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World Bank Essays (Examples)

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World Trade Discuss International Trade Issues and
Words: 921 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6048240
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World Trade

Discuss international trade issues and how they impact starting a business in Denmark and how it pursues doing business with other countries

Denmark has been following bilateral trade policy based on free trade. This has helped it penetrate major markets while keeping the balance between import and exports. Denmark has been successful in the policy and has a lot of products exported to the U.S. And these include pharmaceutical products, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; electrical machinery and equipment, and Denmark also imports from the U.S. The World Bank economic indicators for Denmark for the year 2010 show that the current purchasing power per capita -- PPP is at $40,290. (Panjiva, 2012)

Denmark has expanded its trade relations recently with Canada. They both have identical business strategies. Both are based on the agri-food export sectors. The knowledge industries and the agricultural sector and modern concepts like…


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Bank An Overview the World
Words: 461 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 98951927
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The Bank has taken a proactive role worldwide. It has attempted to adopt a vocal role in addressing concerns of biodiversity, ozone depletion, narcotics, crime, corruption, and post-conflict reconstruction, particularly in the Balkans and est Bank.


The orld Bank has lent money to admittedly undemocratic, often brutal dictatorships, in the hopes that economic stability will lead to government reform. Yet "the public infrastructure projects funded by the IBRD have consistently been recognized as unmitigated disasters. Notably, Brazil's Polonoroeste road-building project set a significant portion of the Amazon rainforest on fire; the Sardar Sarovar dam project in India uprooted 240,000 Indians and was condemned by the orld Bank's own panel of investigators;...Internal reports suggest that one-third of orld Bank financed projects are failing" (eekes 2005)

There is a risk that the Bank may be duplicating the role of existing UN agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (eekes 2005). The UN…

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Bank for International Settlements Bis
Words: 3026 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75432570
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From its creation to 1988 it undertook banking functions and opined generally on the international banking system.

2. Starting in 1988 it began to assume the role of an unofficial international bank regulator. Although it had no official international status, its members -- central banks of the major banking countries -- were obligated by the nature of their membership to abide by its edicts and the rest of the world took them seriously.

3. Starting in the late 1990s, it began to consider itself the equivalent of an international bank regulator. Every subject of significance was within its jurisdiction and, although its legal powers were no greater, it assumed that it had a right to make rules for local banks to observe in the conduct of their businesses.

4. Sometime in the future there is a widespread anticipation that it will be given, through some treaty mechanism, the power to…


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Bank Is an Essential Organization
Words: 866 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44623277
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The World Bank asserts that this project will also improve the quality of life for the people of Uruguay by producing skilled jobs ("Uruguay: World Bank Approves...").

The article reports that another purpose of the project is to support the government as it relates to strengthening the capacity of the country to produce, transfer, and adapt knowledge and new technology ("Uruguay: World Bank Approves..."). As it relates to this aim the project is designed to encourage the strengthening of the institutional framework for technology, science, and innovation. In addition the project is designed to support investments in education; technology transfer and innovation within the private sector; and research alliances and transportation/flexibility for researchers between educational institutions and the productive sector ("Uruguay: World Bank Approves...").

In addition to the aforementioned activities, there are many other activities that the World Bank is currently involved in that are aimed at improving living standards…


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World Bank Vows to Strengthen Health Systems in Poor Countries with New,contentMDK:21318554~pagePK:34370~piPK:34424~theSitePK:4607,00.html

World Nutrition
Words: 1035 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77229653
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Food and dietary habits vary from region to region; mostly guided by cultural preferences, access to resources and income levels. It has often found that western countries rarely ever complain of malnutrition problem, while it persists in third world countries. The reason for this is grounded in income levels and access to resources. Most developing countries heavily rely on pulses and beans for calories while most western-nations exhibit a greater taste for meat and poultry. This demonstrates on the one hand, cultural tastes while on the other it also says a great deal about income and poverty. In a report and survey revealed in 1980s, it was found that there existed noticeable differences in per capital supply of calories and protein in different regions of the world (see Table 1). It was observed that developing countries had calories intake 9% lower than the world average. The developed countries on…


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WWI the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Words: 1553 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55010445
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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife represented a culmination of several concurrent forces, all of which led to the outbreak of World War. The concurrent forces that led to World War One can be loosely grouped under the following categories: nationalism, imperialism, and militarism. Within each of these categories are ample sub-categories that can testify to the extent of forces that shaped the pre-war conditions throughout not just Europe but the entire world. World War One was a total war for many reasons: it involved serious civilian casualties on a horrific scale for all parties. The Great War also brought to light the impact of globalization on the global economy and political enterprise. Nationalism, imperialism, and militarism all played a part in shaping participation in World War One; the effects of which continue to reverberate.

As Marshall (2001) points out, "Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were all…


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Banks Improper Foreclosure and Mortgage Practices in
Words: 2595 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65893364
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Improper Foreclosure and Mortgage Practices in the Banking Industry

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Real Estate Bubble

Sub-Prime Mortgages

Overview on the Value of Banks

Arguments against Financial Intermediaries

Ethical Violations

This research paper aims to shed light into what led to the global financial collapse that, for the most part, began in the U.S. housing market and the ethical implications that followed. Many researchers agree that the primary drivers that led to the real estate crisis was the lifting of the Glass Steagall Act, the fostering of sub-prime lending, and the creation of derivatives and credit default swaps which were used as complex financial instruments. This offered the big five banks an entire new range of operating opportunities. All of these financial tools were justified by the efficient market hypothesis and as a consequence provide evidence for the lack of a truly efficient market. As a result of the financial…

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World Is Flat An Assessment
Words: 1691 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93312973
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Yet Mr. Friedman does not go to this depth of analysis and relies instead of lengthy, conversational passages in the book that could be trimmed and made more potent, relevant and valuable. The concept Mr. Friedman discusses of the Untouchables is altogether too elitist as well, and this chapter of the book is an illusion; there is no job safe in a globalized world. Only those willing to compete at exceptionally high levels and deliver exceptionally high levels of service, value and insight are going to survive. Globalization's safe harbors are exceptional knowledge, talent and intensity of focus. It is not merely due to the fact that someone is from a given nation. This is certainly the case in Saudi Arabia, where the growth of financial services firms from the United Stakes, the United Kingdom and other westernized nations are more dependent than ever on the Saudi economy as the…

World War I Known at
Words: 3255 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87605902
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From the beginning of the war, there had been some variation in the Canadian attitude toward the conflict. Canada never questioned the legitimacy of the war and did not question the need for Canadian participation. There were differences of opinion, though, concerning how extensive the Canadian contribution should be. These variations affected the response to calls for enlistment and divided the country as the towns were more willing than the countryside, the prairies more willing than the Atlantic seaboard, and "it was observed that the proportion of enlistments achieved by any social group appeared to vary almost inversely to the length of its connection with Canada. On the one hand, the ritish-born -- the new arrivals with a large proportion of unattached males of military age -- gave the highest percentage of their numbers to the armed services, and, on the other hand, the French Canadians unquestionably gave the…


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World War I Like All
Words: 1716 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82623559
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National debt and veterans benefits for example drove a permanent increase in taxes, although these were not as high as during the war. The country's international economic position was also permanently affected. Its pre-war status as a debtor country was permanently changed to a net creditor, in the order of $6.4billion. Also, the power as financial world leader shifted from London and the Bank of England to New York, with an enhancement of the Federal Reserve's role (World War I History). In general, it appears as if the war effort had a favorable impact on the U.. economy. The devastating human and resource losses were offset by favorable economic factors. In this way, World War I changed the economic position of the United tates both permanently and favorably.


Duffy, Michael. "The Causes of World War I." feature articles. March 27, 2004.

U.. Declaration of War with Germany,…


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World War II Book Review
Words: 1603 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34700032
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It is key to understanding the author's view of love and even her own status as a woman and as a thinker. Of course, the book can simply be read as a love story of infidelity and sexual liberty gone wrong in the face of an ever-changing political society in a state of national and European chaos. But the Mandarins de Beauvoir referred to were also the elite, the intellectual elites of Chinese society who held themselves above from the common peasants.

Thus, by calling her fellow Left Bank intellectuals 'Mandarins' De Beauvoir symbolically calls upon her fellow intellectuals to become part and parcel of the political fray, rather than wasting their energies with entangling personal alliances that can be just as dissipating as the betrayals of Vichy and the subsequent alliances that sapped the French nation of its own vital energies. She calls upon the intellectual Mandarins of French…

CIBC the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Words: 1923 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22709913
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The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is one of the "Big Five" Canadian banks. It was founded in 1961 by the merger of the Canadian Bank of Commerce (founded 1867) and the Imperial Bank of Canada (founded 1875). Today, the CIBC is the fifth-largest of these by total revenue, earning $12.09 billion in FY2010 (PC, 2011). This report will evaluate the CIBC in terms of a number of different factors in order make a judgment about the merits of investing in the bank's stock. The analysis will comprise of an industry analysis, a company analysis, and a valuation analysis.

According to the company's 2011 Annual Report, the CIBC earned total revenue of $12.249 billion in FY2011. This was split between interest income (51.8%) and non-interest income (48.2%). From this, the bank earned a net income of $3.079 billion. The recession years of 2008 and 2009 saw a sharp…

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Social World The Effects of Information Technology
Words: 2174 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83883196
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social world?

The effects of information technology on the society

The social capital framework

In this paper, we evaluate the validity of the statement that IT is radically changing the social world. We perform a critical analysis of the concept of social world and social capital and how it is influenced by information technology. This is carried against the backdrop of the concept of information technology as the conceptual framework. The paper concludes that indeed the statement that IT is radically changing the social world is true.

The contemporary society has witnessed a series of transformations which can directly be attributed to the concept of technological dynamism. Technological dynamism is a concept which was defined by Albu (2009) as the rate of exchange in the level of predictability of new technologies. The technological advancements that we witness today are largely as a result of the lack of knowledge that exists…

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Woolcock, M., & Narayan, D. (2000). Social capital: Implications for development theory, research, and policy. The World Bank Research Observer, 15, 225-249.

Mountain Bank
Words: 1039 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31680921
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Mountain Bank Case Study

In order to achieve competitive advantage, Mountain Bank needs to work on its existing four lines of business instead of expanding into any new area. This is because if it concentrates on the currently served markets, it will find room for improvement that would help the bank gain competitive advantage without eroding its profits or using its financial resources.

The one most important strategy that it must adopt is to improve its deposit volume. We learn from the case study that Mountain bank doesn't find checking accounts very profitable but we know that they can be turned into highly stable source of income if correct strategies are implemented and deposit growth is one such strategy. (Zagha et al. 2005, p. 206)

For one if the company gives its customers some incentives for using their checking accounts for direct deposits, this would make Mountain Bank their primary…


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Ending Extreme Poverty in the World Is it Possible
Words: 786 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48433678
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Ending Extreme Poverty

To read the reports and the projections of The World ank, it would seem that it is possible to end extreme poverty in the world by 2030. How realistic is that goal? It is not possible to know for sure if that goal is achievable, but when the facts of how many people live in terrible, depressing poverty, credit has to be given to The World ank for trying. This paper presents the facts and projections of The World ank and of the United Nations as well.

The World ank's Plan

In a press release issued in April, 2014, The World ank expressed the notion that countries cannot expect to reduce grinding poverty amongst their citizens simply by expanding economic growth. The right way to reduce extreme poverty is to " ... complement efforts to enhance growth" with programs that allocate more resources to the extreme poor"…


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Problem: Poverty." Huffington Post. Retrieved October 3, 2015, from .

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October 2, 2015. Retrieved from .

Empowerment According to the World
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51643047
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Any tactical decision must take into consideration its costs and its benefits, and be used only in those instances when the company will outperform as a result. Yes, empowerment must be aligned with strategy, but the concept of empowerment is sufficiently vague that managers may have difficulty knowing when this is the case.

hen the orld Bank speaks of empowerment, the context is known. It is derived from principles such as democracy and free markets. If people can do as they please then as rational economic actors they will, in aggregate, improve their economic lot. The corporation, however, is a poor analogy for the world or a nation. Corporations have specific goals, and they also have constraints with respect to funding and activities that are not present in broader societies. Management's role in empowerment is much greater than the role of governmental leaders. Management must not only facilitate employee empowerment…

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Feed the World the Economist
Words: 3049 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4137780
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Native populations never had such concepts. That many nations are artificial creations incapable of food self-sufficiency undercuts the self-sufficiency argument. Nations around the world may need, at the very least, to organization into larger, more diverse blocs the way Europe has in order to have any hope of attaining food self-sufficiency.


Inefficient and illogical colonial-era boundaries are just one externality that is impacting the ability of the world to feed itself. Trade regulations are another. No matter the justification, trade barriers and tariffs reduce the efficiency of the global food trade. hen nations protect certain industries with these barriers, they fail to take advantage of comparative advantages. orse, such regulations stifle innovation. hen regulations are removed, innovation allows industries to find a new equilibrium. An example of this can be found with Canadian wine production. Prior to the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Act, the Canadian wine industry was subsidized heavily.…

Works Cited:

Eide, W. & Kracht, U. (2009). Official responses to the world food crisis in light of the human right to food. Retrieved March 20, 2010 from  

Policy Formulation in a World
Words: 5010 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31469771
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This balkanization is partially driven by the lack of integration between various segments of itself, and this is primarily a technological limitation. Yet the far broader and more difficult challenge in this regard is the segregating of knowledge not just for profit, but for lasting competitive advantage between nations. On the one hand there is the need for competitive differentiation in company's offerings, yet in others including the sharing of primary research in medicine and biomedical fields and stem cell research there is the ethical responsibility to share these insights gained to foster solutions to the world's most pressing medical problems. M. Van Alstyne and E. Brynjolfsson, researchers on the growth patterns and threat of Internet balkanization from MIT, remark in their conference paper from a 1996 conference that the balkanization of science is a significant threat. The two MIT researchers cite the studies they have completed showing how despite…


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Fate of Earth the World
Words: 1529 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66532542
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The only hope rests in being sensible and alert to the danger we have incurred upon ourselves. Going green and seriously focusing on renewable forms of energy is the only way that we could save this planet from the impending disaster.


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European Union on the World
Words: 3022 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 96672686
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This development approach, by the European Union, is similar to the Bretton Woods institutions' 'Washington consensus', which was developed in the latter half of the 1980s, following "several severe balance of payments crises of developing countries" (Nienhaus, 2002, p. 55). The European Union does not favor indiscriminate opening of markets, but rather it looks for more liberal trade arrangements with developing countries and the European Union solely. This policy has been repeatedly criticized by the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and World Bank.

The basic philosophy behind this position is that market forces are better able to foster economic development, compared to state intervention. If a developing country has prices which reflect the relative scarcity of goods and services, as well as indicate comparative advantages, these countries will be able to attract foreign investment. This investment will result in a transfer of both capital and technology. As Nienhaus…


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Rapid Post-World War II Economic Growth for
Words: 1268 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94260424
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rapid, post-orld ar II economic growth for the Japanese economy. A survey of the literature provides insights into management practices of Japanese firms, and offers direction for necessary changes that the American economy must make to successfully compete.

Because of the exceptional growth of East Asia in the 70s and 80s, a number of studies were conducted to determine the causes of economic development, particularly in Japan. Hayumi's article explored the question of whether there were lessons to be learned that would improve U.S. economic performance. Hayami argued that while the orld Bank study of the "East Asian Miracle" acknowledged successful cases of government planning and control in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, the report did not provide a unique model of economic development. Given the complexity of political and government interventions, Hayami argued that the success of the northern tier could not be duplicated. Moreover, countries in the southern tier…

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Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant
Words: 2537 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46503027
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Creating Word Class Performance in a Jaguar Assembly Plant

Multiple Cause Diagram

In the above multiple cause diagram, six feedback loops exist and they relate to the following sub-systems.


Customer Orders


Stores, and Production

The model indicates that the goal is matching the demand with production and is causal to seamless back-to-back activities in the areas of purchasing, production and planning. The diagram explores significant areas such as the impact changes in customer schedule has on production requirements. Customer schedule changes are difficult to determine precisely, especially as pertains to production due dates and material needs (Tomar, 2008).

The diagram below can be very helpful in identifying the factors driving a certain change event. It can be used to identify "cause chains" and help in the identification of key elements. While it is relatively simple, it indicates clearly why a change is taking place and in doing so…


Belogolovsky, E. & Bamberger, P., 2014. Signaling in Secret: Pay for Performance and the Incentive and Sorting Effects of Pay Secrecy. Academy of Management Journal, 57(6), pp. 1706-1733.

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Sweden Economy International Business Sweden the World
Words: 4560 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99701775
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Sweden Economy

International business: Sweden

The world economic powers have controlled the world economies for the longest time. Sweden is a remarkably small nation, yet it has developed to become among the best and wealth endowed nations in the world. It is a historically established nation that has been existence as early as the 7th century. From these early centuries, Sweden has been known for the level of involvement and development in trade.

Geographic, demographic and natural resources information of Sweden

The geography of Sweden makes it a nation of envy by many others. Sweden has a small area of total coverage of about 449,964 sq km. The area that is dry land is about 410, 934 sq km, and the rest is water. This in comparison to the United States is just slightly larger than the state of California by about land total 2,233 km. Sweden has a coastline…


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (2012). OECD Territorial Reviews:

Sma-land-Blekinge, Sweden 2012: (Swedish version). Vaxjo: Regional council of Southern Smaland, Sweden.

Development, O.E.C. (2013). OECD Economic Surveys. Paris: OECD Pub.

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Development in the World
Words: 1377 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 62820639
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preferences by countries can led to different forms of the challenges that they face and the strategies they choose to address these challenges. However, in an increasingly globalized world, many modern challenges are increasingly affecting the world's population as a whole; like climate change for example. Thus the next generations of challenges will require solutions that involve an unprecedented level of global collaboration. Furthermore, these challenges can be thought of in terms of social, economic, and environmental challenges. This paper will briefly outline three development challenges that are facing development in the 21st century.

Climate Change

Climate change, also known as global warming, is an environmental phenomenon that has attracted significant global attention in recent decades. This is arguably an issue that can be thought of as an existential issue. Climate change stands the potential not only to threaten many animal species around the world in a new global masses…


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Global Economies Each Region in the World
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Global Economies

Each region in the world has a different economic policy guided by various fundamentals and policies in place. Members of a region may dictate how the business in that particular region is conducted. Several factors therefore have to be considered by businesses and countries when they want to engage in business with one another. When doing business, a critical analysis of the host country in terms of the macroeconomic dynamics is of great importance to evaluate how they affect business and also taking into account the barriers, tariffs and regulations of trade that may affect the exportation of goods and services.

Certain regions have trade blocks that govern the rules of doing business; such regions enforce barriers to protect the economies of the member countries and to bar foreign investors and importers from providing goods and services to compete against their respective domestic products. Some countries have heavy…

For purposes of this paper, the focus is on Australia which has one of the best economies in the world. Australia is ranked thirteenth best economy with its per capita income being ranked as one of the best in the world. Its human development index is also one of the best compared to other major economies of the world with its national performance in areas such as the economic freedom, education, protection rights, health and quality of life in general still ranked high. It has one of the best organized governments with clear structures and a working constitution that governs and protects the citizens. Geographically it is one of the largest countries with six states namely; South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia (Ralph Kelly, 2012).

Australia generally is a wealthy nation with a population of about 22.2 million; its major cities are ranked as the most livable cities in the world. The Australian dollar (AUD) which is its main currency is stronger than the U.S. dollar (USD) and the exchange rate is 1 AUD equals to 1.03810 USD an indication of a good economy for foreign investment (XE, 2012). A stronger domestic currency is good for the importers but unproductive for the country's exports in the International markets as they become expensive and less competitive. The barometer predicts a decrease in the value against the USD by 2013 with a strong performance before the 2013 down drift. Different categories of business operators expect AUD/USD to go as high as $1.06 and weaken to $1.02 by 2013 onwards (Commonwealth Bank 2012).

Australia's annual economic growth for the last 15 years is 3.6%, the GDP growth rate estimates for 2011-2012 according to World Bank ranges from 3.2% to 3.8% which is a positive indicator. The International Monetary Fund report has also indicated that it is the world's best performing advanced economy, a status that is expected to prevail in the next two to three years. The year 2012 has had a growth rate of 3.1% therefore with all the fundamentals constant, a forecast of 3.3% increase is expected in 2013. The inflation (CPI) for Australia is 2.8% while the interest rate ranges between 3-6%.The interest rate forecast remains constant as sources reveal, the rate has been constant at 3.25% for the last three consecutive months being backed up by the domestic indicators. Inflation is also expected to remain

Non-American Culture the World Outside
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Workers are employed in fisheries, mining, and defense industries while the farmers work in the agricultural collectives. Standards of living are defined by the family background as to the political and ideological heritage. The children of revolutionaries (those who died in the Korean War) are given special educational opportunities at an elite school called the Mangyndae Revolutionary Institute. However, the children and descendants of those who were in collaboration with the Japanese or the "exploiting class" are considered to be 'bad elements' in the society.

North Korea supports equality in aspect of the genders. The employment of women is expected and demanded by the South Korean government and those working with children under the age of four are expected to put the children in permanent nurseries if there is no family to take care of them while the mother works. However, the women are paid less than are men and…


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Political Science Kent State University.

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Main Cause of Poverty Among the World's Poor Billions
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Natural Resources: The Leading Development Trap

This paper argues that the natural resources trap is the main cause of poverty among billions of people in the poorest countries in the world today.

Paul Collier (2007 p 4), in his famous book, ottom illions, thoroughly explores and discusses the causes behind the grueling poverty of a billion people in the poorest countries. At the outset, he narrows down the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations into tracing the development progress of countries up to this year. This has led to the realization of a billion rich people in separate developed countries against five billion in separate under-developed, developing or non-developing countries. That horrid contrast reflects the 80% of humanity that lives in these stagnant countries and poses the true challenge to all development efforts everywhere. The author emphasizes that these people in these countries are not only "falling behind" but…


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World War II Drew to a Close
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World War II drew to a close, and the planet was forced to recalibrate in unprecedented proportions, the United States began its long emergence as the most expansive super-power that had yet been known. Its influence that would compete virulently with the post-war Soviet influence for half a century, has since disseminated into every facet of the geopolitical theatre. As such, American support can operate as the determining factor in the success of a national agenda. Likewise, American dissent can be the stifling roadblock that sets nations adrift in failure and, consequently, resentment. So it's important to acknowledge that a nation's complaint of American neglect is more than just the bitter rhetoric of the disenfranchised. The emphasis placed on American approval and volition is fairly justified when one considers the weight and implication of the U.S. stance on any given topic. And it's certainly fair to say that American intervention…

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Bank for International Settlement
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Bank for International Settlements

The inception of the Bank for International Settlements

The Bank for International Settlements was created in 1930 pursuant to the Young Plan, also known as the Dawes Plan under the Hague Agreement (Baker 2). At its inception, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was to assume the responsibilities of the Agent General for Reparations in Berlin which consisted of collecting, administrating and distributing the annuities that were payable as reparations (BIS History -- Overview 1). These original responsibilities were the source of the BIS' name (BIS History- Overview 1). According to the BIS eb site, "The BIS was also created to act as a trustee for the Dawes and Young Loans (international loans issued to finance reparations) and to promote central bank cooperation in general" (BIS History -- Overview 2). As these original responsibilities were satisfied, the purpose of the BIS has also changed as discussed…

Works Cited

About BIS. (2014). The Bank for International Settlements. [online] available: http://www.bis.


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CT: Quorum Books, 2002.

Bank for International Settlements 2010
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The increase in profits (at certain points) highlights the overall risks vs. rewards, as they can see substantial growth of 5% each year. Moreover, the performance of various strategies used in management of hedge funds experienced a greater feat, despite having less asset classes to choose from.

Over the years, the hedge fund industry has shown consistent growth and increase in its regulatory issues. This is because managers are using strategies that: increase the overall amounts of risk, while offering the possibility of greater financial rewards. As a result, the odds improve that investors could experience significant losses in these areas (which increases the overall amounts of regulatory scrutiny).

Hedge funds will experience more changes that will lessen its variance in comparison with mutual funds. Where, it will determine its investors and techniques of management without being greatly influenced by: institutionalization or regulation of the finance industry. In 2005, Ibbotson…


Hedge and Pension Funds, 2011.

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Reserve Bank of New York, pp. 1 -- 7.

Management Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World
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Bank of America: Organizing Function of Management

Bank of America is the leading commercial financial institution of the United States. Founded in 1874, the bank has a long history of offering financial services to large and small businesses and individuals in America and abroad. Bank of America couldn't possibly have been where it is today without an efficient Human resource management system and good and effective use of technology. The company places great emphasis on human resource development right from the start. For starters it has a good hiring policy that ignores differences of race, sex, color and creed. The bank has truly been an equal opportunity employer. BoA has also been focusing on appropriate job design by offering job rotation and enlargement so each individual can get the best out of the position at which he/she is serving. It has been trying to improve its job design so every…


Bank of America. Press Releases.

HRM REPORT. Accessed online 18th May 2011

Reconstructing the Occurrence of the WW1 and the Great Depression
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World War I and the Great Depression

World War I

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914 sparked the occurrence of the First World War. A Serbian nationalist called Gavrilo Princip murdered him as the heir apparent to the throne of Austria. However, other underlying factors that contributed to the rivalry between the Great Powers include the system of alliances, nationalism, domestic political factors, militarism, the Eastern question (The Balkans), and the crises before 1914. The main powers of Europe before 1914 were: (i) the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy (1882) and (ii) the Triple Entente of Britain, ussia and France (1907). In nature, the alliances were defensive, and this implied that major political disputes inevitably would lead to large and not small conflicts. Nationalism looked at eager people across the world who wanted to let the rest of the world know how strong and…


Giangreco, D. M. & Griffin, R. E. (1988). Airbridge to Berlin -- The Berlin Crisis of 1948, Its Origins and Aftermath. Background on Conflict with USSR.

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Modern World History
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1770 and 1850, the economy of England became industry based as opposed to agriculture based as it used to be before (Toynbee, 1884). This was due to technological inventions that were ongoing in many spheres that were finally integrated. This led to the development of factories that really never existed before. The development of industries was owed to better transport system that created larger markets. It took the society some time to adjust to the new economic system different from the agrarian economy they were conversant with. This paper seeks to highlight why industrial revolution started in Britain. There were quite a number of factors that led to British Industrial evolution.

One of the major factors that caused industrial revolution in Britain was the expansion of trade save for the mercantile economic policies that had early been instituted. Because of decline of feudalism, farmers were no longer bound to the…

References List

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Regions Bank as Well as
Words: 2345 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9592014
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Making loans to high-risk borrowers, engaging in risk or faulty investments, and otherwise managing money in a sloppy way is a surefire way to get derision from regulatory bodies and/or the public. The figures for the competition bear out that remaining in proper fiscal shape in banking operations is possible even during these uncertain times and there is no reason why egions Bank cannot do the same.

Over the next twelve quarters, customer service initiatives to drive and retain recurring business are important as this is the best thing egions Bank can do to get some breathing room. Attracting high-quality borrowers that are willing to borrow money during uncertain times is also important and at a premium nowadays. A barrier to both of these ideas is that people often become paralyzed and are hesitant to make major fiscal decisions in the midst of economic uncertainty. The potential loss of a…


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Johnson Bank v George Korbaken Company Johnson
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Johnson Bank v. George Korbaken Company

Johnson Bank v. George Korbakes Company

Over the last several years, the role of the auditor has been continually evolving. This is because financial institutions are relying on the information they are provided with to help them make better choices in the long-term. However, there are times when these firms may not have accurate figures and erroneously report their findings. When this happens, there is a possibility of these facts leading to incorrect decisions. (Adelopo, 2012) ("Johnson Bank sued George Korabakes," 2006)

The case of Johnson Bank v. George Korbakes Company is examining these factors and the long-term impacts they will have on various stakeholders. To determine if the auditor is responsible for the claims they make requires carefully examining the effects. This will be accomplished by focusing on the case itself, the primary / secondary legal questions, the rule of law, the court's…


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Commonwealth Bank of Australia Retail Banking Service
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

etail Banking Service

Premium Business Services

Wealth Management

Marketing Strategies at CBA


Competitor Analysis

National Australia Bank

Australian and New Zealand Banking Group

Western Pacific Bank

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Mobile Application

One Stop Solution

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia:

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Commonwealth Bank of Australia or CBA is one of the four large banks of Australia. The bank was established in 1911 as a government bank, since then, it has seen tremendous growth. Today, Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a multinational bank with operations across United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Fiji, New Zeeland and Asia. The bank got privatized in 1996, with issuances of shares worth 1.2 Billion USD in 1991, 1.7 Billion USD in 1993, and 5 Billion USD in 1996. As of January, 2008, Commonwealth Bank of Australia was the second largest Australian listed company…

References: 2014. Personal - Online Banking | ANZ. [online] Available at:  / [Accessed: 29 Mar 2014]. 2014. Personal - Commonwealth Bank. [online] Available at:  / [Accessed: 29 Mar 2014]. 2014. Tools - Commonwealth Bank. [online] Available at:  

Furniture Bank Over the Past Few Years
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Furniture Bank

Over the past few years Furniture Bank has differentiated itself from other charity organization through its commitment to industry innovation which has made it one of Canadian most famous organization (Peter & Donnelly, 2006). The marketing abilities of the Organization have enabled it to compensate for its initial otherwise tight financial circumstances to establish an excess cash record over few years of operation whose main sources were; donations from the government and other corporate entities (Slack et al., 2010). The main vision of the Furniture Bank Organization includes constant achievement of operational excellence, conducting business in a safe environmentally sustainable and economically optimum way and manufacturing and supplying furniture and other households as well as services that ensure customer satisfaction in as far as their needs are concerned (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2009). The Organization also has a few objectives that include realization of potential of their staff, maximum…


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Tour of the World Is
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The morning meal will be included in this fare, with $100 being spent on the necessary six other meals of the three day stay. $175, 3,542.89 MXN, is allocated to transportation, sightseeing fares, souvenirs (compulsory sombrero) and the exploration of the night life; $100 is saved (all the money saved in one location is used to pay the counter value of the larger expenses, such as a cruise to Africa).

(*) Three days in Brazil -- a budget of $525 (925.755 Brazil reais, at an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1.76 BL); $300, or 529.01 BL will be spent on boarding within a three start hotel; $50 will be saved and $125 will be spent on bus transportation, sightseeing fares and food.

(*) Estimated cost of the trip from Brazil to Nigeria - $400

(*) Three days in Nigeria -- $180 per hotel room (26,865 Nigerian naira, at an…


Antarctica, Enjoy Chile, last accessed on December 10, 2009

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Securitization and Bank Liquidity the
Words: 4798 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13613783
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.." The Federal Reserve continues to keep a watch on both "current and potential exposures..." And are in the process of a review of the collateral valuation methods of the banking industry." (Kohn, 2008)

Kohn states that disruptions in liquidity in some financial markets have resulted in banking organizations facing challenges and specifically at present "significant liquidity demands can emanate from both the asset and liability of the bank's balance sheet." (Kohn, 2008) Kohn relates that when liquidity is reduced in the markets specifically for "certain structured credit products the creation of challenges and concerns relating to valuating spreads into other sectors and "illiquidity in some credit markets may make it difficult for some market participants, including banking organizations, to hedge positions effectively." (Kohn, 2008) Kohn states that the banking industry in the U.S. is up against some very serious challenges however, the Federal Reserve in cooperation with banking agencies…


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Strategic Planning in a Bank's
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While many banks are closing branches, that is not necessarily the best strategy for banks attempting to stay close to their customers.

Transaction costs: Of course all banks want to reduce transactions costs, but how many look at their customer's cost/value trade-offs. A win-win may be online banking at Wells Fargo, or a tie-up with Quicken and Microsoft Money, assuming the customers in focus are computer-savvy and are happy with low touch. Transaction costs exist on both sides -- the bank and the customer. A bank's strategic plan should insure that the customer sees time-savings, lowered costs or improvements to his/her business.

Promotion: Promotion, advertising and other techniques should be the result of the above thinking. Once a bank decides on its chosen market and what services it wants to deliver, the decision on marketing strategies is much easier.


The preponderance of evidence indicates that banks which employ strategic…


Hopkins, SA and Hopkins, WE. "Strategic Planning-Financial Performance Relationships in Banks: A Causal Examination." Strategic Management Journal (1997): 635-652.

Ibrahim, NA and Rue, LW. "The Relationship between Planning Sophistication and Performance in Small Businesses." The Journal of Small Business Management (1998): 24-33.

Scholtens, B. Competition, Growth, and Performance. Economic Performance Analysis. Groningen: University of Groningen, 2000.

This is clearly difficult to derive, but an excellent study on the G7 countries found robust proof that large and smaller banks do best. Source: (Scholtens)

Federal Reserve Bank
Words: 3511 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20291336
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Federal eserve Bank

Financial services as an industry has progressed to become one of the widely transforming sectors of the global economy, having significant changes in information transference and processing, innovation in terms of commodities and processes, and rapid competition among the financial institutions -- among themselves and also among their several customers. The industry and its part in the transformations in the economy show that the supervising and regulatory structure also needs to be reevaluated periodically. The aim of bank regulation is mostly the same -- to attain maximum static and dynamic efficiency levels in the midst of a politically and economically permissible framework which is stable and equal. However the profits are always associated with a cost by means of stability and equity. A more stable and equal financial system usually need sacrifices with regard to efficiency. (Saunders, p. 3)

A properly functioning, effective banking system is necessary…


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Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier
Words: 2306 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23028582
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Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Bank Teller Pay

Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Banking Industry Practices

etention ates for Tellers

Opportunity Cost for Promotion

Enabling Cross-Selling

Consideration of Drawbacks

Compensation of tellers at Wachovia Bank is closely tied to turnover rates. Employee turnover is costly because resources must be expended to replace employees who leave. ecruitment and training can be expected to be approximately one-third of an employee's salary. In the banking industry, the turnover rate for tellers also impacts the bank's ability to efficaciously cross-sell investment products. High turnover rates of promotable employees contribute to increased expenditures by the human resources department since searches must be orchestrated with outside executive search consultants. The banking industry is in survival mode. In order for Wachovia Bank to survive in this industry, we must take care of our frontline. The frontline of Wachovia Bank is our tellers. A…


Careers: Teller, (2011). Wells Fargo / Wachovia [Web] Retrieved 

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Looking for research on the cost of staff turnover? (2011). LinkedIn. [Discussion] Retrieved 

612746-20209499 [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK]

EMV in Iranian Banks EMV
Words: 3023 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 37609481
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This is largely due to time and logistical issues involved in conducting the face-to-face interviews. However, this still represents 50% of the entire sample population. Therefore, it is expected that the opinions expressed in the interviews will be a good representation of Iranian banks.

3.5 Data Collection

The primary aim of the study is to identify the challenges that Iranian banks face in the implementation of EMV. This research is divided into two portions. The first part will be the survey questionnaire. The second will be face-to-face interviews. Where possible, the researcher will visit the bank and administer the questionnaire in person. However, is some cases, this will not be possible, either because of the distances that need to be traveled or the schedule of the bank official. In these cases, the questionnaire will be emailed to the participant and they can return it at their convenience. As the sample…


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"List of Banks in Iran." 2010. Available at: [accessed August 29, 2010].

Sumner, M. 2000. Risk factors in enterprise-wide/ERP projects Journal of Information Technology 15, 317 -- 327

Deutsche Bank Fire Reasons of
Words: 3044 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49024282
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One of the main reasons that have been highlighted by the prosecutors is that the pressure to clear up the asbestos from the basement was intense and the contractors were constantly being forced to finish the work. Because of an increased pressure, the contractors and the workers working under the contractors were working in a miscalculated manner. One of the wrong decisions that were made by the contractors was to ignore the broken water pipe in one of the floors being demolished. This has been highlighted as evidence by the District Attorney Joel Seidemann in one of his closing arguments at the trial that had been going on since two months in the Manhattan Supreme Court

Other than the three contractors, the third party that had been under investigation for more than 16 months was the New York City itself. In this case, the court mentioned that the city authority…

Work Cited

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UK Banks the UK Economy Was One
Words: 1443 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40335778
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UK Banks

The UK economy was one of the major victims of the recent global economic downturn. This is in no small measure to blame on the country's significantly sized banking sector, where giants like HSBC and Barclays were generally assumed to be "too big to fail." Today, after being the subject of both economic and political scrutiny, the very same reasons are being used to claim that these giants are "too big to save." Both concepts have enjoyed significant critical attention since the economic downturn. Although little has been offered by way of a cure for the failures of the current UK banking system, the general consensus appears to be that something needs to change if future economic disaster is to be averted.

According to Preston (2010), there can be little argument about the phrase "too big" when applied to the UK banking giants. When comparing the market share…


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Peoples' Bank
Words: 901 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 39478188
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People's Banks

Critically analyze the strategies adopted by Dinesh to retain the leading position.

The hard work and determination of Dinesh, who joined the branch as branch head in June 1998 helped to create a successful business. He went in with one focus, which was to grow the banks probability margin and make it successful as he could. Taking note of new technological advances and innovations at an early start helped to establish ideas of services that would help to establish their place at the top of the sector. The Multi-programmed strategy set into place by Dinesh helped to save the bank from an otherwise different outcome, into a profitable success.

A very important strategy that every business must have on point is their customer service. Without the presences and happiness of customers your business will slowly fail and soon a business will not exist. Dinesh saw this important aspect…

Herding in Bank Panics
Words: 3113 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33463129
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Herding in Bank Panics

The work of Devenow and Welch (1996) states that the most basic of human instincts is likely to be that of "…imitation and mimicry" which are the primary characteristics in what is known as 'herding' which often specifically occurs related to such as "fashion and fads…" (Devenow and Welch, 1996, p.603) Devenow and Welch go on to state that among financial economists there is a belief that "investors are influenced by the decisions of other investors and that this influence is a first-order effect." (p.603)

It is reported in the work of Donaldson (1992) entitled "Sources of Panics: Evidence from the Weekly Data" that panic is defined by Jevons (1884) as "a rapid rise in the rate of discount, a sudden flood of bankruptcy and a fall in consols, followed by a rise" (p.8). It is additionally reported that Calomiris and Gorton (1991) "define a panic…


Avgouleas, E. (20008) Reforming Investor Protection Regulation: The Impact of Cognitive Biases. Retrieved from:  .

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Chen, Yehning, 1995a, Bank runs: Panic of efficient monitoring, Working paper (UCLA, Los Angeles, CA).

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