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In addition to these activities, a professionally done Website where the weekly webinars will be hosted from, and a list of in-person events the company is sponsoring will also be provided. CFOS and CEOs are the ones in content providers making the decisions of whether to monetize their content. Advertising and sales promotion must concentrate on events where these specific professionals are in an attempt to gain their interest and potential trial of the Web content monetization system. Table 1: Proposed Launch Budget breaks down by line item the essential steps to launch the proposed Web content monetization system.

Table 1: Proposed Launch Budget


Website Development include support for Webinars and landing pages for lead generation


Series of advertisements in CFO and CEO Magazine


Production of a series of testimonial videos for YouTube of early adopter companies -- interviews with their CEO and CFO


Sponsorship of content provider Industry Events


Event Marketing Strategies to gain in-person selling time with CEOs and CFOs




F. Publicity

Using social networks including Facebook and Twitter, in addition to blogging extensively about customers' success stories will be the primary focus of public relations. Additionally a list of magazine editors, industry analytics and financial analyst which cover this area of the enterprise content management market will also be periodically briefed on new technologies and initiatives. The proposed venture will make news by concentrating on the new product development cycle and quickly launching new products, so the product's rapid progression, as is the case with many successfully start-ups, will be the news (Coleman, O'Connor, 2008).

G. Customer Service

As the software will be delivered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, which is known for the speed at which applications can be developed on (Erdogmus, 2007); customer service will concentrate on purely the functionality of the app. Customer service levels will include basic troubleshooting, followed by escalation of order capture and payment systems, and finally to advanced support which includes discussions with the programmers who produced the application itself.

H. Warranty or Guarantee Policies

Warranty on the proposed system will be one year after installation, and service upgrades and a service contract will be available yearly at 16% of the system purchase price. Competitors in this arena are charging 22% for the same services, and these include EMC and Oracle. The applications will also have a one year guarantee on them which is also common in this area of enterprise software. The greatest compliant from companies who have ECM systems installed today is the high price of maintenance. By pricing the maintenance fees at 16% this will significantly undercut the majority of competitors and create goodwill immediately with new customers.

I. Distribution

The proposed system will be sold through a direct sales model and will be delivered using the SaaS platform. Customers will have the option of having the application installed on their own servers or accessed over secured VPN connections from the company's servers. Using this approach will significantly streamline the upgrade process for existing applications in the field and also enable more effective selling and services strategies globally. The distribution of the app entirely online will also reduce operating costs, increasing margins in the process.


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