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College Entrance

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earliest childhood I have been fascinated with architecture. Even as a little child working with crayons and magic markers, I was drawing buildings and bridges while other children drew family members, animals and flowers. My favorite toys were Legos and building blocks, and unlike many boys my age, my pleasure was always in constructing and never in demolition. I pursued the art of building throughout my childhood, and by the time I was in middle school I already knew that I wanted to be an architect. It should be no surprise, then, that when I informally began my college search a few years ago, Ball State University quickly distinguished itself in my mind as a school whose architecture and design programs would help me succeed in my life goals.

I have always stayed focused on my goal to become a great architect and a credit to my family and school. In middle school, I was actively involved in sports, playing baseball and boxing. I enjoyed working with the team in both cases, and I took great pride in helping my friends succeed while also winning recognition for myself. However, as I grew older I realized that if I truly desired…… [Read More]

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Universities and Colleges It Has

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Part 2

Universities and colleges have been described as 'loosely coupled systems...'

"What does this mean to you based on the readings?" loosely coupled system is one that only occasionally works, and sometimes produces unpredictable results. Given the disparate goals and social elements of the modern university, a university is clearly such a loosely coupled system. Students come wanting a degree to get a good job and may have to take liberal arts courses they dislike, professors who want to research must teach students with little interest in deeper, critical thinking about life, the university community is diverse and brings together teachers, students, and administrators with different backgrounds and views of the purpose of life and education -- and sometimes students, faculty, and administrators use their position for social change, other times college is simply a place to 'fill time.'

Student organizations, social and extracurricular, may have different interests than administrators and academic departments. Consider the conflict many Greek organizations pose to both academics and university loyalty. Yet all of these social elements are fused together -- students, professors, and administrators -- and none could function without one another. Thus they form a system, but how their disparate personalities will…… [Read More]

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Quinnipiac University Admissions

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pursuit of my MBA and CFA certification, is why I am interested in the business and financial world. My answer is not an academic one, but one rooted in the knowledge of how a failure to engage in appropriate financial planning can have an impact that ripples throughout one's family. I began my college education by attending Hudson County Community College (HCCC), where I initially majored in engineering. However, like many people in my age group who come from less affluent beginnings, I was unable to devote myself full-time to my studies. In addition to having the responsibility of paying for my own education, I also felt responsibility to help support my family. As a result, I did not have the time or attention that I needed to devote to my studies. My grades suffered and, in reality, I was in danger of becoming a college dropout. This would have perpetuated a multi-generational cycle of not being able to make a sufficient income to support savings, and would have resulted in my children experiencing the same type of financial hardships that I was experiencing. That entire experience reinforced, for me, that while one should never judge a person's merits based…… [Read More]

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Applications Decision Models Supply Chain Management How

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Applications Decision Models Supply Chain Management

How will emerging web-based technologies and decision models change supply chains in the future? The response to this question has incredible stakes. It is projected that the Internet has the prospect to capture more than $1 trillion from the $7 trillion spent every year on mechanisms, supplies, and services globally (USA Today, 2008, p. BI). How this will occur is a high-priority subject in many industries and companies at the moment. In this paper, I endeavor to develop our indulgent of this serious issue by developing a conceptual framework for how supply-chain companies may react to emerging technologies in order to make competitive leeway's. The model suggests that one method by which buyers and suppliers can together perk up their competitive position is to study how to intelligently incorporate the new technologies into their day by day activities and methods. This can be done through watchful deliberation of the Relationship-Technology line.

In this paper we sketch upon a generic information exchange/execution plan chart for interrelated product development (PD) decision models, already existing a market-determined information exchange structure, and characterize the idea of Information Technology powered product development IT-PD. We then argue that information exchange…… [Read More]

Clark, K.B., and T. Fujimoto. Product Development Performance. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2001.

Eppinger, Steven D., Daniel E. Whitney Robert P. Smith, and David Gebala. 'Model-Based Method for Organizing Tasks in Product Development. Research in Engineering Design. 2006, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 1-13.
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Applications Interaction to Meet the Standards an

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Applications Interaction

To meet the standards, an application, either has all the accessibility features built in, or it has to be compatible with assistive technology (Software Applications and Operating Systems (1194.21), 2001). In order to function together, the application and the operating system must be compatible. Software that is designed to run on an operating system is executable with the keyboard where the functions discern the text. The keyboard accesses the program's controls and functions. All actions are labeled or identified as text and must be executable from the keyboard.

The accounting software has to be compatible with the operating system to run smoothly and without disrupting other features and programs. The application program interface is the way programs communicate with each other with the input and output devices. The application and the operating system communicate with the input and output that creates the compatibility between the two. The application programming affects the way programs display information on the monitor and receives input from the keyboard. The features built into an application or operating system can be turned on or off. The features include reversing the color scheme, showing a visual prompt with an error message, and sticky keys for…… [Read More]

Software Applications and Operating Systems (1194.21). (2001, June 21). Retrieved from
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Application Questions for an Award Answers to

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Application Questions for an Award

Answers to Application Question Prompts

I must point out from the onset that I have great passion for teaching. Indeed, this is what keeps me teaching in my school. In that regard, therefore, I could have successfully offered my services as a teacher in any other location. It is, however, important to note that unlike other States in the U.S., New York is different. In addition to being dynamic, the city is also culturally diverse. I find engaging students from diverse cultures rather fascinating.

With regard to my impact on student learning in the classroom, it is important to note that in the past, I have adopted a number of strategies to maximize both learning and retention. Apart from facilitating class participation by encouraging group work, I also make use of classroom assessments as a learning enhancement tool. Also, I have been able to improve the creative abilities, as well as the reading comprehension and writing capabilities of learners. The student population of the institution largely consists of English learners. In that regard, therefore, instruction in my classroom has taken the diverse and special needs of such students into consideration by amongst other things seeking…… [Read More]

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Application Process Improvement Models Organizations Systems a

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Application Process Improvement Models Organizations Systems

A clinical practice improvement initiative

The strategy of treating patients with dementia must be dependent on a thorough neurological, psychiatric, and general therapeutic assessment of the nature and causes of the cognitive setbacks and related non-cognitive symptoms, in the setting of a strong collaboration with the patient and family. It is crucial to distinguish and treat general medical conditions, notably delirium, that may be answerable for or contribute to dementia symptoms (Ferrara, 2010).

Currently, the organization is embracing the Progressing evaluation strategy. This approach focuses on incorporating occasional monitoring of the advancement and development of cognitive and non-cognitive psychiatric and how they respond to intervention. With the end goal to provide prompt medication, improve patient safety, and provide convenient advice to the patient and family, it is ordinarily fundamental to see patients in routine follow-up at regular intervals. Frequent patient visits such as once or twice a week and even psychiatric hospitalization may be needed for patients with intense, complex, or possibly risky symptoms or the administration of some therapies. Prescribed assessments incorporate suicidal assessment, risk to self as well as other people, and the possibility for aggression, as well as assessment of living…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Baur, C. (2011). Calling the nation to act: Implementing the national action plan to improve health literacy. Nursing Outlook, 59(2), 63-69.

Ferrara, L.R. (2010). Integrating evidence-based practice with educational theory in clinical practice for nurse practitioners: Bridging the theory practice gap. Research & Theory for Nursing Practice, 24(4), 213-216.
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Application and Integration of Aacn Synergy Care Model in Clinical Practice

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Application and Integration of AACN Synergy Care

Model In Clinical Practice

Application and Integration of AACN Synergy Care model in Clinical Practice

Objective of this paper is to discuss the integration and application of AACN Synergy Care model in Clinical Practice. The paper discusses the background of the model, philosophical underpinning the model is based and strategic knowledge used to formulate the model to enhance greater understanding on the application of the model in clinical practice.

Synopsis of the Theory's Background

American Association of Critical Care's (AACN) is based on the mutual advantages that patients and families would drive from the nurse's competencies. The core concept of AACN is that the needs and characteristics of patients and the family will be influenced by the competencies and characteristics of nurses. In early 1990s, leaders of AACN embarked on journey to define a new model that would guide nursing practice and ultimately confer certification for nursing care. A task force led by Dr. Martha A.Q. Curley constructed an organizational framework that would enhance the value of the nursing practice. The task orientation also enhanced essential relationship between patients and nurses with relation to healthcare. The formulation of the model is based on…… [Read More]

AACN Certification Corporation (2012).The Synergy Model in Practice .American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

AACN (2012). The AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care. American Association of Critical-Care Nurse.
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College Education I Believe Is

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Within the field of psychology, I hope to qualify as a marriage counselor - a decision I made after I experienced the pain of my parents' divorce and subsequent break up of my family. For it was at this time that I realized the important role that family plays in an individual's sense of psychological well-being.

As a first step to achieving my career ambition and dream, I plan to attend the University of Findlay, from where I hope to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, followed by a Master's Degree. However, I find that the assistance of a scholarship would go a long way in helping me achieve my educational and career goals. I am, therefore, applying for a scholarship with the sincere hope that my request will be given due consideration.… [Read More]

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College Students and Alcohol Use

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Psychosocial factors, such as depression, anxiety and social support, also induce drinking. This study confirmed that social cognitive factors drove college students to report on their own drinking. Psychosocial motives drove them to do so only at 1%. Social support was the only significant psychosocial predictor. The awareness of both the positive and negative consequences of drinking was quite likely behind the willingness of college students to report on their own drinking. This implied that drinking was a deliberate and conscious decision on their part. Heavy drinkers viewed their drinking as something negative in that they perceived themselves as having reduced control over it. Peer norms were also found to be an important predictor of drinking as a perceived norm and behavior, which supports drinking. Parental drinking norms also surfaced, although not as strong as the preceding predictors (Kuther & Temoshin).

Environmental Policies

Many new studies attempted to determine if the preponderance of alcohol establishments enticed more drinking among college students but produced mixed results (Trommey et al., 2007). Three subsequent studies on college campuses provided the evidence that alcohol consumption and drinking-related problems increased where alcohol establishments teemed. These recent studies also showed that licensed establishments and community festivals…… [Read More]

Welchsler, H.; Lee, J.E.; Nelson, T.F. And Kuo, M. (2002). Underage college students' drinking behavior access to alcohol and the influence of deterrence policies: findings from the Harvard School of Public Health College alcohol study. Abstract. 50 (5):

223-236. Journal of American College Health: Harvard School of Public Health.

Retrieved on May 20, 2009 from
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App Fallacy a Columnist New York University's

Words: 1057 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8769376

App Fallacy," a columnist New York University's Washington Square News argues wisdom Common Application college application process. You read essay college newspaper; opportunity responds.

The fallacy of "The Common App Fallacy"

The Common Application is a standardized application that makes it very easy for college students to apply to a multitude of schools, all of which use its basic format. A student merely has to fill out the forms associated with the Common Application once and then can send the form electronically to a wide range of institutions spanning from Cornell University to the University of Miami to The College of New Jersey. According to NYU student Damon Beres, it has made it too easy to apply to college, particularly competitive colleges, with a touch of a 'send' button. Beres cites statistics which indicate only a very tiny minority of highly qualified students are able to get into the Harvards and Yales of the world. Beres sees this as an injustice: by encouraging too many people to apply to too many schools using the Common Application, many of his fellow, qualified students are being turned away. Beres' solution and logic is simple: do away with this universal app and numbers…… [Read More]

Beres, Damon. "The Common App Fallacy." Washington Square News, 22 Jan 2008:1-2.
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Interaction Between SES and College Performance Zwick

Words: 1353 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54012697

Interaction between SES and College Performance

Zwick, R. & Himelfarb, I. (2011). The effect of high school socioeconomic status on the predictive validity of SAT scores and high school grade-point average. Journal of Educational Measurement, 48(2), 101-121.

African-American (AA) and Latino students underperform other racial groups during their first year of college if SAT scores are used in the prediction formula. The reasons for this are unknown, although socioeconomic status (SES) is suspected.

The current study was undertaken to evaluate whether an SES index could improve the predictive performance of a formula incorporating high school grade-point averages (HSGPAs) and SAT scores.


Evaluate the value of including a SES correction factor in the formula used for predicting first-year college grade-point average (FGPA) performance, for the purpose of correcting for errors introduced by the suspected racially-insensitive HSGPAs. The predictive value of the SAT score in relation to SES will also be evaluated. The overall goal is to develop a formula that more accurately predicts FGPA scores.

Review of Literature

Crouse and Trusheim in 1988 presented an argument for eliminating the SAT as a predictor of FGPA, because a number of studies had repeatedly shown that high school GPAs (HSGPAs) were the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Betts, J.R., Rueben, K.S., & Danenberg, A. (2000). Equal resources, equal outcomes? The distribution of school resources and student achievement in California. San Francisco: Public Policy Institute of California.

Bowen, W.G., & Bok, D. (1998). The shape of the river: Long-term consequences of considering race in college and university admissions. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.
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Community College Success Programs Social

Words: 2787 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2605377

(Rosow, 1994, p. 797)

From this review there is a clear sense that success with regard to community college students is determined by their ability to successfully complete the first term of study, as well as by their ability to receive financial aide that adequately covers costs. Additionally, offering culturally diverse social interactions through both official and unofficial means also assists the minority student in achieving success through peer relations and potentially through recognition of role models.

In an experimental group establishing a residential learning community overall success in academic performance as well as satisfaction of first year attendance was achieved by students in this group. The group set out to establish early connections in college through a collective that allowed them greater opportunity for peer and mentor access, a situation that would likely greatly benefit the Latino student, inside or outside the Hispanic college community. (Johnson & Romanoff, 1999, p. 385) the reason for this assumed success is likely associated with the fact that for many people, and especially minorities the college experience is a foreign experience that is largely independently driven, and without peer and/or mentor guidance. The academic decisions of first time students, and especially first generation…… [Read More]

Baltimore, L. (1995). Collaboratives: Helping Hispanic students succeed. Thought & Action, 11, pp. 67-85.

Byrd, K.L., & Macdonald, G. (2005). Defining College Readiness from the Inside Out: First-Generation College Student Perspectives. Community College Review, 33(1), 22.
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Return on College Quality IT's

Words: 3511 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17136152

"Attending a college with a 100 point higher average SAT is associated with 3to 7% higher earnings later in life." (e.g., Kane, 1998, cited by Dale, and Krueger 1999, 1) as higher education constitutes up 40% of total U.S. educational expenditures, understanding "the impact of selective colleges on students' labor market outcomes is central for understanding the role of human capital," Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1) stress.

Previous literature cited by Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1) includes work by "Hunt (1963), Solnion (1973), Wales (1973), Solmon and Wachtel (1975), and Wise (1975),...Brewer and Ehrenberg (1996), Behrman et al. (1996), Daniel (1997), Kane (1998), and others." c. BACKGROUND:

To remove the effect of unobserved characteristics that influence college admission, this study considers information on the set of colleges where students were accepted and rejected.

A difficulty interpreting past estimates a many estimates of the effect of college quality on students' subsequent earnings.


In their study, Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1):

match students in the newly collected College and Beyond (C&B) Data Set who were admitted to and rejected from a similar set of institutions, and estimate fixed effects models. As another approach to adjust for selection bias, we [Dale,…… [Read More]

Black, Dan a. And Smith, Jeffrey June. 2003. "How Robust is the Evidence on the Effects of College Quality? Evidence from Matching?"

Brewer, Dominic J., Eide, Eric R., and Ehrenberg, Ronald G. Does it Pay to Attend an Elite Private College? Cross-Cohort Evidence on the Effects of College Type on Earnings the Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 34, No. 1. (Winter, 1999), pp. 104-123. O%3B2-F.
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Bakke v Regents of the University of California

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Bakke v. Regents of the University of California

The so-called Bakke decision was the earliest in which the United States Supreme Court addressed affirmative action. The case certainly did not mean and end to the issues involved, and there have been several attempts to overturn the Bakke decision since. It has been referred to as a reverse discrimination case, and it was of great import when it was decided in the late 1970s after nearly a decade of affirmative action to bring more blacks and members of other minorities into the mainstream of work and academic life through programs of recruitment and special assistance to redress historical imbalances and discrimination. The issue of affirmative action remains a difficult one for Americans to this day. Affirmative action is often characterized as a quota system, though quotas need not be part of affirmative action at all. The Bakke case was an early challenge to affirmative action but did not end it by any means.

Affirmative action is usually directed at correcting past discrimination against minority groups, usually black but also Hispanic groups. It has also been used to correct discriminatory practices directed at women in education, the workplace, and elsewhere. In general,…… [Read More]

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Classroom Management Theories and Application

Words: 3998 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89714392

fresh student groups enrolling in education, constant evolutions in student affairs systems are needed for meeting the unique requirements of students. Student affairs practitioners are required to make student transition easier through adoption of programs and policies that aid transition. Students face challenges when moving between educational levels. Recent literature has focused greatly on this topic, as transition is apparently related to 'mental health crises' among students (Eisner, 2011). Students unable to deal with such transition find it hard to complete their degrees/diplomas and achieve educational requirements for enjoying civic and economic security (Bonanni, 2015, p. 1-2; Conley, Kirsch, Dickson, & Bryant, 2014; Mattanah, Ayers, Brand, & Brooks, 2010; Eisner, 2011). Generally, educational institutions' environment, culture, expectations, and structure differ across the nation. But implementation of transition initiatives in school can promote student success. College and high school leaders can collaborate and aid student success. Systems and programs have been developed by educators for assisting students with transitions from secondary school to high school and from high school to college.

Numerous school advisory initiatives have been introduced across America for aiding students with transition. But McClure, Jones and Yonezawa (2010) have described typical program-related issues. Researchers have highlighted, in particular,…… [Read More]

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University Is as Fr Lawton Believes a

Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95558406

university is, as Fr. Lawton believes, a sacred place where you find "your imagination, develop your skills, and enrich your compassion," then it has an enormous task in the world as we know it today. In the world as we know it today, the very term sacred is on the endangered species list. And yet, sacred is perhaps the underpinning of it all.

There are any number of vaguely similar definitions of sacred in any number of dictionaries. The one that I think applies best here is this one:

regarded with the same respect and reverence accorded holy things; venerated; hallowed. (Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language)

Universities were, in the early days, almost monastic in that there was total dedication of the professors and those being professed to -- the students -- to what they were learning. And what they were learning was, first and foremost, how to think, and they learned what great thinkers who had come before them had thought.

That still applies to the university experience today, although it has, along with everything else, lightened up a bit. Professors and students alike tear around the campus in running shoes and casual wear rather than…… [Read More]

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College -- Importance Values and Goals the

Words: 1005 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6481764

College -- Importance, Values, and Goals

The global labor market has changed dramatically over the last half century. Increasingly, access to jobs in technology and Internet communications don't require college degrees so much as the ability to successfully contribute to a technology start-up. A recent trend shows technology entrepreneurs hiring savvy undergraduates who have become disenchanted with college (William, 2012). These young whiz-kids -- often programmers who spend their days inventing new software applications and writing code -- reject the idea of spending years in classes that seem irrelevant to their interests and result in enormous student load debt (William, 2012). The problem with this mass migration away from higher education is that there are only so many jobs in the labor market that fit this mold. Like a "one and done" college-age hoopster who shows up on campus just to get noticed, with the hope that they will be drafted by the National Basketball Association, a high level of innate talent is necessary to make it to the top echelon in Silicon Valley or its corollaries (William, 2012). One can easily reverse the argument that college prepares people to be managers, executives, or enter professions like medicine and law…… [Read More]

Hacker, A. (2012, February 28). Is Algebra Necessary? The Sunday Review. The New York Times. Retrieved

R.A. [Washington Correspondent]. (2011, January 18). The value of college. Free exchange: Education. The Economist. Retrieved 
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College Worth It ' Weighs on

Words: 2549 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30049514

To some, that suggests that college is a more viable alternative for many of those who would otherwise have sought jobs in the manufacturing sector previously.

However, there are at least two reasons that such a conclusion may be invalid. First, while many manufacturing jobs have disappeared, many other types of technical jobs opportunities have emerged from numerous new technologies (Klein, 2012). Many of them require vocational degrees and certifications but no college degrees. For many people without specific interests in vocational applications of any college degrees being considered, training programs for these types of jobs is much less expensive, quicker, and more likely to lead to satisfying employment options than a college diploma in a random academic area or one of great intellectual value but few employment prospects outside of academia (Klein, 2012).

Second, vocational training, in general, has changed significantly in the last several decades. Specifically, whereas vocational education programs were previously considered a catch-all for students believed to be unsuited to the classroom and with limited vocational prospects available to students completing them, today's vocational training programs provide precisely the sort of preparation that leads directly to numerous relatively well-paid careers in which significant growth in demand…… [Read More]

Coy, P. (2009). "The lost generation." Business Week (October 19, 2009): 33-35.

Ewing, J. (2009). "Germany's answer: The apprentice." Business Week (October 19,
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Application Quality Improvement Models Organizations Systems Part

Words: 1294 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96765389

Application Quality Improvement Models Organizations Systems, Part I Analysis Required Resources Readings Course Text: Applying Quality Management HealthCare: A Systems Approach Review Chapter 9, "Improving Processes Implementing

Root cause analysis

According to Nicolini (2011)

the first step in RCA is identifying the incident to be analyzed. This step requires for the problem or incident to be clearly defined and identified. Identifying the problem will assist in determining what caused the incident and how the incident occurred. In the case study, the mother requested for pain medication, and this was within her right. The nurse performed the request, and it was approved by the pharmacist, but the incident occurred when the nurse did not check the IV line correctly. The nurse confused the infants IV line with the mothers, which resulted in the infant been administered with Morphine. This should be an indicator, and it should be recorded as a fact. This is because the nurse admitted that she might have administered Morphine to the infant instead of the mother.

The second step would be organizing a team that will conduct the RCA. This should be an independent team that will investigate, research, and analyze the incident. This team will be…… [Read More]

Brown, J.E., Smith, N., & Sherfy, B.R. (2011). Decreasing mislabeled laboratory specimens using barcode technology and bedside printers. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 26(1), 13-21.

Brunner, L.S., & Suddarth, D.S. (1986). The Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania J.B. Lippincott Company.
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College Students Step-By-Step Through the Process of

Words: 2807 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27581665

college students step-by-step through the process of writing the many different forms of essay that will be required of them during their collegiate career. Though by no means all inclusive, this guide will take you through the process of writing the typical styles of essay that will be assigned in most college curriculums. The guide does not focus on one specific type of essay but rather discusses several different types of essay typically required of college level students.

Writing a college paper is challenging if you aren't armed with the tools necessary to achieve academic success. Each essay must be crafted and designed with certain content requirements in mind to ensure academic success.

There are many different types of essays you may be required to write while in college. This guide will help dissect each different type of paper or essay, and provide you with critical information regarding structuring the content of the paper to ensure academic success. The guide will first introduce each of the more common types of essay required of college students. The guide will also include a brief discourse revealing the foundation for writing a good paper no matter the style, and will also provide detailed…… [Read More]

'Admissions Essays." (2001). October 10, 2004, from: http://www.*****/writing_tips.shtml 'Argumentative Essays." (2004). October 11, 2004, from: http://*****/essays/argumentative_essay.php

'Example Essays." (1998). October 10, 2004, from:
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College Sophomore Student U S A I Taking SOC100

Words: 588 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40227921

college sophomore student, U.S.A. I taking SOC100 (Introduce sociology) semester. I writing assignment called 'Reflection' Below guides write reflection: Reflections: Reflections textbook chapter due fulfilling requirements: -2-page, typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.

Reflection paper:

Maintaining the momentum behind New York City's sustainability initiatives

According to Steven Cohen's article "Maintaining the momentum behind New York City's sustainability initiatives," as one of the dominant global cities of the developed world, New York is striving to set an example for other cities (including less developed cities and nations) by emphasizing sustainability in terms of its new constructions. Mayor Bloomberg was concerned that his successor might be swayed on the course he had set as mayor to create a sustainable New York. Thus, "Local Law 17 of 2008, enacted by the City Council with the Mayor's support, requires that PlaNYC be updated every four years... The Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, created in 2006 and charged with developing and implanting PlaNYC, will lead the effort to update the plan" (Cohen, 2013). Creating a more sustainable New York is now written into law.

This acknowledged need for sustainability in one of the major financial capitals of the world…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Giddens, et al., 445-449

Cohen, Steven. (2013). Maintaining the momentum behind New York City's sustainability initiatives. Huffington Post.
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College Grades Accurately Reflect the Academic Capabilities

Words: 776 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79065718

college grades accurately reflect the academic capabilities of students. I base my argument on my personal experience. In order to achieve a 3.74/4 grade point average, I spent not only countless number of hours in studying but also found my self-learning the subtleties of analytical logic and descriptive frameworks. My academic background reflects both of the above novelties: my educational knowledge in areas such as Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science entails the use of analytical logic, while my interests and education in English, French, and Latin literatures involve the application of descriptive frameworks. The knowledge of integration of analytical and descriptive schemas has provided me ample opportunities to view the intricacies and interactions between different subject areas. My interdisciplinary educational background has been quite useful in making my critical decisions in carrying out my work successfully.

A find that in order to achieve a 3.74 grade point average requires one to study hard, but more importantly, it also teaches one to understand the basics and foundations of the course material. To a large extent, a grade-point average is a reflection of the motivation and focus of the student. A high-grade point average also points to the dedication and the aspiration…… [Read More]

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College Campus Across the Country Students Are

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college campus across the country, students are greeted with the familiar sight of individuals seated at folding tables, with the purpose of marketing credit cards to them. These salespeople are most frequently seen during the beginning of the college semester and are usually young and attractive and smiling, barely older than the students themselves. Quite often, if a student fills out an application for the credit card, he or she may receive a small toy or a gigantic in exchange for his or her pains. What could be more harmless? What's wrong with having a credit card on hand, 'just in case?'

However, this familiar sight is one of the many reasons that college students are becoming more and more deeply ensnared in debt. These smiling individuals prey upon students when they are at their most vulnerable. Most of these students have just had to pay hundreds of dollars for a semester's worth of books. Perhaps they are still looking for a part time job to help out with their tuition bill. These students are the perfect candidates to trust an young individual whom does not seem so different from themselves, who promises them a favorable monthly rate in exchange…… [Read More]

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College Sophomore Student U S A I Taking SOC100

Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32032203

college sophomore student, U.S.A. I taking SOC100 (Introduce sociology) semester. I writing assignment called 'Reflection' below guides write reflection: Reflections: Reflections textbook chapter due fulfilling requirements: -1 page, typed, single-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.

Textbook chapter and revisiting the quinceaneras

America has long been called a nation of immigrants and is particularly noteworthy because of the diversity of its immigrant population as well as the larger percentage of inhabitants that hail from many different nations, although this immigration pattern is becoming increasingly common worldwide (Giddens 280). The history of various ethnic groups in America is quite varied, given the legacy of slavery (a 'forced' migration) and the different ethnic character of new waves of immigrants flooding into America: Germany, Italian Irish, and European immigrants predominated early on in American history while Hispanic and Asian immigration, for a variety of political and economic reasons has begun to rise (Giddens 287). This has caused tension in some communities due to racism and ethnocentrism, given the frequently-expressed prejudice that people who are not Caucasian are not 'real' Americans. But despite the best efforts of those who are mired in racism, thanks to the legacy of changes in the law…… [Read More]

Giddens, et al., 278-280, 285-291

"The Power of a Party." The Economist. 3 Aug 2013. [17 Nov 2013]
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Colleges Must Upgrade Their Technology Training for Students

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Technology in Higher Education

Why use Technology in a College Classroom?

Author Linda B. Nilson does not posit that technology suits all student needs nor does she assert that technology is helpful to all types of students. But in a survey involving 882 college students (from Texas, North Carolina, and New York State), 99% had a cell phone, 90% owned a laptop computer, and 83% owned an MP3 player (Baker, et al., 2012). Given the overwhelming number of students in this survey (41.2% were female and 58.8% were male) who use technology regularly, it can be assumed that for the most part students would be comfortable with the use of technology in a college classroom (Baker, 2012).

Nilson does explain that technology enhances students' productivity and also allows them to work at the pace they are most comfortable with. Increasingly instructors show a willingness to provide students with computer-based tutorials, and many instructors understand that by offering students technology literacy, they broaden students' employee opportunities once they graduate (Nilson, 2010). Thesis: while it is not the duty of college instructors to be up to speed on the most advanced technologies, it is vitally important that students acquire technological savvy and…… [Read More]

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Application of Electronic Health Records Systems

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Adoption Of the EHR Technology Systems

In a contemporary health environment, nurses have long been using the computer technology to achieve the health outcomes such as the laboratory tests, however, the EHR (electronic health records) has become a revolutionary innovative technology for the enhancement of the healthcare system. It is very critical for nurses to understand their roles as an agent of changes and influence other to change the tradition way of doing things. My role as a nursing facilitator of a small hospital in New York is to prepare the implementation plan of a new EHR system for the hospital. While the decision has been finalized for the implementation of the EHR, nevertheless, there is still a resistance from the nurses of the hospital.

The objective of this paper is to use the five qualities of the Roger (2003) model for the implementation of the new system.

Application of the Roger's Model

Roger's model is an innovative diffusion process that emphasizes on the strategy the innovation is rejected or accepted by a particular organization. Roger argues that an organization is required to make an innovation more appealing to the member of an organization. The paper uses the Roger model…… [Read More]

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Application Project Case Study

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As technology becomes more sophisticated the effects of new technologies affect all aspects of our lives. Technological advances affect many different occupations as well, especially the field of health care. As a result the advancements in technology have impacted the field of nursing as well. For instance, advances in technology affecting the nursing affects almost every aspect of the field including daily routine tasks such as charting. The use of electronic charting has resulted in an increase in the safety of patients and a subsequent decrease in the time nurses utilize for documentation. For many nurses advances in technology have made their jobs easier, for the most part. However, as with any advancement there is a trade-off in efficiency with other areas. In is impossible to list all the effects of technology of nursing within the confines of this paper. Therefore the primary discussion for this paper will be limited to the effects of computerized reporting systems and their effects on nursing.

Literature Review

There can be little doubt that advancements in computerized technology have lead to more efficient patient care. For instance, before the implementation of IV pump infusions and electronic IV monitors a patient who needed an…… [Read More]

Bradley, V.S., Steltenkamp, C.L., Hite, K.B. (2006). Evaluation of reported medication errors before and after implementation of computerized practitioner order entry. Journal of Healthcare Information Management, 20, 46-53.

Courtney, K.D., Demiris, G., & Alexandre, G.L. (2005). Information technology: Changing
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Application of Financial Statement

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Financial Statement

The four financial statements are the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flow, and statement of owner's equity. Briefly, the balance sheet is comparison of assets to liabilities and equity. This statement is indicative of a company's position at a specific time. The income statement is a record of a company's operations over a given period of time. It shows a company's expenses, losses and revenues and is indicative of the company's net income during that period of time. The statement of cash flows is intended to provide information about a company's cash receipts and cash payments for operations, investments and financing during an accounting period. Finally, the statement of owner's equity is intended to show changes in owner's or shareholder's equity from one fiscal year to the next. Owner contributions and any additional capitol, such as the sale of new shares, are added to the equity, while dividend payments and owner withdrawals are subtracted. Financial statements are generally supplemented by information from management to explain anomalies in revenues that may have occurred during the course of the accounting period (U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, 2007).

Both internal and external entities use these statements in order to…… [Read More]

Kurtz, D.L. (2010). Contemporary Business, 13th ed. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

U.S. Security and Exchange Commission. (2007, February 5). Beginner's guide to financial statements. U.S. security and exchange commission. Retrieved August 24, 2012, from 
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Application of Game Theory in Various Aspects of Human Life

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The absence of a dominant strategy allows for the existence of a point where each player takes up a strategy that maximizes his or her outcome given the other player's options. This is what is known as the Nash equilibrium. At this point, the players take up their own individual choices and cannot improve their outcome given that the prevailing circumstances. Satisfaction of the Nash equilibrium follows from rational choices by players and the expectation that opponent players will follow the same route. [15: Rasmusen, & Eric. (2001). Games and Information: An Introduction to Game Theory, 3rd ed. . Oxford: Blackwell.]

Considering the internet service example given above, the interactions with the game can be altered by inclusion of a clause where the consumer can opt-out of the service contract. This clause safeguards the interest for the consumer to receive a high quality service as the producer is given an incentive to do so. The resultant game interaction is such that the consumer will take up high quality service since it has the highest payoff. Similarly, the service provider will take up provision of high quality service since it is in their best interests give the opt-out clause included.

The…… [Read More]

Binmore, Ken Fun and Games: A Text on Game Theory. Lexington, Massachusetts D.C. Heath, 1997.

Dixit, K. Avinash, and B.J. Nalebuff. Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life. New York: Norton, 1998.
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Application of Technology in Education

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Technology and Academic Success

Higher education across the world and the lure of new information technologies has remained uncertain as it is unsettling. While few people doubt information technology has great potential of enhancing teaching and learning there is a wide and general agreement on how technology can and should be used to boost academic productivity or whether this type of increase is on its own a valid goal if its enhancement means that the substitution of technology to take the place of the more traditional and labor intensive forms of higher education. It is not that there is lack of technology in micro scale but there are many examples of new technology applications that abound. Most of the institutions have invested majorly in new technologies, distributing the capacity of computing across most of the campuses creating a link between the faculty and the students as well as with the other students and in general providing the necessary IT infrastructure which is a precondition to the involvement to the faculty (Reichstetter, 2007). College students complete several tasks using these devices such as checking their grades, the use of course management software as well as buying textbooks. Another primary function students…… [Read More]

Reichstetter, R.(2007). Literature Review: Technology Use and Its Relevance to Academic Achievement. Retrieved March 25, 2014 from

Massy, W. & Zemsky, R.(2009). Using Information Technology to Enhance Academic Productivity . Retrieved March 25, 2014 from 
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Application to MBA Program at Auburn University

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Justin Abercrombie

Tell use about your career goals. How do you envision an MBA from Auburn University will help you achieve these goals? Are there other reasons you are interested in pursuing an MBA at Auburn?

After earning an MBA from Auburn, I intend to work in the business world for a small or mid-sized firm where I can get hands-on experience and learn the ropes, but my ultimate goal is to own my own business. While I am open to a myriad of options, I do have some solid ideas about the type of business I would like to own and operate, specifically, a firm that provides personal assistant services to middle-income people who can't afford or don't need a full-time personal assistant. This service would be on a contract basis, providing people with specific services, such as dry cleaning drop off and pick up, or computer back-ups, or even reminders of important events. My service could also provide more comprehensive assistant services for people with special needs, such as producing correspondence or creating event invitations. In a traditional sense, these services would be provided by a full-time administrative assistant, but for those who don't need to employee someone…… [Read More]

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College Case Study What Are

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Thus, the college has not only developed values, but has put them into practice using the preceding methods.

What are the greatest challenges facing the institution?

As previously mentioned, the challenges facing the institution are similar to those facing other institutions, including client services, problem technology, professionalism, and environmental vulnerability (Baldridge et al., 2000, p.128-130). In the area of client services, Readers State College has difficulty meeting the needs of all clients, whose diverse demands are often too great for the college to handle. While "the clients demand and often obtain significant input into the institutional decision-making processes" (Baldridge et al., 2000, p.129), that input is not necessary the same for all clients, as the college has not yet found a good balance regarding how to handle the demands from all clients. In the area of problem technology, the college's problems are much the same, as clients demanding different actions and resources make it difficult for the college to know how they can handle them (Baldridge et al., 2000, p.129). Regarding professionalism, the organization has responded well by hiring professionals to perform use their "broad repertoire of skills to deal with the complex and often unpredictable problems of clients" (Baldridge…… [Read More]

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College Pub as a Place

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In this paper, we began with an examination of a college pub as a place where there is a culture of consumption of services and products. Like any other part of material culture, the culture of consumption is just as much a part of technology as it is any other part of material culture. The technology of alcohol goes back into human memory to a time prior to written language. In this essay, we examined alcohol as a technology of consumption in the broader context of human culture .


Charest, M. (2011, September 22). The virtual pub project. Retrieved from

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64(2), 243-256.

Parker, R.N., & Rebhun, R.A. (1995). Alcohol and homicide: A deadly combination of two american traditions .…… [Read More]

Charest, M. (2011, September 22). The virtual pub project. Retrieved from

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University Issues 1970-2000

Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74554596

Faculty Fairness in Compensation, Gender, & Field of Study (1970-2000)

The American university has never been -- and will likely never be -- a perfect or perfectible society, according to Dr. Holborn Grey, an authority on the university and college communities (Holborn, 2010). But on the subject of evenhandedness vis-a-vis faculty resources, when the period in question (1970-2000) is carefully reviewed, there are instances of unfairness in compensation, in gender, and in salaries for faculty in varying fields of study.

While the media has focused on student issues -- a worthy field of study -- between 1970 and 2000, there has been a dearth of attention paid to the difficulties / challenges experienced by faculty on university campuses. These discrepancies need to be pointed out and rectified.

Unfairness in Compensation for Certain Faculty Members

In the book Faculty Productivity: Facts, Fictions and Issues, the author references a 1987 book by Burton Clark in which Clark asserts that since education (and higher education in particular) represents the hope of the human race, faculty should not be agitating for more pay. Why not? Because, Clark insists, the rewards that come from knowing that a professor is contributing to the better good of…… [Read More]

Cox, D.D., and Morison, W.J. (2000). The University of Louisville. Louisville, KY:

Holborn, H.H. (2010). Uses (and misuses) of the University Today. Clark Kerr Lecture Series
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Application of Predictive Analytics

Words: 3019 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5565788

Predictive analytics is a statistical technique used to analyze current and historical data in order to make a reasonable prediction about future. In a business environment, organizations employ predictive analytics model to identify market trends, opportunities and risks. Using the predictive analytics, organizations are able to assess potential risks and opportunities to achieve competitive market advantages. In other word, predictive analytics is part of data mining focusing on extracting information from historical data and used the data to predict behavioral patterns and trends. Typically, predictive analytics can be applied to any type of unknown events in order to predict the presents and future events. Banks are the early adopters of predictive analytics model. For example, banks use the data collected from credit scores to determine the likelihood of an individual to qualify for a bank loan. The technique has assisted banks to minimize the risks by detecting applicants likely to default the bank loans.

Apart from the bank sector, several organizations in different sectors also use the predictive model to achieve competitive market advantages. For example, sales and marketing department can use historical sale data collected from a specific geographical region to predict probability of sales in the regions. Using…… [Read More]

Maciejewski, R. Hafen, R. Rudolph, S. et al. (2011).Forecasting Hotspots -- A Predictive Analytics Approach. IEEE Computer Society.Issue 10.

NYPD CompStat Unit (2014). CompStat. Police Department City of New York. 21(22).

William J.B. And Sean W.M. (2008). Police Performance Management in Practice: Taking COMPSTAT to the Next Level, Policing, 2( 3): 259 -- 265.
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Applications Affecting the Success and

Words: 1462 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83557487

Amato & Baca (1989) note that throughout history bilingual education has shifted multiple times, from "nonbiased native-language assessments" to specific services directly related to a student's special needs and bilingual ability (168). Many consider the field of bilingual special education one that is emerging and growing. Baca & Cervantes (1989) note a need for a bilingual special education "interface" exists that incorporates training for special education students and teachers (168). Amato & Baca (1989) observe that certain teacher competencies are clearly necessary for bilingual special education teachers, competencies that must be more clearly defined. Neuman & Roskos (1997) and other researchers including Gonzalez-Bueno (2003) suggest promoting literacy among bilingual special education students should be a primary concern for educators. They suggest use of a bilingual alphabet will help facilitate this process.

Jackson-Maldonado (1999) suggests that multiple factors may impact bilingual special education student's ability to excel including student's socio-economic status and exposure to second language early on in their education (35).

Jackson-Maldonado (1999) also note that many of the assessment instruments used previously for Spanish-speaking children are based primarily on a population consisting of "English speaking, middle class children" whose exposure to resources and social groups or peers is often…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Amato, C. & Baca, L. 1989. Bilingual Special Education: Training Issues. Exceptional Children, 56.2, 168.

Correa, V.I., Figueroa, R.A. & Fradd, S.H. 1989. Bilingual special education and this special issue. Exceptional Children, 56.2, 174+
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Application of Trans Theoretical Model for Behavioral Changes

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67308009

Trans-Theoretical Model for Health Behaviors

The adoption of a healthier and new clinical behavior consists of multiple factors. The Roger's diffusion theory is helpful in adopting specific clinical health behaviors. Roger identifies compatibility, relative advantages, complexity, observability, and trialability as the elements that determine a change clinical behavior. (Sanson-Fisher, 2004).

Moreover, the TTM ("Trans-theoretical Model of Behavioral Change") (James & Wayne, 1997 p 38) is one of the most popular theoretical models used to modify a health behavior. The TTM focuses on decision-making with reference to the abilities of an individual rather biological and social influences on human behavior. The paper uses the TTM for the implementation plan for heathier changes of diabetes patients.

Overview of the TTM

The trans-theoretical model of health behavioral changes involves six changes: Contemplation, preparation, pre-contemplation, maintenance, action and termination. In essence, the model assesses the individual readiness to employ a healthier behavior as well providing a process or strategy to achieve changes. The trans-theoretical model involves the following stages:

Precontemplation (Not Ready): At this stage, people are not ready to take action relevant to the foreseeable future. Although, they are aware that their behaviors are problematic.

Contemplation (Getting Ready): At this stage, people starts…… [Read More]

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Application of an Evidence Into Practice

Words: 1200 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47713548

Translating an Evidence Into Practice

Among the older adults aged 60 years and above, falls have been identified as a leading cause of fatal injuries and non-fatal injuries. In the United States, nearly 50% of hospitalized adult patients face the risks of falls and nearly 80% of the patients who fall suffer from fatal or non-fatal injuries. (CDC, 2010). When patients fall, the issue can lead to negative health effects that include longer hospital stays, elevated patient's costs, and longer recovery times. An average hospital stay can increase by more than 12.3 days, and consequently increase the cost of hospitalization by 61%. In essence, elder population face the risks of severe head or leg injuries after a fall, and the issue can ultimately increase the risk of head trauma and hip fractures. (CDC, 2010).

Numerous organizations have employed different strategies to prevent falls. Current practice includes bed alarms, adequate light, and side rail, call lights, and clutter free environment. While these interventions are important to maintain patient safety, however, these practices are not effective in preventing falls of older adult's patients. Moreover, call lights can be effective in preventing falls, however, overuse of call lights to alert nurses for immediate…… [Read More]

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Application to Practice

Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55710547


There is still a great degree of relevance found in Uustal's "Values clarification in nursing: Application to practice," despite the fact that it was written some time ago. This relevance pertains to the nursing profession and to some theoretical and practical components of performing this job. Specifically, the article's approach to the correlation of a nurse's values and his or her actions is of extreme importance today, just as much if not more so than it was when the article was first published. In this respect, the author is able to truly get to the essence of what impacts how nurses administer treatment and interact with their patient's overall, and explain it to the reader in a way that is both lucid and informative.

The crux of the article is the notion of values clarification, which is a seven step process the author advocates that helps to clarify some of the parameters pertaining to values. Those parameters are extremely germane to nursing in contemporary times, because they help to clarify the concept of values and distinguish full formed ones from those that are not. One of the most important facet of this clarification is the fact that ultimately, values…… [Read More]

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Application of Genesis 12 10-20 in the Contemporary World

Words: 2551 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36035912

Genesis 12:10-20 and the Modern World:

Genesis 12:10-20 is a text about Abram and Sarai in Egypt that is considered as one of the great epos narrated in the Book of Genesis. Before the narration of this story, Abram is portrayed as an individual with several positive attributes including righteousness and humility. However, the story highlights several troubling concerns and questions regarding Abram's character, beliefs, and behaviors in relation to God and Sarai. These troubling questions and concerns have become the subject of interest and study throughout the ages. Actually, the concerns have been examined in various commentaries, adaptations and interpretations, and plot extensions. The story has mainly been examined from two schools of thought starting with a description of Sarai's beauty, attractiveness, and sexuality from the male perspective

. The second school of thought is typical expressions of male sexual discourse in light of Abram's disturbing behavior. Therefore, Genesis 12:10-20 is a good story that applies to the contemporary world and can be taught in different ways to different age/interest groups.

Overview of the Text:

The beginning of the text shows that Abram's decision to go down to Egypt and live there for a while was influenced by the…… [Read More]

"Enhancements to Inductive Bible Study," InterVarsity/USA Bible Study Task Force, last modified April 1999,

Brian T. Cochran, "Genesis 12:10-20: 'The Struggle to Walk by Faith'," Redeemer Reformation Church, accessed April 22, 2014,
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Application of DNA in California in Criminal Cases

Words: 7716 Length: 28 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53029376

DNA in Criminal Cases - Solving Cold Cases in California with Forensic Science

This research will attempt to analyze and discuss the feasibility of DNA testing in solving cold cases and will study the impact that DNA fingerprinting has had on the forensic science community as a whole.

DNA is generally used to solve crimes in one of two ways. In cases where a suspect is identified, a sample of that person's DNA can be compared to evidence from the crime scene. Crime scene evidence can also be linked to other crime scenes through the use of DNA databases. DNA evidence is generally linked to DNA offender profiles through DNA databases. In the late 1980's, the federal government laid the groundwork for a system of national, state, and local DNA databases for the storage and exchange of DNA profiles. This system, called the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), maintains DNA profiles obtained under the federal, state, and local systems in a set of databases that are available to law enforcement agencies across the country for law enforcement purposes. CODIS can compare crime scene evidence to a database of DNA profiles obtained from convicted offenders. CODIS can also link DNA evidence…… [Read More]

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Application of the Balanced Scorecard Approach in an Organizational Situation

Words: 967 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73638818

Balanced Scorecard approach in an organizational situation

The Application of the Balanced Scorecard Approach in an Organizational Situation

A balanced scorecard is used to help ensure that a company is on the correct path and moving forward in a way that benefits it and its customers, as well as anyone else who has an interest in it, such as stakeholders or shareholders (Rohm & Malinoski, 2010; Kaplan & Norton, 1992). While some scorecards are only focused on the end result when it comes to what the numbers say, other scorecards deal with the strategy behind the numbers (Norreklit, 2000). These are the scorecards that are much more significant when it comes to technology companies, because they offer information about the how and why instead of just providing final numbers that are not going to provide strategic information (Rohm & Malinoski, 2010). It is not just about what a company is doing right, but how they are doing it right (Norreklit, 2000). This paper will address the difference between traditional scorecards and the more strategic way of creating one that will provide more significant information for companies that are looking for the best strategy for their company.


Not understanding the…… [Read More]

Kaplan, R.S. & Norton, D.P. (1992) The balanced scorecard: Measures that drive performance, Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb: 71 -- 80.

Norreklit, H. (2000). The balance on the balanced scorecard - a critical analysis of some of its assumptions. Management Accounting Research, 11: 65 -- 88.
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Application of the Discrete Mathematics

Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99406245

Coding Theory for Discrete Mathematics

In the contemporary IT (information technology) environment, increasing number of organizations are using large computer to transmit data over a long distance and some of these data are transmitted across billions of kilometers. During data transmission, some data can be degraded; the coding theory is an effective strategy to recover degraded data in order to guarantee reliable data transmission. Coding theory also assists in recovering and detecting errors, which assists in enhancing efficient data storage and data communications.

Objective of this paper is to discuss the coding theory and its real world application. The paper discusses the errors detecting codes and its application in the next section.

Error Detecting Codes

A simple strategy to detect errors is to add parity in order to check bit. To detect errors, a bit strong will be transmitted in order to add a parity bit. Typically, when a bit string has an even number of 1s, then we put 0 when reaching the end of the string. However, when a bit string has an odd number of 1s, then we put 1 when reaching the end of the string. When the parity check bit has been summed up with…… [Read More]

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Application of Criminology Theories Sociology

Words: 1885 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23733167

theoretical concepts from parts XII and XIII to the events and actors at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation. Be sure to utilize the different sections in your application.

Environmental criminology often focuses on opportunity theory, which is linked with rational choice theory. Opportunity theory suggests that criminal behavior is motivated or prompted by available opportunities to commit the crime. Although the Malheur occupiers were not environmental criminals in the traditional sense of being motivated also by an environmentalist agenda with related ecological goals, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is a nature preserve. There are also compounding issues related to territoriality, the "extent to which a space conveys a sense of being 'owned' or 'private' and has having clearly designated purposes," (XII, p. 459). Territoriality has been a primary driving factor in the occupation. The occupiers, spearheaded by Ammon Bundy and the Hammond brothers "sought to turn the refuge into a symbol of federal tyranny and spark a broader uprising of ranchers against the government's regulation of cattle grazing on the refuge and other public lands in the west," (Bernton 1)

Applying the principles of opportunity theory and the principle of territoriality can help the Department of the Interior and the Fish…… [Read More]

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Application of a Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Words: 60754 Length: 230 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60817292

Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997. At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results. All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of special needs students but also addressed the needs of homeless and minority children, and the integration of social services and the school district. (Altshuler & Kopels, 2002)

No Child Left Behind was unique, however, in that it established mandatory educational goals applicable both to disabled and non-disabled students, and that…… [Read More]