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5.What is the general focus of sociobiology (also known as evolutionary psychology and behavioral ecology)? How is this applied to human behaviors?

Sociobiology is a combination of sociology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, and psychology; but uses tools of zoology, genetics, statistics, and other disciplines. The general focus is to investigate social behaviors in terms of both genetic and psychological causations (e.g. mating, hunting).It is controversial because it is trying to show that human and nonhuman behavior can be explained based on biological considerations - natural selection. If certain traits cause the organism to live longer and reproduce more, then those traits will be represented more in future generations. Therefore, certain behavioral traits are inherited, and these inherited behavioral traits focused and advanced through natural selection. If this is the case, then those traits were likely adaptive as we humans evolved. In a sense, all behaviors are genetic to a sociobiologist, and are the result of environmental pressures that allowed those certain traits to be expressed in a wider level (Park, 2010; Dawkins, 2006).


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