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Creating Your Dream Job / Human Resource Consultant

Creating My Dream Job: Human Resource Consultant

My dream job revolves around Human resource, the position of a Human resource consultant of my future company, or an existing corporation.

Job Summary

As the HR Consultant, I will provide a high level support to the corporation across broad ranging human resource consultancy services (HRCU, 2010). In addition, I will take part in stages of recruitment and some key aspects of the role of producing a wide range of written materials, managing enquiries and candidates at an executive level, evaluation, benchmarking and interviewing, reference checking and high level report wiring together with several activities across research, executive search and liaison with stakeholders (HRCU, 2010). This position requires a close working relationship with the Chief Executive Officer, Human Resource Manager, and other senior staff including the subordinate staff for efficient consultations.

Key responsibilities

Attending concise meetings to ascertain and identify the scope and key requirements across a wide range of assignments accurately;

Drafting responses to proposals, tenders and correspondences

Preparing a variety of written materials and reports relating to recruitment, assignments and processes such as interviews, advertisements, job specifications, summary reports and reference reports;

Ascertaining a wide range of information through relationship management, research activity and producing materials significant to human resource consultancy services including remuneration reviews, organizational development and performance management;

Compilation of documentation and information to facilitate executive research;

Managing and screening enquiries from clients or candidates;

Reviewing, screening, assessing and benchmarking applications and candidates for benchmarking;

Taking part in preliminary, short list and panel interviews;

Managing high level client and candidate services;

Providing a wide range of advice to candidates to enable them remain informed and aware of process and progress, offers of employment and interview feedback;

Job Specification


Education for my dream job is a tertiary qualification or undertaking relevant tertiary studies.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

HR knowledge on recruitment, expertise and experience;

Proficiency in verbal and writing skills

Solid research abilities

Succinct in presenting information

Experience in stakeholder engagement and management

Experience in strong project management

Possess a high level administrative skills

Compensation and Benefits Package Related to HR Consultant

As an employee receiving Big Benefits, my total compensation package is not only from my direct pay. In addition, compensation is a significant factor in job quality because it is a deciding factor for people when they review a job. My indirect pay constituting of my employee benefits makes up a large part of the package (Romanoff, Boehm and Benson, 1986). An estimate of my total compensation is as follows:

Current Base pay: $35,500

Incentive Compensation: $3,888

Advance Benefit Dollars: $5,409.36

Estimated Annual Contribution for Other Benefits: $5,559.94

Total Estimated Compensation: $50, 357

Other benefits include Retirement incentive Savings Plan, Social Security, State Disability, Short-term Disability, dependent care Company match, Educational Reimbursement, Unemployment Insurance and Workers' Compensation.

Short-Term Disability

This benefit is a weekly cover after a 7-day waiting period waived when hospitalized and totally disabled and has exhausted my accrued sick time.

Long-Term Disability

This benefit will cater for me if the disability goes beyond 26 weeks. I am entitled to $1,775 until I am 65 years age or no longer disabled.

Survivor protection

If I die while employed, my beneficiary should receive a group Life Insurance of $71,000, Retirement Plan $18,476. In addition, as a result of an accident my designated beneficiaries should receive; Accidental death, Dismemberment Insurance of $71,000, Business Travel Accident Insurance of $150,000, if the accident occurred while traveling on a company business, or rather was working at that time.

Additional Work & Family Benefits

These include an Educational Reimbursement Program (ERP), Employee Assistance program (EAP) and a Wellness Program (WP). The ERP is to support me in plans toward industry programs, EAP is for my family's counseling to help resolve personal issues and the WP is to address health issues and concerns of my family.

Employees' Retirement Plan

This Employee's retirement plan (ERP) is for the provision of a retirement income, which is facilitated by the Social Security. I designed it in a flexible manner to receive my benefits offering a contribution and interest credit based on my earnings. At the age of 65, the social security will remit $1,194 and the retirement Plan remit $597 monthly.

Important Consideration in Designing a Compensation System

Compensation is one of the many human resource tools that an organization should use to manage their employees. In addition, for an organization to find its money worth and motivate and retain employees, the organization should ensure its compensation system is strategic. The compensation system should have a connection to its human resource strategy. Many organizations do not consider planning their pay and compensation systems. Ignoring such an important human research strategy is devastating for any organization (Romanoff, Boehm and Benson, 1986). Smart and successful organizations do regular planning and assessments of their compensation systems. In this case, I provide several considerations when I designed the above compensation and benefits system for my dream job.

Does my Compensation System match the corporation's objectives?

My dream job, HR Consultant is demanding, and I aim to work in an already established corporation. Therefore, my compensation system has quality owing to the experience and skills I have in regard to the Corporation's strategic advantages. In addition, my compensation system is in the correct rate owing to the demand and market rate for this dream job. I am sure that the organization I will work with will accommodate my compensation and benefits system. In this competitive job market, I am aware of the competition existing between firms. Therefore, I consider and recognize that my future organization, which I will work with, will have a high competitive advantage and will accommodate my compensation system.

Market competitiveness

I am an employee with special skills and my pay philosophy lies in the competitive part of the market. Most organizations have a compensation system that is equivalent to the labor market offering the same position. My compensation system puts in consideration the pays on the same position in the market. In addition, this compensation system is equivalent to meet the market and offers a chance for my employer to add or subtract variable pay or some benefits. In addition, this consideration will give me an opportunity for retention because of my special skills. To some point, my compensation system is above the labor market for the same job in the market (Romanoff, Boehm and Benson, 1986). However, putting in mind the experience and tasks described in the job specifications, I deserve more from the company that I will work for. In addition, this is a total compensation system, and I aim to work with an organization with good financial status, which will accommodate my compensation system.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal programs help employees evaluate their employee's contributions to the organization. These programs are important in developing a powerful working team. Although some organizations find it had to critique their employees, appraisal programs have significant influence and may help to reveal some challenges faced by employees. The objective of appraisal programs is to provide an equitable measurement of employees' efforts, generate accurate appraisal documentation to protect both the workforce and the employer, and acquire the quality and quantity of work done (Carroll and Craig, 1982). In addition, performance appraisal is a key to increased productivity, effectiveness and employee development. A good program should support the organization's strategy, goals, objectives and systems. In order to create a performance evaluation system for an organization there is a need to develop an evaluation form, identify performance issues, set guidelines for feedback and set an assessment schedule.

These appraisals are conducted over a period of a specific rating period such as three months, six months and annually. For some organizations, there are several standards of performance accepted by their management for instance quality of work, quantity and timelessness of job completion. However, a good appraisal program should have the same standards for all employees. The managers and other top leaders in an organization have the responsibility of creating an appraisal program to guide the subordinate staff. For effective performance in an organization, the employee and employer should take part in monitoring the appraisal program (Carroll and Craig, 1982). Appraisal programs come in many forms such as in software or forms. The appraisal form below is mine developed for my dream job.



Department Name:

Review Period: ____/____/____to____/____/

Employee Name: ____ Position:

Supervisor name: ____ Position:

Date of Review: ____/____/


% of Job





Measuring Accomplished Work

Scheduled Completion

Actual Completion

Level of Accomplishment





Planning and Organization Ability


Maintains a smooth operation, establishes realistic work plans and works within authority constraints


Interpersonal Skills


Adjusts to changes in work and communicates work information in a positive manner




Actively identifies potential problems and recommends or implements solutions


Team Skills and Cooperation



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