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The Wedding Banquet Parable in Luke and Matthew

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Parables constitute a large portion of Jesus’s ministry. The parables of Jesus are allegorical, meaning they contain rich, complex, and multi-layered symbolism. The Bible’s enduring nature is partly attributed to the medium of the parable as a primary means of delivering universal truths. Parables involve human characters making important and challenging moral choices. Fables can be equally as constructive in relaying moral messages, but fables frequently feature anthropomorphized animal protagonists. The messages of parables are often grander and more spiritually meaningful than those delivered in fables, particularly true with the Biblical parables. A fable can deliver raw commentary about human nature, but a parable takes that commentary a step further with the allegorical message. One of the reasons parables became instrumental in Jesus’s ministry is that symbolic storytelling of this type would have been as ubiquitous as social media is today. Parables were simply one of the best and most…… [Read More]


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