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Whether it is an accredited course or in house training seminars. Therefore, it is very beneficial, especially in today's competitive business world.

Co Worker One: I personally don't feel it is beneficial to me. My field is not related with any financial fields so the Credit Union will not pay to further my education.

Co Worker Two: The course of work for which I would like to attend is neither an approved college level course, nor towards any degree program. Therefore, the Credit

Union will not pay, so no, it is not beneficial to me.

Mary: How do you impact the Human Resources Policy?

Khema Kent, Operational Manager: As far as HR concerns, we have no impact since there is no suggestion box available.

Co Worker One: I don't feel I do.

Co Worker Two: I would like to try to persuade our HR Department to set up a suggestion box. Give the employees a chance to voice our suggestions. We should be allowed to express our constructive comments. Although, we are encouraged to speak openly to our supervisors, we would all cherish the privacy of our suggestions.

Mary: What do you know of the promotion policy?

Khema Kent, Operational Manager: We have an internal promotional policy for all employees who have been in their current positions for at least one year, and have met the qualifications for a vacant position. Also, a promoted employee will be subject to a 90-day try-out period in their new position.

Co Worker One: I was recently promoted, so I am aware of the policy.

Co Worker Two: It is based on your qualifications, past performance, year of service and a supervisor recommendation.

Mary: How do you feel about the promotion policy?

Khema Kent, Operational Manager: I feel as long as the employee meets the qualifications by the HR requirement. It is an effective policy.

Co Worker One: The policy seems to me to be fair.

Co Worker Two: Although the policy offered by our Credit Union is rather fair, feel it does need some improvement. The policy states "if the employee receives a merit increase within the three-month period preceding the promotion, no increase will be given." My concern is once the promotion became effective, the employee may or may not receive the promotion increase until months later. I personally do not believe this is a fair practice.

As far as employee number two's concern with merit/award promotion, the Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union Employee Handbook states, " Employees may receive awards and other form of formal recognition for outstanding performance or incentives for Credit Union-wide promotions, cross sales or special achievements resulting from exemplary performance of their duties. The incentive awards are set by management and the monetary amounts can be changed or discontinued at their discretion." believe for some employees, at the Credit Union, are at a disadvantage. For the Credit Union to be able to enhance the employees that want degrees there are other employees that could use the assistance as well. Some employees may feel they are not suited for degrees but want to enhance their education and are unable to afford to do so.

Every company has different departments and those employees should be allowed to enhance their education for those departments and make the separate departments more productive. Every department does not need every employee to have a degree. Every employee should be allowed to obtain an education with the Employee Assistance


While it is clear that Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union is eager to enhance the education of it's employees, whether it be to enhance their positions within the company or have the education to move on to another company, not all companies do the same. (1) Budweiser for instance, removed their Employee Education Assistance

Program, they felt they were not gaining anything by educating their employees because the employees would leave once the education was gained. Now all non-factory workers must have a Bachelors Degree or Human Resources will not even consider the resume.

Washington Telephone Federal Credit Union knows firsthand, in today's world knowledge is power. The more educated your employees are the better for the company.

Requiring employees to achieve their degrees will attain greater leadership abilities. In today's market it is imperative to have knowledge and great leadership abilities.

It is crucial for success in any business. (Society for Human Resource Management "A better understanding of what contributes to productivity in the knowledge economy is likely to drive business strategy in general and human resource strategies in particular.

Though much has been made of the importance of technology and knowledge management processes in boosting productivity, the importance of knowledge networks and collaboration in driving innovation may lead to a new appreciation of effective human resource management strategies in a few key areas -- in supporting creativity, in leveraging existing knowledge and in acquiring new knowledge.) There will be greater skills needed in the future, management and leadership skills will be at the highest and will continue to be an ongoing process.

Companies must always go with the changing ways of the world. Example, thirty years ago we had no idea how much technology would change our lives. In the personal sense or business sense. Good management and good leadership will create positive outcome for the company. Leaders set direction, and empower employees to do what has to be done. Managers plan how it will be done.

Being an effective manager, you must know how, where and when decisions get made.

Human Resource Managers are well aware that by providing recognition to an employee's hard work is beneficial. It let's the employee know they are appreciated for their hard work. If an employee does something well and then feel it is ignored - they will not bother to do it so well next time. Good management will keep its employees motivated. The end result is a happy employee and better production.

Not only does any Human Resource Department need to have great management but they must also be able to properly train, coach, and have emotional intelligence as well. (Human Resources Magazine "Emotional intelligence is about how you get to grips with what others are feeling, and how the way they deal with you affects your role and behavior.') Being in a management position requires many skills. Not only on a professional basis. They must demonstrate values and be ethical so that other can follow their example. Although being in Humans Resources can be stressful and sometimes a burden, it can be very rewarding. You have to have the knowledge and experience to able to handle such a responsibility.


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Society for Human Resource Management

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