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Web Services Essays (Examples)

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Web 2 0 With a Focus
Words: 6782 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 3008169
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0 is "…a broad name used for a number of different experiments that are being done in the research community" (eddy & Goodman, 2002, p. 12). The emphasis here is in 'experiment' as Web 2.0 is a platform for the testing of new applications and innovation, as well as being an area for research and development in education and science.

The differences in the way that Web 2.0 functions can be seen in the concept of the Internet as a new platform or environment. This is a concept that exceeds the idea that a new Internet would merely offer new applications that would be in essence an extension of Internet 1.0. As Tim O'eilly and John Battelle note, Web 2.0 means "… building applications that literally get better the more people use them, harnessing network effects not only to acquire users, but also to learn from them and build on…


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Web Design for a Few Decades Now
Words: 911 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25158015
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Web Design

For a few decades now, since the introduction of the Internet, the World Wide Web has become the most used form of information resource. Thousands of web sites owned by public and private sectors are currently accessible over the Internet. Aside from quick provision of information the World Wide Web provides, ease of accessibility is one of the factors that has made it a popular choice. One doesn't need to bother going to a library, whose accessibility is usually limited within an area, and find for the necessary information from large volumes of books. With the World Wide Web, the availability of Internet cafes almost everywhere, as well as the ownership of computers in many households these days, the accessibility of information has provided convenience to many users.

A group of people in the Internet community, however, was somehow not taken into account when most of the current…


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Web Content Monetization System Design
Words: 964 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 31152811
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C. Product Improvement and New Products

As the Web Content Monetization System has yet to be launched there are no significant product improvements committed to prospects or customers yet. It is common during this phase of a new systems' development to have a series of 2nd and 3rd generation product enhancements which will be added over the systems' life. It is highly advisable that a Customer Advisory Council be created that seeks to gain insights and intelligence from the top twenty content providers globally to ensure the subsequent system configurations and plans are consistent with their specific needs.

D. Costs

The initial design and development budget are shown in Table 1. This includes the costs of the development of the Web content management application, distributed order management system, AJAX security testing and audits to ensure the payment gateways are secure, multi-taxonomy support for content providers' unique approaches to organizing their…


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Service-Oriented Architectures in it Service-Oriented
Words: 2511 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58253807
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Web Services in the context of an SOA framework are designed to be the catalyst of greater order accuracy and speed, further increasing performance of the entire company in the process. The collection of Web Services is meant to not replace the traditional and highly engrained EP systems in a company; rather Web Services are meant to extend and enhance their performance and making them more agile over time (Alonso, Kuno, Casati, Machiraju, 2004). Theorists have suggested that the SOA framework is only as successful as the approaches taken to creating a unified Web Services strategy that creates a single system of record of customer data the entire company standardizes on (Kobielus, 2007). This concept of the system of record is defined as Master Data Management (MDM) and is the basis of analytics and Business Intelligence (BI), which are fueling more focus on measuring the value of SOA frameworks from…


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Web 2 0 Technologies & Applications
Words: 6227 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 37011227
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Most well-known was obert Scoble of Microsoft.

With the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections, blogs' growth accelerated dramatically as nearly every news network, candidate in both U.S. Senate and House of epresentative races, and political pundit has their own blog competing for the publics' attention. The era of 2004 to today in fact has created a blogging industry that is pervasive in its availability of publishing platforms (USC Annenberg School of Journalism) and also in its readers for organizing and aggregating content of interest (Boeri, 2007).

Since 2004, technologies have emerged for completing text mining of blogs to find linguistic patterns in the mass of posts and also build linguistic models that represent public opinion. The use of latent semantic indexing as a technology has become prevalent as a result.

Wikis are also a form of consumer-generated media and were initially developed in 1994 with the first Wiki being introduced in…


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Web 2 0 Technologies on Human
Words: 1213 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 40812612
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In conjunction with this the technological aspects of security need to be managed as part of the governance process (Hannon, 2002) to make the change more trustworthy.


The impacts of Web 2.0 technologies and social networks are revolutionizing how government agencies interact internally and with each other. The need for overcoming resistance to change, redefining processes so they are made more effective with the addition of technology, are all critical aspects of managing the migration to new technologies. Ultimately it is in the automating of processes that hinder organizations' effectiveness where the true value of technology is found.


Neda Abdolvand, Amir Albadvi, amp; Zahra Ferdowsi. (2008). Assessing readiness for business process reengineering. Business Process Management Journal, 14(4), 497-511.

Bergvall-Kareborn, B., Bergquist, B., amp; Klefsjo, B.. (2009). Creating social change in a municipality using a Total Quality Management approach. Total Quality Management amp; Business Excellence, 20(12), 1375.

Bernoff, J.,…

• Consumer Wikis enable users to comment on content, in addition to editing content

• Wikipedia, a community Wiki encyclopedia, includes approximately 1.3 million English-language articles

Sources: (Bernoff, Li, 2008); O'Reilly, 2005. What is Web 2.0. Design Patterns and Business Models of the next generation of Software. Tim O'Reilly. Published September 30, 2005.

Web Conference Memo the Manager Web Conference
Words: 480 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15253081
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Web Conference Memo

The Manager

Web Conference program research

I refer to the work you assigned me, to research on the best web conference program which can help you hold a weekly status meeting. I did research through the internet regarding the same. Through my research, I looked into four various kind of web conference programs namely, OnWebinar, Vyew, OpenMeeting and DimDim. However, to come up with one program, I analyzed each in consideration with the Operating System installed in our computers and other various factors.

Therefore, I would like to recommend Vyew as the best web conference program, because of its features which have listed below:

It's a browser-based web conference program and it operates effectively on Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

It has hundreds of active/archived meeting per user, which means it can support a number of users at a time.

It's very flexible compared to other…


Montreal, Quebec, Canada in Museums and the Web April 8-12, 2008 

(D. Klein) Compare Best Conferences services 2012

Service Theory Design
Words: 1410 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 68493883
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Service Theory design is not a basic foothold that can be explained in only a few sentences. There is a lot of thought, experimentation, research, and trial and error that goes into the creation of a sound theory. First, it is important to acknowledge all of the things that can play a role in the design of a theory itself. esearchers have reported that community and culture significantly influence value orientation (Goel, 2010), perceived needs, and motivation as well as provide the ground for creating shared understanding. All disciplines have their own cultures, and all cultures evolve through cross-cultural exchanges. It all starts with a series of questions and ideas that the researcher would like to find out background information on, and possible determine information that may not have been evident upon first glance.

The questions that would need further clarity are: (1) what model best fits the current prospective…


Freeman, J.B., & Ambady, N. (2011). A dynamic interactive theory of person construal. Psychological Review, 118(2), 247-279. doi:10.1037/a0022327

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Service Level Networks When it
Words: 2990 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 32191202
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In other words, the facilities that are available will be laid out in the best possible pattern and fashion so as to maximize efficiency and convenience for people who use the services (Handler & Mirchandani, 1979). There is obviously no way to put all of the facilities into the same space, and some of them take up more land than others, but there is no reason that urban planning officials, city leaders, and companies that want to build in a particular area cannot work together to meet everyone's needs. Often they want to accomplish this, but they simply are not sure what the best way to go about it would be.

Consider, as an example, a network model of an urbanized area, shown on the following pages and reproduced from Larson & Odoni, 1997-1999

All of the nodes (a through H) indicate points at which service demands are being…


Beltrami, E., & Bodin, L., (1974). Networks and Vehicle Routing for Municipal Waste Collection, Networks, 4 (1), 65-94 (1974).

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Web Analytics Dontdatecreeps com Needs a
Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 16619898
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Other features of the community include an embedded instant messaging application and a site-specific email account. Because of the dangers and fears associated with online dating, users should also be able to rate their dates with other site members in an anonymous application. To increase the robustness of the format, the community should also become linked with local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and entertainment venues. Not only does need to solicit advertisement revenues from local businesses and services; the dating site also needs to help its users coordinate and plan social outings.

3. Web analytics will consist in part of a third-party page tagging service that will accomplish two goals. First, the page tagging service will help to determine efficacy of advertisement click-throughs, which page(s) users tend to opt for information purchases from, and other consumer-related data. Second, the page tagging will help to determine…


Peterson, E.T. (2004). Web Analytics Demystified. Celilo Group Media.

Web Analytics Association. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

Web 3 0 New Era
Words: 906 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64915217
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Web 3.0: The New Web

Everyone knows that technology is advancing rapidly. What that entails is the restructuring of what we once knew into something better. That is exactly what is happening now with the slow movement into Web 3.0, an Internet that is layered and more tailored to a mobile and interactive user.

Web 3.0 takes the internet to a whole new level. According to the research, this will be the "third generation of Internet-based services that collectively comprise what might be called 'the intelligent Web' -- such as those using semantic web, microformats, natural language search, data-mining, machine learning, recommendation agents, and artificial intelligence technologies -- which emphasize machine-facilitated understanding of information in order to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience" (Spivack, 2014). Essentially, the Internet will be smarter and more adaptive than ever before. This will allow the Internet to adapt to the unique demands…


Gaines, Kendra. (2011). A brief introduction to Web 3.0. Web Designer. Web. 

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Web Design Evolution for Common
Words: 3229 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 57367248
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Skills must be honed that create a functional page that users will view and use as the client hopes them to.

Many new eb designers produce eb pages that seem to ignore fundamental principles of "good design": full of colored backgrounds, animated pictures, multiple colors and styles of text, and little to no navigation or eb-based structure. Even in courses devoted to eb design, students still produce pages that lack unity, coherence and emphasis: "though they [students] seem to understand (and can critique) others' efforts, they're stymied when it's time for production. Few have the skills or experience writing in this medium" (Yancey & ickliff, 2001, p. 180). Similarly, individuals working on their own or working from documentation struggle with being able to create eb pages due to the same lack of experience writing on the eb.

Karper 340)

For this reason, relative examples, as explained in the previous subheading…

Works Cited

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Web Advertising
Words: 944 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17299487
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Web Advertising

Advertising permeates the World Wide Web, just as it pervades television, radio, public space, and print publications. However, the form, presentation, and content of web advertising can differ significantly from other types of ads. Compared with television and print media, web-based advertising can be media rich and far more interactive than any other type of advertising. Web ads are also more diverse than print, television, or radio ads. For example, web advertising ranges from simple sponsored text blurbs such as those contained in the sidebars of any Google search to animated banner and pop-up ads to Flash films complete with sound. Web ads also put the viewer closely in touch with the source vendor in a way that print, television, or radio ads cannot. With a web ad, the viewer can, and is even encouraged to, connect directly with the company website to make a purchase. Moreover, with…

Web Analytics Are Critical for
Words: 547 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 71549133
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This ensures a high degree of relevancy for each message sent to HP customers, thereby driving up online sales of supplies, complimentary products and even replacement products. HP also uses this information to create a Master Data Management (MDM) to create a 360 degree view of their customers and fine-tune off-line marketing and selling strategies as well. The coordination of online and offline strategies for attracting, selling and serving customers is made possible with web analytics. Dell Gateway and IBM are also actively using web analytics to support their post-sales upgrade and services selling strategies. These analytics give these companies the opportunity to finely tune offers to specific audiences in larger segments. This micro-targeting of consumers is making it possible for Gateway to be successful in selling flat screen televisions for example, in addition to digital cameras. Web analytics has made it possible for these companies to define entirely new…


Colin Beasty (2006, December). The Wow of Web Analytics. Customer Relationship Management, 10(12), 28. Retrieved July 30, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1184996631). (Phippen, Sheppard, Furnell, 2004)

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Steve Wind-Mozley (2008, June). New need for analytics. Revolution, 59. Retrieved July 31, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1512503721).

Web Security the Internet Places
Words: 4006 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58925443
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Less satisfied knowledge dealing processes like keeping copies of old as well as unused spreadsheets which have several Social Security numbers instead of transmitting such data to long period and safe storage- persistently involve data at vulnerable stage. (Schuster 140-141)

Security concerns are associated with primarily to the system security, information security and also to Encryption. Taking into consideration the system security, it is applicable that what is pertinent to make sure that a system is quite secured, and decrease the scope that perpetrators could break into a website server and change pages. System security is a real responsibility particularly if one regulates one's owned Website server. (Creating Good Websites: Security)

There are two primary concerns in system security. One is in the application of passwords that ought to be selected and applied securely. But however protected a system could be, it is ordinarily exposed to the world if the…


Cavusoglu, Huseyin; Mishra, Birendra; Raghunathan, Srinivasan. The Effect of Website security Breach Announcements on Market Value: Capital Market Reactions for Breached Firms and Website security Developers. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, vol. 9, no.1, Fall 2004. pp: 70-104.

Creating Good Websites: Security.  / de Vivo, Marco; de Vivo, Gabrieal; Isern, Germinal. Website security attacks at the basic level. SACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, vol. 32, no. 2, April 1998. pp: 4-15.

Farmer, Melanie Austria; Hu, Jim. Microsoft not alone in suffering security breaches.

October 27, 2000,

Web 2 0 Tools the Term
Words: 558 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69323829
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0. Alexander (2006), poses that "users can set up accounts, then write and revise their collaborative work."

Online social networking used as part of instruction in various institutions of higher learning, students have been able to exchange e-mail or text messages for educational purposes in institutions. Facebook-style online utilities for educational purposes, and opportunities to communicate online with students from other geographic areas with the aim of sharing information. For instance political science students can use the Web 2.0 tools to get to know what new political unfolding there are in other parts across U.S. Or the world.

There are also provision of online learning games and simulations. Fans of software games can get online drilling and practice games, multiplayer simulations, and virtual world and Second Life-type environments. These can be made possible through Virtual Worlds such as Second Life which utilize Web 2.0 technology.

Web 2.0 has also enabled…


Alexander, B. (2006). Web 2.0: A new wave of innovation for teaching and learning?

Educause Review, 41(2), 32-44. Retrieved from 

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MA: Sloan Consortium. Retrieved from

Web Analysis of the David M Rubenstein Rare Books and Manuscript Library
Words: 1298 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51168827
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Web Analysis of the David M. Rubenstein Rae Books & Manuscipt Libay

David M. Rubenstein Rae Books and Manuscipt Libay is located in William R. Pekins libay within Duke Univesity campus. The libay has moe than five thousand nine hunded and ninety-one achival collections. Among them, seven hunded and seventy-nine have a finding aid that enables eseaches, students and othe inteested paties to access the collections online. The libay segmented the website into dissimila sections to make seaching easy. These sections include a catalogue seach, a finding seach aid, a digital collection seach, a collection aea and a section to conduct eseach. The seaching options povide and demonstate useful seaching pactices and infomation (Cox & Achives Students, 2007, P. 32).

How does the institution pesent its holdings, and how useful is this pesentation fo a eseache

Fo any…


Cox, R. & Archives Students, 2007, Machines in the archives: Technology and the coming transformation of archival reference, First Monday: Peer-reviewed journal on the internet. 12(11). Retrieved from: 

Duke University Libraries, 2011, Inventory of the Bill Bramberg Collection, 1955-1956.

Retrieved from:

Web Health Care Located in Wichita Kansas
Words: 1937 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35504884
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Web Health Care

Located in Wichita, Kansas, Via Christi Health is the agency that serves the eponymous region through the site Via Christi provides care through hospitals, outpatient centers, senior communities, and in-home care for individuals in Kansas. The services the agency provides a VCMA directory, which encompasses a search for physicians through Via Christi Medical Associates and the Via Christi Clinic, along with the Via Christi Hospitals. Via Christi Medical Associates is a group of fifty family practitioners, while Via Christi Clinics offer family care and immediate care. The thirteen clinics have been in place since 1948, 160 hired physicians, and encompassed 40 specialties. Via Christi agency offers a directory and location of special centers, which includes burn center, cancer care, cardiac care, and cystic fibrosis. As well, there's epileptology, neurosciences, obstetrics and gynecology, and occupational health services. Moreover, individuals are able to look up care for pediatric…


Via Christi Hospitals: VCFM Residency. (n.d.). VCFM Residency. Retrieved December 3, 2011, from 

HMR Clinic Program Weight Loss Surgery Weight Loss Class Corporate Wellness HMR at Home Meal Replacements ~ Via Christi Weight Management Wichita Kansas. (n.d.). HMR Clinic Program Weight Loss Surgery Weight Loss Class Corporate Wellness HMR at Home Meal Replacements ~ Via Christi Weight Management Wichita Kansas. Retrieved December 3, 2011, from 

Via Christi Clinic - Multi-practice medical care in Wichita, KS . (n.d.). Via Christi Clinic - Multi-practice medical care in Wichita, KS . Retrieved December 3, 2011, from 

Via Christi to open cancer center | Wichita Eagle. (n.d.). Local and breaking news for Wichita and Kansas | The Wichita Eagle and Retrieved December 3, 2011, from

Web Design the Proper Procedure to Design
Words: 576 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34840673
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Web Design

The proper procedure to design a website involves planning, innovation, and proper execution. The purpose of the website, along with its actual content, when melded together correctly, offers the visitor information and flexibility.

The first step a website innovator undertakes is to determine the audience of the website. Secondly, the innovator determines what the purpose of the website is. Although both of these steps seem simple, it is a crucial step. These two items need determined and defined clearly before further planning.

The goal of the site is the next determination. The website innovator decides what the goal of the site is. Website builders design sites to disseminate information. Other sites implement a design to sell or persuade, while others collect information from the visitor. Many times, the sites have multiple purposes, such as provide information and sell a product or service during the visit. (An example of…

Service Master Has a Family of Brands
Words: 669 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73109926
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Service Master has a family of brands that consist of companies that deliver services to home and businesses include pest control, maid service, landscaping and other services. The company has a high dependence on labor, and this labor must not only be professional in demeanor (quality service) but it must be well-trained and able to deliver the service to a high standard. There are two factors that could potentially increase the company's demand for labor. The first is a growth in the business. There is little opportunity to scale up this business, so any increase in demand equates to an increase in demand for labor at ServiceMaster. It should be noted that a growth in the business can also be met without increasing staff, should staff improve efficiency. Given the nature of the service, it is unlikely that ServiceMaster, if operating at capacity, will be able to improve efficiency much.…

Works Cited:

King, W. (1999). Tutorial on Marginal Utility. Essential Principles of Economics: A Hypermedia Text. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from: 

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Web Content Monetization Software Operations
Words: 865 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 43109952
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D. Facilities, Equipment and Improvements

For the proposed venture all that is needed is an office with high speed Internet, meeting rooms and proximity to the primary customer base. Programming, professional services, marketing, sales and service can be run out of a standard office building. The requirements for the data center hosting the Web content monetization suite of applications include security, SLA compliance and uptime guarantees and support for multitenant-based delivery of the application (Lager, 2008). In addition there must be shared risk for SLA performance so the data centers have ownership of their performance to the customer level (Katzan, Dowling, 2010).

E. Capacity Levels and Inventory Management

There is no inventory as the proposed venture is leasing yearly access to a Web content monetization suite of applications. Capacity levels therefore are more determined by the capacity of data from customers, specifically from their enterprise content management, digital asset management…


Creeger, M.. (2009). CTO Roundtable: Cloud Computing. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM, 52(8), 50.

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Web Marketing Web Content Monetized
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60915224
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B2B content creators including D&B, homas Register and many others primarily sell to the VPs of Finance, Operations, Sales and Service as their content is actively used in strategies. he primary differentiator of B2B content is its use for initiating and completing strategies within and outside the organizations' four walls while B2C content is primary used for entertainment (Ying, Korneliussen, Gronhaug, 2009). B2B content therefore has a more value-based pricing and evaluation aspect to it relative to its B2C counterpart (Ghose, Yang, 2009). Implicit in the selling of Web content monetization solutions is also the need to be a trusted advisor to the senior management team members of any organization. his concept of the trusted advisor as it relates to content monetization is critically important as the valuation of an intangible good makes for wide interpretation of pricing and value defined (Liebermann,

Stashevsky, 2009).

In the case of Web content…

The balkanization of Web content providers is leading to an increasingly fragmented and highly segmented content arena in B2B (Cheng, Blankson, Wang, Chen, 2009). From the many business models created by portal providers that range from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) to Thomas Register to many variants in between, B2B Web content has found a dominant role in supply chain, strategic sourcing, B2B marketing, selling and service processes (Evans, 2009) . B2B content creators including D&B, Thomas Register and many others primarily sell to the VPs of Finance, Operations, Sales and Service as their content is actively used in strategies. The primary differentiator of B2B content is its use for initiating and completing strategies within and outside the organizations' four walls while B2C content is primary used for entertainment (Ying, Korneliussen, Gronhaug, 2009). B2B content therefore has a more value-based pricing and evaluation aspect to it relative to its B2C counterpart (Ghose, Yang, 2009). Implicit in the selling of Web content monetization solutions is also the need to be a trusted advisor to the senior management team members of any organization. This concept of the trusted advisor as it relates to content monetization is critically important as the valuation of an intangible good makes for wide interpretation of pricing and value defined (Liebermann,

Stashevsky, 2009).

In the case of Web content monetization software that takes into account consumer-based media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and present and potential Rupert Murdoch-owned properties (Kirby, Englemart, 2010) the challenges of system integration (Lopes, Galletta, 2006) are small compared to resistance on the part of consumers (Pauwels, Weiss, 2008). Defining the pricing elasticity by the latency or age of the content, developing strategies for reaching specific audiences of interest, and creating marketing programs that can underscore the innate value of the content are all critical. The use of web content monetization software will also be segment and audience-specific. The development and continual improvement of marketing strategies for reselling content also requires these Web content monetization systems have analytics as well.

Web Design About a Decade Ago When
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Web Design

About a decade ago when the World Wide Web first launched, only the brave and commercial entrepreneurs established web sites. If they could not handle the HTML coding themselves, it was necessary to work with a web designer/graphic designer, who charged thousands of dollars. This was a new technology, so vendors charged a lot for their services. They were learning as they went, as well. Within a couple of years, thousands and then hundreds of thousands of organizations and individuals of all kinds started getting involved with the web. Soon the price of web sites started tumbling down, and now they are available for free by many services. Another change started occurring in most recent years, individuals began having their own personal sites on which they blogged, wrote articles about themselves and their feelings, interviewed others, and provided information about things that interested them. Social media is just…


Ford, C., McMahon, M., & Reeves, J. (2009) Putting together professional portfolios. London: Sage

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Tai, D. (2009). Google Sketchup for site design: a guide to modeling site plans.

New York: John Wiley and Sons

Web Marketing Analysis of Nflshop com
Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30973002
Read Full Paper  ❯ is designed for the impulse buy of the loyal fan, and strives to capitalize on team loyalty over its own website's loyalty. This is where the site could improve. It is too focused on team loyalty at the expense of its own website loyalty. This is evident in the very small font and graphics navigation for signing up for the site and for requesting a catalog. As a result, the site must do the majority of its sales purely on impulse purchases.

Despite this shortcoming, the site delivers on the critical success factor of delivering trustworthy content and information assurance (Kim, Sivasailam, ao, 344). This aspect of the site is what makes it succeed; it makes the site trusted with loyal NFL fans. This catalyst of trust compensates for weaknesses in navigation and the lack of loyalty it is generating for the site itself.


The critical success factors…


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Web-Based Coaching The Ski Market
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Korea and Southeast Asia have been targeted as emerging markets for skiers (Hudson 2000, 27). China has 2 million skiers, although only 10% own their own gear. However, the numbers of Chinese skiers has increased on average over 100% annually, for the past several years, with an average 750,000 increase (Skiing in China today, 2006, Beijing Ski Club).

In Russia, long-standing widespread interest in winter sports and higher levels of disposable income have resulted in participation increasing at a rate of 20% annually (the Alpine world market, 2007, SkiStar)

North and South America

The United States and Canada have approximately 20 million skiers combined, with the U.S. possessing 15 million and Canada 5 million (Hudson 2000, p.26-27). Mexico has 2.9 skiers (Hudson 2000, p.27). North America is the second largest market for skiing, after Europe. Americans use approximately 80 million skier days per year" (the Alpine world market, 2007, SkiStar).…

Works Cited

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10, 2009 at

Equivalent to Why Enterprise Service
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As has been mentioned throughout this thesis, the entire aspect of mass customization as it relates to the development of a stable quote-to-order process throughout manufacturing is critical. In this specific area is where many manufacturers face the dilemma of being entirely project-based in their manufacturing and business strategy approach or move more towards functional manufacturing with the exception being mass customization and a more fluid, agile, quote-to-order process. Figure 1 shows this dilemma graphically.

Source: LWC esearch

Figure 1: Manufacturer's dilemma regarding mass customization and channel implications of integration

Underscoring the synchronization of ESB hubs and accompanying use of state engines to unify channels and ensure complex processes including order-to-cash, inquiry-to-order, inquiry-to-cash, and many others. The span of integration that manufacturers are achieving with ESB platform integration in support of these core business processes is also illustrated in Figure 2, an example of a Brokered ESB Pattern Model, from…


Abrahams (2005) - Regulatory Compliance: Business Opportunity/Technical Challenge. Bloor Research.

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

IBM Workplace for Business Strategy Execution (2006) - From the book of the same name. Authors Philip Monson, Katinka Kantor, Lee Barnes, Suzanne Minassian, Jennifer Bloom. IBM Corporation Redbooks Publishing. June, 2006. IBM Corporation.

IBM Developer Roadmap (2006) - Part of the working series of BPEL Programming Standards and a specific roadmap on the technology of BPEL4WS as it relates to SOA:

Wide Web Is Available Around
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The reward for the effort of learning is access to a vocabulary that is shared by a very large population across all industries globally" (p. 214). Moreover, according to Bell, because UML is a language rather than a methodology, practitioners who are familiar with UML can join a project at any point from anywhere in the world and become productive right away. Therefore, Web applications that are built using UML provide a useful approach to helping professionals gain access to the information they need when they need it.

Overview of the Study

This paper used a five-chapter format to achieve the above-stated research purpose. Chapter one of the study was used to introduce the topic under consideration, provide a statement of the problem, the purpose of the study and its importance of the study. Chapter two of the study provides a review of the related peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning…


Domain Specifications

Specification Name:

Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM)


Cloud Database Service on User
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This research proposal looks to determine how the selection of a given cloud platform impacts user intention, satisfaction and long-term adoption.

In order to evaluate the contributions of each of these platforms, each is briefly reviewed within the context of this literature review. First, the most commonly used one in start-up cloud database service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is analyzed. AWS is comprised of the following components: Amazon DynamoDB and SimpleDB Services, Amazon Elastic Cloud Service (EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon elational Database Service (DS) and Amazon SQS. Amazon has also developed a cloud-based content sharing service that capitalizes on the depth of database expertise and support in this platform. Called Amazon CloudFront, this specific Web Service is designed to allow for Amazon ElastiCache configuration and use of a secured Cloud DNS service called oute 53. All of these technologies are combined…


Arias-Cabarcos, P., Almenarez-Mendoza, F., Marin-Lopez, a., Diaz-Sanchez, D., & Sanchez-Guerrero, R. (2012). A metric-based approach to assess risk for "on cloud" federated identity management. Journal of Network and Systems Management, 20(4), 513-533.

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Active Directory Services Directory Services
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Both ADP and enterprise replication are processes that are critical to having an enterprise-wide system perform at an optimal level (Chen, Chen, Maa, 2002).

The disadvantages of using Directory Services are the costs associated initially for creating and keeping them current, the need to have a staff of engineering and software experts on-hand to add functionality to the system as needed, and the complexity of integration across different Directory Services architectures at the operating system level. Directory Services can be extremely complex and when used for role-based access within enterprises, can lock employees out of their own files and systems and the ones they need to use for their jobs as well if only a slight variation is made in the security levels of the users. There is also the downside risk of technology obsolescence as many companies will standardize on a vendors' specific version fo Directory Services, only to…


Bernstein, Philip a. (1996). Middleware: A model for distributed system services. Association for Computing Machinery. Communications of the ACM, 39(2), 86.

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Keith Pleas. (1999, December). Communicating with Active Directory. PC Magazine, 18(21), 265-267.

Topsail Should Top Sail Implement a Web-Based
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Should Top Sail implement a eb-based system? hy or why not?

Top sail should implement a eb-based reservation and booking system. This type of system is necessary because it is often more convenient for customers who live in different time zones. The web-based system will also allow customers to see pictures of the time share they are going to reserve so that they know exactly what to expect when they arrive at the destination (Lin, 2010; Aaker & Mills, 2005). A web-based system is also practical because of the amount of time that people spend online and the other types of travel reservations and bookings that are handled over the internet (Dickson et al., 2009). For instance many vacationers also book flights or secure other types of transportation via the internet. As such having a web-based system makes it easier for travelers. In addition such a system is also…

Works cited

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Gordon et al. Retrieved from;

Lin, Yi-Ling. (2010) The Impacts of the Online Reservation System in London City Hotels. Journal of hospitality marketing & management 19 (1), 82.

Staffing Plan Recently a Web
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Social networking tends to take a large amount of time in terms of browsing until I can find the appropriate information and the appropriate persons I want to hire for each specific job.

When hiring employees and posting help wanted ads, it is also important to recognize the legal issues surrounding this (Findlaw Inc., 2000). Legally protected status include race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and age. To ensure that I am legally compliant, I will therefore construct ads that avoid any preferential language for a certain demographic group. When posting advertisements in the local paper, I will ensure that it is indeed a general interest publication rather than one that targets specific demographic interest groups. Just to ensure that all potential pitfalls are avoided, I'll add that the company is an "equal opportunity employer." My concern is indeed only to attract the best of possible employees without regard for…

References (2010). How to Start Recruiting Employees Online. Retrieved from 

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IT Services of Buildingdna® I Am an
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IT ervices of BuildingDNA®

I am an IT consultant with the objectives of providing recommendations for BuildingDNA Inc. To assist the company increasing its output and the productivity in the competitive business environment. I am also to provide recommendations for the BuildingDNA on the strategy to employ in implementing IT infrastructure design to achieve a leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The design packages are to assist the company to achieve a leading position in IT infrastructures that include: oftware Engineering, ystems Engineering, IT Management and Information Assurance.

More importantly, the goal of the project is to use the IT infrastructures to assist the BuildingDNA, Inc. To fuel very rapid growth by delivering 10-20 maps monthly and reach between 3,000 and 7,000 per month within 3 years. The project also identifies scalable, systematic process and procedure that BuildingDNA will employ in organizing, planning, tracking as well as evaluating the production of…


Butcher, D. And Rowley, J. (1998). The 7 R's of information management. Managing Information.5(3): 34 -- 36.

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McLaughlin, B., Pollice, G., and West, D. (2007). Head First: Object-oriented analysis & Design. Beijing, Cambridge, Koln, Sebastopol, Tokyo: O'Reilly.

Strategic Information Technology Plan Oesterlen Services for
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Strategic Information Technology Plan

Oesterlen Services for Youth is an organization that helps troubled youth in Ohio. It consists of a counseling center and a foster care placement program, as well as residential services for both male and female youth for intensive care cases. In order for Oesterlen to continue to help as many youth as possible, it has to be up-to-date on its technology. To that end, it has set some goals for its computers from both a software and hardware standpoint. The current M.T.I. goals for the organization are to consolidate the servers and applications as much as possible. By partnering with others, Oesterlen will be better able to fulfill its mission of helping youth. The alliance between Qbase, ADP online, and the merger of a sizeable competitor will enable Oesterlen the ability to serve the clients better while maintaining the delicate balance between the mission goals and…


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Secure Mobile Payment Service Mobile
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The customer owes money to a friend or wishes to transfer money to someone. In this situation there are three options available. If the two parties are in the proximity of each other the payee's device sends the transaction data over to the payer's handset using either IrDA, T, or RFID communication. If the two parties are not in the position of using a direct link, the payee can send the necessary information over the air (SMS, IM) to the other party. In certain cases the payer initiates a transfer while the payee may not even be aware of the fact that he or she is going to receive money. In this case the payer can manually input all necessary information into the handset. Depending on the transaction value the payer in all three cases has the option to select either its bank or MNO for processing the payment. The…

Bibliography "Hungarian Secure Mobile Payment System Introduced at Cebit." April 2005. 30 May 2005. .

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Web Activities
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Web Activities

Go to the U.S. Postal Service's "About" page ( and click on "Postal History" under "Who We Are." Then click on "Postage ates and Historical Statistics."

Using the data available on this page, fill in the table below. (Lately, the USPS has changed stamp prices in May -- after Mother's Day. Just use the simple average of the pre-May price and the post-May price for the average price in a given year. The 2007 price is done for you; it was 39 cents until May 14 and then 41 cents after, so the average price is approximately 40 cents.) After you have recorded the data for the first two rows, calculate the approximate revenue from mail-handling for each of the three years. (The price is given per ounce, but most pieces of mail weigh less than an ounce and still contain one stamp.)




Average Stamp…


Amazon. (2013). Cross Beverly, Pearlescent White Lacquer, Ballpoint Pen. Retrieved

November 13, 2013 from Amazon website: 

Amazon. (2013). Psychology: Exploring Behavior. Retrieved November 13, 2013 from Amazon website:

Web Activities That Were to
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Due to increase in exports the trade deficit decreases. Whereas, the contractionary monetary policy has a negative impact on the balance of trade account as it leads towards a decrease in government expenditure, production and exports. Because of the decrease in exports, the trade deficit increases. (Schiller, 2010)

Money and Its Functions

Money can be defined as anything which is generally accepted in exchange for goods and services and which acts as a medium and store of value. The three major functions of money are; 1) it acts as a medium of exchange and is accepted as a payment for goods and services, 2) the value of different products is measured in terms of money, 3) it acts as a store of value because it is generally accepted as a medium of exchange and has a stable value. Banks usually create money in the economy by issuing loans and by…


Bradley Cooper. (2013, May 15). Retrieved from 

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Web Design Designing a Web
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Make a link for Home Page, Previous Page, Next Page.

Offering a Content Page to users can provide them an idea of the contents of the web site. With a Content Page, users do not anymore need to pass through pages just to go to the page that they intend to go to.

Make sure that links and buttons have a keyboard shortcut. Keep in mind that some users find it easier and quicker to use keyboard shortcuts than pointing and clicking the mouse device.

Provide a page ID, such as window title page. Even though users reached several levels of navigating from one page to another, the information, in the form of a simple title page, can help them remember the reason why they are browsing the page.

Provide a link or button to pages that are related or relevant to the current page. Although search functions are useful,…


Maguire, J. (2004). Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales

Retrieved on Jan. 29, 2005, from E-commerce Guide Online. Web site: 

Ward, M. A Decade of Good Website Design.

Retrieved on Jan. 29, 2005, from BBC News Online.

Web-Based Surveys and Their Usefulness in Reducing
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web-based surveys and their usefulness in reducing the cost of business research. The writer explores several aspects of web-based surveys including performance and comparison to traditional type surveys. There were 10 sources used to complete this paper.

There are many reasons that people gather information today. ealth professionals gather information to help determine health trends, needs and problems. Marketing professionals gather information so that the consumer can be better served. Churches gather information to better provide for the spiritual needs of the public. Law enforcement officials gather information to ascertain crime trends as well as other information that is useful for predictions and budgeting needs. Different sized governments gather information for the purpose of providing public services to those who live within their geographic area as well as estimations and predictions about the future of the area. There are many reasons to gather information and there are very few instances…

Hart is a managing editor at the Oregonian. ()

Author not available, SPSS Announces Surveys with Confidence; Complete, Easy-To-Use Survey Design, Collection and Analysis Package., Business Wire, 02-08-1999.

Author not available, Total Research Signs Letter of Intent to Exclusively Use WebSurveyResearch for Online Survey Research., Business Wire, 02-20-2001.

Web Page Research Properly Analyze a Web
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Web Page. esearch properly analyze a web page. Search Internet identify a Web site intended a resource human services analyze site. This website I chosen: http://www.

Website evaluation is done to sort out the good sources of information from the junk that is on the internet. There is a criterion that is formally used to evaluate websites. The criterion as per Lesley University begins by looking at the purpose of the website, then the authority, objectivity, appropriateness and relevance, currency, responsibility, clarity, and lastly, the accessibility Lesley University, 2007()

The purpose of the site or webpage can be seen by looking at various aspects in the text or graphics of the website. This will help to place the site as commercial, personal, institutional, educational, informative, persuasive, entertaining, or a hoax. One can check the purpose of the website by looking at the website UL to find the top level domain…

References , S.E. (2009). Evaluation Criteria Retrieved March 27th, 2012, from Lesley University. (2007). Evaluating Web Sites Retrieved March 28th, 2012, from

Web-Based Academic Library Coleman Library
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The relevant system administrator will gain an understanding of the client needs and be able to re-orient the system facility to accommodate the different need of use. Frustration emanating from use incapability can be dealt with appropriately through the trainings. Faculty members and students can learn from experts how to face up with the challenge of access.

When using virtual access point to library document, it is essential that the experience appear similar to physical access to library document. The relevance in this is to make the use preferred owing to it flexibility. E-resources need to offer the end user flexibility not to visit the physical library to access the information. The web-based resource makes multiple accesses to similar resource possible and this reduces the congestion in the physical library facilities. The ease of congestion will serve to improve the learners experience as-well-as reduce the workload to source moderators.


Web-Based Print Media and Outdoor Advertising Techniques
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Web-based, print, media, and outdoor advertising techniques can be used for successful marketing. It also details the principles of marketing, along with its definition to establish a clear understanding of the subject at start. From the viewers' as well as marketer's perspective, the paper also gives the importance of different communication media, their impact, background, statistical findings, analytical comparison and their effectiveness in relative terms of advertising costs and audience exposure. In conclusion, the examples of non-profit and profit-based organizations are studied and noted for their advertising strategies.

Marketing Definitions

Marketing Principles





Marketing Principles Summary

External / Uncontrollable

Internal / Controllable

Marketing on the Web

Paid Advertising Strategies

Test Areas to Check OI

Media Advertising

adio and Television Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

The Outdoor Advertising History 9

The Evolution in Outdoor Advertising 9

Growth in Viewers' Exposure 10

Print Advertising 11

Cases in Point 12

Non-Profit Social…


Cohn, Tim. Marketing Definition. Advanced Marketing Consultants, Inc. 2002. Marketing

Gary Davis Media. Radio vs. TV: Radio Advertising vs. Television Advertising. 2002.

Television Advertising.Com.

Services Is a Small Family-Owned
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To evaluate whether or not the blog is successful, the company should see an increase in the number of visitors with each post, and an associated increase in traffic to the main website of the company.

Financial Implications or equired Budget:

The financial implications for these marketing strategies are very cost effective. One of the most costly part of the strategy is likely to be the initial revamp of the company website, with hiring a seasoned web content writer, for the new SEO content creation. PPC advertising is very reasonable in price. In some instances, such as advertising via Facebook, the PPC amount is left up to the discretion of the advertiser, with a minimum of 1 cent per click. Currently, their suggested rate is between 47 cents and 69 cents per click. An additional cost to this advertising will be the design of the ads themselves. With Facebook, a…


Kharif, O. (17 May 2005). Web-based self-publishing explodes. Business Week. Retrieved January 5, 2009, from .

Rich, M. (27 Jan 2009). Self-publishers flourish as writers pay the tab. New York Times. Retrieved January 5, 2009, from .

Web 2 0 Stretch Traditional Influencing
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This scoring model is specifically used for managing the representativeness of the sample. In conjunction with this quantitative approach, Harris Interactives' researchers (Eccleston, Griseri, 2008) also relied on focus groups to further validate their hypotheses from a qualitative standpoint as well. The result was that each of the three groups was statistically proven to be significant in both online and offline interactions.

Assessment of Methodology Effectiveness

Harris Interactives approach to stratifying their online panels by role requires an intensive level of psychographic analysis (Eccleston, Griseri, 2008) in addition to a research design that controls for sampling error. For the research team the control of extraneous effects on the study also included the timeframe, choice of online questionnaire approach and random sampling as defined by Harris' proprietary propensity score weighting methodology required a phased approach to completing the study. The use of iterative sampling is inherent in the Harris Interactive methodology…


Derek Eccleston, Luca Griseri. (2008). How does Web 2.0 stretch traditional influencing patterns? International Journal of Market Research, 50(5), 591. September, 2008. Retrieved November 19, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1569170581).

Web Advertisement
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Future of Internet Advertising

The whole history of Internet advertising started in the middle of 1990s when the Internet was first functioning and commercially launched as the part of technological contribution to worldwide communication.

In a very short time, this issue had changed everything in the world, and made a big revolution to the traditional media-based marketing approaches. ig capital companies soon turned their heads to examine this newly born marketing trend, along with giant fund allocation for market researches and the future growth.

In fact, the Internet has proved its tremendous appeal for the market that offers a lot of options for speed and reliability of online shopping and e-commerce reaching for international market. The movement of web advertising heightened since then.

How Advertisers Turned to Web Advertisement

This Internet booming is really tempting. McInerney (2000) told about a survey that said, about "seven new people go online every…


BBC News Online. Feb 16, 2001. End in Sight for Banner Ads? Retrieved November 15, 2002 from BBC News Online. Web site: 

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BBC News Online.Jul 24, 2002. Pop-ups Chase Eyeballs. Retrieved November 15, 2002 from BBC News Online. Web site:

Web Promotional Strategies offered by XYZ Company
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Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by XYZ Company, and My Own Web Page

Web Promotional Strategies

A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well-known brand in fast food restaurant. Started with a single recipe of Colonel Sanders, the restaurant has developed networks worldwide, offering fast food services family target market and franchise opportunities for investors. The company has seriously developed the web site as a gateway for its customers and business partners. The main KFC web site provides complete information about its menu options and knowledge center about fast food and family events options, while also provide links to its franchise information center. It has the familiar colors, logo, and picture of the Colonel as the main presentation to visitors.

In the main business operation, KFC has a very large target market, in all demographic areas. The company addresses human's basic need of food,…

Service Industry
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technological explosion of the past few decades has taken mankind to heights never before imagined. Today, with the click of a mouse, one can purchase travel tickets, manage stocks, shop, and chat with people around the world. The changes that technology have made possible are almost limitless. In addition to the changes in daily life, advances in technology have had a significant impact on the field of education. The field of education has been impacted in many ways by technology, including the method of delivery for education. The delivery of lessons in the field of education used to be handled with one method. tudents came into a classroom and a teacher provided the lessons, and the feedback. For younger students, parents were given a 15 minute conference once a year to hear about their student progress. The delivery of education was a single method and it was used for more…

Success Number 2: The outcome of the planning grant was the award of the 1995 Implementation Grant Award from TEA -- Projects for Educational Technology, East Texas schools partnered in the Implementation Award Grant, known as "Creating Connections." Twelve East Texas school districts received funding for installation of the multi-media, distance learning classrooms. Other schools in the East Texas area participated in the training component. An additional seven school districts from Limestone, Hudspeth and El Paso counties joined the consortium to participate in the wining for teachers. The schools in the Central and Far West Texas schools either had video conferencing systems or were planning for full-motion audio-video networks. Their need focused on training. The final estimated total of the project including contributions from all partners including the two telephone companies was over $6,000, 000. TV 12 East Texas schools now have state of The art technology in the classrooms and access to full broadband services, including audio-video, Internet and data services. Texas A& M. University -- Commerce built its classroom along with Jarvis Christian College. The addition of the universities to the partnership had been sought from the early days of planning.

The award for training and classroom build-out provided the teams of students, community members and educators the opportunity to articulate the many needs they had that could be addressed through the telecommunications network. They were among the first in Texas to think about the telecommunications technology in non-traditional ways.

Success Number 3: The "partnership building process" continued and resulted in another award. The ET-LINC schools and Texas Alliance for Education and the Arts planned together over an 18-month period. It was agreed that The Texas Alliance would be fiscal agent for a project to utilize the distance learning network as a means of providing innovative programs for students in the elementary grades. The partnership with the Texas Alliance for Education and The Arts was designed to provide staff development to teachers in the distance learning environment in grades 2-6. The teacher-training component included use of the multi-media environment to integrate math, reading, and the fine arts. A Meadows Foundation Award provided for elementary teachers to receive training online in the two-way, real-time, interactive classroom. During this three-year initiative, students in these grades will be involved in a variety of special projects in which the arts are infused into the core academic

Web-Based Professional Development
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oanoke County School System Faculty and Staff's Perceptions egarding the Use of Web-Based Professional Development

Educational Thesis

Implications for Improvement of Practice

Introduction (could be longer. Include mandatory teacher ongoing certification standards)

Ongoing staff development has long been a vital part of the educational environment. It is the means by which the faculty and staff of a school system are kept current in educational trends, technologies and philosophies. In a diverse society, social pressures felt in the classroom are continually making the teaching process more challenging.

In the past few years alone, the advance in computer capabilities and in-home computer gaming equipment has affected the attention span of the average student. Elementary and secondary education students have a different paradigm as to what is interesting. Thus the challenge in the classroom to grab, hold, and mold the students attention have changed. An effective teacher must be aware of these changes,…


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Dunlop's Web Rules the Topic of Industrial
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Dunlop's Web ules

The topic of industrial relations has been considerably important for both the employers as well as the employees. The topic is generally discussed in terms of relationship between both employer and the employees and moderating factors that govern outcomes of this relationship. John Dunlop was an eminent British economist who published his famous book called 'Industrial elation System' in 1958. In this book, Dunlop presented the theory called systems theory of industrial relations. Briefly, Dunlop's systems theory observed that industrial relation/s is a system composed of four main elements. Thus, industrial relation system is composed of certain actors, ideology that bonds the industrial system, contexts of the relationships, and certain rules that govern and moderate the relationship of governance of these actors. This also implied that an industrial relation system can be having distinct subsystem from economic or societal system in which the employer operates. Thus, four…


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Internet Service Provider ISP Web Content Law
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Internet Service Provider (ISP) Web Content Law and Ethics

The objective of this work is to answer whether Internet service providers have a responsibility to regulate the content that is available on the World Wide Web? This work will additionally answer as to whether the presence and ease of availability of pornography to the general public a tribute to free speech and a reflection of social maturity or an example of the potential damage that unregulated markets and the hegemony of technology have reaped upon society?

The Internet is such that allows consumers, businesses, and industry, alike to "do many new things in unique and efficient ways." (Tekxam, nd) There are however, reported to be areas of both legal and ethical concern with regards to the responsibilities of Internet Service providers. Some of those areas include protection of intellectual property, fraud prevention, protection of freedom of expression, protection of privacy,…


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Charlotte's Web an Analysis of Wilbur's Maturation
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Charlotte's eb

An Analysis of ilbur's Maturation in Charlotte's eb

The journey of ilbur (the runt-sized pig) from childhood into adulthood is full of perils, twists and turns. hile ilbur's story encompasses the lives of several animals and a few humans, it is more than a collection of assorted characters gathered together in a children's tale: it is a kind of bildungsroman -- a coming-of-age novel in which a pig (ilbur) undergoes a maturation process thanks to some help from a few loving friends. This paper will show how ilbur matures into an adult despite some handicaps and a few very real threats along the way.

As Nancy Larrick points out, E.B. hite's Charlotte's eb contains a "startling note of realism" when it introduces the very first threat of ilbur's life: the ax (Larrick 67). The serious defect of ilbur's size (at least in the eyes of Fern's father) sheds…

Works Cited

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Information Technology IT and Web 2 0
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Information Technology

The objective of this study explain the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based hosting and in-house hosting and to explain the factors that have made cloud computing possible today.

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is reported to be a "techno-culture term" that was first used in 2004. (Gil, 2014, p. 1) The term Web 2.0 is a term that describes the World Wide Web which has "now evolved into a provider of online software services." (Gil, 2014, p. 1) The original World Wide Web 1.0 is reported to have been "just a massive collection of static electronic brochures" however, since 2003 it is reported that the World Wide Web "has evolved into a provider of remote-access software." (Gil, 2014, p. 1) The World Wide Web is such that has become Web 2.0 or the "interactive Web." (Gil, 2014, p. 1) Web 2.0 offers a variety of interaction software…


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Effect of the Web on Databases
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web on database processing?

Before the event of the World Wide Web, database processing was relatively limited to one database area, within one system of complied computer data. In other words, in a medical office, patient records had to be entered by data entry staff into a singular computer database, but could not be shared with another office if the patient was seeing another physician in another office, unless a currier brought a disk or printed files to the office. Now, if a patient was seeing a physician in another office, that patient could have his or her records immediately accessed by the office through the use of the World Wide Web technology. The introduction of information sharing via the World Wide Web can potentially prevent misunderstandings, misinformation, and generally increase the ability of individuals to be better informed about the specifics of their financial or physical condition, and the…

Security on the Web
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Internet: Security on the Web

Security on the Web -- What are the Key Issues for Major Banks?

The age of digital technology -- email, Web-driven high-speed communication and information, online commerce, and more -- has been in place now for several years, and has been touted as a "revolutionary" technological breakthrough, and for good reason: This technology presents enormous new business opportunities. For example, by moving the key element of marketing and sales from local and regional strategies onto the global stage, and by providing dramatically improved customer convenience, the Web offers medium, small and large companies -- including banks -- unlimited growth potential.

That having been said, there are problems associated with online services, in particular online banking services, and security is at the top of the list of these issues. Some of the most serious security issues associated with Web-banking keep customers away from this technology, in…


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Facebook Web Presence Analysis
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Organizational Social Web Presence

Social media are virtual organizations that foster and encourage interactions among members allowing them posting personal and company information, connect and communicate with other users. Major social media are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+, and Whatsapp's. In most cases, frequently interactions with other users make the network interactions becoming stronger, and the social media allow users to communicate through the message, weblogs, music and video stream.

The objective of this paper is to investigate how Facebook as an example of a major social achieving competitive market advantages.

Key Elements of Facebook Web Strategy

Facebook is the U.S. for-profit organization providing the social networking and social media services. Based in California, Facebook was launched in 2004, and initially, Facebook only allowed the Harvard students to access the website. Gradually, Facebook supported other students from other universities in the United States. Since 2016, Facebook allowed users aged 13…

Social Web Originally Developed in 1989 the
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Social Web

Originally developed in 1989, the World Wide Web has fundamentally changed the way many people shop, work, recreate and receive an education. Likewise, the emergence of e-commerce has had enormous implications for the business world and governments alike, making this innovation one of the most significant in human history. Moreover, tens of millions of new Web pages are added to the World Wide Web every day, and current signs indicate this growth will continue to accelerate into the foreseeable future. One of the more important trends to emerge in recent years has been the use of the World Wide Web for social interaction in what has been termed the "Social Web." To gain a better understanding of the Social Web and its implications, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion…


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Webmd Web Portals Like Webmd
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Jurisdiction issues may also affect the insurance and the coverage provided by the agency as insurance coverage is also restricted to certain regions and not outside those jurisdictions.

Identity Theft: Another issue or the problem is that of identity theft, which is considered to be the fastest growing crime in America as millions of victims have been reported over a period of last couple of years. Giving out information on website whether it is email or other security or personal details requires care & caution on part of both consumers as well as WebMD management.

Jargons: The information available for the consumers at times can be in a technical language. Jargons may create confusion among the consumers and may misguide them. Most information is available in easy to understand language but the provision of glossary of terms may help the consumers in understanding the true meaning of the content available…


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Wide Web When Making a
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And the three counselors are well-educated, all with degrees, although one doesn't know in what subject.

What is missing is a Web Site that offers is the following:

1. A searchable database including as many colleges and universities as possible which includes a list of the majors for which they are most known.

2. As many links as possible leading to different career choices and the major one should choose in order to become involved in that industry as well as average pay scales for that career choice.

2. An e-mail messaging system which links the viewer with a qualified, up-to-date career counselor to whom he or she may direct questions.

3. A whole application on the college enrollment process, essays, letters of recommendation, etc., and the qualifications necessary to be accepted to that school.

4. A test that measures the student's career choice inclinations.

It would be wonderful if…


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