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Now, when we use the word "creation," we are talking about all that God made: human beings, animals, plants, rocks, rivers, mountains, and oceans. In modern terms, we would call this the "ecosystem" or the "environment (Humans Were Given Responsibility to Be Stewards of God's Creation (http://www.marah.org/basis.html)."

One of the most pressing health issues today is the fact that mankind is assaulting all that God gave it to remain healthy and whole. Environmental issues, eco system problems and other things have begun to erode what the Lord provided for a healthy lifestyle on earth.

Psalm 24:1 reminds us that "the earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters (Humans Were Given Responsibility to Be Stewards of God's Creation (http://www.marah.org/basis.html)."

Why are some people not healed?

Throughout history, people have questioned the reasons that God allows human physical suffering and death. Little children become ill with cancer, they suffer in ways no adult wants to suffer and his or her parents are struggling with the pain of a child who is dying that they cannot comfort or save. It is a question that arises in many Christian circles as well as many circles in which people are seeking the truth.

The most basic explanation about why some people are not healed, is that it is God's will. If every single truth were to be written in the bible there would not be enough room in the world to store the first edition which means there are markers and ideas that man is to follow and then use faith to carry him through the rest of the way.

One of these areas is in the area of human suffering and healing. Why does God heal some but not others (How Healers Can Prevent Healing

http://1stholistic.com/Prayer/A2004/hol_how-healers-can-prevent-healing.htm. By Keith Whitehead)?

Everyone that Jesus prayed with was healed. This does not mean that man has the divine power to heal every person with a sickness or health issue.

Notice that even Jesus' near disciples had difficulties in securing healing when praying with others (e.g. Mark 9. 14-18). Since we are not Jesus, sometimes we shall fail (How Healers Can Prevent Healing

http://1stholistic.com/Prayer/A2004/hol_how-healers-can-prevent-healing.htm. By Keith Whitehead)."

Who accomplishes the healing? God, of course. But does he choose to do it independently of us? Obviously so in some cases. But often he does not - or why do we bother praying with people for healing? If we are in the healing ministry he expects us to do that share of the work which he has entrusted to us (How Healers Can Prevent Healing

http://1stholistic.com/Prayer/A2004/hol_how-healers-can-prevent-healing.htm. By Keith Whitehead)."

Nursing implications

The nursing implications are clear. It is the job of the nurse to work hard and use the knowledge that the Lord has provided to help heal patients and work to comfort patient families in times of illness and pain.

It is also a nurse's duty to allow the Lord to work his miracles and if he chooses to take a patient to heaven or to allow suffering to occur, the nurse must work with the family to understand the end result, which will be eternal happiness and never-ending health for their loved one. In the field of nursing there is opportunity to share God's work and the bible's story by showing through actions his love for each and every patient.




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