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Communications Workshop One

Changing Jobs Following a Brief Period of Employment

Opting to take another job only a week after beginning a new job is not illegal, as people a free to come and go as they please. However, there are many consequences that must be considered before a conclusion is reached. Ethical implications, possible alternatives and other solutions should be identified and evaluated prior to taking action.

Professional Integrity

Company X would be extremely displeased of the actions of an employee who quit a job following an employment period of only 5 days. Firms make big investments in new employee's, not only is it costly to train new hires but searching and interviewing and selecting the best candidate takes time and money. Upon departure of the employee, Company X would have to begin the hiring process anew costing the firm additional money and using time that could have been utilized more efficiently on another task. Such a job change would be extremely unprofessional. It would appear that the person is immature, irresponsible, and indecisive among other things. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that that firm will consider hiring him or her in the future. Additionally, if in the future, the individual meets with former co-workers and former management of Company X, it is likely that he or she will be received well. For example, if the person interviews with a firm in the future, where the interviewer is a former employee of Company X, my previous actions will place a strike against me in the mind of the interviewer.


Before making a decision, it would be wise to discuss the situation with people who the person respects and trusts. Whether it is a friend, a family member or a mentor, as much feedback as possible should be sought in order to make the best decision. If this option is unavailable, there are professional career coaches who specialize in dealing with situations such as this. In exchange for a fee, quality advice could be obtained from a professional. As attractive as a 10% increase of my current salary and a job closer to home may seem, the job at Company Y may still not be the best choice. The main reason why this is such a difficult situation is due to the fact the employee has not been at the job long enough to reap the many benefits it may bring. Additionally, it is not possible to know what to expect at Company Y. The grass may or may not be greener on the other side. Finally, the individual may not feel comfortable if other people find out that he or she quit a job after only a week to move home. Not only will this person be viewed untrustworthy in a professional capacity, but also many will think twice before dealing with the person in other situations.

Recommended Action

The employee should politely decline the job at Company Y. However, the employee should ask that his or her name and resume be kept on file for consideration for future openings. Additionally, the individual should retain a list of contacts for Company Y for possible use at a date in the future. It would be a poor career move for the person to comprise his or her professional integrity. It would be better to forgo the boost in salary and chalk it up to experience.


SUBJECT: Communications Workshop Two

Using a computer for personal reasons at work does not make someone a bad employee. However, a company who has a policy of not allowing their employees to use the computers for personal use is a company who does not value their employees and blatantly ignores the fact that there is more to life than work. Zero-tolerance policies will do more harm than good.

Companies must realize that while an employee is at work, they are forgoing all the activities that require attention between the hours of 9-5 such as banking. An employee who works such hours is not able to accomplish mandatory tasks. We should allow our employees to use the computers for personal use only if it does not interfere with their duties. During lunch, when business is slow, or if an employee needs to get something done immediately, we should not hinder such activities. However, we should not let our business become an "Internet Cafe." We should monitor usage and block porn, music downloads and game sites as none of these things are essential. We should send a memo to employees outlining this policy, to make them aware of what is accepted and what is not. We should not have a problem with abuses of the system; if we hire individuals with high ethical standards they should be able to balance work and Internet usage.

We should value our employees and realize that one does not have to compromise their personal needs and professional tasks, as both can be balanced well. If we deny our employees this benefit, we will definitely have trouble retaining our top staff.


SUBJECT: Code of Conduct

Codes of conduct are a vital part of any business. High priority should be given to writing a code of conduct for all companies no matter how big or small. As a matter of fact, a code of conduct should be drafted along with the mission statement, vision and goals of a company.

While many people hold to their own values and morals and do not need a code of conduct to restrict their actions, others do not have the same set of beliefs. For some, taking a bribe here or there, stealing inexpensive items and harassing co-workers may be acceptable. A code of conduct is acceptable and necessary in the modern workplace. All employees should read and sign it, and a copy should be available for viewing by customers. Codes of conduct do not violate employee's rights, they do however, protect both the employees and customers. For example, a female employee who is constantly harassed by her male boss has restitution not only in the law (since sexual harassment is illegal) but also because of the code of conduct signed by all employees that explicitly prohibits sexual harassment. Additionally, signing a code of conduct may make employees twice think about stealing petty inexpensive items that, in their opinion is so insignificant the company won't mind. As we know, those small things add up to a significant amount of money over time.

An effective code of conduct should be as detailed as possible. For example, a code of conduct that prohibits theft by employees should also stress that taking anything without paying for it is stealing, no matter if the item is $1.00 or $1,000.00. With a detailed code of conduct employees may be inclined to just sign without reading it. A workshop outlining the main points of the code of conduct could be conducted so that all staff understands what is expected of them.

ABC Grocery Store

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all employees and contractors of ABC Grocery Store. By signing this agreement you are agreeing to abide by the rules and ethics set forth and you are expected to uphold such conduct in all facets of business transactions. Any violation of a code is a serious offense and will be dealt with accordingly. This code will address ethical issues that may arise and can be used as a reference to mediate compromising situations

As an employee of ABC Grocery Store you agree to:

Treat customers and co-workers with the utmost respect.

Never taking improper advantage of the trust of any party in order to obtain a benefit monetary or otherwise.

Never use company resources in excess. Using the telephone, fax and other company resources in such a…[continue]

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