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As tourism would surpass rice exports, in being the number one product or service that the nation provides. This has helped the industry to grow, with various tourists from around the globe going to these destinations and then talking about their trips when they return home. Over the course of time, this has caused many of these new travel destinations to increase dramatically in popularity. The information from this source is useful, because it highlights how globalization has been allowing more people, to be able to travel farther and to exotic places. As a result, this can be used to identify how the industry has changed and why a variety of hotels have taken more of an international focus. This helps to discover how globalization has changed the industry, as consumers are seeking out a more unique travel experience. In the case of the survey that is being conducted, this source will help to create a variety of questions that can be used to corroborate these findings to include:

What factors affect the choices that you will make when selecting a particular hotel?

Do you often look for various package deals when planning any kind of stay at a hotel?

Does the location of a particular hotel chain in an area affect your travel decisions?

This is significant, because the information from the source can be used to create possible questions that can satisfy the various aims and questions of study. As this would provide basic foundation, that could be used to go into other areas. Once these different questions have been answered, this will provide more specific information as to how globalization and the different marketing efforts are affecting hotel chains. (Dierikx 2008, pg. 137)

Over the last several years, globalization has been causing a variety of hotel chains to take an international focus, when it comes to their underlying business models. As a variety of travelers have emerged between the 1960's and today, with consumers requiring different levels of services and amenities. The information discussed by Salver, highlight how recessions and overbuilding in the number of available rooms, has caused a variety of chains to face pricing pressures. This is because, the expected upsurge in demand never came, which would leave a number of hotels, with empty rooms that they are having difficulty filling. Where, all of the different chains would follow the same basic model of: providing a variety of services to different demographics of travelers, ensuring that the product is easy to identify, making certain that prices are competitive, using technology to standout from competitors and focusing on maintaining a favorable image of the company. (Salaver 2009, pp. 13 -- 21) This is problematic, because the large amounts of overbuilding and the contraction in consumer spending, would mean that travelers would compare prices before selecting their choice of hotels. As a result, this information can be used to establish a foundation, as to how the current recession is impacting the marketing strategies of various hotels and how it could be affecting the underlying business model of a number of organizations. During the course of conducting the survey, this information can help to create targeted questions that can answer the various aims / questions of the study to include:

What are the most important factors you consider when selecting a hotel room?

How has the recession impacted your travel plans and what hotels you are staying at?

Do various package deals and discounts play an important role when selecting one hotel over another?

How important are the overall amount of services offered and the reputation of the company when selecting a particular hotel?

This is significant, because the information from this source can target how the recession is changing consumer perceptions, what issues are most important to travelers and how the services / reputation of the company will affect these choices. Once these different questions have been answered, this will provide more specific insights that can help identify the different aims to include: the impact of the recession on the industry, how it changing the business model and how consumer tastes are affecting the companies.

The overall prices that are being charged can have an impact upon travelers, as they have a number of different choices and ways to shop for the lowest available rate. With an increasing number of consumers, using various web sites as a way to quickly the find lowest prices and the kinds of services they are looking for. The research from O'Fallon, uncovers how a variety of hotels are not accounting for this aspect of their business model, as most will have their prices listed on the internet. This is problematic, because they have no organized pricing structure. When someone is looking for a hotel room, this could be discouraging, as they cannot see the kind of consistent low rates they are looking for. Instead, they see a variety of rates from one web site to the next. This confuses most consumers, who will more than likely select a hotel that they are most familiar with. (O'Fallon 2010, pg. 28) This information is important, because it highlights how the range of prices offered by hotels can affect consumer choices, as they are looking for consistency and good service. When you have different prices for the same room, this will undermine the confidence that someone will have in a particular hotel chain, as there is no consistency in their rates. To avoid having to pay more than what they want for a room, most will more than likely choose a hotel they are familiar with. As a result, the information can be used to identify how consistently low rates can affect what type of hotel, travelers will be utilizing. At which point, specific questions from the surveys could be used to find out the extent that this trend is having on perceptions. A few of the various questions that could be asked of participants would include:

What is the preferred method you use when booking hotel reservations?

Do find that room rates for the same hotel can vary from one web site to the other?

Do these different rates impact what kind of hotel you will select?

Are you more likely to book with a hotel that has more consistent room rates?

This is significant, because the information can be used to highlight what specific issues could be affecting the consumer trends and tastes. At the same time, it can be used to determine how the recession is changing business model of these hotels, as they seek out innovative ways to remain full.


Research Design

The various findings of the research will be analyzed using qualitative analysis. This is when you are looking at a variety of non-measurable data, to see the effect that the recession as well as changes in consumer trends is having on: reputation, image and feelings that customers will have about various products. (Qualitative Analysis 2010) The research will be conducted over the internet, by having various travelers fill out an anonymous survey. The hospitality sector of the economy was chosen, because of its sensitivity to changes in the economy and the commodities prices. Given the fact that a variety of new destinations are involved in tourism, means that this is a major source of revenues for a number of countries around the globe. This survey is seeking to understand how the changes in the economic cycle, globalization and how consumer trends will have an impact for these countries; along with the hotels that serve this demographic. The population sample will be leisure and business travelers that have booked as well as stayed, at least once at these hotels during the last year. Like what was stated previously, all research will be conducted through an online survey of the different demographics of travelers. The instruments that will be used to help to determine the different views of consumers will be: specifically targeted questions that are based off of the literature review. Once the various surveys have been completed, an analysis will be conducted by looking at the findings from the literature review and then comparing it with the specific findings of the research. This will identify the specific as well as general trends that could be occurring in the industry and among consumers. Once this take place, it will help to answer the various aims / questions of the study, by determining how the recession has impacted the sector and what the business model will more than likely look like during the future.

Data Collection

The survey will be distributed to respondent through the internet. This will ensure the largest amounts of objectivity and it will ask consumers what specific factors are affecting these views, around the time they are making hotel reservations. Once the various responses have been received the information will be compared with the findings from the literature review.…[continue]

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