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Zimbabwe Essays (Examples)

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Famines and Political Unrest in
Words: 2118 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19001484
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The deprivation of the locals was ignored, and the government kept itself involved in the corrupt practices, 'since 2000, the government has been accused of transference of most of Zimbabwe's white-owned agriculture land to black political elites with no interest in, or aptitude for, farming' (Steffen, 2005), such measures resulted in the massive downfall of the agricultural goods. This is not to be considered a natural famine, instead an artificial famine has taken place due to the reckless policies of the government without due consideration towards the interests of the locals. The 'inflation of the country has increased by 1700%, and is considered to be the highest in the world' (Steffen, 2005). Under such circumstances where the earning opportunities for the locals have been extremely limited, where the production of agricultural goods have halted, where the trade with international community has dropped, and the imports to the country are being…


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Criminal Justice System in Two Countries
Words: 4897 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49687414
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Criminal Justice System

Ever since gaining independence status, both Mozambique and Zimbabwe have come under the scanner for violation of human rights incidences and extrajudicial excesses. The under trials, often arrested without formal sanctions have been continually processed through undemocratic norms and subjected to undue treatment when in confinement and under the control of policing authorities in spite of the fact that statutory provisions in the constitution provide assured guarantee for appeal and fundamental rights protecting the citizens in both the nations. The Dependant Variables hence comprise of use of force and even firearms against those in detention and secondly custodial executions and deaths.

Defining extrajudicial executions and deaths in detentions:

Extra judicial killing is the act of execution or subjecting an under trial to violent acts that may result in death of the person. Such uses of force or acts of violence precede, supersede or bypass any due judicial…


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Robert Mugabe
Words: 1910 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 33356097
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Robert Mugabe is a Zimbabwean groundbreaking political figure who became and still remains the President of Zimbabwe. He was one of the few figures in Africa who opposed white minority rule. Through his emerging political campaign, he became one of the leaders of the rebel groups and was consequently elected Prime Minister and head of government, in 1980. His tenure lasted until 1987 and then became Zimbabwe's initial executive head of state. He was re-elected several times even now and continues serving under this position. Additionally, Mugabe has led the Zimbabwe African National Union -- Patriotic Front ever since 1975. (Thesis) ecause of his long and successful political career, including his Marxist mentality, many would see Mugabe as a terrible dictator who led a semi-prosperous nation to near ruin. When looking at Mugabe as a dictator, it is important to see where it all originated to understand his motives and…


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Locke the Ironies of Philosophy
Words: 1683 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16296232
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Others might allege that Mugabe has held elections, unlike John Locke's legitimate sovereign. But the presence of elections does not necessarily guarantee the existence of a good and fair representative government, or even the existence of a legislature. The BBC news reported that during the 2002 Zimbabwe election "some people from Europe were in Zimbabwe to watch how the voting was run. The Norwegian observers said the election was severely flawed and failed to meet international standards." (BBC News, 2002) the numbers also tell a sorry tale, as Mugabe's Zanu-PF party still dominates what is virtually a one party state occupying 147 out of the country's 150 parliamentary seats. (BBC News, 2000)

Lastly, John Locke above all stressed that the citizens of all nations have a property in their own persons, that the labor of the citizen's body and the work of the citizen's hands properly belong to the citizen,…

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We Need New Names
Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78487615
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Darling's struggle with her displacement in the United States towards the end of the novel. How does she deal with her conflicted sense of identity? hy do the following words spoken by Chipo cause her so much distress? "If it's your country, you have to love it to live in it and not leave it. You have to fight for it no matter what, to make it right... You left it, Darling, my dear, you left the house burning and you have the guts to tell me, in that stupid accent that you were not even born with, that doesn't even suit you, that this is your country?" (288). Is she American, Zimbabwean? Both?

From early in the novel, it is crystal clear that Darling is spiritually independent and clearly not tied to any national identity. She asserts her determination to move to America and live with Aunt Fostalina, as…

Work Cited

Bulawayo, NoViolet. We Need New Names. New York: Llittle, Brown, 2013.

Sociology Politics
Words: 2317 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 574399
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genetically modified (GM) foods in the last half of the 20th century created a whirlwind of controversy in the developed. Critics argue that genetically modified foods are unnatural and unsafe, while supporters note that genetically modified foods can improve crop yields, increase nutrient content, and improve food safety. Over the past decades, the production and distribution of genetically modified foods in North America and Europe has long been discussed, and governmental controls have been implemented. In contrast, many African countries have not had the opportunity to develop GM food policies. hen the U.S. offered genetically modified foods as part of an aid package to African countries in the past years, the act renewed the controversy around genetically modified foods.

This paper will focus on the debate surrounding the use of genetically modified foods as food aid to African countries. First, a brief background to the GM food industry, and GM…

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Public Prosecution in Mozambique
Words: 1439 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24284242
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Criminal Justice

Human ights Prosecution In Mozambique

Mozambique has a long history of human rights violation especially in subjecting suspects to undue prosecution processes. Within the renewed forms of conflict, the behaviour of Mozambican public prosecution office consistently violates constitutional protections of Mozambique's fundamental freedoms and rights. The elements in consideration include extrajudicial executions and deaths in detention of suspected criminals and excessive use of firearms and force. The current internal accountability systems for the police and prosecution do not form valid outcomes. There is minimal follow-up on cases regarding human rights violations by the prosecution (Michel, 2014: Barkow, 2008). The judicial disciplinary procedures and codes of conduct are not sufficient, as they do not adhere to international standards on human rights. There is limited access to a fair trial to suspects and plenty of injustices to victims and immediate families compounded by often corrupt and weak justice system and…


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Sexual Rights This Is a
Words: 2283 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75758275
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It is apparent that the queer identified in Zimbabwe has not yet been socially accepted enough to even begin to look at the ways marriage laws discriminate against them. The most basic rights that are assumed when looking at the discrimination of LGB community and what are thought of as given human rights seen through a North American lense do not exist. The most basic laws of protection from active discrimination in public do not exist. Thus, to try and apply our notion of equal marriage rights within this society would be like trying to run before learning to walk. There are more pressing rights that need to be addressed, such as changing the laws that make ____ punishable by death for the LGB people who live within Zimbabwe before marital status and how the laws surrounding marriage are oppressive can begin to be examined.

From the previous three examples,…

Works Cited

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homosexuality and the Zimbabwe international book fair." Critique of anthropology, 19 (1999):289.

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74(2006):1. Web 31 March 2010.

International Conflict Resolution for Policymakers
Words: 2740 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34473124
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States like Bangladesh, Egypt, and Indonesia have severe challenges due to the risks of flooding, drought, and deforestation. Recently Bangladesh was hit by a powerful Typhoon (same as a hurricane), which caused thousands of deaths and was so severe it was beyond the capability of its weak government to deal with the disaster.

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has been working for many years to try and help with a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The violence between these two states has been going on for many years, and numerous previous attempts to find a lasting peaceful solution have failed. In a document called "A Performance-Based roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," the DOS plan includes three phases. The first is the most crucial and pivotal - an end to the "terror and violence" and an attempt to normalize Palestinian life - in conjunction with…

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African Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
Words: 2155 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33417207
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In addition to these external factors, Thomson (202) notes two colonial and post-colonial economic policies and developmental strategies that proved to be erroneous in the long-term, having an ultimately damaging effect upon the ability of African countries to make sound, profitable investments. The first of these is that African governments focused excessively upon import substitution, while the second is that too much revenue was invested in the expansion of state institutions. This paradigm emerges from the success of European and other Western economic developments. However, such strategies were far from suitable for the African continent, as it resulted in a lack of investment in Africa's richest resources: agricultural and mineral development.

Maponga and Maxwell (97) mention the concentration of national economies as a further factor that may lead a lack of concomitant growth for countries (and in particular African countries) that are rich in natural resources. In addition to the…


Maponga, Oliver & Maxwell, Philip. Are Abundant Mineral and Energy Resources a Catalyst for African Development? (Issue 6). Minerals and Energy, 2001.

Thomson, Alex. An Introduction to African Politics. London & New York: Routledge, 2004.

Managing International Conflict Diversity in
Words: 1757 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79564218
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' The researchers did include one anecdote of a South African woman of Indian ancestry, and how she dealt with the unconscious racism of her colleagues, drawing upon a positive sense of community solidarity and avoiding some of the negative emotions such conflicts spawned in others. But other than her comment that professionalism and a strong sense of family identity was helpful in emotionally coping with racism, her remarks were not specifically insightful about working in a global, international organization in a formerly segregated area of the world.


The conclusions of the article regarding what organizational forces positively impact and do not impact identity seem fairly vague and generalized, despite the advantage that a case study format can have in terms of studying a highly specific context. Communication is suggested as the key to broaching identity conflicts, as well as having formal sensitivity training and grievance procedures. Although these…


Mayer, Claude H. (2009). Managing conflicts through strength of identity. Management Revue.

Retrieved through on January 21, 2011.

Wal-Mart Mexico and NAFTA Was NAFTA the
Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57470517
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Wal-Mart, Mexico, and NAFTA

Was NAFTA the reason for Wal-Mart's success in Mexico or was it Wal-Mart's new competitive strategy? Wal-Mart's generic competitive strategy is clearly that of a 'low price' model in all nations where the retailer is located. It sells a seemingly infinite amount of goods and services in an undifferentiated fashion. The main reason that consumers go to Wal-Mart is because of its prices. Wal-Mart claims to offer one-stop shopping with the lowest prices a consumer can find in the area. Without offering such low prices, the store has little traction in the market, given that other retailers offer a more expansive product line of specific items, offer specific special deals, and offer greater prestige to the customer in terms of store name. NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) marked a watershed in Wal-Mart's relationship with Mexico. Today, Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in Mexico…

Zimbabwe did not sign the Kimberley Accords, an agreement used to introduce ethical mining practices to the diamond industry. Combined with his policy of land seizure, President Mugabe is using the nation's diamond supply to support his rule and hold onto his position of power within the nation, after decades of bloody rule.

Lieberman, Rachel. (2008, September 9). Majority stake in Williamson diamond mine acquired by Petra. Israeli Diamond News. Retrieved January 28, 2011 at 

In Tanzania, one of the nation's largest diamond mines was acquired in 2008 by Petra, which is based in Jersey (United Kingdom). This adds Petra's global diamond portfolio. The exchange was for a cash interest of $10 million bestowed to the Tanzanian government, illustrating the willingness of the African nation to do business with corporations of former colonial powers of the region.

International Relations and Biology
Words: 7088 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58334919
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Scientific and Political Aspects

of Genetically Modified Foods

While there is little controversy over many aspects of biotechnology and its application, genetically modified (GM) foods have become the target of intense controversy. This controversy in the marketplace has resulted in a firestorm of public debate, scientific discussion, and media coverage. The countries most affected by this debate are Middle Eastern and third world countries, who stand to reap the benefits of solving widespread starvation, and countries such as the United States, as strong suppliers of genetically modified foods. The world's population is predicted to double in the next 50 years and ensuring an adequate food supply for this booming population is already a challenge. Scientists hope to meet that challenge through the production of genetically modified food plants that can help in warding off starvation as the world's population grows.

Although "biotechnology" and "genetic modification" commonly are used interchangeably, GM…


"A Rice Dilemma." Social Issues Research Center. 2002. Social Issues Research. 13 Dec. 2004

Bredahl, Lone. "Attitudes and Decision Making With Regard to Genetically Engineered Food

Products -- A Review of Literature and a Prescription of Models for Future Research." Journal

Social Context of HIV and AIDS in Africa
Words: 2201 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70468179
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Social Context of HIV and AIDS in Africa

The government of Africa has been moving toward criminalization of HIV transmission in its attempts to respond to the rising numbers of HIV infections however, those who advocate for human rights are concerned that these laws result in a violation of the rights of individuals living with HIV and ultimately resulting in the marginalization of these individuals. As well, it has been argued that laws criminalizing transmission of AIDS are counterproductive to the reason for their creation, which is that of slowing the rate of transmission and infection of HIV. There are arguments both for and against criminalization of HIV transmission that are valid and worthy of consideration.

Research Question

The question addressed in this research study is one asking if criminalization of HIV transmission is a valid option to slowing the rate of infection among the population.

Significance of the Study…


The Criminalization of HIV (nd) UNFPA, Worldaids Campaign, IPPF, and GYCA,

Bernard EJ: (2008) Criminal HIV Transmission. 2008 in: HIV is a Virus, Not a Crime: Ten Reasons Against Criminal Statutes and Criminal Prosecutions. Journal of the International AIDS Society. Dec 2008.

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Bernard EJ (2008) Criminal HIV Transmission. Neue Zurcher Zeitung 2008 in: HIV is a Virus, Not a Crime: Ten Reasons Against Criminal Statutes and Criminal Prosecutions. Journal of the International AIDS Society. Dec 2008.

What Is China's Role in Globalization Why Is it Significant
Words: 7994 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75280432
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How Africa's Petroleum Supply Is Important to China's Economic Growth and Development

While China continues to grow, its oil demand is poised to grow rapidly. For China to ensure its oil security, it must obtain oil from the global world because it lacks adequate domestic resources to quench the thirsty appetite of the country's rapid economic development. Any approach for growth that the country takes in its demand for oil is likely to affect the global oil market and influence existing system and order of international oil. As one of its oil strategy, China's firms are reaching every corner of the world to purchase oil or invest in oil fields showing to have opportunities disregarding the possible enormous risks. Some of China's national oil enterprises have made outstanding investment activities in African countries (Ma, 2010). Today, China's largest imports from Africa continue…


Bhaumik, T.K. (2009). Old China's new economy: The conquest of a billion paupers. New Delhi: SAGE.

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Cheung, Y.-W., & Haan, J. (2013). The evolving role of China in the global economy. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

Constructions of Masculinity in Postcolonial Africa
Words: 1247 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95906486
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Postcolonial) Man:

Postcolonial Masculinities in the 20th and 21st Centuries

"Can't understand/what makes a man." hile feminists have noted how masculinity is often considered a problem or as inherently fragile, the construction of masculinity has often proved to be particularly vexing in postcolonial nations. Both male and female colonial subjects have frequently been rendered as 'feminine' to justify their subjugation. The response in some regions, particularly Africa, has been the hyper- masculinization of resistance and the association of traditional gender binaries with traditional African culture. One of the central challenges of post-colonialism in an African context is to allow for feminine and masculine voices which resist such gender stereotyping.

As observed by Morrell (1998), masculinity is not a self-evident, cross-cultural construct any more so than femininity. "Masculinity is a collective gender identity and not a natural attribute. It is socially constructed and fluid. There is not one universal masculinity, but…

Works Cited

Epprecht, Marc. "Black Skin, 'Cowboy' Masculinity: A Genealogy of Homophobia in the African Nationalist Movement in Zimbabwe to 1983." Culture, Health & Sexuality. 7. 3 (May, 2005): 253-266.

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Indonesia." Journal of Urban History, 37 (2011): 933.

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Animal-Drawn Cart the Purpose of
Words: 2595 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36403867
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Steel can create a very durable and rugged car that will often outlast the animals that are drawing it. However aluminum is as durable and element resistant as well as being extremely lightweight and is often the material of choice for many countries. Pneumatic or inflatable tires also have been a boon to carts by helping to absorb some shock as well as to distributing the weight over a wider surface without significantly increasing drag on the vehicle.

Aluminum casting is already a technique that is widely used in many parts of Africa and other developing countries. Africa, usually to make cooking utensils and the like. "Aluminium wheels with integral roller bearings could be made by these artisans and would provide a very low cost solution to the wheel and bearing problem." (Oram173) See figure 6 below:

These designs element the ordinary friction involved in a typical axle joint design…

Works Cited

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Light Single Drum Water Carrier." Animal Cart Programme. Development Technology Unit, Department of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry, England 

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Shearwater Adventures Case Study 1
Words: 509 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 32541202
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size of supplies vaies fom small local opeatos to lage full sevice
opeatos. The numbe of supplies eaches 250,000 woldwide. Given the
natue of activity, thee is little theat of supply shotage. Thee is
high diffeentiation among supplies. Oveall stength: stong.
Substitutes. Thee ae no diect substitutes in this maket. Oveall
stength: fiece.
Rivaly. Thee is a lage numbe of competitos, but they vay fom
small opeatos to lage businesses. The pice ange and the sevices ange
vaies in accodance with opeatos' size. Oveall stength: stong.
The stongest foce that has the geatest effect is competitive
ivaly. This foce basically establishes the maket, the pices, the ange
of poducts, and the evolution of each playe. The weakest foce is
epesented by the substitutes foce.
3. Industy diving foces. The main diving foce in this industy is
epesented by customes. Supplies must adapt to customes' pefeences
and possibilities. Also, this…

and possibilities. Also, this industry in connected with tourism. When
tourism decreases so do the extreme sports industry. Other driving forces
in this industry are represented by macroeconomic factors, like inflation
and prices. Even so, the industry is a promising one, as it is still in the
emerging stage, with expansion and growth opportunities.
4. Key success factors. Customer service capabilities are quite
developed and are expected to develop even more in the future. Customer
services are various, in accordance with prices. Product innovation

Structural Adjustment Policies Structural Adjustment's
Words: 2209 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41562386
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2005). A study by the Center for Economic and Policy Research reported that "77% of countries [that had received loans from the B-IMF) for which data is available saw their per capital rate of growth fall significantly during the period 1980-2000." And by the late 1990s, the article continued, the IMF could no longer "pretend that structural adjustment had not been a massive disaster in Africa, Latin America and South Asia." And so in 1999, the B-IMF met and renamed SAPs the "Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility."

PROS/CONS: The first five pages of this paper was a review of many of the "cons" of SAPs. hat are the positives? riting in the orld Bank Research Observer, John illiamson, who created the phrase "ashington Consensus," complains that the term "has been invested with a meaning...significantly different from that which I had intended..." Moreover, illiamson spends the majority of his article not…

Works Cited

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Mark; Ho, Manki; Housein, Khadra; Kulik, Dina; Lau, Matthew; Maginley, Olivia;

Thousand Seasons and Scribbling the Cat Both
Words: 2078 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18581408
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Thousand Seasons and Scribbling the Cat

Both Ayi Kwei Armah's novel Two Thousand Seasons and Alexandra Fuller's Scribbling the Cat: Travels ith and African Soldier deal with the complex formulation of racial and ethnic identities in Africa as a result of the slave trade and colonization. hile at first glance the two stories could not be more different, as Two Thousand Seasons is a fictional tale that literally spans the titular amount of time and is narrated by a collective of voices and Scribbling the Cat is a first-person account of the singular author/narrator's travels with an African soldier, the seemingly disparate narratives actually offer two complementary perspectives on the same issues of identity, with Two Thousand Seasons purporting to represent the indigenous voices of Africa's history, attempting to reestablish and reclaim their past, while Scribbling the Cat engages with the narrator's complex Anglo-African identity in the midst of drought…

Works Cited

Armah, Ayi Kwei. Two Thousand Seasons. Per Ankh, the African Pub. Cooperative, 2000. Print.

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Press, 2004. Print.

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Economic Environment of the Diamond Industry in
Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32757145
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Economic Environment of the Diamond Industry in Mozambique and Tanzania

The Economic Environment of the Diamond Industry

In Mozambique and Tanzania

Both nations of Mozambique and Tanzania are among the poorest globally, with each supported through foreign subsidies and foreign direct investment (FDI) (Tanzania, 2011). The relative levels of poverty however have led to political unrest in Mozambique and diamond smuggling to Zimbabwe, where gems are in high demand in that nations' economy which is rampant with information today

(Latham, Katerere, 2011). Due to the strength of its mining operations in aluminum and abundance of natural resources however, Mozambique's GDP growth rate is expected to reach 8.3% in 2010 according to the CIA Factbook.

Tanzania is the 16th highest ranked producer of diamonds globally, having one of the highest quality of diamonds produced in their mining operations of any on the African continent (Macklem, 2003). Paradoxically however, Tanzania has a…


Sierra Leone: diamond king. (2000, January). The Economist, 354(8155), 46,52.

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Katherine Macklem. (2003, September). Diamonds with an edge. Maclean's, 116(36), 52.

Culture of a Country Is Likely to
Words: 1348 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74260359
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culture of a country is likely to affect an individual's business practices including the distribution of its products within the country and outside, the production process and configuration of a product, and other business operations that contribute to the business growth and output. Cultures determine the different ways in which people behave and mostly in business.

'Knowing about the cultural circumstance of your country or foreign country where you wish to transact your business, can either help you prevent making mistakes that will affect your business.' (Hill, 2004) To do this, the paper chooses to focus it's analyzes on China's culture as the country of target and its implications to the business operations.

China has truly emerged as a country with great business opportunities and with a huge potential for economic growth. ith an improved international relations, a robust economy, and increased foreign investment doing business in China is quite…

Works Cited

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Is Justice for All Possible
Words: 1773 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57960684
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justice as it applies to ethics. Specifically, it will reflect about whether or not justice is obtainable for women in war torn areas of Africa. Justice is often highly elusive, and it seems that the women of Africa are extreme examples of how justice can often overlook segments of the population, especially in countries that face political and social upheaval, and are traditionally led by men.

Justice is something that many Americans may take for granted, but in many other areas of the world, it is fleeting at best. This is quite apparent in Africa, especially in countries torn by war, such as Nigeria, and now the Ivory Coast. Justice for anyone may be difficult to find, but justice when it comes to women and women's rights is even more difficult to find. This stems from a variety of reasons, from societies that encourage subservience in women, to societies that…


Author not Available. " Economic Justice Program for Eastern Africa." 23 Sept. 2004. 12 Nov. 2004.


Editors. "Who we Are." Niger Delta Women for Justice. 6 April 2004. 12 Nov. 2004.


Rotberg 'Failed Nations' Rotberg 2002
Words: 2918 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96737603
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Although Rotberg states that elections are not first priority but constitutions and elections to encourage democracy are very important. It is more important according to Rotberg that strength is given to nation states prior to failure as it is much easier to attempt revival from this point instead of after failure and collapse. He cites 'outside support' as being 'conditional on monetary and fiscal streamlining' with 'renewed attention to good governance, with reforms of land tenure systems and strict adherence to the rule of law" taking place. Nothing that endures can be accomplished in a short period of time. It is very important that failure of many of these states is prevented but it is also costly. These places ethnic cleansing and famines result in the newly failed states with terrorist groups taking hold.


While Rothberg's appointed facts are certainly factual yet the policies being used to…


National Security Strategy of the United States of America (2002) as cited by Stewart Patrick 2002 September p. online available at .

Patrick, Stewart (2002) Weak States and Global Threats: Fact or Fiction? Online available at .

Rotberg, 2002) The New Nature of a Nation-State Failure Online available at 

Critique and Review of Rotberg (2002) "The New Nature of a Nation-State Failure"

Sustainable Design Biomimicry Is the Use of
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Sustainable Design


Biomimicry is the use of the natural environment as a model for the built environment (Goss, 2009). This term was first used by Janine Benyus in 1997, in her book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. As a biologist, she was ideally suited to notice how nature 'invents' solutions to challenges presented by the natural environment and how humans do the same. The major difference between the two solutions is that the first is sustainable and the latter is too often not.

Goss (2009) provides several examples of how architects and engineers have tried to mimic natural systems to provide more sustainable solutions for human needs. Architect Mick Pearce entered into collaboration with Arup Associates, an engineering firm, to design a large commercial building based the methods that termites use to maintain an even indoor temperature (Biomimicry Institute, 2013). Termite mounds in Zimbabwe are capable of maintaining an…


Biomimicry Institute. (2013). Termite-inspired air conditioning. Retrieved 9 Sep. 2013 from .

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TERMES Project. (2008). The TERMES Project. Self-Organizing Systems Research Group, Harvard University. Retrieved 9 Sep. 2013 from .

Religion Be Sure to Include
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At the church I visited, many of the parents had returned to regular church-going for the sake of their children, because they wanted their children to have a spiritual foundation. However, the manifestation of their spirituality was social, not simply individual. Many of the children were part of a youth group, and knew one another as friends. They went on retreats together, bonded at prayer meetings, as well as talked and joked about non-church related things. All of the regular members had made a substantial investment of time and effort in the community, and even those who mostly came on holidays clearly felt that church-going was something they 'should' do, to show their respect for the community, their faith, and perhaps most importantly of all for the sake of a familial tradition. eligion is not something that can be performed alone: even solitary prayer connects someone to beliefs, actions, and…


Gligoff, Dan. (2010, May 31). An alternative model for Protestant politics. CNN. Retrieved July

16, 2010 at 

Grundy, Maureen. (2000). Syncretic religion. Post-Colonial Web. Retrieved July 16, 2010 at 

Rives, J.R. (2007). Religion in the Roman Empire. Wiley-Blackwell. Retrieved July 16, 2010

Artifacts of Mexican History
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elics of the Mexican evolution

There are numerous facets of Mexican culture and civilization represented in the Mexican Teotihuacan monument. An analysis of these different elements indicates that some of the goals of the revolution are embedded within this particular work. It renders various members of Mexican society who have a critical impact on both Mexico's history as well as its future. In this regard, the monument is of immense important to Mexico, because it helps to illustrate some of that country's glorious past -- and alludes to the impact that past could have on both its present and its future.

It is critical to denote that some of the more stark representations of this monument are from Mexico's pre-Hispanic past. Numerous people, some of whom are Mexican, attribute Mexico's present existence to the work that the conquistadores pioneered in this area during their global colonial rampage. There are myriad…


Hearn, K. (2016). Who built the great city of Teotihuacan?  / Retrieved from

Condom Use The Examined Studies
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, 2005). Second, since they found that objective and perceived knowledge are not always concordant, they suggest that further studies in this vein measure objective and perceived knowledge, rather than only objective knowledge (ock et al., 2005). Third, they surmise that "an illusion of knowing can act as a barrier to low-risk behavior" (ock et al., 2005, p. 670), and further, that a high perceived knowledge, if inaccurate, can prevent one from learning accurate information, as it causes one to be less receptive and to forego learning opportunities (ock et al., 2005). Finally, ock et al.'s (2005) results identify a group who is at a higher risk than others, and serves as a guide for possible sexual education focus in the future.

Eisenberg et al.'s (2004) study, which focuses on the accuracy of parents' beliefs about sex, can be used in concordance with ock et al.'s (2005) study to address…


Ali, Mohammed M., Cleland, John, & Shah, Iqbal H. (2004) "Condom Use Within Marriage: A

Neglected HIV Intervention." Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 82(3), 180-186.

Eisenberg et al. (2004). "Parents' Beliefs About Condoms and Oral Contraceptives: Are They

Medically Accurate?" Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 36(2), 50-57.

Communication Technology in the Hospitality
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In this regard, Higgins (2002) reports that Micros Systems Inc. introduced a custom application specifically for the hospitality industry early on, and despite the lingering effects of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the market, this company and others such as BDM International Inc. are continuing their efforts to provide hotels, restaurants and other organizations competing in the hospitality industry with the information technology they need to become more competitive (Bear 1999). More recently, companies such as Avendra have started offering integrated software applications that are specifically designed for various segments of the hospitality industry. This company's integrated software application provides purchasing support for food and beverage operations, room operations, engineering/building and construction, administrative, professional and financial services; cleaning solutions and sanitizing systems; grounds and agronomy maintenance; as well as gift shop and spa equipment operation and products (Avendra's purchasing programs 2010).

According to icher (201), a trend that…


Avendra's purchasing programs, 2010. Avendra. Retrieved from  / solutions/PurchasingPrograms/Pages/default.aspx.

Bassoppo-Moyo, T.C., Bassoppo-Moyo, S. & Dube, G., 2002. "Managerial Perceptions in the Application of Information Technology in the Public and Private Sector in Zimbabwe."

International Journal of Instructional Media 29(3): 289-290.

Bear, V., 1999, May 24. "Your Money; Movers & Shakers." The Washington Times: 8.

Robert H Frank's Gauging the
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In order to resolve the problem of GDP measurement, Frank proposes the usage of the toil index which:

"Measures the number of hours that median earners must toil each month to be able to rent a house in a school district of at least average quality" (Frank, 2011). By using this index, Frank found that the actual situation was less positive than the one revealed by the measurement of the GDP and identified that the members of the middle class have to work significantly more in order to maintain their living standards. Also, the author found that the income inequality between the classes is increasing and that this is often overlooked.

All in all, Frank concludes that the positive and negative externalities are not adequately considered in the construction of the national and individual wealth with the aid of the GDP. At a personal level, it is found that obert…


Frank, R.H., Gauging the pain of the middle class, the New York Times, April 2, 2011,  last accessed on April 6, 2011

The world factbook, Central Intelligence Agency, 2011, /library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2004rank.html' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Foreign Exchange Risk Management in
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In addition, a series of joint ventures in which West German steel firms joined with East German firms and Krupp, Klockner, and Thyssen of Germany was pursuing other developmental initiatives in eastern Europe as well. Likewise, Arbed of Luxemburg was involved in steelmaking facilities in the former East Germany. According to Mangum et al., "The rising market for improved galvanizing for automobiles, appliances, canning, and other uses is producing a rash of joint ventures throughout the world. Some of these are internal to various countries and others involve international partners" (p. 74).

As a result, nearly 30% of the world's steel supply is now produced by plants belonging to companies that did not exist just 3 decades ago (Ahlberg, Pitkanen & Storsch 1999). As these authors point out, "Such upstarts have entered a global market that since 1980 has grown by less than 1% a year -- an average combining…


Ahlberg, J., A. Pitkanen and L.L. Schorsch. 1999. "Forging a New Era for Steel." The McKinsey

Quarterly 83.

Altunisik, M.B. And O. Tur. 2004. Turkey: Challenges of Continuity and Change. New York:


Nation's Economic Development Can Depend
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Citizens in the region's poorest countries, Paraguay and Honduras, make just above $4,000 per year, while those in the wealthiest countries, Chile and Mexico, make almost $15,000. The institutional legacy in the region is one clouded by inequality and corruption. In its brief on the region, the World Bank emphasizes the role of institutional development to alleviate poverty among vulnerable groups, a result in part of the lasting legacy of inequality due to colonial influences.

Asia. This region ranges widely from very poor nations such as Nepal (GDPpc of $1,100) to very wealthy nations like ingapore ($51,600). Because colonial dominance of this region was carried out by a relatively few European settlers, it was ultimately incomplete, leaving many of the region's own institutions intact or enhanced. The World Bank's comments on how governments across the region are reacting to the recent economic turndown are in line with an expectation that…

Sources of Economic Growth in China, 1952-1998. Issues in Political Economy, Vol 17.

World Bank. (2009). Regional Briefs. December 13, 2009. Retrieved from /.

Appendix 1

Relation Between IPRI and GDP Per Capita by Region

Source: International Property Rights Index, 2009. (

Colonial Histories Shape Future Development
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People can feel more comfortable if their sense of safety results from a strong national security. Political leadership in cohesive-capitalist countries typically has a firm grip on the labor force, albeit sometimes the leadership becomes "repressive and authoritarian" and leaders are known to use nationalism (extreme patriotism) as a driver to keep people believing in the state.

A states that Kohli identifies as having pursued a cohesive-capitalist approach to economy and governing is South Korea under Park Chung Hee. Another country that has historically exhibited a cohesive-capitalist approach is Brazil. Both of those countries have experienced some success, Kohli goes on.

The fragmented-multiclass states have policies that lie somewhere between the two extremes previously mentioned. The leaders in fragmented-multiclass states are held accountable for more dynamics in their societies than others in the previous two state descriptions. For example, on page 215 Kohli states that India and Brazil during several…

Works Cited

Chu, Yun-han. "State Structure and Economic Adjustment of the East Asian Newly

Industrializing Countries." International Organization 43.4 (1989): 647-672.

Kohli, Atul. "States and Economic Development." Brazilian Journal of Political

Economy 29.2 (2009): 212-227.

Waterford Wedgwood Case Study Waterford
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As Sir Anthony O'eilly, Chairman of Waterford Wedgwood, noted in a recent speech that they are operating against a "backdrop of unprecedented broad-based economic uncertainty."

This economic uncertainty has had a global impact. From the high rates of business bankruptcies in the United States, to the financial collapse of one of the previously richest countries in the world -- Iceland, to the 11.2 million percent inflation rate of Zimbabwe, no corner of the globe is untouched by the massive liquidation cycle in which the global economy appears to be.

Consumer confidence has declined. Banks have lost faith in one another. Currencies around the world, such as the American dollar, weakened considerably.

And, despite Waterford Wedgwood's more than two hundred years of setting industry standards, the organization must now operate in an economic environment that appears to work directly against their primary products -- luxury lifestyle items.

Yet, despite these trying…


About the company. (2009). Retrieved June 9, 2009, from .

Corporate profile. (2009). Retrieved June 9, 2009, from .

Goldhorn, M. (Jan/Feb 2009). Market turmoil require new ways to build capital. The Value Examiner. pp. 23-30.

History of Wedgwood. (2009). Retrieved June 9, 2009, from .

Market Turmoil May Require New
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Specification of Thesis's Main Point:

Goldman (2009) surmises that today's economic crisis has changed many aspects of financial reporting, one of which is the calculation of the cost of capital.

Three Supporting Opinions/easons:

Utilizing much of his own personal, professional experience as well as other sources, Goldman's (2009) three supporting opinions all highlight the impact today's economic crisis has had. He quotes Marc Panucci, an SEC associate chief accountant, in his first supporting opinion. Panucci agrees with Goldman's theory that the turbulent economic environment of today requires changes to existing disclosures, in order to meet disclosure requirements. This is especially true when meeting disclosure requirements in liquidity, risks and uncertainties, and credit risks.

The Internal evenue Service is Goldman's (2009) second supporting source. Not known for their empathy, the IS has eased rules so that homeowner's facing tax liens can sell or refinance their homes. In fact, in some instances,…


Goldhorn, M. (Jan/Feb 2009). Market turmoil require new ways to build capital. The Value Examiner. pp. 23-30.

Microfinance Is an Emerging Field
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They face 8 competitors there. The largest country for OI overall is Montenegro, in part because there are no competitors operating in that country (Mixmarket, 2009).

Thus, in any given market, OI can expect competition from a wide number of microfinance institutions. In general, these institutions are charitable organizations based in estern countries. They each have similar objectives and are not motivated by profit, therefore there is low intensity of competition between them. Groups do not necessarily work together, but may instead avoid each other's territories. The competition keeps OI's operations small in many countries, but it also provides more choice for entrepreneurs in those countries to receive financing.

The main impact of competition for OI is with respect to funding dollars. OI must work hard to compete against not only other microfinance organizations, but charities of all stripes for the finite dollars available from both private and institutional donors.…

Works Cited:

Opportunity International website. Retrieved April 23, 2009 from 

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website. Retrieved April 23, 2009 from website. Retrieved April 23, 2009 from

International Trade the International System
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Given the high degree to which AIDS impedes global economic integration, in particular of sub-Saharan Africa, it would be reasonable to think that such a transnational issue would bring nations and institutions together to a much higher degree than we see.

Overall, the various aspects of the international system have enabled the expansion of global economic integration. Regimes, institutions, and regional interests bring nations together to meet common objectives. As rational actors, nations sometimes impede global integration, be it over a domestic issue or a transnational one. No aspect of the current international system, however, specifically impedes global economic integration. Only when a nation takes itself out of the international system, as has occurred in North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe and a handful of other countries, does economic integration become fully impeded. Therefore we can reasonably conclude that the international system, on balance and with a modicum of cooperation on the…

Works Cited

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Nutrition as a Means of
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he white paper cites several other studies as the basis for the argument, but does not provide a Reference List

Quendler, S. "Link Between Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Academic Achievement." Vienna University, Austria. (August, 2002): 1-2/. Available at Accessed 23 October 2008.

his study confirmed the connection between poor nutrition and academic performance. It also identified low-income children as being at particular risk of poor nutrition. his study supports the need for programs to improve childhood nutritional status.

Schultz, . "

Productive Benefits of Health: Evidence from Low-Income Countries,"

IZA Discussion Papers 1482, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). (2005). Available at

Investment behavior and combined income of two people makes it difficult to link better health with economic prosperity. Heterogeneity in the sample also affected the survey results. his study highlights some of the factors that may affect this research study.

homas, D. And Frankenberg, E.…

This study found that workplace meal programs can prevent micronutrient deficiencies, reducing the number of chronic diseases in the workplace. This study found that investments in better worker nutrition increased productivity by as much as 20% and improved workplace morale. This study provides an excellent foundation for the current research study.

Washington State Department of Health. "Employer-Based Health and Productivity Program." Available from: Accessed 23 October 2008.

This website highlights an initiative by the Washington State Department of Health, which provides grants to help employers offers wellness programs. The focus of these wellness programs is on increasing physical activity and providing healthy food choices. The purpose of the program is to prevent chronic disease, thus increasing work productivity. This program could be a model for similar programs in the future.

Clash of Civilizations - Samuel
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" The book argues that the reality of history is a "ludicrously compressed and constricted warfare," Said continues; but indeed Huntington cannot grasp the notion that there are no strictly defined Muslim cultures but to make his book work he has to build a case that there is such a stereotypical, predictable Muslim culture.

Said goes so far as to say that Huntington's book attempted to give his original article a bit more "subtlety" along with "many, many more footnotes." But alas, Said believes that all Huntington did by putting out a whole book on the topic was to "confuse himself and demonstrate what a clumsy writer and inelegant thinker he was." Said has plenty more to say, albeit there is not space in this paper for all of his views; but several more of his themes will be presented. For example, Said compares the likes of Osama bin Laden…

Works Cited

Barder, Christopher. (1999). Professor Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" and its Bearing on Israel's Security. NATIV, Retrieved March 31, 2008, at .

Huntington, Samuel P. (1996). The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

New York: Simon & Schuster.

Said, Edward W. (2001). The Clash of Ignorance. The Nation. Retrieved March 31, 2008, at .

Educational Intervention on the Balance
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Literature eview

1. The dilemma of Obesity

Mokdad et al., (1999) in his study found that the issue of unhealthy weight, overweight and obesity are perhaps one of the rising concerns for the Americans in the 21st century as more and more U.S. citizens become vulnerable to the circumstantial risks and dangers of the phenomenon (Mokdad et al., 1999). It is usually the body mass indexes (BMI) that indicate whether a person is actually overweight or not. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) carried out a study for the years 1999 to 2002 using the BMI phenomenon and concluded that about 65% of U.S. citizens in the adulthood years were categorized under the overweight group because of their BMI (Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2005).

To understand the phenomenon of obesity and its rise, it's important to understand…


Adam Drewnowski and S.E. Specter (2004), Poverty and Obesity: The Role of Energy Density and Energy Costs, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 79, no. 1: 6-16.

Akande, a. & Akande, B.E. (1994). On becoming a person: Activities to help children with their anger. Early Child Development and Care, 102, 31-62.

Akande, a. Wyk, C.D.WV. And Osagie, J.E. (2000). Importance of Exercise and Nutrition in the Prevention of Illness and the Enchancement of Health. Education. 120: 4.

Alexander, M.A., & Blank, J.J. (1988). Factors related to obesity in Mexican-American preschool children. Image, 20(2), 79-82.

Episode of the Hard Talk
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The concept of ideal type was also discussed during the discussion, it was agreed that the 'an ideal type is a concept constructed by a social scientist, based on his or her interests and theoretical orientation, to capture the essential features of some social phenomenon'. The program also discussed the significance of the religious books, and it readings. The program sought the justification for the integration of the capitalism and religion, and the impact of the religious affiliation and social stratification on the Spirit of Capitalism was identified. In the program the Marx theory was referred, 'and capitalists and proletarians are equally alienated'.

The social evolution has been predicted, and the sources of the evolution have been regarded as controversial, therefore the capitalism has been placed against religion, where the capitalism. The host refuted the affects of religious affiliation and social stratification on the Spirit of Capitalism, and regarded both…

Globalization Mincing With Democracy and
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He considers how fast adaptation to a flattening world can bring economic success and prosperity to the nations, businesses, and individuals capable of that adaptation. Friedman's thesis never was to argue that authoritarianism is better than democracies, but instead to explain some of the factors that make for successful adaptation. The fact that Mexico's democratic process has prevented it from taking advantage of the opportunities of a flattened world is simply a reality; there does not have to be an associated value judgment. In fact, Friedman quickly points out -- for those critics who bothered to keep reading -- that it is premature to conclude that democracy is a hindrance to economic reform. He believes, whether rightly or not, that the more important issue is leadership and cites examples of democracies that have failed to adapt (Germany) and some that have (the UK), as well as authoritarian governments that have…

Works Cited

Friedman, Thomas L. The World Is Flat. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005.

Thomas, L. Friedman, The World Is Flat (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005), 332.

Freidman, 333-334.

Friedman, 330.

AIDS HIV Has Been Increasingly Brought
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The problem with using this approach is that anomalies could occur, which will make the figures incorrect. To avoid these kinds of oversights, descriptive statistics is looking at a wide variety of numbers. This allows researchers to corroborate the underlying trends with one another. (Descriptive Statistics 2006)

Inferential data is when you are trying to determine what the respondents of the sample are thinking by looking beyond the data. This is accomplished by using probability to make judgments about what the data means by: looking at the differences between the control group and the independent variable. Two types of tests that are appropriate include: the t test and analysis of variance. (Inferential Statistics 2006)

Time Line

To achieve the various objectives of the survey, we include a timeline that will serve as guide in determining the length of the project. elow is a time line that will highlight the extent…


Cross Sectional Study, 2011. Available from: [9 June 2011].

Descriptive Statistics, 2006, Knowledge Base. Available from: [9 June 2011].

HIV / AIDS, 2010, The Kaiser Foundation. Available from: [9 June 2011].

Inferential Statistics, 2006, Knowledge Base. Available from: [9 June 2011].

Gold Jewelry -- a History
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ecause is easily shaped, these above-mentioned items were made to form by a skilled craftsman's hammer and by casting; gold was engraved and embossed; gold was used in granule form for decorative purposes; gold was pounded into thin sheets for "covering furniture, wooden coffins… for plating copper and silver and for cutting into thin strips to make wire" (Lukas, 264).

Lukas explains that he measured several specimens of sheet gold (actually gold foil) and those items varied from 0.17 mm to 0.54 mm in thickness; he also measured the leaf gold and it ran from 0.01 mm to 0.09 mm. These measures clearly show the talent of ancient Egyptian craftsmen, who were using tools that compared with today's technological sophistication were quite crude, and yet showed remarkable skill in producing what they did.

Ancient Egyptians -- men and women -- loved jewelry, according to professor Eric Cline from George Washington…


Cline, Eric H., and Rubalcaba, Jill. 2005, The Ancient Egyptian World. Oxford University Press: New York.

Corti, Christopher, and Holliday, Richard, 2009, Gold: Science and Applications. CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL. 2008, 'International World History Project / The Scythians', retrieved August 5, 2011, from

Holmes, Frank. 2011, 'Jewelry drives up demand for gold', The Christian Science Monitor, Retrieved August 5, 2011, from .

Conflict in Drc Case Study Conflict in
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Conflict in DC (Case Study)

Conflict in DC

Conflict in the Democratic epublic of Congo

Background of DC Conflict

The Democratic epublic of Congo (DC), otherwise also known as epublique Democratique du Congo from their French masters and formerly Zaire is a nation situated in Central Africa boasting of a very brief coastline that runs approximately 37 Kms. DC is the third largest country in the entire Africa and stands at 12th position in terns of size in the world scale with 2,345 Square Kms (U.S. Department of State, 2010). It is the eight in the world in terms of population and fourth in Africa with the 71 million populations.

DC is neighbored by Central Africa epublic and Sudan from the northern side, the Atlantic Ocean is on its West, to the south Zambia and Angola border it and wanda, Uganda and Burundi are its neighbors to the East.



Claudia Rodriguez, (2007). Sexual Violence in South Kivu, Congo, Forced Migration

Retrieved February 11, 2011 from 

Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa, (2011). Democratic

Republic of the Congo. Retrieved February 10, 2011 from

Growth Within a Country the Issue of
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Growth Within a Country

The issue of development and growth within a country or across countries is such that attracts that attention across board. There are screaming headlines of different economic measures taken by economists and financial analysts of countries concerned. Tracking and recording growth in any country or comparing growth amongst country necessitates using diverse measures. Many measures in the name of models have been propounded of which some are accepted without contention. Many however are still undergoing different measures of experimentation. Augmented Solow Model that was developed by Mankiw et al. (1992) is extensively used in this project to measure growth across countries.

The variable of human capital has a general acceptance as a major contributor to economic development. The correlation between the variable, human capital and economic development will be calculated using time series data of 22 countries. Positive relationship that exists between the variable and time…


Cho, D., and S. Graham, 1996, The Other Side of Conditional Convergence, Economics Letters, Vol. 50, pp. 285-290.

Mankiw .N, D. Romer, and Weil D, (1992). A contribution to the empirics of economic growth, Quarterly Journal of Economics 107, 407{437.

Lucas, Jr., Lectures on Economic Growth, Harvard University Press The Harvard University Press is a publishing house, a division of Harvard University, that is highly respected in academic publishing. It was established on January 13, 1913. In 2005, it published 220 new titles.

.Click the link for more information., (2002).

International Crime Rates Crime Rates International Crime
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International Crime Rates

Crime rates

International Crime Rates: Germany, France, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the United States of America

Comparative Essay

The legal systems in the United States, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia are different due to the differences in the U.S. crime rate and due as well to the differences in the Criminal Justice systems of Germany, France and Saudi Arabia. What factors can be said to cause the difference in crime rates? Does the integration of culture and religion in Saudi Arabia really result in reduced crime rates?

The basic of structure in court systems throughout the world or the universal structure is characterized by courts being divided by lower, mid, and higher levels of courts. There are evident and not so evident differences and variations with this basic structure of organization. There are four types of criminal justice structures of organization. Those are:

Common law…


Cummings, Milton C., Jr. & Wise, David (1982) Democracy Under Pressure: An Introduction to the American Political System. CAT. 81-80036. I.S.B.N. 0-25-5273434. Harcourt Brace Jovanovic, Inc.

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The U.S. Encyclopedia of History (1967) Vol. IV, VII, XI, XVI. Curtis Pub Co Philadelphia -- New York. (1959)

American Heritage Collection (1959) American Heritage Publishing Company.

Culture on Learning Styles Multiculturalism
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Following are Hofstede's four categories and what they measure:

Power Distance (PD) is the "extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organizations within a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally" (Hofstede 1998) with a small PD meaning more equality in the society, and a large PD meaning less.

Individualism (ID) defines whether the society expects people to look after themselves or not. Its opposite is Collectivism, which Hofstede (1998) defines as "the extent to which people in a society from birth onwards are integrated into strong, cohesive in-groups, which throughout people's lifetime continue to protect them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty."

Masculinity (MA) defines the degree of distinction of gender roles. High MA means men are supposed to be "assertive, tough, and focused on material success; women are supposed to be more modest, tender, and concerned with the quality of life" (Hofstede 1998). Its…


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Childhood in South Childhood Dynamics
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" Hence, images of children are often used to "reproach the rest of the adult world for its misdemeanours"; and in presenting that picture, children connote "both the future and a moral voice of the 'good self'..."

Burman generalizes that the "universalization of Northern childhood thus mirrors the Northern colonial domination of the South." And interfaced with that dynamic, she continues, is the "Christian symbolism associated with colour ("white-child-angel, black child-devil")... [and] the fact that where "black and white children are portrayed together [in commercials or public service announcements for aid-related agencies] the white figure adopts a protective...and sometimes enveloping...stance towards the black, which...extends beyond the human to the portrayal of animals." And in contemporary aid and development literature, childhood "has been fractured so that only children of the North develop, while children of the South are primarily portrayed as those whose childhoods have been stolen." Children of the North's…


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Egyptian Identity the Identity of
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They are about as related as say the Italians are to the Irish. The modern population of Egypt is largely composed of what anthropologists refer to as people of "Eastern-Hamitic Stock." This means that modern (as well as ancient) Egyptians are more closely related to the North African Berbers, Tuaregs, Fulas, and Tibbus than to Negroes. Egyptian Negroes live in the southern part of the country (which borders on ancient Nubia) and account for less than 1% of the modern population of Egypt.

This may seem a blow to the "out of Africa" advocates regarding the emergence of Western Civilization (so-called) but it really isn't. These Eastern-Hamitic people have their origins in Africa, so it doesn't really change anything, and yes, they are predominantly black. The ancient word the Egyptians used for their own country was KMT -- pronounced Kemet -- and it means "black land," and may refer to…

Foreign Nurses- Pros and Cons
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Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witness the
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All other Christian and Jewish groups interpret these same passages as referring to dietary laws, to the actual eating of meat containing blood (Robinson). itnesses also urge to "discontinue their chemotherapy treatments when platelet transfusions are needed" (Robinson). Moreover, they believe that any blood that leaves the body must be destroyed, thus they do not approve of an individual storing his own blood for a later auto-transfusion (Robinson).

An important tension within the itness discourse is the "transformative and revolutionary potential of the Society's iconoclastic millennialism" (Elliot). They believe that "A Christian, being realistic, must face life as it is - not as he wishes it might be," and that "Christians cannot change prevailing human customs, prejudices and laws," and basically should just put up with them, therefore interracial marriages are not formally wrong, but are considered unwise given the nature of prejudice (Elliot).

The headquarters of the Jehovah's itnesses…

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Selling Medical Supplies in Mozambique
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(Illicit Drugs or Nutritional Supplements?) It is more likely that some illegal gratification was sought and not received and that led to this action. Since this was also a case for medicines, one should also be careful of the problems that may come up.


1. Staffing

What has been stated earlier is that it would be better to leave the enterprise to operations by South Africans and in that case, they will determine most of the staffing. It is not advisable clearly that many ozambicans be depended on for operations at least due to their ability. An example of this has just been stated.

2. Training and Development

When we are talking about a business and a possible collaboration with an existing business owner, they would have completed the training in an operating business. This would be helpful as the culture of South Africa and ozambique would be similar.…

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Retrieved at . Accessed 11 October, 2005

Policy Formulation in a World
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This balkanization is partially driven by the lack of integration between various segments of itself, and this is primarily a technological limitation. Yet the far broader and more difficult challenge in this regard is the segregating of knowledge not just for profit, but for lasting competitive advantage between nations. On the one hand there is the need for competitive differentiation in company's offerings, yet in others including the sharing of primary research in medicine and biomedical fields and stem cell research there is the ethical responsibility to share these insights gained to foster solutions to the world's most pressing medical problems. M. Van Alstyne and E. Brynjolfsson, researchers on the growth patterns and threat of Internet balkanization from MIT, remark in their conference paper from a 1996 conference that the balkanization of science is a significant threat. The two MIT researchers cite the studies they have completed showing how despite…


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