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The evolution of political systems varies from culture to culture, and developed at different rates depending on the physical and social needs of that particular society. Society may take on the form of a band, tribe, chiefdom, or a state -- representing varying degrees of organization and centralization, the size of the region of occupation, and their economic development. Since bands are uncentralized and equal, the Hutterites are probably chiefdom.

Chiefdoms are organizations in which size, centralization, and even stratification change -- small or large; usually with domestication of flora and fauna most important. They do produce surpluses, and are more sophisticated in what holds them together (beliefs, etc.). The Hutterites are male-dominated, and have a central leader (Chief) and two assistants. They stratify jobs into expertise (Hog Boss, Corn Boss, etc.), remain rural, and practice a near total community of goods -- everything is owned by the group (their interpretation of Acts 2-5). They do have a limit of about 20 families (around 250 individuals) until a daughter colony is produced. Genetically, we know that this number ensures a viability of population, but the Hutterites reasoning is more traditional. They remain together largely because of their belief in pacifism and the literal interpretation of the Bible (History and Information, 2006).

3.What kinds of evidence have been examined to try to determine the time of origin of modern human language? What answer to this question do these suggest?

Comparative anatomy is one of the ways in which anthropologists attempt to determine which of our ancestors were able to speak. The vocal chords do no leave fossil evidence, but the development of the vocal tract in combination with certain areas of the brain that allow for greater cognitive function give

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