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Both the HR and IT departments must work together to resolve the issues together. By reviewing the problems revealed in the quality audit it was discovered that technology and training can improve the prescription order processing system. The SMART tool also uncovered how HR can raise the level of customer satisfaction by providing better trained employees. This will diminish the number of problems due to slow response time. The IT department is looking at how to track customer complaints and put a tracking system in place to follow up on errors and complaints that are cataloged by the system. Creating a measurable tracking system that reports on when and how each complaint is resolved. In effect this improves both the HR and the IT department operational objectives of increasing the performance levels of employee service while lowering the number of complaints in order processing (Bednarz, 2006).

Also the TQM process of building quality into the system revealed that customer complaints were somehow related to inventory management. The IT department is addressing this issue to update transaction processing by adding a monitoring system that reviews or reports each transaction processed. This SMART measurement allows monitoring of any discrepancy in transaction in orders with missing or unprocessed transactions (Berthiaume 2004).

Customer complaints also revealed that orders were delivered several days after being placed. This is unacceptable and the IT department immediately begin looking at how the order tracking and inventory system were related to customer order processing. A measurement was put in place to correlate these two processes that improved order processing and the inventory system (Dignan 2004). This one improvement resolved delays in processing customer orders. This created a SMART, achievable and relevant solution in creating operational efficiency that met operational objectives and improved customer satisfaction.

By listening to the customer, the HR department discovered that training needs to be addressed. CVS has implemented an operational objective to create a training center where employees are sent to a pharmacy training program. The curriculum includes how to counsel customers and contains in-depth study of medical conditions and how to respond to customer concerns meeting a higher level of satisfaction. Hiring practices were reviewed and partnerships with local and state employment led to a more secure better trained workforce (Johnsen 2002). Lastly, improvements to the telecommunications was achieved through automated voice responder systems that can track and record customer calls to produce a measurement to track the level of service. Adding automated systems to track calls and online order processing through email feedback or callback services have also increased the quality of customer service.

In conclusion using the quality improvement tools of Total Quality Management and SMART CVS was able to uncover areas in HR and IT departments that worked together to resolve customer issues. HR implemented partnerships with local employment agencies in each of its locations around the country to resolve both recruiting and turnover issues. CVS developed training centers to address training issues. IT introduced business process re-engineering to resolve conflicts with systems. Improving the inventory system, telecommunication systems, and transaction processing systems. All are easily measurable by recording customer calls and tracking the response times and successful completion of transaction processing. The operations team has changed the culture of CVS to a higher level of quality, and customer service.

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