the United States. At the time the Constitution was written in 1787, human rights and civil liberties were far more constrained than they are in the 21st Century. Only white men with property had voting rights for example, while most states still had slavery and women and children were still the property of fathers and husbands. Only very gradually was the Constitution amended to grant equal citizenship and voting rights to all, and even the original Bill of Rights was added only because the Antifederalists threatened to block ratification. In comparison, the libertarianism of John Stuart Mill in his famous book On Liberty was very radical indeed, even in 1859 much less 1789. He insisted that individuals should be left…


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Does the United States Government Have Environmental Ethics
Words: 2987 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27254600
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Environmental Ethics

US Government and Environmental Ethics

The United States government has had a long history with the environment, beginning with the very beginning of the settlement of the Pilgrims, through the industrialization era, forming the beginning principles of having national parks, and to today with the onset of climate change and the environmental hazards of the 21st century. (National Park Service, 2012) Compared to other countries, the U.S. has had a more favorable view towards the use of the environment for business matters, often leaving entire communities scarred by the unprotected use of machinery and pollution to retrieve coal minerals, build six lane highways through forests, and even building massive subdivisions of buildings so close together that they represent risks of fire and natural disaster. There are several government agencies that have been created through the years to govern the vast territories that have been preserved, but the amount…

Work Cited

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Correct Focus Needed for US to Effectively Help the Poor From Poverty
Words: 1481 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41017245
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ethinking Development

The State, the market, and the societal forces all have a role to play towards improving the lives of the citizens. In as much as entrepreneurs and government institutions would always endeavor to improve their economic performance, they should also make an undertaking to ensure that social services are provided to the citizens. The state in particular has to ensure that it puts in place governance structures that work for the citizenry. It should ensure that health services, education, and security become its top priority (Allchin, 2013). The state should pass legislations that makes doing business less expensive. In that way private sector entities would have the capacity to engage in large-scale export oriented industrialization. This may be a ticket out of poverty for its citizens who may get gainful employment from these industries. Countries where people are economically empowered are less likely to experience high child mortality…

References List

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done About It. New York: Oxford University Press.

United States of America Initially Adopted an
Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83260687
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United States of America initially adopted an isolationist stance After the American War for Independence in 1781.

Why did the United States of America initially adopted an isolationist stance After the American War for Independence in 1781.

In 1775 the thirteen British colonies in North America rose up against their parent country Great Britain. The war was known as the American evolution and was seen by the British Crown as an affront to its rule, as a result it increased its strangle hold upon the colonists (Anonymous, 2002).

From this attempt to rule by an iron hand forced the colonists to officially declare war upon the British and form a new government with their own Constitution. The war ended in 1781 and America was recognized as an independent nation by the British Government in 1783 (Anonymous, 2002).

However, in 1778, before the end of the war America had already signed…


Anonymous (2002) The American Revolution[online] accessed at 

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American West United States Became One of
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American est

United States became one of the most industrialized nations and sought to grow its industries at an alarming rate. For this purpose, the western part of United States, which had not yet been discovered, was subjected to massive development, economic growth, formation of industries and allowing settlers to move towards the west. Railroads played a significant role in contributing towards the development and urbanization of America's est. The goal of this paper is to analyze the impact of railroads on America's est in the lights of broad and diverse academic resources.

Railroads in America est

Railroads had been developed in United States during the nineteenth century and start of twentieth century. They owe their existence to Industrial Revolution. During the nineteenth century, Industrial Revolution promoted technological and industrial development and thus, laid down the foundations of railroads in United States. During this time, United States became one of…

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Rediscovering George Washington Founding Father
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One can assume from his writing that he wants his readers to be persuaded with his point-of-view and appreciate the accomplishments of George Washington (Kuegler). It is also believed that his secondary aim of writing the book is to give rebirth to politics of morals and ethics.

Monty Rainey. ook Review. Junto Society.


Thomas Kuegler. Review

All in all, one can say that his book represents dynamism, intellectualism and exceeding pleasure. As mentioned above, his book does not fully cover his life and works, however, it aims to bring alive the politics of those times so as to transform the hearts and minds of all those who read his book (Kuegler).

The most unexpected result of his book is the warmth it provokes amongst those who read it. It is clear that rookhiser does not make an effort to create an acceptable image of Washington to the…


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Review, March 11, 1996.

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What Were George Washington's Contributions to His Country
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George ashington's Contributions

hen George ashington died on December 14, 1799, he was hailed as America's "savior" and the "father of liberty" (Petri pp). Today, he is referred to as the father of this country. Delivering ashington's eulogy, John Marshall said, "The hero, the sage, the patriot of America, the man on whom in times of danger every eye was turned and all hopes were placed, lives now only in his own great actions, and in the hearts of an affectionate and afflicted people" (Petri pp). ashington was not only a great general, leader, and politician, he was the epitome of a great American and an extraordinary human being.

As Commander in Chief of the colonial forces, ashington transformed an untrained army into a disciplined military force, despite the lack of supplies and equipment and in spite of the continuous political bickering (Petri pp). Remaining focused and determined, ashington led…

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Bonus Army Invades Washington
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Bonus Army Invades Washington

With his stirring yet scholarly account of one of America's defining internal conflicts, the Bonus Army's contentious 1932 march on Washington, historian Edward Robb Ellis manages to capture the shared desperation of both the destitute veterans protesting for proper pay, and the depleted government struggling to balance promises with pragmatism. Ellis' deftly written analytical article entitled The Bonus Army Invades Washington manages to convey with astonishing clarity the unique confluence of historical circumstances which led to the Bonus Expeditionary Force's fateful demonstration at the nation's capitol. Utilizing a narrative tone which is at once casual and cerebral, Ellis leads his reader from the killing fields of World War I to the postwar partisanship that plagued Washington, D.C. In the 1930's, covering the collective concerns of an unsteady nation by delving into the personal experiences of the major figures involved. Throughout the article, Ellis harnesses a subtly…

The Power of George Washington
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George ashington: The First American Hero

Today, George ashington is an American icon, a symbol of patriotism, strength, and humility. His honesty has become the source of legend, to the point that it is easy to forget that he was a real human being with significant political and military accomplishments. Perhaps what is equally surprising about ashington as the durability of his image is the fact that he was just as beloved in his own era. Death sometimes erases some of the more unflattering aspects of a historical figure's legacy from the collective memory but ashington was always revered, even in life. In fact, many of his contemporaries wished to make him a king after he helped secure American independence, an honor which he refused. Instead, he went on to become the nation's first Chief Executive.

George ashington first came to political prominence in colonial America due to his military…

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Blood of Tyrants George Washington and the Forging of the Presidency
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Beirne, Logan. Blood of Tyrants: George Washington & the Forging of the Presidency. New York: Encounter Books, 2014.
Book Review

The book explores the beliefs and specific actions undertaken by George Washington as he spearheaded the distinct meaning of the United States Constitution in the midst of the battle for independence. Blood of Tyrants delineates the manner in which the role of being President of the United States was fused and amalgamated with that of Commander in Chief, owing to the course of the American Revolution. In particular, subsequent to independence, when determining the role of America's first ever President, the public revered and had a high regard for the excellent leadership demonstrated by George Washington, who was a recognized and sure success. Washington was deemed to be a lively motivating commander, valiant and courageous; he endeavored to ensure the protection of all Americans for the benefit of the new…

Mount Rainier Washington Is One
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George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's
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Nevertheless, my passion for medicine remained which led to applying to the Technology Institute of Pharmacy at the university. Unfortunately, due to conditions beyond my control, I requested a transfer to the Nursing Institute at the university, yet because of my brother's failing health, I was forced to remain at home to care for him. Things changed in 2001, when I came to the U.S., knowing that I had a much better chance there to fulfill my dreams of becoming a medical specialist. Soon after, I registered at Northern Virginia Community College to major in science and after working full-time to pay for my studies, I am now in my last semester at NVCC, aiming for an Associate in Science which hopefully will open the door to pharmacy school. Overall, by obtaining a pharmacy degree, I could not only help people in the U.S. But also my own people in…

My initial interest in pursuing a degree in the medical field came about when my brother developed a very serious disease. This event prompted me to wonder about his medical future regarding treatment in the form of surgery or chemotherapy, and due to the fact that we were living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I was born and raised, the prospects of my brother finding adequate treatment and care for his disease were rather poor. As a result, I decided to create the foundations for a career in medical science. Part of this required that I take the Ethiopian School Living Examination. In 1994, after competing against 167,000 other high school graduates, I received a passing score which made me eligible to attend Addis Ababa University; however, since Ethiopia follows the command economy, I ended up in social sciences rather than in my chosen field of medicine.

Nevertheless, my passion for medicine remained which led to applying to the Technology Institute of Pharmacy at the university. Unfortunately, due to conditions beyond my control, I requested a transfer to the Nursing Institute at the university, yet because of my brother's failing health, I was forced to remain at home to care for him. Things changed in 2001, when I came to the U.S., knowing that I had a much better chance there to fulfill my dreams of becoming a medical specialist. Soon after, I registered at Northern Virginia Community College to major in science and after working full-time to pay for my studies, I am now in my last semester at NVCC, aiming for an Associate in Science which hopefully will open the door to pharmacy school. Overall, by obtaining a pharmacy degree, I could not only help people in the U.S. But also my own people in Ethiopia. While a student at NVCC, I served the Ethiopian Community Development Council by providing outreach services for refugees seeking health assistance.

In conclusion, my personal desire is to expand and enhance my knowledge in the pharmacy field and thus be able to provide my services to communities in the U.S. And abroad, particularly in Ethiopia. Therefore, I am looking forward with much relish to participating in GWU's Sonography Bachelor's Program.

European Union a state, or what else distinguishes it from other International Organizations

The primary question concerning global organizations as a medium of global governance relates towards the quantity and excellence of this governance within an era where we now have an overdeveloped global economy as well as an under-developed global polity (Ougaard and Higgott, 2002). There's a powerful disconnect amid governance, being an efficient and effective collective solution-seeking process within a given problem-area, and governance being the democratic legitimacy of policy formation. It has made possible the debate regarding 'legitimacy shortfalls' in main global organizations. Furthermore, governance has turned into a hosting analogy determining non-traditional performers (non-condition performers for example NGOs and their local and international associations) that participate as portable agents extending and expanding policy understanding, which is far more advanced and sophisticated than the traditional, elitist, government activities. The interest in global (as well as the regional)…


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History on the State of Virginia
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17th century, a book inspired by Sir Walter Raleigh and written by Richard Hakluyt, entitled "Western Planting," built up great interest in American colonization. Focus of commercial explorations was possible trade with the East India Company for the West. The King of England formed and granted a royal charter to the London Company and the Plymouth Company ( to found a colony. In December 1606, the London Company, led by Captain Christopher Newport, reached a town and named it Jamestown, after the King of England. It was the first permanent settlement in North America, the whole of which was then Virginia. The first settlers in this new land consisted of 12 laborers, a few carpenters, a blacksmith, a mason, a barber and a tailor and 50 other men.

When Captain Newport returned England for a while and left the colony to the inefficient leadership of Governor Wingfield, trouble and misery…


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1990 United States Government Passed the Hate
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1990, United States government passed the Hate Crimes Statistics Act. This mandated that state, local and federal law enforcement agencies report data on crimes that reflected a bias against a person's race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or ethnicity/national origin. Several years later, people with disabilities were added to this list. Data collection was placed under the auger of the FBI, which complied by publishing an annual report through its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. This program started to publish a review of national hate crimes in 1990 entitled Hate Crime Statistics, 1990: A Resource Book. By 1992, the publication reflected the reported data of all states. Because certain states, such as Wisconsin, penalize perpetrators more for the same crime if the motivation for that crime is thought to be categorical hatred, statistics reflect the opinions of law enforcement agencies.

Because of this wealth of new data, in addition to the data…

Formation of the Various States
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New states lying north of said parallel would be admitted as non-slave while those lying south would be slave.

The importance of the Missouri Compromise cannot be over-stated. It impacted the boundaries of several other states other than Missouri and led to some of the most hotly contested political debates in United States history.

Interestingly, the boundary established through the Missouri Compromise, that is, the 36?30' parallel, had actually been in use as a boundary line since early colonial days and the Missouri Compromise served to continue its use. The boundary between original thirteen colony members, Virginia and North Carolina, is the 36?30' parallel and the boundary between two of the earlier states admitted to the Union, Kentucky and Tennessee is also the 36?30' parallel.

Map depicting 36?30' parallel

The admission of Texas as a statehood was affected by the Missouri Compromise. Unlike any other state, Texas enjoyed status as…


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Civil War Most of Us
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In some ways, the Civil War was the analogue of the Terror for Americans: It was the bloodthirsty incestuous violence that allowed the nation to move onward to a full embrace of democracy, joining itself to Europe as the world began to tip toward democratic ideas and ideals.

White Supremacy

Stephen Kantrowitz's biography of Benjamin Tillman demonstrates how he can be seen as a symbol for an entire cohort of Southerners of his generation, people (mostly but not exclusively men) who could neither understand nor tolerate the new order that had formally instituted itself after Emancipation. They could not understand a world in which black men were suddenly their legal equals. Tillman, and others like him, lived in a world that told them that blacks had to be treated like equals even though many white Southerners did not see their black compatriots as even being fully human.

This set up…

Economy in the United States and Sept 11
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economy in the United States and the catastrophic terrorist attacks of September 11th is often discussed, for many reasons. The events were so integral to the United States as a historically devastating occurrence that emotionally, socially and psychologically changed the face of the nation and with that nation is the integral issue of economy. This work will analyze the difference between the economic after effects of the September 11th attacks, in the Stock Market particularly, and the effects of another crucial historical event of the last century, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The correlation between events and the stock exchange is often difficult to find information on in that a comprehensive history of the exchange has not been done, but perhaps the best time for such a work to be written would be now, as we discover just how well the nation and the world recover from the September…

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U S Macro-Economy The United States
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the president also promised to work with other relevant sectors to assist homeowners in refinancing their mortgages at low interest rates.

On the other hand, Republicans are worried about proposals that would repeat the 2009 stimulus plan despite of President Obama's call for bipartisan support to the bill. They argue that the failed 2009 stimulus plan and its successive policies have shown that huge government deficit spending is not the solution to the stalling economy. hile Republican leaders are trying to offer a more moderate stand, they have given a staunch opposition to government's measures of new spending.

After the end of the 2009 economic recession, the Federal Reserve has been involved in various attempts to stimulate economic growth. Some of these efforts include lowering short-term interest rates to nearly zero. The Fed's recent efforts are the push to lower long-term interest rates by buying $400 billion in long-term Treasury…

Works Cited:

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U S Constitution the United States
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The truth is that the forefathers were actually quite surprised at the effect that the signing of the Constitution had created in America; at the democratic society and government that resulted after the ratification of the Constitution.

The ratification in itself was a long one, and it involved in essence the perusal of the written Constitution by each state for ratification purposes, for which each state was required to create an independent ratifying committee headed by special delegates. The discussions of the advantages and the disadvantages of the newly written constitution of America began almost immediately after it was signed, and the two opposing factions of the Federalists to whom the majority of the forefathers belonged, and the Anti-Federalists who formed the opposing group brought these forth. The situation in America at the time of the writing of the Constitution was that of pro-democracy. The political as well as the…


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Undocumented Students Equity to In-State Tuition Reducing
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Undocumented tudents Equity to in-tate Tuition:

Reducing The Barriers

There exist policy ambiguities and variations at federal, state, and institutional levels related to undocumented student access to and success in higher education and this has created problems for these students. This study investigated specific policies and procedures to provide the resources and capital to assist undocumented students as well as reviewed key elements of showing the correlation of these difficulties with ethnic identity in access and equity to higher education that would help eliminate student's frustration. The study also illustrated that there is no accountability system surrounding the success of undocumented student's postsecondary education divide significant structure. Three research questions guided the study; a) Without the fundamental requirements met how will undocumented students achieve their goal to attain a degree, and seek a rewarding career? b) Is it unjust to extradite an illegal alien who has been living a constructive…

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Voter Turnout Rates in United States
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Voter turnout in the United States changes from state to state. An excellent example to show how this variation occurs is the 2012 presidential election, where there were 45% voter turnout in Hawaiians and 76% Minnesotans. Many different factors determine the number of people who cast ballots (Larocca & Klemanski, 2011). According to Brenna Center (2020), lawmakers in 29 states have proposed bills that would encourage more voting. The bills aim to streamline the voter registration process, facilitate absentee voting, allow people with past convictions to vote, and promote more early in-person voting. Something different is happening in 15 fifteen states with bills that make the voting process more complex being suggested. Some of the restrictions include reduced support to voters, limitations on voter ID, harsh punishment for electoral related crimes, and complicated processes for absentee voting. Legislators from the 15 states argue that their purpose is to secure…

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Church and State Weigh in
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Wade, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa v. Casey; Stenberg v. Carhart, where the courts, with public concurrence, have debated the question of whether or not a partially birth child is indeed a person whose right to live should be challenged.

The separation of powers should have prevented the courts from taking on the moral question of abortion. The elected representatives should have been responsible for legislating laws that would govern the protection of human life. That the courts and the public has arrived at this point in time where the Supreme Court must decide the issue of whether or not it is acceptable to terminate a partially birthed life is unthinkable. Abortion is not a matter of Constitutionality, but a moral one, and one that does not belong before the Supreme Court.


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United States Represents the Best Society That
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18476152
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United States represents the best society that the world has ever seen. It is a land of opportunity that offers its citizens levels of freedom unknown to prior generations and material comforts that the rest of the world envies. These freedoms and comforts, however, come at a steep price and one of these prices is that the United States is characterized as having one of the world's largest prison populations. A prison population that is dominated by inmates who have been either convicted of drug related offenses or are suffering from some form of substance abuse.

The enforcement of criminal laws and incarcerating those who pose a danger to public safety is essential for a society based on the rule of law but the fact that so many prisoners are jailed as a result of drug involvement begs the question as to whether or not incarcerating such individuals is a…


Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2000). Crime in the United States: Unform Crime Report. Washington, D.C.: Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Drugs and Prisons

Jamaica and United States An Analysis of
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Jamaica and United States: An Analysis of GDP

Comparison of Jamaica and U.S. GDP

In 2009 U.S. dollars Jamaica's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) based on purchasing power parity registered at 23.76 billion (CIA Factbook- Jamaica). In contrast the United States of America produced a Gross Domestic Product of 14.12 trillion dollars in 2009 dollars (CIA Factbook- U.S.). espectively these figures translate to a per capita GDP of $8,400.00 dollars for Jamaica (CIA Factbook- Jamaica) and $46,000.00 for the United States (CIA Factbook- U.S.). Given the distinct disparities in GDP, an analysis of the components comprising the GDP calculation provides useful insight into the similarities and differences inherent in the two nations.

GDP is comprised of four components: consumption expenditures, investment expenditures, government purchases, and net exports. Taken in aggregate these components detail "the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of…

References CIA Factbook: Jamaica. (November 17, 2010). Retrieved December 02, 2010 from CIA Factbook: United States of America. (November 16, 2010). Retrieved December 02,

2010 from 

Heritage Foundation. 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. Jamaica. Retrieved December

War While the United States of America
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While the United States of America over the past decades has maintained its superiority over other nations in terms of political clout, there is a certain imbalance in power within the geopolitical system of the world that is causing nations to become embittered. The United States began its reign of controversy after World War II and yet, it was the Vietnam War that completed the role in unethical representation in terms of military and political power. The Vietnam War was fought on the basis of freedom, democracy and the need to hinder the spread of the evil of Communism. The slogan of the times was that if the spread of communism was not stalled, America would soon lose its freedom and democracy the world over would be wiped out. These words may seem dramatic to the rational mind but to really understand the mood of the time such words…


Potter, Paul. "Incredible War" by Paul Potter, from Takin' it to the streets: A Sixties Reader Edited by Alexander Bloom and Wini Breine. Oxford University Press, 1995.

Smith, Ted. J., III. Propaganda: A Pluralitic Perspective New York: Praeger, 1989.

Big Brother Among Us George
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Everyone is under suspicion, according to the eye of the camera. Everyone is treated as if they are a likely criminal. This has a negative psychological affect on the general population who are not criminals.

For those who are not criminals, they feel as if their privacy is being invaded for no reason. They are reduced to being under suspicion and scrutinized even though they are upstanding citizens. They feel as if they are being treated as a criminal and that their freedoms are being slowly eaten away one by one. More and more the general population expresses concerns about the trend toward and Orwellian world. The telescreens in Orwell's world broadcast propaganda and continually exaggerated positive production numbers and lied about the failing state of the economy. The telescreens made the economy sound like a growth economy, when it was slowly slipping away, sound familiar?

In Orwell's novel, inston…

Works Cited

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Washington Post. <  >. Accessed December 6, 2010.

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<  > . Accessed December 5, 2010.

Aristotle and the City State
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From this point-of-view, the role of the constitution was to provide equal conditions for everybody. The community was meant to be made of free people. The rules were supposed to follow the principle of justice, punishing those who would try to behave in an unjust manner (Aristotle's Political Theory, 2002)..

In addition, he believed that the constitution was meant to serve the best interest of everybody and not just the rulers. This is an important strong point of the city-state concept since it puts the basis for a democratic approach.

A point which may be on the other hand considered weak refers to the conception according to which people living within the community would be willing to act in manner which would bring mutual benefits. In the philosophers' view, the fact of living within the community acted strongly upon the nature of man (Introduction to Aristotle).Reality has showed that the…


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U S Foreign Policy US Middle
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The international community can obviously respond by seeking to marginalize the Taliban and similar movements as extremists. However, it has become clear following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that western governments have not been effective in infiltrating terrorist networks and pre-empting attacks. It has also become clear that there will be no shortage of people in the Islamic world who are willing to martyr themselves for as long as there are legitimate grievances against the U.S. And other countries. It is therefore in the interest of the Americans that actions are taken by its government that seek to address both the legitimate concerns of moderate elements within the Islamic world and American's own relative ignorance as to what is happening in the world beyond the U.S. (Marsden, 2002 pp. 153-155).

The Afghanistan military action of the U.S. wherein the Taliban regime was overthrown is…


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Immigration the United States Is
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Advocacy groups, whether private or government-sponsored, ease transition from home to America but being uprooted poses severe psychological and sociological problems that are not easy to fix.

The United States remains one of the only nations to openly welcome immigrants as a national policy; Canada is another. For centuries the United States has relied on immigrant labor to fuel industry and add nuance to the nation's cultural fabric. The United States is no longer viewed as a melting pot because of the increased pride among immigrants in their native cultures and languages. Balancing assimilation with preservation of culture is still the most difficult task for immigrants, many of whom hope for a more stable life in the new world while still retaining the values and lifestyles of their ancestors.

Refugees continue to hold a unique social, economic and political status in the United States. As Tumulty notes, the Hmong assimilated…

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United States Government Should Grant
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4 trillion and $3.6 trillion, an impressive boost to the U.S. economy in those years, the IPC explains. A study conducted by Arizona State University determined that when a person has a bachelor's degree that person earns about $750,000 more over the course of a lifetime of earning than a person with just a high school diploma earns.

The data from that study indicates that as of 2006, those working without a high school diploma earned approximately $419 per week and had an unemployment rate of 6.8%, the IPC explains. Those with a bachelor's degree earned approximately $962 per seek and their rate of unemployment was only 2.3%; over their careers college graduates earn "in excels of 60% more than a high school graduate, and workers with advanced degrees earn two to three times as much as high school graduates" (IPC, p. 2).

The Dream Act would remove the uncertainty…

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Anti-Miscegnation Statutes in the United States Anti-Miscegenation
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Anti-Miscegnation Statutes in the United States

Anti-Miscegenation Statutes in the United States

Previous to Loving v. Virginia, there were several cases on the subject of miscegenation. In Pace v. Alabama (1883), the Supreme Court made a ruling that the conviction of an Alabama couple for interracial sex, confirmed on the plea by the Alabama Supreme Court, did not disrupt the Fourteenth Amendment. Interracial marital sex was considered a felony, whereas adulterous sex ("infidelity or fornication") was just a misdemeanor. On plea, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that the illegalization of interracial sex was not a defilement of the equal protection clause since whites and non-whites were penalized in equivalent amount for the wrongdoing of involving in interracial sex. The court did not see the need to sustain the constitutionality of the prohibition on interracial marriage that was likewise part of Alabama's anti-miscegenation law. After Pace v. Alabama,…

Secretary of State Transition From
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Not all people who own guns are criminals nor will they end up using their gun, but it does feel better to know that in a worst case scenario situation, one will be able to fight back on even grounds.

Gun regulation is not about banning guns, but about controlling who has access to them. As proposed by the President, background checks are essential when it comes to being able to own a gun (Simon 2013). This is no way violates any sense of privacy or freedom and right to bear arms. It just assures the public that those who do have access and ownership of these powerful weapons will not use them in a hurtful or harmful way, nor will they, most importantly, hurt our children. Although it is difficult enough to protect children at home, no longer do children have that security and safety that used to be…


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