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This means that society as a whole needs to consider both aspects of the problem. It would be wrong to simply consider problems associated with an aging population in the context of a young population that experiences little to no change. The number of young people is smaller today than it has been in the past and the government needs to invest fewer finances in providing for this community. This is not going to solve the overall problem, but it is nonetheless an important concept when discussing with regard to how an aging population is going to affect the world as a whole and young people in particular. "Reductions in expenditures for the youngest and middle age groups will not result from robbing resources from the young to care for the old. Instead, these reductions reflect the fact that these age groups represent a smaller portion of the population than previously and will therefore claim a smaller proportion of government budgets, even while per capita spending for these age groups is maintained." (Uhlenberg 2009, p. 222) While this is surely a controversial topic, it would be safe to say that many have difficulty trying to come up with solutions to the problem because they fail to consider all factors involved in the situation.

6. Actions that are currently being taken to address these issues of having an increasing aging population

Developed countries have successfully implemented actions that played an important role in helping aging populations. Authorities from around the world have realized that they need to take on a series of reforms in order to tackle the matter effectively.

Some governments have designed programs that act as a safety net for older people. These respective strategies provide the aging population with more chances to recover as they come across significant problems. In spite of the fact that the idea of an aging population is common in the contemporary society, the truth is that actions are limited when regarding this issue. According to Tran (2012), "only one-third of countries have comprehensive social protection schemes, most of which only cover those in formal employment, or less than half of the economically active population worldwide."

The Madrid International plan of action on aging was implemented in 2002 and was among the first institutions that addressed the issue of aging and that made it possible for the whole world to comprehend that something needs to be done in order to improve living conditions for the aging population. This plan brings together ideas like old age and development in order to emphasize that there can actually be a connection between the two.

While the Madrid plan itself had limited immediate effects on old people, it provided society as a whole with the opportunity to see that things needed to be addressed urgently. "It is a resource for policymaking, suggesting ways for Governments, non-governmental organizations, and other actors to reorient the ways in which their societies perceive, interact with and care for their older citizens." (Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing) This was also a first when regarding Governments from around the world coming together and acknowledging the fact that they would have to get actively involved in controlling affairs involving older people.


All things considered, problems associated with an aging population can currently be observed in numerous areas and are going to become even larger in the future. While there are many institutions and programs that aim to reduce the issues coming along with these ideas, governments would also have to concentrate on education as a means to improve conditions both for old people and for the rest of the world. By becoming better acquainted with attitudes they need to take on in order to avoid coming across significant problems, the masses can successfully deal with an aging population.

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