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relationship of employee theft and organizational objectives in Capstone. It has sources.

Capstone Turbine Corporation, incorporated in 1988, is an organization that designs and creates turbines. They use the latest technology to create these turbines, as they are ones that are in demand for hybrid electric vehicles.

Capstone Turbine Corporation develops, manufactures and markets microturbine technology, which is used in stationary distributed power generation applications. These include combined heat and power, resource recovery and power quality and reliability.

Capstone's microturbines are capable of supplying power at consumption sites as well as hybrid electric vehicles. The sites and the vehicles too function on the basis of a combination of a primary source battery with an auxiliary power source. The auxiliary source of power used here are the Capstone microturbines that are used to enhance performance.

Capstone is committed to providing customers with top-quality service as much as possible. In deed it is highly capable of doing due to the fact that it has already created for itself the image of an organization that can reduce the expenditure of companies on energy.

Industry environment

Capstone's energy saving kits are the most advance in the industry, as the devices that they have designed are capable o running on many type of uses, such a kerosene, natural gas etc. This is the reason why there are organizations that are so willing to merge with them, such as UTC Power division and Southern Union Company. These are organizations that are fully aware of the capabilities of Capstone and also have a great deal of confidence in the way that the organization has maximum profits through its security systems.

Since these kinds of organizations mainly hold stakes within Capstone they have to be considerably satisfied with the way that profits are maximized and guaranteed through the internal practices of the organization. Having proper internal practices is a must for an organization to profit to its maximum potential.

Presently there are no such rivals that can take over or cause Capstone damage in any way. This may be said because of the fact that they seemingly hold a kind of monopoly with the kinds of products they produce. There is no other organization that has produced the kinds of energy-saving goods that they have, and this is the reason why there are several organizations that are willing to merge with them. The goods that they produce are ones that are more advanced than similar products produced by other organizations. The advanced technology such as remote control monitoring is not characteristics of products produced by Capstone's competitors. In addition to this is the fact that Capstone's products significantly reduce the amount that organizations spend on energy. Energy supplying organizations are therefore more than willing to merge with them so that the alliance will allow them to sell their products along with profiting from capstone sales [Gelsi, 2002].

The alliances so formed between Capstone and other energy supplying companies are ones that please the customers. This would be the case especially the customers have already been receiving energy from firms that have merged with Capstone.

Main consumers of energy that is clean and free from toxins are vehicle companies, hotels, hospitals, etc. Since these kinds of consumers deal in a great consumption of energy it means that they are mostly likely to be large environmental polluters. But this problem is greatly reduced if they adopt the use of microturbines from Capstone, which ameliorate the emission of environmentally contaminating ingredients.

The customers realize the value of the micro turbine as it has several other advantages aside from reducing air contamination. The latest models of microturbines now being produced by Capstone are about the size of a large refrigerator, which means that it is greatly convenient to shift the device around to where one wants. This is very unlike the other turbines that cannot be shifted easily.

The small size and compactness of this device also makes it possible for it to be integrated in large vehicles such as refrigerated trucks used to transport frozen meat products. Since it can be used in these kinds of vehicles it may be used in other forms of transportation as well, and hence save companies a great amount of money.

Due to the fact that Capstone is well capable of taking a grip on several companies that use different kinds of energy there are a large number of customers that they have to satisfy. Indeed these customer needs are all being satisfied but it also means that the organization has to maintain its standards so that they hold their position. It is the customers that have made Capstone what it is by using their products, and therefore it is also the customers that are capable of bringing down the organization's profits if their needs are not being fulfilled.

The energy companies, who are the suppliers, are also of significant importance. This is because of the fact that their merges with Capstone speak well for the organization. If these merges break then there means that there is something amiss, and could be detrimental for the organization. It therefore also appears that the energy suppliers are of equal importance to Capstone as the customers are. However, there are no other outside threats other than these. This may be said because of the fact that capstone is way ahead of other organizations involved in producing microturbines. It must be noted here however that the way that Capstone has to maintain its standard is through maintaining a proper internal environment. This in fact makes a very big difference in the progress of the organization. It appears that they have held on to their employees and allowed them to share in the profits, which is very encouraging to them. "Employee retention is the key to customer retention, and customer retention can quickly offset higher salaries and other incentives designed to keep employees from leaving" (Winning Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees, 2002).

Issues of employee theft are also something that must be looked at. In the case of an organization like Capstone theft of turbines the size of large refrigerators is highly unlikely. However, the safeguarding of technology used in manufacturing their products is an issue.

It is the technology used that must not be leaked out. Employees need to be informed before hand that they are not to reveal information of the organization to any competitor, as this would mean a loss to Capstone. Employees who handle sensitive information also need to be screened before they are allowed to handle such information. Their background checks are a must because any malpractice in the past is likely to continue in any organization they are employed in.

Through reducing the chances of such employee theft it is reasonable to assume that Capstone will be a in a commanding position for a longer period, and this will be because of holding vital information and making sure that it remains secret.

In light of information being properly retained in the organization one can say that there are no such threats of other organizations taking over what Capstone has created for itself.

Macro Environment

The external environment too favors capstone's success in recent times. This may be said because of the fact that there are no restrictions on merging their products with energy suppliers. This in fact reduces the issue of attempted monopolization that has been seen with other organization, such as Microsoft.

The fact that there is also a need for products like the ones that capstone is producing for companies with energy crises probably leaves the government with no reason to interfere in what capstone is doing. They must realize that capstone is doing a good job and providing service to several companies along with merging other organizations too.

The reason why energy suppliers are merging with Capstone willingly is because of the fact that they are technologically way ahead of other organizations involved in producing such turbines. Since Capstone has a technological monopoly that is maintained through secrecy they are in a commanding position to earn profits.

There is no doubt that with this product on its hands Capstone overcomes areas of social differences. Since it is a company that has produced a product that earns great profits cultural differences is easily overcome. It is clear through the quality that capstone produces and the fact that the organization is running smoothly that there is a smooth function internally.

Internal Environment

Depending upon where an organization has been located and the type of people who are on the staff, an organization develops a culture of its own. The type of management involved also influences the culture to a great extent. These two factors are similar to sociological perspectives of the society and the ruling bodies.

In a multi-ethnic society, it may be easily said that there are fewer chances of clashes if the governing bodies are unbiased. However, in organizations there are greater chances of the management being…[continue]

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