Culture's Impact on Healthcare Culture: Midwestern, White Essay

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Culture's Impact On Healthcare

Culture: Midwestern, (White Female)

The following are the top 5 characteristics of my culture:

Conservative political values. May cause a closed mine and limit the imagination. Political lines are dogmatic and prevent free thinking.

Family orientated. This bias may cause the individual to be too loyal on one's family. It is very difficult to see our families for who they truly are.

Open minded: Too much open-mindedness may lead to foolish mistakes and jumping on any bandwagon that may come along.

Love of the outdoors and social activities. Too much of this behavior, may lead to not refining the indoor skills that are important in life.

Trusting to new experiences. Too many new experiences
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may lead to becoming ungrounded.


Question 1

The Midwestern culture is very conservative and many within the culture base their decisions on popular notions and ideas. Health care to Midwestern culture is seen as a valued resource and the only barriers to seeking health care reside in the individuals themselves.

Question 2

Midwestern culture is a result of being stuck in the middle of the country where influences come from all cardinal directions. Midwestern culture may contain strong beliefs about the efficacy of health care and health-seeking behaviors. Essentially the culture is aligned with the belief that health care services are generally well performed and provide an extra benefit to the quality of life.

Question 3

Midwestern culture is generally patriotic…

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