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Cultural studies is an emerging field that falls under the rubric of multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary studies. Cultural studies focuses on culture. Culture is defined in various ways, but generally includes: group knowledge, beliefs, values, experiences, religion, philosophies, beliefs about the universe, belongings, notions of property, traditions, beliefs about time, social roles, gender roles, ways of conceptualizing spatial relationships, symbols, meanings, attitudes, and hierarchies. Culture refers to group beliefs, but it can refer to a broad group, such as a national culture, or a smaller sub-group that exists within the larger group.

In many ways, culture refers to daily life and how groups of people live their daily lives. Therefore, culture is not a static concept, but a changing concept, which evolves for various reasons. Technology, immigration, emigration, changing gender norms, and scientific advances are just a few of the… [ Read More ]

Language of Apparel From France Cultures

Clothing and Culture Clothing, in the modern definition, is considered to be fiber or textiles that are worn on humans, and one of the anthropological features of human culture and society. The type (color, style, fit) of clothing is typically dependent upon a number of variables -- geography, weather, gender, status, physical state, work activities, and even status symbols. From a practical standpoint, clothing serves as protection from external weather, or for safety reasons (constructing,……[more]

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Culture Lyons Kevin Cease and

As a result, what could be a solid expose on how cultural art forms have been misappropriated becomes a spurious, although interesting piece. Intellectual property and the laws surrounding it are indeed direct products of the Western European culture in which we live. Therefore, it is only natural that the laws of such a society would reflect its cultural ideals. Moreover, Coombo fails to account for how it would be possible to protect collective cultural……[more]

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National Identity and Culture Is

These examples show how clothing and fashion generate and support the social construction of a particular reality in a certain historical period. The uniform of the Chinese people in the Maoist period was a factor in enforcing ideological perceptions in much the same way as the Japanese aristocracy promoted the idea of social status and class through fashion and appearance. The Maoist uniform was effective as a means of reducing class distinctions as well as……[more]

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Fashion in the Early History There Was

FASHION In the early history, there was no need of describing the existence of a market as the markets at that time were controlled by various social institutions and were governed by a set of non-economic norms and rules. The people, therefore, relied on the unproblematic existence of the markets. (Maddison )[footnoteRef:2] According to Marx, a commodity can be defined as, 'an object outside us, a thing that by its properties satisfies human wants of……[more]

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Weight Sigma Psychological and Social Consequences Weight

Weight Sigma Psychological and Social Consequences Weight Loss Efforts In-Group Devaluation Living With Obesity-Australian Context Rating of Overweight vs. Avg. Weight Rating of Glasses vs. No Glasses Rating of Overweight vs. Avg. Weight Fictional Character by Participants Rating of Fictional Character Wearing Glasses Vs. No Glasses by Participants Weight stigma is discrimination or categorizing based on an individual's weight, especially in case of very huge people. Weight bias is quiet prevalent in western culture. Weight……[more]

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Fashion Cultural Historical Studies Gender Masculinity and Femininity Androgyny

Men's Fashion In his book Culture and Everyday Life, Andy Bennett provides a definition of fashion that highlights the fact that fashion has a particular utilitarian function wholly apart from that of clothing, and though a simple observation, this fact forces one to reconsider how men's fashion has been regarded for at least the last eighty years. In his book, Bennett writes that "fashion provides one of the most ready means through which individuals can……[more]

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Fashion in Relation to Commodity Culture of

Fashion in Relation to Commodity Culture of 1980s Fashion Fashion during 1980s seems to be glitzy and bold. Fashion trends were no longer dictated by teenagers; as the baby boom generation continued to become richer and older, they demanded more glamorous, upmarket fashion. Contrary to what inspired 1970s fashion, fashion of 1980s did not allow these non-materialist "hippie" values. Some of the nations such as Australia during the decade focused more on earning big money……[more]

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Culture of Interest Japan Theoretical Foundations of

Culture of Interest: Japan Theoretical foundations of cultural and cross-cultural analysis: Japan and America Japan: Mildly collectivist culture American culture American: An individualistic culture Similarities and differences in Japanese and U.S. culture Potential biases of researcher Appendix I- Hofstede four Dimensional Theory Edward Tylor (1832-1917) defines culture as a collection of customs, laws, morals, knowledge, and symbols displayed by a society and its constituting members. Culture is form of collective expression by groups of people.……[more]

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Culture in the Work of Lahiri

Culture and the Work of Lahiri Focusing questions: After looking at three or four definitions of culture from different dictionaries, what do these definitions have in common? In the United States, some members of ethnic groups who have been in the country for several generations or more may feel distant from their cultures or even without a culture. What are the various factors that account for these feelings? The Four Definitions of Culture: "Culture refers……[more]

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Culture and Human Psychology

Culture Psych Culture and Human Psychology: An Examination of Gift-Giving in Different Nations Culture is a complex phenomenon that evades being defined in terms that are at once comprehensive and concrete -- any entirely firm definition of culture is bound to leave out some elements of some cultures, and any definition that is all-inclusive is necessarily unspecific in certain regards. Put broadly, culture can be thought of as the sum total of popular forms of……[more]

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Culture the Term Culture Originally Described Aspects

Culture The term "culture" originally described aspects of cultivation in agriculture but in the current sense has been used in anthropology to explain the aspects of human behavior that cannot be attributed to genetic influences (Gertz, 1973). Gertz (1973) defines culture as having two aspects: the capacity to act creatively and represent experience through civilization and the distinct differences as to how different groups of people represent their experience. Culture is a potent force in……[more]

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Culture and Subculture P 6 8 a Culture

culture and subculture (p. 6-8) A culture is a "community or population sufficiently large enough to be self-sustaining," in that it can be self-perpetuating (p. 6). There are four main elements of culture, according to Hofstede: symbols, rituals, values, heroes, and myths (p. 6). These elements of culture are transmitted via formal institutions like schools and also informally via peers and family members. Identifying with culture helps to create a cultural identity; an individual identifies……[more]

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Culture Workplace This Include Necessarily Limited Fellow

culture workplace. (This include, necessarily limited, fellow employees, Culture plays a vital role in the workplace in contemporary times. Most organizations have their own respective cultures, as well as do individual industries, countries, parts of countries, and even different parts of the world. All of these varying cultures and sub-cultures come together in the workplace environment, and make for some interesting interactions -- not all of which are beneficent. I have had a number of……[more]

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Culture Is Quite a Broad Term and

Culture is quite a broad term and encompasses a lot of different things. The oldest way of describing a culture is basically talking about the different aspects linked to it. This means that the oldest way includes the mention of the music, sculpture, literature and paintings of that certain kind of culture. It has been noted that a culture of a region becomes more prominent and profound if it is carried out and exhibited by……[more]

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Culture Pervasiveness and the Difficulty of Defining

Culture pervasiveness and the difficulty of defining it is one of the reasons why it is attributed for many merger failures. The problem considered in this study was the unstable operating environment that existed following the acquisition of INTEC Engineering by Worley Parsons which was likely caused by differences in organizational cultures. WorleyParsons acquired SEA Engineering in 2007 and INTEC Engineering April 2008 and combined these organizations to form INTECSEA. The capabilities found in these……[more]

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Culture s Impact on Healthcare Culture Midwestern White

Culture's Impact On Healthcare Culture: Midwestern, (White Female) The following are the top 5 characteristics of my culture: Conservative political values. May cause a closed mine and limit the imagination. Political lines are dogmatic and prevent free thinking. Family orientated. This bias may cause the individual to be too loyal on one's family. It is very difficult to see our families for who they truly are. Open minded: Too much open-mindedness may lead to foolish……[more]

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Culture Health Care Culture Is a Very

Culture Health Care Culture is a very difficult and slippery term in today's vocabulary. Culture is always changing and moving towards new preferences and attitudes that shape its followers' belief structures. Health care is a part of culture and different segments of society have different approaches towards this idea. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the differences of all cultures in perceptions of health and health care. In this essay I will identify……[more]

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Culture and Health Disparities Filipinos Personal

Culture and Health Disparities - Filipinos PERSONAL SOCIAL STATUS: In researching this project, I found a study prepared by the Canadian Nurses Association (2005). It reviewed the social determinants of health and how one's social status impacts their or their family health outcomes. The focus of this piece was on issues such as poverty, economic inequality, social isolation and social support systems and their impact on the health of minorities, many of the same categories……[more]

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Culture and Politics Germany How Culture and

Culture and Politics Germany: How Culture and Politics Bring About Social Change German history and culture are complex, and the country has been through a lot of changes, both in the past and more recently. In order to understand the cultural and political issues today, it is important to see where they have originated from and where they appear to be headed. That can also help foster social change and development, which is needed in……[more]

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Culture Cuisine in Australia Australia Is One

Culture Cuisine in Australia "Australia is one of seven continents and constitutes most of the Pacific region, both in terms of size and population." (Compton & Warren 2008, P 126). The indigenous people influence food and Australian culture and people immigrated into Australia from other part of the world. Typically, multicultural influx of the people from other part of the world settling in Australia greatly influences the contemporary Australian cuisine. Objective of this paper is……[more]

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Culture Industry the Cultural Industries May Be

Culture Industry The cultural industries may be described as the "industrially produced commercial entertainment -- broadcasting, film, publishing, recorded music -- as distinct from the subsidised "arts" -- visual and performing arts, museums and galleries" Galloway & Dunlop 18). Films/movies, radio and publications compose a system which is homogeneous in every sense. The media that is technological in nature also demonstrates a standardization and homogeneity. The aim of the television is to synthesize both film……[more]

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Culture Communication Between Different Cultures

d.). For example, in the U.S., decisions are frequently delegated, that is, an official assigns responsibility for a particular matter to a subordinate. In many European nations, like Germany, there is a strong value placed on holding decision-making responsibilities oneself. When decisions are made by groups of people, majority rule is a common approach in the U.S. while in Germany consensus is the preferred mode. One should be conscious that peoples' expectations about their own……[more]

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Intersecting Cultures Are Creating a

When Europeans colonized Brazil, for example, the indigenous peoples intermarried or otherwise bonded intimately with those Europeans and the result was a hybrid identity, "mestizaje," which Noh refers to as a native Brazilian combining his or her identity with a Portuguese identity. Hence, in the twentieth century hybridity has been transformed into a "…cultural phenomenon" which is now explored by anthropologists and other social scientists -- and it means that growing volumes of people are……[more]

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Consumption Society and Culture

Consumption, Society and Culture Cultural Industry There are two social processes which are linked with each other and provide the basis of popular culture in modern capitalist societies. These two processes are related with production and consumption of cultural goods. In the first step, the commodities are produced in the light of customers' desirable features and packaged in culturally acceptable methods. In the second step, the products are used by their respective target markets as……[more]

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Cultural Studies Concept of Culture and How

Cultural Studies Concept of Culture and How it Assists Anthropologists in Their Study and Understanding of People and Societies The concept of culture assists anthropologists in their understanding and study of people and societies. The word culture is derived from the Latin word 'cultura' that is derived from the verb 'colo' that means, "to tend, to cultivate, and to till." (Sage Publishers, n.d., p.10) The expression of the word would be a reference to the……[more]

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