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Even with the fact that the philosophy is appreciated by many individuals today, the fact that it promotes immoral behavior and that it influences people to take on aggressive attitudes against innocent people in order to achieve their goals makes it no different than earlier theories that ended in failure.

Individuals who have a cultural Islamic background are most likely to favor radical Islam. However, even these individuals are apparently inclined to express hesitation with regard to supporting the ideology. "After 23 years of rule by fundamentalist clerics, most Iranians, especially the young, would like to live in a far more liberal society" (Fukuyama). Even with the fact that some feel that it would be justified for them to be unsupportive of American cultural values, many consider that supporting radical Islam is not the answer to their problems.

Fukuyama is right in thinking that radical Islam makes no difference to the fact that the end of history has already occurred. Globalization brought reform across the world and through a series of devices such as the internet, the process raised public awareness and enabled the masses to understand that they need to get actively involved in making society work on account of a combination of moral and rational concepts that would leave no room for authoritarian ideologies.

Question 7.

Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg's documentary "Soldiers of Conscience" presents killing and the divisiveness that surrounds this idea. By focusing on eight American soldiers who are either supportive or opposed to the idea of killing, the two directors want to provide readers with a better understanding of this idea. Four of the soldiers believe that killing is wrong and should not be supported regardless of circumstances and the other four believe that it is perfectly justifiable to kill in particular situations.

While killing is relatively easy to discuss when considering normal individuals who have never been presented with the chance to decide themselves whether or not they should kill someone, conditions are different when considering soldiers. Individuals who are trained by the military consider that there might come a moment when it they are required to kill someone and this has a strong effect on an individual's development.

Although the film provides a balanced account involving the idea of killing, it is difficult to criticize soldiers who believe that killing is perfectly normal in particular circumstances. The idea of a just war has dominated people's thinking ever since the beginning of time and even though morality promotes the idea that it is wrong to kill regardless of circumstances, the contemporary society has progressed as a result of people respecting and promoting rules. Soldiers who are required to kill perpetrators in order to prevent a significant disaster from happening or in order to save innocent lives should not be discriminated for their actions, as they are simply acting on behalf of the social order's tendency to impose justice.

Question 8.

Robert J. Crews promotes the idea that the social order has a distorted understanding of reality and that it is essential for individuals' "images of truth" to experience reform in order for the masses to actually be able to acknowledge destruction happening in some areas. The world today promotes false concepts and this makes it difficult for individuals to be able to understand what concepts they should support and what concepts they need to be against.

Crews emphasizes the need to bring ethics back and to focus on a series of important social values in order to make reform possible. There are other methods of understanding what goes on in the world and individuals have to be well-acquainted with these strategies in order to be able to differentiate between right and wrong to a more sophisticated level.

Wars often happen and eve genocide is likely to happen as long as the world fails to acknowledge that they are wrong. One of the most effective methods to understand how the world is provided with a false description of reality would be to look at the Chernobyl nuclear accident and how people were not provided with the…[continue]

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