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Founded in 1866 with the main campus housed in Grand Rapids, Michigan and 14 campuses located all throughout Michigan, Davenport University offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees with a distance learning option focusing on innovative, practical and affordable education (usnews.com). Davenport University is the only Michigan-based private university specializing in business, technology and health professions serving approximately 12,400 students. Davenport University "prepares individuals and organizations to excel in the knowledge-driven environment of the 21st century" (cappex.com). "Davenport's School of Technology prepares students for tech careers that will be here tomorrow- and well into the future. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor projects that three of the 10 fastest-growing occupations are computer related. By focusing on security and the most recent programming and networking systems, Davenport is ahead of the curve in educating students for the future. Another Davenport plus: Our technology degrees include a strong business foundation, exposing you to business and leadership skills you need for that edge in the fast-paced technology field" (davenport.edu). With today's economy and unemployment rates, what further reassurance for job and career placement could you ask for? Still not convinced that Davenport University is the place for you? Well, here is some more information that may help your decision making process.

What do we have to offer?

Associates, Bachelors, Masters degrees in Business, Health Professions, and Technology; certificate programs; online distance learning; career services and job fairs; both on and off-campus housing; collegiate athletics; and 22 different clubs and organizations are just a few of the resources available for students at Davenport. Davenport's business and technology focused curriculum helps students achieve their goals and attain careers computer gaming and simulation, database management, programming as well as web design. In addition to their major courses, students will take introductory level courses to build on a business foundation such as "Advanced Composition," "Professional Writing," "Accounting Basics for Mangers" or "Accounting Foundations," "Professional Ethics" and "Management Foundations." Students can earn an Associate, Bachelor's and a Master of Science degree in Technology and even pursue a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate to pursue or advance their career.

Whether you come to Davenport immediately following high school graduation, take some time off, or even start coursework early Davenport University accepts transfer credit hours and assists students in receiving the appropriate credit for their previously completed coursework. Davenport University strongly encourages articulation or the earning of college credit through your high school or career and technical education center.

"Articulation agreements allow students to build an additive degree program by taking courses either at different institutions or at the different campuses of one institution. Davenport University offers options for high school students to get an early start in college by articulating high school credits to Davenport for college credits. Students save money on rising costs of tuition, fees and books while accelerating their progress in their college major instead of being slowed down by duplication of courses. Some of the other benefits of articulation include the opportunity for expanded program content, improvement of job readiness skills, improvement of job placement potential and the motivation to continue schooling" (davenport.edu).

Davenport also offers benefits for military experience and veterans including tuition reduction, nontraditional learning activities and VA benefits.

This all sounds great, but what is all of this going to cost me?

Davenport's undergraduate tuition for the 2010-2011 academic school year was $5, 772 per semester or $11,544 for the full academic year. The undergraduate online tuition per semester was $5,892 and $11,784 for the full year. In addition students should add in a $100 registration fee and a $35 technology fee per semester. On-campus room and board is approximately $8,300. Davenport generally encourages students to budget anywhere between $200- $300 per course for books, which is rather on the higher end, just to be on the safe side and not run into the potential risk of under-budgeting. Generally, the suggested total for is much lower and students can take advantage of purchasing used books, swapping books with other students, or even participating in a book rental program. Therefore, the grand total of the priceless education you will receive at Davenport comes out to around $23,000 (higher end budgeted) per academic year. Now, that doesn't seem so bad compared to the $30,000 or $40,000 your friends are going to be spending on education that may not even prepare them for the future careers in technology and business alike. Still seems like $23,000 is a little pricey? Well, we have some good news -- Davenport offers several options for financial aid in the form of employment, gift aid and self-help aid. The career services center helps students find part-time jobs while attending school. Self-help aid is generally in the form of student loans which you do not have to worry about repaying until after you graduate. But wait, there's more! Davenport University offers gift aids, which do NOT have to be repaid EVER, in the form of federal grants, state grants and scholarships, Davenport institutional scholarships, Davenport foundation scholarships as well as external scholarships funded by third parties. With all of those options for financial aid, you're sure to bring down that grand total to an even more manageable figure that you and your family are comfortable with.

Is there anything fun to do besides study?

Of course! With over 22 different clubs and organizations including academic and professional, social, recreational, community service, cultural and honorary; intramural sports programs; a volunteer center; The Business Professional of America organization; Delta Epsilon Chi; and study abroad opportunities available you'll barely have any time left in the day to sleep! (Just kidding). See what our Student Life staff has to say:

The Student Life Office aims to foster student development by providing students with opportunities to get involved, build community, and learn outside of the classroom. The staff in the Student Life Office supports student success and encourages all students to GET INVOLVED in the Davenport University community. Involvements includes participation in Registered Student Organizations (RSO's), leadership development, student activities, volunteer opportunities, student government, or singing karaoke with friends at the Student Center Victory Cafe.

Student Life also sponsors many campus traditions and events, such as Homecoming and Panther Bowl.

Ok, but I'm really concerned about finding internships and a job. What resources does Davenport offer?

Career Services! The career services center at DU provides resources for current students, alumni, employers, faculty and staff, and even your parents! Like many other universities, we offer career fairs throughout the year at our various campuses; however, unlike those universities we take our career services beyond just career fairs. We provide all of our students with a "Career Services Checklist." This checklist is designed to "carry you through the professional development aspect of your education and prepare you to get hired! It connects your classroom knowledge with the actions that lead to professional success" (davenport.edu). Some of the steps involved with the checklist include assessments and career research; job postings; job search, resume, cover letter and interview resources; internship seminars and opportunities; networking and professional organization memberships; professional dress and personal brand development; portfolio development; and resume books, just to name a few.

Where are all of these great jobs located and what can I expect as my starting salary?

Information Technology Services are amongst one of the top paying jobs post college and it is a field that does not look like it will be going away anytime soon. The industry median annual salary can range anywhere from $57,000- $86,000 depending on your experience, responsibilities and even location. For example, the median salary for a Systems Engineer is just over $57,000 while an Information Technology Manager can earn over $86,000. Typically your starting salary with less than 1 year of experience going to be roughly just over $42,000 and…[continue]

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