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White House Essays (Examples)

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Transportation Stimulus Plan 2018
Words: 1647 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35499100
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One of the major components of President Trump’s campaign platform was a promise to make a massive investment in infrastructure spending in the United States. The Trump Administration has recently released a detailed proposal to honor its promises. The proposal contains measures such expanding expenditures on roads and bridges as well as offering greater broadband access to rural residents. The bill has attempted to strike a balance between offering more services and jobs to President Trump’s core supporters in so-called red states while also honoring the Republican commitment to smaller government.
White House Stimulus Plan
Historically, investing in transportation has been used by both Democratic and Republican administrations to stimulate a flagging economy or to ensure that a healthy economy continues to thrive. Unlike making major investments in social programs or defense, transportation and infrastructure is a more bipartisan and less controversial approach to stimulus, since it both employs…

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Struggle to Achieve Political Objectives in United States
Words: 1041 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90705510
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Despite possessing overwhelming military power, the United States has sometimes struggled to achieve political objectives for a variety of reasons: first, the U.S. changes its administration every four to eight years and this means a new approach to policy is brought in each time, which makes it difficult for a consistent international policy to take hold. Second, if “strategy is a concept for relating means to ends,”[footnoteRef:2] the means (military power) may stay the same but the ends are changing every time power changes hands, which means strategy is always undergoing redevelopment. Thus, the political objectives are not achieved because the objectives may change along with strategy. Third, the global opinion towards the U.S. has itself changed over time, meaning that allies are more and more hesitant to work with the U.S. after the disastrous Iraq War and the bungling of the Libyan regime change and the Syrian intervention. The…

House on Mango Street Significance
Words: 1243 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48995743
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She feels she doesn't really belong to that house because that is not the house of her dreams. That is what prompts her to start writing. Her creative pursuits help her stay sane so she doesn't feel so trapped by the "ghost" of the sad red house. "I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much. I write it down and Mango says goodbye sometimes. She does not hold me with both arms. She sets me free" (p. 101).

It is highly interesting that house in this novel doesn't only represent the physical house but also the imaginary dwelling in the mind that Esperanza escapes to in order to alleviate the anguish. The house is thus a place of escape for her. When the reality becomes too unbearable, Esperanza seeks another dwelling. This dwelling exists in her mind and produced by her creative skills.…


Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street (Houston: Arte Publico Press, 1985).

White vs Non-White Narrator Comparing
Words: 2010 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28668576
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She tells her neighbor, "you have no way of knowing, but you're talking to a person whose life may be more like yours than you could ever imagine" (ideman 34). This clearly links the non-white and white narrators together in a common bond based on how racism has torn them apart from each other.

However, the white narrator seems more willing to try and rectify the situation that racism has destroyed. Rather than Laurel, this woman seems to want to take smaller steps to rectify the situation, "I don't want to be a stranger" (ideman 35). This shows how the white narrator here is willing to try to end the racism that created his own strange, defensive thoughts. She says "I'm not that kind of person. I raised my children not to hate" (ideman 30). Yet, the reader is left unsure as to whether or not they can actually trust…

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House Made of Dawn by N Scott Momaday
Words: 1388 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69202754
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House Made of Dawn by N.Scott Momaday - An Extension of Central Thematic Preoccupations in Sherman Alexis' 'Indian Killer'

This is a two and half page paper on two novels. 'House Made of Dawn' by N. Scott Momaday though encompasses various genre of autobiography, history, fiction, memoirs, and ethnography, this paper will strive to present an analysis of the awakening factor highlighted in the strong wordings of the author, as also depicted in the novel 'Indian Killer' by Sherman Alexis.

The awakening of the Indian literature of the Americans, more commonly known as the Red Indians, achieved its breakthrough in the writings of Momaday, in particular his first novel 'House Made of Dawn' written in 1969. House Made of Dawn also had the distinction of getting the famous Pulitzer Prize. The novel presents a detailed insight into the Native American life, through the eyes of an Indian caught between the…


Kenneth M. Roemer, accessed on 10.04.02

N. Scott Momaday: Biographical, Literary, and Multicultural Contexts, Modern American Poetry 

Unknown author, *****, Literary/Historical Information, accessed on 10.04.02

White Beyond Naivete and Obliviousness One of
Words: 1121 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91182474
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hite: Beyond Naivete and Obliviousness

One of the earliest interpretations of Snow hite can be traced to the collected works of the Brother's Grimm. Since then, the tale has been adapted into an animated feature -- Disney's first -- and has served as the subject for Anne Sexton's poem, "Snow hite and the Seven Dwarves." In these interpretations, Snow hite has traditionally been portrayed as an innocent, naive, and oblivious girl who eventually succumbs to the chicanery of her evil stepmother and is almost killed. Through these various interpretations, it can be argued that Snow hite is not only naive and oblivious, but she is also stubborn and selfish.

Snow hite can only be considered to be oblivious and/or naive up to the point that she realizes that her stepmother has tried to have her killed. Up until the moment she realizes that her stepmother has tried to have her…

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Directed by David Hand. Hollywood: RKO Radio

Pictures/Walt Disney Productions, 1937. DVD

House on Mango Street Struggle for Self-Definition
Words: 1105 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22787814
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House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros [...] theme of search for self-definition. The protagonist of this novel, Esperanza, narrates a series of "chapters" concerning her life, her world, and the barrio as she sees it happening around her. Throughout the book, as Esperanza watches the world, she struggles to discover just who she is, and where she fits in the world around her. This self-definition is a compelling theme of the novel, but it also shows the difficulties many young Latinas face as they come of age in America.

Published in 1984, many critics believe "The House on Mango Street" is one of the best Chicana stories written. Author Sandra Cisneros writes with knowledge and pathos of growing up Latina in America because she herself experienced the difficulties of growing up in multi-cultural family. Her mother is Mexican-American and her father is Mexican, and she spent her childhood "commuting"…


Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street. New York: Vintage Contemporaries, 1991.

Eysturoy, Annie O. Daughters of Self-Creation: The Contemporary Chicana Novel. 1st ed. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1996.

Kevane, Bridget. Latino Literature in America. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003.

House on Mango Street
Words: 2291 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72736467
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Thus, although she is not aware as such of her position in society, she realizes however that the house they moved to does not correspond to what her family had been dreaming about. The small and crammed house offers almost as little space as the other places they lived in. When describing the small house, the author introduces the single metaphor in the speech of the child narrator, saying that the windows were so small that one would think "they're holding their breath":

But the house on Mango Street it's not the way they told it at all. it's small and red with tight steps in front and windows so small you'd think they were holding their breath."

The metaphor is very significant as it highlights the main theme of the story: the interplay between the personal space and the space of the others, or the relation between the…

White Psychoanalytic Creative Case Study
Words: 1106 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88800708
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Snow hite has a low sense of self-efficacy. She dreams of a prince making her life better, not of making her life better through her own initiative She does not leave her cruel stepmother's home, rather she waits until she is literally forced out in a life or death situation, even though she was being abused and used as a scullery maid. This behavior may also tie into her strong superego as a character -- she does not openly disobey her stepmother, ever, and works hard to earn her keep for the dwarves. However, her superego's strength is inconsistent -- she breaks into a home rather than takes refuge somewhere else, and allows herself to eat an apple from a stranger.

Snow hite is the subject of her stepmother's projections -- all of the woman's fears about aging and her loss of beauty are projected onto the girl, and the…

Works Cited

Wagner, Kendra Van. (2009). Erikson's stages of psychosocial development.

Retrieved June 7, 2009 at

House Is a Poem About
Words: 1027 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95519026
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Line 12 - Again, he notes that the land and country will change, but it will still remain close to what it is today.

Line 13 - This line talks about creation and the birth of Earth, just as the poem celebrates creation and the birth of a building.

Line 14 - This line continues the theme of creation, using a metaphor of "Orion in December" to describe the theme of creation, rebirth, and permanence at the same time.

Line 15 - This beautiful line uses phrase and simile to create a beautiful illusion. "Evenings was strung in the throat of the valley like a lamp-lighted bridge" (Jeffers 15), and the image of the "throat" of the valley makes it seem delicate and beautiful at the same time.

Line 16 - This line brings the reader back to the house and the coastline, and the permanence of the ocean and…


Jeffers, Robinson. Selected Poems by Robinson Jeffers. New York: Vintage Books, 1965.

Psychological Analysis of White Man's Burden
Words: 1032 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94128502
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hite Man's Burden

The film hite Man's Burden directed by Desmond Nakano tells the story of an alternate reality wherein the African-American men are the predominant members of upper class society and the Caucasian population is in the social minority, a complete reversal of the current social racial dichotomy of the real world. Such a circumstance is not likely in the world as we know it. Even though members of the African-American race have been able to obtain position of power in the world, including the office of the President of the United States, there is still a great difference between the positions of power that the two races play in American society. Most high-paying jobs and political offices are held by Caucasian people. The dichotomy of racial inequality can be discussed in terms of two different types of social psychological phenomena: discrimination and confirmation bias.

In the movie, the…

Works Cited:

White Man's Burden. Dir. Desmond Nakano. Prod. Lawrence Bender. Perf. John Travolta and Harry Belafonte. UGC, 1995. DVD.

Out of the House of Bondage
Words: 1389 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 93738520
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House of Bondage: The Transformation of the Plantation Household

In the book, Thavolia Glymph gives us an inspection of the power influences that are linked among white and black southern women that are in the interior of the traditional plantation household in the 18th century epoch, Civil ar. Also, immediately the aftermath of the Civil ar in the American South that is certainly exploiting chiefly slave accounts / dialogues and the documents and the memoires of white women that were concubines.

Thavolia Glymph, in Out of the House of Bondage, gives us a convincing look inside what life was like inside the southern plantation houses in pre-Civil ar south. In the book, the author showed us how life in the antebellum days had basically turned into what was considered a political showground, where subjected black women and white women contested against the implications of labor and independence during slavery and…

Works Cited

Campbell, J. The Hero With a Thousand Faces. New York City: Bollingen, 1949.

Capoeira and House Dance Music Capoeira
Words: 1274 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81041219
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House music also influenced the development of b-boying, or breakdancing, which took house dance moves and made them more aggressive. Close physical posture and movement without physical contact in b-boying can be seen in capoeira. Like capoeira, house dance styles varied by region. For instance, in Chicago and Detroit, jacking was a major element of house dance. Jacking was a dance move that focused on torso movements and created a rippling effect, and the dance known as "The Farmer" also originated in this type of house music (Mirani). Jacking was influenced by the heavier sounds of techno and acid music. On the East Coast, house music was highly influenced by hip-hop music. Dance moves that originated on the East Coast include "Loose Legs," the "Train," skating, and Jamaican skanking (Mirani). On the est Coast, house music was more commercial and dance moves were influenced by b-boys.

In addition to the…

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Settlement Houses Their Impacts on Immigrants in
Words: 2649 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 84757842
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Settlement Houses

Their Impacts on Immigrants in 19th Century


Settlement Houses were an attempt of socially reforming the society in the late nineteenth century and the movement related to it was a process of helping the poor in urban areas adopting their modes of life by living among them and serving them while staying with them. What today's youth would know as a Community Center, 'Settlement Houses' initially sprang up in the 1880's? At these facilities, higher educated singles would move to Settlement Houses and get to personally know the neighborhood and immigrant people that they were converting, studying, and/or teaching. Working together, they passed labor laws and changed the way the U.S. does business. Where these educated professionals stayed with the community and served them, the main intent of these reforms was to transfer this responsibility of social welfare to the government in the long-run.

An interesting fact…


Axinn, June, and Herman Levin. Social Welfare: A History of the American Response to Need. 4th ed. White Plains, N.Y.: Longman, 1997.

Crocker, Ruth Hutchinson. "THE SETTLEMENTS: SOCIAL WORK, CULTURE, AND IDEOLOGY IN THE PROGRESSIVE ERA.." History Of Education Quarterly 31, no. 2 (Spring1991): 253-260.

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Harvard University Library Open Collections Program, "Immigration to the United / states, 1789-1930, Settlement House Movement." Accessed June 3, 2012.

How Jews Became White
Words: 1648 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66195245
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Jews Became hite

The Nordic races were viewed as the "real Americans" (53)

Even people from other European countries were not considered "white"

The height of anti-Semitism in the United States was in the 1920s and 1930s; doors were closed to new immigrants.

Anti-Semitism was related to other types of racism including discrimination against Southern Europeans, but also against Asians and any non-Nordic group.

After II, the attitudes of Americans changed so that Europeans were viewed as "model minorities"

Jews saw themselves as successful based on hard work and deferred gratification; and discounted the impact of white privilege

There was a sort of affirmative action program for Euromales, essentially "whitening" certain groups and creating a new model of institutionalized racism.


Immigrants poured into urban centers, which were more than 70% immigrant, leading urban America to "take on a distinctly immigrant flavor" (54)

Red scare is linked to anti-working class…

Work Cited

Sacks, Karen Brodkin. "How Jews Became White."

Difficulty Wealthy White American Settlers Created and
Words: 1775 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91924023
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difficulty, wealthy white American settlers created and dominated a stable plantation society in which slaves, Indians, and poorer whites accepted the justice of their subordination.

There is sound evidence that slavery had spread through America long before 1776. Like a vile cancer, slavery spread throughout with the early settlers. As they arrived from Europe, white settlers began to push inward. As they moved into vast uncharted territories, they brought along their concept and belief in slavery.

When the American Revolution initiated with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, slavery was well rooted. Many leaders of the Revolution regarded the elimination of slavery as impossible. The American slaveholders had effectively protected their beloved institution.

Laws were enacted that reinforced slavery as an institution. Legal language included, "That all servants imported and brought in this country, by sea or land, who where not Christians in their native county...shall be…

Criminal Justice Lobbyists and White
Words: 2184 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89867024
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But there more to the personal side for Duke Cunningham, for doling out contracts was more than a matter of choosing the most qualified and lowest priced as mandated by federal rules. It was also a matter of choosing the contractor that could provide the most for him. The white collar criminal always looks to personal advantage. Lobbyists, like the now-convicted Mitchell Wade, helped steer paying clients to Cunningham. In exchange for a $21 million dollar contract from the Department of Homeland Security, a limousine company also furnished personal services to the Congressman, including the transport of "escorts" for Cunningham's personal pleasure. (ozen, 2006)

Cunningham also pleaded guilty to accepting $2.4 million dollars in bribes from actual defense contractors. The congressman actively sought out contacts in the defense world, boasting that, "I feel fortunate to represent the nation's top technological talent in the 'black' world.... [and] appreciated the opportunity to…


Grigg, W.N. (2006, February 6). Power Brokers: Jack Abramoff Brought Together Corrupt Politicians, the Criminal Underworld, and the Global Power Elite. The New American, 22, 21+.


Lanier, M.M., & Henry, S. (1998). Essential Criminology. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Symbolism and Cisneros' the House
Words: 1702 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 98611598
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However, there is also danger to the sexuality that lies behind sweetness, as when a girl Sally, marries a marshmallow salesman to escape an abusive father, entering a union that seems as bad as the home she is leaving.

A final symbol of the novel is that of play -- few adult women, except for the insane Ruthie, are seen enjoying themselves over the course of the novel. Girls can play at jump rope and look at clouds, but they worry about how the burdens and cares of an adult life -- like abusive or absent husbands, children, and money worries -- will weigh them down, as their bodies mature. Men are shown playing and gambling, but women must put their own pleasures aside for fathers, husbands, and brothers. Early on in the novel, Esperanza comments how even in her family the boys and the girls tend to separate as…

Deborah Gray White's AR'n't I
Words: 1844 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 51686137
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Therefore, the slave woman became emotionally isolated from her husband. This emotional isolation, when combined with the physical isolation that inevitably happened when slaves were sold, led to slave women having a greater affection and affinity for their children than for the men that fathered them (especially when such men included slave masters and slave traders). The result, White explains, is that slave women came to seek and accept the society of one another, and developed a hierarchy as such in which there was an informal set of rankings and prioritization. The Mammy character was generally at the forefront of this hierarchy, which was essentially a coping mechanism to deal with all of the perverted occurrences that chattel slavery in the U.S. inflicted upon all involved, (including slave owners).

White reinforces her contention that this institution was inordinately worse for slave women than for their male counterparts. The final mythological…


White, D.G. (1985). Ar'n't I a Woman? Female Slaves In The Plantation South. New York: W.W. Norton and Company.

Painted House
Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56106906
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Painted House by John Grisham

The semi-skillful use of an unskilled child's perspective on racial tensions in pre-civil rights Arkansas

Contrary to the expectations that might be generated by the author's name, which virtually constitutes a 'brand name' of a kind of fast-paced yet moralistic legal thriller, A Painted House is narrated by a seven-year-old child, named Luke, and does not contain a single lawyer in its storyline. Rather than being set in the fast-paced world of corporate or criminal law and injustice, Grisham's setting for A Painted House is that of a farming community in the state of Arkansas during the early 1950's. However, the theme of injustice is still present, perhaps even more palpably than some of Grisham's more overt attempts at setting a pulse-pounding pace of events in the legal world.

This work of literature work begins in a rural setting, where the young narrator is picking…

Works Cited

Grisham, John. A Painted House. New York, 2001.

Black nor White the Saga
Words: 1632 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15311908
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hough the color boundaries were frequently blurred and the circumstances for all were divergent and difficult, there was a clear sense of the morality of the eras not completely dictating the events and eventualities. In a sense the Jim Crow era sprang from this clouded moral code. Jim Crow was an attempt by whites, in both the south and the north to reassert the color lines. Even though years of intermarriages and variable legal and social statuses had proven much stronger than the original social demands of the men like Ballwell, who is said to have been simply jealous of John, because he got to Mocha before he had the chance, when they stated that colors didn't mix. here were in fact so many intertwining genetic paths that it is not a wonder that the concerns of "purists" did not get officiated much earlier in time. When early on in…

This story, has countless reminders of the varied degrees of morality that existed in the slave owning culture. Though the white wealthy made everyone aware of their opinions about blacks, slaves and people of other races the morality that dictated did not succeed to wholly keep the races from falling in love with one another, as individuals, marrying outside their race, either legally or illegally or having children together. This is evident in the entire history of the family, from the very first interracial marriage between John and Mocha to the later marriages of Celia to white men. Though the color boundaries were frequently blurred and the circumstances for all were divergent and difficult, there was a clear sense of the morality of the eras not completely dictating the events and eventualities. In a sense the Jim Crow era sprang from this clouded moral code. Jim Crow was an attempt by whites, in both the south and the north to reassert the color lines. Even though years of intermarriages and variable legal and social statuses had proven much stronger than the original social demands of the men like Ballwell, who is said to have been simply jealous of John, because he got to Mocha before he had the chance, when they stated that colors didn't mix. There were in fact so many intertwining genetic paths that it is not a wonder that the concerns of "purists" did not get officiated much earlier in time. When early on in the novel John tells Mr. Ballwell that he loves Mocha and, "That's most important and not the high morality that no one practices, Mr. Ballwell." (8) the reader is clear that color lines are blurred by opportunity and sometimes love, not pure self-righteous morality.

The book affirms that the rather black and white idea of race anywhere in the nation is a false sense of history. The story of this family, though often confusing is colorful and full of adventure, wealth, success, massive failures but especially blurred color lines. The work says more about the real system of slavery than any I have read, thus far and it is a joy to travel through the many generations of this family, a family probably not much like many others of southern origin, with all the secrets of the past coming back to call on the next generations, including our own.

Joseph E. Holloway, Neither Black nor White: The Saga of an American Family, the Complete Story New World African Press, 2006.

My Future House Using Gothic Revival Style
Words: 1640 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90153119
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future house, to be built in the tradition of the Gothic Revival style. This description will include an explanation of the general layout of the house, as well as address the elements of light, acoustics, and color. Further, issues of living space will be addressed, including sleeping, entering, food and storage, and bathing areas. External structure and landscaping will be outlined, as well as internal infrastructure like heating, and "smart-house" wiring.

The Gothic Revival style of architecture is a return to the architecture of the middle Ages. Although popular in Europe, the Gothic Revival eventually became the most popular in the United States and Europe. Early examples appeared in the 1700s, but Gothic Revival did not appear in full force until the 1800s. During this time, churches began to appear in the style. Soon, fashionable homes began to mimic the Gothic Revival style of these churches. hile the Gothic Revival…

Works Cited

Colorado Historical Society. A Guide to Colorado Architecture. 08 December 2003.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Gothic Revival. 08 December 2003.

Doll's House and Antigone Sophocles and Henrik
Words: 1202 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81351734
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Doll's House and Antigone

Sophocles and Henrik Ibsen explore the philosophical discussion of judgment in Antigone and A Doll's House, respectively. In Antigone, the title character questions the right of leaders to judge strictly when she commits treason after burying her brother. The deciding factor in determining Ibsen's characters' fates in A Doll's House is a moral dilemma of the intent behind an act of fraud. Both Sophocles and Ibsen pass judgment on their characters, but show that the justice system may be flawed when motive and intent are not considered in the prosecution of crimes.

Antigone directly challenges the authority of King Creon when she says, "Your edict, King, was strong, but all your strength is weakness itself against the immortal laws of God. They are not merely now: they were, and shall be, operative forever, beyond man utterly." (Sophocles, Scene 2) This illustrates the primary conflict of the…

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Johnston, Ian. "On Ibsen's A Doll's House." Malaspina University-College. Nanaimo, BC,

Fall of the House of
Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44939715
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As Poe builds this emotional tension in the reader on through his construction of the sentences, he also does it on the level of the narrative itself. The sense of dramatic tension within the narrative is created by Poe's masterful use of foreshadowing and delay. A prime example of this occurs early in the story, when the narrator explains his presence at the Usher mansion. He reveals that the occupant has summoned him there in a letter of "wildly importunate nature," and that the occupant is an old friend who now suffers a "mental disorder" (298). The combination of the ghoulish scene which the narrator has described and the mysteriously disturbed person who resides there evokes in the reader a morbid sense of curiosity and anticipation, foreshadowing a dangerous future for the narrator, his friend, and even the landscape.

Instead of gratifying the reader's desire to know more about this…


Poe, Edgar Allen. The Fall of the House of Usher. Naples, Florida: Trident Press, 2001.

Anthro I Am a White
Words: 1610 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55547741
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Income is less of an issue than profession in determining class status in my community. A professor who earns half or even a fourth of what a doctor makes would still be considered in a higher class than a plumber earning a similar income. Business executives, lawyers, doctors, and any other professional designation signals social status in my community. At the same time, students in my community who aspire to be professional athletes, artists or musicians also have a high social status. Athletes are artists are lauded in popular culture and individuals who pursue paths like those are considered to be non-conformists. Being non-conformist is a source of social clout: a way of telling other young people that we are free thinkers and therefore capable of changing the world.

I am happy with my status within my community. As a member of a dominant social group, I am aware of…

Farmworkers and White Collar Crime
Words: 2433 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71517694
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Simple procedures can help, but not eliminate drift issues, and are quite low tech. First, depending on the wind and time of day, close the windows that face the field or prevailing wind. Add a fan to create a backdraft by pulling air through the home in the opposite direction of the drift. Once the spraying is done and the drift settled a bit, hose down nearby bushes, windows, the roof and outside of the house. At any signs of exposure, wash eyes with clear water and try to shower several times to remove as much of the potential chemical contamination as possible

Publicize -- Certainly public strikes, marches, and visible actions bring public scruitiny into the issue. Because a great deal of the problem lies in the California agricultural region, an organization was formed as a type of State and national clearinghouse for action, information, and change. This organization,…

Works Cited

Verification of Pesticide Drift Reduction Technologies. (2007, August). Retrieved June 23, 2010,


Farm Workers and Allies Ask Government to Protect Kids. (2009, October 14). Retrieved June

25, 2010, from United Farm Workers:

Political History and Constitutional Importance of the Slaughter House Cases 1873
Words: 3105 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50256328
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Slaughter-House Cases

Impact of the Slaughter-House Cases

The adoption of the constitution of the United States of America faced opposition from groups that feared the takeover of a centralized government. This opposition arose from the fear that this new centralized government would demean and embarrass the states by forcing or administering and contradicting the state's decisions, laws and policies. Opponents of the constitution feared that "the powers granted to the proposed government were not sufficiently guarded, and might be used to encroach upon the liberties of the people" (McClain 18). After the ratification of the constitution by the states the desire for amendments and regulations that restricted the powers of the new government was voiced by representatives of those states.

There was extreme fear that the everyday rights and liberties of citizens of a state would be impacted, restricted and oppressed by a centralized form of government. The desire to…


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Natalie Diaz and Orlando White
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Native American Poetry Reading: Natalie Diaz and Orlando White

Native American culture has traditionally been an oral culture, and although the Native American poets Natalie Diaz and Orlando White are published authors, hearing them speak aloud provides the listener with a critical, additional appreciation of their art. The Aztec-American poet Natalie Diaz's work "I Lean Out the Window and She Nods Off in Bed, the Needle Gently Rocking on the Bedside Table" is a poem that must be heard aloud to be fully appreciated. The poem unfolds in a series of luxurious, sensuous images: "I've brushed glowing halves of avocados/lamping like bell-hipped women in ecstasy. / A wounded Saint Teresa sketched to each breast." The poem paints a picture in words of the woman who is being observed, and Diaz's emotion, the detail with which she describes the figure and the intensity of her inflection give additional weight to every…

Theatricality in Dreiser's Sister Carrie and Wharton's the House of Mirth
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Gender as Performance

Theodore Dreiser's 1900 novel Sister Carrie is in style and tone in many ways radically different from Edith harton's The House of Mirth, published just five years later. And yet there is in both works a similar core, what might be called a parallel moral, for both novels explore the ways in which gender is performative in the two societies that we learn about within the world of each novel. hile, of course, in many ways gender is what we are born with, it is also just as clearly for these two writers (as it would be for any anthropologist) part of the performance of self, the way in which each person in these books presents herself or himself both to the world at large as well as internally. Both novels allows the authors to tell a compelling story while simultaneously exploring the gender roles expected of…

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Peyotism the White Man's Reality
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Shamanic intervention is also a part of the social fabric of these cultures, and the Shaman is often consulted in terms of political and tribal disputes. The classic Shamanic trance or journey consists of a number of elements:

Leaving the realm of the mundane, that is, the physical world; (2) Traveling to the supernatural; and (3) Returning to the world of the mundane.

In order to facilitate this vital function the Shaman often uses psychoactive plants such as Peyote to aid his perception of the spiritual world. "The transition between the world of the mundane and the supernatural world is frequently facilitated by inducing trance states using psychoactive plants."


The use of Peyote and the origins of the Peyote cult are buried in antiquity. An early Spanish chronicler, Fray ernardino de Sahagun, "estimated on the basis of several historical events recorded in Indian chronology that Peyote was known to…


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Childhood Home the House I Lived in
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Childhood Home

The house I lived in when I was a child lay quietly shaded by forty acres of trees. In the springtime, we would hear the soft tapping of the newly sprouting leaves in the wind. The summer would come with the pervading squeal of tree frogs that could be heard when eating a Popsicle on the deck or answering the phone, when we would have to cover up one ear to help stop the noise. In the autumn, the leaves of these trees would drift lazily down to earth by the dozens. And even in winter, when the leaves were under the snow and it seemed that even the trees great lives were stagnant, their shadows would loom over and calm the glare of the bleach-white snow.

Although everyone lived amongst them, we, the children of the neighborhood, owned the trees and woods. At least that was how…

Tokenism the Role and Experiences of Minority Teachers in Predominantly White Schools
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Tokenism: The ole and Experiences of Minority Teachers in Predominantly White Schools

The Problem and Its Setting

Anticipated Findings

The past generation has seen the integration of America's public schools. Such integration has presented challenges and opportunities not only for the Minority students now enrolled in predominantly White schools, but also for the Minority teachers who find themselves assigned to those same schools. While opening up new horizons for many Minority educators, the purposeful placing of Minorities in majority White schools has also raised the issue of tokenism. The question remains as to whether these Minority teachers are being treated equally with their White counterparts, and whether their assignment to mostly White schools is based upon real ability and genuine need, or whether such assignments are merely reflective of well-meaning social policy gone awry. Many capable Minority teachers find themselves to be victims of the same sort of discrimination that…


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Hall Stuart The Whites of
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U S Strategy on Terrorism There
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(White House, 2003)


The National Strategy for Secure Cyberspace strategic plan states that its strategic objectives are "consistent with the National Strategy for Homeland Security' and that those objectives include: (1) prevention of cyber attacks against America's critical infrastructure; (2) reduction of national vulnerability to cyber attacks and; (3) minimization of damage and recovery time from cyber attacks that do occur. (White House, 2003) This report additionally relates that the sector best equipped and structured in providing a response to cyber threats which are constantly evolving is the private sector. Specifically stated in the report is "Public-private engagement is a key component of our Strategy to secure cyberspace. Public-private partnerships can usefully confront coordination problems. They can significantly enhance information exchange and cooperation." (White House, 2003) Under this strategy to secure cyberspace it is stated that engagement between the pubic and private sectors…


DHS Intelligence Enterprise Strategic Plan (2006) U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Washington, DC. January 2006.

National Infrastructure Protection Plan (2006) U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC.

The National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets (2003) the White House, Washington, DC. February 2003.

Legalization of Marijuana IT's Not
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" In fact, the hite House admits that "a direct cause and effect relationship between marijuana use and subsequent use of other drugs is hard to prove." At the same time, the hite House tries to convince readers that adults who were early marijuana users were more likely to have used cocaine, heroine, and other drugs. Both websites offer a balanced viewpoint on the gateway drug issue, but the MPP makes a more convincing argument.

The hite House publication called "hat Americans Need to Know About Marijuana" is available in PDF format, either as a full file or in sections. The PDF format is convenient for people who wish to save the document to their hard drive and read it at a later date, and is also easy on the eyes. However, there are drawbacks to PDF files, such as the lack of hypertext and the amount of memory usage…

Works Cited

Marijuana Policy Project website at .

What Americans Need to Know About Marijuana." 2003. Online at .

gerontology aging and america
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Older Americans Act (OAA) was first passed in 1965, alongside Medicare and Medicaid. Whereas Medicare and Medicaid offered extended insurance benefits through the federal government, the OAA established "the foundation for a system of services and supports that enables millions of older adults in this country to continue to live independently as they age," ("The Older Americans Act: Aging Well Since 1965," (The Older Americans Act: Aging Well Since 1965," n.d.). Along with its federal provisions, the OAA freed up grant money for the states to develop " community planning and social services, research and development projects, and training personnel in the field of aging," (The Older Americans Act: Aging Well Since 1965," n.d.). Basically, the OAA created an actual infrastructure to support America's aging population.

The OAA is currently comprised of seven titles:

• Title I: Declaration of Objectives

• Title II: Administration on Aging (Aoa)

• Title III:…

George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice Was This a Strategic Move
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George W. Bush White House [...] Bush's appointment of Condoleezza ice and her success in the George W. Bush cabinet. The Bush White House has been shedding cabinet members since re-election in November, but one member who has stayed and moved up the ranks is Secretary Condoleezza ice. She seems to be the most strategic choice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, and her tenure should bring cohesiveness to the President's Cabinet that may have been lacking before.

Elected in 2000 after eight years of Democratic leadership in the White House, George W. Bush began his first term as president in January 2001. One of his first appointments was his National Security Advisor, Condoleezza ice. Dr. ice was born on November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated cum laude in political science from the University of Denver in 1974, received her Master's in 1975, and her PhD.…


Editors "Condoleezza Rice Biography." July 2004. 7 Dec. 2004.


Lakely, James G. "Rice to Testify Publicly about 9/11; Will Be Last Bush Official to Do So." The Washington Times 31 Mar. 2004: A01.

Waller, J. Michael. "Bush doctrine on Free-World Safety: The New National Security Strategy Abandons the Relativism of Old in Favor of What Condoleezza Rice Has Called 'Distinctly American Internationalism." Insight on the News 15 Oct. 2002: 30+.

Building Coalitions
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Building Coalitions

Early on in my career I recognized that building coalitions was a highly regarded quality within the federal government, and it became my goal to be respected by both civilian and military leaders. Throughout the course of my career, I have been able to build strong relationships with many outstanding colleagues and have been involved with successful actions at high levels of government which have allowed me ample opportunities to build strong networks and support systems. There are four important examples of coalition building that I would like to discuss here.

The first example was my colleague's recommendation that I be chosen to represent women in the military on a commemorative stamp issued for that purpose. I was surprised and delighted that I had built a strong enough relationship with this colleague to be recommended for this honor. Even though there were hundreds of applicants interviewed, I was…

Another important example of building coalitions comes from my work at the Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. There are many high-level interconnected government relationships that I must deal with daily, and have been working in this job since 1998 at the cabinet level. I hold the title of Senior Civilian Protocol Officer and must communicate both policy and guidance to VA employees throughout the world. In addition to working with these individuals, I also work with Congressional committee staff, White House staff, and those in other governmental organizations, which allows me to learn about and communicate with many different kinds of people on many different levels.

The fourth and final example of building coalitions comes from 2000, when I led a team of 50 individuals to establish and create the USO Exhibit located in the Pentagon. Now in it's fifth year, the exhibit is viewed by over 100,000 tourists per year, and cost $50,000 to create. During the creation of the exhibit, I coordinated staff policy, maintained focus, and met goals and objectives for the Secretary of Defense. For our performance, my team and I received honor awards; I also received the Secretary of Defense Meritorious Service Award.

The performance that I have continued to give to each organization that I have been involved with throughout my career has helped me to win support for many of my ideas and has created important relationships with many colleagues. Leadership roles are valuable to me, and I ensure that customer complaints are handled properly and new procedures are implemented, as well as ensuring that there is a consensus developed among all of those that are participating in a particular project so that it can run smoothly and be completed on time. By building coalitions I have the opportunity to share my experience and to help others with their skills.

Martin Luther King Jr 's Iconic Speech I
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Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic speech "I Have a Dream" in relation to some of the reactionary racism fuelled by Barack Obama's ascendancy to the White House. Many people believe that Obama's election to President of the United States was a fulfillment of King's infamous speech and it is not difficult to see that Obama's speech "A More Perfect Union" can easily be compared to King's speech as well. The two have quite a bit in common for important figures from different eras, and one of the things that they have in common is that racism is still alive and well in the United States. While King was faced by rampant public racism of his time, Obama has faced a new kind of racism that King was never subjected to -- Internet racism. In the months leading up to his being elected to President, the amount of threatening remarks on…


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Simplifying the Government
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President Obama's egulatory Czar

Cass Sunstein has served as President Obama's regulatory czar and discusses his service in this position in a book he wrote regarding the future of government. In his book, Sunstein provides considerable insights regarding how he assisted in simplifying bureaucracy resulting in increased cost-effectiveness and realization of improved outcomes. The cost-effectiveness is evident in that he helped save the country $91 billion and improved outcomes is associated with healthier and longer lives for Americans. Despite his remarkable achievements, Cass Sunstein left the White House Office of Information and egulatory Affairs in 2012. While Sunstein's helped in the implementation of several policies, there are additional policies that can be implemented to help in further simplification of this leviathan of a government.

Sunstein's Work

One of the major issues that have characterized President Obama's administration in the past four years is regulations, which is one of the most…


Plumer, B. (2013, June 12). Cass Sunstein on How Government Regulations Could Be a Lot

Simpler. The Washington Post. Retrieved December 15, 2014, from 

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Sunstein, C.R. (2013). Simpler: the future of government. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.

Crisis Humanity Has Not Yet
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e. An amount that is about 1% of GDP) to ensure that the current PAYGO system is solvent for the next 75 years. Thus, 10 trillion dollars problem is not as large and scary if we start acting today to fix the current system).

It is totally manageable."

ut the official plan is somewhat different. ush's administration is trying to introduce private account systems where a fraction of payroll tax will be transferred to private accounts and managed by the future retirees themselves, thus, giving them chance to invest this money into stocks, which have proven to give on average higher rates of return than the Treasury ills which generate rather moderate income.

The opponents of this idea state that this is just a shell-game, where no capital is accumulated and investments are not increased. The overall national capital is not increased, but this plan will cause enormous transactions costs…


1) Kinnan, Chris Trustees Report: Social Security Collapse Quickening, 2004 available on web: 

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3) Roubini, Nouriel Social Security Privatization as the Mother of All Con-Man Smoke-and-Mirrors Shell-Games, available on web:

Letter Advising President on Public
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As President, one of your chief responsibilities for the next four years is to effectively communicate America's ideals to an increasingly skeptical audience, both at home and abroad, and unless you are prepared for the fluid nature of modern media dissemination, these efforts will be stunted from the onset.

Another aspect of governing effectively in ashington concerns the role of special-interest groups, and their armies of paid lobbyists, which have effectively consolidated much of the power existing within the Congressional chamber. Rather than openly distance your Administration from these potentially valuable resources, as President Obama did repeatedly during his idealistic campaigns, and risk the appearance of impropriety when you inevitably deal with lobbyists and special interests, it is advisable to be transparent with the voting public. hen one objectively considers the overlap between elected public officials and paid lobbyists, "the reality is that many former officials of both parties have…

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Human Rights Non-Governmental Organizations Reports
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Amnesty International and Human ights reports on the U.S. government fair and objective? Explain. Do they cover the full range of rights discussed in the International Bill of Human ights?

Although both organizations do seem to cover the full range of rights discussed in the International Bill of Human ights, with some rights, however, being focused on more unevenly than others, the Amnesty International and Human ights reports on the U.S. government are not always fair and objective. For instance, the Amnesty International report in May 25, 2005 claimed that the U.S. is a top offender of human rights. This was a ridiculous and blanket statement easily refuted by the White House who claimed the allegations to be ridiculous and unsupported by the facts:

The United States is leading the way when it comes to protecting human rights and promoting human dignity. We have liberated 50 million people in Iraq…


AI Report 2005

Amnesty International, Annual Report, 2012

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
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26th President was also the nation's youngest; although Teddy oosevelt was not elected to his first term, he was already a popular politician. As the White House puts it, oosevelt "brought new excitement and power to the Presidency, as he vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy," ("Theodore oosevelt"). However, oosevelt was and is known as much for his environmentalism as for his domestic and foreign policy.

Theodore oosevelt was born on October 27, 1858, amidst a "flurry of activity" that "disturbed the genteel quietness of East Twentieth Street, New York City," (Morris, 1979, p. 3). The oosevelts were no Lincolns; they were urbanites and prominent philanthroposts. They had servants. Theodore oosevelt Senior, Teddy's father, was "one of the most influential men in New York," (Morris, 1979, p. 4). The oosevelts were came from a long line of original Dutch merchants who…


Miller, N. (1992). Theodore Roosevelt. Harper Collins Perennial, 2003.

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Roosevelt, T. (1899; 2004). The Rough Riders: An Autobiography.

Harry Truman
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Harry Truman

Harry S. Truman

Coming from the most humble background, it was only the reputation of his hard-work and honesty that rose Harry Truman to the status of a Senator (Harry S. Truman Library & Museum n.d.), and then later on to the post of Vice President under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He became the thirty-third President of the United States (1945 -- 1953), after the sudden death of Franklin D. Roosevelt after only spending 3 months only in the office of his term.

The Truman years in the hite House were not an easy time. The years after the dropping of the Atomic Bomb combined with that of orld ar II were a trivial time. His initial days in the hite House sought the support of the FDR's cabinet, but by the year 1946, he had replaced many of the cabinet with this own appointed representatives. This no…

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Business Acumen There Are Many Different Things
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Business Acumen

here are many different things that I have done in my career that relate to business acumen. One of these came fairly recently, in July of 2004, when I was asked to plan and execute a dedication ceremony that involved the opening of a Veterans Conference Room in Washington, DC. he auditorium at the VA Headquarters was renovated for this purpose. I was given three months to pull this together and create a program and ceremony that was worthy of this event. In addition to planning this ceremony, the day-to-day activities of myself and my staff had to go on, and there were other notable events that were going on at the same time, such as awards ceremonies, the observance of Veteran's Day, and VA holiday activities. hese were all coordinated and planned during the same time that I was working to create the ceremony for the conference…

The goal for the ceremony was to be able to accommodate 300 guests. Invitations through various forms were sent out to 2000 total guests who were all stakeholders of the event and the guest of honor. Five areas of the guest of honor's life were also focused on by the video team, including his work in the business community, his military service, his White House service, his work with the Montgomery GI Bill, and the impact that he had on making the VA a cabinet level agency.

In order to foster good relations with the guest of honor, I personally flew to Jackson, Mississippi and met with him and his associates. The project was discussed at that time and the goals and possible needs were also addressed so that everyone involved with the project was prepared for what was going to happen and was ready for any issues that might come up. The meeting was very successful, and also fostered a relationship with Mississippi State University (MSU) which allowed them to provide me with some virtually priceless documents that were displayed by the department at the ceremony and which will also remain in display cases in the conference room forever.

I held team meetings three times per week, conducted visits to the site, and had walk-throughs with my team, as well as the Chief of Staff and others that were involved in the ceremony. The event was planned and executed successfully, and their were over 350 guests that attended the ceremony. This was a significant event for the guest of honor, for myself, and for all that were involved in the planning and the ceremony itself. The guest of honor was extremely pleased with the event, and favorable comments are still being received by my staff and myself. Because I was able to raise the bar and gain strong support for this event, the impact of these efforts ensured that the VA and a grateful nation paid respect for the seemingly tireless efforts of a soldier, citizen, patriot, congressman, and public servant.

Voter Through Congressional District Research the Bipartisan
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Voter Through Congressional District esearch

The bipartisan structure which defines the American system of democratic governance is premised on the notion that informed voters, when provided with an opportunity to select their own leadership, will invariably alternate between candidates with whom they identify closely, and members of the opposing party who offer meaningful reform. This maxim of American politics has resulted in a pattern of Presidential ascendency whereby neither party has captured the White House in three consecutive elections since the four consecutive campaign victories notched by Franklin Delano oosevelt more than a half-century ago. Nonetheless, there are still pockets of provincial loyalty which still exist throughout the national electorate, with family histories and cultural touchstones serving to elevate one party above its competition in the hearts and minds of voters. In the second congressional district of Tennessee -- an area which spans the metropolitan borders of Knoxville, as well…


Barone, M., & Cohen, R.E. (2005). The Almanac of American Politics, 2006. Washington, DC:

National Journal Group.

Bill, T. (2010, January 17). Alexander among most bipartisan of gop senators. The Leaf

Chronicle. Retrieved from

American Politics Through Film and Fiction
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Hunt for Red October

Few fictional texts are as redolent of the global Cold ar as Tom Clancy's novel of east-west submarine intrigue and confrontation, The Hunt for Red October, first published in 1984. For those who have the benefit of hindsight it may appear that the mid-1980s was a period in which the Cold ar was clearly coming to an end, but at the time the east-west confrontation was firmly embedded in geopolitical reality and western culture. The threat to the west from the Communist Bloc seemed as real as ever, and appeared likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Hunt for Red October may appear now as a relic of a lost age, but that judgement is only possible retrospectively and has no meaning for the significance of the book as it was received at the time.

The book presents itself first and foremost as an exciting story…

Work cited

Tom Clancy, Hunt for Red October (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1984).

1820-1850 Is Seen as a Period of
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1820-1850 is seen as a period of major change in American History. We often call this period the Age of ackson, since Adrew ackson had a profound influence on this entire period. Describe what ackson stood for and what his policies on the spoils system, nullification, The Bank of the U.S., Indian Removal, land sale, and the opening of the West. Also discuss the great strides in transportation in this era. Then I want you to give an assessment as to whether you feel that the changes were due to the actions of ackson or would they have occurred at this time regardless of who sat in the White House? Be very specific.

The Age of ackson

Andrew ackson's election for U.S. presidency in 1828 made it possible for the masses to acknowledge that change was going to happen. In addition to the fact that the new president had innovative…

Jackson was determined to remove Indians from territories in the vicinity of American states and he believed that by moving them to the West he would make it possible for Americans to settle further to the West on territories previously belonging to Native Americans. His actions have had terrible consequences on Indian populations as they were forced to travel westward to territories that they nothing to do with and as they were poorly equipped to travel great distances. "Between 1830 and 1838, virtually all the "Five Civilized Tribes" were expelled from the southern states and forced to relocate in the new Indian Territory, which Congress had officially created by the Indian Intercourse Act of 1834" (245).

Jackson was actively involved in cancelling the Second Bank of the United States' federal charter for a series of reasons mainly related to how particular individuals were provided with the opportunity to exploit both the government and the nation's finances. Given that Jackson intended to provide all people with equal powers to experience progress, he acknowledged that the federal charter was actually meant to assist wealthy individuals in becoming richer. His involvement was practically meant to assist western and southern states in having the opportunity to progress similar to how northern states were progressing. The seventh president was reluctant to allow the country's rich families to continue to exploit the masses without providing them with the privileges that underprivileged individuals were entitled to.

It is difficult to determine the exact role that Jackson played in the change happening throughout the U.S. In the 1928-1960 time periods. The fact that the first phase of the industrial revolution happened concomitantly to the Age of Jackson makes it possible for individuals to understand that Americans had been particularly successful as a result of these two occurrences, considering that the industrial revolution enabled them to industrialize their businesses and that Jackson introduced thinking that would no longer allow influential actors to intervene and prevent the masses from progressing.

Bush Administration
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Bush Case Study

Case Study in Decision Making

Onlookers often assume that a man who has a firm mindset, and a strong will does not go through what onlookers would consider a "traditional decision making process" Men with strong minds, and a sense of moral right and wrong often take much more time considering a course of action than other who make decisions based on personal agendas. Men with moral mindsets are simply not easily persuaded once a new decision is firmly made on the basis of what the decision make considers moral grounds. For the moral decision maker, the moral right and wrong of a situation dictate the course of action once the somewhat rigid boundaries are crossed. It is the moral absolutism which the on looking world does not understand.

When George W. Bush decided that the country would go to war against those responsible for the 9-11…

The buck stops here: The Bush administration at war

Journal article by Bob Woodward; Harvard International Review, Vol. 25, 2003

Woodward, 2003

Political Science Japanese Internment
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internment camps for the Japanese that were set up and implemented by president Franklin D. oosevelt. The writer explores the history leading up to the decision and the decision itself. There were six sources used to complete this paper.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor the American public was outraged and stunned. American citizens had lived with a false sense of security for many years that the soil of the United States was off limits. The Civil War and the American evolution were long in the past and residents believed that the world at large would be to afraid to attack a nation as strong and powerful as the United States. The attack came without warning, killing thousands who were within its grasp. When the smoke had cleared and the bombs had stopped, the nation turned a fearful eye to the white house for guidance. At the time the president was…


Japanese camps


Early Implementation of the Mass Removal

Extraordinary Rendition Refers to the
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They point out that if a suspected terrorist gets on a plane and gets off at a place like Copenhagen or Toronto and demands asylum, even if he is not granted asylum, he's pretty much got a safe haven to operate in because he can' be deported or extradited back to where ever he came from. They believe that such lenient 'European' laws create a huge gap in security, which need to be tightened and that human rights conventions such as the Convention Against Torture make it almost impossible for states to gain a reasonable and necessary degree of assurance against devastating attacks in an age of asymmetrical warfare against international terrorists.

Former U.S. officials such as Michael Scheuer, who helped to set up the CIA's rendition program during the Clinton administration, are more forthcoming about commenting on the nature and existence of 'extraordinary' renditions. Scheuer has in different statements…

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Patriot Act -- the Death
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The Patriot Act "became law only a month after September 11, 2001 -- with little review and amid an atmosphere of fear," an atmosphere counter-productive to positive acts of law enforcement. "The law gave the government sweeping surveillance powers without including accountability and oversight." Non-citizens or 'outsiders' can be indefinitely incarcerated, as a result of the act, and even citizens can find their mail scrutinized and their library and website visitation tracked and documented by the government.

Although security is necessary, these stipulations of the act cause one to ask -- why must certain groups and behaviors be demonized, or deemed suspicious, merely because they are engaged in a free search for information? What is the purpose of protecting freedom, if the means of law enforcement curtail that freedom? Although terrorism may indeed be a threat, limiting the tools that Americans have to express themselves without fear, and selecting certain…

Becker's theory of how social labeling creates and actually fosters "outsider" or criminal groups deemed to be beyond the pale of ordinary society was created long before terrorism became a common fear of everyday Americans and federal law enforcement authorities. But Becker's theory could easily apply to marginalized groups in America that were created in the wake of 9/11 and the Iraqi War, such as Muslims and anti-war activists. These persons, subject to heightened government scrutiny, may feel even more alienated from society as a result of increased government surveillance. According to the White House's official press release on its web site: ( ):"America is safer today because of the President's policies to strengthen the security of our Nation's infrastructure and our borders." But viewed through Becker's eyes, the attempt to label such individuals as outsiders, deviant, or un-American may actually have a counterproductive effect upon national security.

Also, according to the progressive watchdog group, Moving Ideas: The Electronic Policy Network ( ) the tools used to enforce fears of outsiders, in the hope of bringing 'other' Americans together, violate the very principles of freedom that America stands for as a nation. The Patriot Act "became law only a month after September 11, 2001 -- with little review and amid an atmosphere of fear," an atmosphere counter-productive to positive acts of law enforcement. "The law gave the government sweeping surveillance powers without including accountability and oversight." Non-citizens or 'outsiders' can be indefinitely incarcerated, as a result of the act, and even citizens can find their mail scrutinized and their library and website visitation tracked and documented by the government.

Although security is necessary, these stipulations of the act cause one to ask -- why must certain groups and behaviors be demonized, or deemed suspicious, merely because they are engaged in a free search for information? What is the purpose of protecting freedom, if the means of law enforcement curtail that freedom? Although terrorism may indeed be a threat, limiting the tools that Americans have to express themselves without fear, and selecting certain profiled individuals to be the subjects of heightened scrutiny seems to be a prescription for creating a more hostile and divided environment within America's borders that is more, rather than less conducive to terrorist uprisings.

Sponsorship Proposal Marketing Plan Go-Go
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The master of the ceremony will be the key agent of advertisement during the event (Argenti 37). He will adorn himself at four different times with attires that are representing the brands of each of the four key sponsors.

The event is expected to cost an estimate of $8,000, which is inclusive of the token of appreciation given to the artists and the total cost incurred in running advertisements via the various media outlets (Tassiopoulos 21).

Courvoisier S.A, 2 place du Chateau,

16200 Jarnac, France

Tel +33 (0)5-45-35-56 16

Sponsorship Proposal

As an organizer of Go-Go Music Show, which is an event held annually in ashington DC, I would like to invite the support of Courvoisier as one of the event sponsors. The event would be held on 10, November 2012.

As a sponsor in this event, you will have a chance to advertise the various brands offered by your…

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Jimmy Carter
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Jimmy Carter Diaries

Jimmy Carter's presidential Diaries might have been better entitled by critics anyway as the Prequel to a Meddler. To such skeptics, this book makes them and others wonder why it is that he sees some of his daily details in the White House as important at all for a good president. Focusing on personal factors and the calendar of tasks suggests too much concentration on his hands-on comfort and a loss of appreciation for why he was elected -- the very kind of perspective that generates the belief of some that even President Obama today has lost track of his bigger expectations of change in favor of being the next best Administrator in Chief.

An exceptional case can be made from reading the Diaries that President Carter was a leader ahead of his time on many fronts. But he too strayed, only this time by giving too…

Policemen of the World
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Policemen of the World:

By the beginning of the 20th Century, the United States has become the principal force in international relations. As a result of the growth of the country, some people argue that the American military operates as the world's police. In addition, the United States' elevated status has resulted in the occurrence of shifts and consequences that have not only changed the country but also had a significant impact on the rest of the world. The consideration of the United States military as the world's police is evident in its continual use to resolve several crises in different places across the globe. In the past few decades, the United States Army has been used in international incidents that are geared towards the fight against global terrorism. Moreover, successive American governments have used the military in international incidents to promote the security of its citizens across the borders.…


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Healthcare and Reference Pricing
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Healthcare Costs

Discuss the Challenges of eference Pricing-describe it, is it currently feasible, what are the pitfalls if it was part of your job assignment to build and manage such a program to control cost. What are the advantages and pitfalls if you are an individual using this "reference pricing" as an element of your personal health insurance program?

eference pricing has enormous potential to curb rising healthcare costs. In this situation, the insurance company or other stakeholder sets a target price that reflects what is considered a fair market value. Then if the consumer selects a healthcare service that is less than that amount, they are obligated to pay nothing. However, if the consumer selects a service that is greater than the reference price, then they are obligated to pay the difference. This system gives the consumer an incentive to participate in controlling costs whereas they might not otherwise…


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