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American Hotel Lodging Association

Management Carriers under the Hotel and Restaurant Industries

Hotel, lodging and restaurant industries are one of the fastest growing career areas in the world today. These industries have very high potential for job creation because they are diverse and dynamic. This sector grows every day in all parts of the world and absorbs many people ranging from the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. There is a high demand for services offered by these industries in America and beyond. This high demand forces the operators in this sector to expand and grow in all ways in order to meet their customers' expectations. Research in the hospitality industry which include hotels and restaurant shows that, this sector grows at a high rate than any other sector. Statistics shows that more than one out of ten jobs in the world today relates to this sector directly or indirectly.

Hotel, lodging and restaurant industries require competent and diverse individuals who are able to change and adapt to new ways of doing business. The sector moves with the trend and fashion in order to meet the clients and customers expectation. New ways of handling business and operations in these two industries emerge regularly. This aspect requires the managers in the sector to be fast decision makers and implementers of decisions. Adaptation to the changes should also be fast, otherwise, they could not operate effectively. Competition in the hotel, lodging and restaurant is also very high and demands the managers and stakeholders to be creative and innovative. Creativity and innovation enables one to retain the customers' loyalty and attracts new potential customers. Creativity in an organization makes it outstanding in the market throughout the time. A successful organization under these industries portrays high standards of quality and efficiency to both employees and customers of their services and products.

According to David and Jack (2009), "industries within the hospitality sector are labor intensive. It is not possible to rely on technology because it cannot offer the level of services that are fundamental to the expectations of many consumers. Going by the term hospitality, it refers to the friendly treatment of one's guests, and this human
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aspect must be offered by the organization's workers at all stages." Operators in these industries demand qualified personnel and staff to handle their day-to-day activities. It is necessary for an organization to retain their customers' loyalty through quality services and products offered. Industries strive to be new every day by offering services that could meet the desire and expectations of the customers.


Management careers offered under lodging, food, and beverages

Hotel, lodging and restaurant industries offer a wide range of management careers depending with ones level of expertise and specialty. In the restaurant industry, management careers are in several departments where each has its unique responsibility. The departments carry out their responsibilities with a common goal of achieving customer satisfaction. In the restaurant and hotel industries, most of the management careers have almost the same functions. The difference in the two industries management careers comes in the management of lodgings. Most restaurants do no operate lodgings, but a restaurant can be part of a hotel. In the management of restaurants, managers in the different sections perform their activities in a chain. A kitchen manager in both restaurant and hotel industries supervise and oversee all preparations of food and purchases related to the kitchen. One is responsible for all personnel working in the kitchen. Kitchen managers also take part in menu preparation and cost analysis. One is responsible for food production and standardization (David & Jack, 2009). A Human resource manager in both restaurant and hotel industries undertakes the responsibility of hiring and recruiting qualified personnel in various sections of the organization. The manager undertakes training of new employees and oversees the needs of other employees in the organization. One listens to employees' complaints and evaluates their performance.

A Public relations manager assists the organization in creating a good image. The public relations manager can publicize the events or activities taking place in the restaurant and all other information suitable for creating a positive picture of the organization. Resident managers and executive housekeepers in hotels are responsible for handling the day-to-day activities. The manager responds to emergencies and problems that arise in daily activities. Executive housekeepers' roles involve cleaning and maintenance of guest room and oversee the cleaning supplies. Banquet/Planning management career is common in the restaurant industry. The manager in this field is responsible…

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