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Wireless Network Essays (Examples)

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Wireless Local Area Networks
Words: 2712 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97278576
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Wireless Local Area Networks

The establishment of home and business networks desirous of upgrading to Wireless Local Area Network- WLAN confront with the problems of choosing from available alternatives. The vendors offer several products for sale that hovers around different wireless standards like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and Bluetooth. During the year 1997, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- IEEE developed the first WLAN standard. They termed it 802.11 in line with the name given to the group appointed for supervising its development. However, to our misfortune the 802.11 could support only a maximum bandwidth of 2 Mbps -- too slow for most applications. Due to these ordinary 802.11 wireless products could not be manufactured further. (802.11 Standards - 802.11b 802.11a 802.11g: Which one is right for You?)

The IEEE standard is an extension of the original 802.11 standard devised during July, 1999 generating 802.11b specification. While 802.11b was…


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Network It Communications Selecting the Type of Cable
Words: 769 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61457875
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Network/IT Communications

Selecting the type of cable to be used when developing a LAN from the ground up can be a complex process with many considerations, including issues of functionality and of cost. Twisted pair cables provide a cheaper alternative to other cable types and are also the most flexible type of cable, but they are less secure and are more prone to losses in data integrity than are other standard cable types (Hsieh, 2012). Fiber optic cables provide the best protection against interference and are the most secure cable for use in a network, but the cost can be prohibitive and the heightened performance aspects are not necessary in all applications (Hsieh, 2012). Coaxial cables come in two varieties, thinnet and thicknet, with thinnet being both cheaper and more flexible than twisted pair cables (though still more expensive and less flexible) and also provide a decent amount of security…


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Network Support Technologies Case Study
Words: 2733 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 47154371
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Network Support Technologies Case Study

Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget

Type and Configuration of the Network

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications

User Policies and Legal Issues

Life of Equipment

Project Costs

Providing an Online Radio Service

Second Life

Information is now growing at speeds never thought imaginable. Today's world of Information Technology (IT) has provided the dynamic platform in which exponentially growing information resources emerge. This complex arena of knowledge management provides tremendous advantages to modern society. It allows individuals greater and faster access to resources that, in turn, can be used to facilitate more accurate decision making. This is especially true in the realm of academia.

Avington College's students will reap tremendous benefits from providing a blended e-learning solution. E-learning provides many inherent advantages through its method of delivery. Digital content can be implemented nearly as fast as it is created with virtually no risk of obsolescence. hen e-learning is…

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Network Security the Practice of
Words: 1551 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28134129
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The purpose of this discussion was to examine the network security measures that are available. The research found that the proper configuration provides the first line of defense as it relates to securing a network.

In addition, firewalls serve an essential role in securing networks against outside intrusions. The research also indicates that anti-virus software, encryption software and biometrics allow organizations to secure networks in a more comprehensive manner. There are also specific strategies and technologies that should be considered if an organization chooses to use a wireless network.


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Network Design Consultation Design Recommended for the
Words: 2348 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49658226
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Network Design Consultation

Design recommended for the client

The requirement of the client of the small billing business shall deserve a tailored system for his network design. This compels for network similar for a small office management process. Shall has a variety of the components suited in their places. The network shall facilitate the process of file sharing, internet access, connection to a networked printer, maintain a basic, secure environment and facilitate a multiple email addresses. The application of the client/server system shall prove vital for the entire process of the design work considering the laid requirement by the clients. The client specifies that the numbers of the user are three. This leads to the categorization as the multiple user networks (Kennington, 2011).

The design focuses majorly on the speed of the hard disk, the quality on the networks and the vital feature of the workstation to enable smooth operation.…


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Network Standards
Words: 2900 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 7883739
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Network Standards

A Brief Look Since 1995

This is a research paper that focuses on network standards and protocols that involve strategies in management. Leadership strategies cannot handle the need for network standards to handle billions of users and user generated applications. Therefore management strategies are more appropriate. Furthermore the history of network standards shows layering through the OSI models follows a management approach vs. A leadership approach.

In the OSI model, there are seven layers. The seven layers then acts as a means of managing problems within that layer as it is separated and contained. People can run communication through these layers much more easily and smoothly than through a singular, whole layer. The several layers are more efficient and can handle and spot problems and inefficiencies more quickly. It serves as the basis for network standards.

The history behind network standards provides valuable insight into how organizations emerged…


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Network Congestion Occurs When There
Words: 319 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74084107
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Attempts to alleviate or at least reduce network congestion including using un length Encoding (LL) for packet size reduction, the use of abbreviated headers for optimizing their path through networks, and the development of protocols that seek to optimize path selection through a network (Wen, Wang, Yang, 2007). The challenge of continually enhancing and increasing network performance through better optimization of paths throughout a network is being made more challenging with the en masse adoption of WiFi as well (Wen, Wang, Yang, 2007).


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Wireless Personal Area Networks An
Words: 1526 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67334044
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Great sums of
money are being invested to further enhance product differentiation. The
presence of highly enforced industry standards provides assurance that the
future will continue to be consumer-friendly. It is the end user community
that truly drives advancement. They provide the vast sums of revenue that
the manufacturers seek. In the final analysis, though, innovations such as
PANs must be viewed as interim technology that represents a stepping-stone
on the way to ubiquitous computing where computers simply disappear and
become integrated into all aspects of daily life.

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Address" ireless…

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Network Fundamentals
Words: 1989 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68755874
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Network Fundamentals


Gulfstream Network Proposal

Network Fundamentals

Cover Letter

Appended information

Mr. Jet Buyer

1952 Kanako Lane

Gulfstream IV Network Proposal

Bob Smith

Customer elations

In less than one hundred years, air travel and networking and computing communications have evolved from the Wright brothers and the UNIVAC housed in several huge rooms to fully functional in-flight Gulfstream network communications. Passengers today expect their palm pilots, laptops and PC's to work as seamlessly as the flight itself. The modern day concerns are mired in the fact that digital conversation now entails a two way link that has inadvertently opened up a can of worms for airline network administrators. Network security and key distribution and management authenticating and authorizing ad-hoc networks have taken on new meaning in the realm of personal aircraft.

The objective here is to tender a viable design regarding the configuration of a fully integrated local area network…


How Stuff Works. (2009). "Networking." Retrieved on December 7, 2009 from

Network Performance for Davis Networks
Words: 5282 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 13903902
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Network Implementation for Davis Networks Inc.

In the proposal, effort is made to develop an affordable local LAN for Davis Networks Inc. The effort involves provision of wireless Internet connection to all individuals for their desktops and laptops from the current high speed connection they have at an affordable price (800 USD -- 1000 USD). Provision of the internet to the same location costs approximately 700 USD including all other expenses like doing the wiring etc. To implement the project, there are various obstacles that have to be considered like electric poles, trees and walls. The core location is the Computer Center building. It has the highest speeds of connection. From this building, there will be distribution to the surrounding buildings located between 500 and 1000 meter range. The establishment of the network needs 5 Wireless Access points (WAP) having Omni antennas (A, B, C, D, E) and two directional…


Chapter 2 Wireless Networking Basics (2005).

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Network Security
Words: 1942 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48535819
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Best Practice Wireless Network Security

Best Practices for Network Security

Wireless network is a technology that relies on radio waves instead of wires in connecting computer devices to the internet. There is a transmitter, with the name wireless access point or gateway, wired into an internet connection, which provides a "hotspot" transmitting the connectivity over radio waves. Hotspot has the capability to identify information, that include an item known as an SSID (service set identifier), that enable computer devices to locate them. For computer and other devices that have been equipped with wireless card as well as have permission to access the wireless frequency can then have the opportunity to connect to the network. There are some computer and other devices that may be able to automatically identify open wireless networks within a particular area, and for some you may be required to locate and enter the information manually like…


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Wireless and Mobile Revolution
Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 69508960
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LAN Technologies -- Question One

The author of this exam is asked to answer to the purpose and value of LAN technologies. Of course, LAN is short for local area networks. They do indeed serve a good purpose and this will be explained in the following section. While LAN's are not all there is to networking, it is surely a big piece of the puzzle (Webopedia, 2015).

As noted before, a LAN is short for Local Area Network and it is basically the most localized and smallest form of network. Technically, two computers and a printer on a hub is a network. Local Area Networks are usually at least somewhat bigger than that but they are almost always fairly localized in nature. They will almost always be enclosed in a single room, area of a floor, floor of a building or a wider building. Even very small networks can be…


Ewalt, D. (2015). The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Connectivity - InformationWeek.

InformationWeek. Retrieved 2 June 2015, from -


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Latest Network Media Technology
Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 82849574
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Wireless Solution

The author of this report has been asked to assess and offer recommendations regarding the network setup for ichton Toys. There is currently a fairly dated but operational Cat5 setup in the office area, which is located on half a floor of a thirty floor office building. However, some users have taken to using an 802.11b wireless network. The Chief Executive Officer of ichton is very concerned about the wireless security of that setup given that corporate espionage in the toy industry is rampant. The author will give some recommendations about what should be done and why. While the existing Cat5 setup is not a completely dinosaur, the use of an extremely outmoded wireless technology and security standard is a disaster waiting to happen.


The one thing that absolutely must change with the ichton internet access setup is the wireless technology in use. The 802.11b router that…


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Protocol and Network Management
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8863986
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Wireless connections today are ubiquitous and taken for granted; however, there is a complex world at work behind the scenes that relies on highly specific conditions. Whether on a laptop, cell phone, or other wireless handheld device, everyone has experienced the frustration of a faulty wireless signal. For this reason, it is helpful to understand some causes of signal weakness or failure. A brief study of the differences between wired and wireless networks, the basics of multiple access protocols, and increased challenges posed by mobility will offer a basic understanding of the complexities involved in successful wireless data transmission, or what can be described as the "21st century grease of the daily grind."

When a user chooses to "unplug" from the wired internet and connect through a virtual wire instead, they introduce a myriad of problems. Some basic challenges result from the differences between a wired and wireless network: decreasing…

Network Design Proposal
Words: 4024 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 86117569
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Network Design Proposal

Network equirements

ABC School Stats/User Counts

Having a current strength of approximately 845 students, ABC School provides education from Pre-Kindergarten to the 12th Grade. According to the requirements of The New York School District, 250 Curriculum computers along with 75 Administration computers are to be installed. The requirements for the wiring per room of layer 1 are that it should adjust a total of 25 computers, 24 of which will be used for the curriculum, whereas one will be used for administrative purposes.

WAN Design

The model for the WAN is 2 layers of hierarchy having a total of 3 hubs, one connecting the District Office or the Data Center, one the Service Center, and the remaining one connecting the Black Hawk School. A Frame elay WAN will be responsible for providing the required internet services.

IP Addressing

For all the hosts, interconnection devices, and servers an…


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Network Design Scenario Straight Sales
Words: 1313 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95130534
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The company should use the Cisco hedge router to make the company to achieve a reliable communication over the internet. The edge router will also make the company to achieve higher capacity, scalability, and improve routing protocol convergence at lower costs. As traffic volume increases, the solution will allow the company to implement incremental bandwidth upgrades without necessarily changing the router interface. The edge firewall will be used to protect the network from the unwanted traffic. The firewall will also be responsible to enforce the internet access policy. As an added security policy, the company should also use the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to detect and prevent unwanted traffic into the network.

Explanation of how hosting servers will affect the above choices

The router needs to link LAN communications on a WAN. However, the leased line is expensive, the paper recommends that the company use…


AL_Taiey,T. (2011).The Complete One-Week Preparation for the Cisco Ccent/CCNA Icnd1 Exam 640-822 with Three Cisco Simulated Exams a Certification Guide with Over 2160 Sample Questions and Answers with Comprehensive Explanations (First Edition ).

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Network Design Network ABC Network Design a
Words: 3772 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10270326
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Network Design



A Comprehensive Proposal and Design for ABC Inc. Network equirements

Network Proposal Overview

Telecommunication Overview

Telecommunication Proposal

Network Configuration Management Plan

In order to meet the needs of the customers, ABC Inc. must insure that productivity is not hindered by the growth of the company. The employees at ABC Inc. must have a robust network so that customer service is not jeopardized. The accounting firm has grown from five to fifty employees with the acquisition of a large account. Currently, each employee has their own standalone computer which contains Windows 7, Office 2010 and QuickBooks accounting software. The company does not have a network in place. Currently information is shared by copying data to a flash drive and each workstation has a stand-alone printer. The objective of this proposal is to provide a centralized solution for all of ABC's network needs.

Given the highly…


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IEEE Software, 12(1), 55-63.

Network Management Information Technology Management
Words: 2226 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 99856119
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). Such security should also preplan strategic responses to attacks associated with the network (Dawkins et al.).

A book entitled "Surviving Security: How to Integrate People, Process, and Technology" explains that the rapid expansion networking and networking technologies necessitates greater security needs. The author asserts that parts of the network such as routers, switches and even network printers are vulnerable (Andress). The article further explains that the router or switch contained between the firewall and the internet access or between the firewall and the internal network are often vulnerable. Organizations with networks should work hard to secure them at these points. The article also states that if attackers can gain access to a network at these points, they can gain access to sensitive information and compromise the stability of the network. Also attackers who gain access to a network at one of the aforementioned points will also be able to…

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Network Vulnerabilities and Controls
Words: 1304 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4388821
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Network Vulnerabilities and Controls

Computer networks are constantly under threat from many different sources of attacks. In order to get a clear understanding of the different views on computer security and its characteristics, it is important to define a network. This term means a group of computers that have been interconnected to communicate to one another using electrical signals. The network can be either wired or wireless and the most common of them nowadays is the wireless computer network. The internet or wide area network can link very many computers that are widely and geographically apart.

Computers are therefore linked to communicate with one another via the internet. However, these same computers are prone to attacks from all different angles. Any unauthorized access to ones computer can be defined as an attack since in the process, valuable information may be retrieved from the computer or even deleted. The information may…


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Network Security
Words: 3307 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 52013252
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Network Security: Past, Present and Future

The work of Curtin (2007) states that a network is defined as "any set of interlinking lines resembling a net, a network of roads -- an interconnected system, a network of alliances." Quite simply a computer network is a system of computers that are interconnected. There are seven layers of communication types identified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) eference Model as well as the interfaces among them. Each layer is stated to be dependent on the services that the layer above it provides including the physical network hardware.

Technology: Description and Area of esearch

The most popular networks which have been used over the past twenty-five years and which include both private and public networks include the following network services: (1) UUCP -- Unix-to-Unix CoPy: This was developed originally for connecting Unix hosts together however, since that time UUCP…


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Network Design
Words: 701 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59182651
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Verizon is a leader in the communications industry. With an unparalleled service and strong brand equity, Verizon continues to uphold its market leadership among telecommunications providers. A key aspect of the success of Verizon is its network. Its network is ultimately the source of its vast profits, strong leadership, and globally recognized brand. The company's network also provides the company with economies of scale, lowering the per-unit cost per subscriber. This document will describe how the network is designed, offering insights as to why the design is effective. The documents will then often brief, incremental suggestion to improve the overall network capability.

To begin, Verizon Wireless is one of two major U.S. carriers that use CDMA2000. CDMA 2000 is a family of 3G mobile technology standards, which use CDMA channel access, to send voice, data, and signaling data between mobile phones and cell sites. The cell sites are important…


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Broadband Wireless and Bluetooth-Based Communications
Words: 1909 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27806329
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Of these three approaches ad-hoc is considered the most adaptable to roaming users and therefore shows the greatest opportunity to support contextual-based use of wireless networks. The concept of the cellular network on the other hand is much more stationary and focused on a set of base stations that require base controllers and network infrastructure to effectively function. This fixed platform nature of the cellular network approach is juxtaposed with the approach increasingly being relied of using ad hoc networks for enable peer-to-peer communications throughout wireless networks. This aspect of ad hoc wireless network architectures is gaining high levels of interest due to wireless due to WiFi-enabled devices being able to access Facebook, MySpace and other social networking applications. As the ad-hoc architecture inherently supports peer-based communications and is rapidly becoming the foundation of social networking, this type of network architecture is considered highly distributed in nature. Often wireless network…


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Mobile Adhoc Networks Manet the
Words: 3549 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62064636
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Much work remains to enable a seamless

Integration, for example that can extend IP to support mobile network devices. (Chlamtac, Conti, and Liu, 2003)

4G is stated to begin with the assumption "that future networks will be entirely packet-switched, using protocols evolved from those in use in today's Internet." (Chlamtac, Conti, and Liu, 2003) It is reported that a 4G wireless network that is all IP-based "has intrinsic advantages over its predecessors." (Chlamtac, Conti, and Liu, 2003)

IP is stated to be both compatible with and independent of "the actual radio access technology" meaning that 'the core 4G network can be designed and evolves independently from access networks. Using IP-based core network also means the immediate tapping of the rich protocol suites and services already available, for example, voice and data convergence, can be supported by using readily available VoIP set of protocols such as MEGACOP, MGCP, SIP, H.323, SCTP.…


Macker, J. And Corson, S. (1999) Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET): Routing Protocol Performance Issues and Evaluation Considerations. Network Working Group. Naval Research Laboratory, January 1999. Online available at: 

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Springer Science+Business Media. 10 May 2006.

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Shared Wireless Wireless-Fidelity Wi-Fi Network
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Increasingly, those who pay for wireless service intentionally keep their networks open as a way to protest what they consider to be exorbitant fees charged by service providers (Marriott, 2006).

Those against piggybacking say this practice does have a cost for those paying for wireless services because their broadband connections are slowed down by additional piggybacker traffic, sometimes so much so that the access becomes unusable. Others argue that taking or borrowing without permission is unethical and that lack of security to not justify unauthorized access. Anti-piggybackers want laws to be introduced to prevent piggybacking just like unauthorized access to other types of property (Ethical dilemmas of unsecured wireless networks).

Some local governments agree with sentiments against piggybacking and are enacting laws to stop it. For instance, the local government in Westchester County, N.Y. enacted a county-wide law requiring all commercial businesses to secure their wireless LAN access and to…


Ethical dilemmas of unsecured networks.

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Future of Wireless and Mobility
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Yet the aspect of collaborative applications is more than just social networks, it also encompasses the development of entire networks within companies for specific long-range projects, including new product development (O'eilly, 2006). Wireless providers then are being forced to create more of a portal-based approach to their wireless applications and mobility solutions, as Nokia has continually attempted unsuccessfully to do over the last decade, and as others including Ericcson also are trying. Wireless providers are overdue for an industry shakeout where consolidation forces the structure of entirely new platforms of collaboration over time. There is also the need to underwrite these platforms through the sales of products and services. The Apple iTunes store is held up as the model of what wireless and mobility providers need to strive for in terms of their efforts to create more meaningful online experiences for their customers, yet the challenge is one of emulating…


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Information Technology Bluetooth and IEEE 802 11 Wireless Transmission Protocols
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Wireless technology has developed a large way from its infancy and is fast becoming the latest trend in communication. Wireless LANs have added an entirely new dimension to the communication sector. The advent of cellular technology, infrared and spread spectrum radio services have bought about a huge change to our world of communication and wireless technology has materialized our dream of a mobile workforce. Today there is no single standard in the industry and there are different wireless technologies available. Let us have a brief outlook of the 'IEEE 802.11' and 'luetooth', two of the important wireless LAN technologies.

IEEE 802.11 Protocol

The IEEE 802.11 (First adapted in 1997) is primarily a standard developed to provide time bound and asynchronous wireless services. The MAC layer is meant to handle different physical layers with distinct medium and transmission characteristics. The standard uses 2.4 GHz ISM band and a minimum data…


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Mobile Wireless Portal Evaluation of the Eweek
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Mobile Wireless Portal

Evaluation of the eWeek Mobile Wireless Portal

The eWeek Mobile Portal combines an impressive amount of news and analysis on mobile devices, mobile operating systems including iPhone, Android and many others, and the integration of these technologies into enterprise strategies. Coverage of how mobile technologies are used in Customer elationship Management (CM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and throughout direct marketing is included in the portal's contents. The benefits of the portal are the timeliness of its news and analysis, the depth of reviews of new mobile devices specifically designed for the enterprise, and the links to more advanced technical information as well. The disadvantages of the portal include its heavy reliance on advertising, which tends to clutter up the page and makes it difficult to navigate. Another disadvantage of the portal is the lack of direct access to the more interesting tests of wireless network performance. That…


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Evolution Over Time of Network
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In actual fact, because of STCP's option of multiplicative amplify, STCP have to in stable state persuade congestion actions approximately all 13.4 round trip times, in spite of the connection speed. HSTCP encourages packet losses at a slower speed than STCP, but still much quicker than CP-eno.

3. Problems of the Existing Delay-based TCP Versions

In contrast, TCP Vegas, Enhanced TCP Vegas and FAST TCP are delay-based protocols. By relying upon changes in queuing delay measurements to detect changes in available bandwidth, these delay-based protocols achieve higher average throughout with good intra-protocol TT fairness (Cajon, 2004). However, they have more than a few deficiencies. For instance, both Vegas and FAST suffer from the overturn path congestion difficulty, in which simultaneous onward and overturn path traffic on a simple bidirectional blockage connection cannot attain full link operation. In addition, both Vegas and Enhanced Vegas employ a conservative window increase strategy of…


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Can Wireless Local Area Networks Replace Wired Local Area Networks
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Wireless LANs eplace Wired LANs?

The convenience of wireless communication is so overwhelmingly obvious that given a choice, and provided there are no price constraints, almost everyone would prefer wireless instead of wired communication. This is reflected in the widespread use of devices such as remote control for TV, cellular telephones, pagers, and remote garage openers. The flexibility, mobility, and convenience that such 'wire-less' devices bring to our lives are simply magical. Who wouldn't like to extend such convenience to their working lives by, e.g., being able to access the Internet from almost anywhere? Or to be able to access their company's data from, say the cab downstairs? Such convenience is possible through the technology known as Wireless Local Are Networks (WLANs), which is an on-premise data communication system that reduces the need for wired connections besides making new applications possible. The technology has made its presence felt in 'vertical'…


Drucker, D., (2001, Aug. 27). "Security Flaw Isn't Death Knell For WLANs."

Internet Retrieved December 7, 2002, at .

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Roundtable Wrap-Up: The State Of Wireless LANs." CommWeb Roundtable

Information Technology -- Network Administrators
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This tremendous range of business enterprises that rely heavily on their it systems also presents many additional opportunities for anybody aspiring toward a career in it network administration.

Many times, the wide range of organizations that now employ it professionals such as network administrators means that it is possible to combine several different types of interests within the choice to work in it network administration. For example, the law enforcement community has incorporated all sorts of it applications into the field. Criminal investigators now routinely use sophisticated computer systems and custom-designed applications to track criminals, map geographical areas in relation to crime patterns, and to compare sensitive records with other law enforcement agencies across the country as well as internationally (Burnett, 2007). Some of the most advanced it systems used by modern law enforcement agencies includes sophisticated software applications for cracking encryption codes used to unlock the communications devices confiscated…


Baker, W., Hylender, C., and Valentine, J. (2008). Verizon Business Data Breach Investigation Report. Retrieved October 17, 2009, from: 

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Cost and Simplified Approach." FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin; Vol. 76 No. 10

(2007): 15-22.

AT&T Wireless The objective of
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The first is by demographically-based segmentation attributes, and the second is through services offered. Neither of these is optimal for understanding and responding to unmet needs in the users bases, a point discussed in the following section of this paper.

Demographic segments include the following:

General Consumer/Residential: The largest segment of users, this is the segment that also generates the highest level of price competition and pressure in the market as well. Churn is highest in this segment.

Small and Medium businesses:

The primary segment where bundling is used for generating high loyalty due to the ability of members of this segment to overcome price pressure due to the need to have services in place to support their business models.


The most profitable of segments and also the more difficult to penetrate and sustain customers, AT&T Wireless has successfully served this segment with Wide Area Networks (WLAN) and hotspot…


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Wi-Fi Real-Time Location Tracking Wireless
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"Setting New Standards: Changes Are Coming to the orld of iFi, here Safer and Speedier ins the Race." The Journal (Technological Horizons in Education) 35.3 (2008): 26.

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System Implementation Oahu Base Area Network
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System Implementation - Oahu ase Area Network

System Implementation: Oahu ase Area Network

The wireless local area network (WLAN) in the Oahu ase Area Network is made up of several different subsystems. The inputs to the system will be desktop computers, laptop computers, and embedded systems (fixed and mobile). Each client has a wireless network card that can communicate with an access point (AP). The AP manages WLAN traffic and physically connects the wireless system to the wired local area network (LAN). The wired LAN will then send the requested information back to the access points, which will relay it to the appropriate client (Conover, 2000).

The system has three modes of operation:

Op-Mode: This is the standard operating mode for system operation. The mode consists of interaction between clients and one or more server. The clients are wireless devices such as laptops, desktops and tele-robtics platforms. Servers are access…


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Keeping data'secure on 4G LTE networks
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4G LTE Encryption

When cellular phones first came out, the concerns about data loss and theft was not all that high. This was mostly because these devices functioned mostly (if not entirely) as phones with perhaps a camera phone here and there. Nowadays, however, cellular phones are often smartphones and they are literally small computers in terms of the data that they carry and the abilities that they have. Given that and the fact that tablets and other devices have entered the cellular signal fray, it is important to focus on the data security that these data devices have and whether that technology is being used in the way it could or should be and whether improvements are needed. While technology and encryption have come a long way, it is imperative that the envelope is pressed harder and harder every day so as to maintain (or create) privacy and safety…


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communication in LTE-A. IEEE Communications Magazine, 52(4), 66-73.

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integrating RSA, Diffie-Hellman PKDS, intelligent protection-key chains and a Data

Network Technology Structure and Protocols
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Wireless and Wi-Fi

The dominant approach used today for connecting to network, wireless technologies including W-Fi is dominating the entire area of networking, from 3G and 4G on smartphones and tablet PCs to the development of hotspot technology on the attest iPad. This is the future of networking for many consumers. The reliance on Wi-Fi as a means to stay connected to business and friends has exponentially increased and will continue to for the long-term (Gilmer, 2010). The fundamentals of Wi-Fi are easily taught as they are based on IEEE standards that create a framework for teaching these technologies with clarity and insight (Greiner, 2001). Wi-Fi continues to increase in terms of speed as well, with 3G and 4G now commonplace. Consumers need to know about this technology and how it works to troubleshoot problems on their smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. The best approach to managing the teaching process…


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Network Security Administrator Approach Problem Securing a
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Network Security Administrator, Approach Problem Securing a Central

I would utilize a number of security measures to adequately secure a central computer network that is accessed by other branches and staff from remote physical location. The vast majority tends to work in conjunction with one another, and should not deny access to authorized users.

For all of the computers that are present in the primary, physical location in which the network is based out of, I would employ encryption measures. This sort of encryption is similar to that used by cellular devices (whether in the form of tablets or phones), which enables users to reduce the threat of unauthorized users from accessing their devices or the data within them (Stafford, 2010). However, it is worth noting that encryption would not be used on the computing devices in the network that are outside of this primary physical location.

One of the…


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Wireless Internet the Potential Role
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According to an online review,

Sprint PCS Vision is probably the best wireless web service around. It offers very reliable Internet at efficient speeds for a very low price. You have unlimited data transfers so don't fear any unexpected charges. Whether you use a Sprint cell phone, Sprint handheld, or a laptop, then you can take advantage of the web from almost anywhere with Sprint PCS Vision.

Success Factors

The success of Wireless Internet may depend on the following 3 major factors.

Wireless Internet Security

Continuous Network Availability

Wireless Internet Providers

Perhaps, the main objective in the emergence of Wireless Internet network is to make information instant and quickly available. Thus, two of the success factors that many finds are the ability of the Wireless Internet to be available anytime, as well as the capacity of the Wireless Internet providers to make this happen. Aside from this, when information is…


Development Potential of Wireless Internet Technology. 

Sprint Broadband.

Network Security
Words: 9364 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59921852
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networking and TCP/IP and internetworking. Also discussed are risk management, network threats, firewalls, and also more special purpose network devices. The paper will provide a better insight on the general aspects of security and also get a better understanding of how to be able to reduce and manage risk personally at the workplace and at home.

In today's world, the Computer has become a common feature in any organization anywhere in the world. This may be due to the fact that a computer can be accessed by anybody who knows how to handle it and also because it can store a lot of information both confidential and general. A computer is connected through a physical network that allows a person or many persons to share any information necessary. (Conceptual Overview of Network Security) Though network security in Information Technology is an issue that has been discussed endlessly, implementation has definitely…


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Network Fundamentals
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Mr. Walter King

Gulfstream Air

Savannah, GA, USA 34566

DotNet Solutions

| Network Fundamentals



Proposed Network Layout

This is a tender proposal for the project involving the design and the configuration of the local area network (LAN) aboard Gulfstream IV business jet. The LAN is be used for the provision of in-flight entertainment and communication. This proposal gives the details of the hardware requirement for the completion of the project together with the approximate cost of the project components.



The router that should be used must have more than 20 ports. The best in this case is CISCO 837-K9-64 ADSL Broadband Router.



Memory: 32MB

The memory can be expanded to 48MB

Ports: 24 10/100 ports

Will be wired to use 100T Base speed

Switch-Cisco Catalyst® 2950C-24



Memory: 32MB

The memory can be expanded to 48MB

Ports: 24 10/100 ports

Will be wired…

Telecommunication Network Action Plans
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Network and Asset ecovery Issues

Part 1 Network Cabling

The issues at The Sunshine Health Corporation are deep and profound as they will require a strategic approach that addresses the problems at their core and provide real and practical solutions to the rather difficult environment. This document is action plans that addresses the old wiring issues the building has, laying new fiber cable where necessary, and presents the idea of developing wireless LANs, and Wi-Fi capability throughout the facility. The plan is intended to be effective, efficient and economical and deliver real and sustainable cost savings in the long-term.

Understanding the Environment

The first and most prescient issue dealing with this case is the identification of what the building possesses and what if any of the old wiring and cabling can be salvaged. The more that is known about the content of the wiring structure, which was left in somewhat…


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Importance of Security
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Network Security and Why Use It

Security And Why Use It

The security of any network should be taken seriously. A network allows someone to share resources and information with others on the network. Networks allow for distribution of computer viruses, Trojans, human intruders, and employees can damage more than just one computer. To better understand the importance of network security, one needs to think of what might happen if all the data for a company that is stored in their servers vanishes. This scenario would cause losses that the company might never recover. Networks are divided into three main categories Internetwork (internet), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN). These three categories of network require security to ensure that no malicious humans gain access, and no viruses attack the network.

To better understand network security, one needs to know what a network is. A network is defined…


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Technology Network Design Process the
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Sometimes, only network design enhancements are needed for existing networks that are still functional.

Characterizing the network infrastructure is the next step in designing a new network. To be able to develop a network map, different methods must be used. It is possible to figure out the architecture of the existing network by locating the cabling in the physical environment (Oppenheimer, 1998). The accessibility to major hosts and storage spaces can also be determined by taking a good look at the physical set up of the network. The location of the major internetworking devices as well as network segments is very important. All cables and their types or uses should be documented. The lengths of the cables are also important in order to be able to check the quality of connections. Environmental constraints can be seen within the physical environment of the network.

Developing a network map can only be…


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Managers. New York: Peter Peregrinus Ltd.

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Technical Publishing.

Features of Telecommunications Networks Including Key Networking
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features of telecommunications networks, including key networking technologies. Cover the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, including each logical layer.

The OSI layer covers the different layers and types of communication that occurs within a network. The layers, in order of complexity from greatest to lowest are application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link and physical. The physical layer is the actual transport medium like network cable and such while routers and switches address much of the middle layers while the "window" to the user is the application layer at the very top. Telecommoniciation networks, and this is something that will be answered more in-depth later in this report, are very computer driven and are in many ways indistinguishable from regular computer networks as phone and conventional internet networks are very much one and the same and this is especially true when speaking Voice over IP (VOIP) technologies and the like.…


DigiCert. (2014, February 20). What Is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and What Are SSL

Certificates?. DigiCert Inc.. Retrieved February 20, 2014, from 

Kratsas, G. (2014, February 18). Reports: Target warned before data breach. USA

Today. Retrieved February 20, 2014, from

National Broadband Network There Is
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Development of the infrastructure is slow, as politicians have difficulty making decisions and moving forward efficiently. ired broadband is at the heart of the plan, yet most of the world is already moving towards a largely wireless platform for broadband, and consumer technology is supporting this (smartphones, tablet computers). NBN Co. is proposing itself as a wholesaler. However, the current proposal would put NBN in a monopoly position. Monopolies have little incentive to make investments in innovation, and have excessive pricing power. Government would need to ensure that pricing was not abusive, creating inefficiency. ithout government intervention in the wholesale market, NBN would be able to charge monopoly rents for its broadband, to the detriment of service providers and consumers -- everybody would pay more for broadband than they would if they were in a competitive market. In addition, if having a modern telecommunications infrastructure is the social goal of…

Works Cited:

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Virtual Private Networks Use in
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There are over 400 airlines, 60,000 hotel properties, 32 rental car companies, nine cruise lines, and 220 tour operators that comprise the database of offerings in Sabre data architecture. VPNs are used for completing the necessary order and booking capture, booking management, pricing updates and validations with each agent, and the coordination with the literally thousands of travel partners to company has.

Sabre opted for Web-based VPN architecture to deliver real-time updates of data to their MySabre travel agency booking portal that was recently introduced to the 70,000 travel agents that participate with the travel network. The use of an SSL-based VPN architecture for supporting the many quoting, ordering, and services processes was critical for Sabre, as their broader application development plan focused first on speed and security for their agent base. Sabre also wanted to have a single sign-on capability to ensure their agents, the majority of which are…


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Mobile Computing and Social Networks There Are
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Mobile Computing and Social Networks

There are many mobile apps in the market that have been designed to cater for various tasks and processes. Mobile apps were initially designed for gaming but improvements have been made to ensure that they can be used for business purposes. Applications have been designed to improve efficiency of mobile devices. Users have been able to make use of mobile phones to replace devices such as desktop computers and cameras.

Effectiveness and efficiency mobile-based applications

Technological advancements in the field of communication have undergone numerous changes over the decade. Mobile phones conventionally used for basic communication can now be used to conduct more features. The software being used in the mobile devises have enabled the devises to be used for more application than communication. The mobile devices being sold in the market are considered smart phones due to the array of applications that they can…


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Security Program Network Risk Assessment
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Tracking normal activity patterns of users is essential to enable abnormal activity to be flagged. Also, unintentional user errors such as logging onto unsecure websites and opening up potentially infected documents must be flagged. Sending an email from an odd-looking address and seeing if employees open the email is one way to gage the relative wariness of employees. If employees open up the email, it staff can include a message warning them that this is just the kind of message employees should delete.

Creating 'backdoor' threats and viruses to attack a system, and see if it is vulnerable is one potential 'fire drill' that can be used by the organization to assess potential areas that can be compromised. General assessments of the knowledge of non-it and it staff of proper security procedures and the areas which can pose new threats are also essential.

Simple systematic procedures, such as requiring employees…

Integrating Wireless and Ipads
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solution for a client of Wireless Technology Company. They are a company that assists organizations and businesses when it comes to issues that involve networking, bandwidth, productivity and connectivity. The client in need of a solution right now is The Athlete's Shack. They are a chain of sporting goods stores with about ten stores in the area. While the company has a technology framework in place, they are lacking a wireless element and they wish to add one. Beyond that, they wish to make use of iPads that can thus link to the wireless infrastructure in the stores. The Athlete's Shack is unsure on how to initiate and start the process and that is why they are turning to the Wireless Technology Company.

Executive Summary

The Athlete's Shack is in need of a solution that allows for wireless connectivity along with the use of iPads as a mean to make…


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Cambium PTP Wireless Setup
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Cambium PTP (Wireless Setup)

The purpose of this project is to install Cambium PTP (Point-to-Point) 800 series. The project will also build 6 tents as well as installing 2 generators to enhance smooth operation of the Cambium PTP. Cambium PTP is an excellent microwave solutions and wireless devices for service providers as well network operators. The Cambium PTP is also an innovative technology that delivers a reliable, secure and cost effective connectivity.


The project chooses the Cambium PTP 800 series for the installation process. The PTP 800 is the wireless broadband solutions with F (radio frequency). The Cambium PTP 800 series are designed with Ethernet bridging on the point-to-point microwaves links with licensed bands between 6 GHz and 38 GHz.

Key features

The key features of the PTP (Point-to-Point) 800 Series are as follows:

Link capacity between 10 Mbps and 368 Mbps in each direction.

Configurable channel bandwidths between…


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Appendix 1: Project Implementation Plan


Case Study Into Loyalty in the Mobile Network Market
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Mobile Loyalty ackground

The mobile telephone system is part of a global communication sector that has a number of distinct but interlinked elements. Whether one talks on a telephone, searches the net, emails, sends texts or downloads and participates in web-generated data sharing, one is using the mobile telephone network more and more, to the point where it and some of the competing companies appear to be reaching their service capacities. Or at least this seems to be the case when it comes to doing what these large providers should be best at: adding and keeping customers. Maintaining a loyal buyer base -- one that truly likes and advocates for the provider -- or at least happily retaining one beyond a small contract period is critical for any company that wants to be able to serve the global marketplace (Sharpley, 2009).

Underlying many of the customer service practices and promises…


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