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The section will provide non-alcoholic drinks and an environment where Christians can feel like they are in "paradise." This will as a result ensure that the hotel enlarges its target group. By including this, Paradise Hotel will be a suitable destination for all including domestic tourists who will get an opportunity to enjoy their local delicacies as well as a taste of international delicacies.

The hotel will feature fully renovated and modernized guestrooms with an extra intimate hot tub and relaxation space. The new look hotel will include an elegant late-night poolside lounge which will comprise of sun-loungers, day beds and decks. The main idea behind the renovations of the pool is to transform outdoor spaces into outdoor living rooms that offer flexible dining, drinking, events and relaxing spaces. The intimate spa will have floor cushions and new striking lights. With these renovations in place, the hotel will therefore provide a romantic atmosphere for couples alongside other services.

To ensure that the hotel also provides great services for families, it will introduce newly designed kids club and teens den. The kids club will take care of a particular age range (between 3 -- 12 years) while the teens den is basically designed for teenagers to relax while on holiday. For the teens den, the most recent technology that includes of large screens and famous games consoles will be fitted. The general renovations of the hotel will also see an improvement to elegant furniture, soft goods, well-suited laptop safes, more flat screen LCD televisions, iPod stations and MP3 stations.

Market Analysis:

Mombasa Kenya has some lavish beach hotels which are located along the Kenya beach strip. These hotels offer three to five star rooms amongst other facilities that include jet-skiing, pool, diving and wind surfing. Mombasa Kenya also acts as the largest tourism destination for many tourists from all over the world and domestic tourists. Due to the various numbers of hotels that exist in this region, the hotel industry is experiencing stiff competition.

For the success and profitability of this business, Mombasa's market conditions have a significant impact. Hotel Lodging operations tend to make more profit during the summer season because of the many tourists who visit the region. In addition, there is a boom in this business during the December holiday season as many domestic tourists visit the region. Throughout the year, this hotel tourism industry continues to make profits. The other competitors in this business offer the following services and facilities:

Resort Locations:

Most of the hotels in Mombasa are located along the Kenya beach strip with the top ten hotels in the region being beach hotels. Hotels located in this kind of areas always target to generate most of their profit from leisure travelers. These travelers always see the lodging facilities and the vicinity as their destination. The different types of lodging operations require different locations. For example, the Nyali Beach hotel is located at the southern end of the beach because voyager cruise services that it offers (Muhoho par, 3). Quite a few hotels in Mombasa are in the commercial locations.

Target Group:

Due to the fact that most of these hotels and motels are situated along the Kenya beach strip, their target group is quite clear. Most of the hotels target leisure travelers and tourists who are taking time out to relax and reflect from their otherwise busy schedules. The leisure travelers may be individuals who are taking time off from their busy work schedules and lifestyles, couples or families that are out on a trip or even small groups. The travelers can also be either domestic or international tourists who are visiting an area for a vacation, for sporting or social events, for shopping, or visiting friends and relatives. These travelers may be staying in the area because they are simply on transit to other destinations. want to learn more about the country and the coastal strip. Mombasa is basically a tourist attraction to many people because of the recreation facilities and national parks.

Therefore most of these hotels in this area mainly target leisure travelers because of the natural or scenic sites as well as recreational facilities. it's important to note that the hotels in this area majorly targets the international leisure travelers because they out number the domestic travelers. Very few locals take time to visit the area due to a number of reasons which include the prices considering the fact that a higher percentage of the population is living in poverty.

However, hotel lodging customers in this are not only leisure travelers. There are other categories of visitors which include group meeting travelers. These group meeting travelers usually visit the area for both the leisure and business purposes. They include groups for school activities, athletics events and bus tours as well as business meeting groups.


All the hotels in the area have different range of prices depending on whether it's a low or high season. The high season is usually during weekends, summer months and holiday periods while the low season is usually during winter season. The prices also differ depending on the visitor i.e. whether they want single beds or not. Averagely, most of the hotels have charge an average of $100 for single beds during the low season and $250 for the high season. These prices are different for double beds with an average of $250 and $400 for the low and high season respectively. There are also variations in leisure room rates depending on the day of week and time of year.

Foods and Beverages:

Our competitors in the market mostly offer African, American and European delicacies as well as alcoholic drinks. Most of these foods in the various restaurants are usually prepared by local workers who have received adequate training from recognized hotel and tourism management institutions. There are a variety of drinks that range from American to European to African drinks. However, very few hotels have majored on the provision of non-alcoholic drinks for the customers.

Re-training and Motivating the Staff:

Given the background of the hotel, there is a great need for re-training and motivating the staff for the efficiency and profitability of the business. To help in building a healthy relationship between the workers and the management, I will adopt the following strategy as the general manager:


My first initiative will be to evaluate the employees' work habits by reviewing the history of the relationship between the past management and the workers. This review will be conducted in collaboration with the employees to identify the employees' and the hotel's hidden problems. Employee surveys and one-on-one interviews will be the major tools to be used in review. This will in turn actively involve the employees in the development and re-structuring of the hotel. Their ideas for improving efficiency and waste elimination will be respected and taken into consideration. The goal of this assessment is for efficiency improvement and making the workers feel that they are valued in the hotel.

Supervisors and Front-Line employee Training:

My second step will be to adopt a Supervisors and Front-Line employee Training Course. Due to the fact that the supervisors' behavior is a necessary factor, supervisors will be trained in order to reduce the number of workplace injuries, increase high-quality productivity and retain valuable employees. Through the supervisors' training course, the supervisors will learn leadership and team building skills that promote and support a positive attitude in the subordinate staff, their work and safety procedures. The supervisors will be taught how to recognize and reward safe and efficient behavior in the monthly supervisor training program. They will also be taught how to effortlessly eliminate at risk behavior on a daily basis.

On the other hand, the front-line employees will be taught how to learn new skills and develop correct habits through the front-line employee classes. Unlike most of the employee training programs which fail because of only telling employees what to do, the adopted employee training will enable the employees to experience what to do. The first batch of employees will go through the training and once they resume their duties, the next batch of workers will be trained. To ensure that efficiency is sustained, the employees will have a monthly refresher course.

Reward & Incentive Programs:

There will also be on-going rewards programs that are geared toward rewarding the best performing workers and positively reinforcing the lessons learned in the training classes. This will motivate the employees to work hard and efficiently as well as give a chance to the best performing employees to feel appreciated and honored. However, the employees' reward and incentive programs will not be limited to best performing employees. All employees will be periodically rewarded for their contribution to the success of the business.

New Hire Training Program:

The new hire training programs serves two main purposes. Firstly, for the newly hired employees to understand the hotel's established…[continue]

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