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Technology Evolution Many of the Electric Gadgets

Words: 1461 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93582067

Technology Evolution

Many of the electric gadgets we use today like the cell phones and the home computers were invented in the 80s. Many multinational corporations came into existence in the 80s this spur the growth to a record 3.2% per year (Bellis, 2012). This was the highest nine-year rate in American history. This was occasioned by a number of factors some of which were economic, financial, legislative, and regulatory frameworks. This unprecedented growth led to failure of a number of banking institutions. From these failures, a term "corporate greed" was coined. This essay seeks to enumerate how technology advanced in the 80s (Coppens, 2012).

In 1980, Hepatitis B Vaccine was invented by Baruch Blumberg. This research physician discovered an antigen that provoked antibody response against Hepatitis B Other took queue from this discovery to develop a vaccine against this viral hepatitis. Baruch together with Irving Millman invented a vaccine…… [Read More]


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Technologies Impact on Healthcare Level

Words: 1489 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14958513

This is necessary to provide a seamless platform on which health solutions can be effectively integrated and deployed. Without using such a platform, the development of electronic health care facilities will be more difficult to deploy. In other words, Tele-health is part of the overall healthcare ICT (Information Communications Technology) solutions that enables healthcare to be pushed out to the edge, for local delivery, and to be more evenly, efficiently and effectively distributed.

Broadband communication is the underlying technology of choice when discussing electronic applications. It is certainly important for inter-healthcare provider communications delivering sufficient bandwidth capacity between sites. The delivery of home care electronic should not rely on the broadband technology is not universally accessible, particularly in rural and remote areas, and it can also be prohibitively expensive. Some broadband technologies can be delivered to remote locations, such as satellite-based technology, but this is impractical and too costly to…… [Read More]


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Telecommunications: Protecting the Forgotten Frontier. (2001, August). SC Magazine-Info Security News, 12 (8), 36-40.
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Wireless Local Area Networks

Words: 2712 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97278576

Wireless Local Area Networks

The establishment of home and business networks desirous of upgrading to Wireless Local Area Network- WLAN confront with the problems of choosing from available alternatives. The vendors offer several products for sale that hovers around different wireless standards like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and Bluetooth. During the year 1997, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- IEEE developed the first WLAN standard. They termed it 802.11 in line with the name given to the group appointed for supervising its development. However, to our misfortune the 802.11 could support only a maximum bandwidth of 2 Mbps -- too slow for most applications. Due to these ordinary 802.11 wireless products could not be manufactured further. (802.11 Standards - 802.11b 802.11a 802.11g: Which one is right for You?)

The IEEE standard is an extension of the original 802.11 standard devised during July, 1999 generating 802.11b specification. While 802.11b was…… [Read More]


Configuring Windows XP IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks for the Home and Small Business. August 4, 2004. Retrieved from Accessed on 18 April, 2005

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The 802.11g standard -- IEEE. 01 Mar 2003. Retrieved from
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Technology High Tech and Exponential Change

Words: 1063 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72346675


(a) Technology is "the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science" (, 2014). 1)(b) High-technology is "scientific technology involving the production or use of advanced or sophisticated devices especially in the fields of electronics and computers" (Merriam-Webster, 2014). 1)(c) A can opener, an electric can opener, and a radio are all examples of technology. They involve mechanical parts and some simple electronics or electronics that have been in use for a substantial period of time, and are not considered advanced or sophisticated. A 3D printer, a drone, a satellite radio, and a 3D TV all rely upon advanced computer technology to work and would be examples of high technology because they would be unable to work without supporting advanced technology and,…… [Read More]


Apple. (2014). Watch. Retrieved October 1, 2014 from: (2014). Technology. Retrieved October 1, 2014 from: 

Kurzweil, R. (2001, March 7). The law of accelerating returns. Retrieved October 1, 2014
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Technology Emerging Technologies the Shift

Words: 2370 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38780198

While the quality of Internet phone calls is still not as good as that of dial-up long-distance telephone, more and more users are taking advantage of Internet telephony because it offers free phone calls (Mceal and Elliott, 2002). Internet telephony is straightforward and simple, requiring only an Internet hookup, headphones or speakers, and a microphone.

For online students, Internet telephony offers an opportunity for students to speak to others in their classroom, almost anywhere in the world. In addition, teacher and student communication can be improved by the opportunity to speak to one another to discuss any learning challenges or questions.

Hand-held and wireless technologies are perhaps one of the greatest developments when it comes to online learning (Mceal and Elliott, 2002). According to Fortune magazine, computers will eventually be outsold by phones and organizers that have all the capabilities of a computer and the wireless connections to back them…… [Read More]


Duderstadt, James J. 1997. "The Future of the University in an Age of Knowledge," Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 1 (August) pp. 78-88.

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McReal, Rory. Elliott, Michael. (2002). Technologies of Online Learning. Athabasca University.
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Wireless Personal Area Networks An

Words: 1526 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67334044

Great sums of
money are being invested to further enhance product differentiation. The
presence of highly enforced industry standards provides assurance that the
future will continue to be consumer-friendly. It is the end user community
that truly drives advancement. They provide the vast sums of revenue that
the manufacturers seek. In the final analysis, though, innovations such as
PANs must be viewed as interim technology that represents a stepping-stone
on the way to ubiquitous computing where computers simply disappear and
become integrated into all aspects of daily life.

orks Cited

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Address" ireless…… [Read More]

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Technology in the Classroom to

Words: 1375 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72617322

As students interact with the website and take assessments, the teacher is notified of the student's progress. Once the student submits his assessment, Molecular Workbench (2010) reports, "SAM activities end by generating a report that includes answers to multiple choice questions, annotated snapshots, and the text of open responses. These reports are emailed to the teacher. Students have a chance to edit reports before they are submitted." Use of this website could produce the next generation of scientists.

Technology used directly in the classroom to allow students and teachers to interact with each other includes the Audience Response System. According to (2010) the function of the system is declared, "TurningPoint audience response system integrates 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint® and allows audiences and students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a ResponseCard ™ keypad or other hand-held/computer devices." Made up of three basic…… [Read More]


Audio Response System. (2010). Retrieved on April 16 from 

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Klopfer, E.; Osterwell, S.; Groff, J.; and Haas, J. (2009). "The Instructional Power of digital games, social networking, simulations and How Teachers Can Leverage Them."

Retrieved on April 12, 2010 from
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Wireless and Mobile Revolution

Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 69508960

LAN Technologies -- Question One

The author of this exam is asked to answer to the purpose and value of LAN technologies. Of course, LAN is short for local area networks. They do indeed serve a good purpose and this will be explained in the following section. While LAN's are not all there is to networking, it is surely a big piece of the puzzle (Webopedia, 2015).

As noted before, a LAN is short for Local Area Network and it is basically the most localized and smallest form of network. Technically, two computers and a printer on a hub is a network. Local Area Networks are usually at least somewhat bigger than that but they are almost always fairly localized in nature. They will almost always be enclosed in a single room, area of a floor, floor of a building or a wider building. Even very small networks can be…… [Read More]


Ewalt, D. (2015). The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Connectivity - InformationWeek.

InformationWeek. Retrieved 2 June 2015, from -


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Information Technology IT and the Supply Chain

Words: 904 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 57838254

Technology & Logistics

The author of this report has been asked to answer a fairly general but intriguing question. That question asks the author of this report to define how technology can improve the management of global logistics. Of course, technology can be used to improve logistics in any number of ways. However, the author of this report will center on a few in particular. Indeed, the use of barcodes, networking technology, wireless technology and voice recognition technology are just a few ways and manner in which technology can be used and leveraged to achieve more efficient and error-free logistical performance. While this technology can be daunting and complex, the results garnered from using them effectively is obvious and easy to see.


One example of how technology can aid logistics is through "hidden" barcodes. Most everyone is familiar with the UPC codes used in retail stores to tie an…… [Read More]


Albright, B. (2002). New technology reads 'hidden' bar codes. Frontline Solutions,


Cross, C.S., (2007). Everything but the kitchen. Industrial Engineer, Norcross, 39(4),

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Latest Network Media Technology

Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 82849574

Wireless Solution

The author of this report has been asked to assess and offer recommendations regarding the network setup for ichton Toys. There is currently a fairly dated but operational Cat5 setup in the office area, which is located on half a floor of a thirty floor office building. However, some users have taken to using an 802.11b wireless network. The Chief Executive Officer of ichton is very concerned about the wireless security of that setup given that corporate espionage in the toy industry is rampant. The author will give some recommendations about what should be done and why. While the existing Cat5 setup is not a completely dinosaur, the use of an extremely outmoded wireless technology and security standard is a disaster waiting to happen.


The one thing that absolutely must change with the ichton internet access setup is the wireless technology in use. The 802.11b router that…… [Read More]


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Technology in Education for Purposes of Completing

Words: 838 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72884808

Technology in Education

For purposes of completing this study of the use of technology in higher education, a local high school was visited, where the technology coordinator provided a demonstration of the learning systems used there. In addition, one senior-level course in Physics was attended where the advance imaging and learning technologies where shown. What was unique about this visit was how easily these technologies can be made to align with the student's specific learning needs and requirements. This technique is called scaffolding, and is attained through the use of personalized applications and portals of the teaching systems in use (Najjar, 2008). This analysis reviews the hardware, software and support considerations, as well as discussing the technology competency skills required by educators.

Analysis of Learning Technologies in Higher Education

In teaching advanced mathematics and science courses, the high school has found that enabling greater collaboration and repetition of concepts is…… [Read More]


Adonis, A. (2006). Technology in schools. The British Journal of Administrative Management,, 14-15.

diFilipo, S. (2011). Connecting the dots to the future of technology in higher education. EDUCAUSE Review, 46(4), 58.

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Pons, A.P. (2003). Database tuning and its role in information technology education. Journal of Information Systems Education, 14(4), 381-387.
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Technology and Logistics Development-A Technology

Words: 765 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10171814

Development of technology has also improved the management of global logistics by encouraging firms to implement the EP systems. The global logistics planning as well as execution processes are still behind mostly when it comes to logistic management and supply chain. Therefore, creating a web-based system (EP) will create interactions with people around the world when purchasing goods and services online. The system created will also help the firms in managing the global transportation carriers, rates and execution in an environment.

Technology has improved the management of global logistics by impacting on the supply chain processes. The customers are now digitally connected by allowing the firms to have their personal portals updated again and again with the tracking numbers put in place.

Technology has also contributed to transparency in a supply chain, improving the links in the firms' chain, a trend that should be replicated among al big logistics companies…… [Read More]


Albright Brian, (2002). New technology reads 'hidden' bar codes. Frontline Solutions,3(12):47-49.

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Technology Terrorism and Crime Apa Technology Terrorism

Words: 1436 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28094078

Technology, Terrorism, and Crime (APA).

Technology, Terrorism, and Crime

One of the most heinous terrorist groups currently operating in the U.S. In called the "Aryan Nations." This group openly states on their website that they have been "Fighting Jewish Takeover for over 35 years." ( This group of domestic terrorists post articles on their website with grammatically incorrect titles like "The menace of Multiculturalism," and "Jews that control Hollywood: Meet the filthy Kikes are behind that industry." ( There is no doubt that his group is one that is dedicated to ideals of Adolph Hitler and the supremacy of the Aryan race. This group has also used the latest technology to spread their message of hate.

The Aryan Nations is a far right white supremacist religious organization based on the teachings of Wesley Swift, who founded a church based on anti-Semitism in California in the 1940's. In the 1970's, ichard…… [Read More]


"Aryan Nations/Church of Jesus Christ Christian." Extremism in America. Retrieved from 

Church of Jesus Christ Christian: Aryan Nations. Retrieved from 

"Identity Theft." (2006, Jan. 5) Retrieved from 

Squires, Jennifer, (2009, March 5). Aptos 'neighbors from hell' sentenced in massive ID theft case. Santa Cruz Sentinel. Retrieved from
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Technology and Healthcare Demographics of the Global

Words: 1063 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48110564

Technology and Healthcare

Demographics of the global community are rapidly changing so that each year there are more and more seniors within the population base. This has a profound implication on the healthcare system of many regions since a large number of elderly citizens will be spending their lives in the confines of their home, and some may have chronic illness that require continuous monitoring. Clinical telemedicine is one way to offer greater services to rural or homebound populations. Indeed, a variety of technological advances have made it possible to change the paradigm of healthcare. Clinical information systems, for instance, have expanded in scope and depth. Increased processor speeds and data storage devices have made it possible to collect more data than ever on the detailed encounters that make up the provider-patient care delivery process, and present it more effectively to a wider range of users. Healthcare monitoring is part…… [Read More]

Luppicini, R. And R. Adell, eds., (2008). Handbook of Research on Technoethics. New York: Information Science Publishing Company.

Teo, T., (2008). "Wireless Healthcare Monitoring Systems. World Academy Of Science, Engineering, and Technology. 42 (1: Retrieved from:
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Technology Challenges Explanation Initiating Technology

Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30105972

It should also be noted that adults are life, task or problem-centered in their course to learning. They want to see the applicability of what they are learning to their life, a task they need to perform, or to solving a problem. Technology-based instruction will be more effective if it encompasses real-life examples or circumstances that adult learners may come across in their life or on the job. While adult learners may respond to exterior motivators, internal priorities are more significant. Incentives such as improved job satisfaction, self-esteem and quality of life are vital in giving adults a purpose to learn. If any of these can be related as part of technology-based instruction adults will act in response more positively.

Challenges of technology

Adult learners can have need of specialized support, both on campus and at a distance. In the campus environment, they occasionally lack the technology skills and motivation…… [Read More]


Knowles, M.S. (1980). The Modern Practice of Adult Education; From Andragogy to Pedagogy. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Cambridge Adult Education.

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Lawler, P.A. (1991). The Keys to Adult Learning: Theory and Practical Strategies. Philadelphia:

Research for Better Schools.
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Technology in Innovation the Role

Words: 608 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47538234

The cloud computing platform has also made it possible for companies to integrate their information technologies and services into a common strategy; a goal that had not been attainable in the past (Buttol, Buonamici, Naldesi, inaldi, Zamagni, Masoni, 2012).

A second strategic technology that is driving a high level of innovation in organizations is mobility and the rise of mobile computing, incouding the latest generation of operating systems in this area. Apple's iOS, Google's Android and many other operating systems are the foundation of disruptive innovation throughout many enterprises today. The early advances in mobile technologies are a case in point, as are the continued development of medical applications for the Apple iPad (Wickramasinghe, Sharma, Goldberg, 2003). Mobility is also showing the potential to be a technology that can support precise geo-positioning and analysis of the best delivery routes for courier services and supply chain-based companies as well. The rise…… [Read More]


Arinze, B., & Anandarajan, M. (2010). Factors that determine the adoption of cloud computing: A global perspective.International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 6(4), 55.

Buttol, P., Buonamici, R., Naldesi, L., Rinaldi, C., Zamagni, A., & Masoni, P. (2012). Integrating services and tools in an ICT platform to support eco-innovation in SMEs. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 14(2), 211-221.

Kleis, L., Chwelos, P., Ramirez, R.V., & Cockburn, I. (2012). Information technology and intangible output: The impact of IT investment on innovation productivity. Information Systems Research, 23(1), 42-59,280,282-283.

Nambisan, S., Bacon, J., & Throckmorton, J. (2012). The role of the innovation capitalist in open innovation. Research Technology Management, 55(3), 49-57.
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Technology and the Environment

Words: 491 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83174794

Technology in the Environment of the Factory Interactive

Technology in the Environment

Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

Technology in the Environment of The Factory Interactive

The purpose of the field trip is to understand and experience the relationship between technology and the environment of Miami. The purpose is to also gather information about the trip site, The Factory Interactive.

The Factory Interactive is a digital design agency. Human beings interact with and use technology very often in this setting. Many of the appliances are digital, such as the thermostat, lighting control, and security/surveillance. This is in addition to the technology used exclusively for design purposes. This is an environment where technology is in the forefront and the background. The technology in the forefront makes the agency function. The designers use software to alter photographs or create animations of various kinds. The technology in…… [Read More]

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Technology During Recent Years There

Words: 352 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12061012

Recent uses for RFID include tagging prescription drug bottles, embedding tags in car tires, and giving them as ID badges to children in order to track when they enter and leave school buses and buildings (Ho pp). A bigger worry for privacy advocates is the plan to use them in identifying documents like driver's licenses and passports, which could be accessed by readers from dozens of feet away, including law enforcement (Ho pp). Critics claim RFID tags could be especially dangerous when used for tracking personal information because it might well end up being the identity thief's best friend (Ho pp).

orks Cited

Ho, David. "Privacy advocates wary of RFID tags." The Atlanta Journal-

Constitution. August 14, 2005. Retrieved November 01, 2005 from HighBeam Research Library eb site.

McCullagh, Declan. "RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages." January 13

2003. Retrieved November 01, 2005…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Ho, David. "Privacy advocates wary of RFID tags." The Atlanta Journal-

Constitution. August 14, 2005. Retrieved November 01, 2005 from HighBeam Research Library Web site.

McCullagh, Declan. "RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages." January 13

2003. Retrieved November 01, 2005 at
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Technology Network Design Process the

Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41691089

Sometimes, only network design enhancements are needed for existing networks that are still functional.

Characterizing the network infrastructure is the next step in designing a new network. To be able to develop a network map, different methods must be used. It is possible to figure out the architecture of the existing network by locating the cabling in the physical environment (Oppenheimer, 1998). The accessibility to major hosts and storage spaces can also be determined by taking a good look at the physical set up of the network. The location of the major internetworking devices as well as network segments is very important. All cables and their types or uses should be documented. The lengths of the cables are also important in order to be able to check the quality of connections. Environmental constraints can be seen within the physical environment of the network.

Developing a network map can only be…… [Read More]


Farr R.E. (1988). Telecommunications Traffic, Tariffs and Costs -- an Introduction for

Managers. New York: Peter Peregrinus Ltd.

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Technical Publishing.
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Technology for the Deaf His

Words: 3084 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 34005990

Three years later, the company improved its picture clarity and introduced the "emotional intonation" feature, considered important components of visual language. ut at present, only 10% of the deaf and hard-of-hearing know about VRS. The Internal Revenue Service refuses to accept VRS calls. And VRS can be performed only with high-speed internet access. ut companies, like Sorenson, provide videophones for free. Those who have no high-speed internet access or a videophone may use IPP relay. It is similar to the outdated TTY but performs faster and more smoothly. The deaf user types his message on a computer.

For the working deaf who need to use the telephone, Able Planet launched the wireless device. This is a telephone and a hands-free set for a cell phone to address these difficulties in the use of a telephone. The technology enables wireless communication with a telecoil in hearing aids. At the same time,…… [Read More]


Associated Press. Hearing Impaired Get Help with Wireless Device. Deseret News:

Deseret News Publishing, 2003. Retrieved on October11, 2009 from;col1 

Bergstein, Brian. IBM Develops Virtual Deaf Interpreter. Oakland Tribune: ANG

Newspapers, 2007. Retrieved on October 11, 2009 from;col1
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History of Wireless Tech In

Words: 1094 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90931350

"They are adding 1 million new users a day."

Impact on cultures

One of the Chinese cultures that are affected by the wireless technology is the Cash Culture. Paying in cash has been a practice to most Chinese. Credit and debit cards are not in the trend of the Chinese culture. However, with the revolution of the wireless technology, cash would seem to be a little out of the way of how the technology will be utilized. This is because part of a type of a mobile service uses prepaid methods. Tom York, in his article China's Exploding Wireless Industry, mentions the following.

Payments for small purchases can be billed along with the monthly wireless bill, the method now used to bill for third-party purchases and services.

ut that system probably won't work on a large scale need to support a mobile economy," says Chen. He also notes that more…… [Read More]


Intel Working to Advance Use of Wireless Technology in China.

Retrieved on February 11, 2005 from Intel Online. Web site: 

York, T. China's Exploding Wireless Industry.

Retrieved on February 11, 2005 from Hpbazaar Online.
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Information Technology Bluetooth and IEEE 802 11 Wireless Transmission Protocols

Words: 2011 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20782890


Wireless technology has developed a large way from its infancy and is fast becoming the latest trend in communication. Wireless LANs have added an entirely new dimension to the communication sector. The advent of cellular technology, infrared and spread spectrum radio services have bought about a huge change to our world of communication and wireless technology has materialized our dream of a mobile workforce. Today there is no single standard in the industry and there are different wireless technologies available. Let us have a brief outlook of the 'IEEE 802.11' and 'luetooth', two of the important wireless LAN technologies.

IEEE 802.11 Protocol

The IEEE 802.11 (First adapted in 1997) is primarily a standard developed to provide time bound and asynchronous wireless services. The MAC layer is meant to handle different physical layers with distinct medium and transmission characteristics. The standard uses 2.4 GHz ISM band and a minimum data…… [Read More]


Daniel L. Lough, T. Keith Blankenship and Kevin J. Krizman, "A Short tutorial on Wireless LANS and IEEE 802.11," Accessed on September 4th, 2003, 

2) Bluetooth Solutions, "What is Bluetooth," Accessed on September 4th, 2003,

Jeff Strip, "Bluetooth: Value ADDS and Opportunities," Accessed on September 4th 2003, /bluearticles/docs/bluetooth_value_adds.pdf

Jochen Schiller, "Mobile Communications," Published by Pearson Education, 2000.
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Network Technology Structure and Protocols

Words: 999 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 53104003

Wireless and Wi-Fi

The dominant approach used today for connecting to network, wireless technologies including W-Fi is dominating the entire area of networking, from 3G and 4G on smartphones and tablet PCs to the development of hotspot technology on the attest iPad. This is the future of networking for many consumers. The reliance on Wi-Fi as a means to stay connected to business and friends has exponentially increased and will continue to for the long-term (Gilmer, 2010). The fundamentals of Wi-Fi are easily taught as they are based on IEEE standards that create a framework for teaching these technologies with clarity and insight (Greiner, 2001). Wi-Fi continues to increase in terms of speed as well, with 3G and 4G now commonplace. Consumers need to know about this technology and how it works to troubleshoot problems on their smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. The best approach to managing the teaching process…… [Read More]


Gilmer, B. (2010). Networking software. Broadcast Engineering, 52(3), 24-27.

Greiner, L. (2001, Nov 16). Wireless networking wave. Computing Canada, 27(24), 16-17.

Mingail, H. (1995, Feb 15). Neural networks vs. knowledge systems. Computing Canada, 21(4), 30-30.

Solomon, H. (2003, May 02). Storage networking vendor warns of security pitfalls. Computer Dealer News, 19(7), 8-8
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Assistive Technology the Least Restrictive Environment Clause

Words: 2915 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62511655

Assistive Technology

The "least restrictive environment" clause of the IDEA requires the student be placed in a standard learning environment whenever it is practical (Beard, Carpenter, & Johnston, 2011).

Technology allows students who have visual impairments to be able to admission to the general curriculum, to increase their options towards literacy, and to improve communication. There are a variety of assistive technology tools that are designed for students with visual impairments, but most require specialized instruction. Depending on the level of the child's visual level of impairment such devices include range from electronic Braille note takers to video magnifiers to screen reader software to auditory conversion devices.

eading and writing are the fundamental tools that young students learn in the early grades and assistive devices for Emily should concentrate on developing these skills. Students with impaired vision that are not blind may benefit from changes in the size of print…… [Read More]


Beard, L.A., Carpenter, L.B., & Johnston, L.B. (2011). Assistive technology: Access for all students (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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Hasselbring, T.S., & Bausch, M.E. (2006). Learning in a digital age: Assistive technologies for reading. Educational Leadership, 63(4), 72-75.
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Technological Innovations Technology Innovation Write a 2-3

Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93511582

Technological Innovations

Technology Innovation Write a (2-3) page paper: Analyze major technological innovations (5) years determine significant innovation entrepreneurs. Provide specific examples technology encouraged business creation growth.

Major technological innovations in the last five (5) years:

The rise of mobile technology and tablet computers

The rise of mobile technology is undoubtedly the most significant technological innovation to occur within the past five years. Fewer and fewer people are using standard desktops or even laptops to satisfy their computing needs. Instead, they are using their phones or tablet-style devices like iPads and Kindles to do everything from pay bills, to play games, to communicate with friends. It is increasingly essential that advertisers know how to communicate using this relatively narrow platform. The surge of interest in Twitter (at the expense of the more visually-oriented Facebook which requires a large viewing area) has been linked to the 'smaller is better' phenomenon manifested…… [Read More]


Boorstin, Julie. (2012). Facebook vs. Twitter: Who has edge in mobile ad wars?

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Future of Wireless and Mobility

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Yet the aspect of collaborative applications is more than just social networks, it also encompasses the development of entire networks within companies for specific long-range projects, including new product development (O'eilly, 2006). Wireless providers then are being forced to create more of a portal-based approach to their wireless applications and mobility solutions, as Nokia has continually attempted unsuccessfully to do over the last decade, and as others including Ericcson also are trying. Wireless providers are overdue for an industry shakeout where consolidation forces the structure of entirely new platforms of collaboration over time. There is also the need to underwrite these platforms through the sales of products and services. The Apple iTunes store is held up as the model of what wireless and mobility providers need to strive for in terms of their efforts to create more meaningful online experiences for their customers, yet the challenge is one of emulating…… [Read More]


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Wlans 802 11X Wlan Technology Is

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Unless this protocol acquires a mainstream application, it is likely that it will never be put to extensive use.


Wireless technologies are becoming incredibly common. Convenience-conscious consumers like the lack of wires, although they dislike short battery lives and unexplainable hardware failures caused by jammed radio frequencies.

Bandwidth is a primary consideration where wireless protocols are concerned. The upcoming 802.11n, capable of actual throughput rates of over 200Mb/s, is capable of streaming high-definition video and audio. This development may be the final development that allows the entertainment industry to shift to wireless. WLAN is the obvious leader in this area.

ange is another important factor. Although it is nice to be able to walk around the house with a laptop without losing signal, the real range demand is for cellular devices. Because cellular phones do not require high-bandwidths, 3G has been very serviceable with ranges over a kilometer.

Thanks…… [Read More]


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Dial-Up vs Wireless A Business

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These costs can difficult to calculate, as they depend upon the ability of the employees. But one must remember the breadth of experience of new workers in the workplace with wireless. It was concluded that these worker could act as continual helpers in the on-site transition without substantial additional costs to the company.

A second important consideration was the ubiquity of the new wireless technology, and its lack of likelihood of being replaced in the near future by an even superior form of connectivity technology. It is not enough that a technology seem better than preexisting forms, but that the technology has compatibility with preexisting systems, such as dialups, and is also unlikely to be replaced in the near future, and thus requires yet another jarring workplace transition. As research pointed out that wireless was both compatible with other businesses still using dialups, unlikely to be replaced by better forms…… [Read More]

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Mobile and Wireless Portal Eweek com Is a

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Mobile and Wireless Portal is a one of the top portals that is dedicated to providing technology-related news to readers all over the world. It is the digital version of the eWEEK magazine that discusses technology trends, latest apps, evaluations and business decisions that are made with technology as the underlying element. It provides comprehensive information about the world of technology and this has helped it to create a niche market for the magazine and its parent company.

Description of the portal's structure

The portal has a simple design that is appealing to readers. The core emphasis in this website is content and so the entire design revolves around the content that is published here. The site has been divided into numerous categories to make it easy for people to look up what they want quickly and effortlessly. The broad categories in the site include news, reviews, storage, security,…… [Read More]


Mobile and Wireless Technology -- News and Reviews. (2011). Retrieved from:
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Alternative Technologies Influencing the Telecommunication

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Also the alternative voice over IP providers such as Vonage, at & T. is expected to enhance the market share during the period. The demand for wireless connectivity by the direct consumers will also increase having wide choices to choose from like 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX. The SSLs and VPNs will dominate in the field of single-user remote access while the IPSec based installations will be resorted to in respect of the network-to-network use. And finally the WiMAX-based services are expected to influence the overall market.


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ILECs Headed for Extinction, According to META Group" (January 30, 2005)

The…… [Read More]


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Bluetooth Technology in Detail It

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It can allow the organizations to conduct their business in a more flexible and advanced manner. Though this technology has a few disadvantages but it can work on it and can become as reliable, successful and secure as wireless networks and can dominate the industry of technology and telecommunication through its various advantages and advanced features. (Dursch, Yen & Shih, 2004)


Dursch, a., Yen, D.C., & Shih, D. (2004). Bluetooth technology: an exploratory study of the analysis and implementation frameworks. Computer Standards & Interfaces, 26, 263-277. etrieved from of bluetooth pdf&source=web&cd=10&cad=rja&ved=0CG0QFjAJ&url=,d.ZWU

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RFID Technology in the Military Radio Frequency

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FID Technology in the Military

adio frequency identification (FID)

adio frequency identification (FID) is a term used to refer to an electronic system that transmits in form of serial numbers that are distinct, the identity of a person or an object in a wireless manner with the aid of radio frequencies. The FID is categorized under the wider automatic identification technologies category (Association of Automatic Identification and Mobility, 2011). The FID are intelligent bar codes that are connected to a networked system and can communicate back and forth with it.

The FID is nowadays used all around us, from the supermarket items to the pet ID tags, toil booths, gas stations and several security items. Unlike the predecessor UPC bar-code, the FID does not require any contact or line of sight in order for communication to be enabled between the tagged item and the centre of the system. The data…… [Read More]


Army of Robots, (2011). Development of Military Robots. Retrieved September 10, 2010 from 

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Voice Technologies the Past Standards

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Currently, all the traffic among the different units passes via the novel centers and because of this Grant Thornton was also capable of reducing most of the fixed point-to-point circuits which had linked nearly all of its units. The savings made throughout its 50 units was a phenomenal $300.000 annually for the entire company. Besides, with the complete elimination of the long-distance costs, Grant Thorton was able to make a savings of $30,000 on a monthly basis. (Understanding VoIP: Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge)

The importance of Voice Internet Protocol technology is appreciated all over the world throughout huge as well as middle level companies and embracing of Voice Internet Protocol is just an issue of time. A short analysis of the oadmap as well as Heat index data evolved from the Wave 2 of a Networking research has spawned certain exciting findings regarding the technology preferences of the…… [Read More]


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Can Wireless Local Area Networks Replace Wired Local Area Networks

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Wireless LANs eplace Wired LANs?

The convenience of wireless communication is so overwhelmingly obvious that given a choice, and provided there are no price constraints, almost everyone would prefer wireless instead of wired communication. This is reflected in the widespread use of devices such as remote control for TV, cellular telephones, pagers, and remote garage openers. The flexibility, mobility, and convenience that such 'wire-less' devices bring to our lives are simply magical. Who wouldn't like to extend such convenience to their working lives by, e.g., being able to access the Internet from almost anywhere? Or to be able to access their company's data from, say the cab downstairs? Such convenience is possible through the technology known as Wireless Local Are Networks (WLANs), which is an on-premise data communication system that reduces the need for wired connections besides making new applications possible. The technology has made its presence felt in 'vertical'…… [Read More]


Drucker, D., (2001, Aug. 27). "Security Flaw Isn't Death Knell For WLANs."

Internet Retrieved December 7, 2002, at .

Hayden, M. (1998). Sams Teach Yourself Networking. Indiana: Sams.

Roundtable Wrap-Up: The State Of Wireless LANs." CommWeb Roundtable
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Integrating Wireless and Ipads

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solution for a client of Wireless Technology Company. They are a company that assists organizations and businesses when it comes to issues that involve networking, bandwidth, productivity and connectivity. The client in need of a solution right now is The Athlete's Shack. They are a chain of sporting goods stores with about ten stores in the area. While the company has a technology framework in place, they are lacking a wireless element and they wish to add one. Beyond that, they wish to make use of iPads that can thus link to the wireless infrastructure in the stores. The Athlete's Shack is unsure on how to initiate and start the process and that is why they are turning to the Wireless Technology Company.

Executive Summary

The Athlete's Shack is in need of a solution that allows for wireless connectivity along with the use of iPads as a mean to make…… [Read More]


Amazon. (2015). NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router (R8000).

Retrieved 23 August 2015, from -


Apple. (2015). Apple. Apple. Retrieved 23 August 2015, from
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Bluetooth Technology

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BluetoothTM is a low cost, low power, short-range radio technology- originally perceived as cable replacement alternative for the cable / wire connected devices such as mobile phone hand, headsets, and portable computers. The BluetoothTM's goals expanded to include standardized wireless communications between any electrical devices and created a notion of Personal Area Network. The write-up traces history of BluetoothTM starting with its unusual name to formation of Special Interest Group, SIG's formation, its growth culminating into implementation of version 1.0b.

Version 1.0 of the Bluetooth came out in 1999-starting as early as 1994 by engineers from Ericsson. The specification is named after Harald Blatand- a tenth century Viking. Ericsson Corp. founded the Bluetooth SIG in February 1998, Intel Corp., IBM Corp., Toshiba Corp., and Nokia Mobile Phones. In December 1999, core promoters group enlarged to include four major players, namely, Micorsoft, Lucent, 3 Com and Motorola.

Then, the components of…… [Read More]



Bluetooth Revealed, Brent, Miller. September 2000, Prentice Hall PTR

Bluetooth Demystified, Nathan Muller, J.J. September 2000, Prentice Hall PTR

Web Addresses
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Operations Management Transformation in the Technologies Behind

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Operations Management

Transformation in the technologies behind information will effect in vital transformation in the competition of enterprises. International Business Machines -- IBM encounter a transforming market wherein reputable products lose their competitive edge and also become defunct and are replaced by new products based on latest technologies. IBM Corporation is undoubtedly, the single most major seller in the marketplace in the current era. IBM holds a leadership position in its industry to an extent that is unprecedented in majority of other industries. Users will be encountered with intricate preferences as the restrictions of usual idea regarding information systems in dealing with modern technology becomes palpable. An inescapable aspect of inevitability is present in handling latest technology.

In case of better or worse, modernization cannot be overlooked. Coping up with new technology might be problematic in case of somebody compared to others and might be impossible for everybody. IBM can…… [Read More]


Autonomic Computing: Creating Self-Managing Computing Systems. Retrieved from  / Accessed on 9 May, 2005

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IBM names 5 Fellows -- company's highest technical honor. Retrieved from  Accessed on 10 May, 2005
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Beginners Guide to Wireless Security

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commercial marketplace and additionally on sales in that marketplace the mini tutorial does an average job of selling itself. The disjointed sentence structure, misspellings and bad grammar could be overlooked but it definitely detracted from the viability of the product. The entire tutorial read like it was written by a freshman in college who had just spent his or her entire summer floating on raft in a pool thinking up ideas to make money without working real hard at it.

One aspect of the tutorial that was quite good was the links to other sites that provided additional data and information to assist the visitor. These links were really quite handy and would be quite useful to the newbie network operator or technician who desired more in-depth coverage than what the tutorial provides.

specially interesting was the down-to-earth explanations of how the newest network technology was being implemented back in…… [Read More]

Especially interesting was the down-to-earth explanations of how the newest network technology was being implemented back in the early 2000's. However, much of the information was already dated and a lot of the events that the tutorial was exclaiming could be the wave of the future is already the wave of the past.

This tutorial is nice for those individuals who might want to easily install networking capabilities in a home or small business computer environment, especially from a somewhat outmoded point-of-view. It would be interesting to determine whether the company representative or the individual who wrote the tutorial has updated it at all. It reads as if it had been written in 2002 and still had not been updated. The reader could not tell for sure due to the absence of any documentation.

If the reader was looking for some good basic information that was somewhat dated in nature, then this is the website where that type of information can be found. The tutorial provides that basic information in a rather simple manner that is easy to understand. It also does a good job of providing other resources for the perusal of the reader. The individual who might find the tutorial useful would be someone who might want a background or history of the progression of wireless technology, or who might have older equipment that could be updated by the information contained in the tutorial.
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Monitoring Behaviors With Technology

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Human-Centered monitoring: The state of current technology

Chronic diseases cause 7 out of 10 diseases in the U.S. These include common illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. 6 million crashes occur on U.S. highways. Driver fatigue alone leads to 17% of all vehicular deaths in the U.S. These are sobering statistics and it is only natural to want to know how such incidents can be prevented: human-centered monitoring is one possible answer. Regarding health status, body area networks can use implants or other means of monitoring to determine a patient's physiological state (such as his or her temperature, glucose level, etcetera). Wearable electronic systems can remain constantly attached to the skin. This can create a feedback loop between the patient or user, the technology, and other individuals that have a critical stake in monitoring the data such as healthcare providers and traffic safety personnel.

Daily health monitoring is…… [Read More]

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Benefits of Using Technology Applications

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Reducing Costs and/or Increasing Dependability Through the Application of Technology

Top Priority Measure

usinesses, big or small, will not only aim at maximum profit but also at reducing costs at the highest possible levels. They logically want to use processes that will make them spend less immediately or eventually and at less effort (Gregory, 2015). The first step taken by most businesses today is the use of technology. Experience proves that businesses save on costs and improve business operations in ways unknown in the past. Technology enables them to conduct conferences, sales, payments and other functions through information technology. y using many and increasing software applications, businesses not only reduce operational and supply costs but also raise their level of dependability (Gregory).

It Pays and Saves to go Wireless

Some applications of wireless technology were developed and introduced over three decades ago (NI, 2015). Walmart was among the first t…… [Read More]


Blum, J. (2011). Improving quality, lowering costs: the role of healthcare delivery system.

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Business and Information Technology IT

Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67964129

Global usiness Environment

Today's global business environment gives organizations the opportunity to develop new lines of business. As businesses seek increases efficiencies, IT departments will be well placed to recommend innovative solutions based on the latest advances in technology (Guthrie and Kovac, 2002). In turn, globalization is fueled and will inevitably expand.

Successful businesses understand their customers and their markets, and create business strategies to establish their competitive positions (Hwang and Liu, 2003). Consistent with their business goals, these organizations use commodities, make goods, deliver services, and meet their customer's demands to stay competitive. In today's global business environment, they must also constantly reevaluate their business vision, increase business values, and change to gain advantage over their competitors. IT not only has been crucial to business management and operation, but has also provided significant strategic leverage to businesses.

According to Hwang and Liu (2003): "For example, Dell's early innovations --…… [Read More]


Guthrie, Cathy. Kovac, Michelle. (January, 2002). IT Leaders Drive the Net Effect. Sun Journal, Volume 5 No. 1.

Hwang, John. Liu, Simon. (May, 2003). Successful CIOs: Pushing the IT Business Value Envelope. IT Professional.
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Technology Decision Making Effect of Technology Decision

Words: 2527 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72232227

Technology Decision Making

Effect of technology decision making

Technology has been growing over a period of years due to globalization. All individuals, organizations, and even the society as a whole have been affected by the information and communication uprising. This has even changed their lifestyles. The Information is readily available in the computers mostly through internet technology and telecommunications. The Organizations are able to build their information systems in a variety of formats. A System may be defined as a sequence of functional components which are connected by communication links showing or demonstrating purpose and objective directed performance (Kampov 2010). However, it is important to analyze and discuss systems, informatics theories and DIK model. The paper will also discuss the role of expert system in nursing care, use of decision aids and also the decision support systems. There will be discussion on how the effect of technology on decision making…… [Read More]


Bahamonde L., DuMouchel W, Shea S . (2003). A meta-analysis in16 randomized controlled trials for evaluating computer-based clinical reminder systems in preventive care for ambulatory setting. J Am Med Inform Asso. c;3:399-409

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Kampov J. (2010). Survey of biomedical and health care informatics programs in the United States. Journal of Medical Library Association.
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Technology Controlling Water Infrastructure Much Contemporary Research

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Controlling water infrastructure

Much contemporary research and literature over the need for water include recognition of ethical issues for example water like a public good assert Gleick (2004) and Tipping et al. (2005). Hence, overall scope of management should be extended to incorporate the social size of water systems; which means all stakeholders have to be informed and incorporated in making decisions for the development and use of long-term sustainability water systems. Exterior systems or water stresses could possibly be the primary change motivators for controlling water systems. Global warming might be one particular example heavily affecting water systems because of elevated frequency of extreme weather for example flooding, storms and droughts (Clemitt, 2007). Around Australia, droughts and water stress within the primary metropolitan areas forced the adoption of an entire new selection of methods to controlling water. Water sector is facing institutional changes that need modernization as well…… [Read More]


Ashley, R. And Cashman, A. (2006). The impacts of change on the long-term future demand for water sector infrastructure. Infrastructure to 2030, Chapter 5 OECD, pp. 241 -- 349.

Clemitt, M. (2007). Ageing infrastructure: is neglected maintenance putting Americans in danger? Congressional Quarterly Researcher, 17 (34), pp. 793 -- 816.

Copeland C, Tiemann M. (2008). Water infrastructure needs and investment: review and analysis of key issues. Congregational research service report, RL31116.

Doshi, V., Schulman, G. And Gabaldon, D. (2007). Lights! water! motion! Booz Allen Hamilton.
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Technologies That Are Readily Available for In-Home

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technologies that are readily available for in-home internet access. You should consider practical as well as technical differences in your comparison. Do not include Frame elay or ATM as these are primarily larger scale business solutions.

Higher-speed standards up to 300+ Mbps

802.11n uses (MIMO) technology and a wider radio frequency channel.

It provides a mechanism called frame aggregation to decrease time between transmissions

Channels operating at 40 MHz are another feature incorporated into 802.11n

The transmitter and receiver use pre-coding & post-coding techniques to achieve the capacity of a MIMO link

Video Conferencing

A video conference is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously

ITU H.320 is known as the standard for video conferencing over integrated services digital networks

H.264 SVC is compression standard that enables video conferencing systems to achieve highly error resilient

The…… [Read More]


1. http://www.*****/viewpaper/93331.html


3. http://www.*****/viewpaper/43194.html

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Technologies New Technologies Emerge Rapidly

Words: 1579 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50861787

Mobile phones are another major area of emerging technologies. Not just for phoning home anymore, mobile phones are becoming more and more robust, integrating full PDA functionality and even permitting streaming video content. Communications providers offer the biggest obstacles in seamless digital streaming, because of the confusing array of services and relatively poor download speeds. Finally, consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the possibility of identity theft. As technology becomes increasingly versatile, the potential for the usurpation of privacy rises too. The government has yet to step in decisively and will soon be forced to develop a new wave of consumer protection laws as well as creative laws protecting intellectual property.

orks Cited

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Gizmodo.…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Technology Updates the Cost of Technological Advances

Words: 1443 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 88902659

Technology Updates

The Cost of Technological Advances

The development of technological advances has been significant in the last 50 years but more so in the last 30. According to Moore an early pioneer in silicone technology, the capacity for engineering technology innovation is clearly rapid. Moore set a benchmark for silicone technology claiming that capacity would double the number of transistors on a chip, which determines the capacity for memory every 24 months. This law served as a standard for Intel and other chip manufacture companies, creating a demonstrative goal that was followed almost to the letter from its inception to now (Intel, 2011). This rapid advancement of technology has made many functions and aspects of technology capabilities possible as computers and servers can process more and more tasks and information more rapidly than ever. The result of these advances has been both an extreme learning curve cost as well…… [Read More]


Ford, G.C. (2012, January 15). Demand for allied health professionals creating shortages.

Gazette, The (Cedar Rapids, IA).

Staff Writer (March 17, 2012) Stockton bankruptcy: City would be largest in American history to declare bankruptcy. Huff Post, San Francisco, CA. 

Intel. (2011). Moore's Law inspires Intel innovation. Retrieved from
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Technologies Are Defined Specifically to

Words: 3361 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82087043

It is increasing purchasing power and inclination of women those are varying the way gadgets are being restructured and also marketed. Women according to her are like the 'canary birds of the technological mineshaft'. (Women take over technology) if it does not act for them it will be possibly unsuccessful in the mass market. She reveals that it is this notion that the type of population of people applying technology is wider than before. (Women take over technology) Consumer electronics in 2001 and 2002 has been aimed in a soft way, according to Katherine izzuto, VP and publisher of Marie Claire magazine and panelist for 'Shopping Consumer Electronics-Understanding the Female Perspective'. However, entry into the year 2004, aims at it in a strong way. She states that her own consumer research presents that women desire information about CE products and do not find where they expect to find it. (Heller,…… [Read More]


Biddlecombe, Elizabeth. "Women and Mobile Content"

Retrieved at . Accessed on 18 May, 2005

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Consumer Electronics Woo women" Retrieved at . Accessed on 18 May, 2005
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Technology Has Determined the Outcomes

Words: 1379 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61874482

Better transportation methods helped farmers reach a global market, but they also helped increase the cost of food, and helped more farmers give up agriculture as their employment, too. Technology helped farms become more efficient, but it also helped develop large, factory farms that ran small, independent farmers out of business because they could not compete financially.

Many other innovations that we take for granted today also changed the face of life in the twentieth century. One of those is plastic. "Time" Magazine editors note, "In 1908, Belgian inventor Leo Baekeland created Bakelite, the first plastic, by combining phenols and formaldehyde; it was used originally as an alternative to ivory billiard balls" (Editors). Plastic does not seem to be a vital invention, and yet, everywhere we look today there are plastics, from our computer keyboards and components, to Zip-lock storage bags, water bottles, and automobile interiors. Plastics are everywhere, and…… [Read More]


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Technologies Redefining Notion Literature The Story of

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technologies redefining notion literature?

The story of literature is a long and well told one, as the written form used to produce it to some degree always transforms its definitions and defining characteristics at least incrementally. Each and every time a new novel, poem or article is put to press it changes what literature is to some degree, some more than others but still at least a small change each time. Yet, more recently a new written format is the source of the potential and real change associated with literature. Prior to the 20th century even the smallest written message, a short poem or just a sentence had to be written in some form on paper that was then only limitedly transferable, to allow for the dissemination of the message it developed. Yet, with the development of word processing, the orld ide eb and various other technologies came change. The…… [Read More]

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Wireless Internet the Potential Role

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According to an online review,

Sprint PCS Vision is probably the best wireless web service around. It offers very reliable Internet at efficient speeds for a very low price. You have unlimited data transfers so don't fear any unexpected charges. Whether you use a Sprint cell phone, Sprint handheld, or a laptop, then you can take advantage of the web from almost anywhere with Sprint PCS Vision.

Success Factors

The success of Wireless Internet may depend on the following 3 major factors.

Wireless Internet Security

Continuous Network Availability

Wireless Internet Providers

Perhaps, the main objective in the emergence of Wireless Internet network is to make information instant and quickly available. Thus, two of the success factors that many finds are the ability of the Wireless Internet to be available anytime, as well as the capacity of the Wireless Internet providers to make this happen. Aside from this, when information is…… [Read More]


Development Potential of Wireless Internet Technology. 

Sprint Broadband.
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Technology Boom of the Last

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One authority describes the transition in telephony thusly: eally smart engineers advanced technology to evolve phones from wall hanging boxes with an operator making phone connections to little, fold-up cellular devices. Now the world of everything integrated - computer chips, display screens and communicating - has spawned the age of smartphones" (Oppenheim, 2011, p. 17).

Written methods

Written messages were passed through a variety of media, including circulars, memoranda, policy letters, notices, forms, and reports.

All of the 1991 methods as well as e-mail, facsimile machines, and SMS together with the above-mentioned wireless "look-at" devices that are internet enabled.

Visual methods

Manually prepared bar graphs; tape-based video recordings

PowerPoint presentation, digital video recordings, clip art, stock graphics and pictures; user-friendly touch-screen devices (Gentry, 2011).

Audio and/or sound methods

Tape recordings (20mm et al.), vinyl disks, CB

VoIP, stock sounds, computer-based recordings and editing

As can be readily discerned from the…… [Read More]


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Technology on CRM in Cincom

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Now the Cincom main website and ancillary sites all are compatible with the pple iPad, iPhone and iTouch, in addition to the comparison features on the site itself, which allows for different software applications to be compared as well. s Cincom sells its own guided selling system, the company uses this technology to provide customers with knowledge-based search throughout the entire product lines and also through specific prepackaged solution bundles as well. This has been very effective in upselling customers to a specific, customized solution.

The use of information technologies has also drastically changed how the distribution of products is also handled, in addition to the delivery of services. Cincom had in the past relied on a manually-based contract management system that took months at times to coordinate pricing, delivered software updates and special requirements of customers. Each contract had to be manually updated and each change had to be…… [Read More]

A secondary factor is how the use of these technologies has accelerated the use of comparison analysis on the part of customers. Now the Cincom main website and ancillary sites all are compatible with the Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch, in addition to the comparison features on the site itself, which allows for different software applications to be compared as well. As Cincom sells its own guided selling system, the company uses this technology to provide customers with knowledge-based search throughout the entire product lines and also through specific prepackaged solution bundles as well. This has been very effective in upselling customers to a specific, customized solution.

The use of information technologies has also drastically changed how the distribution of products is also handled, in addition to the delivery of services. Cincom had in the past relied on a manually-based contract management system that took months at times to coordinate pricing, delivered software updates and special requirements of customers. Each contract had to be manually updated and each change had to be approved by the controller of the company. As of 2009, the company completely redefined their contract management system and had it integrate into the Microsoft CRM system. This provided advance notice to the sales teams when a contract was about to expire, defined the terms of the contract, showed the history of the contract, and provided a scorecard of the lifetime value of the customer. With all this information, the sales teams now know when to begin discussions around a contract renewal and also know exactly what the prices are for the customers.

Within Cincom, any new software application cannot be released until a contract has been updated. In the past, the contract would be walked down to software distribution, where a CD was made and then shipped to the customer. This is no longer the case because software distribution is integrated directly to the contract management system. Now when a contract is renewed the CD is automatically prepared and shipped within hours. Customer satisfaction is way up as a result. A second area of where the combination of the CRM and contract management systems is paying off is in getting premium customer support sold to the largest accounts. Now with the combination of contract value and CRM data, sales reps are better able to manage their time and target only the most profitable and potentially high value customers for service upgrades. The result has been a 18% increase in profits for services in the last twelve months.
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Technologies the Recent Changes to

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This will allow sufficient time to integrate the different it support functions together. At the same time, the staff members can be highly trained in using this protocol. Next, administrators need to monitor these changes and the impact they are having on addressing these issues. This will allow for any kind of adjustments to be made in the strategy. Once the process has been streamlined is when this protocol could be introduced to the entire facility. (Michael, 2006) (Noimanee, 2007, pp. 80 -- 92)

The biggest risks associated with using this kind of technology is that the security and storage of personal information could be compromised. If this were to happen, it could give hackers unprecedented access to the location of staff members and employees inside the hospital. At the same time, they could use this as a way to look up personal information about patients or employees. (Michael, 2006)…… [Read More]


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Technology in Ways That Make

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Students can collaborate with students in other schools and other countries as they develop ideas, skills, and products. Students in a class can collaborate outside class without having to meet in person. The theory behind collaborative learning is that the social construction of knowledge leads to deeper processing and understanding than does learning alone (Appalachian Education Laboratory, 2005).

The bulletin board and the chat room have become the backbone of many Web-based learning environments. Sophisticated Web-based collaborative learning environments incorporate not only real-time, text-based conversation, but also audio- and videoconferencing, and shared work spaces, where multiple users can collaboratively work on the same document or application. These multimedia shared work spaces are facilitated by software such as Microsoft's Netmeeting ( http://www., Intel's Proshare ( / conferencing/index.htm), and CU-SeeMe ( / ). Multiuser object-oriented (MOO) text-based virtual reality environments now have a Web-based equivalent, WOOs (Web object oriented),…… [Read More]


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Technology in the Year 2003

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advancement, computer and information technology are double-edged swords. On one hand, they offer marginalized individuals and groups with effective new ways of empowerment. However, the same technology also threatens to sharpen the inequities that already exist between social groups.

This paper examines one of the most powerful ways in which groups have harnessed the promise of technology - through the redefinition and creation of new "cybercommunities." The first part of the paper looks at the example of Staying Connected, a network that provides single teenage mothers with public exchange messages, private e-mail and chatrooms.

The next part of the paper then looks at the main barrier to reaping the benefits of this rapidly changing technology. In the United States alone, for example, many people from disadvantaged communities do not have access to computers and information technology. The last part suggests steps that could be taken to avert this inequity, including…… [Read More]

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Technology Evolution

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Like many government agencies, research has shown that law enforcement has traditionally been slow in adopting new technologies in the past. However, today, emerging technologies are changing the landscape of police work every day, for instance; law enforcement technology has changed the way many police conduct businesses. In summary, this paper will discuss on the several technologies that have changed the face of law enforcement in recent years as well as, providing examples of the pros and cons of these new technologies.

New technology has a lasting effect on law enforcement agency such as enhancing crime prevention and crime solving strategies through information sharing. One of the technologies that have changed the face of law enforcement in recent years is the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. Studies have shown that police department has adopted new technology which is used to reach out…… [Read More]

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Technology for Effective Policing as

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The field is generally that of social control, informal and formal, and it sits in a surround, the larger political forces in a city or a nation (Manning 2008, p. 87).

The most prominent of these political pressures is a public, at least in the United States, that is ostensibly averse to constant monitoring as well as the continued militarization of the police force though the deployment of technologies such as those used in special operations. In their editorial regarding intersection cameras and automatic license plate scanners, the editors of McClatchy propose that, "somehow there has to be a way to take into consideration the uncomfortable feeling people get when they believe they are being spied on with the justifiable methods of making law enforcement more efficient" (McClatchy 2010). They suggest the place to start is the database where recorded video and license plate data is kept anywhere from a…… [Read More]

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Technologies Used by ISIS The Terrorist Organizations

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Terrorist organizations and terrorists are exploiting social media and the internet resources for the purpose of committing terrorist activities and for the facilitation of wide-ranging terrorist activities including radicalization, incitement, training, recruitment, communications, information gathering, planning, financing, and preparation (United Nations, n.d). Technology has quickly become a fundamental component of the modern day society. Technology governs itself therefore making it possible for terrorists to utilize it for the purpose of advancing their terrorism. Modern terrorism has become unpredictable and instantaneous thanks to technology. Technology has made it possible for terrorists to target large audiences and bring terror right into the home (InfoSec, 2018). Cyberspace is a technological environment that has no boundaries hence making it a place where terrorists can locate resources, disseminate propaganda information and launch attacks in any corner of the world.
5 main technological types and/or tools Used by ISIS for Information Sharing and Intelligence Gathering
Social…… [Read More]

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Strategic Information Technology Plan Oesterlen Services for

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Strategic Information Technology Plan

Oesterlen Services for Youth is an organization that helps troubled youth in Ohio. It consists of a counseling center and a foster care placement program, as well as residential services for both male and female youth for intensive care cases. In order for Oesterlen to continue to help as many youth as possible, it has to be up-to-date on its technology. To that end, it has set some goals for its computers from both a software and hardware standpoint. The current M.T.I. goals for the organization are to consolidate the servers and applications as much as possible. By partnering with others, Oesterlen will be better able to fulfill its mission of helping youth. The alliance between Qbase, ADP online, and the merger of a sizeable competitor will enable Oesterlen the ability to serve the clients better while maintaining the delicate balance between the mission goals and…… [Read More]


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