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The proclaimers of baby selling argue that the moral implications are not as negative as generally perceived by the society, but that trade with babies exists in numerous markets and in numerous forms and the legalization and embracement of such procedures would only be natural. "These markets are centered around the production and acquisition of babie - babies in the form of component sperm and eggs, babies in the form of fresh or frozen embryos, babies in the form of tissues and organs, and babies as full-term living infants" (Hirschman, 1991). As such, from the technological stand point, the selling of life babies would only be an extension of the modern procedures implemented to help conceive babies.

Then, there is the legal aspect of it. However the current legislature prohibits the trade of babies, the process should be best perceived as a contract between parties and it should be respected and approved by the community, given that both parties involved have stated their unbiased agreement. But regardless of all benefits involved, there remains the question of morality and the sanctity of family and innocent little creatures. "How far are we willing to take our insistence on the dominance of the model of contract in social relationships? In a secular society, which is nevertheless riddled with sentimental religiosity, are there still some areas that we consider sacred and off-limits to the rules of contract?" (Fox, 1993)


First of all, there is a legal implication. All federal laws and constitutions explicitly prohibit the buying and selling of humans. But with the right arguments and the presentation of the benefits a baby eBay would offer, developed of course in a strictly controlled context, the governments could be pursued to modify the legislature.

Then, a next argument has a religious nature. In this particular sense, the selling of babies to the highest bidder, and the selling of babies in the first place, is considered a profane action, severely interfering with the sanctity of the birth right (Hirschman, 1991). Yet another major con argument is that the auction would soon turn into a battle of the wealthy and only the richest families would be able to get the babies. As a direct consequence, families with a modest economic condition, registering medium and slightly above medium incomes, would be unable to get a baby. Therefore, the baby eBay, like other methods used in the process of getting a baby, would fail to resolve the problems in the system.

Other major arguments have a moral nature, but these could be counter-argued with the fact that other strategies, such as the traditional adoption or the modern surrogacy, have all raised ethical issues, which remain unsolved up to these days (Colen, 1987)


The arguments both in favor and against a baby eBay are both strong, with severe implications upon the contemporaneous society. But the actual implementation of a decision to create a baby auction would require major changes in the judiciary system as well as the mentality of the population. I for one can see the benefits, but find it rather difficult to agree with the selling of babies. And this is probably due to the traditional upbringing and the limited experience with such situations. But after all, the decision is a personal one, depending on how each individual weighs the costs and benefits.


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